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Poverty is a state of mind. Correct it and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson
They'll have a hard time silencing the people! That's us! We will not be silent.
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See what they said.
About the author

We are a spirit; we have a soul which is our mind, will and emotions, and we live in a body. I am saying that this is a battle also on the spiritual level. The devil can influence our spirit if we permit it. And so can God, if we permit it. Now the Devil has found our "sweet spot" - our greatest vulnerability: fear. So he puts fear on those who are permitting him to influence their soul, on the spiritual level. He is saying, "don't resist Muslims; let them have their way or you will be called a racist. And if you are called a racist you will lose your job, your friends, or position in the community." And we fear bad news. We are selective in our news. CNN tells us nice lies and I think many people are quite happy being there in a fantasy land. As a result we see all of Europe has just about fallen. Even if they stopped Muslim immigration, the rapid reproduction will overtake them in less than a generation, but there could be a civil war before then and that would make the Globalists extatic. Trump is not stupid and that bothers the left. He knows all this and he is trying to find ways of saving America from Islamic takeover. The Globalists are resisting his every move. They have sold out to the enemy of their soul. Don't you do it. Resist the devil and he must flee from you. Don't give into fear. We have the Creator of the Universe on our side. The Bible says, "God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love and a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7 This being the case, it is Satan that put the fear on all those not resisting the devil's work, who are permitting the destruction of our nations, cultures and religions. Just succumbing to that one thing is destroying our everything and there is no place to hide from the impending doom: decapitations and slavery. So our backs are to the ocean and the fight is on - in the spiritual realm, for hearts and minds. We all are in danger for the first time in our lives here in North America, which has been spared thusfar. When you do things that are sinful, you are opening the door to Satan, welcoming him in to influence your spirit. When a country does it, God's protection is withdrawn.

To make America great again we must all be aware of what God wants and what Satan wants to destroy and how he is doing it. The war in Syria is demonic and so is seeding Europe with millions of non-refugees who are brutalizing the people and depleting their resources. As an example, villages in Finland receive hundreds of Africans and other Muslims, who have nothing better to do than harrass the women and children. These are quiet, happy hard working people whose lives have been turned upside down by the socialist government who blindly follow their ideology without concern for consequences. Our 140 Hector farm in Northern Finland, where reindeer roam freely in the summer, is occupied only by my wife's sister. Who will stop these rapists from harming her? Would it be in the news? Nobody, and no. The Finnish men will take the law into their own hands if necessary, and they have rifles and the famous "puukko" knives to defend themselves and their families.

If you believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion and people have the right to believe what they want as long as that doesn't teach hurting anyone then you are a true American or Canadian. If you want to shut down freedom of speech, and hurt someone in some way because of their nonviolent but contrary beliefs, you would be better off in the Middle East or Cuba where they believe that too. Governments are trying to find ways to shut us up about Islam, and we must never allow it. Freedom of speech means no delineation in subject. What, are you going to accept a committee that rules on what we can say and punish violators with say $2000 fine? That would be a socialist money grab, and it is happening in Europe today. To restore America means restoration of freedoms and teaching people (who feel only they are tolerant) to be more tolerant of people who don't believe their way. The left in Finland had to learn the hard way in 1918 after a civil war, which the left in America want badly. They want total control over everything - dictatorship. Thousands were executed for treason and I see treason today in America even inside the White House, Obama's people, by those who want Communism and who want to fight for it and block Trump's agenda to make America Great again. These people have no idea of the horrors that come the minute evil people have total control of the masses. Why a sane person would want slavery and poverty over prosperity I'll never know. Why these same people would want open borders when there isn't even enough work for our own people. All it does is drive down wages; is that in the interests of these people fighting for Communism? Absolutely not. They image in their sick minds that the wealthy will be taxed so badly that they will be very well off. But they don't understand in their sick minds that eventually you run out of other people's money, businesses go bankrupt and then evryone is destitute. It's worse than a Ponzi scheme. Communism is therefore the equal sharing of misery brought about by greed and envy of lazy idealists who are preoccupied with themselves and have no time to develop their financial futures, but believe in violence and silencing others like every Communist, who are destined to be failures in life. Their minds think, "if only those people weren't spoiling things for us, hoarding all the money, we would be better off. We are poor because they are rich." Communist envy is the root cause of hatred of Trump and their media is full of lies.

That's how it was in the Soviet Union too - no opposing ideas allowed, just lies and whatever makes the ruling party look good. America was bad because the rich "exploited" the poor. Yet all their people were poorer than the American poor and everything was in short supply. Centralization failed. Government ownership of production failed. Government ownership of property failed - nobody took care of anything. To keep the people satisfied they fed them lies and prevented them fro seeing the life on the other side of the wall designed to keep the people in. To think independently made you the enemy of the state and you ended up in a mental institution or Siberia. Communism is cruel and uncaring.

This is why the American Communists, the left, try to silence opposition because they don't have any intelligent responses, a prelude to the final solution: wiping opposition off the face of the earth. It was done in every Communist take-over and it wouldn't be any different in America. Millions were murdered for Communism. It is a disease and must be defeated and purged from existance. We Finns know first hand, which is why I am telling you. We must take steps to forever discredit their ideology and the corruption that is part of it. Democrats encourage their disruptive violent behavior so they are in effect insurrectionists and definitely obstructionists. It's a bad scene in Washington and the left's violent movement together with Democrat's infantile flopping like a flounder on the floor kicking and screaming about Trump's "illegitimate" win, must be halted and these "children" must be put in their place. They act like a bunch of adolescents instead of the grown-ups they are supposed to be - examples for our children. But they only prove that a Communist is the child grown strong. All the evil people like Stalin and Hitler in history were children and in a socialist society they always rise to the top. The socialism in Europe today controls every aspect of society from Brussels. That is the beginning of a Communist system. People in Finland don't like it. They love freedom, but they are forced into it or be left out of the free trade. It's an unfair exchange: give up your freedom in exchange for some perceived benefit.

The media silence about the Democrats' desperate attempts to bring down Trump is deafening. Here is the candidate these so-called honorable representatives of the people would have in the White House if providence had not stepped in. The very ones opposing Trump are those that want a corrupt president because corruption always made them rich. That is the only reason she is needed there also by the Globalists and those pushing Islam on America such as Obama and his friends the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist front organization.

Lower Courts And Democrats Eat Crow: Trump Wins Again

Trump's Travel Ban Upheld By Supreme Court

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Ladies And Gentlemen: The Star Spangled Banner
that the left and their allies stomps on and burns.

Prayer: Is It An American Tradition That Is Needed?
It was from the start and it made America free and great.
By shutting down the hostile obstructionist left it is possible.
The Democrats oppose everything a priori

Your Health And Longevity

Chemo Kills Most Patients. Why Support Cancer Research?
They know it doesn't work but boy is it profitable!

I can't prove one way or another but I have seen some of the data for and against the, "global warming catastrophe." If the observed slight increase in global warming is a danger, we need to deal with it. But I know for a fact that the earth has seen many global warmings in its history. And there wasn't nearly as much CO2 spewing out into the atmosphere as today. How did the mile deep glaciers melt? It is just the normal cooling-warming that has always been here. I wouldn't start jumping up and down and getting all upset at Trump! What the Globalists are doing is using this as a political lever to get their own way, to make one country prosper at the expense of another by imposing differential rules where America is seen as being rich enough and we should give the Chinese and other countries fewer restrictions but America should get the most. This is why Trump wants his, "new deal" and why he backed out of the Paris Accord.

The "Left" are the casualties of the "Obama years." It was the biggest scam in the history of America. There were always this fringe leftist group around but Obama nurtured it, watered it with loving care, fed it, told them beautiful fairytales and made it worthwhile for them to be dependent on the government. He was a silver-tongued devil. He brought in anyone who wanted free stuff and they answered his call. This man had no concept of financial accountability, no understanding of where the money comes from. He thought it was something the Federal Reserve printed for him according to his needs. By so doing, he almost broke America, but Hillary would have finished the job. So taking the candy away from the baby naturally gave them tantrums. They threw things around, broke things and wanted to kill Trump. Thanks Obama for ruining a generation. When you start down the road of taking care of everyone, the whole world in fact, it's hard to go back without causing major disruption. This is what Trump has inherited. When I see what is happening to my good neighbor, my instinct is to help and that is what I am doing. America must not fail to be great again. "The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth goodwill to man." (and woman)

There are two competing ideologies today at work in the world: one tries to destroy America, and the other tries to fix the damage done by those callous leaders that went before. "Obama created more debt than the entire USA in 200 years, indicating to me his desire to destroy America. It is the smoking gun. Why did Congress allow it yet they oppose every attempt to make it right by the president? They do it by fake accusations with no basis, even setting up "investigations" from wild accusations such as the one about Russia joined Trump to beat Hillary even though there was no proof. The "Land of the free" isn't free when the elected government is not free to govern. It is not free if others outside its borders dictate what happens inside those borders. It is not free if there is an insurrection, people not honoring our free electoral system, who hate the Constitution and spend their time spreading rumors and lies! No, that is not what America is all about. Freedom is respecting diverse opinions. The left fails in all these counts. They are "Americans" but act like enemies from another country who have managed to slip in to damage our country. Their modus operandi is to keep Trump under this type of siege so he can't implement what he was elected to do. It is making right thinking Americans angry even if they don't always agree with Trump, and rightly so. Many are turning away from the intolerant left, seeing it is not the direction for America, but for those trying to destroy their own country, believing in some utopian dream that has never worked and will never work because the money simply runs out. Apparently that doesn't matter. Any accusation should be "investigated" so president Trump would be under some kind of investigation forever. which is hoped would cripple his agenda. These people are poor losers and will not do what the demanded of Trump: accept the election results. This is the work of swamp monsters, not Congressmen. That is the leftist liberal mentality today. Very intolerant of any other ideas, and that is exactly what the Soviets did. People were locked up and put in mental institutions by these people who now make up the American left. It's the same dangerous spirit of tolerating only one narrative - theirs.

To destroy America, Muslims and these leftists have joined forces. Freedom is in mortal danger. The left have been brainwashed to believe that the danger is from the right, that they are no different than Hitler and we can expect genocide to start at any time. That is how many of them think. It's crazy hysteria about a nonexistent threat concocted as an excuse, justification to violently resist Trump, after all they are fighting "Nazism." Worst case scenarios, and I hope it never comes to this, are frightening and we must be smart to avoid them. After destruction of America, having brought the nation to its knees, Islam would want to implement Shariah Law and the left of course free everything and evryone in the world coming to get it as if America was the "Horn of Plenty." This causes mass chaos and civil warfare between the factions: Islam: Sunny and Shiah, Socialists (who now are the enemy of Islam), Mexicans, Blacks, South/ Southeast Asians etc. Looting would be widespread and every home must be protected from bands of Muslim men and various groups. No guns, no protection. Every home must have a gun due to the unvetted and open border policy of the past administrations. Who in the final analysis is responsible for the safety of your family? The police? The mayor? No, you are! Criminals would have guns and long blades, under Hillary Americans would be vulnerable to the evil works of Globalism, and that is a real threat. If guns were that bad, they would be made illegal in Switzerland, where every home has a gun because service rifles are stored at home. That is the malitia that America is supposed to have. People kill people. Hammers, knives and guns do not kill without the killer. The cost of freedom is gun ownership because we should never trust the government to preserve our freedoms. If Trump was a Nazi as the left claim, he would seize all guns. He doesn't and never will. We must fix the causes of violence, not the symptom of it. That means finding the causes, which Trump is doing, and a lot of it is lack of education and spiritual guidance at an early age. We are body, mind and spirit, but it is not taught. Instead, we get a brainwashing in school and garbage, violence and insanity into our brains by the entertainment industry, primarily from Hollywood.

Socialism might work as an economy only if there was a way to make an unlimited supply of money. Unfortunately, wealth only comes from hard work and Capitalism, not Socialism, or entitlement and big government with millions of regulations nobody can comply with. Much of the world has depended on the billions of dollars from the hard work of Americans which has been sent to them every year.

The open border policy is destroying America because there is no unlimited supply of money, and Donald Trump is trying to fix it. Those wanting to destroy have fake news and Obama's hangovers on their side like James Comey, who failed in his investigation of Hillary Clinton crimes. Why would president Trump want this traitor to America anywhere near him. Trump only has the truth on his side. I think he was giving Comey a chance to see the error of his ways and work to straighten out what was crooked, but Comey would not. So he fired him. Bad timing? Sure, but any time is better than no time. He has the right idea but implementation is filled with land mines which includes Trump's openness and his mouth. But to balance those deficiencies he loves America and wants the best for his people and America.

There are Muslims and non-Muslims spreading false information about Islam and terrorism, the most important things to know in this millennium - and Fake News has not done their duty to American people on these topics. This is one reason I took on this challenging information war for the hearts of the American people who must know the truth no matter what. The truth shall set you free, but the lie wil enslave you.

Because They Hate

Civil War Is Coming If Multiculturalism Continues Says Expert:

When Muslims kill it is because of a mental illness. This mental illness is caused by their daily brainwashing from childhood indoctrination in Islam. In the Middle East children are ruined by their parents who fill them with hate of infidels such as Jews and the "Christians." It doesn't matter if you aren't one; that's what they call you. No sane person straps a bomb on himself or his kids to kill innocent people. No sane person drives into a crowd or stabs people on the street. Islam is or precipitates a "disease" in a large percentage of the population the symptoms of which are all over the world. It's source is demonic and it's coming closer to us daily by the vehicle of "refugee" immigration. This must be reversed when the threat is over in every western country. It just has to be.

The false narrative of Fake News (for their Arab paying clients) is that there is no connection between Islam and terrorism. One Muslim claiming to be a former Jihadist came on Fox News with a lie, and he knows it's a lie. "ISIS must be delegitimized as representing Islam," he told Fox News. He said that terrorism is a crime in Islam. That is a bare faced lie. That must really scramble a few brains. Terrorism is a tool in Islam and always has been. Muhammad stated that he used terrorism to destroy the will of an enemy to resist, making conquest easy. Every scholar of Islam knows it, but the masses don't and so it is an easy deception. On the one hand Muslims around the world are engaged in killing to the tune of approximately 30,000/month according to FOX News June 4/17, and on the other we have "experts" claiming the real Islam is peaceful and we must crush them and everything will be wonderful. This means there is a finite enemy and if only it can be destroyed, that would be the end of our problems. But, there's one problem - they haven't destroyed what Muhammad did and taught his followers to do. So ISIS morphs into something else or there will be mass stabbings etc. all over the world. I have studied this in depth and know precisely what Muhammad used as a tactic to weaken the will and subdue "enemies" defined as anyone who refuses his religion, and that is you and me. We are to be terrorized according to Muhammad. Has the strategy worked worked in Europe? Sure; there is little or no resistance, no rounding up of suspects on lists or deportations. That broken will manifests as denial of facts, a retreat into a cocoon of self deception to avoid facing something very uncomfortable. I say face it now or face it later when it could mean the lives of your family. So to avoid one threat we create another thing to fight instead: global warming. It's a distraction, on purpose. Satan uses distractions to do his evil deeds without resistance. He fools the people so they end up resisting the very thing that can save them, such as what Trump is doing. It's displaced aggression so we don't have to fight the real enemy, which then grows. Europe is a perfect example. Millions of Muslims who will never integrate into society are there right now, demanding to be clothed, fed and housed. Yes, demanding and getting it too. Aren't refugees supposed to be humble and nice? They aren't refugees. Most that I see in videos are military aged men - conquerors - using mass immigration as the weapon. Immigration is the new weapon that costs only the enemy. We pay for our own destruction. Clever. So the longer we deny, the closer the enemy gets. It's like fiddling while Rome burns. We have an enemy but it's a windmill, while the real enemy is overtaking us by the hour, getting closer. I'd say the will of the people has been severely damaged if not broken. Why did FOX allow this man to come and lie to the world "former Jihadist" or not. It doesn't help anything, but only muddies the waters by denying what is true and shows that not even the best news people out there know Islam and can be fooled by Muslims whose intentions might be good but who are wrong in details. He could very well be knowingly lying because that is what Muhammad taught to deceive his enemies. Check everything for yourself; don't take anyone's word for this important point. What Muhammad said and did, not what some Muslim or news anchor says, is what we need to know because only that is the true Islam. Muhammad was a terrorist!

Only if the politics of terror and war are removed could Islam be what everyone seems to, without any knowledge of the subject, believe it is. Americans are taking in people who have been taught to hate everything about America and Americans. Allah apparently hates unbelievers and prescribes how to deal with us - Very harshly. He says in one verse not to make friends with us but to treat us "harshly." This is insane stuff! Very little if anything gets past my scrutiny and here I do the same with Islam. It's almost like I have a sixth sense I noticed in my engineering work, (intuition based on experience) whereby my attention will automatically go to the one thing that is amiss, and it is corrected. After, it leaves me wondering how the mind does it, how the red flags go up as if to say, "look here." It has never let me down. The standard I used was our ( British, Canadian, American) Common Law which is the foundation of our western legal system - and common sense, not some failed Fake News Marxist ideology. The Qur'an is fundamentally opposed to our legal system and cannot be revised, and I maintain that most peaceful Muslims don't know their own religion, if you can call it that.

America and Canada are no longer what they were since 1945 as a baseline for comparison, a time when a man could go to work and pay all the bills including the mortgage. But the war put women to work, and that was a good thing, but then the banks made it impossible for one man to support a family without the woman also working. Would we manage with only one working? Sure, the banks would have to make it possible or they would be out of the mortgage business and only the rich would have houses. Since when could a woman stay home and impart her solid values to her children? Now it's Globalist values, not American, in fact Hillary didn't want family values in children. She wanted "the global village" to raise them according to Globalist values, a crazy ideology where anything goes including her Satan worship. But I say no, we don't need to make more Hillary Clintons, nor Obamas. These people have wrapped minds.

The banks tapped into the newly available "woman resource" and made staying home a bad thing and turning over the children to be raised by strangers, and destroying the unborn a good thing so every woman can leave the home empty and go to work, to benefit the Globalists of course. That spelt mass genocide of European Americans, which would be replaced by the rapidly reproducing Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa. The destruction of the nuclear family is almost complete. To make America great again the family values must be restored. These children now are looking for something that has been lost, often in the wrong places and drug overdoses are becoming a pandemic. They tragically have turned to rock idols, video games and movies that fill their minds with trash: subliminal message, death imagry, sex and violence. I want to offer some suggestions on how to get back to where we "jumped the rails." America was undergoing a fundamental economic transformation too. This was not the way it was supposed to be, but that is what happened thanks to the Bankers and the Federal Reserve Bank. (It's a private company with the right to print you money and then charge you interest on it!) To make America great again this process must be reversed and the printing of money must come back to the people. If women want to work, that money should be a bonus, not a necessity, something that could be used for making life great, enjoyable again, to help the children and grand children. In other words we must keep the money out of the dirty grubby hands of these bankers and put it where it belongs - in the people's savings accounts and investments. Kids should be taught how to save and make money grow, in schools. And it's not just this structural brokenness, but it's spiritual as well as the American people have turned their backs on their creator God, and that must be corrected, restored, for America to be great again. When a people don't honor God, like the Soviets, and kill their unborn like we do, that will destroy those people not just from moral decay but biological reproductive failure. It's all about selfishness, "me" and nothing else matters. No animal does that and if they did they would be extinct very soon. My suggestion is to get rid of companies whose goal is to maximize profits, with women and their babies as their resource, and come up with incentives to do the right thing and save our culture from extinction. Adoption and benefits for the woman in exchange for the valuable service to society that is badly needed. We need three children per family to remain viable and 2.1 to just bearly break even, but foreigners from the Third World are beating us which means a transfer of culture is in progress.

We in the west are the inventors who changed the world. We made the world what it is technologically. Those who hate us should throw away their cell phones, stop driving a car or even taking a bus, plane or train. They should get an oil lamp or candle and build a fire to cook their food. Americans, Brits, Germans, Finns - we invented the things that make our lives easier and better. But our kind is hated for being white. We are "bad." Only white people can be "racists." These are totally illogical accusations filled with the hate we are accused of, yet America sends billions of dollars to those who hate us and want our destruction, even when they come here to live. They are allowed to say anything about "whites" and their religion, but if we say anything about them and their religion, we are racists. The west is engaged in massive self hatred at the moment and leftist leaders believe we are getting what we deserve. We must get rid of them, meaning we must stop listening to their fake news. Leftist fake news fantasyland is a parallel universe with no substance. This is how crazy the world has become. Others, from the Middle East and from Africa want to take us back to the 7th Century, and they are able to do it. Britain's terrorism problem is increasing, and it isn't by the British but it was imported. So, what are we going to do about it is the question. Well, the first thing to do is stop importing it then admit that Islam is the root cause and common to all the over 30,000 deadly terrorist attacks just since "the war" began in 2001.

The Senate Intelligence Committee heard Comey's testimony. Recall that he let off Hillary, who did many indictable offenses, without a second thought. The Justice Department asked him to tell the people that Hillary was not under investigation, but it was just a "matter." Meanwhile Loretta Lynch's intrusion into the Clinton email investigation went past this crooked cop's head, not to mention Bill's little talk with Loretta Lynch on the Tarmac perhaps warning her of the consequences to her if she did the wrong thing. Bad optics. Interference for sure! Nothing was done! Now they want us to believe that any communication between Trump's team and any Russian- was the reason Hillary lost and must be investigated. Utter nonsense. This proves that James Comey is working for the enemies of Donald Trump. So how can we take anything he says as gospel now especially since Trump fired him and he could be tried for treason? Fake News continues with false news reports, Anti-American behavior, who are supposed to stand for American ideals of truth and justice. We must stop them. Their rhetoric is increasingly falling on deaf ears, meaning Americans are not as stupid as they think they are. Don't particularly like Donald Trump? Think about it, if such a person can become the president of the United States, you can become anything you put your mind to!

CBN NEWS 6/22/17

Congressman Chaffez of The Oversight Committee Quitting
He says nothing has changed. Tom Fitton explains why below:

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: Documents At Obama Library.
Washington (anti-Trump) beaurocrats stonewalling on providing information.

Hannity On Leftist Violence 6/20/17

Donald Trump Wants Mueller Fired 6/19/17
Of course he should be fired. Comey and Muller are buddies.

Premium Gas vs Regular; Any Difference?

GOP And DNC Don't Want Change. They Liked It The Way It Was
No wonder it didn't matter who was in the White House! Corruption.
Drain the swamp monsters. Their scam has been exposed.

Dr. Robert Morey wrote the primer for the FBI to teach them what Islam is, it's history, its beliefs, and everything the FBI needs to know when they deal with these people and to protect the American people. There were two narratives: one for the FBI and one for the rest of us. They need to know what they are up against and presumably we don't. Obama took it away as his friends the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist front) became regular visitors. Why, because he is or became the inside man of the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate and take over the country. Why? Because he is a Muslim, and not an American, whether or not he was born in the USA, but he evidence points to him being born in Kenya. Nobody followed up on these or any other allegations about Obama. He was allowed to do his dirty work on the people. And I mean dirty work, for example trying to convert young school children to become Muslims under the guise of teaching them abou this wonderful peaceful religion. The man must be arrested and tried in a court of law. But notice that any accusation about Trump, no matter how small or insane, is followed up and followed up, and followed up and followed up...get the picture. Something is rotten in Washington that must be fixed. And nobody did anything about it - not the FBI, CIA, not the elected watch dogs of the people, United Staes Congress. This is absurd. And the insanity is continuing against the man who wants to correct the situation. Are Americans so deceived and unaware of what is going on in their country, to allow, even welcome this kind of self destruction. It MUST end, and America be restored to the nation it is supposed to be, one nation under God.
Robert Morey: Be an expert on Islam. Listen to his teachings

Act For America Goals:

        • Woman's Rights
        • Gay Rights
        • Prevent terrorism and Shariah Law
        • Freedom of Speech. Law and order.
        • Opposition to foreign laws on American soil
The left oppose these goals with violent demonstrations.

Act For America

CBN News: ISIS Is Being Eliminated
off the face of the earth! Trump's orders.

CBN Report: Brain Dead Child Is Now Normal
The power of prayer is amazing. Pray for Donald Trump.

CIA Admits They Are Spraying Death In Atmosphere

How To Protect Against Chemtrails and Fluoride

Tom Fitton Discussing Comey Lawlessness.
The Trey Gowdy of honest reporting!

A Black Man's Analysis of Blacks And Their Accomplishments
When I stumbled on this I thought of Obama's desastrous tenure in the W.H.
I love many of their accomplishments in music and sports, but listen to him.

Are White People The Only Racists In The World?
How about black and brown people? Are they racists?

The Refugee Crisis Is a Scam! Fake News Is Hiding It.
Most "refugees" are just immigrants who don't qualify.

MS13 Good-bye and Good Riddance.

Clintons Started Islamization. Obama amplified It.

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Obama fooled the people twice: He was born in Kenya.
The Kenyans say he's their native son and he has no history
of school in America. He's not a Christian as claimed. He's not heterosexual as claimed.
He isn't what he appears to be at all. He's a fraud...and he doesn't love America.

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Most western freedoms evolved from some form of serfdom, (except Finland) a type of slavery, to the freedoms we enjoy today. Now with two different interpretations, on the "left" and "right", judgements are often in opposition to each other because of differences in ideology. Some judges are using Shariah Law, a foreign law, in their courts in cases involving Muslims whose religion forbids obedience to any other law and tells the people to overthrow the elected government, just like Marxism. Both share amazing similarities and Islam also has many Fascist-like qualities. Historically, countries fell to Islam both militarily and by misinformation - deception. We still see the same pattern. The left is responsible for the destruction of America and Canada by immigrants by as PM Trudeau claims, "diversity, is our strength." I can't see any strength in it, but I see all the best small businesses being taken away from the locals, and it must stop. You would think that they had to be brought in because Canadians would not or could not own businesses. This immigration policy has clearly hurt the locals by rich immigrants preempting purchases of businesses because they have the financial edge. It's plain to see that Canada is not stronger in any way with most businesses owned by foreigner. Often quality goes down for one thing as we have found out, comparing present owner quality with previous. I think we should stop immigration for awhile and let our own people get the jobs, convenience stores, gas stations, taxis, motels, fast food outlets etc. which are now owned by foreigners - only then can we let more in. The left love seeing Americans hurt, and that is a subject for psychological analysis at the Ph.D. level. But I'll bet you nobody will touch the subject with a ten foot pole. Political correctness is killing America folks, and the same goes for Canada and UK and many more countries. Donald Trump is trying to help but dumb people, the ignorant left, block him and make the situation worse.

Could wrong Immigration be the weapon that destroys America?

Coast to Coast 2015

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A healthy body can deal with an infection, but a weakened body will not and certain bacteria can mask themselves, appearing to be "non-invaders" and get past, deceive the macrophages and other immune cells like the T4 cells that are supposed to protect us. The American "immune system" has been broken. The invaders can get through because they are not recognized as "enemy." The president is supposed to protect the people, but a weakened society, with people who have been dumbed down by fake foods, even too many vaccines, wrong teaching, "brainwashing" what to think instead of how to in schools and universities, cannot realize that the president has mental or ideological problems and is actually helping the invaders. The result is that the patient dies unless there is a healthy president, "immune system" who recognizes the threat and can get around the defences (e.g. sick congress and judges) and stop it before the disease becomes irreversible. An example is Lyme disease which often goes undetected and the person never really recovers because too much damage has been done. America, wake up and get better. Start by realizing your food, medical and educational systems have been compromised and that affects how we think. We have been invaded in an unconventional, seemingly undetectable way by "Stealth Jihadists." And for years America has been allowing about one hundred thousand immigrants per month into the country, most of whom end up being supported by...the American people's taxes. They get a free ride while the American has to work. Every dollar they get is out of the pocket of an American, from the mouths of their children, who must scrape by the best they can with the situation getting worse by the day. High unemployment and immigration of unskilled and/or lazy people are a recipe for disaster. You can only stretch an elastic band so far, then it btreaks! This insanity must stop so that America can thrive and have the means to help those people in their own countries. That is the right and proper way to help the world catch up to American prosperity. Bringing them to America perpetuates the conditions that force them out and just pushes American wages down, unemployment up and makes Socialism look like a viable alternative, which it certainly is not and never will be. It is a failure and only capitalism can produce the prosperity America has enjoyed until Socialist/Globalist presidents started their crazy policies of open borders, a Globalist plot to destroy America. There has been a globalist effort to get youth to believe that having a national identity is bad. Ask any Indian (First Nations) about the effects of losing ones identity. It is terrible. Inevitably these people turned to alcohol and suicide. Their language and life-stile were taken away, with nothing left to live for. We need an identity. It serves as an anchor for our body and mind. Whoever started that lie wants to destroy us in the same way that native Americans have been by removing them from their culture and language. We are now supposed to drop our identities and become citizens of the world. That will drive you crazy. Don't fall for it.

We must not slip backwards to comply with foreign Islamic laws that never evolved or adopt Marxist ideology that has killed millions of innocent people. It has been proven Fake ideology but is being used to snare the young and ignorant with slogans such as "Nazi, bigot, Islamophobe" and similar names to which terrible definitions have been attached, which are fake. Nobody has made socialism work anywhere in the world, only in very limited ways, and even they are failing, going bankrupt everywhere. Money doesn't grow on trees nor can you print it and give it away to anyone in the world who wants to come and get it. People are slow to learn; they seem to insist on trying it over and over again and it is even being subtly taught in America through all means and especially in universities as for example Berkley. On that campus, no other ideology is allowed to be spoken. Anyone who tries is called a fascist and most of them don't even know what a fascist is. All they think of is Hitler and genocide, making it easy for dumbed down students to understand. To them, Trump is a dangerous fascist out to do genocide and be a dictator. When these people categorize anyone as fascist, or killer of innocent people, that gives them the right to shout down or attack them. Their slogan is "never again" meaning no more genocide. That's how they think. This is the state of freedom in America today where only one side, the liberal socialist one, can be heard on campuses around America.

We must learn from others' mistakes not our own and learn to state the truth about Islam even if it offends. Our freedoms depend on it. The left is becoming more seditious by the day, ignoring the Constitution or putting their own spin on it, whatever supports their narrative at the time, which now includes Jihadist Islam.

Islam is used as a hammer by the left against our Christian based western culture. Both want it destroyed. Islam forbids allegiance to our democracy and especially the Constitution. No problem; the left is willing to bend it to suit Islam. This is what is happening in Europe and it won't stop until a strong leader is elected to stop it. The people in Europe are afraid to elect such leaders, mainly because the media is controlled by the left, who create fear of these "fanatical right wing elements." The left calls them fascists, Nazis, far right or whatever, but in reality they normal, who have stayed in one place and the left has moved much further over. The "far right" has always maintained protected the people with good borders. They have always vetted immigrants properly and expelled criminal elements. Now if someone wants to do the right thing, they are "far right." They are not - except some extremists who are just as bad as the left but in a different way.

Trump's Wall: "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors."

Money can buy anything, even a Congressman, Senator, or even presidential candidates, and much of it comes from the filthy rich Arab oil billionaires who want to change the world according to their Islamic Law. Why else would they be pushing Islam on the American people and indoctrinating our school children? Finland had their own "left" 1918 uprising and they are now called "social democrats" but they are the reason Europe is falling to a Trojan Horse conqueror: Islam. It's actually the same old Marxism at work. Finns put down their leftist revolution in 1918 and in the ensuing 3 month battle ending March 1918, 35,000 were killed fighting to overthrow the elected government to join the Soviet Union they thought was a paradise. This is exactly the feeling I get now with the radical left. They want to overthrow Trump and install Obama or Hillary and abolish all opposition, open the floodgates and bring in unvetted millions, many of them criminals. Soviet Union was a horrible prison, but America could be even worse. I don't trust Obama or Hillary. I sense something very evil in this pair. They want to tap into the envy in the people they have taken into poverty, because that is how Socialism works. Obama didn't want prosperity because the poor are his voting base. He was in a conflict of interest. His 2% growth rate was a poverty government. He chased businesses out at the same time as he was bringing in more people who could not be employed. It's a gut feeling and I know it is right. Millions were shot in the back of the head in all Socialist countries and most of them even participated in their revolutions. It is a lie of the devil. Kids going to university are now being indoctrinated with politics: Socialism or "Marxism" because it was Karl Marx that tapped into the dark secret envy and hate within the human spirit to destroy those who they blamed for their problems. When they get into power, they usually set out to kill all opposition. It always leads to bad outcomes, and millions became victims of this envy and hate that the ideology unleashed all over the world. America was right in opposing the expansion of Communism but not by killing innocent civilians. That was wrong, but the Vietnam War was about greedy people using it for their own encrichment, which is exactly what the Clintons do. America has suffered enough from these incompetant greedy so-called "socialists." More like criminals. It's enough to learn from history so we will never repeat these mistakes but then look forward with a new hope for a better world where everyone's rights are respected and take the fights out of the courtrooms and solve them some other way, like how about respecting other people's point of view. Don't force a Christian to do anything that goes against his beliefs! Why single out Christians to attack? This has become a pandemic just recently Muslims killed 26 Christians on their way to an event. They are among the thousands of other Christians killed by Muslims. Take your cake order to someone who wants your business - that's the way it has always been and should be. We go where we are respected. We shouldn't sue anyone for respect! If we don't agree with someone, we change our loyalty and go elsewhere. Instead, the liberal judges have persecuted Christians with huge fines, over $100,000 for "hurt feelings" that nobody can afford. It has become a tool of persecution amongst gays who have been decriminalized, and now their true nature comes out. At least those getting in the news are mean spirited and evil. That is wrong in a free country like United States is supposed to be. Fake Media should leave people to sort things out themselves. Let people follow their conscience and don't force them to do what goes against their beliefs. This is what has been going on under Obama who was destroying Christian rights and removing Christian symbols. This is the Marxism, the real enemy of the American people, that can destroy America.


George S. Patton: America's Greatest General
He suddenly realized America may have been fighting the wrong enemy.
The left (FDR) assassinated him and turned over Eastern Europe to the enemy of freedom.
America's stated goal of liberating Europe perished with Patton who wanted move on Stalin.
I don't like what Hitler is said to have done. I don't like what America and Britain did either.
Stalin killed more people and enslaved Europe and grew even bigger.

Socialists and Muslims have that in common: they both blame others for their problems. You can't sit there doing nothing constructive to help yourself and blame others. Socialists agree with Muslims that their problems are because of the west. Both refuse to accept responsibility for their problems. What we say and think determine what we do which creates our future. When a people are preoccupied with destroying Israel, or America or infidels etc. they can't have a great future. So they come to America, but their think is still the same. So they get nowhere and blame America and its laws, openness, whatever. Therefore they feel entitled to get free everything. Someone else is always to blame. This is what is being taught in the Middle East with Israel as the scapegoat. Everything is their fault. Israel was behind this and that, with no proof whatsoever, so they fabricate it. Envy is like a disease! Israelis have done miracles with a rock pile desert that Arabs were glad to sell to Jews who paid more than the land was worth. When they made it bloom, Arabs wanted it back. There would be no issue if it had remained a desert. No "Palestinians" - immigrants from all Arab countries - would want to live there. Everything was rock and dust. Jews and Muslims lived there. New settlers arrived there just as new settlers arrived from other Muslim countries because now the land was giving forth its riches. Israel became a nation in 1948 after it was created as a homeland to repatriate Jews. Some land was purchased and more was won when five Arab countries ganged up on them to drive them into the sea, and lost. Lost! So Israel grew. The Arab people were told to evacuate so only the Jews would be exterminated. It didn't work. Jews then occupied those areas known as the West Bank. Any nation or people that blames someone else for their poverty or misfortune is like socialism and therefore dangerous due to this envy and the hate it brings out of people. The solution is to teach children how to prosper, not by sowing hate into their souls.

Hillary Socialism Would Have Broken America
Can you imagine this happening in the 1950's?

"You can't keep a good man down", is a great motto. The same thing goes for a country or a people. They don't whine about their misfortune or throw rocks at the ones they blame. Instead, they roll up their sleeves and get to work. There are people who are culturally "lazy" (oh I forgot; we're all exactly the same like two pennies) and slow and others who are culturally industrious and smart, whatever the reason, who value education. Finland is number one in the world in education! Sorry, I was born there but educated in Canada but I think I'm as smart as they are. Everyone, with few exceptions, can be smart if they change their way of thinking, grow up and accept full responsibility for their future. Now people are coming from all over to take advantage of the "refugee" opportunity, people who are victims of this mentality. The socialist government feels that they owe these people something. It's the other way around. They owe us their hard work. But socialists just accept the blame! That is so stupid. Even the then socialist president of Finland in 9/11 stated that the west better be nicer to these people so they will stop their violence. She was blaming the victims. It is easy to blame those who prosper. "Because of you I'm poor." But Obama and Hillary are, because of their dealings, very rich yet they believe the rich should be brought down. Envy is the cause of most killing and war, not religion. except for one that has it in its doctrine. Allowing mass immigration by the wrong crowd is just as bad as being conquered by an army if not worse. The left is facilitating it in Europe for their own selfish reasons. They believe it will help to bring a one world government which is supposed to be a paradise. The NATO leaders are socialists who never grew up, children that became strong. EU is becoming another Soviet Union on a grand scale.

Texas Cowboy Chad has a word for "snowflakes" at Notre Dame graduation ceremony that walked out on Vice President Pence.

Fake News is keeping the truth about the disastrous immigration from the people. Real news is critical to a county's future and security, which is our reason to exist. Most of the news serves the interests of the Globalists, which push Islam and Socialism, which work together against freedom, secure borders and jobs. Truth is denied the people through fake news, such as the crime rates by "refugees" and they label anyone who opposes their views as racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, Nazis, bigots etc. to force their concept of a new America on everyone else. It works fairly well too, having formed most opinions according to their biased views until social media and alternative news started to challenge their monopoly on information. A Trump victory was the result of people against fake news, rejection of higher health care premiums, higher taxes, more socialism, collapse of American foreign policy, not Trump collusion with Putin. That is a fake accusation that Hillary threw out in despair. I remember it well and I was taken aback because I knew, I had that gut feeling it was fake. And I am right! Our enemy within is our own people as it was in Russia, Finland and many other countries. Finland, by the grace of God, managed to stay free since 1918! This was an amazing thing because most other countries have been occupied or taken over into the Soviet sphere. That is called "Devine Intervention." Now America is experiencing it too! The cause of all the grief is disgraced, failed socialist doctrine, Marxism. See Karl Marx in Hell.

Fox News states that Trump does not hate Islam and we should make a distinction between "Radical Islam" and Islam. I realize that we should not antagonize Muslims, but the fact remains: Radical Islam gets its inspiration and doctrine from the Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah - which are the foundations of Islam. Blaming Islam itself is in the final analysis, inescapable. Trump will not state this truth and that's the way it should be. It's enough to blame radical Islam for now for diplomatic reasons. Trump states in his speech in Israel that he wants to eradicate the ideology behind "Radical Islam." It can't be done without eradicating Islam and it can't be reformed as long as there is a written history of what Muhammad actually did. It's fine to say they believe in the same things we do, and many do. But, they don't have any influence on those who don't want the same things, but demand to change us and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dream of a one world government (like socialists) under an Islamic Caliphate. You can't discern The nature of Islam from the majority peaceful Muslims, which is how it is being done. This is a mistake. You do it by 1) knowing what the Qur'an says about infidels, and 2) What Muhammad did. These are the sources of terrorism. The idea that each vicious act is by a deranged Muslim is absurd when you know these sources. Instead, we listen to fake news and world leaders who proclaim Islam to be a peaceful religion. These leaders are lying to you and you will never defeat terrorism until you acknowledge the root causes. It's like medicine: you have the cure when you know the cause. It's no good just treating the symptoms or blaming the wrong cause and treating that. That is medical malpractice.

President Trump's Tour And Daily News

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The Truth About Israeli Palestine Conflict

U.S. Military's Most Powerful Cannon

Seth Rich Murder Investigation: Clintons involved.

Respect! America, Represented By Donald Trump, Is Back.
Fake News will find a way to make him look bad.

California Exit Interview: Reverse Manifest Destity
This is why America must control illegal immigration.

    This is my analysis of the Russian-Trump Collusion hoax:

    What is this all about? That's simple. Here is what happened - I was following it as it happened. Hillary lost against all that Democrats thought was happening according to the fake news and fake polls. They thought it was a slam dunk. They were all in a state of shock when Hillary the crook and liar lost. There was therefore no "rationale" for Trump to win in their mind, so there must have been cheating from Trump camp too. But the Trump camp didn't cheat like Hillary with debate questions passed to Hillary and teleprompters hidden at her podium - all kinds of slimy stuff. She tried every trick in the book and the vast power of the mainstream media was with her as well. Conventional wisdom was that the media puts in presidents. There's "no way" she could lose with all these and more in place. They couldn't accept that America rejected the lying media and The Democratic Party, Globalism and Globalists, socialism, and accepted and even demanded to restore America back to what she is supposed to be according to the Founders' vision, the home of Liberty and real justice for all, under God almighty, not Allah the ancient Arab moon God.

    The media was on Hillary's side doing everything they possibly can to sink Donald Trump. Nothing was working for Hillary. nothing good was said about Trump by fake media and affiliates around the world. She was in a panic because she sensed an upset coming. Her thugs caused fights in Trump's rallies and the media blamed, who else - Trump's people. She was desperate; so many millions had been given to her by Americans and foreigners, hoping for a big return on their money. Now all was lost.

    Meanwhile Trump had some evidence of voter fraud. YouTube videos seemed to confirm at least some fraud in that voter machines where shown to be changing Trump votes to Hillary. The videos came from several locations. Trump brought that to the attention of his supporters. The turnout to Trump's rallies should have been witness to this phenomenon going on but the media faithfully never let the world see the massive crowds, so they could give their own lies about how small they were.

    Considering what Russians hae done to the Finnish/Karelian people, there is no reason I would be friends with Putin, except the man has been helpful and direct with America, but it has not been reciprocated. The Crimea and Ukraine incidents are problematic but we need Putin badly right now and this is no time to play games, which is what fake news and the Democrats are doing. They can hurt America by their refusal to accept the election results and grasping at straws to try and get Trump out of where the American people want him - in the White House! It is common practice for presidential candidates to talk to foreign governments before and after elections so this thing gets the 2017 Red Herring Award.

    Coast to Coast 6/7/17
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    I think the collusion between the fake media and Hillary was a hundred times more than any "collusion" between Trump's camp and Russia could be because they dispensed most of their biased news to voters. Russia did not have any control of the media so how could "talking to Russians" be converted to votes for Donald? Impossible. They were all on the side of Hillary. When they mentioned this subject it was never "alleged collusion" - they spoke of it as a fact. Now Fake News has to eat their words after James Comey stated there is no evidence of interference by Russia. Hillary started it al and as usual she is full of it. She just couldn't accept her loss, again.

    Next, Obama went on national TV and made the statement: "the voting system is impossible to compromise." Oh really! So Hillary didn't have to be worrying after all. By this he meant that Trump should not worry and he should accept the results of the vote. Trump was asked on TV if he would accept the voting results. He replied, "I'll tell you when the time comes." They didn't think that the same situation would land in Hillary's lap. That's when you really see how crooked the media is. Now Hillary didn't have to accept the results. You see, when you try to dig a hole for someone else, you will fall into it yourself. Against all odds, by the grace of God, Hillary lost. Divine retribution! Now it was hHillary's turn to say that the voting system had been somehow compromised. What hypocrites these Democrats. Did the media ask her if she would accept the results? Absolutely not!


    Salem Witch Hunts, 1692
    Hysteria replaced logic; 20 innocent people hanged.

    Trump had made the statement that, "wouldn't it be nice if we had a good relationship with Russia." Hillary had a brainwave: "right, I'll say (make the unfounded accusation) that Trump must have had Russian help. How else could he have won." That's how it happened.

    There is nothing in Hillary's accusation in my opinion. The accusation, and the knee jerk response, makes it, as Trump correctly said, similar to the 1692 Salem witch hunts. There too, all it took was an accusation for anyone to be charged and then the slightest "evidence" was "proof" of guilt. About 20 people were executed. Much later, it was proven that the trials were fraud. This is how hysteria spreads when there is an accusation especially when no other explanation is available, as in Trumps "illogical" win. So, in the Democrat mind, the Trump collusion with Russia "makes perfect sense." But it is BS like the Salem witch hunts that found everything was proof and innocent people lost their lives. Hillary must be laughing hysterically at how she initiated the biggest witch hunt in American history. She knows it's all baseless crap, but she is full of these kinds of things. That's how her corrupt mind works and she knows the low IQ supporters will follow her lead wherever it takes them.
    CNN and NYT Fake News Revealed By Comey


Fake News: The Damage They Do To America And The World With Islam

Obama's legacy is United States without borders w/criminals flooding in and jobs flooding out - the puppeteers' plan in action. The biggest news item today is the mass refugee migration which has been planned for a long time. ISIS is the engine that drives the spread of Islam. It now resumes the interrupted expansion begun in the 7th Century, financed by unlimited surplus oil wealth of Arab Muslims that is not helping their people but instead working to place the world under Islamic rule. Muhammad stated that terrorism creates fear and makes it easier to conquer enemies of Islam. In Britain, they asked for their own laws, and were granted them. Now there are over one hundred Shariah courts, showing they have no intention of joining the British people. How do they say, "if you're not with us, you're against us?" Yes, and no - some are; some aren't. Everything about Islam is designed to boggle the mind, many contradictions, so the enemy doesn't know what to believe. There are many abrogated (cencelled) peaceful verses that Muslims always try to con us with. They were cancelled when Muhammad found the right method, he cracked the code so to speak, and that made him a great military general. They want their own country within a country (as bases to expand from) and have no intention of being buddy buddy with us and the Qur'an forbids it unless it is for a reason, meaning working to spread Islam. They have their own law inside their own "no go" zone, and they are spreading, areas that have "fallen to the enemy." Police have no authority there, and don't even respond to calls there in many cases. Their lives are in danger there like ours. Now that is an enemy within if I every saw it. No Go Zones must be made illegal! America is homogeneous or it isn't America. As they grow like a fungus, the country falls under Islam which is their STATED goal. Read the Qur'an if you don't believe me. Someone has to state it like it is, don't they? Or should we sit here waiting for the inevitable, our heads piled into a big pile? Muslims are encouraging Islamic culture that they escaped to enjoy what they can get from ours. It would be like for example Soviet Union. How would it be if they were allowed to leave that terrible prison and ideology but when they got here they wanted Communism? It makes no sense.

These people also believe they are fast tracked to heaven and will be in the presence of 72 virgins and everything they want, if they die killing us. Can you believe that a religion would have an incentive to do Jihad which includes suicide bombings as we see in Manchester England in the Qur'an. Leaders are not helping the situation by reiterating that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam and dispensing platitudes that won't help anybody or reduce "radicalization." You don't move forward with lies; that's a leftist ideology, meaning ignoring the truth is the best strategy. Only truth, in other words root causes, has the power to defeat evil or fix any issue whether it be terrorism or disease. Treating symptoms fixes nothing. Bringing in refugees at tremendous cost doesn't fix the problem. The correct procedure there is to secure a safe area for the people, defeat their enemy and finally bring the people back to their homes and help them rebuild their lives. But that doesn't spread Islam! It is a disincentive for Islamic countries that want to move their religion to rule over the earth, as the Qur'an commands. The experts talk meaningless garbage when discussing possible solutions to the terrorism problems. They speak of community involvement, but to do what? They don't say. What are they supposed to do to "educate" Muslims and non-Muslims without talking about the source of the problem: the Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah - which contain the doctrine and actions of Muhammad? The cause of local terrorism in Europe is unrestricted mass refugees and the doctrine they have been indoctrinated into. ISIS is a symptom of the problem. Defeating it will temporarily halt the wars in the Middle East but do nothing to stop people from reading Islamic seditious and murderous literature or listening to those who have. These are the sources of the problem that nobody wants to talk about for fear of offending Muslims. Fine, we're skunked! And Obama didn't even want to name the intermediate problem: Radical Islamic Terrorism. As long as this is the case, nothing will change. Only by Muslims themselves turning their backs on their "religion" can there be peace. Many have done just that and become Christians where they found hope and comfort, which Islam does not provide because it is a works based religion. No Muslim knows if they qualify for heaven, except those who die for Allah. It's like insurance. You must do certain things to win favor with Allah, and killing an infidel and dying doing it is the highest, the best thing they can do to please Allah. Thankfully most Muslims ignor it! Don't let the idea that "most Muslims are peaceful" give you a false sense of security because they are totally irrelevant. Peaceful people have never been able to change the disasters by the minority that overtook their countries in history.

Arab money is now controlling our news, which is owned and operated by a few men who put out exactly the same narrative making it appear to be true. But they are caught daily lying to the people substantively and by omission and will not state the truth about anything Trump does, most of which is amazing. So it is a puzzle to me why they want to commit Hari Kiri for Globalism. They must belong to the same fraternal organization. They will hopefully die a natural death and someone who wants to tell the truth will step up and take over, someone with deep pockets who can't be controlled. Imagine getting the real news about fake, money wasting cancer research, GMO foods, autism causing vaccines, etc. This would be a different world. You need the information I will be providing here about Donald Trump but also about everything Fake News is withholding due to their inherent conflict of interest. I have a few paying advertisers that have asked me to advertise their company and even an advertising agency, but my freedom of speech is more important than keeping a customer that doesn't agree with me. I believe that our chances of getting closest to the truth is through YouTube and Twitter. They allow us to bypass political and financial filters. For example Fake News will never report negatively for their pharmaceutical advertisers. They will never tell you of the many many researchers who have been dismissed for getting too close to a cure for cancer. Laetrile, or apricot seeds that kills cancer cells without damaging normal cells is a good example. Vaccines cause autism

If you aren't a traitor to your country you will not get a job in Fake Media that has the same narratives as The Young Turks, which is financed by Qatar, a rich Arab oil country. There's no collusion between Trump and Russia, but there is plenty between Fake Media and our other closer enemies, many of them our own people. The reason: money as usual. Congress is bought and paid for by those who fund their campaigns. You only get news that Fake News wants to give you. They are spoon feeding you their narratives like you are babies who don't know what to do with real food, or news. They are a crooked bunch, and if not then unemployed. I wonder if there are journalism courses that teach the ethics of reporting. They won't expose anyone for anything and even their own families suffer as a result. Their culture of silence and bias reporting is criminal. They are working to take away our voice which bypasses them who arrogantly believe they should have a monopoly on news and freedom of speech should be banned. This money financing Fake Media and bought Congress must be cut off by laws. A watchdog organization should be created to watch the watchdogs that aren't doing their job! That's how bad it is. Watching Democrats, who we rely on to keep government honest, in action I see basically not adults but children. A dangerous person is a child that never grew up, such as Stalin, Karl Marx, Hilter, James Comey, Clintons and Obama. These Democrats remind me of Spanky and the Gang, pretending they are important people doing an important job but actually making it a side show. One charges windmills on horseback, another makes great orations filled with ignorance, all believing they are doing something worthwhile for which they are paid an exorbitant wage they never earn. They should be fired and a real watch dog put in their place instead of people who let Obama shovel out money as fast as he can to the tune of over a Trillion dollars for every year he was there doing mischief, sending America's enemy Iran billions of dollars and working toward a Muslim America. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Only patriotic Americans should have control of our news, and Globalists are not. The news licenses should be controlled and reviewed for fake news which is putting out lies that protect their sources of funds,M which they call "free press." It should be a free press but not so free that they commit crimes, deals behind our backs to benefit corporate greed and themselves. We need truth about the cancer industry, Islam, vaccines, GMO food etc. A lie could be a punishable offense. They should be held accountable. It could be enforced in special courts. To honest journalists everywhere: do not prostitute yourself to outsiders who do not have the people's best interests at heart. We have taken over the news because mainstream media has corrupted itself by aligning itself politically and financially. News has become advertising and propaganda. As a result, the American people, most of them smarter than the fake, have voted against mainstream media while the left, who are intellectually challenged, continue to accept and act according to their propaganda.

Islam was meant to be excluded out of the American story at one time, but Arab oil money has changed that. Can you explain why it was made illegal in 1952 and why the law is now ignored? Now Washington is awash with this money and Islam is here to stay and to eventually take over thanks to traitors in the government. Money now runs the country, one way or another, not the people and Trump has crippled their game which is why they want him out. According to mainstream media, Trump hasn't done anything worthwhile, which is one reason I am putting up this site, but also to give you the truth about our enemy Islam, which they say is wonderful and peaceful, but is anything but. They have a narrative and everything must fit neatly in it when reporting their news. Their understanding of the threat posed by Islam to America is terrible, but it wouldn't matter because they are allies. Lying and misrepresenting Trump is a key narrative. Right now they just want Trump, elected by the people, out. This shows you how much they value American Democracy and rule of law. They, not the people, according to their ideology have the right to install a president that allows them to continue the Globalist socialism they were building, which was taking the country down. Socialism doesn't work I can tell you right now, and even more so with masses of immigrants with no desire to work for what they want. It should be possible for anyone to find a job within a month if they really want to work and do anything. They are too proud to start at the bottom and work up. So they protest for more this and the other thing. These people remain on welfare for years! That's not the people we want here. Send them back to their homes when safe to do so. We have enough lazy bums already. They are out there protesting and destroying property, blaming everything on the system instead of themselves.

One thing is for certain: things are happening too fast to properly evaluate the consequences of this refugee phenomenon that is looking more like an invasion every day especially in Europe because of the hundreds of thousands of military aged belligerent men. The Fake News are, in all English speaking and European countries working for the Globalists to destroy us. Islam is a key component of the Globalist plan. President Donald J. Trump is ruining their global plan in America. Doesn't that make him our best ally?

    Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization and nationality for the United States.
    That Act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of aliens to the US and remains in effect today.
    Among the many issues it covers, one in particular found in Chapter 2, Section 212, is the prohibition of entry in to the US if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by force, violence or by other unconstitutional means.
    Islam is that "organization" which should not be called a "religion." Then the freedom of religion laws would steal away what this law was intended for - the protection of America. These lawmakers knew Islam but today they either don't or can't do anything because of their self imposed political correctness. This law by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States but it is being ignored by the left, the judges who put down Trump's travel ban. The Nineth Circuit Court Judge went against American Law by throwing out Trump's temporary moratorium on immigration from 7 Muslim countries, as did the one in Hawaii! He was within his power to do it but some unelected man could prevent Trump from doing his main job - to protect the American people.
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Brigitte Gabriel, An Expert On Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood Plan For America.
This master document is the plan to destroy America and every other western country.
So why is there any discussion at all about the threat of Islam. It's a slam dunk!
Many governors are accepting Islam and Shariah Law as harmless! And they
are implementing, inflicting their ignorance on the people.

This is why we are in trouble, and "refugees" are too because they think they have escaped the causes of their problems. They have just brought them as baggage to their new land, where it can blossom into the same thing they left. My family came from Finland, without baggage, like most other Europeans. We helped build our new country. These new immigrants land here and go out into the streets to protest. What's wrong with them?

The Democrats are angry at Trump for suggesting that illegal immigrants should be kept out and deported. What do you think about that? Is Trump right? See if you agree with what Bill Clinton and Obama say about it:

Clinton Human Trafficing Ship Caught In Baltimore
Democrats talk great but do the exact opposit. Didn't Bill
just tell the American people about how illegals should be...

Wow! Cher Just Turned on The Democ-rats!
Former anti-Trump lady did Trump a good thing...

About Hillary And James Comey : Some Interesting Evidence Against His Corruption
Ever heard him being questioned by Trey Gowdy? He was acting as council for Hillary.
He let Hillary get away with criminal activities and he knows it. The bum's gone.

Suprem Court Rules In Favor Of Trump
This saves our kids from religious brainwashing grades 5-12
Obama was converting our children into Islam in schools!
Where was the left's cry of, "separation of church and state?"
Oh yeh, that only applies to the American traditional Christianity!

Vaccine Rage: Drives People Insane
Also the cause of the high rate of Autism and other diseases.
Don't vaccinate your children with Mercury and Aluminum.
Fake News criminals won't protect your children, or your country!

Health Ranger Threatened By Fake (Disgusting) Media

Health Ranger: Google Cover-up Vaccine Health Risk

Obama had been consciously working towards a different agenda than what his campaign speeches claimed, thereby deceiving the American people who voted for him. He was working with the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist front organization) to destroy America. I can only assume that because 1) Obama consulted them regularly on foreign and domestic policy, and 2) The Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America was found in a raid, and the video below with Brigitte Gabriel will reveal some of the details to you. Congress had to pass a Federal law recently prohibiting the exercise of foreign laws! Imagine that - American judges not honoring our laws, doing everything to facilitate maximum damage to America through the medium of Human Trafficking of Islam. Meanwhile NSA spies on all the American people, and Obama knew everything Trump was doing through his spies. There's no reason NSA wouldn't spy on him just because he is the enemy of Hillary in this contest. Still Hillary lost. Way to go United States. America, America, rise up against your oppressors. Don't let them lie to you, spy on you, make your lives miserable without a fight. The left want a replay of the Bolshevik Revolution, believing that despite all the failures and millions murdered in the name of Socialism, they can make it work. Theirs is a dangerous pipe dream by people who have no love for the truth, just like the Soviets. Nobody who has lived under "Socialism" would want more. Former slaves of the Communist States think the left are dangerous and very ignorant (crazy) and brainwashed and have forgotten history. They obviously aren't taught the evils of socialism and Islam in these leftist universities. Everyone wanted out, but if you tried, you were shot. Thousands were. People want freedom and deception will get them what they don't want. You might get some "free" stuff but someone has to pay for it, and after the money is gone nobody has anything and the whole thing collapses.

Arabia and Arabs have unlimited funds to destroy "our miserable house" as Islam calls it. It's in the Qur'an! By letting them live off us, they are free to take part in protests, gang up with already "radicalized" Muslims and plan who knows what against America, which they hate. There are "Muslims" that love America and Canada, but they are Muslims only by culture, what we call nominal Muslims. They could change any time if they associate with those who read the Qur'an and are persuaded to live and act by it. Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah are the sources of radicalization. "Radicalization" doesn't just appear out of dust, from nothing, so that people are willing to die for the cause of Allah. It comes from an ideology called Islam. Can I say these seditious documents should be banned? I'm a little ahead of my time but the day will come when we wish they were. We in the West have a major problem on our hands: ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. All that our enemies have to do is be patient and they can take over after a few generations. Islam wishes to continue where they left off to bring the world under Islam. Trump is trying to call the enemy by name, "Radical Islamic Terrorism." And what is the root cause of that? Islam! We need your help to stop them. Please share this with your friends.
Timeline of Islamic conquest

Back in Fall of 2016, I was watching Hillary give a speech. It was a time when Trump was trashing her in debates and her support across heartland of America was dropping. She made the statement that Trump was working with his buddy Putin to undermine her campaign. This was after Trump had said something like, "wouldn't it be nice if we had a better relationship with Russia?" That's a true statement by the way, but Mrs. Clinton seized the opportunity to make it appear as if there was something untoward going on between the Russians and Trump, maybe something worse than her ties to the Arabs, who donated millions to her campaign through the Clinton Foundation expecting favors in return. Or the time she sold Mr. Putin 20% of America's Uranium, for money. Her husband got a lucrative speaking deal out of it. That is illegal. I think that kind of dealing is wide-spread in the White House, but never by Trump. He isn't even taking a wage. He just wants to straighten out the destructive path Obama has set for the country and to "drain the swamp." I hope he does it. Fake News seized on Clinton's accusations about Russian collusion and have never let go. The purpose? Harassment, but they have convinced themselves that it is true. I could see by everyone's attitude and statements that a "mass hysteria" was spreading through the Democratic Party. Every little contact with any Russian is now "evidence" that their paranoia is fact. Unfortunately, anyone can see through it: there is no path from speaking to a Russian to a Trump win. They are making a mountain out of a mole hill just to try and give Trump a nervous breakdown. They are disgusting human I don't know what. Deplorables? Anyway I saw the similarity in this "witch hunt" and the Salem witch trials of 1692. Hillary Lost. Of course it wasn't exactly like in Salem where people were accusing others as the hysteria spread. But they took Hillary's accusation like the magistrates took the accusations of witchraft - as having merit, and had to be "investigated." That is where we are at present with the Russian hacking that supernaturally caused votes to magically go to Trump. They've been watching too much Harry Potter or involvement in magic.

During the election, I watched several videos of possible voting machine fraud. The videos showed a Trump vote going in and it being registered as a Hillary vote. Was it a fake video? I don't know, but I think that's when Trump stated that the elections were rigged. Obama came on national TV to state that, "it is impossible to compromise the election voting system because it is not connected to the Internet." Now they are accusing Trump of the same thing. Democrats, give it up. The elections were fair and Hillary lost because of herself, not the Russians or UFO's or anything else. Why doesn't Obama reiterate that now to benefit Trump and stop the nonsense that will not change the fact that Hillary lost.

Trump About The Dumb Witch Hunt

Elizabeth Warren Goes Off On "Loser" Trump

Donald Trump Bringing Back Jobs To America

Anything Hillary said was broadcast as true, while Trumps accusations of spying on him and his team was said to be "baseless." Then they wonder why the American people have had enough. Stay away form Fake News. They are trying to shut down all opposition to their narrative. Then it will be like living in Nazi Germany or USSR where only one opinion was allowed: that of the ruling elite. Most of the time their reports were fabricated by the Communist Party, the counterpart of our leftist Globalist movement of ignorance that can't stand any other opinions. They use words like, "Nazi" and "Islamophobe" to silence anyone who is against unrestricted immigration and open borders. It has worked quite well in Europe, which is under Muslim siege from hundreds of thousands of military aged men who were invited in by Angela Merkel, a leftist from Communist East Germany. This must not happen in America.

Hannity Interviews Brigitte Gabriel 5/12/17

The End State Of Socialism Is Collapse

What does the Qur'an really say about a Muslim woman's hijab?

Hannity: The Reason Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey

Trump Makes His Move Against John McCain

Why Did Fake News Let Hillary Clinton Break The Law?
Did she shower them with Clinton Foundation money?
No criminal is now safe with FBI Director Comey gone.

Your Health: Live Long And Strong

Seeds Of Death: Monsanto
GMO: 5 Digit Number beginning with 8xxxx

Monsanto GMO Corn Proven To Cause Cancer
Stop Monsanto from making us sick and our
health insurance costs will go down.

Massive Organic Food Fraud
Our health is determined by our food.

Massive Food Fraud
Product does not match label.
Cook meat to >160 deg. F = 71 deg. C

I am not a big fan of demographic change where that change creates enclaves composed of a people who don't want to mix, who do not assimilate and who enforce their own law in "their own territory." Islam is the worst. My vision for America is the same for every country. One law; one people; one America, United States, a sovereign country with secure borders. There will never be a united world ruled with an iron hand by a dictator in my vision. I was born in Finland and most of us have assimilated even if we can still speak our language. I am fluent in Finnish, though my family came to Canada when I was six years of age. We don't look for Finnish neighborhoods to live in, though we did live in one when we arrived in Ontario. That's because they were a support group at the time. Look at Deerborn Michigan, which is a Muslim city. Not many people want to go there and I don't blame them. It can be dangerous. How many of these cities do we want? None, because they limit our freedom of movement. Over time, these become separate countries that start to fight for independence. That's what happened in the Ukraine. This must be discouraged. America should be what it always has been: a melting pot. But Islam will not.


Founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova Announces OneCoin, About To Go Public

Questions and Answers From Dr. Ruja Ignatova

See: OneCoin

Israel Against Neighbors' Air War

The Author: Who Am I?

I believe that the cowboy lifestyle symbolizes the freedoms we enjoy and want to preserve, and singing to our sweetheart after a hard day's work by the glow of a campfire is a great way to relax. Am I a "singing cowboy?" In a way I am. I play the guitar and harmonica (together) among a few other instruments and entertain the Finnish community around Vancouver B.C. I think there is a cowboy in every freedom loving person who protects that freedom and the freedoms of us all comes down to our collective beliefs. Now these beliefs are being challenged and fake news is leading the charge. When the people are being led to believe lies and ideologies that is where we all must get involved and spread the truth and defeat their narratives.

I was born in Finland and my family moved to Canada when I was six and we brought the spirit of freedom and hard work with us when we came. Did Finns play any important role in American history? Yes! We have been fighting for the American Dream since the early days. In 1776, John Morton, (Marttinen) surveyor, politician, signed the Declaration of Independence. Nothing is more important than that. Little Finland became an independent country after 600 years as part of Sweden and another hundred as a Grand Duchy of Russia, in other words an associate with considerable autonomy. After fighting a War of Independence at the end of WWI against the left who wanted Finland to join USSR, Finland was finally free of the left on May 1918. Prosperity bloomed in Finland while in socialist Russia people had to stand in lines just for a loaf of bread. God was protecting us, and He will protect America if we repent from what we have been doing against the will of God. That is what Communism produces - shortages of everything. Russia exported wheat before the revolution but after it had to import. Private property was looked after before but state owned property was neglected. This gave Russia a run-down appearance and blinds had to be pulled down on trains between Helsinki and Leningrad right up to the inevitable breakup of USSR. Finland had dodged a bullet! Eighty years later Finland relinquished that independence by referendum and joined a Socialist Union called EU, and lost control of her internal affaires, immigration and therefore destiny for what - perceived financial gain after the collapse of Finland's biggest trading partner, USSR. This is the work of Globalists that Finns didn't understand when they voted.

The more information I have on the world around me, the more I see that in our culture a dominant trait of almost every sector of our economy, news, politics, medicine, agriculture and so forth is "deception." Everyone is trying to deceive others for their own personal gain. That doesn't mean that the world isn't a beautiful place; it is. But with that caveat. we must not blindly think that everything is as it seems based on what somebody says. For example Democrats and even Republicans receive funding from rich donors. When they do that they begin to deceive the people that voted for them. Pardon me if I quote Jesus who said, "man can't serve two masters. He will hate one and love the other." You can see this in action in Congress. They are throwing roadblocks to prevent Trump from doing many of the promises that got him elected! The "fake media" have received a mandate from their donors to make Trump look as bad as possible so he will not succeed in the presidency. However, he has accomplished great things in spite of the Congress. The fake news will not report any of it. That is an example of deception. It is everywhere. The cancer industry collects hundreds of millions of dollars to perpetuate their deception that they are trying hard to find a cure, all the while knowing that the day that happens everyone in the cancer industry will be unemployed. Yet people flock to their fund raising. That is a big deception and millions of people have died because of it. Just remember, if there is money in it, you will find deception. The left do not have any moral code that I know of. Christians do, and this why I maintain that a Constitutional Republic only succeeds if the people are honest. An atheist has no reason to tell the truth except that he might get caught while the Christian has a command from God: do not bear false witness. This is absent in Islam, which is a mega-deception. They talk about "god" but their god bears little resemblance to our God. Their God can deceive! In fact Allah says, "I am the best of deceivers."

This is a lesson for America: do not let Liberalism fool you; liberalism is nothing more than creeping unworkable, misery and genocide producing Communism. They won't come out and tell you what they really are. Islam is exactly the same: they won't tell you what they really are. But you dear reader should know. The American dream has no room for Communism, and only a limited room for Islam, where it can be controlled, where it can't control us, both being deceptions we should understand and which are explained here in detail.

I am a scientist, (biology and engineering) civil engineer (with a mechanical engineering technical school background) and most of all practical minded. Best of all, I am not for sale and I have no axe to grind. I do have a bias toward Trump but nothing can make me say something I know isn't true. He and I have something in common: we're both builders! My knowledge and skill have made the highways safe and long lasting because of my exact requirement being fulfilled by the contractor: straightening out dangerous curves, upgrading and widening aging roads and bridges, pioneering bran new freeways through mountains, lots of fun things. I am grounded in reality. I refuse to compromise my standards. People's lives depend on roads and bridges that don't fail. Engineers can't lie! Mistakes must be corrected before they develop into problems.

My work has been with the BC Ministry of Transportation building and upgrading infrastructure all over British Columbia as a construction engineer, surveyor, and inspector of all phases of construction. We are descended from the "Royal Engineers" who pioneered and constructed the roads and rail lines for Canadian Pacific Railway to the West Coast like the US counterparts as seen in the movie, "Kansas Pacific." (Also Canadian Pacific movie) Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot's song "Canadian Railroad Trilogy " is about building Canada's railroad from the east coast to Vancouver BC. The 2010 Whistler Olympics required 7 miles of new road constructed from a rough logging road in the Callaghan Valley. I was the field engineer on that project that required three new bridges in rough mountainous terrain. It cost one blaster's life. It's a great tradition and work and I'm quite comfortable in even the most remote places. My heritage is from a forest people of the north, the Finns.

Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot
Canadian Pacific song

I am used to working with mathematics, facts and evidence, not naive opinion or political correctness, which should be thrown in the garbage where it belongs because it doesn't help us get at truth, but perpetuates deceptive narratives. To be accepted I must sign off on quality based on data I have obtained through ASTM, SAE or other standard tests, and I applied my strict criteria to "Islam as a religion" i.e. is it as claimed - a religion - and not mostly political document and it failed. I check every design by talented designers that I must implement in the field. I would have to send the Qur'an back for revisions to remove the politics and unscientific claims in order to pass as a religion. It also failed as a "religion of peace" and it resembles a political ideology that prescribes actions against those who reject it, much like communism that killed millions around the world. Both got rid of opposition rather than allowing them to be permanent opposition. That's a biggie because Bush Jr. stated that Islam is peace and it echoed around the world with the help of fake news - false declarations! I'm telling you what I know to be true, and I am saying this because so many people don't believe it despite having no knowledge of Islam whatsoever. Thanks to Mr. Bush Jr. That's how brainwashed we are because of fake news who are pushing a narrative of those who have paid for it. Fake News is a business! What you are told is not news; its propaganda. I'm not a journalist and never took a writing course in my life, nor do I have an editor, as you can probably tell. I catch the mistakes myself when I can.

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