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A truth revolution, more powerful than deceit and lies.
Obama Hussein: the master criminal got 8 years in the White House.
Trump is doing a good job. The left is throwing stones at him.
Who killed Muhammad? If you know, then you can argue with what I say. If not
you should pay attention very carefully to what is said about Islam and the threat
to America, and then you will understand Trump's position on refugee immigration.
Congress made Christianity American. See what they said.

Immigration: do we really need more millions? How do we know? - Immigration mp3
   without borders w/criminals flooding in and jobs flooding out.

The Biggest Concern Today: Islam Resumes Invasion of West

Donald Trump said we must have the courage to name the enemy, which he says is Radical Islam. When we peel off the "radical" and take a peek inside, you find plain old Islam. There aren't two Islams. We are still arguing about whether Islam is a religion of peace or war. Why? They state plainly what they are for anyone that can read! It is the most deceptive religion on the planet, but perfect as a tool for Globalization which requires destruction of the existing democracies. It is actually, despite what they claim, (they call it the religion of the sword) a violent ideology and a repudiation of the Christian message and foundations of our civilization, which it once again is trying to steal, kill and destroy. The never ending violence from Islam is a daily event everywhere now. Fake News will not cover it all but we will.

FOX NEWS LIVE - London Terror Incident Update

Now Trump has a lot of work to do in undoing the damage by a crook in the White House by the name of Obama. How can an imposter make it to the level of the most powerful man on the planet? Only if the people permit it, which they did. This is a man working for the enemy. Islam offers barbarism to replace our civilized system and Obama was preoccupied in destroying it. The only way America can be defeated is from the inside, and it was how the Roman Empire fell by internal corruption and incompetance, and now America had Obama. Muslim values are the reverse of ours, and Obama was tearing down the Christian framework, what was left of it. When we really understand Islam we see in stark contract what Fake News tells us about Islam and Muslims. What do we do with this knowlege? Start something? Absolutely not. We pass on the information and make sure we stand fast on our culture which we know they dispise if they are real Muslims, meaning most are nominal and many of those don't know that Muhammad was not a nice man by our standards. Even dogs hated him and that is a good reference in my bookstores . If you chop people's heads off, I don't know about you but I call that bad - even a dog knows that! When Khomeni became the leader of Iran, he killed all the dogs! Muslims do stupid things for Muhammad because they are imitating him. If you tell your followers to kill for your religion, or smack around and blacken the eyes of women, I call that bad. But it's dangerous to say these things. The courts will defend the sanctity of this "religion." Note that I do not hate Muslims, but they are willful (or not, as the case may be) slaves to this ideology because every Muslim knows that to leave is death, and these are part of their belief system that includes mostly how to act, towards each other and especially us infidels, and I for one protest. I want to keep my head thank you and I will not promote Muslim immigration under any circumstance because that is at the conclusion of this what is happening right now. Our children and their children will not appreciate what the west has done to their country I can guarantee it. The kids today are poorly informed about everything, and that is why they want more Muslims, as many as possible! What kind of religion has a prophet like that? It's an ideology! I rest my case, for now.

Breaking: Obama Was Spying On President Trump!
Fake News said Trump is full of it again. No. They are.

Obama Could End Up in Prison Where He Belongs

We need to be smarter than our enemy, Islam, and so far it doesn't look good because most people don't know what it is. They believe it's a religion. Ronald McDonald is not what he appears to be. He is just a man. Islam is not just a religion, but an ideology like Fascism or Communism, and that is what we need to focus on, not the simplistic notion of piety and peace. When a "religion," Ideology, philosophy, or anything else teaches destruction of our governments, that they must be brought down by violence and deception, (as in Communist insurrection, Revolution) and should be relplace by their system, that is a doctrine of sedition. Islam is such a doctrine and you can find it in the Qur'an for your verification and in the Hadith and Sunnah as to how Muhammad put these ideologies to practice. His 200 or so family "converts" did not grow until he got a "revelation" - which we call a brainwave, that he should use violence, deception, and terror. It worked. Has the west been duped into letting Islam take over and destroy what took us hundreds of years to accomplish?

    Dupe: to deceive someone, usually by making that person do something that they did not intend to do: "The girls were duped by drug smugglers into carrying heroin for them." The European people didn't intend to turn their countries into Islamic states. They were only trying to help the poor Muslims whose people have turned their countries into living hells, thanks to their faith in a false God, Allah. ISIS is the other face of Islam, the one that is normally hidden.

    Perhaps one half of the American people (or more) have been duped into accepting, even helping, a dangerous ideology into their country brought in by "refugees" many of which want to destroy them. This is a known fact yet the Fake Media, in keeping with their Liberal failed ideology, fails to report what Islam is and its threat. There is a war going on between these two groups and who wins will determine America's fate for a thousand years. Islam is a cloaked ideology that passes as a religion, which is why there is little opposition. You've heard of cloaking devices from Star Trek. Even viruses use it to avoid being destroyed by our army of defending cells. Cancer uses it to avoid being destroyed by these cells. The result is death. How about our country?

He began raiding caravans and conquering tribes. His men were paid by the booty, women, slaves and whatever else there was. Muhammad had hit on the "right" formula and we see it working even today, as they seed every country and pump out the babies by the hundreds of thousands, a way to overwhelm the enemy using their own resources!

When Donald Trump wanted to reduce Muslim immigration, I believe he had this doctrine in mind and merely wanted to protect his country from those wishing to carry out these orders. I believe his intentions are honorable in light of what Islam is trying to do. Islam is not just a religion, which is actually just a small part of it. It is a bad ideology wrapped in a religious shell - bad for them and bad for us. It is a devise of the devil to destroy us all - them and us. The Mainstream News doesn't agree, and if they were in power America would be Muslim in a few years. Anyone who doesn't agree with these Globalist-Marxists is a "Nazi" including anyone wishing to protect America from foreigners who don't love America nor Americans. Most of the Muslim world has grown up being brainwashed how bad America, "the great Satan" is, so we don't have any illusions about what many of these "refugees" could turn out to be. If they are trashing Europe, as plainly the alternative news shows then imagine what they could do to "the great Satan." Trump is right; the unelected judges who want to make laws are wrong. They have made democracy into rule by unelected judges. This was not the Internet of the Founding Fathers. Plus, foreigners have no Constitutional rights whatsoever. Read the document. We can choose to be under God's protection or out of it. The Liberals want us out. Trump wants us in. The Liberals are trying to take us out of God's providential blessing which has lasted over 240 years, making America the envy of the world, which is why they want to live there, not because they love the people, but to take advantage of what honoring the true God has provided. We should not tamper with our belief system that has served Americans well, even unbelievers who enjoyed the results, in fact we should bring back what Obama the Muslim removed. He removed God's protection and exposed Americans to the willing agents of the enemy, (~25% of Muslims) and we must not allow it. Trump is patching up America's relationship with God and that is why America will be great again if the left doesn't thwart it. This is not just a physical battle. It is equally or more so, a spiritual one.

Here's a thought: the left is jumping up and down about how Trump supposedly treats women. However, when the women who have worked with him are interviewed, they have only good things to say. But, here's the hypocracy. Islam treats women a thousand times worse, making them into almost imbeciles who need a man every minute to tell her what to do and what not to do. This is part of the religion and Shariah Law. I highly doubt that Trump has ever hit a woman. Islam says you should beat women who don't obey a man, who is supposed to have complete domination. Where is the outrage? That just goes to show how fake the media pushing this narration about Trump really is. When will they expose Islam? When hell freezes over.

News Break: Latest News, Re: London massacre and Islam.

Islam was beaten back in Spain and Austria hundreds of years ago. The attacks were by Radical Muslims, much like the ISIS of today. The Industrial Revolution might never have happened and we could be living in the 7th Century forever. It is Christianity and free thinking that made it possible, not total submission to a false god. Now they are being invited to destroy us, this time it is by deception, a powerful tool of the devil. He tells his followers, or anyone he can deceive, that anti-Islam is racism, bigotry or Islamophobia. Don't believe it. Everyone including the radicals, which is about 25% or more of the population have been allowed in. It is estimated that 10% are ready to violently seize control when the opportunity comes, maybe led by their leader, Obama Hussein, or whoever he is. His whole 8 year stint was one big deception. Contrary to leftist ideology, the minority rules when it comes to Islam. The rest are irrelevant. They call the shots for the majority. That is how it always is, and how Islam spread - by the sword. Don't tell me about those bad crusaders who travelled to the Holy Land to protect Christians who were being slaughtered. I say, what's new! That is their talking point, but it's very weak. Crusades were a response to Islam, just as Trump's campaign will be in Syria where he will crush them until there is nothing left but a land that all those refugees can resettle and continue their lives, unless Socialism is subsidizing them forever at the expense of their hosts, you and me. They won't want to lose that free money, but they must go back because we refuse to support them. We saved their lives and now they owe their country the hard work it will take to rebuild. We will not allow what is happening in Europe to come to America.

The Truth About Sweden: What The Left Fakers Deny.
This is spreading around the world because stupid people are permitting it!

Democrats' Shame: Blocking Trump's Wall For No Reason

This poses an immediate problem to our very existance as free and prosperous people because they want us under their law, and they hate ours. They will NEVER accept our laws because they know they aren't supposed to and our laws break theirs. How do you reconcile two opposites? They will tolerate it for awhile but as their numbers grow, the radicals incite the others to join them in changing our land, as in Britain, and they begin to rally against our country, as in Britain today, where Sharia is the Law. This was allowed by the leftist governments who have no love of country, who practice self loathing, believing that they deserve what they get. Angela Merke of Germany has the same psychological Socialist illness and many other countries. But it all falls under the heading of satan's deception for the purpose of destroying Christians and their culture. These deceived leaders don't mind becoming Muslim, since they believe it is something that it isn't, and that is a threat to every Briton's freedom and security. They wish to live in peace but there will be no peace for a people who do not appreciate their own country, who think nothing of being a traitor. The authorities there are dumbfounded; they don't know what to do. So they do nothing and the threat just keeps growing. Ask any Muslim, and they will tell you that they are only required to obey their own laws, Sharia Law, by their religion. The men definitely want it because they have total power over women and inherit twice as much as women and in a divorce, the men keep the kids! They own their women like a car or camel. The women's testimony is ignored like in rape cases and as witnesses in court, Shariah requires two women's testimony against a man's because they are mentally deficient; these and much more, and not a peep from those holier than thou feminists. Is this what we want in our country?

Do we want to roll back all our gains, "civilization" over the centuries, and destroy the only faith that works to preserve our freedoms, a firewall against corrupt destructive forces, without which they disappear one by one as perversion and barbarism take over from morality, and we hardly notice it because we are so desensitized? Shall we inflict, abandon their (and later our) women to 7th Century laws? Our freedom is at stake here. That's what they want! Therefore, I repeat, we have a problem, a BIG problem. They want their law! They want to remove ours and replace them with Shariah. Our leftists will comply eventually, bit by bit. They want us to shut up about their "religion" but I will keep you informed if that's OK. We are under siege by them and our own people who don't know any better, like those American judges who are so stupid. I think they love Islam! That makes them what, traitors? If that's the case, 99% of the Democrats are traitors by default because they don't understand Islam. This is serious because a nation divided against itself cannot stand. Just what Satan planned. Join Act For America and Tom Wallace to spread the news.

Crash Course in Islam: Please Watch: Brigitte Gabriel, Act For America
Eight years of "freedom of the press" and they failed the people. Why should Trump trust them?

Socialism Is a Curse, Which Joins With Islam To Destroy America
The two, Globalists-Socialists and Islam, work together against you.

Qur'an is an instruction book of how to destroy our civilization by deceit, by enlisting our own people to help in that process. And guess what? It's working for them thanks to the uninformed - at least half to 80%+ of the American people. This information makes you one of the few that know. These refugees are looking for a people willing to support them, which is why they flocked to socialist Europe. When my people emigrated to Canada, we were looking for a better life through work. My father arrived from Finland looking for a job not hand outs, and he got none. But he started shovelling snow in Cape Breton Island the same day! He worked for sixteen hours until someone asked him why he is still working. He trapped rabbits and finally found a job in Sudbury Ontario underground. Two years later we were on the beautiful west coast of Canada. We didn't need help. We were not mentally or physically crippled. These new arrivals are crippled by their religion! It tells them that infidels should serve them. We are their willing slaves. It's right there for you to read so don't blame me. Whoever wrote that book of theirs and its companion books was a genius. Oh, Muhammad did not write any of it. He was illiterate and couldn't even proof read it to make sure it was accurate. Even if he could, there was nothing to read. The Quran was written more than a generation after his death - poisoning by his Jewish wife, after he beheaded her husband. The message: if you kill a man and take his wife, don't expect to live very long.

Can you get some idea of the false narrative fed to you about Islam by the Fake Media? They are accomplices in your destruction so I don't know why you would even turn on your TV to load up with their Globalist total crap. My local radio station says they are not fake, but I have now clued in to their game because of my knowledge of Trump and how he operates. You can't keep giving only the negative news, and for sure there will be some I don't care who it is. The only place you can get balanced news is on the Internet, like CBN, but also often straight from the source, not second had where it undergoes a political metamorphosis, like processed food that has its nutrition stripped away. Processed food can kill you, and so can Fake News, or it will give you a totally screwed view of reality.

Does "Not Reporting Critical Information" Mean It Never Happened?
That is a typical Socialist strategy to information. Soviets used it to keep the
people ignorant of living standards in the west. In a just society, all news must be reported.
Muslims are calling speaking truth about their religion "blasphemy" and "Islamophobia."

Former CIA Agent Reveals Obama's Crimes. Fake Media Silent!. Why?
I Ask: Did Congress or Fake News Tell You About What Obama Was Doing?
Of course not. Then why are they telling you everything bad about Trump now?
Fake News knew all about this but would not report it. They aren't your friends.


Wiretapping Trump Tower: Common Knowledge

There is a truth revolution in the air. Americans are getting tired of the Fake News, identifiable by their similarity. That's because they are paid by the same people, to advance their Global agenda. Real news is not so consistent, using the same lines such as Trump's accusations, which they attack, only later to be proved wrong. In most cases where the media attacks Trump, they are proven wrong because they don't know much. They only know the narratives they have been given. That is not "free press." There should be many different points of view. There is not. For this reason, the people are turning to Social media and a few Christian based News such as CBN News, or directly to Donald Trump's tweets, and other alternative news that is honest enough to report the truth because they don't accept bribes. In news, like anything else, "follow the money." Who stands to gain...Trump's tweets and honest news are making the mainstream news redundant. Who needs news that is just someone's opinion, completely fabricated or a false narrative? CNN news is just acting. They have good actors but not good enough. The same people or known actors, musicians are seen being interviewed as representative of the crowd. Just be aware that Socialism (Marxism) has no set morals. To them truth means nothing unless it can be used to advance their narrative. If it can't, lies will do. This page is part of the truth (called hate speech by the left) revolution. To them, there is no such thing as truth; it is what they say it is. That is just like the Soviet Union - exactly. Stay away from Socialism, it can destroy you and America as it has Europe. It is really bad over there. Come back and I will show some videos about what Socialism has done over there. George Orwell said, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." Join the truth revolution. Throw out the narratives you have learned in school and university unless there is scientific proof, not scientific opinion. There is a difference. Scientists said, "it is impossible for man to fly." So nobody tried, except some "fools" that everyone laughed at. Science is good, but not if it is used the wrong way, like to make money at the expense of human suffering. The cancer industry is an example. When man did fly, people said, "if it's true the news papers would be full of it." Since the media did not report it, people thought the reports were fake. The Wright Brothers had to go to France before the news picked it up. Lying by omission is common in Fake News, especially concerning Islam, immigration, associated crime and medical research. People can die but media will not investigate vaccines, the cancer research/fund raising industry, and thousands of other things that affect our lives. See how people follow the news instead of their own brains?

FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Warrants For Trump Wiretapping
This is like Watergate, electronic breaking and entering and spying on Trump.

Know Your Enemy: Islam Before it's Too Late.
Fake News lies about this ideology with a religious front.

Treason Obamacoup. Obama sabotaged America's Security Before Leaving
Obama is walking on thin ice and one day he will fall through.

George Clooney's Muslim Wife Stuns Hollywood, UN.
The left is more concerned with Trump's activities than the horrors of ISIS.
Why aren't they protesting the genocide and murder of Christians by Islam.
ISIS is acting out Muhammad's activities as a general of armies, like beheading.

Obama's Shadow Government: He Wants to Shut Down Judge Pirro
Flash from the past but applicable today. Radical Islam is Applied Islam.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in trouble.

ISIS is Islam. Message to Obama (and Hillary) from former Muslim.
Trump is right to regulate Muslim immigration.


Monsanto: Hillary HRC and her Bush buddies'

Evil Monsanto, Bush and Hillary HRC