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Senator McCain, no war hero, was in Vietnam opposing, fighting Globalism (Communism), but he is one.
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Jesus came to set the captives free.
Don't bother with chemo and radiation; they will kill you. Selenium.
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Fake News protects people and companies doing you harm, Including food and medicine.
Vaccines may, and often do, contain Thimerosal, a Mercury neurotoxin, autism, brain damage.
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Barrack Hussein Obama: Satan's master criminal the people installed in the White House.
Trump is doing a good job correcting Obama's mistakes.
Since FDR, (Communist) the Elite have long wanted Communism in America. General George S. Patton
Who killed Muhammad? If you know, then you can argue with what I say about Islam. If not
you should pay attention very carefully to what is said about this ideology and the threat
to America it brings with it, and then you will understand Trump's position on refugee immigration.
"Poverty is a state of mind." Correct it and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson
Congress on Christianity: See what they said.
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Reconstruction Of America

This is a critical time in history and we need to know what is happening in the world. We need to know what Congress is doing and what they aren't. They have found an excuse to do nothing, which is their strong suit, sitting there with their thoughts miles away in a different world. Their excuse? President Trump. But I say that's no excuse for laziness and dereliction of duty - what America is paying for but not receiving. It seems Republicans aren't Republicans anymore, meaning there is no balance in Congress. They have revealed themselves to be left leaning, agreeing with Democrats to stall the law-making process and preventing repeal and replace Obamacare which they promised the American people. There is no choice but to deliver news directly to the American people thus preventing its hijacking by crooked media. America needs to know everything that affects the citizens and those who aren't citizens should use up the time given them and leave. My family has complied. We live in Canada. Why should anyone else have more rights than us? We come down there and stay our allotted time and come back. That's how it's always been. Nothing new! Obama didn't like that, but didn't want to change the laws so he went and broke them and told others to do the same. Hundreds of thousands of illegals got the message: come to America and vote Democrat. That's no way to build a better America! Good thing it failed. Many people want to live in America, but the process should be lawful and fair. Everyone should obey the law even if it doesn't seem fair, in which case it can be changed. Get a petition going but don't condone breaking the law. That is what makes America great - when people respect the flag and laws. There are processes for changing them so there is no excuse for bringing grievances to football and basketball games. Take them to your representatives. If you haven't done that, stop complaining. There's a lot of catching up to do with regards to information. What is Islam and is it connected with terrorism? Congress and fake news have common goals from what I see. For instance, they try to block Trump and are looking for a way to get rid of him, not because he is doing something bad, but because he is ruining their little scam, the extra money they make on the side by doing the wishes of the people? No, there's no money in that. By doing the wishes of the people who throw money at them. Mr. George Soros has been seen talking to the likes of Mr. McCain. No wonder he opposes everything Trump is doing. Many have houses that put them in the 1% but how did they make all that money? I believe in rich. Those who have tried poor and rich say rich is better. Pray to be rich; why not? God is your father and he is wealthy. If you give back, put your money to work helping others, he gives you more and it just escalates. I speak from experience. My advice to Congressmen and Senators: do your job like you promised. Rich is good, but don't get there by corrupt practices and serve your own people, honorable civil servants, and don't play politics until it's time to do so. That's my advice to the wise.

How Fake News Was Born Worse Than Before

Fox And Friends 8 AM 9/25/17

Hannity Fox News Today 9/25/17

Breaking NASCAR Owners Say They Will Fire Anyone Who Protests The Anthem
America represents the freedom they enjoy to protest - there's a time and place for everything.
A family show is not the place to drag in and display hatred of your wonderful country.
Fake News is pushing the racist card. They pull that one whenever a black person is involved.
People don't hate them for their color. They hate them for their disrespect for their country
that gave them the opportunity to be where they are. They won't change anything by this display.
They are in fact protesting the anthem which represents the people in who are their audience.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Has Had Enough - Issues A Warning ...

Professor Exposes What's Holding Minorities Back

Fox News Weekend

Fox News Live Donald Trump News

Fake News not only reported a false narrative about Obama but now they are reporting a false narrative about Trump. Fake news is the propaganda arm of Socialists who want to crush the Capitalist system and replace it with Socialism, meaning turning America into a repressive Communist failed state. Businesses run from Socialism so who is there left to pay taxes for the money they want to give away, to buy more votes? Europe is being ruined just because the left want more voters. They hide the tragedy unfolding in their countries, the violence, rapes, crime - that are just exploding. Nothing is done; it's all hushed up. Trump mentioned the horror show in Sweden and their president shot back about Trump's "lies." But we know because of the people themselves, not their fake media which is an epidemic around the world except for a few Slavic countries that want to keep their culture and religion safe from the Muslim hord.

Fake News is on about the "Muslim Ban" again. Trump says it's about keeping America safe. They insist it's bashing a religion. Well, since most of the people in the banned countries of Africa and Asia are Muslims, it is in effect a ban on certain Muslims - yes. What's wrong with that? Nothing. These Muslims want to hurt America and change it to their religion. They must be stopped. It is, in the final analysis about ideology we don't want, an ideology they call a "religion." We would all agree that we reject some ideologies, right? Absolutely! We reject Fascism, totalitarian systems and so forth, right? Well then why can't we reject the ideology of Islam? Oh, because it's a religion? An ideology hiding behind a religion! Amazing. So it's worthy of scrutiny and possible rejections like Fascism? I think you're getting close to the real heart of the problem now. This is about ideology. Fake News are incapable of serving the information needs of the American people. When politics enters, real information exists and a narrative fills the vacuum. Consider what they did during the Obama administration. I can compare them with Pravda, the Soviet news agency where the people got fed the party line daily. Fake news is the party line. The people never knew anything about the purges where millions were killed just because they were too smart for their own good, murdered because they didn't believe in their garbage Marxism. Trump supporters are equivalent of all those unbelievers, infidels who would be killed by those murderers. Did you know that 43% of young people under thirty believe in Socialism? It has never worked except in very diluted form, which America already has as evidenced by the free money everyone is getting. That is scary and completely attributable to the socialism in schools and universities. I don't like the word Socialism nor what it stands for, which is Venezuala, Cuba, USSR etc. - all failed systems unable to thrive. Only by permitting Capitalism have so called Socialist countries such as China and Vietnam Nam able to thrive. There is no point experimenting with it when that has already been done for us, and it has always failed. Sweden has failed. EU has failed though these countries have free enterprise. The problem is, the people don't have any say. It's all Globalist agenda. We can build a society in which everyone has a role and is rewarded for their contribution and by their own efforts. Nobody should be taken into tow, to benefit from the efforts of others at their expense. Obama's Socialism was taking care of a sick society he was building, a people who were made to believe they are entitled to receiving "their share" of others' efforts. That is Socialism, what was practiced in tribal societies. That was Obama's new America.

One day someone will tell us why the American people loved this man who was ruining their country! There see so to be a general death of outrage. Does anyone care about honesty anymore? They voted for him not once but twice like he was doing a great job! Yet he was doing the opposite of what he campaigned on. Nobody cared. He had everyone bewitched. And then there is Hillary. Why did so many people love this crook, murderer and incompetant and mentally and physically sick woman? Their role is to step out of our way, not to put barriers for us as Obama did, and his results speak for themselves. Socialism is giving people something for nothing. That is wrong. Everyone must put in to take out, rather than stealing from a few for someone who doesn't want to put in, who wants to take, spend it on drugs and riot in the streets, burning cars and smashing windows because they aren't getting enough and are afraid their free money will end.

Trump is attempting to fix the medical system but is opposed by Congress. In my opinion the medical system needs to be fixed from the ground up, and the stranglehold of big Pharma must be broken. They have had a monopoly and that has driven up the price of health care. They have determined what the protocol is and that includes expensive chemo and radiation that kill or maime millions and don't cure anything. There are cheaper and more effective alternatives that don't kill and injure. Doctors should keep their paws off pregnant women and let midwives do the job unless there is an emergency that requires intervention. Let adoption replace abortion, which is much more humane and protects the life of the unborn, which we need to replace the aging population. It's a normal part of sustainable life.

Communists from America went to Stalin's worker's paradise only to get a bullet in the back of the head or die a slow death in Siberian work camps. That is Socialism. They knew too much, what a failed system Socialism really is. Many Finnish Communists went from America to Russia, some turned back when they took one look at the system and woke up and saw for themselves. They were the lucky ones. Any who failed to turn back were murdered.

Over 6000 so far of those Finns were killed and their names are on my web site. In 1917 leftist's attempted to overthrow the Finnish government just as they are working towards in America and Canada. Over 30,000 Finns died in the "War of Independence." They lost and Finland, where I was born, was saved from 80 years of assimilation into Russia and millions murdered to further Socialism, a utopian idea that never has worked but hundreds of millions of people have been killed in trying to implement it. I know what Socialism is and so do everyone who has lived under it, and they don't want it. Another thing that must never be implemented is Shariah Law, which is Islam. Yes, a law is a religion, yet we cannot have that law in America, which is like saying we can't have Islam in America. Islam is nothing without it. All those people who are refugees were actually fleeing Shariah Law or the implementing of it according to someone's interpretation, which proves that you can't control "interpretation" so ban the whole thing. So these two things are your enemy and they work together against you, to destroy you. Trump understands the threat and is working to save America from them. He understands that the fight is not just on the physical plane, but also the spiritual, which gives him an "unfair advantage" against the enemy who is stuck only in the physical. The enemy only has Satan on their side whose weapon is deception, but Trump has the God of the universe who can do anything within his will. It's a slam dunk - Trump wins; no enemy can stand up against him! Fake news tried and failed. Hillary and her millions of dollars tried and faile. The dumb Democrats couldn't understand it. Oh, it was the Russians, or Jim Comey, or...As I said nothing can defeat a man chosen by God.

No! It is not America's turn to let these people try to destroy what has taken hundreds of years to achieve by moral men and women, who worked hard and never complained or asked for social assistance. They trusted in God and even the US money states this. Trump is doing what they did and if it worked for them it will work for Trump. He isn't fighting the British, but the the left is just as difficult. In America you worked or you starved, the natural state of things. It is unnatural to do otherwise. If hunger doesn't get you off your ass nothing will. Of course there are exceptions for those unable to work because of disabilities. Today's disability is in the brain.

I have seen the future under Socialism. I know what waits those who are fooled by the left and fake news. I believe Marxism is a tool used by Satan to destroy as many people as possible. Islam is in the same category which has a doctrine that only Muslims can live on earth, the rest must be enslaved or killed. It's a good thing most Muslims don't know - until they start reading. Please differentiate between "Islam" and "Muslim." Muslims can be nice and usually are. When they are bad they are really bad having been destroyed by their own religion. When they are nice they are like everyone else and fortunately don't take their religion so seriously. The problem is, we can't tell which one they are. It sometimes depends on which Mosque they go to. Islam can radicalize anyone, especially if they have a chip on their shoulder or blame others for their misfortune - that's the problem. The religion becomes a venue for their frustrations about their own state and of course the fault is usually someone else. Usually Islam and the left work together to seize power. That's what happened in Iran.

Where did eight years go and what was accomplished? I would argue that America went backwards during Obama's tenure. Tallying up his doings in an honest inventory, it becomes apparent that nobody has ever damaged America like Barack Hussein Obama. Here is a polished man who appears to one thing but is a walking contradiction of himself, a man who knows exactly what to say, and what he is supposed to do, but does the opposite, working to undermine everything America stands for, beginning with freedom, liberty and the rule of law based on the Constitution and teaching many young people to be like him. He knows the Constitution inside out having specialized in Constitutional Law. He knew what he was doing and that was undermining the Constitution which he was sworn to uphold. Swearing in means nothing to him. Do many of the left hate America so much that they love what he did - assuming they know? One thing is true in life: know who your friends are, who have your back, and who don't. Trump knows, which is why he Tweets instead of trusting the media who have tried to stop him since he started to campaign. Mainstream media has turned into "tabloid news" and fail to pass on his important information to the people which they omit or twist into something against him. The shock of Trump winning is directly attributable to their false news reporting. They should have reported that its amazing how big crowds this outsider is drawing. The people love him. Instead they tried to tell the world how the American people are rejecting this racist woman hater. He made it very clear everywhere he went that he loves all Americans. All means all in Trump's world, but fake news would have none of it. We all know that tabloid news is sensationalism, the means to try and sell the product. Apparently not all Americans are dumb enough to believe them and that is a good sign. When there is a lot of important things Trump is doing that they should report, media will zero in on what Melania was wearing instead, or shamelessly criticize it unjustly. All the good Trump is trying to do is cast aside for nonsense. These are crazy people. Walter Cronkite, where are you when America needs you?

Trust in Obama was badly misplaced in my opinion, pathologically so. No sane American can condone a man who is undermining his country in front of his eyes. Only someone completely out of touch with reality, with what was going on in America, could love this man. There are many distractions today: iPhones, computers, sports...all of which when they become an obsession, dumb down the population where lovely talk is preferred, Trump has no lovely talk, but what he says is cold hard reality to shake things up which these people reject, unable to psychologically process it having been fed pablum for so long. Real "food" has become indigestible. Obama stabbed every American in the back while fake news covered it up and treated him like a hero. Can you think of a major accomplishment of Obama? I can think of major fiascos and willful damage - many of them. I think he was a closet flag burner and America hater but cunningly maneuvered America to believe he was their friend while undermining the education system, economy by doubling the debt, creating Obama-care that bombed, bringing Islamic indoctrination into the school system and changing the text books with lies about the "peaceful" Islam, sending hundreds of millions to enemies such as Iran, "Creating" ISIS by standing down in Iraq and elsewhere, making a deal with Iran that favored this sworn enemy etc. etc. There is just so many things he did, this pathological liar. Curiously, the left call Trump a pathological liar, but other than some errors he has told the American people the truth, and based his actions on truth, not political correctness which has nothing to do with truth.

Other than today's news, this site will tell you how he did it and how Trump is repairing the damage, no thanks to Congress that opposes his every move. Obama, as a Muslim, was sympathetic to terrorist goals of world domination. Most news, Fox included refer to terrorists as a break-away rogue movement with little to do with Islam. The fact is, none of them know anything about that "religion" which is mostly political, bashing other religions and aggressive in its message. More specifically, they don't know what radicalizes a peaceful Muslim. Until they know that, they are fighting shadows. Combine the message available to every Muslim with the Arab culture, which is very war-like with a tradition of tribes raiding each other non-stop, you have a machine primed to take over the world for Allah, the ancient Arab moon-god. Obama had a problem: he wanted Islam in America and to take over in the Middle East, but he couldn't give away his secret. This is why he appears to be against terrorists and for them at the same time! He moved out of their way in Iraq and they promptly moved in, took all his American supplied weapons and ISIS was born. Are terrorists really "sick and demented?" Or are they following Muhammad's instructions as they understand them? What is "radical Islamic terrorism" which Trump calls by name? Where do they get their inspiration to massacre innocent people? Is it retaliation for something? Is it from a different Qur'an? Absolutely not. It's one religion, one message and it is there for all, and it is the smoking gun. It begins with the desire to know exactly what Muhammad said and did and then acting it out. That is radicalization. This being the case, Muslims who are devout are seeded with terrorism already and how do you screen them out? How do you know what is in their heads? You don't. The only truly safe way to guard America is to keep Islam mostly in their own countries because a peaceful Muslim is behind a thin membrane from the knowledge than radicalizes. That is how it is, sorry if it sounds too "radical." Can you refute this claim with truth when Muslims themselves call Islam "the religion of the sword?" What does the sword represent? The punishment for anyone who dares to oppose Allah. When we are trying to be politically correct, we miss the target. There is no proof of that terrorists have some different message than what everyone else has. They cannot show one instance where a radical has believed anything but what the one Qur'an states. Peaceful Muslims either don't know their religion or refuse to do as their leader Muhammad commands. Good on them because many of them want a reformation (Christianity went through one and is a peaceful religion after being led astray by power hungry, murderous evil Rome) that is opposed by those who want to stay where they are. See Root Causes of Radicalization

Obama was a man "leading from behind" - an impossible task. He has serious racist beliefs, that white people are the cause of all the problems in the world. They run all the big companies and "prevent black people from what they deserve," yet he did nothing for them. I don't care what color a person is, his biggest enemy is himself. Poverty is a state of mind which is not corrected by projecting blame outward from the self. It is not because of Capitalism or racism. In America Obama and thousands of "black" people and of every color have proven conclusively that with the right attitude, great things can be achieved. With the right attitude America gives anyone an equal opportunity to become rich and make a contribution to society. Ask Ben Carson, the brain surgeon from an impoverished home. He had the right stuff and for such people, color means nothing. For Trump, color is not an issue but having the right stuff is, not blaming everyone else. To leftists, wanting the best person for the job is racist. For whiners, color is everything, an albatross around the neck! An excuse to fail. Yet he did nothing for them either. Trump has fixed that.

Obama turned his back on black people and went with big business instead, while being a Marxist - a contradiction. He acts like he loves America and even Christianity and "democracy" at times but deep down hates everything they stand for. Obama attended Jeremiah Wright's racist church and told the nation he was a Christian, but later it became clear what kind of church: a church that blamed white people for all the problems of blacks. He was actually a Muslim. He attended a school where Islam was taught in Indonesia and Kenyans say he was born there. His past is so checkered and murky that it's a wonder he ever became the president of the greatest country on earth. That's because he knows how to fool people. When found out, he quickly distanced himself from the racism he loves. He is a Socialist, a fanatical Marxist with deep Islamic roots. If there is a societal problem in America, look no further than the "offspring" of Mr. Obama and his Marxist ideological indoctrination in schools and universities and replacing Christian values with Islam - an assault on our children. Trump made a very astute observation in his UN speech, calling the situation in Venezuela "the correct implementation of socialist ideology.

News has become the "Ministry of Propaganda" of far left politics, which wants Americans to think according to their weird narrative that bares no resemblance to the truth, and this has been easily verified daily. They keep expounding on it in total disregard to what Trump is doing and achieving with little help from Congress which opposes his every move most of the time. The people of America permit "freedom of the press" and it is the solemn duty of News to provide accurate unbiased information. The left love to be fed on hatred of Trump and fake news and comedians such as Steve Colbert willingly give them what they want. At the recent Emmies, Steve Colbert stated that Trump was a racist, which is utter nonsense but that is the left's narrative and they loved it. Truth isn't important in the left hemisphere, but making fun of the president and clinging to false narratives is their sustenance. Commentary is separate from information, but fake news is mostly commentary, a narrative based on political belief or money. For example, there are two views of Global Warming. You need to know both. I'll bet they haven't told you that since about 1998 the earth has been on a cooling trend, but it takes time for the effects to be felt. Hence the extreme weather events. They just talk about "global warming" and ignore any contrary evidence. This is typical of their false reporting. See video: Dr Don Easterbrook (Continued...)


Fox And Friends News Today 9/23/17
President Trump's favorite News

Fox News The Five 9/23/17

Geoenginering Global Warming And More

White Privilege...A message to young black (and white) thugs.
There are solid principles to prosperity. Here are the key principles.

Liberal Democratic Leader Resigns 9/19/2017

Barack Obama Has Not Finished Destroying America
He wants to act like he is still in charge. Crazy Communist man!
He wanted United States to suffer the same fate as Europe. Sheer craziness.

Trump Destroying Agenda 21, Globalist/Leftist Plan To Destroy America
This is the real reason the Left and fake media hate Trump. No destroy America! Thank God for Trump.

Europe Is Ahead Of America For Destruction. Trump Intervened For America
Europe is doomed. There may be no turning back without mass deportations - now!
America must stop or severely limit Islamic immigration to avoid irreversible damage.

Four Star Admiral Tells American People About Obama And Congress
working together to destroy America. He gives insight into what Trump
is up against in Congress and the huge job to clean up Obama mess.
Fake News was obviously covering up Obama's ravaging America.
They will pay the price now: their own destruction.

Mike Ditka On Why He Supports Trump
Looking back to move forward

1941 J3 Cub By Piper: Amazing Classic Design
To fly one is faster than getting your full pilot's license.

Carbon Cub To The Rescue

The View Guest Leaves Joy Behar Speechless 9/11/17
She tried in vain to to defend all the Obama lies. This is good.
The guest reports in her book everything censored by fake news.

"I'm SICK of You" - Ben Carson Destroys Joy Behar And Dems Are Finished After Hearing This!
Ben Carson says his focus is on America, not something Donald Trump has said.

CBN News ANTIFA Communist Revolution Now In America 9/7/17
Under the banner of anti-fascism, code word for Christianity.
They have joined Islamic Jihadists to destroy democracy. (Islam is anti-democracy)
Both want the same thing: the destruction of democracy/Constitution/law. Fake News ally.
I know what their ideology is and it is a cancer in a society that must be destroyed.

George W Bush Breaks Silence About President Trump

Huge! Global Warming Is A Political Narrative Dr. Easterbrook
The fact is that the earth has been cooling since 1998
Back To News

The Great Global Warming Swindle. CO2 Is Good.
It is plant food, every school kid knows that.
The byproduct is oxygen and other things necessary for
human life on earth. It's the carbon cycle. Do you love science?
Then don't just follow bad science blindly, check it out for yourself.

Putin Warning; Germany At It Again!
Globalists found someone to do their dirty work.

Globalist Agenda Explained
The idea that removing all borders will
make the world a better place is a lie.
This is what the left are fighting for, the
destruction of identity, borders, and freedom.
A national identity is not the same as Nazism.
The love of one's country is a good thing and
it preserves individual freedoms and democracy.

More News

President Trump And Other News. Archive

Trump Speech West Virginia
God, family, country, Constitution.

Obama Stole Taxpayer Money To Fund Anti-Trump Movement.
He is behind the push to destroy Trump's presidency. That is illegal. Sedition
I know what Hillary would do. The body count is growing. She's under investigation.
But Trump is not fool and Obama may slip up and he'll get what he deserves.

Islamic terror In Turku in SW Finland. This Nonsense Must Be Stopped
However, EU membership prevents it. Finland is not free any more.
This is sad. Finland survived two attacks by Russia, but now it can't
protect its own people because they are not allowed to. I have been to
Turku many times and I was born in Helsinki. Finland must do what is right.
The only way to mitigate this is by stopping the flow of refugees and deportation
of unvetted migrants that don't qualify. EU says Finland must take in any and all migrants.

Moments Ago Mike Pence Gave GOP Congressmen Surprise 8/19/17
How To Save America from the left and their foreign allies. (PLOn)

Huma Abedin Traitor Working With Traitor: Hillary Clinton
She is hiding and knows she has committed crimes against the people.

Fake News is using the Virginia White Supremist violence to bash Trump.
Violence is not permissible from either side, and the left has done its share of it too.
Trump condemns racist violence by anyone, against blacks, whites or anyone else, period.
A great America is the America with a only peace loving people. No Jihadists. No Shariah.

Breaking News Today 8/15/17, Trey Gowdy Shocks Congress !!!
"I Don't care Whose Careers Are Ruined"

Before He Left DHS General Kelly Sent Barack Obama A Message 8/14/17

Breaking DOJ Names Prosecutor To Take Down Lynch And Comey.

CBN Report Islamic Lies In US Textbooks

Spy On The Run Trump Dossier Leaker Ducks Deposition 8/11/17

DOJ Reopens Hillary Investigation 8/10/17

BREAKING NEWS: US State Department Briefing 8/11/17

CBN News 8/11/17

CBN News Today 8/10/17
What Mueller is up to: no good, not impartial.

Retired Navy Commander Suing Mueller For Treason 8/9/17

Retired FBI Special Agent Blows the Whistle on the Real Robert Mueller,
The head witch of the "Witch Hunt" to find something to impeach Trump.

Mixed News And Interesting Items

Distilled Water Secrets UN Doesn't Want You To Know

Distilled Water The Shocking Truth

Billy Burke On Divine Healing And God
Either there is a God or you have no future.
If there is a God then there is hope.

Billy Burke's Amazing Testimony
The Atheist left don't know what they're missing.
They have fallen for the big lie that there is no God.

My Gasification Stove In A Table
It burns wood so well there is no smoke
The stove was then constructed from Stainless Steel.
I am developing it for small houses. Available soon.

My Stove Design - Jim Getting Ready To Cook
This is the basis of my indoor wood stove for small homes.
When the flames die, replace with barbecue grate, and barbecue.

Barbecuing With Wood Stove

Origins Of Medical Industry Corruption
Fake News is one the side of corruption.

Poverty Inc. Shows Some Causes Of Poverty.
But be careful, the solution is not in big government.
The right attitude can make all the difference. Welfare bums are mostly
people who want things given to them. The economy is a problem and the solution
is partly in correcting the mistakes made by our presidents, not more handouts.
Poverty is a state of mind. Correct the mentality and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson

Putin Is Right: Pope Francis Is Not A Man Of God
He is a Globalist, Socialist And-Communist working for Satan.

Shadow Government: Agenda 2030 Surveillance

Shadow Government: Who Rules America?

Black Lives Do Matter. But Every Life Matters, Even Unborn.
Life is sacred and we must value ALL life, or be a hypocrit.

What Is The Problem With Saying Unborn Lives Matter?
Why take civil rights away from the unborn? They have just as much
right to life as anyone else. They just want a chance to show what hey can do.
I think we should allow them to contribute to our science, medicine...
Steve Jobs gave me this iPad. His parents adopted him out and see what happened!
The father was a Syrian; the mother a French lady. Both were students. Save our children!

CBN 700 Club. Some Interesting Points
Congress and Senate Arranged 72% Discount On Their Health Plan
They hate Obama Care, but they forced it on the people.

Where Will You Go When You Die. Proof Is Here

The Beatles: How It All Began

Good Old Swing Dancing

How To Eat Apricot Kernels. Miracle Cancer Cure Vit B17

Chemotherapy Causes Tumors To Grow Spreading Cancer

How The Elite Destroyed America

Beware Of Those Who Call Evil Good And Good Evil
Islam brings the barbarism of the 7th Century to our day.

ExMuslim Sandra Solomon On How Justin Trudeau Betrayed Canadians

Ben Carson Schools Obama About stupidity Of Socialist Victimhood Mentality
Obama's mentality is "keep 'em poor and ignorant" so they vote socialist.

Fake News, Fake Congress, Fake President Living A Scripted Life...What Next.
Can America find its way back to reality, and make America great again?
Glen Beck parses Obama's script

Latest Documents: Obama's Treason Against America July 24, 2017

Obama Was Born In Kenya To A Muslim Family
He isn't a heterosexual, nor a Christian as he claimed
He is the "Great Pretender."

Obama wins the Pinocchio prize of the century.
He had the greatest nation in the world fooled. This
song is dedicated to "The Great Pretender."

Understanding Trump - by Newt Gingrich

AG Classified Information Leaks Press Conference 8/4/17
White House is filled with Obama spies.

Islamophobia Motion Passes In Canada

Justin Trudeau Back Stabs Canadians: ExMuslim Woman Yells "Traitor"

Freedom Of Speech Gone In Canada. Journalist Arrested.
The Multiculuralism Jihad of Justin Trudeau

Adopt Our Values Or Get Out
Islamic values are hateful toward all unbelievers, so the left are in for a surprise

Clinton Investigator Found Dead

Jerusalem Dateline PA Hikes Pay For Terror 7/28/17

Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump Press Briefing
Talks about the hatred coming from CNN among other things.
The left can't just forget that they lost! They are out for blood.

Donald Trump At His Best: Talking Straight To The People
They need to hear it from him directly, not through propaganda filters.

Disgusting Smooth Talking Con-man Former President
gets told off by a fearless soldier.

Sweden Sending Christian Refugees Back To Their Death

"Communist" Sweden: Socialism Is Their God Now.
And that is why they are becoming a third world country.
Sweden was a happy Christian country. Now they live in fear.
I spent 6-8 months in Sweden as a boy, refugees from Russian annexation of Karelia.

The Left's Immigration Policy In Sweden Is Disaster
Don't let the left destroy our country. Trump is absolutely right.

To You Health

The Truth About Cancer Ep.1

Amazing! The Cure For Cancer Hidden In Plain Sight

The Beautiful Truth
Alaska Boy's Research Project

If There's A God He Could Heal Anything
He breaks all natural laws concerning his Creation.
Good point. Here's one that Allah could never do.
Amazing healings from God.

The Science Behind Selenium

Chemo And Radiation Kill The Patient
Selenium for prevention and cure.
Crazy medicine kills and makes health care unaffordable.

The Answer To High Cost Of Health Care
Cut out vaccines and stop following doctor's advice?
Just eat what your body needs to stay healthy!

Should You Buy Gluten-Free Foods?
They are loaded with Monsanto's Roundup

Should You Drink Fluoridated Water?
Fluoride On Tap. They're poisoning us.

Supreme Court Decision July 24, 2017

Books on understanding TrumpUnderstanding Trump

Carson Is Back: Speaks Out On Mueller Investigation July 24, 2017

Donald Trump: Obama Is Hiding Documents July 22, 2017

CBN News July 17, 2017

Democrats set up Trump Jr. "Collusion."
The true identity of the Russian lawyer.

Weather Modification Killing The Ecosystem
Stop the insane Al Gore disciples before it's too late.

Hillary's Criminal Prosecution Would Expose The Whole Swamp
It's one big criminal organization. Trump was right: drain the swamp.

Obama legacy, Disappointed Black And White

This Is why we must limit Muslim Immigration.

President Trump Speech In Poland July 6, 2017

Don't drink The Garbage

Chemo Does Not Work. Instrument Of Genocide Will Kill You.
It is barbaric and doctors live off dying bodies!
Millions of people have died because fake news hides the truth.
Crazy Medicine That Can Kill You

The Plan To Reduce Earth's Population.

Disgustingest Ice Cream On The Planet, Isn't Ice Cream

Liberalism is deception. It Is The Path To Communism.
Ronald Reagan's speech warns of creeping Communism.
I would add that by adding Islam to the mix it is even more dangerous.

Bill Gates Says Trump Is Right About Migrants
Anyone who isn't brainwashed can tell you that.

White House Press Secretary Talks To Reporters
about how journalism has degenerated in America. It is Fake News.

Bill Clinton and Obama On Illegal Immigrants
What made them change their minds? Follow the money.


This Is What Trump Wants To Avoid

PM Trudeau Loves Shariah Law. Bill M-103
Now you can't criticize Islam. Hmm..Speaking Truth Is Hate Speech In Canada.
Why is it that only Islam must be protected from criticism? It's the only violent religion.

The Left Is Trying To Destroy America With Immigration
Don't let them do it. Support Trump and save America.

China's Ruthless Crackdown On Muslim Population

Czech Republic Declares Open Season On Terrorists
Backlash to Merkel's friends: kill them on sight.

Bizarre Foods: Finland, My Home Country
I was born in Helsinki and my people are from Karelia.
They had to fight the left twice (they love violence), once in 1918 and again in 1939.
In America they are fighting the elected government to destroy it, because that's what they are.

Germany Is Nearly Dead: Thanks Angela Merkel Communist Traitor

Europeans are in the worst case of denial I've ever seen. Psychology of denial

BC Wildfires: Mass Evacuations

Even In Jamaica, It Was Left, "Communists" vs the right, "Fascists."
Bob Marley's message: cool it man. Take a deep breath (of air I mean).

10 Things You Didn't Know About Finland

Israel: Story Of A Desert Made To Bloom Through Innovation

BC Ferry Collision With Island
Male distracted by woman on bridge.

The Europeans Made The Biggest Mistake Of Their Long History
The EU is an evil Communistic System that will self destruct. The people
have been tricked, believing the lies of those who planned this tragedy.
Most migrants are not refugees, so they should apply to immigrate. They are
just plain invaders financed and pushed here by the Globalist elite.

EU Threatens Poland And Other East European Coutries
Take migrants or leave! Commit Hara Kiri or leave? That's an easy decision!

Ignorance of Islam Illustrated. Wake Up.
You sow bad seed and you get bad results.

Syrian Refugees Clash With Canadian Students
Trudeau is sowing bad seed in Canada.

Congress Outlaws Obama Interference
This guy should be charged for impersonating an American citizen.

Islamic Invasion: Why They Are Winning

Islam is winning their invasion of the west. The will of the people to resist has been almost broken. We see it everywhere. We must take what is left and nurture it, grow it and save ourselves. Like in the film, "High Noon" the song goes "...I must must face the man who hates me, or lie a coward, a craven coward in my grave." It's high noon folks. Make up your mind if you will join in the fight against an evil ideology that hates us. Actually it's a two pronged enemy: Islam and Socialism. I ask for your open minds to see this from a different perspective please. Muslim refugees are attacking innocent people and carrying on in the streets yelling threats and nothing is done about it. They are permitted to carry on their rapes and violent attacks on our children and women mainly. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe and the government and news are silent. It is now everywhere. There must be an explanation and a cure for this or we are all goners. We bring them in by the thousands and out of our pockets the government is supporting them. They are not required to work at all, ever. I'll tell you what the Bible commands us to do. "If a man will not work, he shall not eat." 2 Thesselonians 3:10 What I like about the Bible is that it is absolute justice, not destructive political correctness, liberalism which is a nice word for Communism. Why should society nurture people who don't want to support themselves or their families? It's sink or swim unless a person is disabled or temporarily unemployed. We must have a heart but not be stupid about it. Hunger usually cures a lazy bum. Social assistance keeps him or her sick. Now compare that with Socialism and how it is applied to Muslims and illegal immigrants in the Obama years. Check it out and you will see how many of them are living with their hands out instead of with their hands busy building, contributing to a better world for us all. I respect hard work and hate people who come here just to use our system that is designed as a safety net for us. When it is abused, the safety net disappears.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but in the fruits of sweat and hard work. God's rules were design to make our society sustainable to give us the best chance of a good life despite our constant thinking up ways to make our lives miserable. Mans thinking is constantly evil. When my father came to Canada he was working the next day. Oh but there's no work for them today. Then they must go back and many of them can go back because there are many cities considered safe. We don't want that kind here. That's where they belong who aren't working the next day. OK, I'm fair; I'll give them a month. Go do anything legal - but I guarantee most just want to stay home and make lots of babies,while our women are destroying many of theirs. That's why we are a dying people ready to pass what we created to those who will let it run down. Obama was good at destruction not construction, with a record of over $10Trillion in eight years - more debt than the combined debt over 200 years and nothing to show for it. No new bridges, upgrades to roads or airports - nothing. Just a bunch of freeloaders. And the left love this gift giver. Now Trump came and ruined their party. The party is over! I can identify a lot with Trump because he says what must be said. He is not a coward like most politicians. Not just cowards either, but traitors to the people who voted for them. But the fake media is so unfair to Trump just because he is a patriot and not a traitor like they are and he is doing such a great job! The left is not at war with just Trump, but America and so is Islam because they are flowing into a country and system they have been taught to hate from childhood. Canada has taken in the illegals from United States and now they are fighting with Canadians. There is a Muslim problem and its cause is Islam.

Islam is nothing to fool with or shrug off as just nothing to worry about. It is a danger far greater than any military adversary America has ever faced. The main reason is that we have failed to recognize or name the enemy. We call the enemy a "religion" when we should be calling it what it is: a dangerous ideology. You have been lied to by those who want Islam for our destruction, like bringing into a house poisonous snakes and calling them "pets." I like Trump's snake poem where a woman rescues a snake and it ends up biting her and she dies. Europe is at the "snake bite" stage now.

Trump's Snake Poem: Metaphore For Islam, The Greatest "Trojan Horse" In History.
Like the unsuspecting Trojans, we are welcoming in a new effective kind of Trojan Horse.
It's a pandemic and we need to wake up.

Top Russian Writer Explains Who Is Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis.

Hillary Disturbed the "Hornet Nest" And Caused Mass Migrations
And half the American people wanted her as president! Unbelievable.

Mr. Earth In The Balance Is A Fraud. No Global Warming.
He is just pushing the Globalist narrative to confiscate our money.

Let me state it as plainly as I can. We are being attacked by the Globalists using Islam as a weapon to bring down every western country under their subordination. Our good will is used as a weapon to destroy us. The left is inoculating our society with a cancer, which is more than apparent. In Europe. We have seen the future and it isn't pretty. Can we avoid their folly? They have full blown cancer of the incurable form that metastasizes and kills the patient. The Congress needs another oversight committee can you believe it? The only clout they posess is the vote. All the interrogation leads nowhere and nobody gets jail time. Those who Trump fires come back and lie about him...such as James Comey Former FBI director, working with congress to impeach him. The place stinks of lies and corruption. I would have dunce hats made for the ones opposing Trump without a good reason and have them face the wall for an hour every morning until they smarten up. Recall comes to mind when I think about it.

Criminals Who Had Top Jobs In America

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