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What Just Happened in America

The Price of Freedom: Iternal Vigilance. Something must be done.



What a Trump presidency will mean for America and the world.
Trump raids CDC in Atlanta: Vaccination/autism connection cover-up.
Videos banned on YouTube and Facebook, by Globalists, the Neo-feudalists.
Trump confiscated America from the elite and special interests and gave it back to the people.
Huma Abedin, Clinton's Confidant, approved by Obama, lived in Arabia for 16 years. Dangerous traitor, crooked pair.
Honesty vs deception: Obama, Hillary and Huma financed terrorists.
Americanism with a secure, prosperous country vs Globalism - Immigration: do we really need millions? - Immigration mp3
   without borders w/criminals flooding in and jobs flooding out.
Liberalism/Communism Hillary and Bushes and Monsanto connection, deadly seed manufacturers.
Islam: why we must limit immigration

Obama-Hillary Legacy: "If It Ain't Broke, I'll Break It."
Trump Motto: "if It's Broke, I'll Fix I!...I'll Fix It, You'll See. I'll Make America Great Again."

A Week of Bad Reporting by Fake News

"They were all wrong, and they're wrong still."

    Fake News providers call truth "fake." Reporters for the father of lies.

    It seems like only two weeks that Donald J. Trump was sworn in as our nation's 45th president -- oh, wait it was weeks! And yet, look at all the outrageous Fake News our national media has managed to generate in just the first seven days. The highlights:

    1. MSM Lies About Trump Having 'No Evidence' To Back Up Illegal Vote Claim
    2. To Hurt Trump, ABC News Deceptively Edits Ari Fleischer
    3. Media Falsely Claims Trump Removed Bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from Oval Office
    Without checking, the MSM ran like escaped lunatics with the Fake News. 4. CNN's False Claim About Nancy Sinatra
    5. The Atlantic Falsely Claims Fetal Heartbeats Are "Imaginary"
    The leftwing Atlantic is apparently upset that ultrasounds might convince expectant mothers to see their unborn child as something other than easily-aborted goo.
    In a humiliating correction, The Atlantic was forced to toss away its junk science and admit, "This article originally stated that there is 'no heart to speak of' in a six-week-old fetus. By that point in a pregnancy, a heart has already begun to form."
    6. MSM Spread Phony Picture of Trump's "Sparse" Crowd Size
    7. Media Deliberately Misrepresents Sean Spicer's Claim About Inauguration Audience
    On Saturday, Sean Spicer punched the MSM bully dead in the nose with a statement that included the following, "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe." Read rest of story...
    8. Hysterical Claims About the White House Website
    9. The New York Times Lies About Rick Perry
    10. USA Today Uses Parody Account to Attack Rick Perry
    11. Media Attacks Trump Nominee Over Prayer
    12. Washington Post Lies About White House Website Promoting Melania Trump's Jewelry Line -

    This was just a flat-out lie.
    CNN et al continues to push false narratives, by falsifying or exaggerating Trump slips and not reporting all to good he is doing, more than what Obama did in years. The Globalist's agenda has been broken and they don't give up easily. Well, the people have the last say.

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To Inform And Protect

What American lives matter? ALL lives matter: black, brown, white, unborn Americans - all Americans first then everyone else! The same applies to America as for the average family: you take care of your loved ones first, then with your surplus resources, everyone else. That's how I run my family, having just enough to help people around the world in their own countries. That is the correct recipe to follow. Bringing them all here solves nothing over there and creates problems here, and in this page I will show you definitively how. Sure we have a heart for refugees, but not for bringing the whole third world over here. These people are treated better than our own people who desperately need help. That is unfair. So what is the correct way to handle the astronomical numbers of refugees? Let's compare the cost of housing them in the Middle or Near East until we can defeat their enemy, ISIS. A factor of over twenty. Since their enemy is practicing Islam, the enemy is Islam just as when the Nazis practiced Fascism, the enemy was Fascism. It's just that it's not politically correct to state it, and in many countries saying anything against Islam is a crime. But that in practice doesn't apply to Christianity which is always criticized, especially by the left.

Some who never looked into Islam, ever, try to argue that ISIS are not practicing Islam, but they don't even know what it is! This includes presidents and prime ministers whose statements are completely political. They are really dangerous because the youngepeople tend to believe them. Can they make that statement from their own knowledge, or what they heard on the evening news, or what their ideology is? When you import refugees, you are importing a continuum of "Islamic practice", with the nominal at one end and ISIS at the other. This is a fact because they all read the same books and say the same prayers, though their actions may differ. Some just practice it to the letter while others ignore or haven't read these books just like Christians, though they may say their prayers 5 times a day. In some ways ISIS could be referred to as "Orthodox" Muslims meaning they follow and imitate Muhammad. There are many, many descriptions of how Muhammad waged his campaigns and if you check it out, you will see a clear relationship between him and how ISIS conducts their wars. You have to know these things! Otherwise you will just reflexively say, "BS" or Islamophobia (this is saying the inconvenient truth about Islam). Muslims are desperately trying to shut us up! They are trying to get our governments, who don't know any better, to make laws preventing the disaster in progress in Europe here in America. You need to know what Muhammad actually did to understand this. Did he chop off heads? Was he a military general or was he showing the peace sign, loving his neighbor and honoring all religions, singing Islamic hymns and preaching the Kingdom of God? The latter fairy tale is what our kids were told in schools (texts had something like seven pages on Islam but only one on Christianity - by Obama's Arab buddies) under Obama. That's favoring a religion, forbidden by the Constitution. Congress did not stop him going against American values as he was instilling his own Muslim values on the nation. Not only that but most Muslims have been indoctrinated to hate America and Israel, which they call "the great Satan" and, "little Satan" respectively. These are undeniable facts we must know and live with and treat these people accordingly and not emotionally as the left is doing. This is not "hate speech" - it is "truth speak." Now if you want to call truth hate then you must turn to political correctness, which is ruining Europe because nobody can respond to real threats for fear of being called "racist." Muslims want to block this information, in courts and UN, and they may be successful but the truth is now all over the Internet and the redundancy keeps truth available. The bottom line: Islam is not a religion of peace. I spent the last 15 years closely vetting this "religion" which is on its face mostly a fascist-like anti woman, anti freedom ideology. This page is about love, not hate. Love your neighbor and your country enough to tell and accept the truth to keep us all safe, unfortunately from what you might refer to as a "religion." Advocating violence and overthrow of governments disqualifies it as purely a religion and puts it over the line into ideology and a dangerous one at that. You can call me anything you want, it doesn't bother me, but I will always tell you the truth. You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. He who the Son has set free is free indeed.

Muslim Invasion: Taking Over Countries With "Refugees"

Brigitte Gabriel, The American Who Experienced Islam
She barely escaped from Lebanon with her life. She crossed
into Israel and they took care of her and healed her wounds.
Now she wants to warn us not to repeat the mistakes of Lebanon.

Muslims Believe Qur'an Is Straight From God Without a Single Error.
Well, researchers put that theory to the test and here's what they found.

Qur'an Scientifically Proven False: ExMuslim
One error and the whole thing falls! Throw it.
A made up religion to facilitate Arab Conquest?

Manipulation of Information By Fake News: Inauguration Crowd Size
The fake news was picked up by Canadian News and broadcast to all
Canadians, to see how illegitimate this president really is! They wanted to
show that Trump's inauguration had fewer attendees than Obama. Why?

Fake News: How They Operate.

One way they lied was by showing aerial shots of Obama's crowd taken at noon. However, what they don't tell the people is that many were prevented from coming until Trump had already started to speak. You can see people packing in late in some videos. Obama's crowd was said to be 1.8 million, but crowd experts say that is impossible considering the total area available. That is fake too! I no longer believe anything the media says, and as for Canadian news, it's just as bad or worse - it's like a CNN echo.

There is a case against immigration. What is it? American cities are already full, and that's where refugees end up in most cases. The highways are jammed and people can hardly move, or use up years of their lives in traffic! And Obama and Hillary want more, but their vision of Amerca is warped. We must find other better ways to help them by teaching them about what made America great in their countries. They can't go on doing what they have been and expect things to change! No. They are hamstringed by religion. You can't do this and you can't do that. Women can't be in a room alone with men unless... This one is really gross. I can't even mention it here on a family oriented site. Check it out. If it means adopting most of our values so be it. They have had the same amount of time to work out the bugs in their system in the Middle East but they are so preoccupied with hating people who don't believe what they do, and spend their time out on the streets, throwing stones or loitering, never thinking that they are wasting their time and not making their country safe and prosperous. Then, as seen in the disaster of Europe and many of the US states, they attempt to inflict America with their Shariah ideology instead of embracing adopting for themselves the system that works and can make them a better life.

Obama's Socialist Government: proof that Socialism is not sustainable. Just look at the bumbling spend thrift Obama's spreadsheet compared to Trump's in the first month of their respective regimes and tell me you would rather have someone else.

The refugees in Sweden are quite happy not being productive members of society and the government is happy with that too. With nothing to do unemployed refugees in America are seen angrily chanting, "death to America." Also they are working hard to make America into an Islamic society with Shariah Law, a terrible law that should be left in the Middle East. Thirteen American states have made laws against Shariah and the rest must follow. The left are holding it up. Act for America Brigitte Gabriel, who saw how her Christian majority homeland Lebanon was taken over by Islam when the rapidly reproducing Muslims became the majority, is busy trying to educate people about Islam and Shariah and why they are dangerous to our freedoms. You will hear her speak here, but I'd like to also speak from personal experience and why I live in Canada, being born in Finland that was still recovering from being almost swallowed up by the Soviet Union. For the benefit of all who even have the slightest idea that left (Socialism) means equality and harmony I want to tell you the truth about the ideology. It means the worst thing that could ever happen to a country. My people avoided the path of Socialism and now I see it's ugly head in America and Canada. I say no to Socialism in its any forms and here are some of the reasons. In one way or another they all prevent corrective action to prevent a national disaster. Professors teaching this lie and the "peaceful Islam" lie to our children must be fired. Their primary role is to educate, to teach how to think not what to think. But the Globalists tentacles reach deep and the classroom is their way to remodel society to their specs. I believe these are on Trump's "to do" list. This is the ideology that is blinding the eyes of those who accept it and that includes most Democrats and some Republicans. Socialism and Islam are tools used by the Globalist elite to destroy, then enslave the people because of their hunger for total control. Money isn't enough for them; they want more.

The Soviet Story
Correct education is the answer to tyrrany.
Stay away from mainstream fake news.

Socialist Insanity in Sweden: Destruction of a Culture
Trump is saying what most Swedes fear. This is an example
of self imposed censorship causing the destruction of a nation.

Mainstream News is All Fake Media For Globalist Agenda
Even YouTube is better, exposing the fakes and they try to stop it.
Media, like Congress, has been hijacked and paid by special interests, not yours.

Welcome to Your Evening Mainstream News
Coming to you straight from the Globalist Headquarters.
Well, I suppose it's hard to make ends meet telling the truth.
Is this lack of "freedom of the press?" They accuse Trump!

Congress Created a Monster Over 100 Years Ago
Useless junk that ruin America. They just let Obama
almost destroy America so who should be watching them?
We the people are the watchmen on the wall.

Conan O'Brian in My Native Finland
Who says news has to always be new and so serious!
Let's have some fun. This is really funny. You'll like it.

We're going to make them a safe place in or near the land they love: their homeland. That is the only right thing to do because separating people from their land is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. I know. My parents were displaced from Karelia Finland, first in November 30, 1939 and again in 1944. But guess what, the men didn't run away. My father was doing his one year service in the Finnish Army when the Russian Army came pouring over the border. Too bad they were slaughtered or captured, and Stalin had to stop it, but in the peace deal the Finns lost my parents' and grandparents homes in Viipuri Karelia, which was only 50 km from Leningrad, a city Peter The Great established in 1703 on Finnish (Ingerians tribe) land. Finns don't fool around and they are the best soldiers in the world. They weren't crybaby snowflakes; they stopped the entire Soviet Army twice and saved their land from occupation. The second time beginning on D-Day, Russia mounted heavy guns every 100 meters in the Karelian Isthmus against the Finns' one every Kilometer. It didn't work. Nothing works against people that honor God, and they did at that time, though as a nation they have lost it now. But God promised in the Bible he would restore the land if his people turn back to him. Trump has begun that process so America has hope once more. Hope by "anti-Christ" is called "hopelessness", and Michelle Obama feels it, and proclaimed it. The Obama's values were opposite of what they should be in my opinion after following their disgraceful occupation of the White Hose. I think he even hated that name. Sorry Michelle, or Michael, whatever you are, it won't work. Concentrating criminals and illegals in designated cities where they can be used later to seize power in a coupe or vote is treasonous. Just see what damage Obama has done to America, and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Sanctuary City Sheriff Plans To Release Child Rapist
How could Americans let this happen to their country?
I don't get it. Have I missed something?

Obama Sanctuary City Policy Racist Says Black Woman

ICE Raids Have Illegals Panicking

Lying Obama Government Menace

Crooked Hillary Clinton: Bank Bailouts Fee Went to Clinton Foundation
In other words Hillary was taking Americans' money as bribes.

Finns were far better strategists than those dumb Bolsheviks, (close relatives of liberals) and we have a parallel here with Trump. Stupid people are easy to defeat, if not now then eventually. The dumbing down of America must not only be stopped but reversed! Getting rid of the drugs is a must, and border control will help. All the smart ones in Russia were killed or sent to Siberia, taken out of the gene pool. Between one and two hundred million people died because of liberalism, which is just Communism in disguise. Join the right side and help America instead of helping to destroy it. Fewer smart people were left in Russia, unable to generate adequate prosperity, managing barely enough bread for the people. The fake news told the people that we in the west are exploited by the business owners and only they have as much as they want, which is why the shelves are always empty. The people in the west, the poor exploited, can't even buy the stuff in the stores which is why their shelves are always full. This is the end result of Socialism gone to seed - the lying media make sure they never know the truth. (Like CNN, ABC etc.) That's full blown Socialism with central government control of everything. The left thrives on dumbed down people. That's why I have no patience for Muslim or liberal trouble-making cowards, like the hundreds of thousands of men flowing like the Amazon River into Europe, raping and assaulting the population as they went and when they got there. The traitor news agencies hide it from the people, what we now call "fake news." And now they want to come over to North America. Well, sorry but I have seen the future and it ain't what the left imagine in their fairytale Socialist mind and their "Refugees Welcome" signs. The more refugees, the more votes for ignorant Democrats (Socialists). Most of these refugees are uneducated and aggressive, often lazy, protesting for Shariah Law, burning America flags and yelling, "death to America", can't speak the language, hate American ways and our religion and already dumbed down. It's not about race, white supremacy, hate or anything like that, It's about America - firstly security issues then economic, but also about the threat Islam poses in the future, as eventually their population will be greater than the native Americans and Shariah Law can start a head chopping orgy as it has in other counties over the years, most recently in Lebanon, a former Christian majority country.

The world is looking for ways to have others pay their way, and liberals want to do that. Trump doesn't. Nobody who has experienced Socialist rule will ever vote for a Democrat, guaranteed.

BTW the Finns got rid of many of their Communists in 1918 after they tried to do what Obama was and still is itching to do: grab power by force. Russian Communists fought with them. The "whites" saved Finland from destruction like Trump is attempting to do and Germany sent 2000 troop to help, probably saving Finland from being sucked into Communism, a terrible unworkable ideology promoted to the ignorant. Now America is infested as the educational system is broken, with this ideology! Children are brainwashed in university and come out Marxist, especially in Berkley. Theses professors will go or Federal funding will end. Three months of brother killing brother Finns in the dead of winter and it was over. Many traitors were just executed on the spot, lined up in rows, many praying. Finland was spared the horrors of Communism and the slaughter that always comes with it. America, wake up, that can happen here, and Canada. No mercy was show to these traitors. They are still there but they call themselves "Social Democrats" but they are just the same old leftists wishing they could set up a dictatorship...and shoot their opposition of course. Just go to Paris, or Berlin, or Stockholm, or take a stroll in East London. Half of these, but it hard to say exactly, are barbarians, having no regard for other people or their laws. The only thing they care about is themselves and their laws. The incompatibility sticks out like a sore thumb. That should wake us up? Don't count on it. We must prevail. No my friends, we don't want a repeat of that horror. We love peace and safety over anything else and that is the main job of a president, a job the Communist judges of America are trying prevent, in order to destroy America. Where were these judges when Obama , breaking the law, created sanctuary cities? Where? I'll tell you - they were laughing and sipping their cocktails and praising Obama at how clever he is in thumbing his nose at laws and the Constitution. They must go or America will suffer years of their abuse of the presidency.

Obama and "Michelle's" parting gifts to America:
Obama stabs America's only Middle East Ally in the back through the evil UN, making ancient Hebrew land Arab land.
Michelle proclaims hopelessness over America and goes on Oprah to make sure Americans receive and experience it. What it amounts to is a curse by a witch. She is saying America will get this spirit now that they turned away from the father of lies and the hater of your soul. No First Lady should ever do that to America. Never! This is a news channel, not about preaching but this must be said. It is a prophecy you need to know. When I saw it on TV it confirmed my own vision of the future of America, and therefore Canada and the rest of the world. Whether you know it or not America is still the leader of the free world, but it just about wasn't because the forces of destruction have been on America since Clinton's presidency and vastly accelerated during Obama's "reign of terror and dismantling of America."

The three California judges that stabbed American people in the back are the same ones that support "catch and release" criminals and illegal aliens that take the scarce jobs from Americans and live off the sweat of Americans. How can they be the guardians of the American people? Trump could simply get rid of these Marxists for making decisions contrary to the Constitution, which they despise. They hate freedom, and because Muslims do too, they have become allies in the fight against Conservatism, or "truth." The same goes for the media that supported all those Globalist policies! They should have exposed them for what they are instead of shielding them. That is political reporting and has little truth in it. They hide (lying by omission) food and drug information we need to make informed decisions and much more, all for the almighty dollar and their Globalist buddies. Take cancer fund raising for example. It is a total scam and millions fall for it every year. The media will not investigate what happens to that money and why there's no cure. It's not just cancer either its MS, MD and many more "incurable" diseases. We already know that their game is: why stop the flow of money. Also, the problem of autism has been traced to vaccines but the media will not investigate it. Trump is doing it right now, and I hope he opens up a few more cans of worms. Follow the money. Humans seem to love pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone else so only they know the truth, and the money elite have made a science out of it! Along comes Donald Trump and spoils their fun, and profit at our expense.

Illegal aliens are now pouring over the border into Canada now because of the fear mongering of the media. Canada is accepting them and these are American rejects who have been refused asylum for some reason or are there illegally and could pose a problem. Most of them are ending up in Quebec but also along the border all the way to Manitoba, bypassing the border guards so they don't have to be sent back. This loophole should be plugged.

Today the biggest problem and deception is Socialism and Islam, both of which have the capacity to destroy us. The media, backed by the money elite, try everything in the book to destroy Trump. But they have found out that he is no fool and what he says resonates with people who have resisted the media brainwashing, who still see through the fog they produce. Their arrogance knows no bounds. They have always believed that whatever they print the people will swallow. Not any more this side of January 29, 2017. What I am saying is give the guy a chance. Don't try to trip him up. Love your country more than their lies or your opinion of his personality. He's the man for the times for sure. His truth puts fear into people that know only their lies, basically Pablum. Now they have to eat solid food and it makes them feel bad, and many of them cry or have a hissy fit. They haven't really ever grown up. Here below is the opinion of a Marine Sgt. regarding refugee immigration from a country banned by Trump that was overturned by three judges. They are working for the Globalists that want to destroy America and doing everything they can to counter Trump's Executive Orders. There was no problem with banning immigration when Obama did it in 2011, which just proves they are opposing Trump for political reasons. This is unacceptable.

What Donald Trump did right during campaigning was to follow up on each negative media report about him and take responsibility for those having some truth and proving the others false. One man came all the way from England to disprove the "octopus" hands of Donald Trump. This man was on that plane and stree that she was honored to sit beside him and that he never touched her. He then put it out straight to the people bypassing the filters! That is what they hate and demonize as "fake news" because they want to give you the real fake news. Don't listen to the mainstream media that supports foreigners over Americans, leftist narrative over real information! It's that simple. Muslims from the Middle East are indoctrinated to hate America from childhood. It is very easy for them to suddenly turn on Americans and anything America such as freedom and democracy in favor of their own Sharia Law which is the very essence of Islam. Without Shariah there is no Islam. You need to know what this law is. CNN is nothing more than infomercials, by whoever has the money, and that is the bottom line about fake news. They are motivated by money and they don't care what lies they put out there as long as they get the money. So when CNN says they are doing fine, then that prosperity is only because they are pulling your leg. Most of them don't care about truth; they can't take it to the bank. But the add-news must drop off if nobody watches them. Stop watching them and continue watching us. I don't make any money by this information, and that's not why I do this. It's for you. We care about what lies you are being fed.

Marine Sgt. Facebook video: 44 million hits. Now Americans Being Educated.
America, President Trump knows what he is doing. Leave him alone!

Don't Fill Up On Lies. Dump CNN
Mainstream Media is garbage news.

How Islam Takes Over In Welcoming Countries.
Peaceful Muslims, the majority, are irrelevant.
An uninformed people will be destroyed by them.

The Dumbing Down of Our Children Has Worked
Perfect specimens for accepting Marxist Ideas.
It can't work, and never has and never will.

Starbucks CEO Mr. Schultz announced the hiring of 10,000 refugees
Good move or bad? The stock market says it is not good.

Starbucks CEO Mr. Schultz really started something.
First he announced the hiring of 10,000 refugees
Then the whole Middle East exploded. Sell your stocks.

Crash Course in Islam: Dehumanizing Anti-woman Religion.
Why would the Globalist Elite choose Islam to destroy our western civilization?
Muslim psychologist explains the damaged psyche of a Muslim.

There's Something Terribly Wrong With Islam
No others "religion" behaves in a way that
demands their own everything in the country
they willingly migrated to, knowing what to expect.

A Canadian "Obama" Secretly Muslim
Working for the world Globalist agenda.
So sad...Satan deceiving our leaders.
Divided loyalties, impossible patriot.

Obama Setting Up "Shadow Government"
He can't accept what happened.

One of Trudeau's Muslim Rapists in Canada
Canadian Globalist nut is the Prime Minister.

Now What Has Happened in Britain Has Come To Canada
Every freedom loving person must resist Shariah Law, an intolerant law
that aims to remove all our freedoms beginning with freedom of speech.
The left wants to bring as many as possible for selfish reasons: their vote!
We must be free to give our opinion about any ideology we wish such as Islam,
just as they do about our freedoms and Christianity that offend them. This is our
country, not Arabia or Syria or any of those countries ruined by Sharia Law. No to Shariah!

The Results of Canadian Syrian "Refugee" Program
Canada's Globalist closet Muslim Prime Minister's stupidity.
What's going on? First we find Obama was a Muslim, now this!
Does PM Trudeau believe Islam will win and control the world?

Newt Gingrich's Radical & LEGAL Plan
for Trump To Destroy the Ninth Circuit
When the tail wants to wag the dog, cut it off!

Whose "News" is news? Whose is Fake?
Nobody is qualified to say. It's up to us all to
get information from diverse sources!

Civil War With Islam Starting In Europe: The Result of Muslim Immigration.
When it comes to Islam, that is what we get for our kindness. The risk is too great.

Saudis deport 39,000 Pakistani
Why aren't they called "racist?" Are white people racists by definition?

The Globalist-Leftist Narrative of White Racism:
If only Whites are called racist, then that is racism too.

What Will Happen When Islam Takes Over Britain?
The disease of political correctness may wipe out civilization.
The left is the enemy because their policies will destroy America.

The Naive West - Their Own Worst Enemies

Our enemies are using our naive freedom mentality to destroy us and the left is essentially fighting on their side, many funded by Soros and therefore fake. We must not let them win. The mistaken of Obama is giving away what belongs to the hard working American to lazy bums. Most of them are economic migrants carrying a time bomb of rapid procreation and a dangerous ideology called Islam. Obviously Trump can't come out and give these as the reason for limiting immigration, but radical changes that mass Muslim immigration brings is not in our best interests I don't care what they claim. It's not true. My proof is in the evidence of the disaster in Europe. The left refuse to acknowledge it because of years of brainwashing by a leftist run education system singing the praises of atheistic socialism. Which never works but these stubborn mental cases with letters fill our children with their poison. These children come out of that system changed, never being taught what happens when Socialism takes hold of a country, never been shown what Eastern Europeans went through under Socialism! Of course not because they are perpetuating a lie! It is exactly what they accuse Trump of, so they have it backwards and they want you to have it backwards. That combination is a threat. God's answer to the damage done by Clinton-Obama era is Donald Trump. The number one threats to America are political correctness, fake news and fake teaching in universities, in other words fake education - literally brain washing - of our children - teaching them what to think instead of how to think. That is the Globalist brainwashing mill with its epicenter in Berkley. The scenario is worse than you can imagine. If the Globalists have their way, America will be under Shariah Law in a generation because they reproduce fast. The women stay at home, "barefoot and pregnant" so to speak. But we are stopping it now, right here, what Europe could not because of deep seated psychological problems that the enemy is exploiting. Our left have the same disease and we must fight it in the best way, with knowledge.

Britain is in stage 3 Islamic cancer because nobody was willing to be a nationalist and "racist." According to Globalist ideology, only white people can be racists. That is false. I have known many people of all colors who hate people of other races. But Globalists are full of nutty ideology that make no sense. What's to stop Muslims of joining the British Army, Air force and and Navy? Then they can produce a bunch of generals, Muslims warriors, airmen, sailors and turn against the native people, making them vassals or killing them, (Muhammad's command) including the Royal Family, exactly like the Bolsheviks in Russia. Then Britain would be an enemy of the United States with nuclear weapons!

President Trump News 2/9/17.

Illegal Immigration: why the laws must be enforced.

Donald Trump Was Elected Because He Promised To Do The Right Thing.
The left didn't agree, and now they want control over his decisions.
This clip will tell you what the outcome for America would be.

Trump Addresses MCCA: Law Enforcement and Illegal Immigration

Donald Trump has brought hope, the favor of God almighty once more while Satan tries in vain to foil his every move, to keep America in bondage to this spirit. The cover of all corruption is being blown. Their best efforts to keep the lid on their evil secrets will fail. Our children will turn away from satanic music and its influence and turn to the faith of our fathers, but this time it will not be the fake stuff that has permeated our culture but now it will be the genuine thing as in Century I and it will bring on amazing miracle signs and wonders. Cancers will disappear, all manners of oppression of the devil such as depression will be banished from believers as the spirit of God moves back into America and His protection falls over America. And it is beginning right now, as of January 2017. I've seen the evidence, and Satan is fighting back with all his troops, the deceived left. God bless America and God bless all our freedoms, and God bless Donald Trump who is doing God's work on earth; protect Israel and reverse all the works of the devil. Amen. If you agree say amen and its blessing comes on you at that moment.

Curse Israel (say the opposite of what the Bible says) and in a flash that curse comes upon you and your family. Something unpleasant could happen. Bless Israel and it will protect and bless you and your family according to God's Word.Genesis 12:3 And finally because they persecute Israel, the fake news will fall. They will be shut down and the truth will once more be proclaimed over every other medium and the truth shall set America free once more in the same way that lies had deceived and enslaved the nation to the elite power brokers to control you and make you follow in the wrong path. it is not in your interests but furthers their goals of enslaving you and robbing you of your health, wealth and eventually to your ever lasting destruction. Other than being a security risk unvetted people will not make us stronger. Many can't even read their own language and do not have any training. The "strong" multicultural society composed of Islam is a leftist Marxist Commie lie, and European Muslim violence and their threats to take over proves it. It's never going away unless they do. You have to see what is happening there and imagine it in America where they are inching to spread. Our job is to stop it in its tracks and it's their job to keep sending them back until peace is restored. That is radical Islamic terrorism what's happening over there. Stay with us and please share. Thanks.

Firstly, I'd like to comment on the protests and propaganda against the President by Globalist camp which includes the media. Whatever the protest at any given time, it's not about that. It's much, much bigger. It's about his legitimacy, and about Globalism, an evil ideology like Communism that they have been trying to legitimize and thousands of Marxist professors have pushed on our children. They protest refugees banned from terrorist provider countries, but they call it a "Muslim ban." It isn't but maybe it should be after families have been reunited and ISIS problem is under control. It is like the Hydra, that when you chop one head off, another comes in its place. That is demonic!

It's not Trumps fault that most of the people in these countries happen to be Muslim. We stopped people from coming from Europe during the war but it wasn't a "Christian ban." Or, at one time we banned Chinese, and that wasn't a "Buddhist ban." Attributing these bans to religion is not accurate. If the terrorists came from a Buddhist country, it would not be a "Buddhist ban." You see, 99.99% of terrorists are Muslim. Is there something wrong in Islam? Absolutely and Trump has a right to ban anyone he deems dangerous for the protection of America, which is his main job. It is not a decision, nor is any decision by the President, something that a judge can decide. How can Trump do the things he was elected to do if the the opposition keeps doing that? A judge doesn't have the same information Trump has and even if he does, his politics will come out in his decrees, that he has no mandate for. Tying the president's hands to protect his own people is lunacy. There is no way he can therefore make an informed decision on security. To complicate it, there are many Globalist judges who want to destroy borders. We can't allow them to do that. Diversity if OK, but we must be selective about who we admit, i.e. what we are actually doing to ourselves. For example, Satanism is a religion, but we wouldn't want many of them in our country. It's the same thing with other religions. They must be vetted. A religion that fails may be barred over the protests of millions. What I am asking for is reasonable: have a proper vetting system whether using lie detectors or whatever, and verify by follow ups using summer student help. No free education but help them get summer employment. So far the vetting process is a failure, and I reference the security risk posed by Obama, who was allowed to run for Preaident of the United States. The left doesn't want to vet anyone properly and here is an example of what they let slip through. Speaking of the "left" you need to know what that means and how it can impact your freedom and security so I'll let Sebastian Gorka do the honors and fill you in from personal experience.

President Trump's Deputy on Defeating Jihad

Lax Security FBI and CIA - poor quality of work.
How can these same people vet refugees?

Federal Judge Negates Trump's Travel Ban, Illegally. Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz
Nobody has the Constitutional right to enter America.

Muslims Believe They Own The Country
They Don't Tolerate Freedom Of Speech Anywhere.
Generally, Islam has difficulty tolerating our free system

Why Do Muslims Threaten Non-Muslims?
Why is Islam a violent religion and,
aren't all religions the same?

The American National Media is the most dishonest and deceitful mob of intentional liars I have ever come across. This election was a real eye-opener, making me wonder how much of the news that has shaped my world view is actually garbage. I suspect a lot. A new administration is in power and once more honesty matters. I would like to explain to you why I believe Trump is doing the right thing by "banning" so-called refugees which is now an invasion in Europe and we don't want it to jump over here. By invasion I mean just that - one civilization is trying to overpower another by numbers and mass persuasion by all means including violence in the streets. This can no longer be tolerated and these people must go back somewhere, and that should be a safe zone near their homes when an international force can be mobilized, an overwhelming force like D-Day to kill these monsters, and wipe them off the face of the earth forever. These people use every evil trick Muhammad taught to put terror in us so we will back down and run away. This is exactly what the young men of Syria have done, all the way to Europe! That my friend, is the real Islam, not this love thy neighbor Christian stuff you see in their TV interviews. It's not in the Qur'an and the little there is was abrogated by Muhammad himself but Muslims bring them up to confuse us. You can't take prisoners of ISIS because there won't be enough jails to hold them, and when you release them the ideology will still be there unless they are deprogrammed, which doesn't work because it's in their religion. Maybe Putin can resettle them in Siberia. That's been a Russian custom for generations and it does the job. Put those buggers to work and show them all what we do with head choppers! All these people understand is fear of being made to suffer, and that is how they have always been kept in line until American interference stopped it and all hell broke loose.

Once radicalized it may never be possible for them to re-enter our world. This whole thing has been planned by the NWO Globalists who promulgated the idea that they will lead the world into a peaceful world without war. The plan was to seed Islam around the world and change it all to Islam. Under Shariah Law every move you make will be monitored and if you make one move without approval you will be punished. Under such a system, it is assumed, nobody would dare to step out of line and...peace would reign over the earth. The Muslim world tried it and there is nothing to do except pray. That's no life, and many Muslims have taken up Muhammad's promise of 72 virgins and straight to heaven if they die trying to kill us. This is a major recruiting tool used for centuries because they don't have to stay here and suffer just praying and never knowing if they qualify for heaven. Remember that and as you go see what is being done to deceive us into accepting their agenda through mass immigration, even welcoming it...on humanitarian grounds of course. America has the opportunity to be an example to the world, which is watch every move. It's true, when America catches a cold, Europeans sneeze.

Obama's Shariah Law Conspiracy
Brigitte Gabriel, Act For America

The left has proven time and time again that they aren't interested in honest reporting that they owe their audience. They have their Globalist agenda which is not in the interests of the people who voted for Mr. Trump. Until they start telling the truth we the people will have to share information amongst themselves, not rumors but verifiable facts only. Everyone owes the people honesty. But these leftist news nuts have destroyed Trump's image amongst impressionable young people who are unable to tell the difference between fake news, most of which has been debunked, and real news. How would they like to be smeared on Facebook by individuals intent on ruining them? These people have no morals whatsoever. Communists see no utility in honesty, and that has been seen for more than 70 in the USSR very clearly and the result was disaster. A machine cannot operate efficiently if its sensors keep giving it false information and the same applies to a country. Bush Jr. caused major deception and damage when he made a key false statement: "Islam is a religion of peace." It never has been and only we in the west call it that. They call it the "religion of the sword." I am speaking about "true" Muslims, who will do anything to advance their conquering Islamic agenda inside our country, and who have allies high up in the administration who have occult connections and also want to see the destruction of truth based administrations.

Breaking: CIA Treason - Trump reveals Islamic Moles

If Islam is not a religion of peace then what is it? Why isn't it a religion of peace? For the same reason Satanism isn't. It has pagan roots. You can't make a silk purse out of...All the answers are in the Qur'an and Hadith for anyone to see, who do not believe what I say. Check it out on line. I challenge you to prove me, and the current administration of the United States, wrong. They are doing their best using what they have to stop the flow of Satanic influence into America. Islamic teaching certainly states that Islam must destroy us and bring in Islamic rule over the face of the earth. That is just a fact I got from them. Most people don't believe it. They can believe whatever they want if truth doesn't matter to them. But for America it matters a lot!
If I were to come to United States carrying in my bag literature that says for my followers to kill anyone who doesn't accept my views, would this material be subversive literature? The Qur'an does that and more. It advocates the overthrow of the United Staes and installing an Islamic government. I believe that this literature should be confiscated and banned. After a generation, these people would become less of a threat to our way of life. But as long as they keep reading subversive literature and makinit the foundation of a religion, there will no be peace. Subversive (tending or intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.) behavior should not be allowed to hide behind and made dignified by calling it a religion. A book that tells anyone to kill someone is by definition subversive.

Satan has been working overtime in Hollywood, (Democrat stronghold) in our schools and universities (Islam being taught) in our computers (satanic pornography central and Marxist ideology) to name a few, to corrupt minds and hearts to achieve their dirty end of destroying a country. God set America up as a model of freedom and prosperity, that any country wishing the same, should turn from their path and do likewise. Islam and Marxism are tools of the devil to enslave us, just as they do all Muslims and Communists. Both ideologies have destroyed freedom wherever their hapless followers have naively accepted them. Their failure is then projected on outside "forces" and never on themselves. If they did wrong, just look deeper into their lives and you will find something satanic. And these fakes are just getting started.

On January 28 Trump sealed the border to terrorist nests in the Middle East causing a flurry of protests from opposition (fake) news. They are opposition because they spin the news to harmonize with the positions taken by the opposition such as letting anybody and everybody into the country, and there is no threat from Muslim countries that harbor terrorists and export them, and regimes that are not Islamic dictatorships must be brought down. The ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood disasters that began in the Middle East and infected Europe and the world is caused by these policies of Hillary and Obama. The mainstream media rarely deviates from their position on key issues. They have no right to disseminate their narratives because we want facts, and they are giving us their spin. Lots of editorial but little facts. This is why they have lost much of their audience; thank God for that. America and Europe are under attack and Trump is acting according to his campaign promise to slam the door shut to those who want to hurt America, countries that give refuge to and export terrorists and every Muslim that does not love us who are disbelievers. That's us, the average American and Canadian. So we are shut out from their friendship if they are true believers. I don't hate Muslims just because they have been deceived, but I don't want them to pass that deception to our culture. What deception? 1) our God and their God is the same, and 2) ISIS actions do not represent Islam. Those are the main two of the many deceptions. It doesn't take much research to prove these are false. Just read what Muhammad actually did and the attributes of Islam. He was a general of armies not a missionary.

Daily White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Briefing

A Man That Obama Hates...For Exposing His True Identity

Dutch Revolt Over Muslims; with Cause.

Europe Overwhelmed: How to Stop Migrant Crisis.

Muslims teach hate to children and beat them up in class
There's your "religion of peace."

This is what Obama, Hillary, Huma, and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists have done.

Amazing Meeting With Business and Labor Leaders
These guys hated Trump. Now watch this.

Trump Orders Early Morning Raid on CDC Headquarters in Atlanta
Vaccine-Autism Cover-Up Investigation

Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted you to see the "bullet" that
America just dodged: Radical Islamic Washington!
That video was removed. Replaced it with this.

The God of Our Fathers is God. They Had it Together.
The god of Islam is not the same, maybe The Adversary.
Trump is right again, as usual.

Obama's existential struggle, now history.

I believe Obama was torn between two worlds on many levels: Islam and Christianity, Democracy and Totalitarianism, Law and order and lawlessness, black and white etc. and he tried to appear to be one while secretly he had powerful allegiance to the others. His actions clearly portray it. He encouraged Hillary's radical Muslim links, including her connection to and funding by Saudi Arabian extremists and had an Arab assistant Huma Abedin, who is born in America but spent 16 years in Arabia and had radical activist members of family. All this while claiming to be a Christian, though he abandoned them to ISIS in the Middle East, accepting only Muslim refugees (.5% Christian)! He was destroying Christianity any way he could, and the left loved it. He was destroying America. The only time the left claims to be a "true American" is when demanding to receive more, unlimited numbers of Muslims. You'd think they hated religion because they despise Christianity, especially one that give zero human rights to women and kills gays. These people are so confused in their thinking. You have to be consistent. You can't bash Christianity for the Crusades while defending terrorists and Islam, the religion of the sword, and far from being a religion of peace. They resume to accept that millions of people with the ideology of Islam, Shariah Law, could wreck the very foundations of America. Shariah Law and Islam are one and the same. It is horrible. It is sexist. It condemns all other religions to death. It prescribes amputation for theft. It demands death to anyone leaving Islam. It devalues women's worth, and they are regularly abused just to remind them who is the boss - men! No my friend, Trump is not only right in doing what he has done, but he should make public Shariah Law in all the High Schools. That is Islam, there's no point lying about it, that it is a religion of peace and love and tolerance. Stop teaching that and tell the kids the truth. These rioters and so-called peace loving, life defending people are selective in their ideology. Their protection only extends to certain religions and people, the rest are what Hillary referred to as "deplorables." These are the people out there condemning every action of this duly elected president who actually knows more than 90 % of Americans about the real threats. They also refuse to learn what Islam is but then condemn Trump for being cautious and defending American people. They refuse to acknowledge the disaster wrought by so called refugees in Europe, pretending it doesn't exist, then bashing Trump for not allowing these same people to inflict the same punishment on the American people. Europe is all but dead, the peaceful life of its inhabitants have been destroyed in the big cities and thousands of blacks have been stuffed into small villages by the left do gooders. Nobody wants to complain for fear for being labeled racist. That fear is killing Europe and we must get rid of it. Now it's our turn? I don't think so, and neither does Trump. Obama's buddies were the Muslim Brotherhood, enemy of the people of America and they moved their offices close to the White House when he became president and advised him on policy.

"Radical Islamic Terrorism" is a nice way to say that the bad ones don't reflect on the good ones, that they are essentially "different" due to their beliefs which are not subscribed to by good Muslims. A good Muslim follows Muhammad, and that's when we are in trouble because Muhammad was a general, not a missionary after he realized his religion wasn't going anywhere. Suddenly he had a revelation of the sword and his religion took off. Anyone leaving his religion had to be killed, so it grew by fear and terror. It's a tricky religion and very easy to be fooled. And that's fine; no point in antagonizing peaceful Muslims, just be aware. All it takes to "flip the switch" though is to know about it (read the Qur'an, which most don't) and the desire to act on Muhammad's commands to conquer the world for Islam, and dying for the cause is a desirable, holy act of obedience. Too many Muslims hate their restrictive, difficult lives and want to die and to take many of us with them. It's that simple. If you understand that, you have understood 90% of what you need to know about Islam that can affect you. For the last 16 years Americans were led to believe otherwise and therefore it took a stubborn realist like Trump to set America back on track. By naming the enemy and connecting it with Islam, Trump can defeat the enemy. Obama, a Muslim, could not blame his own religion, making it impossible to defeat America's enemies today. I believe there is good reason now for hope, and that is because I believe Americans can turn from their wicked ways, I really do. Pro-life is an important part of turning away from what is totally wrong, which has cost over 55 million lives that must be replaced by immigration. It is cruel and immoral, chemically and physically damaging a baby who squirms and fights for his or her life.

    Why do I have hope for America now that I didn't before? Here it is:
    "If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and I will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

CBN Trump Inauguration Report

Trump's Inauguration Highlights
Watch Full Movie On Inauguration 9:45:23

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: The American Republic Has Been Restored

Drain The Swamps: Radicalization Mosques

Wow! What a year 2016 was! Divisive and even violent. The left dominated Elite were ambushed by an outsider who correctly ascertained that the mainstream media was out to get him. He outsmarted them at every turn proving how dumb they really are, and in the process made the Internet the main source of information and narrative spinners redundant. You have to be dumb to shield a crook like Hillary (and of course Obama) who in August 2016 sold weapons to ISIS, our enemy. That used to be called "treason." I guess Globalists don't have any allegiance to any one country or ideology. That too is treason. Listen, Donald Trump is not the man you have to love; he's the man who gets things done so let's pull together and ignor dumb statements such as Trump is not a legitimate president. If Communist Bernie Sanders can do it anybody can, for the common good. This page is an attempt to get down to real news, that the fake news calls, "fake news." If the truth is fake news we need more of it.

Communist Bernie Sanders is with Trump!

History They Can't Teach in School

Prophetic Outlook For America in 2017 Will Amaze You.
Also prophesied here 2011: Donald Trump Will be President!


Our country (Canada included) is based on Christian morality (no hitting women, no honor killing, no killing those who don't believe something different, women are inferior etc.) which are characteristics of Islam and some other eastern religions. I'm not being Islamophobic or xenophobic; these are part of their religion and culture. But I'll tell you what is being "Islamophobic." When you read the books they study and see what they have planned for us when their numbers warrant - to take us over - you will understand. We have equality on our minds but are unaware that they have superiority on theirs - and it will not change. The idea of a "Master Race" of Fascism is now, "Master Religion" and much more dangerous because so many are fanatics and "radical." They'll gladly take what we have for them, but in the end, they want control. We are arrogant to think we are so great that it can't happen. But they can't take over until there is a sufficient Muslim population. There's where we still have a chance to survive. That's why they have their orders and are spreading out, seeding the world, then outdoing us by breeding us out of existance.

Obama has a tantrum of sabotage

Fake News by Mainstream Media

This is an example of a video banned from YouTube and Facebook.

Snowden reveals Mrs. Clinton and Obama's crimes and high treason.

CIA information on Russian interference is suspect because they have a terrible record. Trump asked,"are these the guys who came up with Iraq's weapons of mass destruction lie?" Yes they are. There were no weapons of mass destruction; CIA told the government what they wanted to hear. So Trump is right to question them now. There's no way Russia could have made that much difference to offset the massive mainstream media attacks on Trump in my opinion.

A Trump truism: the current "refugee" migration is a "Trojan Horse." This is a fact that ISIS confirms. I'll go one step further: Islam itself is a Trojan Horse in that it has a facade of a religion but a core of a dangerous ideology. They rely on the west's ignorance of their "religion" and their "do good" attitude toward some people, while ignoring others. Islam has been adopted as needing help. That can spell the end of our civilization, sooner than later. You see, we don't value our unborn. We treat them like a waste product of our life style. The concept of a nuclear family, the corner stone of society is not valued by Hillary ho talks about parents not having rights over their children. This is what many left wingers believe, and worse, that the poor should rob the rich, bring them down to size. Sorry but that brings the whole country down, which Obama has been doing. For every two people that die, we produce 1.4 replacements. Muslims do twice that and even up to 5 times that. You don't have to be a mathematician to see what happens to us down the road. A little common sense will tell you that. But nobody wants to address it. Women must have their "reproductive rights." OK, women's rights trump the nation's rights. Fine. That must change and I believe Trump knows that we have no choice, we change or die.

The fake news is news that protects Hillary and Obama (Democratic Party) but tries to hurt Trump and GOP. That's not the American way; it is downright anti-American! What else are they distorting or hiding from us? How about the invasion of America. This isn't a Pearl Harbor but it's worse. Would that be serious enough for you?

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Muslim Warns Senate

EU moving away from democracy. Globalist censorship plans.

Invasion of America by Deception

Now the media is saying he is anti-freedom of the press, meaning he is against media reporting whatever they want, even the Globalist point of view and lies. If they don't want to report the 90,000+ Christians killed by Muslims and Obama abandoning them it is their "freedom of the press" to not report it. If they don't want to get into Hillary's pay for play scheme or 30,000+ erased emails then it is their freedom not to do so. If Obama and/or Hillary finance and supply money or weapons to enemies of America such as The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, the they don't have to report it or even investigate any of it. They can just make something up that sounds and looks authentic and furthers the narrative.. This is what is going on. Something is not right about that kind of freedom don't you think? Would you get a skewed image of reality? Yes you would and yes you have been and especially during these elections. Freedom of the press means just that: they are free from being influenced by third parties. Right now there is a deficiency of free press. I think Trump is right - dump the SOBs because all they will do is throw rocks at him the whole time while he is trying to straighten out the mess left by the misadventures of four presidents. Unacceptable for me and unacceptable for Trump! God bless him. Well, the way they treated him I would do the same thing if it occurred to me - that is talk to the people directly. Roosevelt had those fireside chats too. Trump is in love with America and the American people and the Globalists don't like that. They want to inflict damage to America and Obama and Hillary were doing it, for their own pet agendas but just the same, it had the affect they wanted: destruction of the current system. Who needs a filter anyway! Freedom demands responsibility to report events honestly and not just to advance a narrative, a political view of the media owners. The people judged the media to be against their interests. This is exactly what happened and they are the ones that destroyed their freedom of the press, not Trump who turned to social media, a direct appeal to the people, bypassing the crooked special interests filters. Now they will pay the price of their indiscretion. Freedom is not something we take lightly. We must guard it and use it properly. They failed us. When one party pays the media millions to advance their point of view, freedom of the press is not freedom but controlled press. Freedom is not for sale and if it ever comes to that, we are all the poorer for it, and it has. We actually have been suffering from this very thing for a hundred years in some form, especially in the area of pharmaceuticals and food. We are prevented from getting the benefit of a free press in these areas. Alternative cancer cures are forbidden territory in the "free" press. It has been fake news for years, and the driving force is money. Follow the money.

Like anyone else, there are good Jews and bad Jews. Most of them are peaceful intellectually gifted people. But some of them use their talent and power for evil. Such is the case with most of the media. It's not antisemitism to say bad things about Jews that are simply bad, trying to destroy America. I am a Christian and we love Jews who are real Jews not the ones who say they are but aren't. There are Christians too who say they are but aren't and they are the ones ruining it for the real ones, I.e. those who do their best to follow the commands of Jesus. These are good people, not bigots just because they believe in good and evil instead of nothing at all. The world was a better place when the people honored God and wanted to please him. However, and here's the difference with Islam, when a Muslim wants to honor Allah, he ends up killing someone with the shout: "Allah Akbar." Being killed in battle, and this is a battle in the eyes of Muhammad, means he goes straight to heaven and gets 72 virgins. That is the only way a Muslim can be guaranteed of heaven in their teaching. The reward is great, and life on earth with all the restrictions they must live under, is a hell. His Stealth Jihad (fighting the system within, pretending to be moderate) tools are deception and lies sanctioned by Muhammad, which means you will never be certain that a Muslim is telling you the truth. It's their religion, which is just ideology (Muslim world dictatorship) wrapped in a blanket called religion. So what have they got to lose. Many decide to die and hope for the best. They have been deceived and end up in hell.

A real Jew will not "bear false witness." If you break one Commandment you have broken them all. They did that when they reported on Trump with unsubstantiated accusations and other lies. I hate to think that there are bad Jews, I really do. Jesus was a Jew and so were the Apostles, so we love them all, but even in Jesus times Jesus accused some of being hypocrites. That's what I mean by not being antisemitic. I am doing what Jesus did, pointing out the evil deeds of the elite because we are to resist evil. In Jesus time the elite were the Pharisees. In our time they are the media, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Globalists etc.

Obama's War Crimes

There is no such thing as 100% reliable news. More and more it is tainted with political colors of the news media. The US election was a good example. Speaking of "fake news" would you say it was fake if the news reported good things about Hillary while avoiding mention of the crimes she committed? Is "freedom of the press" freedom to withhold important information for reasons such as politics and profits? Take for example the destruction of 30,000+ mostly government owned emails which would put her in prison whether or not there were any classified information, which there was. According to her they were "personal" emails. 30,000? The same email address for personal and business? I don't think so. None of the mainstream media covered it properly, while making unsubstantiated accusations against Trump. They reported as fact something that was just accusations, and mostly false at that. Cameras were told not to pan the crowd because then the people would see the truth. That's withholding information. In this case the American people saw the fake news for what it was never mind Russian propaganda fake news. The definition of fake news is the generation of news that is for one reason only, not to inform but misinform the people. When Next News provided the missing information, CNN screamed "fake." The truth is now fake, and the fake is now truth at least in politics but they have been caught in other things as well, like reporting about the fake Cancer research. Is withholding the truth about the cancer industry, "fake news?" These are drug companies that pay millions for advertising who don't care a hoot about the sick and dying people who are just profit to them. They prosecute anyone tampering with their cash flow by providing alternatives. Climate change is another fake news subject. They won't report the truth, that CO2 was ten times higher and even more at times. It feeds plant life, without which they would die. CO2 is a variable in our ecosystem but now it is costing you money, and where does it go? That's a big secret the media won't tell you.

Science Proves "Climate Change" Hype is a Globalist Scam

The costly climate change scam.

One of the main reasons Trump won was because he kept the people informed about the truth, thus he was effective in countering the biased reporting of mainstream media. His refrain was about how dishonest they were, how they would do almost anything to dump Trump. Every effort on their part failed, and Hillary began the blame game. Her excuse for losing was Russian hacking. Anyone could see that Hillary wasn't drawing the crowds like Trump. His plane would gracefully cruise to a stop at the airports to speak with his adoring crowds that numbered in the tens of thousands, while Hillary sometimes managed a hundred or two. It was obvious there was something going on - a revolution, a movement. There was a real movement to get away from the old crooked crowd. The people had enough of factories moving out and nothing being done about it as more and more people became unemployed while the Middle East was exploding, thanks to Obama-Hillary policies. Because of media fake news, the victory of Donald Trump came as a shock. I wasn't surprised in the least. I would have been surprised if she had won, at how effective mainstream media bias is in winning elections. If you were surprised at his win, you probably were listening to the real fake news. The following is some of the things the media was hiding from the people.

Fake News

Islam itself is the problem. Slowly waking up West.

What Trump has to deal with, Hillary's friends, the Illuminati.

The Black and Latino Votes Made the Difference.

Obama is a closet Muslim. He lied to the people and welcomed demonic entities to the
White House, The Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. When you know enough
about what Obama did behind our backs against our interests, the creation of ISIS makes sense.
Obama stopped helicopter patrols on Southern border for illegals and drugs. Nov. 21/16
Be happy that he is gone maybe even eventually to jail unless Trump pardons him.
He should answer for his crimes against the people, at least explain why he did things.

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." John 3:19 Hillary supporters have demonstrated this during this campaign.

This is what Obama, Hillary, Huma, and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists have done.

Treason: Obama is supplying ISIS. Where's the media outrage? It doesn't exist.
Why aren't people demonstrating in the streets? The media is crooked.

Hillary the scandal continues.

Trump in Toledo Ohio

How is it that the world is in this mess? Because the people have been voting in leaders that have their own agendas, not yours, and Hillary and Obama's is the spreading of Islam and Globalism and getting rich by selling out what belongs to you. Obama is a Muslim, sworn to destroy the "evil Christian" west. He is spreading it behind your back, and shovelling money to Iran - now you know why.

Trump's Great Plan for Black Americans

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in trouble.

ISIS is Islam. Message to Obama (and Hillary) from former Muslim.
Trump is right to regulate Muslim immigration.

CBN: Reliable News - Goodbye Crooked CNN

Trump Interview by Pat Robertson 10/24/16


Trey Gowdy Shocks Congress

Treason by Obama and Hillary

Monsanto GMO killing millions, people and animals - Monsanto and Hillary are not your friends.

Monsanto: Hillary HRC and her Bush buddies company

Evil Monsanto, Bush and Hillary HRC

A Thief and Liar named Hillary HRC


Keep reading; I have some interesting stuff about Muhammad and will prove he didn't write the Qur'an. I would like you to be an expert on the origin of Islam and learn what most Muslims don't know: Muhammad wasn't the author of the Qur'an!

Thank you for dropping by. It's going to be a new world with Donald Trump, a safer, more prosperous America. God bless America, the American people and Donald Trump for president.

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