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A truth revolution, more powerful than deceit and lies.
Clinton-Obama era Islamic indoctrination of students. barrack Hussein Obama:
Satan's master criminal the people installed in the White House.
Trump is doing a good job correcting Obama evil deeds.
Democratic party is not democratic, its Marxist-Islamic, both of which are totalitarian.
Who killed Muhammad? If you know, then you can argue with what I say. If not
you should pay attention very carefully to what is said about Islam and the threat
to America, and then you will understand Trump's position on refugee immigration.
Congress on Christianity: See what they said.
Is Trump being duped by ISIS to bomb Assad? See the evidence.

The Biggest Concern Today: Islam Resumes Invasion of West

You might be wondering who I am and what is my background and why you should believe anything on this page. Like who is this guy who thinks a cowboy lifestyle symbolizes the freedoms we enjoy and want to preserve, and singing to our sweetheart after a hard day's work by the glow of a campfire is a great way to relax. Yes I play the guitar, harmonica (at the same time) and a few other instruments and love the western life-style so I am a cowboy at heart. A singing cowboy? Maybe. I am in a band "Nordic Boys" (Pohjolan Pojat) entertaining the Vancouver BC Finnish community at events.

I am a scientist, (biology and engineering) civil engineer (with a mechanical engineering technical school background) and most of all practical minded. My work has been with the BC Ministry of Transportation building and upgrading infrastructure all over Brithish Columbia as a construction engineer, surveyor, and inspector of all phases of construction. We are descended from the "Royal Engineers" who pioneered and constructed the roads and rail lines for Canadian Pacific Railway to the West Coast like the US counterparts as seen in the movie, "Kansas Pacific." (Also Canadian Pacific movie) Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot's song "Canadian Railroad Trilogy " is about building Canada's railroad from the east coast to Vancouver BC. The 2010 Whistler Olympics required 7 miles of new road constructed from a rough logging road in the Callaghan Valley. I was the field engineer on that project that required three new bridges in rough mountainous terrain. It cost one blaster's life. It's a great tradition and work and I'm quite comfortable in even the most remote places. My heritage is from a forest people of the north, the Finns.

Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot
Canadian Pacific song

Everything must be based on scientific fact and evidence, not naive opinion or political correctness, which should be thrown in the garbage where it belongs. To be accepted I must sign off on quality based on data I have obtained through ASTM, SAE or other standard tests, and I applied my strict criteria to "Islam as a religion" i.e. it must be religion and not a mostly political document - and it failed. I would have to send it back for revisions, to remove the politics in order to pass as a religion. Allah apparently hates unbelievers and prescribes how to deal with us - a red flag. The standard I used was Common Law which is the foundation of our legal system. It is partly based on judgements made in court from the 14th Century. Now with two different views, on the "left" and "right" the judgements are in opposition to each other, and many judges are using Shariah Law, a foreign law, in their courts in cases involving Muslims whose religion forbids any other. Obama has been consciously working towards a different agenda than what his campaign speeches claimed, thereby deceiving the American people who voted for him. He was working with the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist front organization) to destroy America. I can only assume that because 1) Obama consulted them regularly on foreign and domestic policy, and 2) The Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America was found in a raid, and the video below with Brigitte Gabriel will reveal some of the details to you. Congress had to pass a Federal law recently prohibiting the exercise of foreign laws! Imagine that - American judges not honoring our laws, doing everything to facilitate maximum damage to America through the medium of Human Trafficking of Islam. Meanwhile NSA spies on all the American people, and Obama knew everything Trump was doing through his spies. Still Hillary lost. Way to go United States. America, America, rise up against your oppressors. Don't let them lie to you, spy on you, make your lives miserable without a fight. Muslims come with Islam (instructions for our demise) installed so it is seeding our countries with the seeds of our own destruction, and I will prove it to you. The onus is on me. It's Islam they, who are benefiting monetarily, want; they don't care about the people! That's exactly what it is. Arabia and Arabs have unlimited funds to destroy "our miserable house" as Islam calls it. By letting them live off us, they are free to take part in protests, gang up with already "radicalized" Muslims and plan who knows what against America, which they hate. There are "Muslims" that love America and Canada, but they are Muslims only by culture, what we call nominal Muslims. They could change any time if they associate with those who read the Qur'an and are persuaded to live and act by it.

My people in Finland don't run away like these traitors to their country, hundreds of thousands of military aged men leaving their women and old folk behind, rivers of humanity flowing into the heart of Europe to do damage, materially, economically and physically. These are not real refugees, they can't be. Nobody would leave their family behind to be slaughtered. These are cowards or they have been sent to destroy Europe. I was born in Helsinki and we were the real refugees after Stalin took our homes in Karelia but they were unable to advance more than a few Kilometers into Finland. Why? Because unlike these so-called refugees who arrived raping and pillaging Europe, my father and his buddies wouldn't let them. Go there when you have some time: The Winter War I am happy to say that I will resist in this way any intruder that has not been vetted properly into my adopted country, and Islam has failed my vetting process, which means - are even nominal Muslims totally safe?

Islam is the only thing that can destroy America, as it has dozens of other countries by the same means. It is an ideology with a "cloaking device" - religion. It is not a religion! Nothing else can do it. The left by themselves can't. Islam by itself can't. But with the left, Islam and criminal aliens they have a chance, but only because we have a huge number of ignorant people who have fallen for the Globalist lies. It is almost unbelievable! How can Americans be so blind, so deceived. Fake News (CNN, NY Times...) is America's demise because they won't stop the damage being done. It must go. Islam is anything but harmless. It is a pagan religion encorporating the pre-Islamic culture, the pagan rituals of the Arab people, the looting, the piracy, the slavery, and harsh treatment of women. Muhammad himself worshipped idols, doing exactly what Muslims do today except most of the idols were removed except for Muhammad's tribal idol, Allah the moon god. There is nothing new about today's Muslim practices. They are a continuation of pagan worship. This page is a sincere project to educate the people before it's too late. We are taking in too many, making too many accommodations, changes to our laws, and it's costing way too much for the people. Why should we give them money when even our own people don't get enough, and we give them way more than our own hurting fellow Canadians and Americans! For God's sake stop the mass Human Trafficing business, that's exactly what it is, to destroy us. (there's big money in it) It's the same thing in Canada. Also used as basis of our legal system is the Ten Commandments.

Brigitte Gabriel, An Expert On Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood Plan For America.
This master document is the plan to destroy America and every other western country.
So why is there any discussion at all about the threat of Islam. It's a slam dunk!
Many governors are accepting Islam and Shariah Law as harmless! And they
are implementing, inflicting their ignorance on the people.

Special Gun Rights For Muslims
No picture ID required, only for Muslims.

Islam is Not a Religion. And It is Not Peaceful
Islam is state, meaning law. They are one.
There is no separation. Red Flag!

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey Of Evil

Islam Is Paganism With A New Face

Barbary Pirates Following Muhammad's Laws
They have the right to enslave and extort money from us

103,000 Entitled Muslims in Michigan Get Nasty Surprise
Every new Muslim adds a voice to these, to change us.

Muslims Have the Right to Take your Wives and Daughters
That is their Shariah Law, and many states approved it. They must be stopped.

10 Million Muslims Just Slapped With New Ban

Young Turks Financed by Qatar. So is ISIS
It is a propaganda machine for Islam.

Tom Select Has Had Enough of Rosie
Muslims fired over demands.

Islam's 10 Most Diabolical Evil Teachings in all Human History in Qur'an
When you watch this, compare what is true with what is being taught by Fake News.
I believe Fake News is guilty of crimes against humanity for hiding this information.

The Snake: read by Donald Trump
See who Trump says are the snakes today.

There Is No Ideology More Dangerous Than Islam (Except socialism)
It has a perfect cover: people think it's a religion and protect it.

There Is No Ideology More Dangerous Than Islam. (& Socialism)
Socialism Opens The Door To The World, Raises Taxes,
Over-regulates, And Crashes The Economy. Islam Treats
Women As Second Class Citizens, Owned By A Man, Kills
Or Enslaves Unbelievers. It Is No Religion But A Recipe For Slavery.

Inside Canada-USA "refugee" Trafficing Ring
America's problem becoming Canada's problem.

President Trump News April 29, 2017

Catholic Priest Fired For Refusing Muslim Prayer In Church
The prayer denies that Jesus is the Son of God, which is Christianity itself.
Islam is Fascist: Hitler's"Master Race" is replaced with "Master Religion."

Most countries are falling to the deception of evil Islam. People protect it vigorously. They stand dumbfounded with big signs of welcome to refugees. These are not refugees except for a minority. You can't prove that they are! Nobody can. America is the only country standing between Globalism and Freedom at the moment, so that is why I chose to back Donald Trump. If America had gone the way Obama was leading, and Hillary was proposing, America would eventually lie in Islamic-Socialist ruins and chaos, most likely civil war and perhaps millions of deaths, not to mention opportunistic countries such as Iran and North Korea taking advantage of the situation. Did your patriotic Fake News tell you that the "refugees," mostly military aged men, have not been vetted, that they come into the country without papers, (i.e they are invaders sent by the Globalists) with horrible communicable diseases and when they arrive, they go on social security forever paid by you while working behind the scenes for an Islamic State in America, (idle hands are the devils workshop) and receive an American Passport? If that doesn't anger you, nothing will. Don't listen to the fake media anymore. Listen only to facts, that can be proven, that you can look up and verify on the Internet.

Globalism is treason: Obama the traitor

Official Risks Her Life To Expose Truth About Refugees
"Refugees" consisting of mostly unvetted, military age men are invaders.

We hear the term, "Islamophobia" flung at anyone who links the violence and rape going on in Europe by Muslims to the religion. What they mean is that the fears are irrational, with no evidence whatsoever. If you go by Fake News, there isn't the evidence because that would destroy their narrative of "peaceful" Islam. Muslims all know it isn't peaceful, or should know. It is the religion of the sword, which amongst themselves they know. They are supposed to lie to us as a religious duty. That too is in the Qur'an. But if you go to YouTube and see what is happening from the people themselves, you will not say it is "phobia" meaning totally irrational fear like the fear of heights, "acrophobia." But even there we know that heights can kill. In the case of Islam, we know that it can kill. Furthermore, we look into the Qur'an and it tells Muslims to kill us. So if you are ever called an "Islamophobe" don't let it bother you. Stay the course. Islam can and will kill us if we allow it to grow unchecked. That is a known historical fact. >BR>
Islam is not what we think of as a religion, containing killing anyone who does not believe in Muhammad and Allah (their god, not ours) and Shariah Law which includes slave status of women. It has very little to do with the Biblical narrative and what there is has been changed to favor Arab customs and morality such as permitted child marriages, (many of our judges don't mind this. I wonder why. It is promoting pedophilia.) forced sex with any woman that their "right hand possesses", switching roles of Isaac and Ishmael and denying the death and resurrection of Jesus, and their god which has totally different attributes. It is heavily sex oriented, all the way to "Heaven" where the reward for fighting and dying is sex and if you live, with the female slaves. That's exactly the carrot Muhammad used to recruit young men and why Sweden is the rape capital of Europe now. I don't think it will do any good to tell the mother about how peaceful Muslims are. She and her daughter will never the same. Every girl is now a potential rape victim from a Muslim man because of what Muhammad did and encouraged. That's certainly a far cry from our God. Never say "we worship the same God." It's what I call in the vernacular, BS. Don't tell me that Islam and Christianity are the same in any meaningful way. Don't tell me that Islam will make our country better in some way, "strength in diversity" garbage that is used on us by our deceivers. Tell that to the thousands of Swedish mothers who have had their daughters raped by "refugees", which has made Sweden the rape capital of the world. Meanwhile the Globalist government protects the rapists because they are Muslim. A Swedish rapist would have be thrown in jail for a long time. They have caught onto the dumb West and will use the system to destroy us if we allow them. Although I was born in Helsinki Finland, I used to live in Sweden for some time as a six year old boy and remember the life-style well, which is similar to our Finnish customs except our homes all have a sauna. It was a land of peace. Now it is a land of rape and violence. But Fake News won't tell you, which is why I am compelled by my inner voice to tell you. It is God in me that pushes me forward to get this out to you because he loves us and I hope that it contains way more truth than Fake News - information that the people desperately need. He wants to save us from ourselves, and he wants to use each of us, so join us and tell your friends, on Facebook, in discussions, at school or on the phone, emails...anywhere to tell the world that we are under attack from the inside, and that includes our own people. I pledge my loyalty to God and country: Canada, Finland and the United States of America, the country God lifted up as an example of what honoring God can achieve, what we in Finland called, "the free country." Obama, with his Muslim connections and devious mind, together with the totally corrupt Hillary and her husband, exposed the people to our enemies and aided them, working with them to destroy us, and in so doing benefitted themselves. It sounds like it couldn't possibly be true, but it is. Mr. Clinton sold our children to Islam and our military technology secrets and strategic positions (e.g. Panama Canal) to the Chinese. The truth is worse than anyone thought. Thank God we have Trump, literally.

Breaking 4/26/17: Trump, Obama, Kim Jong...
One word describes recent governments: TRAITORS.

I love America and Americans, having hitched hiked in this amazing land as a young man and marveling at the hospitality and kindness of the American people. Ain't nobody goin' to say anything bad about you around me! I was a weary and hungry traveler on my way to the Bahamas from Victoria BC. That is a long way. You took me home and fed me. You went in and fixed me the biggest sandwich I had ever seen walking by your restaurant on the street - you asked me if I was hungry. I needed money to fly over to Freeport. You gave me a week's work at the Palm Beach Holiday Inn. When I landed, you took me home, like you were waiting for me...Everything went like it was planned, or was being planned on the fly. You amazed me. How can I repay you for your kindness?

That doesn't mean we are free to do anything we want. Freedom has responsibility attached. It means that by following and honoring our creator, He will bless us, help us in battle, prosper and heal us - and our land. Freedom comes from that; slavery comes from ignoring it and listening to our adversary. That's the direction Obama and Hillary were taking us. Since when did America win a battle last? Think about it. Don't tell me that Islam is a good thing for America, that we should bring millions of Muslims here, regardless. Allah is not love, his foot soldiers don't love us, and he is described as the deceiver in the Qur'an. The Bible says that the devil is the deceiver. Not everything here is perfect but it is a far cry from the lies and strategic silence you get on Mainstream media.

Islam was set up to conquer us by first unifying the warring tribes under the banner of Islam and to enslave anyone who would not convert, which means Muslims won't have to work because we will be supporting them by paying a huge tax. It was a way to get rich and women for the enjoyment of the soldiers. They were allowed to do with them whatever they wanted. Those not willing to pay the tax will be killed. What a peaceful religion, right? That is the direction we are going and our leaders are helping them to do it. That's what Bush told us after 9/11: "Islam is a religion of peace." All the world leaders repeated that lie and the people thought it was true. Then I found out his Arab buddies phoned him and told him to make sure he makes that statement to the world. (Source: Dr. Robert Morey) When oil money is at stake, it makes people do weird things even against their own people. The rich oil Arabs don't have anything better to do with their immense wealth than go around finding people who would sell their own mothers for money, to destroy our children and our governments at all levels. Arabs never shy away from bribing leaders to advance world Islam. It has been more successful than world Communism because they use people instead of armies to do the footwork. There are millions right now in America working to undermine our way of life, our freedoms and preparing to seize power at the right time, and they are patient. We must not cooperate unknowingly in their work, especially in schools and universities. Kick them out and take their propaganda text books and put them in a big pile in Washington and gather the kids to watch, and set the sewage on fire. After the Muslim people have done their bit by deception, the armies come behind and finish the job. Convert or die. But it must be stopped in its tracks and most of the refugees should be sent back to a safe zone because Brigitte Gabriel will explain how fast they reproduce and by that means took over in their majority Christian country, Lebanon, because of their Christian charity. Kindness can be deadly - just listen to her story. Slavery for us and a life of leisure for them? Not a bad plan, but I am here to throw a monkey wrench into their plan. Ancient peoples taxed their neighbors to generate an income too, mainly for the leaders while conquering other tribes. Mafia still carries forward this custom. Islam is like that. London has a Muslim mayor. Next comes a Muslim Prime Minister, and he can do what is being done in Turkey right now - total power to their Muslim leader. Turkey has become an Iranian style dictatorship. All Muslim countries are religious dictatorships. Now Germany has started to act like a dictatorship against anyone who speaks against Angela Merkel's open border refugee policy. Like Sweden, the Germans themselves are their worst enemies by censoring decent.

The only way we will see change regarding the issue of Islam is to be frank and not shy away from dealing with it honestly. That is my position. What I am saying is verifiable and true; it's not about trying to make Islam look bad or offend anyone, if in fact it really is bad, based on correct information, you can come to your own conclusion. Unfortunately all we get from fake news is nonsense - it's really dumb: name calling, "racist, Islamophobe, bigot..." - and it's counterproductive and will not advance the cause of peace and knowledge. It is ruining Germany and Sweden by shutting up free speech and allowing the government to follow Globalists. We not only need to conquer ISIS but the ideology behind it - Islam as practiced today by many militant groups.

A much smarter man two thousand years ago said,"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other..." Obama and the Democrats (and many Republicans too) who are working for supposedly the people who trust them, but behind their back getting money to undermine their interests. They work with Big Pharma to prevent us from getting a cure for cancer and other diseases and Big Agra to hide from us the source of our food, which they allow to be genetically manipulated and unnatural, that makes animals and people die before their time. They are in on persecuting vitamins and healthy non-GMO foods, they favor Islam over Christianity even to indoctrinate our children, Congress must have only one master: the people. Only the people should be allowed to make campaign donations. ONLY one master!

Germany Heading Towards Fascist Dictatorship
Spying on the enemies of party policies now @12:38
Stand up against political correctness censorship!

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam The Undeniable Truth. A Quick History Of Islam
How not to repeat the mistakes made by others.

Brigitte Gabriel: Because They Hate, The Title of Her Book.
About Islam and how she knows what she is talking about.

Is Islam a Religion of Peace? People vs Muhammad

Brutally Honest Man Speaks Out
Muslims unable to listen to it. Sometimes
there is no "nice" way to state some facts.

Wafa Sultan Speaks Out Against Islam And Muhammad
She is waking up the Muslim community to leave Islam.

Uncovered - Democrats working With Foreign Muslims Against Trump.
Islamic indoctrination of children will stop.

No Brain Damaging Vaccines Necessary
Drain the Crooked CDC Swamp too!
Trump raided CDC: Crimes against humanity.

Exposing The Truth About Vaccines
Too risky to expose kids to brain damage.

Bill Gates Eugenics Menace, and Other Evils
Ladies and gentlemen, we must look out for each other.

The Silence Is Broken! Loretta Lynch Declares Race War
Obama's black supremacists itching for civil war.

Is Islam a religion of peace? This question has been greatly debated and, while this is going on the evil refugees are brutalizing Europe, especially girls and children who are being raped. The debate has been won, beaten up by their own books that are telling their people to do what is happening hugely in Europe and America. Without the Qur'an and Hadith, there would be none of these evil people. They would be concentrating on their future careers rather than Islam dominating the world, which is a main tenant of Islam. As it is, they are wasting their lives on a lie, looking for someone to underwrite their evil activities of working against us. Obama was willing. I hate to trample on anyone's religion because we have "freedom of religion" that is being applied politically at the moment, very unfairly. More freedom for Islam, less for Christianity. If telling the truth about a religion is a crime, i.e. blaspheming, then we are in trouble, and that is happening all over the world with anti-blasphemy laws. Governments, composed of people who have no concept of Islam or have been bribed by Arab oil money are a major problem, voting away the key thing that makes us free: freedom of speech. Not only that but another law is being passed to permit Shariah Law, which is bad for women and bad for everyone because one of its tenants is killing unbelievers and anyone who wants to leave the religion. Freedom is not something given by governments so it is not for them to remove. It is our God-given right. Muslims have considerable political clout, through rich Arabs, and that is and has been a problem. They were able to get Islam into our schools through deception, because nobody knows if what they put in the school books is true - seven pages of Islamic propaganda - fed to children along with prayers and customs. It is not education but indoctrination, trying woo children into that religion. We must stand our ground. I will criticize a dangerous ideology (Islam) and fake media for their "need-to-know filters" and lies. Rich Arab countries have paid to block the truth about Islam you are getting here. Their money, hundreds of millions, has flowed into America to brainwash our school children, through "information" that is dangerous Islamic propaganda they, with Obama's permission and blessing, inserted into text books, and to set up Islamic centers in universities that push their lies on our children. If they told the truth about Islam I might approve some of it, but there are seven pages of propaganda about peaceful Muhammad and Islam and 1/2 page about Christianity. You can see that the government favors one religion over another right there, .which is forbidden. Also Muslims are given privileges that Christians are forbidden such are prayer in the schools and even classrooms to "teach" the children, but no Christian prayers are permitted. That is called Islamization of our children. That is Obama's legacy he is afraid of losing. Fake News avoids reporting something that might destroy their narratives such as socialist and Islamic propaganda, and therefore they are part of the problem that must be corrected. They don't have exclusive rights to any information so we the people must bypass their filters.

Obama Didn't Know Anything About IRS Spying On Conservative Groups
He didn't know anything about Hillary's "Pay For Play" Racket. Then what did
Then what did this guy know? Nothing apparently. Both cases emails were destroyed.
The buck must stop at Obama! Congress investigating his crimes. Better run man!
Back to Kenya. If we allow these swamp people to do it then it will never stop.

Jason Chaffetz Exposes Obama And IRS Crimes.
If Obama and his IRS spied of Conservative groups
then he spied on Trump. The proof has been found.

Clinton-China Spy Ring Arrests. The Clintons Should Be Put Under House Arrest
Proceeds from Hillary's Illegal Pay-for-play business and stolen Haiti relief Money should
be returned. All real estate and items purchased with proceeds of crime must be confiscated.

For example, fake media will not blow the whistle on Monsanto and the cancer industry that hurt and kill people because of their profit imperative. For example Monsanto claims their GMO (75% of produce) food with spliced genes from other organisms is safe, yet they have not tested it scientifically by a reliable independent testing service. People just assume if it is being sold someone is making sure it is safe. That is a bad assumption. They also want a monopoly on seed sales, yet they hurt growers and consumers with their monster food and bad cotton. Monopolies are bad for the people. Independent tests on GMO (at least 26) show adverse effects on animals. I avoid it like the plague. Some people can't eat the stuff. This is what Americans and Canadians eat every day! This is why cancer and other diseases are at record levels. What are scientists doing about finding the sudden increase in all diseases? The first place to look is what are we doing differently. We eat GMO and other cancer and other diseases causing foods, pump up our children with vaccines, and have one of the sickest nations in the world. Yet our news tells us that because of medical advances, we are living longer. But we are barely living and only with the help of hand full of pills. We must get back to eating right and ban the food so hat kill and injure people, like fructose and diet drinks. Trump should investigate GMO as he is the fraud in vaccines to make his health care work.

Is there a really honest mainstream news we can go to that doesn't have an agenda or a narrative they push for profit or political reasons? I would argue that there is none. Does that make their news fake? In a way it does. That became clear during the last election which destroyed the credibility of major news as they tried to destroy Trump and promote Hillary. If the major news media cannot put their candidate into the White House then they are finished. Having decended to new lows in journalism they lost whatever credibility they still may have had. This further opened the door for alternative news. "Honesty is the best policy" was an American standard at one time. It is the responsibility of anyone who dispenses information to do so honestly and without ulterior motives not withholding important information from the people because it might wreck their. Narrative. Hillary could do no wrong, while behind the scenes she was the personification of corruption, trying to hide her private pay for play business dealings by setting up her own server and deleting it all when being investigated. The mainstream media didn't even try to do honest journalism during the United States 2016 election, but instead flooded the world with their fake narrative. You might say in their defense that they must make a profit and can't step on certain toes, especially their rich Globalist support, Big Pharma and Agra. They protect Muslims but persecute Christians etc. trump's accusations are always "unsubstantiated" while Hillary's accusations are "being investigated" like the one about Russian meddling in the election which she says cost her the election. No, she did it all by herself! On the so-called "left-right" continuum they are mostly left except for FOX which is much less biased in reporting. If a news service has so may sacred cows and political bias, how can they be trusted to tell the truth about anything? This is why the Trump win came as a shock and many were scared that this "Nazi Xenophobe woman hater" was now the president. The problem with all these accusations about him is that each was based on isolated instances whether true or not do not define a person's character. However, with Hillary Clinton, her deficiencies seemed to follow a pattern of deception Thinking that she could continue to fool people forever. All those doing fake news and anyone carrying it forward, even CBC, are being punished by many of those they misled.

America has had enough. Trump's victory says it all: Americans will not be led down the garden path by lies of the mass media any longer. The media was ignored by millions of Americans who had been waking up about what was happening to their country no thanks to the mass fake media. Fake News like CNN cost the American people $10 Trillion over eight years and a house full of illegal immigrants and criminals with special safe houses in "Sanctuary Cities" for people who should never have been allowed in. That's what borders and border guards are for. If you couldn't take many of them home, why allow them into your country? Now California wants to become a "Sanctuary State." What's their game? And then there are the "refugees" - a mixed bag of fake refugees, real refugees and those exploiting the situation: Radical Islamic Terrorists. Make America great by fixing what is wrong and don't give up until it's done.

John Podesta Chairman of Hillary's 2016 Campaign
Failed to Declare 75,000 Shares From Russian Company
And he has the nerve to accuse Trump of ties with Russia

Is Genetically Modified Food Safe?
Cancer rates are hitting new heights. Is there a connection?

You're Fired!

Trump News