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Human Rights violations by left wing (Communists). The left have no place in a strong and free America.
The left (Communists/Socialists) have been growing stronger, ANTIFA. It's time to stop this nonsense.
Democratic (socialist) party is not democratic, it's closer to being Communist Marxist-Islamic, both of which are totalitarian and dangerous.
Senator McCain, no war hero, was in Vietnam opposing and fighting Globalism (Communism), but he is one.
Muhammad had slaves.
Jesus came to set the captives free.
Everything About Islam: not what you've been told.
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Two Biggest Fake News Destroy Trump Conspirators: CNN chief Jeff Zucker and NBC Andy Lack.
Fake News protects people and companies doing you harm, Including food and medicine.
Vaccines may, and often do, contain Thimerosal, a Mercury neurotoxin, autism, brain damage.
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Barrack Hussein Obama: Satan's master criminal the people installed in the White House.
Trump is doing a good job correcting Obama's mistakes.
Since FDR, (Communist) the Elite have long wanted Communism in America. General George S. Patton
Who killed Muhammad? If you know, then you qualify to argue with what I say about Islam. If not
you should pay attention very carefully to what is said about this ideology and the threat
to America it brings with it, and then you will understand Trump's position on refugee immigration.
"Poverty is a state of mind." Correct it and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson
Congress on Christianity: See what they said.
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Reconstruction Of America

News On "Need To Know" Priority

Mainstream "fake news" or "Destroy Trump" media is a fraud. They disseminate false information to the American people as part of the "left's" propaganda machine from the Father of Lies. Trump has no propaganda machine because that is not how democracy works. Democracy actually means policy directly by the people but the Republican form of government allows Congress to intervene, to break this connection to the people which has become a big problem and magnified after Trump became president. Also breaking this connection is false information or what Trump calls "fake news" but which liberals call truth. Which is it? Trump was actually demonstrating to the world that in fact they are fake. He did so daily by telling us to listen to him and then listen to their "news" and compare. America did that and saw for themselves that they not only lied about what he said but also by not reporting all the good things he was planning - or they made it into racism or Fascism. Controlled borders was racist now. Keeping out drugs, terrorists, America haters, criminals was evil according to them and Trump must never become president. Islamic terrorism like ISIS never goes away as long as funding is available and that is paid every time we fill our tank, by us. Most of the funding comes either from Globalist Elite or oil rich Arabia and surrounding Muslim dictatorships. He also pointed out that fake news wants to lie to the people about the size of his audience so they NEVER point their cameras that way and sure enough that's what happened. Trump said on many occasions that the place was packed and there were more outside but fake news never showed it. That's Socialism where the world is what the news says it is, like in the defunct Soviet Union. Socialists are their own worst enemies and of freedom and they are surprised and disgusted with the results, which inevitably leads to misery as proven throughout Eastern Europe from Russia to Yugoslavia and Romania. Millions were murdered for this stupidity of Karl Marx wherever Socialism raised its ugly head. Finland barely escaped this false doctrine and joining the Soviet Union, the third aggressor of WW 2, by repelling all Stalin's attacks. Stalin joined Hitler to divide Europe between themsleves but after the war he divided it with the Allies, which left much of Europe to the whims of evil Socialism and behind the Iron Curtain. Full-blown Socialism is nothing to fool with. It is not the liberator of the masses but the enslaver. The poor Russian people had no idea what they were getting into, but you know so there is no excuse to vote "Democratic," which is a real misnomer. Watch out when a country calls themselves that because it is the opposite; it's a dictatorship.

There are two existential threats right now inside United States that fake news has been hiding. These are Marxism and Islam. Fake News hasn't talked about Marxism because they don't have to. The educational system is doing the "heavy lifting." That is proceeding right on time along with many laws that tear down American "innocence." People are told all kinds of lies so they will break away from the morals of previous generations. This has resulted in the death of 60 million Americans. I am giving "citizenship" to every baby aborted for convenience and perpetuation of irresponsible immoral behavior that has been pushed n the people by the media, Hollywood film industry, and some music industry. They have taken control of the minds of Americans, and in the process their souls. But the good news is, we can repent and by so doing God will restore the land; he promised to do so. I believe that Trump is God's man for our time so support him. You will see things you never dreamed of when you trust and obey because it is coming. Trust me, you'll love it. People's minds are screwed up by the media and government but it is changing. A new warm positive fresh summer wind of hope is blowing across the sea and what is upside down will be made right. A new dawn is coming.

My father had just joined the army in June and Russia attacked full force on November 30th 1939. Finland was vastly outnumbered but to find out how they stopped the mighty Soviet army you will have to go to Finno-Russian war. The people of Finland are good honest people and believed God would help them, and He did. Finland was never occupied in WW2 although they did lose most of Karelia about 1/10th of Finland including my parents home which is now in Russia. You might think Finland is a Socialist country. Some limited Socialism is good when administered correctly, i.e. Finns hate freeloaders, so when it gets out of hand and morphs into Marxism it destroys and kills. America hasn't seen a civil war since 1865 but, they will get one if the Marxist indoctrination in the educational system isn't crushed, and all Marxists fired for teaching insurrection because that is exactly what it is. The people and regimes died in Marxist countries because of the flawed ideology and there was a deficiency of truth, real news and open discussion without reservation. The result was fear and stagnation which is the end result of Socialism as it develops. The left in America are infected with this same disease. No should be no sacred cows allowed in a free America, and people better suck it up and stop whining about every little thing like crazy Globalist family destroyers such as gender and sex politics and the usual demands and hatred against anyone different - opinions that is. All opinions are worthy without hate labels such as racist, and Nazi because out of them comes a close approximation of truth. America should be led by these Marxists to destroy everything and invent something untested and plain stupid like teaching kindergarten and school children about sex and identity politics before they are able to understand, but will shape their malleable minds. The American people made the right decision: the mainstream news is fake meaning it is paid narrative. I am here to confirm what Trump has done having watched him closely and critically for two years.

The difference between the left and Trump supporters as evidenced by their behavior is that Trump supporters love the real world speech about what he has promised to do and reiterated that he will do the things he promised. Because they understood that his plans were based on logic and solid business management principles they ignored any personality deficiencies that the left wants to accentuate. There are all kinds of rumors about his not paying his taxes and other shady behavior. Listen, nobody is perfect and he brought ou the hypocracy of the Trump haters. Even president Kennedy had affairs! He was direct and showed his love for America and Americans on a daily basis and vowed to bar entry to immigrants that hated the American way of life and want to destroy it - freedom and persuit of happiness. In short, he resonated with true Americans. They weren't disappointed and if it wasn't for the left dominated Congress he would have done much more than he has thus far. The left, Globalist puppets, are on both sides of the isle evidenced by their opposition to Trump fulfilling his promises to the people. The appeal of Hillary to the left leaning voters is more complex. They have been saturated with Marxism in subtle and not so subtle ways by teachers, professors, and of course fake news which hid her crimes of making herself a multi-millionaire at the expense of American security. She sold 20% of American Uranium to Putin's Russia. She sold her services as Secretary of State under the guise of the Clinton Foundation, and witnesses to her crimes were found shot, which were declared "suicide" by her cronies.

The left are always getting their feelings hurt. They had major cry-in events when Hillary lost. There is something seriously wrong with these people. I believe this has something to do with their psychological condition whether that's caused by bad music lyrics, movies, GMO food, over processed food, mercury in vaccines, fake news or whatever. We are basing our new leftist culture on what touchy people accuse the rest of us of. We must stop doing this and that and it never ends. This is called political correctness gone to seed and it is based on abnormal psychology of these people. I don't think we should give in every time someone is offended. Speak the truth! If it offends, that's the price we pay for being free. Develop a thicker skin. Maladaptive behavior will send us into ruin, a place that you can't imagine from this vantage point. Democracy and freedom depend on ignoring every little complaint of these whiners.

Many impressionable children were converted in the educational system to become Communists, and that is the basis of a One World Order they all want and why the open border policy is the only way they can get the votes to move forward. Marxism is one of the most destructive of everything that has taken hundreds if not thousands of years to acquire into our western cultures and dumping everything including the family and the economy is not the right path, which has been empirically shown to be true by hundreds of failures. But no matter how much evidence there is, a brain-washed mind that has received this child abuse is hard to change, which is why Trumps tax cuts will hopefully penetrate and they will see the truth.

A viable economy is foundational to a strong and healthy America. The left believes that we can simply print money and give it away like Obama was doing when he doubled the National Debt. His plan was to buy votes and destroy the economy. The theory is that he must show America that Capitalism doesn't work. On the other hand Trump knows from reality that by cutting taxes the downward trend of stagnation, homelessness and poverty can be halted, and with it companies moving back, higher wages and bonuses for workers, and reduced unemployment. You cannot have higher wages if you keep letting in illegals who get paid under the table. You cannot have a country nor security without borders, and you can't stop the drug problem with Godless Marxism and open borders to fascilitate import of drugs, crime and - voters. When the liberal mindset of "anything goes" is implemented the result is chaos and destruction. Bill Clinto had a drug running business in Arkansas as did some other government officials in the past. Trump'splan is solid and it is working. This man can really save America if allowed to do so and I believe a higher power had a hand in the election, not Russia.

What Is Freedom And Liberty? They Are The Children Of Free Speech

The Children Of Free Speech Are Freedom And Progress
The children of censorship are fear, slavery and stagnation
Under Obama's Socialism The Debt, censorship and stagnation more than doubled
Progress is clash of many opinions. Stagnation is one opinion and no other is allowed.
"Progressive" - a term that contradicts what they really are: stagnation and degradation.

Trump's New Lawyer Exposes The Swamp: Who They Are And Their Crime.

Fox News Hannity 4/19/18

Rudi Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team To Negotiate End To Mueller Witch-Hunt 4/19/18

Europe Gone Crazy: Gender Identity Complex of Globalist Ideology:
The destruction of the family for Globalism Conspiracy.

Push To Legalize Pedophilia: Globalist Ideology
Planned Parenthood is advocate of this.
Destroying the family (the cornerstone of society) for Globalism

The Terrible Fraud Of "Transgender Medicine."
Destroying the family for Globalism

Former Homosexuals And Children Of LGBTs Speak
Destroying the family for Globalism

Trump knows what the people want and is prepared to follow through with the promised changes but Congress is not cooperating with him and the American people who voted for him. They do not represent the people so what are they doing there trying to prevent him from doing what he is supposed to do? When the President attempts to do what he won the election on, i.e. the will of the people, the left calls him a dictator and liar. James Comey just called him that ~April 15 in an interview. Yet he is the only leader with the honesty and courage to do exactly what he told the people, including moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which hasn't happened for decades. This was a promise by other presidents too, yet Trump is a liar! He is therefore the most honest politician I know of wanting to fulfill his promises. He gives people information through social media to tell them what he is doing and what he has accomplished, because media refuses to do so. Instead they take what Sarah Sanders says in press conferences and put their spin on it or keep talking about the "Russian Collusion." Sarah has had to tell these dropouts from intellectual persuits that there was no collusion nor has any evidence been found, nor would it be a crime if it were. The left made it a crime - which it isn't, but many Republicans fell for it, thinking that they had done something wrong and when questioned by Comey at least one decided to lie and was convicted. He should have told the truth and there would be no retribution. Hillary was in communication with foreigners and her secretary, was a Saudi national by the name Uma Abedin (with a terrorist brother and a pedophile husband) and Arabs financed her and there was no investigation. This being the case, there is no reason to investigate Trump. They have the phoney allegations from a Russian Dossier, yet they have not been able to prove any of it. The left have succeeded because of crooked cop James Comey to begin investigating "collusion" (not a crime) with the goal of finding anything at all to impeach Trump. That is a crime too, and history will say as much.

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There is no law against speaking with foreign agents before during or after an election because it is part of the job. They all do it. How then could the DOJ begin this "investigation" with Special Counsel Robert Mueller that has lasted over a year without any proof that a crime has been committed? A Special Counsel can ONLY be used where there is a CRIME and there was never evidence of wrong doing. The real crime is the false Russian Dossier payed by the Clinton team to smear Trump. And even if some of those were true, would they constitute a crime? I don't think so. Hillary's sale of American controlled Uranium to Russia is also the real crime. Yet FBI isn't investigating her crimes, meaning they are working for Hillary. The Dems lied to get this going and now it is expanding to unrelated areas such as searching Trump's personal lawyer's office. Nobody seems able to get this farce to end. Something is wrong with the system and it needs to be fixed! You can't leave broken things in the system. It's because they are really looking to get Trump or his people on technicalities such as "lying"about anything unrelated meaning obstruction of justice and indictment.

When news agencies pick sides you can't expect honest reporting and that is the sad fact of how journalism has become a joke. Nobody really believes them anymore and if they do they will become as big fools as the media.

The meaning of all this obstruction by the left boils down to the contest between Marxist Globalism and "democracy." Of course America is actually a Constitutional Republic which Trump stands firm on, not democracy. The obstructionists want to bring down this system and under previous presidents it seemed they were on course. Christianity was being trampled on, Islam, an evil as bad as Marxism, was brought in to replace it. If all Muslims followed the Qur'an we would have a major problem already, like massive terrorism. Thankfully they don't. Globalists and Islamists, true believers in Shariah Law, are allies against the American system for their own reasons but for the moment they are allies. "The enemy of your enemy is my ally." More than half of Muslims want their own laws as they do in Britain. Yes, the Brits wanted to be politically correct so they thought they would comply with their request, which was granted. Now there are 200 Shariah courts, making women second class citizens because they are treated differently. Men are allowed to hit their wives now. It's been approved. Women get one-half the inheritance and two women are equal to the witness of a man. That's just the tip of the iceberg. The Brits think well, if it's their culture they should be allowed to have it. The reason their women love the west is because they can be equal to men, but if they are allowed to bring their laws, dress codes, moral standards with them, there is nothing gained but some material things. I would argue that the main reason they must leave their home lands is exactly because of the affects of retrograde, draconian, anti-human rights 7th Century Shariah Law on their whole system which keeps them down in every way you can imagine and it will keep our country down too! This is the result of the restricted thought processes from childhood, brainwashing that advanced thinking is not Islamic and must not be allowed. How many Nobel Prizes do you know of that Muslims have won compared to say Jews? [Nobel Prize winners, Jews 197 vs Muslims 6] There is no comparison. Jews have won 22.4% of these prizes with 30 times fewer people for the aforementioned reasons. We don't hate Muslims, but we hate anything that keeps the human spirit hobbled in a way that keeps them poor and slaves to any system I don't care what it is. This happens to be called a religion but it's just an ideology to spread a bad system. The left assert that the west has kept Muslims down but the evidence says they kept themselves there and relied on raiding others to make a living. The Barbery Pirates are an example and these guys raided American shipping. President Jefferson wanted to know why and he was told that it was their religion to rob infidels. So Muslims believe we owe them something and they want it. Their poverty is a direct affect of Islam and this proves my point. They are bringing their failure with them concealed inside their heads. Jews are advancing by giant leaps in Israel and their Arab neighbors hate them for it instead of benefitting. So is this religion what will take down America? I believe it can if the ignorance of the left continues unchecked. The results are seen everywhere in the fail,ure to develop and needing assistance, constant warfare and acts of terrorism. This is huge. Immigrants from those countries are like planting seedlings that in time produce their fruit. You just watch. Europe is at the brink of civil war and they want the same here. It's up to you. Will you vote in those Democrats obstructing Trump, or help him stop Europe's fate coming across the Atlantic. If you are smart, you'll vote Trump. We must resist Shariah Law and undo anything that has been surrendered. Both are totalitarian and they both trample on freedoms just as they are trampling all over president Donald Trump. The media is the propaganda department and that includes Facebook which sensors conservative opinions.

Beyond Arrogance

An exaggerated sense of one's importance and abilities characterizes the whole spectrum of the Democrats, their leaders and promoters. They are unable to see themselves for what they really are, a bunch of poor losers who make excuses for failures or cover them up. How would it be if a team lost the Stanley Cup and refused to accept the loss, but spent the next year blaming the other team! That's what the Democrats are doing. They concocted a scheme to dump Trump. He supposedly colluded with the Russians, and even if it was true is not a crime, and a special counsel can only be used to investigate crimes. It is a scam to try and get Trump to "lie" so they can bring Impeachment charges. All Robert Mueller wants is to question Trump and find someone to contradict something he said and then charge him with obstruction of justice! These people, the Democ-rats are fanatically insane! In fact Hillary has a new excuse every few months, unable to take the blame. This mentality of the Democrats and their supporters is beyond arrogance; their obstruction of Trump is criminal, against everything America stands for. What is this crazy ideology? They fall under the heading of "Marxism" which is "greed and envy." It is the result of dumbing down that has become an epidemic designed to implement a world government over willing slaves who are promised something for nothing, but eventually other people's money runs out and the house of cards collapses. This is by design, by people with money whose burning desire is to make all of humanity serve them, or what's left of it after they dispose of 80% of humanity. That is their stated goal and the left is working for them, not the American people. Heaven help America if their present arrogance in trying to Impeach Donald Trump succeeds. I don't think it will because this is more than a fight in the physical realm.

There really isn't a "left" or "right" in many cases because the left is an ideolgy called Marxism and most people don't know what that is. Most of them are just a group of people who have delusions, and those who are realists are the ones who get ahead in life. The delusional people have a hard time plugging into the mainstream society for that reason. Today's children enter a school system that teaches them that people must never be offended, so those who do poorly get the same reward as those who excel. When they enter the real world they want a mother figure like Hillary to coddle them and are angry and surprised when having performed poorly, they get fired. The educational system, the teachers and professors, are magnifying their own personal inability to deal with reality and projecting those values on our precious children, who then enter the real world unable to deal with it. This must change and mentally fit, healthy teachers and professors are the only ones allowed to teach our kids. Finland has the best education system in the world and the teachers all have Masters Degrees. The kids are ready for the real world. It's no wonder the left are saying Trump is crazy! They are the ones that need counseling, better still - deprogramming. Therefore Trump is their enemy because he stands for doing a job right and firing slackers, and that goes for Congress too which is nothing but a geriatric ward of aging politicians. In their world the so-called left imagine the world as a big homogeneous mass of humanity all living in harmony and nobody doing without. They believe that criminals are victims. And their victims of crime deserve what they get. Therefore California and many other states have "sanctuary cities" that protect illegals and criminals because these Socialists believe that they cannot win any elections unless they bring in illegals, including criminals, by the millions. These people also believe that money can be created without the profit motive as the driving force. But Socialism notoriously creates shortages in everything. I believe that is used as a control mechanism, and in Socialist Russian prior to the expected collapse people stood in lines for a loaf of bread and counted themselves as lucky if they could just get one more loaf.

It is ironical the left believe rich people must be relieved of their money by the poor people to make everyone the same, yet many of them are rich themsleves. The people are basically seduced by offering them free stuff, like education, but they don't tell them how much it will cost them in terms of freedom. Russia was taken over by this ideology, which was a fantasy world created by Karl Marx, a world that functioned in a certain way in the imagination, but which was revealed to be a house of horrors when put into practice. For this reason I caution Americans from believing anything that comes from their side, the people who have been persuaded that Socialism as practiced on a Global scale is the answer to all the problems of humanity.

American people are not all as stupid as Globalist Elite and mainstream media believe them to be. The future of America and Canada depends on seeing past the gate keepers of information. They serve other interests than those who consume their false narratives. The work Congress has been doing is for Globalism to establish the New World Order and Trump is trying to bring the country back on course. You need to know what that means to you. History instructs us about what we should avoid and what we need to do, and this is the source of more reliable information. We ignor history lessons at our peril so we can avoid the dangers and grief others had fallen into: Socialism, Fascism, Radical Islam, which is "Islam By The Book, as taught, lived and practiced by Muhammad." Moderate Islam ignores the parts ISIS thrives on and Americans are confused about the true Islam: Is it peaceful or warlike. Let me put it this way: 7th Century Arabs were warlike, and the morals and behavioral standards are etched in stone in this "complete instructions for Muslims." It contains politics, culture, how to do just about everything so nobody has to think for themselves - just submit (the meaning of Islam is "submission") and obey, or else. What would you do if a group of men came to your door and demanded you convert to Islam? This is what will happen if the left have their way. If you say, "go away I don't believe in that garbage" they will say, convert or off with your head. Would you then convert? They are supposed to give you another choice, to become a Dhimmi, or slave by paying a tax. This will happen to your children or their children if Islam continues to enter at the present rate. But what about the refugees? We need to help them in their own land, to rebuild and create a prosperous economy and peace. It doesn't help their land or ours if masses of people leave and they can't build a great country for their people and if in the process they destroy our culture.

We have a lot of documented evidence for you so you can know it isn't opinion, theory or narrative and it will make you an authority on this and other subjects that affect you and your family. The two priority subjects are Marxism (or Globalism if you will) and Islam, and I will explain with evidence why we should not allow these to infiltrate our land and influence our futures or the formula that made America great. These other systems and beliefs are distractions. We need to know what they did in the past and what they are planning to do in the future, yes, right now. This is huge, and it is imperative we have the knowledge we need to move forward and promote those values that have worked in the past. Civilization is a thin crust that can be easily destroyed by adventuring into what we know very little about but which the left is promoting. This was proven with the blood of millions of victims of these bad ideas that sounded good at the time. Thanks for getting to this point; you may be excused if you wish.

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Canadian Marxist Dictatorship

Canada is worse off than United States. A Communist kid of former Castro idolizing Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau was picked by the Liberal party to be party leader. Members of Parliament are elected in each province to represent the people. Justin Trudeau received a little over 26,000 votes in total, mostly from Quebec, the French speaking province. The leader of the party that gets more MP's forms the government and their leader becomes the Prime Minister, who has no mandate to govern Canada from the people. So he is a dictator if he shuts up the cowardly leftist MP's. When the Members of Parliament go to Ottawa they are supposed to represent the people. But if they do they are reprimanded, and stop doing it. They must vote with the Communist Globalist leader who is a real nut case! Really! This is not how it is supposed to be so why is it allowed to continue? Spineless people who are politically correct and don't want to offend anyone. It's basically fear. When Trudeau speaks, they bob their heads like a bunch of spineless zombies. These are not functioning MP's but props to give an appearance of "democracy." He goes with his family to India (his father years ago in 1968 opened the flood gates and flooded the country with Indians) and dresses up in the local ethnic clothes and makes a fool of himself, and the Canadian people. The Punjabis came in with their money and bought up or started all the easy money businesses like vacuum cleaners, leaving nothing for the local people who could not compete. Locals stopped even trying. Go to any fast food restaurant or gas station etc. and see for yourself. They pool their money in a way that Canadians are unable to do because of cultural practices. They buy up properties and build huge houses with two or three families living there paying one property tax. Their houses go from property line to property line in cities, like apartment buildings next to tiny houses. They build large balconies in the back and after inspection they close them in. The building shut out the sun from backyard gardens and the people sell and move away.

Local people can't compete under these conditions. Kenya and Fiji had enough of them and kicked them out. They are aggressive businessmen, drivers and builders, and control the trucking and taxi industries. You may not even see a local Canadian driving a taxi or tandem dump truck on the west coast in most places. They are farmers and buy up all the farms and hardly ever produce products that are organically grown. The result of mass Asian immigration from China and India in Canada is to make housing unaffordable, at $1.76 million for a detached house in Vancouver. The locals turn to buying the less expensive condos, mostly built by...Punjabi speculators and a condo in Vancouver sells for a minimum of CDN$400,000 and that's in the suburbs. It's not their fault though. It's the fault of government that doesn't know what they are doing. Condos jumped 35% in one year! Some think that it's great, the economy is booming. No. It is bad for the general population. This is unheard of!! Punjabis are Sikhs who keep to themselves and don't mix with locals very much. This is multiculturalism as practiced in Canada. Where is the benefit to the Canadian people in this mass immigration from Asia? I don't see it; quite the opposite from the evidence. Part of the problem is "chain migration" whereby family from India can be sponsored to join family in Canada. This is why they build the huge houses. The old folk then receive a Canadian pension and a Punjabi pension, often flying back and forth for a six month absence. The people may be very nice and I have no problem regarding race. We have friends from all nationalities but this is about the reality of life not ideology or political correctness. It's the unintended consequences which do not serve to make Canada a better place for everyone that must be addressed. This is the Great White North. The problem in both countries is the stupid left and a system that puts a whole country in the hands of a dummy Communist Globalists who can rule a whole country with just over 26,000 votes!

There is a crime being perpetrated on the American people and that is withholding the truth about most of the things that affect them such as medicine, food, Global Warming, Corruption at top levels of government. The job of the journalist is to report corruption, not cover it up. We have been taught, by left wing extremists that truth is being judgmental and since Christians are all about truth, (supposed to be that is) they are condemned as bigots and terrorists. Truth is bigotry now? The left have made it so and expect everyone to abide by their view of reality which is a narrative, an idea put there by an unseen hand. How is it that they get to say what the moral standards for America or Canada should be? That's what has happened to America and many young people are starting to hate America. Then to fix it, they want more of the same, but even more radical! It's their ideology that created the world they now hate. Why are those accused by them not standing up against their "progress?" This has been going on much too long but now the winds have changed and the light has been turned back on. It is a battle that must be won and understanding that it is a fight in the unseen spiritual realm just as much as on the physical makes all the difference. That was proven when the "flag was still there" dispite the odds, because they knew enough to seek the help of a higher power, and so does Trump. Thank you Mr. Trump. Keep it up until the swamp is cleared.

Journalists should not ride on a narrative but should keep their feet on the ground, in real science, not "socialist reality" science. For example men are men and women are women; it's not something we decide each for ourselves according to not just the Bible but the science of Biology we all have studied, some more than others. Science has split in two: one side serves Globalism, the other truth and if we aren't careful and check all "scientific" reports, we will get the Globalist view. Recall Nazi Germany. Scientists were busy trying to "prove" that Aryans were some kind of master race and only they were allowed to live. For one thing, their concept of "race" was flawed because it is a man made construct and doesn't exist in reality. I have no narratives for you. I cannot fact check everything but let the people speak anyway, for the more angles we get on any subject, the closer we get to the truth. Let at least two or three witnesses confirm any fact.

The damage done to America isn't something that just happened since the Clintons, though it entered a new phase. It began in earnest back in the 60's when America turned its collective back on their God. Those who believed in God were practicing superstition. That's what the Soviets believed too and they threw Christians in prisons and mental institutions. By 1990, Russians broke out of that prison of socialism and God was invited back. Only liberal science is "truth" and most of it has turned out to be junk science. I will prove to you beyond any doubt that God exists. If you can believe what you will see then everything else is false. It will rock your world and change you forever - against liberalism! They didn't want anyone telling them what they can and can't do. They thought this was the true path to happiness. Unborn children were stripped of their rights as human beings and turned into a mass of cells, like a growth to be removed. The Holy Bible was expelled from schools. Homosexuality became tolerated, then accepted and finally protected by law. Gay marriage became the normal thing. The gay movement began persecuting Christians next. But understand this: gays are not attacked by Christians like Muslims persecute them, by dropping them off tall buildings. I haven't seen any marches to protest Islam. Anyone who disagreed with the liberal views of morality were attacked in so many ways, often in courts that imposed huge draconian punitive fines for anyone daring to stand fast on their faith, meaning they honor the word of God. This had become a crime. The progression of the progressives created the mess America is in today, less freedom, more controls over what we believe and stand for. In short, there was a reversal of values. America was no longer great and free. Freedom was only for the new classes of people that were created by the far left. The right was powerless to resist. America had become something unrecognizable from its former self, and liberals were not finished, far from it!

There are some common characteristic of Socialists: which is that their narratives are more important than truth. For example "National Socialists" or "Nazis" for short. It's no different today. Stalin, a Socialist, was trying to prove that Socialism was superior, yet if he permitted freedom, half of Soviet Union would flee to America and Western Europe. He had to fence them in. Socialism means imposing a fatally flawed theory on the masses by misrepresenting it as an ideal system that provides everything for everyone and the world will live in peace forever. So in both cases, superiority is the common thread in Marxist thinking and everyone else must be silenced, and millions were. It is basically fanaticism and those caught in its spell become fanatics, yelling, screaming and damaging property when they go on the rampage, and finally systematically killing off all opposition. The left, DNC, are Socialists too, and their science is trying to prove their narratives but doing it in dishonest ways, like the Nazis. One of their beliefs is that the world will be in peace forever if borders are removed, yet the minute that happens, crime rates sky rocket. That is why Trump will build the wall. They are so high on their horses that to admit Trump won is beyond their comprehension and have declared war on him. Anyone who has the slightest bit of decency left will allow him to be president, but that is in short supply with Democrats.

When we get out of the science of Biology, we venture into the realm of Psychology, in this case closely related to anorexia type self-identification syndromes. This was explained by a Canadian scientist who did not see much change in the psychological problem after switching gender. The problem persists because like in anorexia the skinny person sees him or herself as fat, the male might see himself as female and that problem won't just disappear if the person tries to fool him or herself with a sex change using hormones. For us to tell our children that biology doesn't determine their destiny is child abuse, and this is being done now and it started in British Columbia Canada and spread quickly. It is not science. It is narrative and fake news will promote it like they do CO2 as the cause of Climate Change and everything else that plays into the hands of Globalists like George Soros who has caused so much grief with his wealth including moving Africa and the whole Muslim world into Europe. Islam did not produce peace and prosperity except for the rich, which is why most refugees are Muslims. And our fake news calls it the religion of peace! It is the religion of war and oppression.

I'm not a "climate change denyer" because climate has trended warmer and colder for millions of years - independent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The carbon tax is a money grab by the Globalist elite to finance their work to spread their Marxist ideology. Whole mile high ice sheets melted - not from CO2 but from solar activity and that is the main cause of any temperature rises, and the carbon tax won't stop it. That tax is added now to gasoline in Canada by Marxist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His father, wealthy Pierre Elliot Trudeau, admired Fidel Castro like Bernie Sanders. World temperatures have actually shifted again and downward. The East coast of United States has been frozen this past winter so they know it's BS.

A sex change operation for people who have a psychological condition is like doing a liposuction to an anorexic who sees herself fat. The medical intervention does nothing for the patient but it's great for business and causing chaos. Gender identity or sexual orientation is supposedly "who they are" yet who would say an anorexic is who they are. Other studies such as this one have also pointed to this connection, having similar diagnoses. It is being promoted by Globalists as one more weapon for the purpose of tearing down, brick by brick the stability of society, something that has kept society together, where everyone knows who they are and what their role in society is. They start by confusing our young people at school and kids are going home asking their mothers, "am I a boy or girl?" Schools are oddly pushing Islam when they have stated religion has no place in schools. All this messes up our children when all they want are the tools to become a contributing member of society, who can compete internationally and win. Since president Clinton at least, the primary reasons of education have been watered down and changed, and not for the better. The left, especially the America haters among them want to tear down America and have been doing it for almost fifty years, ever since the hippie era and the Vietnam war when young people began turning against American Christian based values and adopting Socialist, atheist values. Portraits of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Showed up on campuses. Hundreds of millions of dollar store flooded in to Universities for improving education? No; to set up Islamic centers to spread this evil ideology of war and anti-women and a time-freedom. Thank you Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama for selling our children to Islam.

Nobody would say the history of Christianity is pure and sweet, because it was hijacked by Emperor Constantine who permitted pagan religions filled with idols to be members, after which much corruption followed. Now the church had the power of the state. It became a politicized institution in buildings. Before that ordinary people had control. Today Christianity is what God says He is: Love, but America has turned away and embraced a different, violent, hateful foreign religion I would argue is the result of atheistic Marxist teaching in our school system that hates Christianity and uses Islam to destroy it. In this battle, can Christianity exist peacefully with Marxism and Islam? I don't believe it can because Christ stands for truth and love and Muhammad, as a conquering general "prophet", stands for absolute power like Marxism. Both are totalitarian and evil and their father is the Devil. It's the same old good vs evil battle since time began and good will always win in the end. Humans say they want peace but do the exact opposite to achieve their goals, like the Left and Islam. Both just want to destroy everything with violence and deceit falsely believing their solution is the panacea for all the problems of mankind. Neither believes they can conquer the world without the other's help, but in reality they should be enemies. People actually get sucked into their plans.

Unfortunately fake news ignores science and runs with every crazy narrative that the enemy puts in someone's brain, and they are coming fast and furious now. It's source is demonic and it is invited in by the person without knowing it by doing things that are against the God of the universe, meaning breaking His laws. That is how people open the door to demons and sickness. When there is a demon involved, that person accepts all kinds of crazy notions, like Socialism is great, that seem to be benign but are not, and in extreme cases can commit crimes, even murder. They can also prevent people like Trump from making things right like Congress is doing. Their corrupt practices opens that door too. That's a Litumus test of who we are. Anything that is not of truth is used by the spirit world Demons to destroy America, and they can influence thoughts that are receptive and Obama and Hillary are perfect examples.

The Deep State

We hear this term a lot in connection with Trump's promise to "drain the swamp." The Deep State consists of "Swamp Creatures" - semi-autonomous creatures outside the Democratic Loop. They consist of influential decision making bodies within government, relatively permanent, whose policies and long-term plans are unaffected by the changing administrations, such as CIA, FBI, NSA, Obama and/or Hillary, (and unfortunately Congress fits the description too most of the time because although they are there by the consent of the people, they have not acted completely in their best interests to fulfill Trump's election promises), aiming to delegitimize the Trump presidency and thwart its policy goals.

    The term deep state was defined in 2014 by Mike Lofgren, a former Republican U.S. congressional aide, as "a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process."

Our world has made a serious mistake in tossing out our Christian Faith and throwing it into the "basket of deplorables" of Hillary. Christianity has kept our culture from self destruction, that even smart non-Christians recognize but enemies of this system know that the only thing standing in their way is those deplorable Christians. "Well, we'll take care of them," - they began a gradual destruction of the only thing that can save America from them because when God is on our side, who can be against us? Nothing is bigger than the Creator of the Universe. They have duped and manipulated Americans and it has succeeded to create, not Americans, but airhead Marxists. An American is free; a Marxist and their Muslim allies are not. They are slaves of an ideology and not allowed to have their own opinions, nor do they want anyone else to have them either. To live under the draconian laws of political correctness is not the American freedom that belongs to the people. I declare war against creeping evil oppression here and now. Marxists have made Christians terrorists, and terrorists the best people on earth, to be protected with all the rest of the criminals. Marxists believe that when their revolution comes, Muslims and criminals will be on their side, and if it never comes they will still need their vote. Kids think it is cool to be a Marxist. It gives their youthful rebellious nature a goal, and they have heard that it is good. What exactly is this disease called Marxism?

What happened to the motto that made America great: "In God We Trust?" I'll tell you: the same demonic spirit that robbed the Russian people of everything for 70 years is looking for new people to deceive, and Christians are their No. One targets. Honest God fearing people are the worst possible of all people on earth to psychologically damaged Marxists. If there was scientific evidence that Marxism was a superior system this page would be about the virtues of Socialism. Instead it is a warning. The ideology drives people crazy, literally. Their speech becomes rapid, full of Socialist narrative and slogans and values get reversed. When good things become bad and bad things become good, a reversal worse than a polar shift, we are in serious trouble. In my own history, the Finns rejected Socialism twice: in 1918 Revolution that spilled over from Russia, and in 1939 when Russia attempted to annex Finland. They failed both times and saved the country from the terrible fate of Eastern Europe.

Now we must tolerate terrorists but persecute Christians according to these people who have been abused by the educational system to mold them into Marxists. In my opinion they need help. They need to be rescued from that evil spirit that has captured their minds to create a "negative image" of the great civilization created by our world. The only way to do it is how I am doing it here by education or "deprogramming." Here is an example of a teacher who was fired by one of these damaged individuals for telling someone that God loves them. Can you imagine that! You wanted the truth so here it is. These same people love terrorists and want more of them, and hate Christians. They claim to be tolerant but yes they are - of only evil. What spell are these people under? They will ruin your future if we don't do something now. UK Christian persecution gone to seed. This attitude is amplified a hundred times in Turkey, where Erdogan is jailing all Christians, moderate Muslims and journalists - all thrown into that "terrorist" basket on his way to create his Islamic State. I would not be surprised if he executes them. It would not be the first time Turkey executed those with different beliefs. They led ~1.5 million Armenians on a walk into the desert and murdered them. Socialists did the same type of thing all over the world, perhaps over one hundred million people. The same thing would happen in the United States by the more radical elements in the far left. Christians and anyone else opposing their agenda would simply disappear. I think Hillary has been practicing it for years as many of those opposing her have been "victims of crime."

Socialism and Islam are the two ideologies we must keep an eye on and be careful who we allow into our countries. They are both the worst liars on earth because it is in their ideology. They can't spread their ideology without lying. Furthermore Islam believes that dying for Allah fighting infidels guarantees them heaven in a "religion" where nobody, not even Muhammad knows for sure if they would go to heaven or hell. Only by being martyred is heaven guaranteed in Islam. Let's protect Christians and freedom of religion or we will end up playing right into the hands of Radical Islamists like Erdogan. You see, Islam has some religion in it but it is mostly politics of beating us in our own game and taking over. For these reasons for starters the Democratic party is a danger to America.

News is now highly politically and emotionally charged and journalist critical thinking is confined to criticizing Donald Trump. All we ask for is honesty, a balanced output of real news. No matter what the subject, news will spin it against Trump. I assume you want to know what is really happening, and that can only be achieved through diverse sources; never from one, for example mainstream media which is one voice. For this reason independent web sites have picked up the slack against injustice from those professing to believe in "social justice." Every day an average of three fake news items must be corrected by the White House. Tiger Wood was asked by a journalist, "How could you lie to so many for so long?" His answer was, "I first lied to myself." That is the story of journalism today. I hope his answer got that journalist thinking.

    This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!
                              William Shakespeare , Hamlet

There is nothing good in keeping information from people, yet that is what is happening on a daily basis. Not just omission of truth but disinformation, which is arguably much worse. "My people perish for lack of knowledge" comes straight from the Bible and it is so true. I want to give you knowledge while learning myself. Join me in my quest for truth - you're invited! Just have an open mind please. People who have no regard for truth, who only want to feed their biases will continue to listen to fabricated narratives. Those who are after truth will check out both FOX and CNN and then decide, and this is where being true to ones self becomes an issue.

Countries must remain sovereign states. The Scandinavian model will not work as a Global system as Bernie Sanders believes, where everyone can cross the borders to work in the other country. All members of the Nordic community, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, were more or less equal and had the similar beliefs and customs. Finland, where I was born, stands out as No. 1 in the world in education, switching with Korea. They make the largest cruise ships in the world, such as Oasis of The Seas, and have hundreds of companies with more than 1000 employees and are very innovative. You may be using Nokian tires or using KONE elevators and escalators. In Scandinavia you paid taxes where you worked. Syrian and African cultures and religions etc. are totally different and incompatible. France, Britain, Sweden and Germany are in big trouble from these illiterate migrants many of whom are criminals, and their fake news is silent about the crime and attacks on the locals. Muslim crimes against women are religiously motivated so it is hard to get rid of. Their religion says they can have what their "right hand possesses" meaning slaves, so they swarm into Europe raping and pillaging and you never hear about it on the fake news. Can a Muslim possess any woman as slave? I believe many of them think, rightly or wrongly, they can make any woman their slave. They go by what others do, not necessarily what the the Qur'an says. This really makes peace loving people angry and one day they will do something about it if it doesn't stop. Police and government protect the criminals like sanctuary cities in the United States and persecute and/or ignore their own citizens who are their targets. That is their Marxist-Leninist ideology gone to seed! The left claims these people are needed for the labor force but I doubt it. A million uneducated, unskilled Muslim people with huge and growing families are not the choice for immigration, I'm sorry to say, and no country can take in the entire world's needy, which EU is trying to do. Finland was a Social Democratic sovereign country but is now part of EU. As such, the Finnish government no longer answers to the people. They answer to Brussels. Oh sure they send representatives but they are powerless if the decisions made are not suitable in Finland or the Finnish people. Loss of self government is serious for any country and the Finns will be feeling the results of their desire to join a collective. Sovereignty for Finland has been removed that Obama was busy removing in America, and Trump is now retaining for America. America and Finland should never become someone else's lap dog.

Scandinavians have been free to move across each other's borders to settle or work and many of our relatives have moved from Finland to Sweden and many have moved back. Eight hundred years of Christianity has left its mark on Scandinavia, its "civilization" and treatment of women - morals, honesty, freedom and education, like the early Americans, many of them Scandinavians. They helped to make America great with hard work, and avoided help from the state. That is what makes a country great, not welfare, which should only be used as insurance. Never as a way of life as many newcomers are expecting when they arrive. Not so the new immigrants who demand this and that and are unsatisfied because they aren't being given enough money and accommodation. It's true and we must admit it. Furthermore, Finns are very relaxed about the human body as we think nothing of going nude in the Sauna, sometimes even with mixed company. It is always a non-sexual thing in the culture. Muslims are hung up on their bodies, face, legs etc. Muslim men act rudely, and worse to Finnish girls as if they should switch to their culture or be raped, because of their religion and culture and their rigid attitude to life in general. Muslim morals are stuck in the 7th Century and to assume they can be changed to something else is a wrong assumption. History speaks against it. Therefore it's Islam they bring with them that poses the biggest clash of cultures which prevents assimilation. Women's place in Islamic society is stuck 1400 years in the past and Finland's women for example are totally emancipated. Muslim women are the property of men. This is a problem. Narratives scramble sensitive brainwashed brains and the results are sitting there in Congress unable to do anything. Obstructionist Congress is stalled, like a car that needs a jump-start. I'd like to jump start them right out of there and get people who want to work for the people and make the government work again. The last 9 years graphically illustrates the difference between the Original patriotic Plan A of the Founding Fathers and the failure of Plan B of the Clinton - Obama traitorship era which were looking after foreign interests better than their own country's. No wonder he lied about who he is and Congress believed him for years and nobody caught on to the scam he was pulling on the American people. These people worship Lucifer and their textbook which is dedicated to Lucifer that all Democrats read and subscribe to is Rules For Radicals. This is why America has made a sharp turn away from the motto, "In God We Trust." See video.

Suppose the elite Globalists, with their unlimited money were to get 90 % of Congress to do their bidding, by what process could the people intervene and take back democracy? Why was Obama allowed to act like a dictator shelling out money to all of our enemies, like Iran? It boggles the mind. Congress is actually acting like a dictatorship, not cooperating with a president that wants to clean up the corruption there, thinking that they run the country, forgetting that they must do the will of the people. The election promises Trump made are the will of the people or they would not have made him president. So, what is the mechanism to solve this problem? There doesn't seem to be one. Nobody, including the president, seems to be able to control them so in the end the voters will have their say and hopefully they have listened to FOX and alternative news. This is why it is important to get rid of media and Congress that are not supporting Democracy and have no interest in making America great again. Greatness is more than forcing American will on others. It is great in everything: education, military, freedoms, prosperity, de-corrupted government, morality, stopping the baby genocide - 50+ million and counting. Americans killed more children than Hitler or Stalin killed people they didn't like. To be great, Americans must protect the unborn, otherwise God will not bless America. Babies belong to God and they are people! They are not blobs of cells. The issue of America's role in the world has been clarified by the actions of the previous four regimes. It tells us that without America acting as a police to prevent the spread of Islam, it will just move in and take over. They are cunning and assisted by unlimited funds from the enemies of freedom. Islam destroys freedom wherever it raises its real ugly head, not the phony one that is now spread by our own Dhimmis, those who have capitulated and joined the enemy. Congress opposes most of the things Trump promised in his campaign. Isn't that the tail wagging the dog?

Let me ask you a question. Are you for "Social Justice?" Mr. Conor Lamb, Democrat in Pennsylvania, who just beat out his Republican opponent for Congress, stated that he was for "Social Justice." He is good looking, well spoken, but like all Democrats, deceptive. Americans just don't get it yet. They use political correctness to woo the people but the end of political correctness is ruin. If you said, "yes" to Social Justice, what did you really mean by that? Justice sounds great, we all love it. But when you combine it with the word "social" it changes the meaning completely. Anyone who tells you they love social justice, well, they aren't showing their cards. He or she is thinking one thing, and the listener probably is thinking something completely different. Here is what that word really means, and it ain't pretty. Watch the clip below and you will know who this Mr. Lamb really is. He will add to the obstruction of real justice, freedom, that Trump is trying to restore. Prosperity, lower taxes and reducing regulations is more individual freedoms, what you can say for example, just as poverty is slavery. The left speaks a language all their own. It is coded for their own meaning which is different from yours. So we can say their speech is "lie speech."

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What's happening in California is just leftist ideology amplified. Criminals are protected. I don't want to give you information just based on my opinion without proof, so you will see plenty here to back my position on leftist ideology. There is legitimate Socialism which is health care and social safety net for qualified individuals only, such as people who are unable to work, not the world. If you don't work, you don't eat was the way America was founded. They tried Socialism early in America and these smart men realized IT DOESN'T work. Some people worked harder than others; some didn't work at all. This is the situation today and guess what: IT STILL DOESN'T work! Some work hard at school while others just fool around and party, then they want everyone to support them. The educational system has been taken over by the left to produce a generation that doesn't want to work like their fathers. They are the ones who want wealth transfer from those who sacrificed everything and took the risks while they were partying. This was done on purpose. I saw that in school and university. If a poor family like Ben Carson's can produce a neurosurgeon, anyone can get an education and prosper, and never need a hand out. The welfare state could work with a high level of education for the entire population but not if the lottery and chain immigration system is implemented as in the past. As these numbers rise, there is progressively less money for everyone else. When America was a young nation the only safety net was neighbor looking after neighbor. This is why Socialism has worked somewhat in Scandinavia. Finland has ranked number one in the world many times. America has dumbed down the population. Americans have become so stupid that they vote for these people who promise "social justice" which means robbing Peter to pay Paul. Those advocating the a Scandinavian system cannot possibly achieve it unless the people are among the smartest, best trained in the world, and it looks like the left have no intention of doing that. That would destroy their need for "social justice."

Trying to do over and over again what doesn't work is crazy - the definition of insanity. Therefore the left have, according to psychology, a form of insanity and you don't want them teaching your children nor anywhere near government. Fake News has done almost irreversible damage to America. They essentiallyalong with their Hollywood pals turned America away from their protector, God, by taking the Atheist-Muslim point of view in everything. Sounds contradictory doesn't it. It isn't. Neither believes in the God of the Bible. There is only one God, and if their attributes conflict, one is and the other is not. Islam is not. That's exactly why they are on the same page. They are protecting an ideology they insist is a religion, which is mostly how to take over the world, and therefore needs the protection of the state. These hypocrites in the same breath will shamelessly denounce Christians, including Mike Pense recently and Donald Trump, both Christians - a faith that didn't have such protection from Obama. They act like this is the most horrible thing, while being silent about the White House being literally turned into a Mosque under Obama and Hillary! They avoided reporting the massive genocide of Christians by Muslims not just in the Middle East but all over. Churches are burned, people murdered and Obama refused Christian refugees entry to America while actively soliciting Muslims. The news was standing up for the Muslim-Marxist direction that was happening to America and shamelessly denouncing anything Christian, painting them with a broad brush based on a few high profile fallen Christians. They held them up as examples of this faith. That isn't journalism; its anti-Christian, anti-restoration, obstructionist, pro-Islam propaganda, calling it by exactly what it isn't: a religion of peace when in fact it's a dangerous ideology antithetical to democracy and freedom. Now you too have a chance to spread the truth in facebook. Remember this: all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.


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Truth is so much better than political correctness. Resolve right now to stop it. Ben Carson said when our kids get less educated they get vulnerable. Obama knew that and approved of it because unless the kids become vulnerable, they will never accept Marxism, which is supposed to fix what's wrong with society. Obama's handlers, the Globalists and Muslim Brotherhood, have a willing stooge in Obama. He is a Marxist and Muslim, knows how to lie and put on airs without blinking, has a good memory and doesn't contradict his lies that often, is smooth talking, and black - the perfect combination to change America to what the Globalists want, not what the people want. That is the key point. The focus of Socialist thought is that the cause of our problems is not ourselves, we are victims, and society is bad and Marxism will supposedly fix that, and Christianity is bad and Islam will fix that. Obama gets 10 out of 10 for hitting a home run with 100% lies with the Globalist platform. Is there any truth in this guy? Comparing and contrasting two smart black men would make a great essay. One filled with lies and a grudge against western society, especially America; the other a man of truth. Ben Carson came from poverty but his mother made sure that they grew up solving their own problems and never having that victim mentality that is so pervasive in our modern society, and encouraged in schools and government. To these socialists, education is not important, and dumbing down has been going on for a long time as Ben points out. They want to highlight that Society is bad and evil Marxism is the solution. Obama's theories have been proven wrong around that world and millions of dead people would testify if they could, because they became the victims. Obama did not clap. I think he knew that Carson was right, but he is a Socialist Marxist and he will be so until death regardless of truth. Carson said that in our government we have the lawyers on the left and right, both sides taught to win, not to solve problems. Winning is more important to a Congressman that truth. That has been proven as they keep trying to trip up Trump and remove him from being a bone in their throats.


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Journalism has lost its way, what with progressive ideologies mixing up their minds about everything being permissible now sinking ever deeper into the gutter. This is why there has been an increase in sexual abuse and related crimes such as Pedophilia. It was all rampant in Rome and Greece and we know what happened to them. That is the left's ideology we must destroy with the truth - and it appears to be happening, with everyone getting what they deserve when it's all over. A happy ending is possible, and even probable if providence enters the picture, and the election shows that it is there, defying logic, for in no way should Trump have won with everything stacked against him. My politics is simply no politics, because truth has no political agenda. How can you tell if something is a narrative? Usually it is an indefensible position and they will not debate it. They will say, like for the CO2 Global Warming narrative, that the debate is over or will not debate it at all especially now that it has become a business with tax payers paying a carbon tax for a lie. Sufficient information has been put forward by climatologists to have a public debate. But science is now a Globalist alarmist agenda, (the sky is falling) imposing a tax to "combat" natural phenomena. Al Gore is a Don Quixote figure fighting windmills. We must always ask this question: "whose science" and have we heard both sides of the argument; have we seen the data from each side. This science is Gore's "consensus science" which is no science. He rounded up thousands of mixed bag of Globalist "scientists" to say CO2 is a dangerous gas and even altered meteorological charts (so typical of Globalism) to prove their narrative. I doubt many of these people calling themselves scientists have studied the thing, but only heard Gore's sales pitch. For Gore it's about making money and it's been good to him. Every biology student will tell you CO2 is necessary for life to exist on earth. We breath it out, plants take it in and provide the oxygen that we breath in and they use the carbon to create food for us. We eat the food, break the bonds releasing its energy and exhale the carbon back to plants waiting to receive it back, repeating the process with solar power interacting with chlorophyll in photosynthesis.

We are a carbon based life form, which they want to ban from the air. Carbon has the property of being able to form molecular bonds with up to four other atoms simultaneously. Sugar is just carbon and water, along these lines, C11H22O11 and so is starch and many things plants produce for us have that basic COH structure with minerals added. This allows for the formation of hugely complex and useful molecules. Plants can't live without it and we humans supply in our breath and by burning carbon based fuel. This property is the basis for much of the chemistry that allows life as we know it to exist. Al Gore doesn't want a debate because he knows or should know that the sun is and always has been the major cause of the thousands of global warming periods over millions of years. He is a Liberal narrative pusher. They manufacture these crazy narratives that are stupid and expect Americans to just adopt them and change everything. Truth doesn't matter if the narrative fits. Where was the big deal about CO2 before Al Gore decided to go with it? Did you hear Mr.Science Guy before that? Nowhere to be seen until it became political. Who is pushing this narrative and why? That is a good subject for future discussion. Come back and I'll deal with it. Remember America is built on freedom of speech. When that is gone, America is gone. One of the first freedoms of speech to go is driven by repressive Islam, "Islamophobia" blasphemy. That is merely pointing out things Muhammad said and did. They censor the Qur'an itself because it is the source of terrorism but they don't want the world to know Muhammad's most successful conquering technique. It puts fear on the enemy, us, and the enemy gives up without a fight, such as UK, Sweden and Germany for instance. They have capitulated a lot. Even narratives are permissible, but anything Christian has become taboo. The only difference with me is I try not to call people too many names if I don't agree with their views. I just defeat it with the antidote: good old truth. Liberals don't do that because they don't know how. They only know brainwashed slogans, narratives and the dumb things put in their heads by the liberal media and the broken educational system that has been destroying a generation of young people for their god of Globalism.

Fake News is responsible for millions of sick and dead people. They promoted products that kill us such as cigarettes, chemotherapy and radiation to name a few. Of course Islam can kill us too in the future they have planned. It is a testament to stupidity. So they call people names e.g. "Islamophobe" "homophobe" "Climate change denyer" "Nazi" "racist" or "bigot" - all because they don't agree with other opinions and can't argue their indefensible position or ideology and are desperate to create an America nobody would recognize, a country filled with anarchy and turmoil which they would call "freedom." Then these people would be happy in a system that runs by corruption as taught by Hillary where businesses and foreign governments line up at the WH with their checks much like they did for her in the State Department where Obama put her. That was a big mistake! Obama himself was a big mistake. The Globalist left (with the elite power base) and their allies, including many Muslims out to further their own cause are the enemy of America. These Muslims don't want American freedoms and culture. The goal is a one world Marxist style government that has failed wherever it has been implemented and in the process millions of opposition have been executed. Executions are normal for Islam and Marxism - you must believe their way or else. That's what will happen in America if these globalists ever get total power as they so desperately desire - even at the expense of promising Shariah Law for Muslim voters, as many as they can bring in over Trump's head. Heads would roll. Blood would flow. We need to stop their sick plan.

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We should all be very careful about joining leftist causes. They suck you in with nice sounding concepts but underlying is a hatered of the existing system. My grandfather was in this revolutionary "War of Independence" that began in December 6, 1917 the day Finland became Independent and ended May 18, 1918. Why the war? The left didn't want independence. They wanted to be part of the Soviet Union. Twenty-one years later my father kicked ass in 1939 when Russians on November 30 tried to take Finland again but they only managed to keep a slice, including our family homes in the Gulf of Finland city of Viipuri after huge Russian losses some estimate as one million dead or wounded. It was an epic struggle of a small viable little democracy vs the big brute Socialist Russia with overwhelming superiority of men and equipment, much of which was supplied by Roosevelt under the Lend-Lease Plan, which was never repaid. But Finland was the only European country in the war that was never occupied and paid on time all the war indemnity imposed by Stalin, a ransom for freedom, who had planned more land grabs if the terms weren't met on time. My father captured some prisoners too and knew some Russian, even shared his cigarettes. He said they were nice people and very hungry. Every Finn knew "ruki ver" or "hands up." My parents knew some Russian as Viipuri (Vyborg) had quite a few Russian speakers and so they knew lots of sayings that they would mention at times. Roosevelt could have prevented this tragedy. He was a Communist sympathizer and gave Stalin everything he wanted! Both my grandfather and grand mother at one point worked in Leningrad. In fact my grand mother was in Leningrad during the October Revolution and after escaping back to. Finland, served Lenin tea where she was working. Lenin hid in Finland for a brief time. Someone informed the authorities and white Finns surrounded the house but Lenin had slipped away. Why didn't the UN demand Karelia returned. Why just focus on Israel? For these reasons and many more I want to help spare America from going down the same road Russia did for seventy years before it finally sunk in: "Socialism" is a complete failure and must be avoided by all freedom loving people.

One of the Soviet's biggest failures was attacking Finland in 1939 and 1944. They did not succeed in forcing Finland to capitulate but peace was made in 1944 because Stalin could not keep his troops in Finland as he was not getting anywhere fast and needed them elsewhere like in Berlin. See Finland

Finland prospered in freedom while Russians and many Finns that fled to Russia were either killed or suffered horrible conditions and were never allowed to leave. Also suffering Socialist rebellions and Communist genocide and slavery (be a nice fellow and don't complain) were Central America, Cuba, Asia, East Germany, East Europe from Estonia to the Mediterranean as agreed by America and Britain with forced repatriation from Europe of millions of refugees back to the gulags of Stalin and death. Allies did not free Europe! They only freed a few but most were abandoned to their new found pal, Stalin, the man of the hour, who was "good now." Paton wanted to free East Europe but he was murdered in Berlin. Just think, England declared war on Germany when they attacked Poland, but did nothing when Russia attacked the same country. There was something not right about the whole peace treaty in Europe and Finland was one of the countries that suffered from these very bad deals. That's Russian collusion! Just imagine what would have happened if Trump was president back then. He would not have given that much Lend-Lease supplies.so Stalin can go and take over all the border countries. That evil ideology, Satanic influence if you will, is recruiting people to infect our young people in schools and universities. They must be found and fired for teaching ideologies of sedition.

Islam in large numbers should not be the fate of America. They will never assimilate and will work with the left to overthrow the elected government. From there they will work to overthrow the left and finally to seize power. That's the plan and the stupid left can't see that they are not just the enemy of the right but all infidels as per the Qur'an. Those who are nominal Muslims, in name only, are infidels too.

Don't pay any carbon tax! Use common sense. People did not cause the mile high ice sheets to melt around 10,000 years ago and there have been many of them. The real scientists speak of "intergacial periods." The glaciers did it all by themselves thanks to the rhythms of the sun. Your take-away from this is that Globalism is a deception from the pit of hell and I can name a whole list of their narratives they push on us. The other big one is Islam, which is by no means benign. We just need more education about it, not the fairy tales pushed by fake news and fake education and fake teaching about Islam that kids are getting thanks in part to Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama. Al Gore doesn't want you to know basic science but every student can tell you about the carbon cycle. This truth is more inconvenient to Globalists than Al Gore's. A Progressive Government is unpredictable in ways that hurt freedoms and prosperity because they have only two loyalties: only to themeselves and the Marxist-Facist-Globalist ideology that has teamed up with Islam to crush all opposition. Although most Muslims are nice people, sad to say a significant number hate America and Americans by their own admission in surveys. Brigitte Gabriel of "Act For America" says the official number of potentially dangerous Islamists is 20-25%. By ignoring this, the FBI and circuit court judges who destroyed Trump's Executive Order travel bans from 7 terrorist countries are putting Americans at risk.

The bumbling, out-of-touch with America left, bet on Hillary winning so they felt free to be as crooked as they pleased, yes even "wire-tapping" Trump - spying on the opposition - which fake media was saying was not happening. They knew America could easily reject the Hillary "nothing plan." She was riding on her popularity by left leaning Americans who succumbed to propaganda from professors who had no business indoctrinating. Their job was educating, but they produced these Globalist Bolsheviks. Trump knew and moved his operation. But that woman with the scales and blindfold is inching closer by the day. This arrogant ring of crooks grossly underestimated the American people, believing them stupid, unable to figure out their crimes. Justice is supposed to be blind but under these Obama appointees, it has become a farce with Hillary, FBI under James Comey and AG Loretta Lynch of the DOJ - all working for the Democratic Party. Justice had become a crime, the desperate work of Obama criminals. They are supposed to be neutral and not working to undermine the opposition party. But crooked Obama appointed them and he was the boss and his own dishonesty percolated downward. He had to know about everything crooked Hillary did. It appears that the corrupt anti-Trump bosses command these journalists to stick to narratives that they are pushing, such as the Russian collusion fraud. If Fake News reported what I am reporting, their income base would disappear. If Congress did what they were voted in to do, their inflated incomes would be reduced to that of all other civil servants. That would be sweet justice by and of the people! After all, a Constitutional Republic is a state where the officials are elected as representatives of the people, not of big businesses, and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government's power over citizens. When money controls how Congress votes instead of the people, power to the people has been hijacked, their power being rendered useless. The nation voted for a wall and keeping America safe however Trump wanted to do it. When Congress refuses to comply with the will of the people, they are destroying the democratic process and should be removed from office. They seem to think being there is a reward for them because they are so good and therefore they have been allowed to get rich by accepting donations that subvert the democratic process. Congress should be more than a heaven where deserving Americans go for the rest of their lives to do nothing. It is a place where the dreams and will of the people are converted into reality.

Left leaning Globalist media encircles the entire globe and their message is pretty much the same. When companies collude for price fixing, it is a crime. Well then, why isn't colluding for narratives, phony information for political gain, against the law in the News arena? When two separate news come up with identical news, which turns out to be wrong, that is circumstantial evidence of collusion, and there is lots of it now. They only want to give you one point of view, the Globalist borderless crime and poverty-ridden multicultural stew with the world pouring in overpopulating the largest cities and ruining everything, creating a people without national or personal identity, confused even about their gender. "Mommy, am I a boy or girl? The teacher says I might actually be a girl!" It's child abuse. Gender is not fluid. Biology is destiny. You can't decide to be one or the other. Both genders have a role in a stable society. Human rights code says we honor both genders and never blur the distinction. That's not how progressive see it and we will never know where this cult will try to take us. This started in British Columbia Canada and quickly spread. Like the LGBT agenda, it contains aggression and hatred against anyone who disagrees. This is happening now and only we can stop it if we aren't cowards like the left who have no borders on their morals which is the real meaning of "progressive" - and the progression is not where America should go. The Elite controlling the left through their wealth are tricking Americans to enslave themselves and even climate change is one of their weapons to destroy the western countries and I will show you how and why. The global warming hoax is part of it and you can see the evidence in videos below. They got a bunch of Globalist scientists together and got them to agree that CO2 is the cause of global warming - and it is part of the Globalist master plan to achieve total control and remove all borders. Obama and Hillary were cooperating in the scheme and so are most left leaning governments. I will prove to you that it is nowhere near the cause and it is necessary part of life.

My opinion of racial issues is simple: we are all God's children. We are all equal in His eyes. Liberals want equality but in doing so, they persecute white people. I have heard white people saying racist things against white people. That is the epitome of racism and self hatred. My friends have been of every race and I don't see a difference that many others do. I only see a difference in how certain immigrants behave, which is like they are used to behaving where they came from. When I disagree with bad behavior and beliefs, that has nothing to do whatsoever with the race itself. I have lived in the Bahamas and worked there and who were some of my best friends? The black local people. Thinking back, I thought I was ahead of the times. But today I see reverse discrimination and racial division more every day, and I believe Obama started it.

Discontented people who are there because of themselves have been tricked to make their situation the fault of the rich "capitalists" and the system in general. Yet all the left at the top are rich. The rich Communists like media darlings Obama and Hillary are hypocrites. They want to burden the people with huge taxes and then give it away to newcomers who will vote for them or their party. That's how dumb the deceived left are. They need to see the real reason for their poverty and misery in the land of opportunity by looking in the mirror. That's how they did it to the Russian people and now in America. It's the willingly deceived against the informed. The Constitution should be the star by which America should navigate to stay on course. Progressive means to get off the path and into their swamp.

Joining in the battle to destroy freedom of expression in America is Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon. Fake news thinks they are exercising freedom when they are exercising censorship of expression. When truth is spoken, they call it "hate speech" and the people are "racists" or other names. They live in a bubble of lies - the narratives by which they think and live out in their own lives. These soon to be monopolies, mega-company vacuum cleaners of small mom and pop traditional businesses, and others are working against Americans, lobbying Congress with their combined $50 million to do things against people's best interests. Like drug cartels, Congress sees Trump as a real threat to their finances and that is at the bottom of the present childish tantrums and the Mueller witch-hunt for the elusive Russian collusion phantom concocted by Hillary and Obama in case Trump won. His winning was a direct threat and fear of prosecution of all involved in various criminal scams including the dump Trump initiative. I am for prosperity based on our own efforts, not corruption. Here's how much money Congress persons received in one contribution in this legal racket from just the ISP industry: I rest my case. Congress Against People Individual Totals

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The Apostle Paul

I'd like to jump to a different topic for just a moment to give you a special announcement that is a game changer in the energy field. This is not a commercial, but a heads up. As an independent news I want to benefit my audience any way I can. That's my job. If you make money great, come and donate to this site at the bottom of this page. Here it is. Some of you may already know about it. Remember Pons and Fleischman who got "over unity" power in experiments with what they called "cold fusion?" OK, others tried to replicate the experiments and a panel of "scientists" condemned the whole thing as fake. It seemed to violate all the physics laws known to date. In the experiment, a certain amount of power was put in to get the reaction going. But it isn't a chemical reaction. I'm going to get just a little technical for a moment. During the reaction, more energy was produced than applied. This violated everything we know about matter and energy and American physicists immediately dismissed it. Well, I decided that these men were right and so did many foreigners. I already knew that biological transmutations occur from Louis Kervran's experiments proving low energy nuclear events that create atoms through combining by resonance either O or H from water to available minerals and mediated and facilitated by Corticosteroids. This explains why women, or anyone with hormonal deficiency, often get osteoporosis when there is a reduction of hormones as in menopause. Calcium is a pH buffer and critical for the narrow range required in the blood but it applies to many essential minerals too. Kervran's theories blow a hole in the accepted theory that the minerals on earth are exactly the same ones as when the earth was formed. For example if you need calcium, take organic silica. Kervran noticed that hens excrete more calcium than they consume and then proved it scientifically. These reactions are in all living organisms. The White Cliffs of Dover are laid down over time by organisms. Did they take Calcium from sea water thereby reducing it there? This theory says the organism produced it from, probably Silica, but there are other pathways too. Hence you don't die if you don't get calcium for a few days if you are healthy because these little known reactions maintain homeostasis. Cold Fusion is a relative of biological transmutations, meaning the whole thing is a natural phenomenon like all other discoveries. Americans were afraid to go near Cold Fusion for being labelled. Being labelled is a fear in people and it is used by our enemies too. About 10 years ago I became aware of an Italian Andrea Rossi who was busy doing his own research and a couple of years ago he announced that he had developed a power unit that can be commercially produced. He called his company ECAT. This is a potential threat to oil and electric generation. In theory, a little box the size of a bread box could power a car for years. Gas stations will close. Refineries will shut down. Dams will be dismantled and the threat of radiation pollution from reactors will be gone. Cars will be electric powered. Arabs would be pulling out their hair if they had any under that rag. Once in place, the device could run for years, making deliveries and transportation cheap. This innovation comes at a time when technology is displacing workers so the cost of energy will fall at the right time. It will have a major impact in any case. Please watch a video about his discovery and possible commercialization. As for myself, I will be investigating the possibility of investing in it. I follow these developments as a civil construction engineer and biological scientist, a great combination. Although I have basic university training in these fields, most of my knowledge came after graduation, from ground up hands on field experience. See ECAT

You can see why Trump is a threat to their financial future as Trump wants to clean up this pay-for-play corruption donation racket that infects government. Previous presidents accepted it as part of the job and who is to say what the limits of "contributions" should be. How about $2000 maximum? Would Congress vote for such a bill? I highly doubt it unless...the people demand it. Why should Americans allow their representatives to sell votes that belong to them? Each vote must represent only the people, and by putting caps on bribes you will see the crooks leave and get involved in some other racket. Congress belong to the people, not Eli Lilly or Monsanto, and it's a job that needs to be done. That's not happening. Half of them are past their prime and don't have the energy to do the country's huge work load. When and if they speak it is somewhat slurred and espousing the party line thereby not contributing their own input into the fray. They are unwilling to go against the tide even if they don't believe in the narrative and new courage is needed. They love it when there is a reason to not work, which is happening right now because the party has decided to tie DACA, a separate issue, to the budget. Trump is unwilling to grant a blanket approval of all illegals, but will allow for a pathway to citizenship for demonstrably deserving hard working solid potential citizens. You can't go from jail to citizenship court; that's ridiculous. But maybe you can go from jail to the airport. The criminals and those living off Americans must go. I think that's fair. Dems don't. When anything breaks the relationship between Congress and the people, the system fails. Shouldn't that be illegal? It's like the Catholic Church in the past selling indulgences - forgiveness of sins. DC is now all about money; they are open for business. I have nothing against being rich but not by selling out the people they serve. How will you know if their vote represents the people or the company seeking to change laws that are often dangerous, like GMO which has not been proven safe but makes companies like Monsanto rich. In fact the US government has a stake in promoting this company that is killing people. At last count well over 100,000+ farmers in India have committed suicide after being convinced to use Monsanto seeds. Do not use their seeds, ever!

The mansions and life-styles of Congress are strangely incongruent with their incomes and they weren't about to give it all up because of an outsider. That's what this fighting in Congress is about below the stormy surface. Who is lobbying for the people in Congress against their push to control the information people get? The people voted them in, then they proceed to make laws that harm them but benefit these greedy power and influence hungry people. Money no longer is good enough for them; now the goal is control. A dictator could take care of the problems but America is a "Democracy" - actually a Constatutional Republic. But there really should be a way to stop criminal minded people who like snakes, slithered into positions of power. Trump is trying to correct things but they hide behind the laws of the land that they, along with the trust placed in them, so callously break to benefit themselves and their Globalist-Marxist-Fascist ideologies and benefactors.

So Trump is in power now and he wants to bring into Washington truth. "What is truth?" You might ask. That's a good question and one mankind has been seeking for thousands of years, but there has always been those who only seek to bury it and fashion it themselves. Trump speaks about "Radical Islamic Terrorism" meaning Islam is connected with it. That is actually true, though every president has denied it because it is politically incorrect. How can you defeat something if you can't even pronounce definitively what it is because it's not fashionable? You might say, well most people believe Islam is a peaceful religion. Where did they get that from? I would argue it was first uttered to the world by George Bush Jr. After 911. From this we learn that polls are no way to determine if something is true or false. Fake news loves to play with what people think after putting their lies out there. They are just getting an echo!

Trump and I have two things in common. He is not a politician and I am not a journalist. He is a builder and I am a civil construction engineer. We would have lots in common talking about upgrading America's infrastructure using the new materials and methods that are superior and in many cases more economical. America has the "Asphalt Institute" that has designed new and improved materials and they will make America's roads last longer by increasing shear strength and reducing rutting. The cheapest way to make roads last longer is to maintain the ditch depth to at least one meter, otherwise you will get "alligatoring" (cracking in all directions) especially at the edges. Trump is asking for $1.5 Trillion for infrastructure and that will end up creating a cascade of jobs for workers and the whole supply chain. Have you noticed that vocational Industrial arts at the high school level have been declining? That's because previous presidents have shipped out manufacturing jobs by over-regulation and high taxes. The same thing has been happening in many countries in Europe and Canada for fifty years. Abandoned factories are everywhere as business is exploding from India to China. While infrastructure in China has surpassed that of America, the limited funded American roads, bridges and airports are run-down and need to be brought to 21st Century standards. The welfare state produces that effect by taking money away from needed projects to idle hands. These people who have no valid plan want to hand out free money but it doesn't grow on trees. It is a way to get votes at the price of destroying manufacturing. Globalists want us to think that it is the new reality, but America has been creating a reality since 1776 and it will never be the Globalist reality of shared poverty amongst nations. Trump's plan is to create jobs by reducing taxes and removing 2 regulations for every one crafted. Trump will make a boom in vocational training to fill the jobs created by returning industry - lots coming back right now. Give Trump a real chance to show you what he can do and the people must vote out those who hate Trump so much that they are trying to stop him from fulfilling his election promises. The Democrats, who have only secret Globalist agendas, just sat there through the amazing speech in which he extended an olive branch to them. They took that branch and stomped on it during the State of The Union speech. They just demonstrated to the whole nation their insolence and will pay the price in the up coming elections! They have no patriotic platform to present to Americans so they will not show their hand at all. Their vision for America is not the one Americans want and Trump proved it by winning the election. The "sat on their hands Democrats" are a big problem and they need to go.

The Mueller witch hunt was probably over before it even began in my opinion. I say that because everyone knew it was an attempt to frame Trump and get rid of him. So why is it continuing? For one, they want Trump to be an "under investigation" president under a "cloud." But it's all phoney. Mueller knows it, Trump knows it, the Democrats know it, but with Mueller there investigating, paid by the people, there is a chance Trump himself can be tripped up in some kind of trap unrelated to the mandate Mueller has. For this reason, Congress should vote to stop it unless presented with enough evidence to continue wasting money.

They Found Hillary's Fingerprints All Over It

Mad Dog Mattis Cracking Down

WATCH: Press Secretary Sarah Sanders
IMPORTANT White House Press Briefing On DACA

Like Obama, Hillary And Bill Are "Communists"
Marxism-Leninism was a failed experiment that destroyed Russia
Why would Americans vote in these people is beyond me. This ideology
will never make any country great, but it will and has caused the death of millions.

Huge! Global Warming Is A Political Narrative Dr. Easterbrook
The fact is that the earth has been cooling since 1998

The CO2 Climate Change Hoax
is based on "consensus science." Science isn't about a vote.
Founder of Weather Channel speaks out.

CO2 Climate Change Hoax
This is the gas of life. Plants need it; we exhale it.
Globalist Fake Science plan to destroy western Prosperity.

Globalist and Global Warming

Mr. Earth In The Balance Is A Fraud. No Global Warming.
He is just pushing the Globalist narrative to confiscate our money.

Whoops! I was wrong about global warming.

Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, Climate Change: The Facts, Keynote 4, ICCC10

Well, Well, Well, Look How Federal Judge Protected Criminal Cop Comey
Politically motivated judges are obstructing justice of buddies.

How To Reverse Dementia. Congress, pay attention.
What is causing it is huge!

GMO: The Fake Science Behind This Poison

FBI Threatening Trump

Obama Is A Globalist Criminal, Soon To Be Arrested
Globalism is the enemy of America; Obama is with them, not you.
Impersonating a American-born Christian. spying on Americans.

Obama Deceived The American People For Eight Years
That was his greatest achievement in my opinion.

Joe DiGenova Explains Obama's crime to exonerate Hillary
Obama is just as guilty as her because he knew about her email setup.
He knew she deleted 33,000 emails to protect them both!

Here's the investment tip of the century: ECAT
Donate To This Site

Andrea Rossi Sweden And Italy
Swedish with English subtitles. I lived in Sweden as a boy.

ECAT Cold Fusion: Can Make You Rich

ECAT 1 Megawatt Generator
Technical Data

A Great Little Invention

2018: Finland Celebrates 100 Years Of Independence From Sweden And Russia
But it wasn't an easy road. Russia attacked November 30, 1939.
My father joined the Finnish army in June 1939.

2 Boys Taken To Heaven Taught By God

Healing Power Of God
The decision is yours to make. Read my ebook for more like this.

The New International Version Bible Disaster

Danger of New King James Version Bible

The health of infrastructure is an indication of the country's health. It has been neglected. While all this spending was going on by Obama, his political agenda imperative, America's infrastructure was crumbling. He is a "community planner" not a builder like Trump. No other person in politics today is able to tackle this huge life-threatening problem. Roads and bridges have reached a condition where road surfacing needs to be repaved and new bridges need to replace old and many need retrofitting and seismic upgrading, especially in earth quake prone areas. Trump is ideally suited for the job. I'd love to see him on road and bridge jobs talking with the workers and engineers of which I am one, specializing in highway construction and bridge retrofit including seismic upgrading. As a government construction surveyor/engineer I have 30 years experience in all terrains, mountains, bogs and peat requiring settlement and lightweight fill, (sand or hog fuel wood waste for bridge ramps on a few jobs) much of it in areas frozen up during winter months. I want to see the work beginning in 2018 which would employ hundreds of thousands Americans, including summer students, and get all able-bodied men working, and women of course when the children are old enough that they no longer need the mother all the time. I think spending more time with children by the mother can help to stop the trend to drugs and alcohol which has become an epidemic and threatens the family structure, the building blocks of any sovereign country. Notice I said sovereign because Globalists don't want sovereign countries, hence they want children to be raised by people approved by the state, not mothers. Mothers pass their values to their children and Globalists have their own godless, Marxist values that destroyed the Soviet Union's brainwashed people whose God had to be the state. This is basically what Obama and Hillary want except the religion would be Islam exclusively, as their biggest doners are Arabs

Socialism sucked the money out of critical projects to illegal immigrants, including huge numbers of Obama's favorites from Muslim countries, all potential voters, the means by which Socialism and Islam were to be implemented in America. Trump stated that he couldn't believe how money was being wasted. Obama doubled the deficit in eight years with nothing to show for it while the country was falling apart. He had mesmerized the Amerian people by his smooth talking lies. He claimed to be a Christian; that was a lie. He sold Obamacare by saying they could choose their own doctor; that was a lie...Congress passed it so why did they allow the lie? Congress let him get away with throwing away money. That's the kind of voting going on in Congress. Obama's fiscal management was doomed to failure from the start and he brought America to the edge of a deep cliff, and a big decision for Americans. I'm glad to see that the right decision was made. Hillary would have given America the final nudge over into chaos, maybe civil war? The result of his policies was left vs right; black vs white and more: the splits he spent 8 years nurturing. He was doing the Globalists' dirty work. Maybe that's why Obama had UN armed personnel carriers ready. That is what a broken system looks like.

Not only are Fake News giving people false information, but Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are lobbying to control the freedom of information. Having the people knowing everything is not in their best interests nor their politics, which is Globalism. We know now that Globalism is definitely against our freedoms. They want total control. Radio stations don't want truth either, there is no money in it.

These gate keepers of information are censoring alternative conservative views now. Still Trump prevails. It seems truth has strength in and of itself. Most of those companies in a position to become the lords over the people's information are pushing to do so and for this reason you need to support alternative news more than ever and complain like hell about any controls over the free flow of information good, bad or indifferent. What is good for one person is bad for another, but nobody should be in control of making those decisions for you. Only you can decide to come back here or listen to CNN. Despite all odds Trump is prevailing and the economy hasn't been this good for 8 years. Mr. Trump is on the roll and Fake News can't accept it. So how do Americans know what is really happening? Fox News for one, but there are many others seeking the truth about what is going on and reporting them on various medias such as YouTube.

The one truth we should all carry with us through life is that the real enemy that wants to destroy is not seen but the effects are, kind of like the wind or electricity. The deception and chaos are everywhere to be seen and heard. What is the explanation for the sudden splitting of our society, other than having had Obama in the White House for 8 long years, who did everything he could to turn us all against our brothers and sisters. It set off an auto-immune response in the whole system. Life is a minefield of deception and deceivers working for the master deceiver. You must choose sides. Our priority is to weed out these deceptions, understand them and move forward in confidence that we are listening to the right piper and drum lest we all become casualties through their influence in Washington. One of the main ways of course is knowledge. "My people perish for lack of knowledge" says the Bible. That's why Fake News poses a danger to you. A big lie is that if we can't see it, feel, touch, taste or smell it, then it doesn't exist. Hillary believes it too, after all she erased 33,000 incriminating emails. We need the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That is why we must not listen to fake news narratives but get past our preconceived notions, falsehoods we have picked up along the way, and see the truth. That's what this page is about; its with you in mind because you are special. We have come to accept that news does not tell us the truth, but what they were paid to say. Is that the America we all want, or should we expect our news to forget the money and let us know if anyone is corrupt. Do the drugs we take work as advertised? How many people do they kill vs help? Who is blocking labeling of GMO? What products are killing us? etc. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free and the truth is not hate.

Why are almost all journalists Marxist-Globalists? Because you can't have journalists contradicting each other. They must stick to the narrative they have been given, like a script for a movie. Everything said must support the theme, the main plot. For example, Trump won because he colluded with Russians and Trump is a racist, and these are saturating their news at the expense of important news the people need to know. Don't they hire any normal people? Sorry, normal people won't work for CNN. Some of these journalists know the truth but want to keep their jobs while destroying their livelihood because the people will stop listening to those who discuss amongst themselves what the people should and shouldn't know!! That's not "freedom of the press" which is the same thing as freedom of the individual journalist. They know which side their bread is buttered on. When false reports fill the news, as you can see from Trump's Fake News Awards, they can have very serious results like the stock market just before they publish a correction. That's how Rothchilds became rich. Fake News reported that Napoleon had won, when in fact he had met the end of his road. They picked up the crashed stocks with pennies. Fake News may be doing that now. Theirs is an important job, like a doctor, because they can influence an election. Except it didn't work this time because Trump colluded with not Russians but someone much more powerful. Otherwise Hillary would have won.

There is an unwritten social contract between the people and the press. We give them "freedom of the press" and in return they promise to give us the information we need to make correct decisions in our daily lives. They have broken that contract. The result is that having broken their good faith with us, we the people have gone elsewhere for information. The purpose of this web site is not to attack any peace loving people regardless of color or religion or to condone such activity but to keep you informed because the for profit media has long refused to do so. If persons of color or religion should be mentioned it is in this "do no harm" spirit but the need to know sometimes makes some things unavoidable to report. We love all people on earth and so does God, the real one, not the one who chops off heads.

They have worked themselves into this obsessive hatred state of mind bordering on mental illness like paranoia, (especially if they smoke marijuana or do drugs) feeding off each other's accusations, looking to outdo each other. It has become a phenomenon of our time. The whole left establishment are trying to destroy Christian America and replace it with Islam, a terribly intolerant religion but which finances a lot of anti-Christian activity around the world. When you see things like what I have exposed below, the old "follow the money" applies like never before. In no stretch of the imagination can Chritianity as taught by Jesus be construed as hate, but the Southern Poverty Law Center has become a HUGE, millions of dollars donated, hate group THEMSELVES labeling all Christian groups as hate groups. Companies scrambled to donate to avoid being on their list! Our social contract has always been to tolerate other opinions, but the left has cancelled that. Now only their opinions are good, wholesome and will build a new world order where peace, but not tolerance, will reign - under Marxism and Islam which are allies in this struggle. This is a matter for the lawmakers to deal with. Can any organization threaten to ruin anyone by putting them on a hate list because they don't agree with their religion, but give the green light to the most repressive religion in history: Islam? By their actions SPLC says they only tolerate Islam. That is Un-American. They put Fortress Of Faith on that list, but they merely expose Islam for what it is, that it is intolerant, violent and trying to take over America! Christianity, which is peaceful but has God's moral code for mankind, is "hate." JP Morgan and Apple donated millions in hopes of never ending up on that list. The following chart from Tom Wallace exposes the truth about Islam and this is supposedly hating Muslims. The opposite is true. Tom loves Muslims and has helped many of them see the truth of Islam and many have left. What he is trying to do is educate us who don't know anything about it but have been fed fake news about the subject to conceal the real Islam. Truth is not hate. But SPLC's lies are hate. Tom Wallace below responds to this hate group by exposing their own hate. This is serious and it undermines freedom - resist it please. If the Globalists' goal is to destroy the current system and replace it with a dictatorship, what better ally to have than Islam? Tell your Congressman about the danger and visit Islam And Hitler.

Source: Islam And Hitler

Tom Wallace Responds To Hate Business SPLC
Does SPLC hate Islam? No, they promote it. That says it all.
Do not use this group of criminals as information source!

Fox News: About SPLC

WATCH: President Donald Trump Speech UNLEASHES FIRE and FURY
on Globalists at DAVOS Economic Forum

Skip monologue

Trump pointed out their bias every day for almost two years and he continues to do so to this day. It's not their job to choose sides but to report facts. They redundantly report their narrative, missing out on the job of conveying facts to the people. Their response to Trump's complaints was, "Trump hates freedom of the press." That freedom means they have the responsibility to be the eyes and ears of the nation! Anyone can confirm this by listening to what Sarah Huckabee Sanders reports to the press, then reading what they report. That's the way we can say unequivocally that they are totally corrupt just like Obama and Hillary. They focused on one person and his family, the trivial, to paint an image in people's minds of a deranged crazy man. This charade was unfolding while important information about Obama, who surrounded himself with Muslim Brotherhood traitors, Hillary with her pay-for-play business, sale of 20% of US Uranium to Russians for personal gain and destruction of evidence in 33,000 emails went unreported. For that reason America had to endure another four years of this traitor. If that is freedom of the press, give me tweets or beeps or anything else. They say the president is nuts and they are professionals. Well, then report; do your job! Show the people you aren't nuts because that's how you appear to the people with your narratives. The media was almost unanimous and reported almost identical news, which Donald Trump corrected every day.

The left don't like the American electoral system. The DNC appears to want a different system whereby they get to pick the president. They don't like Trump because he is doing the right things and they want to continue the lucrative corruption with their team: Obama, Hillary, DOJ, CIA, FBI, Congress and Fake News. To get American people the truth of what the ring leaders are doing at any given time is hopeless. Enter "crazy, not fit for office" Trump. Crazy like a fox, the brand of craziness not welcome in DC. The American people knew about the massive corruption despite Fake News. Now they know they have been lied to and made fools of. That's why they voted for a "John Wayne" new sheriff character to clean things up. Except for a few hiccups (not a politician) Trump has done better than any of his predecessors since at least Ronald Reagan. Hillary was betting on winning and did what she wanted, crime, ignoring the law. Nobody will indict her she thought because she had paid off everyone, and dead people don't testify as we have seen in her trail of dead bodies. Nobody blew the whistle on her. She may have bribed or threatened Congress too. There is a culture of silence in corruption. The whole rotten ring has been disrupted and they are fightin' mad like angry bees. Obama and Hillary, most of Congress and especially DNC are the new "better America" Socialist Globalists that follow Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky, the author of "Rules For Radicals." They, like Alinsky, believe that the American Dream is not good for the people. But the things Alinsky condemns these people embrace: wealth, membership in country clubs etc. but I suppose they are not for the rest of us. Sure enough, Obama was making it so! Such hypocrits!

Donald Trump stated to the American people that neither he nor his team colluded with Russians for the purpose of cheating in the election. But the reason Hillary lost is because she had no plan to improve the lives of Americans, but plenty of plans to improve the lives of illegal immigrants. Further, there is no prohibition against speaking with any foreigner during a campaign that would warrant a special counsel to investigate some wild ideas about how Russia influenced the election results with Trump. I will just add that Wikileaks did much more damage to Hillary than anything else by exposing her crimes. Hillary didn't want anyone to know about HER collusion with Russia in the sale and kick-backs from the treasonous sales of 20% of American Uranium holdings to a Russian firm, which is called the, "Uranium One" deal. Patriotism is not one of the characteristics of this or any other Globalist. Russia owes her a favor, not for Trump, but if there was meddling, there is no evidence of connection to Trump's team after a year of investigation by Trump-hater Mueller into Hillary's assertions that are merely excuses for her failures. The response of America is to turn them off. Hillary yelled, "fire." Comey had the fire department look for any signs of fire. A year later the fire department is still looking, under carpets, closets, rocks...anything to locate the fire they know must exist because Hillary said so. No fire; no Russian collusion. Hillary lied. If Mueller can't find it, how would Hillary know? Fake News reports that the fire department is getting closer to finding flames. Shouldn't the person who yelled fire be charged? It cost $8 million so far looking for any reason to get rid of Trump, thanks to Hillary the accuser and James Comey the crooked cop.

You can see what our broken education system has produced by the journalists that come to the press briefings. Sure they are pressured by their bosses to stick to the false narratives but they also have a bigger duty that transcends their duty to a boss: their duty to the American people. As a result of trying to appease the boss they have ruined their credibility. If they have any integrity, the journalists should get together and renounce their past failures and move forward as neutral transcribers of events followed by a non-biased commentary. Is lying by omission or content acceptable to them? Is lowering themselves on the moral hierarchy of this world the price they must pay to keep their job while hopefully not getting caught in the lies they must spin and be fired as the scape goat? If they are a cross section of our educated university trained Americans, we are in trouble. The stupid questions that have nothing to do with the daily performance of Trump's government. They seem to be fishing for the next story, the thread of information they can spin into something embarrassing or even incriminating against Trump. We have a problem of selective and biased reporting and freedom of speech. They permissible repertoire about everything seems to be shrinking. You can't say this; you can't say that! No! We need to step back instead of rushing head over heals into a prison of our own making.

Who's to say what we can and can't say or think? Who came up with the idea that we should no longer say Merry Christmas? Who is the Grinch that stole, "Merry Christmas?" You can push peaceful folk just so far and they will respond by stopping the few who want to dictate to the many and that means the left who claim to be tolerant and without hate. Everything that is good and American must be discarded according to the left. It's anarchy in a way. I think they have crossed the line long time ago and it is time to reverse much of it. We can't lie down for them who call themselves, "progressive" but who are progressing to take everything away that makes America what it is, and Trump is leading the charge to reverse everything that offends the left atheistic ideology but which are part of our culture, maybe even greatest one in the world.

That's why everyone wants to come to America. They (the liberal left) have completely ignored the grave danger from Islam to America because they are on the same page. Theres only one valid reason for immigration today, when most big cities are already maxed out and millions of illegals roam around unemployed. That is skilled workers. America is flooded with the unskilled, uneducated workers that have driven down wages. Here's the BIG looming problem with this. By 2030 half of American workers will have been replaced by automation. Store checkouts will fade away like the morning mist. Amazon is there now. Their stores charge you by the smart phone. Machinery will produce goods and other machines will distribute them according to electronic orders. Why do we need to load this foreign population bomb now when this situation exists? A hundred years ago transportation was slow, but today a million people can arrive in hundreds of ports of entry in just months and are eligible for government money and accommodation while many Americans must live in tents. It's an unfair system. Cars can't move now on freeways and the left wants to double these cities! There will be a revolution. The unemployed will demand equal distribution of money, working or not. So why would anyone want to work? Russia found this out and gave up Socialism. Trump needs now to bring in highly skilled labor only and expertise in every field, yes at the expense of low achievers who will never have a high paying job because that takes years of hard work and a higher education. Automation and technology mean that America can't continue as in the past where all were accepted as immigrants. "We are a nation of immigrants" will no longer be valid when they come to enjoy free money which reduces the amount for Americans, who will rebell. Now we must be more selective as many of those let in during Obama-Clinton era are still unemployed or have taken jobs away from minimum wage American black people among others and many aren't even looking because they get a monthly cheque. Obama, Hillary and the DNC rely on the ignorant illegals for votes and are willing to do anything to get them, which was proven during the last election and there will be heads rolling soon from their criminal activity.

But other than employment problems there is also the issue of a finite capacity of the land's resources, ecology and quality of life for Americans and Canadians. We have reached the capacity of the largest cities in terms of time spent in traffic, (one-two hours in LA) capacity of infrastructure, affordable housing, welfare/free medical, pollution, waste disposal, etc. and Democrats want to double these populations (very soon according to current growth) with uncontrolled chain immigration, just for the votes. They don't really care about the people. This DACA problem was created by the last presidents since Bill Clinton, and they represent votes meaning they will try to hang on "like a Russian to a loaf of bread."

Freedom means that everyone must let others be who they are, yes even if it offends, as the liberal, progressive (a misnomer if I ever saw one) left don't mind offending us who love our culture, religion and country. They hate everything about America because that is what they have been taught since before Middle School. Their "progressive" America is one without traditional morals, meaning everything we consider a perversion is on their table. And therefore, by offending us without restrictions, we are even. So left: shut up and leave people alone - it's now a free country (defined as a nation with controlled borders and free speech) again.

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You paid a tax (like in Islam) if you are not converted. Putin wants to reverse
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Theory is correct, method needs improvement.

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Most universities today have stopped teaching "how" to think in favor of Globalist "what" to think. The minds and hearts of the people are being changed at their own expense by the Globalist agenda by the places of higher learning. I call it "lower learning." You can't teach people what they should think. You only have a mandate to give them the tools to think for themselves. Globalism hates individualism. Everyone must think alike. They are all about brainwashing, filling children with lies and turning them into little Marxists. Sociology is an example of a discipline that has become dangerously politicized, but it is also in criminology and many other courses. Berkley is a good example of a politicized institution receiving federal money, where only one point of view is now welcome. Riots by radicals prevent any other, which gives the university an excuse to deny free speech. To real Communists, people calling themselves liberals are just "useful idiots." Obama joked in some of his speeches about becoming a dictator to huge applause. He does not have an ounce of true American in his living corpse. The whole Liberal (Alinsky Neo-Marxists) machine, including media, FBI and CIA spying was mobilized to prevent Trump from winning. Yet God intervened to prevent the people from harming themselves any longer, and these fake news liars and their friends will have a tough time explaining themselves to their creator who will lock them out. It's too late to repent when they die. This battle is not just in the material world they worship; it extends beyond our mere senses. I suggest they change their ways before it's too late.

But Americans who have been able to see through the flood of false information coming their way from everywhere voted for Trump and that will save America. False information permeates life today especially from fake news because there was nobody to stand up for truth, until now. People everywhere are repeating the fake narratives about Trump but fortunately the heartland of America does not believe it because Donald addresses them directly. Media has destroyed "freedom of the press" by gross abuse of that freedom. Do they not understand that freedom carries with it responsibility. If people only knew what the left really stands for many would leave liberalism and that seems to be happening. Progressive, Liberalism, Socialism, Humanism - all point to the same thing - Communism. And that means dismantling the entire system and entering the draconian world without a moral compass that Russian people and Eastern Europe succeeded in throwing off after 70 years of deception, murder, hunger and misery. They go by the pseudonym of "Liberal" but these ignorant people think it means being a good person and everyone else is bad, especially Trump supporters and Christians. That is straight from Neo-Marxist Saul Alinski's textbook for radicals that is both Obama and Hillary's "bible." Oscar Wild stated, "Socialism, Communism, or whatever one chooses to call it, by converting private property into public wealth, and substituting co-operation for competition, will restore society to its proper condition of a thoroughly healthy organism, and insure the material well-being of each member of the community." This probably encapsulates what many leftists today believe. It is a Utopian dream, but ignores completely human nature, which as seen during the failed 70 year experiment in the USSR, shouted out, "it doesn't work!" And everyone knew it. If the Iron Curtain that prevented people from escaping had been lifted in the fifties, there would have been a mass exodus. But the Communist party didn't allow it and thousands were shot in the back trying to escape to freedom. Yes, that's it. What people want most is freedom, and under Socialim it vanishes, and an inordinate amount of power is concentrated in a few. And only private property gives the people initiative to strive hard to own something and pass it on to the children. Only in smaller groups based on common long standing beliefs, by religious groups (e.g. Kibbutz) and tribes, does communal living work to a degree. Other groups fail and we don't want to repeat the mistakes of others that cost lives and prosperity and freedom. Leaders always strive for more power and Marxism wants total control under fraudulent people's representation. If one day the people no longer have faith in the Marxist system there is no mechanism to dump it without another revolution.

Two evil ideologies exist today that are using "cloaking" devices to prevent being exposed 1) Communism: cloaked as liberalism; 2) ideology of Islam: cloaked as/in label of "religion." The two have a common goal and are complementary in their activities. Gateway courses that indoctrinate Marxism are Sociology, Political Science, and related disciplines and many other courses may be contaminated by Marxist teachers.

There is a big difference between Natural Law and Positive Law that is a Liberal law that claims freedom is granted by government, so they can also take it away, and they have done just that in all Marxist Socialist countries. Scandinavian Socialism is headed there too in a big way, especially under Marxist EU. Brussels now dictates to member states what they can and can't do, and what they must do. That is a collective and it is doomed to failure when the people can no longer tolerate slavery. The Declaration of Independence states that laws and freedom are God given and cannot be taken away by man. God gave man Ten Commandments to live by and to guide our actions. They stated: "honor thy mother and thy father," "love thy neighbor" and "thou shalt not steal" etc. and they became foundational to our legal system. The Jews were under these laws and if they broke one then they broke them all. This is why they were posted in Court Houses of America until a few atheists were able to have them removed. Which one do you subscribe to? If you go with the Founding Fathers, then you are not a Socialist. The Pilgrims tried Socialism and proved it doesn't work and stopped it! This is why America became free and great. Islamic Law was invented by Muhammad who claimed he got it from God, though there are no witnesses. It does not grant freedom. Instead, it is composed of detailed list of things a Muslim must do. One of them is Jihad.

This is why Trump, a man who understands dangerous ideologies better than most, is under siege by the left which tries to destroy him and remove him from office. They are, to put it bluntly, Communists and their true nature is now coming out when they lost the election. When liberals lost theIr panic is making them act more like what they are. Obama and Hillary, like their mentor Alinsky teaches, refer to their supporters as "useful idiots" which is what Stalin called his supporters. Liberals, most of which are just well-meaning but deceived ordinary people, are pulled along with lies and they lap it all up. They want to believe, like fake wrestling audiences believe the acts. They believe in lies but they will bite them in the end as this ideology has done to hundreds of millions killed all over the world. Useful Idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control. It is presently happening at an alarming rate in the U.S.A. They must never be allowed to run the country again. The next time could be the final straw. While Hillary and Obama, King and Queen of the swamp monsters were sleeping off their hangovers, Trump was busy giving Americans another gift, draining the swamp with executive orders. Trump calls Congress and Obama appointees the "swamp" and vowed to drain it. Thank God for Trump.

Destroy America By "Global Warming" Scam
CO2 Does not cause global warming.
Mini Ice Age is coming. Al Gore And Obama Globalist Hacks
pushing false narrative. Methane is much worse. Carbon tax is crazy.

News On 700 Club Jan 3/18

Trump Made His List, Checked It Twice,
And Took Down Some Swamp Creatures.
Nowhere to hide for all those who took bribes
from Clintons. Just for you America.

Top 10 Junior Hockey Moments

Educational System That Has No Compulsion To Do Homework?
The Finland Phenomenon examined. The highest scores! How did they do it.

Why The World Hates Christians
Christians resist NWO Globalists that Liberals promote.

Cowboys Can Ride, But They Can Dance Too!

Spoof On Fake News

A swamp creature is a mythological creature that inhabits land that is saturated with water, alternating with somewhat solid ground. Washington swamp creatures are real live entities that are saturated with corruption, with some solid honest workers doing the will of the people who elected them. The others practice willful amnesia about all the promises they made to the American people. Now here is the main thing that distinguishes (lying?) Trump from them: he is a man of his word. When he says he will do something he will do it and is doing it. So "lying" - exaggeration for effect - "tall tales" etc. are his way of making his point, which is true in concept though the exact numbers may not be. When it comes to his job, I don't see him lying and I think that is what the people want to see, and why they voted for him. They believed him now more than oligarchs Hillary or Obama because they did very little for the blacks and Middle Class prosperity, but their prosperity increased exponentially. In fact by contrast, Obama reversed most of the things he promised, such as permitting people to keep their doctor under Obamacare, and much more. He also made a big deal out of positioning himself as a black Christian, a very honest man of the people, but when he was elected for his second term he suddenly became a Muslim and of course anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian and stabbed America and Israel in the back. He also let down the black voters who expected great things and voted him in. There is a video on YouTube of Hillary saying one thing and then saying the opposite, and it goes on for many minutes. You should also watch Obama's campaign promises and see if he followed through with anything. Someone took the time to compare Hillary's statements and there are similar comparisons of Obama. These are what I call pathological liars where the truth is anything expedient at the time especially at election time. Both Obama and Hillary were following Saul Alinsky's directions to say one thing and do the opposite. America was, and is now struggling to avoid, heading to a Communist State under Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.

Social Justice in Obama's 2010 America - which is why America needs to be made great again. Obama was bringing in anybody and everybody, and releasing criminals back into society. Why would he do that? Good question, I'm glad you asked. He wanted to recreate America into a dangerous place so that we should all be monitored "for our own good." That is the world tomorrow that Hillary and Obama were after. Sounds crazy? That's because these people are really the ones who are truly crazy, like a snake, NOT Trump.

Communism: The Demented Passion Of Obama And Hillary But The Demise Of America

I am here to warn you because my family home was stolen by Communists and had to be left behind in Russia. It was done under Marxism and I will fight that ideology as long as I live, and everyone who lived under it suffered poverty and millions were executed. Thousands of leftists (Communists) left the good life in America to live in Russia, the worker's paradise, and regretted it because they ended up with a bullet in the back of the head. Some got out because they smelled a rat and turned around right away. I have located the names of over 6000 Finns, Finnish Americans, Canadians and local Karelians that went to Karelia (province of Finland bordering Russian Karelia) to enjoy the worker's paradise under Stalin. The women and children were dispersed far and wide, east as far as the Altai Mountains. I have met these people and they have told the story of their fathers being shot and their hardships under Communism. Socialism was failing and nobody was allowed to leave to tell the world. The system didn't work and nobody would say so lest they end up dead.

In the coastal harbor city in on the coat of Karelia Finland life was great before the Russians attacked. It was a fun city where my parents wanted to make a home. They had to leave twice: once in 1939 and again in 1944 because the Finns took it back in 1941. The buildings today on the Russian side in Viipuri (Vyborg) have deteriorated - nobody took care of anything because nobody owned anything. Nobody built wealth because they had barely enough to live on, the unavoidable result of Marxism. Alcoholism and early death was the result. Radicals, brainwashed in universities dummies, will stop at nothing whether in Russia or America.. They are Communists, the enemy of freedom. This must be stopped through education and by removing the brainwashing in schools and universities.

We must learn from the mistakes of others and develop our system rather than scrapping it and implement something already discredited. we must take a step back to move forward, by reinstating Christian morals, by making them permissible and even desirable. Life means nothing to them, only their ideology. Radical Muslims and Radical American leftists have joined forces and we must stop the flow of Muslims if we want to survive. Everything in USSR was rationed and you get what you are given and like it. Or they will send you to Siberia to die. Socialism.

That land I refer to is called Karelia and I am a Karelian. My concern for us all is rooted in the experience of my family and our fight to remain free from Communism which goes back to 1917. We overcame at least 3 attempts at turning Finland into a Communist satellite of Russia: 1917, 1939-44, and after peace when there was an internal attempt with the Russian army ready just across the border. Three strikes and Communism was turned back where it came from. The Russian people were led by radicals into the Rabbit Hole October 1917 and emerged over 70 years later, poor and miserable, but free and wiser. Finns escaped because of the excellent, best army in the world and the divine intervention of God almighty for a people who honored Him. They beat the atheist left in the forests and lakes of Karelia and it is my father's story. One million Russians were missing wounded or dead as Finns encircled them and wiped them out. My father was ther when 800,000 Russians attacked over a 15000 mile front on November 30, 1939. He survived and moved to Canada in the 50's but left his home behind in Russia. Godless or nations worshiping false gods will always lose, which is why Arab armies will never conquer Israel. The Finns remind me of the unbeatable Israeli army. This ideology of Communism-NeoMarxism-Socialism-Liberalism (no real difference) is from demonic forces in the universe to harness hate and envy to fool people with lies into assisting in the overthrow of the elected government and establish a tyranny. Unfortunately for Finland, the left never went away, they morphed into liberals. The same situation exists in America with the Democrats and Canada with the Liberal (Communist) party. Please see the Democratic party for what they really are, not what they claim to be. Their true nature is beginning to be seen now.

Globalism is another way of trying to bring on a One World Government which was also the goal of Communist International, and both are equally evil. Both bring death to "unbelievers" usually beginning with the prosperous intelligentsia, who believe in law and order - and the Constitution. If you believe in science, believe that USSR was the biggest scientific test with the largest sample size ever performed about Marxism. They proved conclusively and forever that the system must never be allowed in America. Our young people go into universities as normal people and come out Marxists. The whole educational system must go in front of Congress to be purged of every trace of this dangerous ideology. Soviets knew for a long time they were fooling themselves but could not change, which is a characteristic of extreme Marxism/Socialism, until the whole thing fell apart around them. Sweden is in this situation right now. It can't change from the course to destruction. This is Socialism gone to seed! They had stripped the people of God and identity, and replaced them with ideology and the State. They replaced God with cheap vodka, and created a nation of alcoholics, empty shells of humanity who were dead before reaching 60. They did a complete about face in 1990 and opened Russia to the world, even welcomed missionaries and Christian programming on TV. The people were promised great things in 1917 but millions were murdered for this ideology and it turned out to be an unworkable system of shortages. If a Communist would kill to overthrow the system, they would certainly lie and do what they are doing, not accepting, undermining Trump's government to try getting one of their own back in there. Who cares if education is free if you can't buy a loaf of bread?

Most young people who are Globalists don't understand what they are promoting and protecting. The ones who know only too well are those who had to live under Communism. For one thing, as an American or Canadian, you can't trust a Globalist because he is not serving your best interests. He or she serves his Globalist masters (funded by Soros and Rothchilds) and also the House of Representatives serve the lobbyists as well. They are out to destroy the basic building block of society, the family unit. Hillary talks about getting the parents out of raising the children. Islamic indoctrination of American children has begun in lower grades. This is very serious. When you attack the mind of a child at that age you scar the child for the rest of his or her life. They never really recover from it and what they teach will make you angry because it should never be there in the first place no mater what excuse. It is being done by design, a plot to change Americans into Muslims - the crazy idea of leftists to destroy Christianity. That is why they are so stuck on Muslim immigration and fight Trump with everything they have. If you start indoctrination before the age of seven, it becomes imprinted in this "critical period." All higher vertebrates have a certain period that orients them to the world, which affects their whole perception of the universe. It helps their survival, but in this case it helps the enemy.

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing In Government. Alinsky subversion.
Self determinism or manipulated masses? Free yourself.
Insight to just what kind of "community organizer" Obama was.

I have wondered for some time why suddenly after WW2 it takes two people working to afford a house. Never mind Socialism, the unlucky gullible Soviet people had to wait for years just to have an apartment and if lucky, a car. The promise was a big lie and Obama thinks its the best system in the universe. A little demon in him told him so and is directing his actions. Communism is demonic without a doubt. That's no solution to anything except to get some radicles a job dictating to everyone else. They don't know anything about reality, only utopian theories someone dreamed up on sleepless nights and cost hundreds of millions of lives trying to implement the impossible because they ignored human nature, laws of economics and complex realities. The reality of the prewar breadwinner had been stolen. It should be possible to buy a house with the average wage of one person. The bankers now force both parents to leave the children and go to work in order to afford a house. The war started it by requiring women to build ships and airplanes. They liked their new freedom and the bankers saw an opportunity to capitalize on this new development. If women didn't work, would banks have to give us mortgages anyway or shut the economy down? I believe they would and it would work because it worked before the war. House prices would come into line with the money available or the banks would close. Women should be given the option of a career or looking after the children without being thrown into poverty. Women could start on line businesses at home. Media portrayed housewife work as below the dignity of women, that they should take careers like men. I believe this is destructive of the building blocks of society, the family unit, which is not compatible with Globalism. The two main goals of Globalists are: destruction of the family and Christianity. Both are dangerous to the New World Order. Various things are now in process to dispose of these impediments. We have been manipulated.

Women are smart and in many cases smarter than men. Besides they are good at multi-tasking. But they are really needed at home too, more than now. They can still be doctors and engineers but spend more time with their children. The sexes were created with complementary qualities, not identical qualities. Two mothers or fathers are redundant and they cannot provide a child with the loving two sides nature provided to develop properly. The result of engineering the new family that suits Globalists is disastrous to society. We see it amplified in California where children have been thoroughly brainwashed by the educational system.

Making America great again depends on making the family great again. It is the cornerstone of society. The current situation is partly responsible for the drug epidemic and for their Marxist ideology. How many parents know what schools and universities are teaching their children? Not many, because they just didn't have the time. Both work to maintain the family. The children are being taught falsehoods about Islam and Marxism, while many of the traditional core subjects were dropped. The other big one is secularization, meaning government teaches children that there is no God but worse than that, they have been indoctrinating Islam. These ideologies have had a profound effect on the human psyche. Hope has been taken away. If there is no future, then may as well live for today because when we die we are gone for good. And there is no higher power to answer to than the self. This is what they are taught, but now they are taught religion too - after it was removed - but the wrong one: Islam. The excuse is that children must understand Islam (but not Christianity).

Islamic indoctrination in schools was actually started by Bill Clinton, making him an enemy of the people. He had no business bowing to his Arab donors. This is strange as they don't believe in God. Arab money is the reason, hundreds of millions which went also to universities for Islamic centers on campus. The excuse is that children should be taught "other" religions, but absolutely not Christianity. That doesn't wash. They are taught the prayer that converts the child to Islam, which is against the Consitution and Christianity has been purged already over fifty years ago. It let a vacuum in the schools , which Clinton filled. That is a crime in my opinion, a sell-out to our enemies. Is Islam our enemy? Yes if it is trying to undermine the foundations of America: Christian beliefs. Our recent presidents have ignored the laws of the land, and only if they served their purposes. Bill and Hillary will do anything for money and this will come out during Trump's government. I believe these two are buying, threatening and doing everything they have always done to prevent being "locked up." I will explain why this thinking is disastrous for our children. Children don't get the love and attention they need and they turn to drugs when parents neglect them and families fall apart. The spiritual vacuum the atheists created makes the children more open to anything that appears to give them some hope. But Islam will lead them to their destruction and ultimately to that of America. All planned by rich evil people which shows what money can do - even destroy a nation. We are like Lemmings, like sheep being led to slaughter. One bread earner has a hard time now to raise a family. They call this "progressive." America is supposed to be "of the people, by the people and for the people." Not of, by and for the Globalists and Special Interests which has been the case. Only Trump has seen the system for what it really is and is willing to fix it against all odds

A quick comment on accusations flying today. Is every accusation true? Of course not. There are many reasons why one person accuses another of something. Some of these reasons are political and exaggerated. "Trump was helped by Russians," was Clinton's accusation. The proof? Some of Trump's team have spoken with Russians. That's proof? Then there's the accusation of Pontifer's wife that Joseph had attempted to rape her. Some accusations have nothing to do with politics but are personal. It's a tangled web. Every night a couple can be heard screaming at each other in a certain apartment. One night she screamed, "I'm going to call the police and tell them you raped me." All I'm saying is that we must be careful when jumping to conclusions based on a mere accusation. We would love to believe each one, but humans can deceive for their own secret reasons and this is a problem. Unfortunately there is one type of accusation that destroys many people: those about unwanted advances by men. I also wonder how many lives have been destroyed needlessly. Let's have an open mind and not let our biases determine guilt or innocence, but also see the whole picture including what possible gain is there before we destroy someone. Can we give him the benefit of the doubt if there is no proof? Remember: "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Jesus defending a woman accused of adultery The Jews wanted to stone her, and Muslims still do it today.

Globalism represents the destruction of established law and order in order to implement a new Socialist Communist system, in other words treason and sedition - loss of control by the people. Governments serve at the pleasure of the people in a Constitutional Republican form of government. They hire people to do a job and if they don't do it, they get fired. Under Socialist Globalism, Americans could be controlled from Belgium or Berlin or somewhere else like Iran and just try to fire an incompetant worker under that system. That's why I like Trump's words: "you're fired!" If you want job security, do your job, which Leftist Congress is certainly not. It's back to colonialism but worse. Will you give up your freedom willingly? Will you trade promised peace and security for living in fear of the draconian punishments such as (under Islamic law) amputation for stepping out of line, which is a possibility? That is the "peace" Muhammad wants to bring to the world and why they promote it to gullible left as "religion of peace." Liberals see nothing wrong with Sharia Law. Of course not because both ideologies are from the pit of hell. Sure you might have "peace" but it would be at a terrible cost. And there would be no real peace.

Islam has been trying to dominate the world for 1400 yeas, but only recently have they had enough funding to move forward after stalling. They succeeded dt militarily over a wide area from Spain to Asia. Can they win a traditional battle for domination today? Of course not, so instead of a head to head military campaigns they are doing it over a long period begun years ago, begun in around 1920's when the Muslim Brotherhood was established. It's called Stealth Jihad. Obama is a Stealth Jihadist and his friends are the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist front organization. The result: we don't even notice it and view change as inevitable. That's what we are told: don't resist what is going on because there is nothing you can do. I beg to differ. One person can make a difference. You can too! The end result they want is removing Trump so that what the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas have "achieved" can be continued, removing the footings off the building called America. The American people said "no" and it was a long time coming. This was nothing short of a miracle and it was from God. There is no rational explanation for a Trump victory. This is a war between good and evil and as such it is on a spiritual level, which is why they must crush Christianity before their NWO can become a reality.

Americans were what I call "asleep" and still are to a certain extent - but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Better late than never. America is not about concentrating power in Washington, where crooked politicians can continue ripping of the American people for the easy money they have been receiving from special interests such as Big Pharma, Big Agra and the Arab countries determined to spread civilization damaging Islam throughout the world by means of their unlimited oil wealth and the willing recipients of it at all levels of American life including schools and Universities. As proof, I can cite the hatred of Christianity and how it has been removed wherever it was visible, but suddenly they want our children to learn the words in Islam how to convert to this religion and the false teaching about a "peaceful Islam" which certainly it has never been.

Nothing must stand in the way of this leftist Globalist movement, which frankly is something these people have been sold on and know very little of the devastating consequences that it brings. We must stand in their way like a brick wall and keep the civilization we have, gained through many trials and tribulations including war against this very ideology. My father fought against advancing Communism in Finland without western aid that was given the mass muderer Socialist Stalin without a second thought, which is a form of Globalism and NWO, and so have many others and lives have been lost to defend our free way of life. If little Finland can stop Stalin from making Finland a Russian province, which it did twice, in 1939 and 1944 then what can the American people do if they put their mind to it? They can certainly keep their culture and Constitutional Republic, with its rule of law, that the left want to destroy. America can only be conquered from the inside by deceiving the masses, which CNN has been doing. Yes, it needs work, but that means removing corruption which works against the people. We won't let these psychopaths destroy our values and way of life with a "progressive" Marxist/socialist ideology..

Years ago two scientists claimed to get "overunity" - more energy out than was put in - and they called it "Cold Fusion" because the two hydrogen atoms come together to form helium. Since conventional physics demands that there is high heat and radiation, Pons and Fleischman were called quacks by the nuclear physicists. That was over twenty years ago. Researchers didn't believe these so called experts and many continued trying to make it work.These scientists were protecting their exclusive domain, where they are receiving millions of dollars to research fusion power. They missed the chance to be first to deliver cold fusion power to the world. If it works, they can take down all the power transmission cables and we would have small units in our homes producing electricity for pennies. An Italian, Andrea Rossi, now has power units for sale. ECAT Cold Fusion Power

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Israel is safe from being invaded by Arabs.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world have become victims of this solution to their problems what is loosely referred to as "leftist" ideology because they listened to wrong teachers who robbed them of a better life and brought destruction in their wake. There is a right and wrong path. Now it is America's turn to go off the straight path into the weeds? This path of error has been shown to be false, yet people still fall for it. It means that people have failed to discern truth because they have been hiding from it all their lives. That is Marxism. That is what the Globalists want - to inflict it on most of us who believe in truth, borders, Constitution, Law and order, Christianity, treating your neighbor as yourself, freedom...Since the dawn of time there has always been someone trying to take freedom away. We must always be on guard, even against our own people if they have been deceived by bad ideologies right in our own educational system. You only get what they and the left dominated educational system want you to "know." What was believed to be dangerous is now acceptable, even desirable. The changes we have made in our Western civilization are radical and the results are not always good. That's why we have a generation of Marxist-leftist-globalists. They practice "violence" against America and its peace loving people in pursuit of the American Dream. They harbor criminals in sanctuary zones because their silence is approval. They permit and promote open borders and its revolving door stream of criminal elements including murderers and Jihadists that use the southern borders to infiltrate America. This ideology and its proponents, fake news, have no place in America. Congress needs to make a law against reporting lies and come up with criteria for it if it can be proved, by due process that the truth was X and the reporter knew it, but reported Y. In their defense they state that they can make mistakes. Sarah Sanders reply to them: "then they must retract" the fake news they create, which she says they sometimes do but sometimes not. They want to attract readers by putting down Trump but all they are doing is losing credibility. There must be a law that forces the reporter to assume responsibility and retract it. Then repeated violations can be prosecuted and the bum thrown in jail.

False information can destroy America. It cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers in the Gulf War. What was it? Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They even showed fake videos of children, which are propaganda to influence public opinion. That is why the war that destabilized the entire region happened, and led to the situation we have now with ISIS after Obama pulled out of Iraq, signaling to ISIS to move forward. Hillary and Obama also destabilized North Africa. The left has accomplished destruction of Christianity over the past 50 years. They don't believe, but they don't want anyone else to believe either because their motive force is narrative, Marxist Globalist borderless, lawless theory and belief that they can manufacture truth to suit their evil schemes. Criminals in their view are victims of our "evil" system, so Obama released hundreds of them! And allowed thousands more to cross into US soil even after committing many crimes before. That's making the American people suffer for the "evil" system, which they are only too happy to solve with a Communist one party government. But Obama had his chance but because of his incompetance his dream never materialized. It's insanity. This ideology has led to massive human suffering and cost millions of lives. Meanwhile, they have been slipping in Islam into schools and universities, accelerated under Obama, probably to try and put the last nail into the coffin of Christianity. You can't restore America without restoring the foundational beliefs which made America great and free. The damage done to America is that freedom was being removed and replaced by a religion of slavery and violence. It has been going on since the 60's after senator Ted Kennedy said no more white Christian immigration.

    Radical Islamic Terrorism - What Is It?

    Radical Islamic Terrorism: Islamic/Islamist terrorism, or radical Islamic terrorism is defined as any terrorist act, set of acts or campaign committed by groups or individuals who profess Islamic or Islamist motivations or goals. Islamic terrorists justify their violent tactics through the interpretation of Quran and Hadith according to their own goals and intentions. Wikipedia

    Whoever wrote this definition does not understand Islam or is intentionally misleading the reader. Although the specific goals may be of the group, the definition states that the violence is caused by some weird interpretations based on their own (not of Islam) goals and intentions. This is a very misleading definition, basically the narrative being advanced by fake media and Muslims themselves. Muhammad used terrorism, he said so himself, to create fear in infidels so he could more easily subdue them. This being the case, what Sarah Sanders stated as a goal, namely that the root of "Islamic Terrorism" must be found, cannot be addressed without addressing Islam itself which contains this ideology she was talking about. It is not a rogue ideology as most people believe. It is not from someone's "own" fringe goals because Muhammad taught in mainstream Islam that the world belongs to Muslims and they are supposed to take over. How? Terrorism is the military approach, Stealth Jihad is the intrigue and infiltration method - behind, "enemy lines," if you will. Normally we can call them, "spies." Spies are normally shot in times past, but we just say, "don't do that" and fire them. The White House was full of them. It is part of Muhammad's military training manual, the Qur'an, which states that non-Muslims are "fighting Allah" and can be killed in retaliation. That is what we saw on the news: ISIS chopping off the heads of Allah's enemies, which are you and I. Muslims don't know their own religion any more than most Christians. They only know the main parts that are taught. Only serious students of Islam will know what Muhammad actually taught, and most importantly what he did. The Hadith elaborates on what he did, and it is not something children should read. In fact children should never be taught Islam in our schools which leftist ignoramuses are doing now. Never! Imagine the damage Islam does to women, who are taught that they are bad, and stupid! This is unbelievably dangerous to import to our freedom and democracy loving countries, and it is happening now all over the world by implementing the Globalist agenda to first destroy Christianity, family and state. Trust me, this ideology is bad and that is why Globalists team up with Muslims to destroy our civilization. To expose this information can get you thrown in jail in Canada and EU because it offends Muslims. Well, I have news for them, it offends us even more. What Obama and his Muslim friends think of women. Read this.

    The "final word" of God, which they claim is the Qur'an, would not change the original narrative, it would only add to it. The Qur'an repeals and replaces most of the important parts especially those pertaining to Abraham, Isaac and his half brother Ishmael who was banished into the desert with his Egyptian mother Hagar, and who is claimed to be the father of Arabs, though I doubt if he filled a vacuum where he went. Arabia was already inhabited and so was Iraq. Ishmael was a trouble-maker and could not coexist with Isaac. But Muhammad has Abraham going to Mecca though there is no record of it and no reason for him to make the journey, especially to build a big black building with a flying carpet for 360 idols belonging to various tribes who made a pilgrimage there. That would have made Abraham an idolator. The Qur'an mixes Old and New Testament bits and they don't match. For example, the Trinity is "Father, Son and Mary" rather than the Holy Spirit.

    The bottom line for today is God gave Abraham the land of Canaan, or Israel, and through Isaac his descendants, not the descendants of Ishmael. Therein lies the problem created by Muhammad about rightful ownership and possession of Israel. Rome kicked out the Jews and they were dispersed over the earth. The Bible says that they will return in the last days and the parched dry mostly unihabited land will bloom. That made the Arabs want it for themselves though previously they were glad to sell that useless ground to Jews at twice what it was worth. Israel is a miracle. The Jews have offered the Arabs peace, even land for peace, but they want it all. Now both claim Jerusalem and the land of Israel. Islam clashes with Christianity and our western culture developed over thousands of years on so many levels and they won't change. Allah and Sharia must reign supreme and that means a war of numbers - which we are losing. We destroy our babies while they make them; they are very prolific. That numbers game destroyed Christian Lebanon. We must change, and Trump is actually on the right track: keep our babies! When need our babies even at the expense of a little inconvenient pregnancy. Maybe women will be more careful if they aren't given free services to get rid of their unwanted baby. There should be support for such pregnancies instead of support for destroying our next generation. If women had their choice through the centuries, perhaps human life on earth would have ceased to exist. This is why our culture had a prohibition on adultery, to maintain family integrity. Today half of the marriages end up in divorce. This abandonment affects the black community as an epidemic.

    Reduce Muslim Immigration. Push does eventually come to shove from Islam, and we see its results daily. A related question comes to mind: is there a rightful owner of any part of the earth? They seem to believe that Palestinians are the rightful owners of Israel and they should not have to share the land with Jews. Should any country have to share their land with outsiders? But Americans must share their land with everyone including criminals according to leftist Globalists! Obama was busy doing that, yet he wanted Palestinians to own what God gave the Jews. Muhammad was said to have traveled to Jerusalem on a white horse but his wife said he never left, (except to go to war I suppose). Muhammad tried to bring dignity to Arabs and changed the story in favor of Ishmael and Arabs. But regardless of the history, we need to know what drives the ubiquitous terrorism and slaughter of Christians and Jews, and reject the false narratives that explain away the evil deeds of this religion of evil ideology aimed at conquering our civilization and throwing us back into the stone age.

Now we must stop listening to narratives if we are to survive as a sovereign nation. Adherents to leftist narratives around the world love their narrative more than the people and country. I never heard Hillary or Obama say these words: "I love America and the American people." And you will never hear it. Trump's refrain is his complete and total love of all Americans and America. He says so on many occasions and I believe him. I trust someone who proclaims his love rather than pushing an ideology or making great promises that are insincere. The spirit of the left, as seen in fake news reporters, do not have love in their aura, their heart, but hate. Can you see it?

Donna Brazile is the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee.
Would Fake News Publish Her Remarks?

We have seen many lies in fake news such as Islam is a peaceful religion, terrorists do not follow Islam, they are just bad people, selecting who we permit into the country is racist, America has no right shutting out people because America needs immigration, Trump is a racist, Trump is insane, Trump won because of Russia, etc. But we need to peel back the layers of the onion known as Islam and expose the source of terrorism. We cannot defeat "radical Islamic terrorism" unless we know and acknowledge its source, Islam. Trump has taken the first step just by recognizing terrorism is somehow linked to Islam. But how? That's what we will determine. These are some of the narratives of the left controlled media that need to be challenged. America needs skilled workers who can be employed immediately in fields such as technology, not just shop keepers to buy up all the hotels, motels, gas stations, convenience stores, taxis, trucking, and so forth, at a time when Americans and Canadians can't find good paying jobs and are unable to buy businesses. Yet immigrants get special treatment to buy businesses or the immigration process favors those who are rich, thus making average Americans and Canadians unable to compete. Why not give returning soldiers a loan to start a business? A convenience store, a motel etc.

Congress is a broken institution of aging special interest representatives. The intent of Congress is to have the will of the people executed. The will of the people is Trump's platform. How is that working for the people? It isn't. Since Trump took office these low lifers called "honorable" are not doing their job. Why? Because they don't agree with the people choice award. Is there anything in the Constitution that allows them to resist the will of the people? Absolutely not. They band together to destroy Trump because he is ruining it for them. If he stays there they won't be able to buy that new boat or that latest Ferari, or...I say too bad. America must be made great again and that means implementing what the people voted for, such as the Wall, lower taxes, jobs and security. They are greedy self centered people who have enjoyed the fruits of their corrupt life-style, selling their services, far too long. They get paid by the people to do their job but instead get another income for someone else to do their bidding. This must stop and Congress must stop acting like children who have had their lollipop taken away. Trump is working on a way to do it, and they are free to find another line of work if their government pay isn't enough. A cap on donations should be imposed, such as $2000. A good example is Big Pharma with a choke hold on alternate modalities and Big Agra such as Monsanto, which does not have to prove their GMO seeds produce safe food despite lots of evidence they and the pesticide Roundup damage the gut flora and do other bad things to consumers such as Cancer and the environment. This is what destroys the unsustainable health insurance businesses because people are so sick now that something must be done, and look no further than lobbyist worshipping Congress.

America and Canada share some of the same problems and illegal migrants is one of them as thousands flee Trump to Canada. Trudeau appointed a Muslim Minister of Immigration and a Sikh Minister of Defense - to get the swing minority vote - just like his father in the sixties and seventies who opened the door to a huge flood of South Asians. Now non-Muslims wanting to immigrate are asked the same questions as Muslims, especially about their religion (They don't want you if you are Christian. They vote Conservative.) and you must give a detailed account of your duties if you are a pastor, like if you have any ties to Christian terrorists. There are no Christian terrorists driving over people that I know of.

The left want our children to hate patriots and their spirit brothers and sisters, Christians. They have names for them: Nazis, Fascists, bigots, racists and more. The left constitute the haters of the American Constitution and the foundations of Western civilization. They are revolutionaries bent on repealing and replacing the whole system. They call themselves "progressive" but everything they do fails because their theories don't work in real life. things just get progressively worse in everything. Because they are not grounded in reality - it's all Utopian and unworkable dumb ideas. This is why no Marxist state survives. China is a good example of switching to Capitalism when they realized Marxism is not practical. But Scandinavia has not learned that lesson. They have let their socialist system destroy their peaceful paradise through unrestricted immigration. Nobody wants to be a "racist" this is the result. Sweden is burning. Europe has been invaded without a single bit of resistance - a bad signal to send out to the Third World, hundreds of millions, which would not be permitted to enter previously because they don't have anything to offer or have criminal or terrorist ties, not even sweat in many cases. They come to take and cause mischief. This a warning to America, wake up or face the consequences. You don't need a Chrystal ball, just understand Islam, their goals and methods.

They promote the idea that to control immigration and borders is "racism" and Trump is a racist. Trump actually hires and promotes anyone who has the talent - women, black, white, brown. He wants results. Obama's people were those who were not successful people necessarily but who fit the position for other reasons such as race and sex. This is why his government was a failure. They protect big Pharma drugs and procedures that harm, driving medical costs through the roof while killing the patient. We need information to make correct choices. For example, how many know that radiation and chemo only work on 97% of people, yet they allow these barbaric "cures" which are draining the health care system. Doctors have no choice but to refer their patients to these quacks or they lose their license. They don't tell us there are cheap alternatives that work far better and do no harm - but you will find them here. The latest one is in a video below, that cures "almost anything" according to the testimonies. This is because common underlying causes are often nutritional and/or metabolic, rather than a deficiency of chemo, which must be addressed, then the immune system can heal the body. You have to see it to believe it. The cancer ward might have to shut down, a lucrative business gone - and good riddance. We need to put a stop to their monopoly perpetuated by their partners in crime, fake news. We should investigate alternate therapies so I am posting some as I find them, after all our lives depend on complete health. The health industry's health depends on keeping us sick while appearing to want us healed. Big Pharma (and Big Agra like Monsanto) is a crime on a huge scale and they dictate all the medical laws like you can't claim something is effective that is competitive to their expensive and often worthless drugs and procedures. Hundreds of thousands of people die needlessly and I want to change it. They will throw you in jail if you break the horrible laws made by swamp people in Congress. One of the worst is John McCain, the war hero that isn't. That's a fake narrative too. He was and is a traitor to his country.

Jason Vale ended up in jail for selling apricot pits (Vitamin B17) on the Internet. How crazy has America become when government and industry collude against the people! It's the work of lobbyists and Congress, and you can bet money changed hands. When their actions harm America what else can you call it but violence? Fake news is a fascilitator, encourager of violence, (causing physical harm) even against the president while vehemently protecting criminals and those who don't have our best interests at heart like about 25% of Muslim immigrants. Their narrative must have an antidote: truth. A way must be found to get that to us and we now know fake news will not provide it. Americans have been on a restricted diet of information too long - let's open it up and permit free speech. They use their platform to disseminate information and accusations that have not been proven that hurt innocent people who oppose their narratives. An accusation of a sexual nature doesn't have to be proven to be damaging but they do it without a second thought, and the hypocracy is that they protect their own from the same thing, like Bill and Hillary and their friends. Then there are the universities, you know those places parents send their kids to learn truth, except when they get there they get a steady diet of liberal leftist even Muslim ideology. Get your kids out of Berkley!

Skip Monologue.

Most of their "news" is leftist propaganda, ignorant America damaging narratives and I will begin with the most damaging in the following report. The left is notorious for their disinformation smear campaigns because that is how they work. The big lie now is that Trump is 95% lies and 5% truth, supposedly from a trusted source. They don't fact check everything, especially which might damage their fake narrative. Did they fact check Hillary? How about her erased 30,000+ emails? There is no law saying Trump's team should not speack to foreign governments during an election. If Trump wanted to know about Hillary's collusion with Putin, should they ask Democrats or Russians? Hillary was scared stiff of being found out about her treasonous dealings with Russia, so they turned it around that Trump was the one who was in collusion with Russia. Now the truth is coming out. Trump's team should not have evaded questions or lied about speaking with a foreign nation, which is not illegal, in fact it can be helpful to understand foreign policy. Trump went to Haiti and heard how Clintons ran off with the money that was supposed to be for rebuilding the country. Hillary would love it if Trump didn't know her dealings with foreign nations. Lying about talking with Russians is the only thing they have come up with. It's shameful.

They promote mass migration of Muslims to America. It has grown into a human Trafficing business both sides of the Atlantic. The motives are not altruistic either. I submit that they are based on using human migration as a tool to achieve political goals - a dispicable and damaging human insanity. George Soros et al - people who don't have our best interests at heart - are financing a lot of it. People who have given up on the idea of a sovereign nation state, i.e. freedom, are easily bribed to do their bidding. Unfortunately many of them are in Washington. There is no reason America should look forward to turning the country over to masses who don't love our way of life, who are coming to usurp our free system only to push for shutting it down and taking over, demanding we change to suit them, who have well-defined goals and a plan to achieve them. These goals are in operation right now and they are seditious, prompting many experts on Islam, such as Brigitte Gabriel of Act For America to call it an invasion. Have fake news even fact checked their claim that Islam is a "peaceful religion?" Muslim Brotherhood has been exposed by FBI as stealth Jihadists and terrorist "foot soldiers" to take over America. They are patient and will not stop until they are sent back where they came from, stripped of their American citizenships. Media also avoid reporting the truth about the slaughter of Christians by Muslims around the world in order to protect this narrative. The correct news is available now only from Conservative and Christian sites such as FOX and CBN. I begin by correcting fake news that is a priority, which has the greatest potential to damage the country irreversibly.

The Qur'an may be one of the biggest fake publications of all time, claiming to be God's "last word" but where are the witnesses? Sorry, you have to take Muhammad's word. Hebrew Law demands 2 or 3 witnesses for truth to be established. So, where are the witnesses in the Bible? Jesus chose 12 (in addition to Paul who only "met" Jesus speaking to him in a blinding light on the road to Damascus to arrest Christians), for just that reason. Jews needed a minimum of three witnesses to establish a fact. They allow the reader to check what others said about the same event, statement or situation. The left's false narrative is that the Bible is a fable, but the Qur'an is truth. In Islam the being that supposedly "dictated" that book to illiterate Muhammad was the claimed Angel Gabriel in a cave. Muhammad correctly thought it was a demon but his wife convinced him otherwise - resulting in mass carnage of several hundred million people. Fact check that! But you won't hear it from Fake News because they aren't on your side. He was about to kill himself from the torment. He was epileptic and would have "revelations" during episodes. This "religion" should be thoroughly fact checked by every American. See if what I say is true. Listen to Brigitte Gabriel speak about what Islam did to her country and family. See what Saudi Arabia is doing to America. Saudi Arabia

When Angel Gabriel visits the first thing he says, is "fear not!" He identifies himself and takes fear away. This demon almost drove Muhammad crazy. He recovered and rest is history. Muhammad's first few years were peaceful. His later life consisted of caravan raids and wars of conquest with bloodshed and murder. Some were defensive of course but most wars were attacks and terrorism with lots of booty and women to be shared. Muhammad took away the fight of enemies by his tactic of terrorism - paralyzing fear - designed to capitulate the enemy. It is working vey well today isn't it? His art of conquest involves terrorism - Jihad and stealth Jihad by infiltration, which we have seen in the west. They are in our governments, judiciary and other positions of power. They push for their own Laws and have been granted it by many states such as Idaho. The spoils were the driving force in the spread of Islam. It was a young man's dream job if forcing women to have sex is your idea of fun. Not to normal people! But that was part of their pay, and tribal warfare had been harnessed. Having conquered Arabia and killing or driving off all the Christians and Jews they turned their attention to the world! It was very profitable and many wanted to join, this religion of conquest that believes the world belongs to Muslims, the new "Übermensch" and infidels are allowed to live as "slaves," there to serve them. I see it already happening. The U.K. PM is a good example. She hides the thousands of rapes by Muslims but criticizes those who expose them and other horrible things going on, much of it against young British girls. She doesn't want to offend. Oh really? Watch who you offend Madam PM! When some Muslims live off the rest of us, that is what they are doing. Muhammad became rich and had many wives and slaves. Really, there is not much difference between Hitler's super-race and Muhammad's super-religion. The truth offends but it's better you know than being blindsighted later. I may be arrested for saying these things but that's OK. Political correctness must stop, now! It's basically the same spirit - death to the "Untermensch." These things begin to happen in earnest when their population hits a critical mass. Personally I don't want to wait. I want to get you resisting now. He invented a successful business. Many black people think Islam is a black man's religion. It isn't. He called his black slaves "raisin heads." You see, this is going to shock you, Muhammad was a white man! Then, one of his wives, booty, poisons him and he dies at the top of his game. He was a great strategist and general, but terror and treachery were his methods, and his methods are being used now, on an unsuspecting, ignorant western civilization. Peace treaties were broken and still are, such as the Iran deal.

The Qur'an gets written many years after Muhammad dies, in the 8th Century, from bits of information here and there, such as skins, bone, whatever, and the input from those who created the final copy and destroyed other versions. Muhammad could not proof read any of it. He was already dead, poisoned to death by his a Jewish woman who may have become his wife after he slaughtered the men of her tribe. The works is a repudiation of what Jesus did on earth. He didn't die on a cross. God has no Son etc. Whoever Allah is, he hates Jews, dogs, questioning... Islam means "submission" in other words don't question any of it. Muhammad got red in the face and angry if questioned. Dogs didn't like Muhammad for some reason, so he made them into demons. During the Iranian revolution, all dogs were supposed be killed. This is not the God of the Christians and Jews! It can't be. They claim to be an Abrahamic religion but that is handed down through hundreds of years and many writers, not written by one man who couldn't read or write. The Christian God loves all His creation, you and me and His favorite people the Jews, and yes animals. Fake news has Christianity and Islam turned around 180 degrees. Don't believe them. There are animals in heaven and dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of people have had near death experiences, who visited heaven and saw relatives, some they didn't know existed like siblings that died at or soon after birth, that prove what Christians say: God and Heaven exist and the left will be held accountable, and hell for them is real. This "being" in the cave could have been the shape shifting Satan. Normally we permit all religions to exercise their beliefs on our soil.

I believe in freedom of religion - with one caveat: they must be 100% peaceful. Jesus was, but Muhammad tried it but got nowhere. Then he got "revelation" and Islam became the "religion of the sword," by their own description. But when we allow this "exercise" of a religion we should know if we are a target like those since Muhammad. We are mentioned in this "religion" throughout so shouldn't we know what is being taught about us? How will our lives be impacted? Are Christians welcome in a Muslim society? I think we need to know these things. The left stands with Islam to prevent us from teaching Americans about the real Islam. UN wants a gag order on criticizing Islam and many countries comply, Canada being one because PM Trudeau is a Marxist and so was his father back in the sixties and seventies. Both the left and Islam are an ocean of blood doctrinally and historically. Our young people are being lied to about Marxism. They aren't taught about mass executions - hundreds of millions - in the name of the leftists' ideology. You won't get the usual lies here so you have to decide for yourself which story is truth and which lies. I hope you have or can develop good discernment of truth. If you are a good person, the chances are you will have a sense of right and wrong. It's the really bad ones who willfully do bad things against other people, "sin" - knowing it is bad - in their personal lives who are blinded by their own will to the evil in this world. You could say that they have sold out to the evil forces in the universe, which are in constant conflict with the good forces and deception is one of their main tools. Opinions here are based on facts that have been checked and double checked. If you are looking for truth you will find it and you have come to the right place because that is what we are looking for too. However, if you are looking for a narrative that permits you to do bad things to other people, Trump and his family included, it won't be here. If you think Marxism and Globalism are the right way to go, you will have to find it somewhere else. Maybe it would be better for those people if they left and went to Cuba, Sweden or most EU countries, which are run by Marxists. If you think Islam is great, go live in a Muslim country with your wife. We'll see how fast you change your mind if you can get out.

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The world hates traitors to their own country.

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Trump Wall: Do All People Have the Right To Enter United States?
If so, why do they not approve all applications? Immigration refuses thousands of
applications even from Canada but the left want to permit illegal entry to the United States?
It is all about votes, nothing to do with humanitarian issues that they claim. So unfair.

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She Penned Part of Yearbook Inscription 12/8/17

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That's why America chose an outsider to clean house. They are angry as wasps.

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December 6, 1917 Finland Became Independent From Russia
Part of Sweden for 600 years, Russia attacked 1809 and Finland became
a Grand Duchy (associate) with own government. 1917 Finland requested and
was granted independence, but then the Finnish left declared war and
tried to seize power January 28 with help from Soviets. Germany sent 2000
troops and by May 16, 1918 after over 37,000 deaths, Finland was free.
This is the Victory parade in Helsinki. Finland was saved from Marxist Russia.
The left want to do the same in America if they had the chance, led by a black "Lenin."

December 6, Jerusalem Recognized By United States of America

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Liberalism is deception. It Is The Path To Communism.
Ronald Reagan's speech warns of creeping Communism.
I would add that by adding Islam to the mix it is even more dangerous.

Bill Gates Says Trump Is Right About Migrants
Anyone who isn't brainwashed can tell you that.

Bill Clinton and Obama On Illegal Immigrants
What made them change their minds? Follow the money.

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The trail of corruption leads from Fake News to Washington, Obama's Muslim favoring administration, Hillary, her donors and pay-for-play millions and theft of the Haiti relief funds and much more crime from the Clinton Cartel. Hillary "whoops" accidentally destroyed government property, with incriminating evidence of pay for play activity on government time and property, for which anyone else would have received jail time. Hillary would be behind bars if their fact checking was correct. If you're going to lie, their theory goes, make it a big one. I think Hitler used that technique. What nonsense. But what is true is they oppose 95 % of what he says and does. I have followed the mainstream news enough to know they lie outrightly and by omission and someone has to tell the people what's going on. Fake News won't. That defeats their reason to exist: profit and political gain. As they watch their audience slipping away, they are losing both. I have noticed some reversal of their reporting but not much. The bottom line is: the audience must not know which side they are on. If they do, it's Fake News. Truth is neither left nor right - it is in a category by itself, and I like it there. By the way, if you like this site, please share, and do come back. We'll solve some of the problems in the world. If not, sorry come back anyway; I'll try to do better.

Trump is no fool but he has trusted some people that are not his friends. Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick for AG is the latest to be proven a Hillary Cabal. He may lie to his enemies to throw them off his trail, but he will never lie to his people to deceive them as Obama and Hillary did. Sure he may exaggerate when trying to sell the public his point of view, but not in a malicious way from what I can see. It's more like fishermen talking about the big fish that got away. And of course there are facts he simply got wrong, whether he made them up on the fly or was given wrong information. Congressmen and Fake News are good ones to call Trump a liar, when everyone knows how much they lie. Still, no Congressman has called CNN on false reporting. Sarah Sanders has. There are legitimate reasons to lie, for example if you want to mislead the enemy. I won't cover up Mr. Trump's lies but he should be confronted with them and let him talk his way out of them if he can. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the economy is booming, stock market higher than ever and over a million new jobs created. None of them excuse lying but I'd rather think of it as misinformation or exaggeration for effect.

When the enemy has figured you out, Trump thinks, they can plan strategy to defeat you. There may be method to his madness. He drives them nuts because he is "unpredictable" - on purpose! This is why they think he is crazy. But he is crazy like a fox. The "crazy Trump" hysteria has joined the "Russian collusion" hysteria, neither of which have any basis. They just want the sherif who is doing his job out of there. Trump is what is needed and the only person qualified to defeat the swamp creatures. It's a war between Trump's team and the enemy: Fake News, Obama people still in the White House, Congress - both sides of the isle - and many more. That's not the same as lying that's cunning. It is defense strategy. What he tells the people is true. He says he will build the wall, which is now under planning stages. He says he will target "radical Islamic terrorism." Obama couldn't even mouth those words. What a sissy! The man in the house, Michelle, or as he calls "her" - Michael - is the ruler of the roost. Him and him get along very well as long as Obama is a good boy. Else Michael will get him in a headlock LOL. The family is one big fraud in my humble opinion. I have no proof but you have to have good imagination to believe Michelle is a lady.

He says he will lower taxes for all, not just the rich, (that is their lie) and repeal and replace Obamacare. Now, there's a difference between lying and being prevented from carrying out promises by a broken Congress unable to do anything positive because they are too focused on the negatives, trying to outmaneuver the master of maneuvers. They remind me of T.S. Eliot's "Hollow Men."

The legislature must in the end sign off on these bills, which they are refusing to do for political reasons. The left/Democrats have no solutions to problems and those which they have made things worse - such as open borders, $20 Trillion deficits, imploding health care programs, failed job creation schemes. Governments don't create jobs. All they can do is create an environment where businesses can thrive. They are too busy thinking up the next thing to try and get rid of Trump to be fully engaged in running the country.

Consider the source and timing of their propaganda. Roy Moore of Alabama is a good example. They promote sexual abuse allegations against him by women who showed up to prevent him from being elected to the Senate. The left believes that sexual issues are the most effective way to destroy people. Roy Moore has no previous issues of that sort, and witnesses have come forward to debunk these allegations.

There is a new sherif in town. No more incitement to political and racial division, though the message still hasn't sunk into these fake news crooks. They are crooks because they don't play fair. Without a president with a chip on his shoulder, and axes to grind, we can all come together again and live in peace, honoring our patriot leaders and what they stand for. Open borders is not freedom but an invitation to destruction. This is not 1776 but a time when we are destroying the environment with too many people. LA highways can't handle a single extra vehicle and most large cities are in the same situation. Where is the benefit of 700 million people over the existing 300+ million people many of whom will be unemployed due to increased automation. At the present rate of immigration the populations of these cities are expected to double quickly this generation. Will you be happier? Will you be safer? We are less safe now after what Obama did. There will be cities that are only for Muslims. They will attack ou if your car breaks down if you are unlucky. It is already starting. We are also less happy more hostile towards each other. Local children are reduced to moving further out into suburbs and longer commutes because they can't afford a house in urban centers. Religion aside, the present immigration rate itself is not in the best interests of America's long term outlook.

People want freedom and safety. Isn't that what drove people to the new land in the 17th Century? The reason? Governments tend to get more and more controlling and restrictive until forced to stop by the people. Never the other way - until Donald Trump. Businesses in America were hobbled by taxes and regulations, symptoms of Socialism and decline. You can't generate enough money to give away to freeloaders flocking in through Obama's open borders to take advantage of our generosity. Freedom of speech too suffered a setback as the intolerant left began calling anyone opposed to their views racists, bigots, Nazis, Fascists or any dumb thing they could think of to silence free speech and diverse opinions. This has worked for them in Europe beyond their wildest dreams to stop dissent about open borders. Europeans have backed off. Silence prevails and as a result they are being invaded by uncontrolled immigration, unvetted migrants by the millions are pouring in by Germany's Angela Merkel's invitation. They love her, but Germans, French, Scandinavians etc. are having second thoughts - maybe they should have pushed back. Maybe this mass immigration is a planned event, literally an invasion - a Trojan Horse.

Obama wanted to control education from Washington so he could mold all the children according to his political (Marxism) and religious (Islam) affiliations. I was going to say beliefs but I think he is only interested in control and Islam and Marxism are all about control. Thats why the elite promote them, so they can be the ones telling everyone else what they must believe, how to live, and who is allowed to live. For example, the elite want to promote the idea that if you are a Christian, that's bad and you are a racist science denying bigot. That's why everyone is leaving these failed countries to freedom, and hopefully free money. But now the candy man Obama is gone, lurking in the shadows trying to influence government, to bring Trump down. Intellectually, it's a no contest when a Marxist fantasy world swamp creature comes against a realist businessman who gets things done. The cause of failure in many cases is religion and in particular Islam. The hate Obama brought out of Americans is scary. He is the problem, however, the Fake Media has succeeded somewhat in making it all Trump's fault. They wouldn't blame Obama, but now they target Trump!

Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Speaks About Obama.
This president was running America into the ground.

Trump Leads The World: America Is Back!

To You Health

Cancer Is A Fungus
Fake Medicine killing people

How To Eat Apricot Kernels. Miracle Cancer Cure Vit B17

The Truth About Cancer Ep.1

The Beautiful Truth
Alaska Boy's Research Project

Chemotherapy Causes Tumors To Grow Spreading Cancer

If There's A God He Could Heal Anything
He breaks all natural laws concerning his Creation.
Good point. Here's one that Allah could never do.
Amazing healings from God.

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Chemo And Radiation Kill The Patient
Selenium for prevention and cure.
Crazy medicine kills and makes health care unaffordable.

The Answer To High Cost Of Health Care
Cut out vaccines and stop following doctor's advice?
Just eat what your body needs to stay healthy!

Should You Drink Fluoridated Water?
Fluoride On Tap. They're poisoning us.

Skip Monologue

We want to take back the supply chain of information, preferably from the sources. The need to know by the people trumps "freedom of the press" which has soiled it's bed by selective reporting that favors corrupt left candidates such as Hillary and protecting them from prosecution for crimes. They took this freedom and abused it. Globalism is nothing more than a global collective with a central government dictating to everyone like Moscow was and Brussels is in EU now, and getting worse. European countries have given up their sovereignty with the hope of prosperity, but it hasn't happened. Instead EU has invited the world, criminals and all, to flood in. The flow became a torrent. That is Globalism, and we don't want it and we don't need it. We aren't going to solve all the problems in the world by making our own countries less safe and poorer by supporting a mixture of criminals, lazy welfare cases, and all the people escaping their own home made poverty. Worse, they bring that ideology with them and sure enough many of them say it is worse in their new home. The time has come to stop blaming ourselves for all the problems of other nations and peoples around the world who we have been subsidizing for years. We need to take care of our own first, then everyone else - not the way it has been going.

The problems American people brought on themselves by not vetting Obama properly, to see past his myriad of lies cannot be undone by any insider bureaucracy. Otherwise they would have stopped all the un-American activity to undermine the rule of law and the Constitution. Most of the stuff the left Obama crew did, they accuse Trump of as if they were saving it all to dump on him. This is why the world needs Donald Trump at this point in history, when the young people have been seduced by the left to anarchy, dismantling what they believe along with Obama is an evil system and the old "wise" people's representatives did nothing to prevent it - because they were looking after number one.

The world is watching. If it works for America, then they will adopt it, like they used to. it has been America the world followed and envied. Obama's Marxist theory says that wealth was taken from the poor people of the world. That is BS. America (and Britain) created it by inventions: the industrial revolution begun in Birmingham England with the harnessing energy of steam/coal, the automobile, airplane, power transmission (Nikola Tesla, ethnic Serbian in America) and uses, computers, telephone, telegraph, TV and radio, (Italian Marconi with Tesla's data), iPhones/iPads...the list goes on and on. America did take, but to offset it they gave. It is unfair to blame the world's self-inflicted woes on America. Muslims love to do that and they call America, "Big Satan" and Israel "little Satan." The few Jews have invented a thousand times more things than the 1.2 billion Muslims. It is unfair and dumb that Obama blamed America and decided to do something about it: destroy America. He thought the way to doing it is flood America with Muslims and change its religious and cultural identity. We need to find a different way to help the people at or near their own homes, restoring their lives, over there and demanding prosperous countries close by such as Arabia, who did nothing, to help as well. We have the leverage, let's use it.

Fake News puts in just enough truth to deceive the audience. Lately the appearance of truth hasn't been working as their ratings have hit all time lows. They are losing the American people (those who voted for president Trump) who demand only truth in reporting now, which a sham. The only way that the left can move forward is with lies, about Trump, and against Republicans in various elections such as Roy Moore, Republican candidate for Senate in Alibama. Why now? Never before has there been a hint of anything untoward with him. Women who had known him years ago are making up stories for personal gain. Money. It is political, and it is lies. George Soros is financing the fall of America so he is an enemy to be defeated. Is this in progress? We don't know, but it should be. People, not just countries, are enemies now and should be dealt with the same way. The liberal media is scum.

Light and darkness are fighting tooth and nail for supremacy. Darkness wants to steal truth from you. Darkness gains supremacy in people when they constantly go against what they know is right and true but choose to do the opposite. That is where Fake News people are at. If we listen to them darkness gains supremacy over us, and eventually the whole nation. This is why a major correction must happen now because the vultures are circling. That leaves independent web sites to do the job that darkness is shutting out, to bring you to the light of truth. We don't claim to be infallible or to have all the news exactly right but I do claim to do the best I can and never to deceive. What I say about Islam, though thoroughly not politically correct, is the truth. It can't be racism because Islam is not a race. It is an invasion plan ideology wrapped in, concealed in, camouflaged in, a religious covering. Some of it is so outrageous that it sounds absurd but I assure you I have done my research over the last 16 years since 9/11 (beginning with lectures by Islamic scholar Robert Morey, then Brigitte Gabriel) and would like to pass on some of it because the level of knowledge about Islam is alarmingly nearly nonexistent. Women should be appalled with what Muhammad claims about them. But they aren't. Outrage to evil has died amongst our people. This is crazy! We ignorant humans are doing things that will destroy ourselves - as usual. Many love evil and shun the good, having been blinded by their own dabbling in things they should avoid. From this position of ignorance Americans are making critical decisions about mass "refugees" from Muslim countries. Of all the information we could know, this should be number one, and I intend to provide it here. When speaking with Russians about all the evil during Stalin's reign, they said, "we didn't know." Fake news is keeping critical information from us, like Pravda in Russia did and are still doing to some extent. Well, we still have the ability to know what is planned for us. Will we listen and do something or ignor it until we feel the blows?

Obama was doing everything right - for the destruction of America. If Ben Carson wanted to destroy America he says he would do all those things that Obama was doing, and gives us the short list of his destructive policies. He has it exactly right. Obama is a traitor and is still working to undermine Trump, and the America deep down he hates. Here is the latest Washington news followed by some interesting shows. Join the Washington Daily 10% Club by watching the video below by Brigitte Gabriel and you will know more about Islam in 15 minutes than 90 % or more of Americans. You will be equipped to authoritatively answer the misconceptions spread by Fake News and our broken education system about how Islam operates and what they are doing now in America while still colluding with Obama. These people have joined the Jihadists to make America a Muslim country and Brigitte will tell you how and what happens then - to you and me because it happened to her and all the non-Muslims, Christians and Jews in her native Lebanon. Muslims carry with them into our countries a weapon and that is Islam, with the instructions. Will they use it ? Some will, most won't. She says the same thing is happening here. You may not see it but she knows the signs and it is happening, and like in her native land, we the ignorant are helping them. She can see it daily while we walk around asleep. This is big, and it is serious. She is here to warn us so please listen to her. We can't allow the ignorant left to take us all down to ruin. This is a fight on the physical plane but also the spiritual. We must stop saying that Islam is just like Christianity and we must respect it, when all the time they and their allies the left want to destroy us and are killing us around the world. The left are their facilitators so they are complicit. America once joined another evil movement headed by Stalin the mass murderer, and I don't want to see that happen with Islam, which is also a mass murderer with a history of bloodshed for 1400 years because they hate us. America, Canada and Britain needs people who aren't sleep-walking while Islam takes them over. Will you join us, listen to Brigitte Gabriel and spread the information? Share now if you love America and your freedom, on Facebook. I want to see Cowboys on horseback in America, not Muslim raiders out to kill us.

The Real Thanksgiving Story. Glory to God, Not Allah, the Author of Liberty!
It's man that takes Liberty away when we aren't paying attention.
This page is about paying attention. Tampa Bay Thanksgiving
The truth will set you free. Make a decision now to seek the truth about everything.

Ben Carson Talks About Success Mentality vs Victim Mentality
while victim mentality professors Obama and Biden listen.

Ben Carson exposes the problem: Obama

Ben Carson Exposes Obama.

Fermentation: The Secret Of Healthy Body

Greed: The Essence Of Corruption
Envy: The Essence Of Marxism

Fake News deals in deception from the forces of darkness to destroy the truth. They are and always have been at war with each other and it is a truism that the two cannot exist at the same time in the same place. There is lots of money in deception but to get it one has to be a traitor to the country. That's no problem for a Globalist because he is convinced that his country is the world. Very convenient I would say. It gives him the excuse he needs to stab his fellow citizens in the back and make lots of money at the same time. The picture they paint of Trump's presidency is one of complete failure. That can be called sedition, meaning overthrowing the duly elected government by overt acts against it such as intentionally misrepresenting the president and what he is doing for America in order to bring him down. Yet he is doing better than Obama did with his focus on all his ulterior unconstitutional motives, for which he had no mandate, and his disregard for what Americans want most: jobs, not illegal immigration. He does not care about America or Americans, even while millions care about him. He only cares about his Muslim religion and advancing his Marxist Globalist ideology. He thinks he can fool them because they are stupid, and has made such comments. You can only catch his true motives from YouTube if you look hard enough. He is cold hearted and controlled by the Globalist satanic forces.

This is why donations should never exceed $1000 because it is a form of buying that person's vote, which ends up being against those who voted them in! Here's hunfdred thousand or a few million dollars, just make sure you vote correctly, or give us the contract. Monsanto is allowed to poison the nation because they have bought all the votes. They don't have to prove GMO plants are safe while evidence mounts that they are disease causing, making their pharmaceutical companies even richer. Money is the root of all evil when misused. Now the people's representatives only care about their benefactors, to do their will. In other words Obama is the biggest traitor next to Hillary and Bill that Washington has ever had the misfortune to host. Rather than concentrate on jobs and the economy, he was doing the bidding of his rich Muslim friends - spreading Islam in schools and universities - which Bill Clinton started.

Bill also gave away the shop to China in the form of military technology, control of Panama Canal, unfavorable trade deals, Islam in schools and more. His wife gave Russia 20 % of American Uranium for personal gain and Russia will then supply Iran and anyone who wants to buy it. Obama was focused on spreading Islam, giving away money to various terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, illegal immigration, playing golf, and a life of leisure, so he had lots of time to make up jokes about Trump. But unfortunately he is the joke, a bad one. They are all expert remorseless liars with little use for morality, the common leftist trait all over the world.

Donald Trump has made it redundantly obvious that he cares deeply for the well-being of every American and that emotion is written all over him as a genuine passion. Not just the rich, or white. Every American. The emphasis is on American because they have been ignored too long, allowed to drop down a notch, or notches, which is the desire of Globalists. Obama acted as if every dollar in the American pocket was out of the pockets of all the poor on earth, a typical Marxist ideology. This has been stopped and the jobs, which were chased away, have been welcomed back with open arms with honey - tax cuts - if Congress doesn't block it. But mainstream media doesn't think he has done well because they want to see him fail, and with him the chance for America to be greater than ever because the socialist vultures will come. This is why the media are a redundant news anachronism, a service that is no longer serving the requirements of the people to know the truth about everything without the sugar-coating. It is a pay-for-play business catering to their wealthy clients. Only by hitting them where it hurts will they try even a little to do professional journalism. Their reporters, or rather stooges, go to press conferences as a show and scramble the message received. They don't have to go to the meetings to write that crap. They aren't interested in what Sarah Huckabee Sanders is saying because they have no intention of reporting it, but rather having something to twist into a negative story, in most cases. The questions they ask reveal their ignorant minds. The narrative theme to be synchronized with: Trump is failing in everything. Congress and media colluded to stop Trump during the election and they now continue to try and dump him. Why? Because he wants to do the will of the people rather than be a good boy and play the peoples' representatives' corrupt game, one in which the American people are losers and they the winners. The people are getting sick of their tantrums, like children whose candy has been taken away.

In analyzing the psychology of the left, it becomes apparent that their narratives trump common sense, knowledge, and the evidence of the senses. For example, their narrative of Islam. It is a "peaceful religion" and all the violence is retaliation for what we have done to them, so we should leave them alone. In other words we deserve it. Knowledge says that they have been at war with all infidels since Muhammad and Islam contains within its "scriptures" the seeds of terrorism. Their ancestors were warrior desert tribes that raided each other non-stop tit-for-tat until Muhammad united them by creating a religion for them. Then they took their aggression out on "infidels." These people have been turned into barbarians by taking their religion seriously, doing what is commanded as they understand it, and it can't be misunderstood unless you have help to do it. He was a clever but cruel man to those who refused his new religion and terrorism was designed to take the fight out of the enemy, in other words have them capitulate with minimal losses to his own army. It worked and it is still working. Saddam Hussein kept them down by his own style terrorism - and it worked. When it was removed by the Bushes, all hell broke loose and the result is ISIS.

You can't screen terrorists on the basis of an interview either because Muslims are taught to lie about their beliefs - by Muhammad himself. They aren't supposed to be friends with us or accept our ways - except if it will provide and advantage over us. This is a conniving, dangerous ideology if practiced, which most (70-80%) do not. But what about the other 25%? It is a false narrative to say that Muslims love our ways so much that they want to come here become one of us. Many do of course, but many do not. Many come to live a better life and work hard. But the flip side is a lot that come to use our system to collect free money and make lots of babies. Whatever the situation, it is changing our culture. We no longer board flights without being searched and Canadians can't enter US without a passport. But illegals can enter Canada without a passport from US and have been pouring in by the thousands after Trump became president. The mass migration can be traced to Obama's exit from Iraq without leaving enough there for security, making it possible for ISIS to seize American supplied equipment without resistance.

They are not the persecuted as they love to claim. They cover up their women and keep to themselves so how can they integrate in that lifestyle? Children fear a person covering their faces, and so do many adults. It's a natural response to the unknown. Who is this person hiding from me? Jews and Christians are not only persecuted but killed all over the world, by Muslims. They are the persecutors because it's their religion. If you understood Islam as you perhaps believe you do, then you would know that they are at war with unbelievers. The evidence of knowledge, the senses and common sense is overwhelming the false narratives. This is so important information that I make it as priority right along with the corrupt and ineffective Congress protecting their own selfish interests rather than the people's. They are "on strike" and will not do their job. Should they be fired? Fake News keeps pounding on irrelevant stories, bashing Trump, lying directly or by omission and miss on purpose the news we need to know.

Project Veritas Exposes NYT As The American Pravda,
the Communist News Bureau of the Soviet Union, dishonest and biased.

Brigitte Gabriel Tells The Truth About Islam

John McCain: The Traitor In Washington. The Damage He Has Done.

Anti-Islam Or Pro-Islam? Choose Now, You Can't Be Both
Pro-Islamization or anti-Islamization: you must choose but do
it wisely, knowing both the good and bad consequences.
This page will give you the basic knowledge to decide.

The Egytian by Mika Waltari (1954)
Sinuhe Egyptiläinen in Finnish

Their motivation is personal greed and a form of insanity which they display to the world daily by blocking the "democratic" process and unwillingness to accept the election outcome which they were happy to force Trump to do and made a big thing about it. "Will you accept the outcome of the vote?" He answered, "we'll see." There were reports of voter fraud and of course the fake news denials. In fact everything Trump said was twisted to mean something else that made no sense - thus portraying him as an utter buffoon - while his words resonated with the American people. Donald Trump must accept the results was the narrative near the end, and see how it all backfired on them and how they look like fools. Some of the American people may be fooled sometimes but not all the time. This time because their lies were so obvious, Trump won. Will they accept the results?.

There's money in Globalism from the elite and the Middle East to those willing to go along with whatever they want. There's money in Islam, from the rich Arabs who fill your gas tank, who want Islam to head the global One World Government, whose "religion" says Islam should reign exclusively over the earth. They are working with the left to achieve common goals. Uma Abedin, the assistant to Hillary Clinton, is an Arab who spent much of her life in Arabia, and whose brother has connections to terrorism. Hillary Clinton received tens of millions in "donations" from Arabia, ($25 million during the election) with strings attached of course - spread Islam, and Muslims, throughout America. The idea is to bring in as many as possible to offset the Christian voters and ignore the social consequences. There are cities that are not safe for infidels who don't abide by Sharia Law, and this is what the elite want for the rest of America, because they are being paid to accomplish many things against the best interests of the people. It has been going on for a long time, all the way back to the 60's when Ted Kennedy opened the doors and favored non-European immigration. Every Muslim will tell you they worship the same God as Christians and Jews. I checked it out in depth as you should and the only way to compare them is by their attributes. Well right off the bat they are as night and day. Allah allows lying for the purpose of spreading Islam, and says he is the greatest of deceivers. Well then, how can CNN and other fake media interview Muslims and take their word for what Islam is. It's always "peaceful." Further, Qur'an says women are mentally difficient...it goes on and on - I just don't want to list it all or it would take this whole web site and still it would not be enough. Imagine if Islam is taught in our schools and your daughter comes home and asks, "mom, how come girls aren't as smart as boys?" It's criminal to teach Islam to children. I'll leave it at that and you should check for yourself instead of taking someone's word for it.

A good sample of Fake News is Washington Post which prefers Satanism over Christianity. WP Church Of Satan. In 2013 the paper was sold to Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos for $250 million. Why are so many smart and talented people in one field so dumb in their politics and beliefs that undermine the freedom and prosperity of the land. Stay away from most mass news today that call good evil and evil good, which was prophesied two thousand years ago. Fake News defends Islam, the religion of "death to infidels." These goofy leftists are ready to convert to Islam to save their lives.

So, Fake News, you report what is happening and let us draw the conclusions. We don't. need news that is just someone's conclusions based on a fantasy narrative. The New York mass killing is an example of imported Islamic terror and that Trump is right to clamp down on Islam even as the left call him a racist for doing so. Islam is not a race, so that makes them racist. Yes Islam is the source, the root causes of terrorism - the ideology embedded in a religious fa├žade. No other religion tells its people to kill. That's tough to digest I know but that's the truth. People fleeing ISIS will never be free from the ideology until they abandon Islam itself. You can't run away from yourself. Everyone is making statements about Islam nowadays without even the basic knowledge of what it really is. We can only change things if we allow free discussion and resist the temptation to silence criticism (which Trudeau has done) of what is thought to be a good and peaceful religion. Muslim clerics say lovely things, but behind it is treachery. Hate the ideology, not the deceived, brainwashed person. They need our help to get free from this thing. The sooner we learn to accept it the safer we will be.

Feds Raided Muslims' House In Virginia
Uncovered the Muslim Brotherhood 30 Year plan to take over America.
These people were advising Obama on foreign and domestic matters regarding
stealth destruction of America and replacing our culture and religion with theirs.
The screaming, obnoxious left are to blame for this crime that must be corrected.
President Trump is the only person that understands the threat and who has the guts to face it.
Most of the rest are cowards and afraid of being called names, like "Nazi" or "racist."
That's a small price to pay for saving your country.

As Melania Trump Wows The Chinese People, Trumps Grand Daughter Sings For Them
In Mandarin! Sin ti how!

700 Club Trump News And Life Stories 11/9/17

The Truth About Your Food w/ Food Inc.
Congress not doing what they are paid for. Jason Chaffetz says "nothing changes."
The people should rise up against Congress and force them to do their job.

Judicial Watch Exposing The Deep State

America prefers Trump

She Didn't Think Prince Harry Would Recognize Her
Schools still indoctrinating Islam. Law suit will change that.

Trump News 11/2/17

News On The 700 Club 10/30/17
See full show below: Duck Dynasty etc. 1 hour show.

CBN The 700 Club Full Show With Pat Robertson Christian perspectives. 10/30/17

CBN The 700 Club Christian Persecution Idaho, Ebola etc. 10/20/17

CBN Life Of Israel's Iron Lady Golda Meyer

What Christians Believe About Trump

Machu Picchu And Huayna Picchu Peru

Top 10 Things About Finland

Lebanese Brigitte Gabriel Survivor Of Islamic Terror Warns America
She is CEO of Act For America, a true patriot. Answers the question:
"Is Islam a threat to America or any welcoming nation?"

Obama Was "probably" Born In America
Not good enough for Trump. New evidence: Kenya.

Ladies And Gentlemen
Laura Ingraham at the Republican National Convention.
She eloquently outlines the problems, and Trump's solutions.

Of Mice And Men

Money feeds corruption and these people, fake news included, were receiving some of it and everyone was "happy." It's all about money mixed with radical politics, defined as the tendency to replace the Constitutional Republican form of government - following closely the prescription for Democracy: the American Constitution. The elite don't like the Constitution. It cramps their style, control of the masses by controlling Congress and Senate with an endless supply of dollars. Yes, the thing the elite crave is power and the path to it is through Washington. So where does this leave the people who are supposed to get the benefit of this government? I believe they get government decisions heavily influenced through this corruption. They believe the Republicans too are doing clandestine dealings - with Russia. Just a thought, but no evidence. It is a hypothesis that is being tested at the moment and it doesn't look good. Poor Democrats, they lost and now they are mad. Too bad, they should all get together in California and have a Cry-In. Berkley University will be the venue as it is the epicenter of cry-babies in America. They can't stand democracy because they believe they should be in absolute power, like Obama. He could do no wrong. The bill was going higher and higher, but nobody cared, after all this was Obama, the first black president, and he tells good jokes, smiles and speaks so sweetly, tickling ears, promising everyone a paradise on earth under Socialism and apparently Islam, his religion. Too bad he was incompetent and the paradise was just a mirage. The real crime of Fake News is allowing corruption to continue, in fact protecting it and their narrative. To them truth is fake news and their narrative is "the truth." My question to you today is: "Can you handle the truth?" Truth is our only hope.

The Famous Quote

The money flowing in reinforced the behavior. Do this, and you get a reward, just like trained mice. It's elementary B.F. Skinner "Operant Conditioning." They get addicted to performing the wishes of those who provide the rewards, which destroys the country from the inside. All fake media around the world are responsible for allowing governments to self destruct their countries. They are a key part of keeping governments on the straight and narrow by informing the people about any and all corruption. In this American media have let the people down. Something must be done about "fund raising." Canadians are considering making corporate donations illegal, and capping private donations at some modest amount. When I see how Big Pharma and Big Agra have controlled the law makers this makes sense. When dangerous food and drugs are allowed to be sold we need change. Chemo and Radiation kill more people than they save, which is only 3%. Yet because doctors get kick-backs they promote them! That is wasted resources. No universal medical system can work when there are people who support these businesses that are making people sick and the nation sicker every year. Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and Autism are just a few of the ever growing diseases that are killing Americans, and Congress permits it. You don't get these exploding statistics without at least crappy food as a bare minimum. It's genetically manipulated without any safety testing, just an assumption by "scientists" that it is "substantially equivalent." Hundreds of thousands of farmers in India have been ruined by GMO seeds, and there is a epidemic of farmer suicide because of American companies peddling these seeds. The senile, rich, old boys and girls club must be replaced by replaceable people who know what they are doing. The money is good, but most of it comes from bribes, I mean donations. The first place to look when searching for causes of disease is food, air and water - and medicine and in particular vaccines! The revolving door system between industry and government kills people. Trump is right about the five year ban on lobbying for these companies after they leave office. They can start with GMOs and force these genocidal maniacs to prove their food and medicine are not responsible for these and other diseases that were rare until Congress colluded with industry to bring you to where we are now, an unsustainable medical crisis in America that no plan can fix because it can't fix the causes of diseases. When foreign governments and special interests, such as Monsanto, Bayer and all the drug companies have more influence on laws than the people, something is wrong. The government, the president, was not doing their prime job of protecting the people. This is why there HAS to be a shake-up of the system and Congress and Media are both putting on the brakes.

When Trump arrived, it jeopardized everyone's stream of wealth. Not only that but he was planning to undo everything Obama had "achieved." These achievements were measured in part by how much of American tradition, Constitution and rule of law he was able to unravel, most of which he had zero mandate to do. The mandate he did have, he didn't do. Trump was planning to correct what Obama messed up including doubling the deficit by an amount that was more than the government debt over 200 years. Fake news hid most of the bad things he did and if Trump had done them I can imagine that they would call for his impeachment.

Then there is the Trump-woman issue. Before WW2 women were housewives looking after the home and children. Now nobody is looking after the home and children and the victims are the children, even the unborn. Be that as it may, women are in the previously male domain now and have demanded to be treated differently. I am of the old school so they like that, but in the real world business jungle it can be different when Hollywood mud slingers don't mind using every weapon in their arsenal against Trump. So what do you expect him to do? You have to watch what you say now about more and more things. We have created "sacred cows."

Women insist on being treated the same as men and having equal representation in the work force. So if there are say one hundred good paying jobs, half should go to women even if some families get left out. So much for free enterprise. If we keep this up, we have to also take into consideration minorities. It can get crazy. But when Trump talks about a woman's looks, they yell, "foul." What's that all about? They want equal treatment, but only if you say nice things about every woman on the planet. We have created these sacred uncriticizable classes, for example gays, trans-sexuals, women and Islam. You can say anything you want about Christians, Jews and...men especially white men. Trump says bad things about men too: "little Marco" and "lyin' Ted." It was not a taboo though it may have crossed the etiquette line now and then. Did you watch the debates? Maybe I wouldn't have the nerve to say those things but Trump was in it to win and it was a form of street fighting. Neither Hillary nor Trump spared any opponent so it was all fair ball. Media helped Hillary and in the past it always worked, which is why everyone was shocked beyond belief - he won! He does treat everyone the same, blacks, whites... He loves them. He loves America and Americans and says so everywhere he goes. But you won't hear that from fake media. Their narrative is a "broken record." Fake News is all leftist disgusting propaganda. They have no real proof of what they claim. Most of it was exposed as lies, I watched the rebuttals, or they were blown out of proportion, the worst spin they could muster. That was dirty pool so the left can't pretend to be holier than thou. They call Trump every name in the book but if Trump says anything sideways about any woman, they use it to literally crucify him. It appears that the left has a problem with logic. Their whole point of view is a narrative, a story of how the universe works, and they want to impose that on everyone. But it has been stopped by Mr. Trump and they are screaming mad.
BR> Women are special, whey they are in the role of womanhood, the essence of what a woman is in any society. Outside that role they are like everyone else, to be treated equally, and most smart woman accept it. Their first responsibility is biologically, the perpetuation of the "species." When they decide to step outside their biological role they must adapt. Instead, many want others, particularly men, to adapt to them. Trump treats woman like he does men. He can't talk about women like that? Give me a break. How many sexual harassment suits have all these supposedly harassed women made against Trump? Have they won any that you know of? Where is the evidence? I don't go by accusations. Give me the evidence. They tried and lied during the election, but Trump and witnesses (one came all the way from England about the groping lies) exposed every one as lies save a few embarrassing statements he made like we all do at times. Fake news reported mere accusations as FACT. Have you ever said or done embarrassing things? I asked a Hillary supporter. He said "no." Such liars. "All have sinned and come short of..." When you want to be "equal," you have to show that you can take it a man style criticism like a man in a man's world and give it back, stand up against anyone who puts you down, and shut them up instead of whining about it. A real strong smart woman can stand against anyone without making a federal case about it and without accusations of "woman hater." Trump gives them equal opportunity and...treatment. So I heard this morning on my radio that it was a given (not in so many words but in the connotation) that Trump mistreated his women in his organization. So I decided to check it out, which most people do not. Here is a little information that I found. Women in Trump Organization.

Obama was practicing an already proven failure: Socialism, which is nothing more than the government running the people with unworkable, dangerous to freedom, life and limb, ideology as opposed to the people running themselves with the Constitution as guide. He wanted to regulate everything because, "the government knows best and the people must step out of its way." He believes that Christianity must be destroyed and Islam should replace it. I want to tell you why this must never happen and why the resistance must begin now and not when it's too late. The unholy alliance between Islam and the left is a major danger to America and its time to make the people aware of what is going on and that fake news is their mouthpiece. This community organizer Obama made a mess like all Communists who do not live in reality but a world where everything that makes their lives miserable is someone else's fault. Hillary is the same. She lost because it was, not her fault but everyone else's. There is one president who should have been impeached and it isn't Trump. The two main evils that threaten freedom and security are represented by corresponding rogue governments: North Korea and Iran. Now the people have rejected the fake news that has not served them and we are seeing the true nature of the crooked collective known as Congress. They were always there doing the same old swamp people things to fulfill the wishes of their corporate and elite donors but it took Trump to bring it to our attention. The Democrats and the Republican "hybrids" and their leftist collaborators are thoroughly evil because they want unrestricted Muslim immigration. This is a barbaric woman hating, head, arm, leg chopping religion that should be either reformed or destroyed. Congress, which was the people's representative went along with unconstitutional reforms of Obama, for example his Islamic indoctrination programs in schools. If Bible reading and morning prayers are forbidden, then why did Congress permit Islam? Follow the money. Obama was indoctrinating our children - in my opinion a huge crime against the American people that is ignored by the media and the left infested Congress. Many parents think it is good to "understand" Islam, but this crosses the line and prevents equal time for other religions, especially our traditional Christianity so kids can get a more balanced view of religion in general. Let the Muslims worship their false moon god and dream of one day ruling the world but we must severely limit future immigration to further their plans here in North America now that they have unlimited funds to buy our leaders to do their bidding - which has been going on since the Clinton administration and before. We must go back to the faith of our fathers, which is a firewall against the expansion of Islam. Here's why:

This is what Obama wants to replace American Christian heritage.
Have we lost our minds? Only if we are completely ignorant of Islam.
The left call this "Islamophobia" - irrational fear of Islam, which is "nothing to fear."
Obama thinks that with Socialism and Islam America will be better than ever!

One Who Stands For Everything The Left Hates:
Jesus Of Nazareth

Alternative news is better than mainstream because most of it does not have a leftist political narrative which has nothing to do with truth but pushes an ideology that has been proven by at least two generations all over the world to be false and not in the best interests of the people. You can see what it has done to America in the short eight years and just imagine if it were to continue. There would be a collapse of America, exactly what they wanted. Trying to do what has been proven to be false over and over again (Socialism/Marxism) and unworkable is the definition of insanity. Yet the children are taught it is the future of America, a very desirable form of central planning so everyone becomes "the same" - unemployed, poor and destitute. China is not a Marxist country. It is economically a super capitalist country with a totalitarian government. Production is in private companies, not owned by the government as in the USSR, one of many reasons they collapsed. There is no universal health care there; if you are poor, too bad. Christian organization such as CBN take care of the poor. The promised prosperity never shows up under socialism, but what does show up is the worst side of human nature with envy and greed the driving factors. Fake news, the propaganda machine for the left is outdoing themselves daily with their stupidity. Trump has done wonders to restore America despite blocking and zero help from the people's representatives and consternation of the left. I believe political correctness is a tool of the left to achieve their Globalist Socialist goals and we must discard it completely. We must state the truth instead, which makes the left so mad, and violent. But let them call us Nazis or anything they want. It doesn't hurt me. What hurts me is seeing what political correctness is doing to America and my friends the American people. Marxism is taught in universities and it must stop, or one day It will cost millions of American lives as it has all around the world and the blood will be on seditious Obama's hands for instigating revolution. See body count Communism is not friendly to its people or neighbors. Stalin took my parents home in Karelia in an attempt to annex Finland as he did many other neighbors. He failed, though he managed to get 1/10 - the Karelian province. Finland was never occupied in WW2. China brutally took and destroyed Tibet and its people. Both were Communist countries. What was it we learned when we were kids? "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will NEVER hurt me."

What Chinese Marxism Communism Did To Tibet Undercover in Tibet

Soviet attempt to annex Finland, and took a part of Karelia.

Dinesh D'Souza Gave An Amazing Speech
Contrasts Democrats and Republicans (generally of course)
The left are the real Nazis (National Socialists), Fascists and Racists, what they accuse Trump.
You can see the truth of this in how they behave. They are intolerant, violent and just dumb.

When Socialism takes over, and this has been proven, millions of people are killed who are in the way of the revolution. Usually they are taken away at night and disappear, which why they don't want you to have the right to defend yourself. Russian Marxists and Nazis were good at it and the left will be too if given the opportunity. ANTIFA ("Anti-Fascists" - a joke because they are the fascists) are Fascist, Communist Bolsheviks, the same sh--, different package. Hitler loved Stalin's solutions to opposition, extermination in far away work camps and prisons in particular. Because of Stalin's fake news, Pravda and Izvestia, the people had no idea what was going on like today in America, which is why I hate fake news. It is basically a hodge-podge form of Socialism that is sold as the ideal form of society. It is slavery. They call anyone who disagrees with them Fascists, but they are describing themselves. It is a violent "overthrow" ideology and Trump is "Fascist" analog of infidel in Islam. Both cannot stand criticism and will kill anyone who disagrees, not now but when the time comes. Legitimate ideologies welcome criticism. They hate freedom unless it's freedom to think like they do. Usually they shout down opposition but it often becomes violent. Parents, keep your children away from universities such as Berkley and any others that prevents free speech by political opponents and exchange of ideas. Socialism means among other things, censorship of freedom of speech, preventing the exchange of ideas, which leads eventually to its collapse. It took Russia 70 years to admit it is unworkable. Venezuala found out a lot faster.

Dinesh D'Souza On How The Left Has Crushed Christianity

A Karl Marx Hell Invades The West: Red Flag

A Generation Of Idiots Unable To Think For Themselves?
This is a real danger for America, the legacy of Four Bad Presidents.
We must get back to education and throw out indoctrination...and political correctness.

Shocking! Dutch Educational System Gone Wild.
This the situation, more or less all over Europe!
This can only end up in disaster for any country dumb
enough to fall for political correctness as a part of the culture. Why?
Because political correctness is not based on any facts. It is ideology.

Israelis Or Palestinians: Who's The Bad Guy

I've heard all the arguments about the Palestinian-Israeli issue on both sides. The UN is spending an inordinate amount of resources and time on making Israel the villain ahead of dealing with many more pressing problems in the world, which is their mandate to do. For example dealing with Islamic International terrorism. Just remember one thing: Israel was attacked by her neighbors to push them into the sea beginning in 1948, when the UN gave the land to the Jews, and "Palestinians." There's no such people; they are, except for the original inhabitants who shared the land with Jews, Arab immigrants. Those days Arabs sold land to anyone who had money. It was a desolate place but Jews bought it. Nothing grew, but it was land! Instead of being annihilated, Israel won against all odds! They did well with what little they had. They were smarter. Now they are the villain. You say, "give land for peace?" Great idea! Israel pulled out of Gaza Strip as a deal whereby it was agreed that there would be peace, which is all Israel ever wanted. They left businesses, houses, thousands of greenhouses and expected their economy to thrive. Instead Gaza was turned into an armed camp with tunnels, rockets and constant warfare from Gaza. Do you think Israelis learned their lesson about land for peace? Do you ever hear about Arabs attacking Israelis on the fake news? I don't think so. Do you ever hear about how Israelis are killing innocent "Palestinians" children? Yes, every day. Do you hear about Hamas using children as human shields from fake news? Never. In conclusion. You must get both sides of the story so here is the other side.

Are There Any "Good Guys" In This Fight?

I want to make one thing clear. Islam has two parts: religion and ideology. They are interwoven. Here's the problem: when taking action to profile or prevent radicalized Muslims from entering, the left will say that is meddling in a religion, and "that's not right." But...it is NOT the religion that is being criticized or monitored, therefore cannot be associated with what the left calls "hate speech" which is just code words for we disagree and want to shut you up. It is the ideology. And that is fair game. Don't forget that. Two parts to Islam: a political platform that is the removal of all non-Muslim governments, replaced by a Muslim totalitarian government - meaning the race is lost and we all become slaves of a Muslim state. Slavery is alive and well, in Islam. That's why the left, (Democratic party) which was the party of slavery, gets along with Islam. They understand each other. The plan is to get us when we are young so Obama began Islamic indoctrinating in the K12 violating the new rule that keeps the Bible out of classrooms. Only Islam is permitted by the left. When the Bible was in the classroom children honored God and country. Now many honor neither, nor the life of unborn children whose rights they took away, in keeping with their Fascist ideology begun already before WW2. Socialists foolishly believe they can deal with the situation and defeat Islam after, so they are allies now, like Hitler and Stalin when together they started WW2. Then Hitler turned on Stalin in Barbarossa. Only one will remain; Islam will not share power with infidels. But most Muslims are peaceful, and we love them like all peaceful people. So were most Russians, Germans and Japanese but they are always totally irrelevant. Remember that. Every Muslim that immigrates makes Islam more likely to become the ruling force from the inside, bit by bit. It is the duty of every Muslim, and this is the truth, not Islamophobia, "an irrational fear of Islam." This must not be allowed and it begins by recognizing that Islam has two parts. It is schizophrenic if you will, and that's why millions are converting to Christianity, especially in Iran of all places. There is one God, but unfortunately His name is not Allah. Just look at the Muslim countries. Are they happy and prosperous? They should be if Allah is God. But they are miserable and they want to move to a country that is Christianity based, meaning the laws are based on the Ten Commandments originally. Of course most of these countries are secularized now but just fairly recently and by the leftist lies in schools, universities and fake media. They all use "science" to prove God doesn't exist but it is full of lies. So we must always ask "whose science" when dealing with evolution vs creationism or Global Warming. The left have their science full of lies about Creationism and Christians have theirs, with facts. The Fascist left are determined to crush Christianity but they will be crushed instead.

Breaking: President Trump Urgent Speech On His Iran Strategy

News, Views And Entertainment

Trump In Oval Office With School Kids, With Big Announcement

NFL Financial Fallout For Disrespecting The Flag
I wish Americans had boycotted Obama for the same offense.

Ladies And Gentlemen
Wildwood Flower

Swamp Creature Former FBI Director James Comey Under FBI And Trey Gowdy Investigation

Little Boy In Elementary School Refuses To Kneel For Flag 9/29/17
Sick teacher takes matters In her own hands. Thanks Obama. This is his doing.

Obama's Disrespect For Anthem And Flag Has Spread.

Scientific Heresy and Controversy

What kind of education system shuts down scientific inquiry if it goes against the scientific narrative of the left? An education system that hates the truth. Does that bother you, that progress is being halted by the leftist ideology?

So Christians Are Anti-Science. They Believe In unprovable Garbage?
Alright, let's see if that statement is true. Whose science is real science?
Science of the left is a lot of narrative, non-science! The left narrative is
that Christian belief is war against science. Just because its called,
"science" doesn't make it fact. Real science does not hide data; fake science does.
Berkley debate is below..

Christian Wins Creation Debate. At Berkley!

Fake Science: Is Pseudo Science That Cannot Stand Criticism.
Here are both sides of the argument. You decide. It represents a key ingredient
of our western culture, that was imposed on the population by IMO bad science.

The Great Global Warming Swindle. CO2 Is Good.
It is plant food, every school kid knows that.
The byproduct is oxygen and other things necessary for
human life on earth. It's the carbon cycle. Do you love science?
Then don't just follow bad science blindly, check it out for yourself.

Black Lives Do Matter. But Every Life Matters, Even Unborn.
Life is sacred and we must value ALL life, or be a hypocrit.

What Is The Problem With Saying Unborn Lives Matter?
Why take civil rights away from the unborn children? They have just as much
right to life as anyone else. They just want a chance to show what hey can do.
I think we should allow them to contribute to our science, medicine...
Steve Jobs gave me this iPad. His parents adopted him out and see what happened!
The father was a Syrian; the mother a French lady. Both were students. Save our children!

My interest in the subject of creation vs evolution is from my science background in Biology and Engineering. I get asked how come such a combination? I grew up on the shores of Victoria BC and became acquainted with inter-tidal sea life at the young age of 9 and fished off the breakwater almost every day. I took most of my courses in Biology, (also Anthropology and Psychology) for my degree at UVic. My oceanography professor had been commissioned to do a report on the Victoria seashore regarding raw sewage outfall. Victoria, arguably the most beautiful city in Canada,,. still dumps raw sewage into the beautiful Victoria shoreline. (See also my page about British Columbia) The university should be spearheading the drive for water treatment instead of accepting government policy. That lying professor said there's no problem. I knew better, having seen the human waste myself. Disgusting science in my opinion. Then, at a time when there were few jobs in the field and my summer job as an engineering aid with the Ministry of Transportation, I changed my field and my career became construction engineering. I actually love the work because I can drive around and see my work. I also realized that the Theories taught about the origin of life and evolution were a narrative, a philosophy. I could see that life was much too complex to start as an accident, and if you could assemble the first life against the Law of Entropy, (things always seek a more disorganized state) it would decompose, seek a disorganized state, before it could be kick started by a jolt of electricity or something to bring it to a living organism which they claimed, but never proven, existing only in someone's imagination. Yet if you disagree they say you are anti-science. Just think, if your blood pH shifts more than a percent or two, you die! This is not the result of some weird chance idea but design, and things don't improve by themselves; they tend to get worse - fall apart. The university was lying about the most important thing in a person's life: where we came from and what we are. And how you see yourself, origins and future if any, has everything to do with how you behave. And our behavior has gotten worse, disrespect of God and country, disobedience to parents and authority figures and that is dangerous. I had found my calling. See debate at Berkley, won by Christian.

What we want to do is prevent a bad ideology (Socialism and Islam) filling the vacuum left when Christianity was sidelined by the people who were seduced by the influence of fake media, music, Hollywood and Atheist Socialist ideology. It's no accident that most of the hate Trump news comes from Hollywood. If they stick their dumb necks out and expose their stupidity, they will get their reward, like the NFL "atheletes." A real athelete honors his or her country, flag and anthem or disgrace themselves, like Obama who started it all. Fake science has run its course. It is finished. They brought us fake science of for example abortion, evolution, CO2 causing global warming, (not supported by evidence) and have allowed unsustainable fake medicine to rob the people while they die from chemo and radiation, and thousands of ineffective and dangerous drugs, and untested GMO genetically tampered with food, all in the name of "science" and profit. Just because they say it's science doen't necessarily make it so. Science is what the university says it is, in other words it may be their narrative, and I will show you how it works. We must allow for the criticism of all ideologies, the free exchange of ideas that produce progress, whether embedded in a "religion" or not. Fake science opposes opposition (heresy) by those who have real competing solutions, but which don't make anyone rich or destroys a long standing narrative. And be sure to keep your kids away from Obama's Socialist and Islamic indoctrination in schools and universities such as Berkley.

We all have thoughts coming in and going out of our minds. Which ones we listen to determine our very futures and in the case of what happened in Vegas, the future of hundreds or thousands of people. We pray for the injured and dead and their families. Gun control would not have prevented the tragedy. Criminals can always get guns, and having them run around without some personal protection for ourselves is not warranted by the facts. Besides Americans need their guns with all the criminals Obama released and admitted into the country, and the insurrection promised by ANTIFA, who want a revolution and civil war. Obama was spying illegally on Americans, (and therefore especially Trump) and I believe he would confiscate guns only from Republicans. One of the things Marixists do is compile lists of people who must be eliminated. I know form what happened in Finland after WW2 when the left once more tried to cause a revolution. Authorities found lists of "intelligentsia" - the highly educated professionals of Finland who would have been rounded up and executed. That is the end state of Socialism. So Obama's friends, ANTIFA (Anti-Fascists) want to start his revolution, but I have no fear of that because I know Obama is basically incompetant and would rather spend his time on the golf course or doing nothing.

The way to get rid of terrorism is getting down to the root causes and acknowledging it rather than being politically correct about it. A narrative cannot solve the growing terrorism in our midst. So what can? Listening to both sides of the problem of Islam itself. Why is it that only Muslims are doing 99% of terrorism? Answer that and you have the solution. I will try to do that here, and give you a much better idea of a solution than fake news, which has none because they can't name the root causes and will never do so. It isn't just "radical Islamic Terrorism." We must find the causes of that. Do I know what it is? Absolutely.

President Trump On John McCain's Trechery

CBN Newswatch 9/26/17

How Fake News Was Born - Worse Than Before

Spotlight on America The Beautiful
Clearwater Florida

56 Years Of 700 Club Force For Good
Helping anyone in need, anywhere in the world.

Traditional Method Of Building Finnish Log Home
This is how my people built homes that last hundreds of years.
And then there's our precious Sauna

Breaking NASCAR Owners Say They Will Fire Anyone Who Protests The Anthem
America represents the freedom they enjoy to protest - there's a time and place for everything.
A family show is not the place to drag in and display hatred of your wonderful country.
Fake News is pushing the racist card. They pull that one whenever a black person is involved.
People don't hate them for their color. They hate them for their disrespect for their country
that gave them the opportunity to be where they are. They won't change anything by this display.
They are in fact protesting the anthem which represents the people who are their audience.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Has Had Enough - Issues A Warning ...

Professor Exposes What's Holding Minorities Back

White Privilege...A message to young black (and white) thugs.
There are solid principles to prosperity. Here are the key principles.

Fake News not only reported a false narrative about Obama but now they are reporting a false narrative about Trump. Fake news is the propaganda arm of Socialists who want to crush the Capitalist system and replace it with Socialism, meaning turning America into a repressive Communist failed state. Businesses run from Socialism so who is there left to pay taxes for the money they want to give away, to buy more votes? Europe is being ruined just because the left want more voters. They hide the tragedy unfolding in their countries, the violence, rapes, crime - that are just exploding. Nothing is done; it's all hushed up. Trump mentioned the horror show in Sweden and their president shot back about Trump's "lies." But we know because of the people themselves, not their fake media which is an epidemic around the world except for a few Slavic countries that want to keep their culture and religion safe from the Muslim horde.

Fake News is on about the "Muslim Ban" again. Trump says it's about keeping America safe. They insist it's bashing a religion. Well, since most of the people in the banned countries of Africa and Asia are Muslims, it is in effect a ban on certain Muslims - yes. What's wrong with that? Nothing. These Muslims want to hurt America and change it to their religion. They must be stopped. It is, in the final analysis about ideology we don't want, an ideology they call a "religion." We would all agree that we reject some ideologies, right? Absolutely! We reject Fascism, totalitarian systems and so forth, right? Well then why can't we reject the ideology of Islam? Oh, because it's a religion? An ideology hiding behind a religion! Amazing. So it's worthy of scrutiny and possible rejections like Fascism? I think you're getting close to the real heart of the problem now. This is about ideology. Fake News are incapable of serving the information needs of the American people. When politics enters, real information exists and a narrative fills the vacuum. Consider what they did during the Obama administration. I can compare them with Pravda, the Soviet news agency where the people got fed the party line daily. Fake news is the party line. The people never knew anything about the purges where millions were killed just because they were too smart for their own good, murdered because they didn't believe in their garbage Marxism. Trump supporters are equivalent of all those unbelievers, infidels who would be killed by those murderers. Did you know that 43% of young people under thirty believe in Socialism? It has never worked except in very diluted form, which America already has as evidenced by the free money everyone is getting. That is scary and completely attributable to the socialism in schools and universities. socialism and Islam are out to destroy America as we know it and Obama is both of these ideologically.

See Root Causes of Radicalization

Jeremiah Wright's racist church

News has become the "Ministry of Propaganda" of far left politics, which wants Americans to think according to their weird narrative that bares no resemblance to the truth, and this has been easily verified daily. They keep expounding on it in total disregard to what Trump is doing and achieving with little help from Congress which opposes his every move most of the time. The people of America permit "freedom of the press" and it is the solemn duty of News to provide accurate unbiased information. The left love to be fed on hatred of Trump and fake news and comedians such as Steve Colbert willingly give them what they want. At the recent Emmies, Steve Colbert stated that Trump was a racist, which is utter nonsense but that is the left's narrative and they loved it. Truth isn't important in the left hemisphere, but making fun of the president and clinging to false narratives is their sustenance. Commentary is separate from information, but fake news is mostly commentary, a narrative based on political belief or money. For example, there are two views of Global Warming. You need to know both. I'll bet they haven't told you that since about 1998 the earth has been on a cooling trend, but it takes time for the effects to be felt. Hence the extreme weather events. They just talk about "global warming" and ignore any contrary evidence. This is typical of their false reporting. See video: Dr Don Easterbrook (Continued...)

Geoenginering Global Warming And More

Liberal Democratic Leader Resigns 9/19/2017

Barack Obama Has Not Finished Destroying America
He wants to act like he is still in charge. Crazy Communist man!
He wanted United States to suffer the same fate as Europe. Sheer craziness.

Trump Destroying Agenda 21, Globalist/Leftist Plan To Destroy America
This is the real reason the Left and fake media hate Trump. No destroy America! Thank God for Trump.

Europe Is Ahead Of America For Destruction. Trump Intervened For America
Europe is doomed. There may be no turning back without mass deportations - now!
America must stop or severely limit Islamic immigration to avoid irreversible damage.

Mike Ditka On Why He Supports Trump
Looking back to move forward

1941 J3 Cub By Piper: Amazing Classic Design
To fly one is faster than getting your full pilot's license.

Carbon Cub To The Rescue

CBN News ANTIFA Communist Revolution Now In America 9/7/17
Under the banner of anti-fascism, code word for Christianity.
They have joined Islamic Jihadists to destroy democracy. (Islam is anti-democracy)
Both want the same thing: the destruction of democracy/Constitution/law. Fake News ally.
I know what their ideology is and it is a cancer in a society that must be destroyed.

Let me state it as plainly as I can. We are being attacked by the Globalists using Islam as a weapon to bring down every western country under their subordination. Our good will is used as a weapon to destroy us. The left is inoculating our society with a cancer, which is more than apparent. In Europe. We have seen the future and it isn't pretty. Can we avoid their folly? They have full blown cancer of the incurable form that metastasizes and kills the patient. The Congress needs another oversight committee can you believe it? The only clout they posess is the vote. All the interrogation leads nowhere and nobody gets jail time. Those who Trump fires come back and lie about him...such as James Comey Former FBI director, working with congress to impeach him. The place stinks of lies and corruption. I would have dunce hats made for the ones opposing Trump without a good reason and have them face the wall for an hour every morning until they smarten up. Recall comes to mind when I think about it.

George W Bush Breaks Silence About President Trump

Globalist Agenda Explained
The idea that removing all borders will
make the world a better place is a lie.
This is what the left are fighting for, the
destruction of identity, borders, and freedom.
A national identity is not the same as Nazism.
The love of one's country is a good thing and
it preserves individual freedoms and democracy.

President Trump And Other News. Archive

Trump Speech West Virginia
God, family, country, Constitution.

Obama Stole Taxpayer Money To Fund Anti-Trump Movement.
He is behind the push to destroy Trump's presidency. That is illegal. Sedition
I know what Hillary would do. The body count is growing. She's under investigation.
But Trump is not fool and Obama may slip up and he'll get what he deserves.

Islamic terror In Turku in SW Finland. This Nonsense Must Be Stopped
However, EU membership prevents it. Finland is not free any more.
This is sad. Finland survived two attacks by Russia, but now it can't
protect its own people because they are not allowed to. I have been to
Turku many times and I was born in Helsinki. Finland must do what is right.
The only way to mitigate this is by stopping the flow of refugees and deportation
of unvetted migrants that don't qualify. EU says Finland must take in any and all migrants.

Huma Abedin Traitor Working With Traitor: Hillary Clinton
She is hiding and knows she has committed crimes against the people.

Fake News is using the Virginia White Supremist violence to bash Trump.
Violence is not permissible from either side, and the left has done its share of it too.
Trump condemns racist violence by anyone, against blacks, whites or anyone else, period.
A great America is the America with a only peace loving people. No Jihadists. No Shariah.

Before He Left DHS General Kelly Sent Barack Obama A Message 8/14/17

Breaking DOJ Names Prosecutor To Take Down Lynch And Comey.

Mixed News And Interesting Items

Distilled Water Secrets UN Doesn't Want You To Know

Distilled Water The Shocking Truth

Billy Burke On Divine Healing And God
Either there is a God or you have no future.
If there is a God then there is hope.

Billy Burke's Amazing Testimony
The Atheist left don't know what they're missing.
They have fallen for the big lie that there is no God.

My Gasification Stove In A Table
It burns wood so well there is no smoke
The stove was then constructed from Stainless Steel.
I am developing it for small houses. Available soon.

My Stove Design - Jim Getting Ready To Cook
This is the basis of my indoor wood stove for small homes.
When the flames die, replace with barbecue grate, and barbecue.

Barbecuing With Wood Stove

Origins Of Medical Industry Corruption
Fake News is one of the biggest problems in America.

Poverty Inc. Shows Some Causes Of Poverty.
But be careful, the solution is not in big government.
The right attitude can make all the difference. Welfare bums are mostly
people who want things given to them. The economy is a problem and the solution
is partly in correcting the mistakes made by our presidents, not more handouts.
Poverty is a state of mind. Correct the mentality and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson

Putin Is Right: Pope Francis Is Not A Man Of God
He is a Globalist, Socialist And Communist working for Satan.

CBN 700 Club. Some Interesting Points
Congress and Senate Arranged 72% Discount On Their Health Plan
They hate Obama Care, but they forced it on the people.

Where Will You Go When You Die. Proof Is Here

The Beatles: How It All Began

Good Old Swing Dancing

Beware Of Those Who Call Evil Good And Good Evil
Islam brings the barbarism of the 7th Century to our day.

ExMuslim Sandra Solomon On How Justin Trudeau Betrayed Canadians

Ben Carson Schools Obama About stupidity Of Socialist Victimhood Mentality
Obama's mentality is "keep 'em poor and ignorant" so they vote socialist.

Fake News, Fake Congress, Fake President Living A Scripted Life...What Next.
Can America find its way back to reality, and make America great again?
Glen Beck parses Obama's script

Latest Documents: Obama's Treason Against America July 24, 2017

Obama Was Born In Kenya To A Muslim Family
He isn't a heterosexual, nor a Christian as he claimed
He is the "Great Pretender."

Obama wins the Pinocchio prize of the century.
He had the greatest nation in the world fooled. This
song is dedicated to "The Great Pretender."

Understanding Trump - by Newt Gingrich

AG Classified Information Leaks Press Conference 8/4/17
White House is filled with Obama spies.

Islamophobia Motion Passes In Canada

Justin Trudeau Back Stabs Canadians: ExMuslim Woman Yells "Traitor"

Freedom Of Speech Gone In Canada. Journalist Arrested.
The Multiculuralism Jihad of Justin Trudeau

Clinton Investigator Found Dead

Jerusalem Dateline PA Hikes Pay For Terror 7/28/17

Disgusting Smooth Talking Con-man Former President
gets told off by a fearless soldier.

Sweden Sending Christian Refugees Back To Their Death

"Communist" Sweden: Socialism Is Their God Now.
And that is why they are becoming a third world country.
Sweden was a happy Christian country. Now they live in fear.
I spent 6-8 months in Sweden as a boy, refugees from Russian annexation of Karelia.

The Left's Immigration Policy In Sweden Is Disaster
Don't let the left destroy our country. Trump is absolutely right.

Books on understanding TrumpUnderstanding Trump

Donald Trump: Obama Is Hiding Documents July 22, 2017

CBN News July 17, 2017

Democrats set up Trump Jr. "Collusion."
The true identity of the Russian lawyer.

Weather Modification Killing The Ecosystem
Stop the insane Al Gore disciples before it's too late.

Hillary's Criminal Prosecution Would Expose The Whole Swamp
It's one big criminal organization. Trump was right: drain the swamp.

This Is why we must limit Muslim Immigration.

President Trump Speech In Poland July 6, 2017

Don't drink The Garbage

Chemo Does Not Work. Instrument Of Genocide Will Kill You.
It is barbaric and doctors live off dying bodies!
Millions of people have died because fake news hides the truth.
Crazy Medicine That Can Kill You


The Left Is Trying To Destroy America With Immigration
Don't let them do it. Support Trump and save America.

China's Ruthless Crackdown On Muslim Population

Czech Republic Declares Open Season On Terrorists
Backlash to Merkel's friends: kill them on sight.

Bizarre Foods: Finland, My Home Country
I was born in Helsinki and my people are from Karelia.
They had to fight the left twice, once in 1918 and again in 1939.
In America they are fighting the elected government for Globalism.

Germany Is Nearly Dead: Thanks Angela Merkel Communist Traitor

Europeans are in the worst case of denial I've ever seen. Psychology of denial

Even In Jamaica, It Was Left, "Communists" vs the right, "Fascists."
Bob Marley's message: cool it man. Take a deep breath (of air I mean).

10 Things You Didn't Know About Finland

Israel: Story Of A Desert Made To Bloom Through Innovation

BC Ferry Collision With Island
Male distracted by woman on bridge.

EU Threatens Poland And Other East European Coutries
Take migrants or leave! Commit Hara Kiri or leave? That's an easy decision!

Ignorance of Islam Illustrated. Wake Up.
You sow bad seed and you get bad results.

Syrian Refugees Clash With Canadian Students
Trudeau is sowing bad seed in Canada.

Congress Outlaws Obama Interference
This guy should be charged for impersonating an American citizen.

Islamic Invasion: Why They Are Winning

Islam is winning their invasion of the west. The will of the people to resist has been almost broken. We see it everywhere. We must take what is left and nurture it, grow it and save ourselves. Like in the film, "High Noon" the song goes "...I must must face the man who hates me, or lie a coward, a craven coward in my grave." It's high noon folks. Make up your mind if you will join in the fight against an evil ideology that hates us. Actually it's a two pronged enemy: Islam and Socialism. I ask for your open minds to see this from a different perspective please. Muslim refugees are attacking innocent people and carrying on in the streets yelling threats and nothing is done about it. They are permitted to carry on their rapes and violent attacks on our children and women mainly. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe and the government and news are silent. It is now everywhere. There must be an explanation and a cure for this or we are all goners. We bring them in by the thousands and out of our pockets the government is supporting them. They are not required to work at all, ever. I'll tell you what the Bible commands us to do. "If a man will not work, he shall not eat." 2 Thesselonians 3:10 What I like about the Bible is that it is absolute justice, not destructive political correctness, liberalism which is a nice word for Communism. Why should society nurture people who don't want to support themselves or their families? It's sink or swim unless a person is disabled or temporarily unemployed. We must have a heart but not be stupid about it. Hunger usually cures a lazy bum. Social assistance keeps him or her sick. Now compare that with Socialism and how it is applied to Muslims and illegal immigrants in the Obama years. Check it out and you will see how many of them are living with their hands out instead of with their hands busy building, contributing to a better world for us all. I respect hard work and hate people who come here just to use our system that is designed as a safety net for us. When it is abused, the safety net disappears.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but in the fruits of sweat and hard work. God's rules were design to make our society sustainable to give us the best chance of a good life despite our constant thinking up ways to make our lives miserable. Mans thinking is constantly evil. When my father came to Canada he was working the next day. Oh but there's no work for them today. Then they must go back and many of them can go back because there are many cities considered safe. We don't want that kind here. That's where they belong who aren't working the next day. OK, I'm fair; I'll give them a month. Go do anything legal - but I guarantee most just want to stay home and make lots of babies,while our women are destroying many of theirs. I want health care for women and unborn children. That's why we are a dying people ready to pass what we created to those who will let it run down. Obama was good at destruction not construction, with a record of over $10Trillion in eight years - more debt than the combined debt over 200 years and nothing to show for it. No new bridges, upgrades to roads or airports - nothing. Just a bunch of freeloaders. And the left love this gift giver. Now Trump came and ruined their party. The party is over! I can identify a lot with Trump because he says what must be said. He is not a coward like most politicians. Not just cowards either, but traitors to the people who voted for them. But the fake media is so unfair to Trump just because he is a patriot and not a traitor like they are and he is doing such a great job! The left is not at war with just Trump, but America and so is Islam because they are flowing into a country and system they have been taught to hate from childhood. Canada has taken in the illegals from United States and now they are fighting with Canadians. There is a Muslim problem and its cause is Islam.

Islam is nothing to fool with or shrug off as just nothing to worry about. It is a danger far greater than any military adversary America has ever faced. The main reason is that we have failed to recognize or name the enemy. We call the enemy a "religion" when we should be calling it what it is: a dangerous ideology. You have been lied to by those who want Islam for our destruction, like bringing into a house poisonous snakes and calling them "pets." I like Trump's snake poem where a woman rescues a snake and it ends up biting her and she dies. Europe is at the "snake bite" stage now.

Trump's Snake Poem: Metaphore For Islam, The Greatest "Trojan Horse" In History.
Like the unsuspecting Trojans, we are welcoming in a new effective kind of Trojan Horse.
It's a pandemic and we need to wake up.

Hillary Disturbed the "Hornet Nest" And Caused Mass Migrations
And half the American people wanted her as president! Unbelievable.

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