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There two kinds of news: Real News (RN) and Liberal Narrative News (LNN) which is Fake News Fake News protects people and companies doing you harm, especially food and medicine. A truth revolution, more powerful than deceit and lies.
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Trump is doing a good job correcting Obama evil deeds.
Democratic party is not democratic, its Marxist-Islamic, both of which are totalitarian.
Who killed Muhammad? If you know, then you can argue with what I say. If not
you should pay attention very carefully to what is said about Islam and the threat
to America, and then you will understand Trump's position on refugee immigration.
Poverty is a state of mind. Correct it and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson
Congress on Christianity: See what they said.
Business News: New massive 3 million plus member private Cryptocurrency company going public in Asia in 2018 Q2. Still time - check it out. More...

The Biggest Concern Today: Islam Resumes Invasion of West

You might be wondering who I am and what is my background and why you should believe anything on this page. Like who is this guy who thinks a cowboy lifestyle symbolizes the freedoms we enjoy and want to preserve, and singing to our sweetheart after a hard day's work by the glow of a campfire is a great way to relax. Yes I play the guitar, harmonica (at the same time) and a few other instruments and love the western life-style so I am a cowboy, a free spirit at heart. A singing cowboy? Maybe. I am in a band "Nordic Boys" (Pohjolan Pojat) entertaining the Vancouver BC Finnish community at events. (I was born in Helsinki and my parents immigrated to Canada in the 50's.) I also play various country/folk music.

Did Finns play any important role in American history? Yes! We have been fighting for the American Dream since the early days. In 1776, John Morton, (Marttinen) surveyor, politician, signed the Declaration of Independence. Nothing is more important than that. The first peace between Indians and Americans was signed in a Finnish log cabin. We are still working to keep it! God Bless America; God bless United States of America. When America is free, it gives courage to others to desire the same. America must remain free, free from foreign laws, foreign independence seeking ideologies by those seeking their own agendas, such as Islam. One World Government, Globalism, under socialism or Islam is antithetical to the concept of freedom. There are powerful forces trying to take America down, under their rule, financed by an unlimited supply of money to buy anything or anybody. This produces many traitors. We need whistle blowers to expose them, and under Trump it is happening.

I am a scientist, (biology and engineering) civil engineer (with a mechanical engineering technical school background) and most of all practical minded. Best of all, I am not for sale and I have no axe to grind. I do have a bias toward Trump but nothing can make me say something I know isn't true. He and I have something in common: we're both builders! My knowledge and skill have made the highways safe and long lasting because of my exact requirement being fulfilled by the contractor: straightening out dangerous curves, upgrading and widening aging roads and bridges, pioneering bran new freeways through mountains, lots of fun things. I am grounded in reality. I refuse to compromise my standards. People's lives depend on roads and bridges that don't fail. Engineers can't lie! Mistakes must be corrected before they develop into problems. Lying is a big and growing problem nowadays. It's a Socialist mentality whereby the end justifies the means, and there is no higher power to answer to than the self. There is great value for a country in people who believe that they are first and foremost answerable to a higher power to tell the truth. If everyone in Congress told the truth instead of fumbling for a narrative, a story, to explain away everything. Sorry to say that doctrine is missing in Islam, where like socialism, the end justifies the means. Everyone says a white lie once in a while but to live a lying, cheating life is what is ruining America.

My work has been with the BC Ministry of Transportation building and upgrading infrastructure all over British Columbia as a construction engineer, surveyor, and inspector of all phases of construction. We are descended from the "Royal Engineers" who pioneered and constructed the roads and rail lines for Canadian Pacific Railway to the West Coast like the US counterparts as seen in the movie, "Kansas Pacific." (Also Canadian Pacific movie) Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot's song "Canadian Railroad Trilogy " is about building Canada's railroad from the east coast to Vancouver BC. The 2010 Whistler Olympics required 7 miles of new road constructed from a rough logging road in the Callaghan Valley. I was the field engineer on that project that required three new bridges in rough mountainous terrain. It cost one blaster's life. It's a great tradition and work and I'm quite comfortable in even the most remote places. My heritage is from a forest people of the north, the Finns.

Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot
Canadian Pacific song

Everything must be based on scientific fact and evidence, not naive opinion or political correctness, which should be thrown in the garbage where it belongs because it doesn't help us get at truth, but perpetuates deception. To be accepted I must sign off on quality based on data I have obtained through ASTM, SAE or other standard tests, and I applied my strict criteria to "Islam as a religion" i.e. it must be a religion and not mostly political document - and it failed. I would have to send it back for revisions, like I reject engineering road plans due to errors or omissions, to remove the politics in order to pass as a religion. It failed as a "religion of peace." Only if the politics of terror and war are removed could it be what everyone seems to, without any knowledge of the subject, believe. Allah apparently hates unbelievers and prescribes how to deal with us - a red flag. Very little if anything gets past my scrutiny and here I do the same with Islam. It's almost like I have a sixth sense, (intuition based on experience) whereby my attention will automatically go to the one thing that is amiss, and it is corrected. After, it leaves me wondering how the mind does it. It has never let me down. The standard I used was our ( British, Canadian, American) Common Law which is the foundation of our western legal system - and common sense, not some failed Fake News Marxist ideology. The Qur'an is fundamentally opposed to our legal system and cannot be revised.

Mosst western freedoms evolved from some form of serfdom, (except Finland) a type of slavery, to the freedoms we enjoy today. Now with two different interpretations, on the "left" and "right", judgements are often in opposition to each other because of differences in ideology. Some judges are using Shariah Law, a foreign law, in their courts in cases involving Muslims whose religion forbids obedience to any other law and tells the people to overthrow the elected government, just like Marxism. Both share amazing similarities and Islam also has many Fascist-like qualities. We must not slip backwards to comply with foreign laws that never evolved or adopt Marxist ideology. We must learn from others' mistakes not our own and learn to state the truth about Islam even if it offends. Our freedoms depend on it. The left is becoming more seditious by the day, ignoring the Constitution or putting their own spin on it, whatever supports their narrative at the time, which now includes Jihadist Islam.

Islam is used as a hammer by the left against our Christian based western culture. Both want it destroyed. Islam forbids allegiance to our democracy and especially the Constitution. No problem; the left is willing to bend it to suit Islam. This is what is happening in Europe and it won't stop until a strong leader is elected to stop it. The people in Europe are afraid to elect such leaders, mainly because the media is controlled by the left, who create fear of these "fanatical right wing elements." The left calls them fascists, Nazis, far right or whatever, but in reality they normal, who have stayed in one place and the left has moved much further over. The "far right" has always maintained protected the people with good borders. They have always vetted immigrants properly and expelled criminal elements. Now if someone wants to do the right thing, they are "far right." They are not - except some extremists who are just as bad as the left but in a different way.

Money can buy anything, even a Congressman, Senator, or even presidential candidates, and much of it comes from the filthy rich Arab oil billionaires who want to change the world according to their Islamic Law. Why else would they be pushing Islam on the American people and indoctrinating our school children? Finland had their own "left" 1918 uprising and they are now called "social democrats" but they are the reason Europe is falling to a Trojan Horse conqueror: Islam. It's actually the same old Marxism at work. Finns put down their leftist revolution in 1918 and in the ensuing 3 month battle ending March 1918, 35,000 were killed fighting to overthrow the elected government to join the Soviet Union they thought was a paradise. This is exactly the feeling I get now with the radical left. They want to overthrow Trump and install Obama or Hillary and abolish all opposition, open the floodgates and bring in unvetted millions, many of them criminals. Soviet Union was a horrible prison, but America could be even worse. I don't trust Obama or Hillary. I sense something very evil in this pair. They want to tap into the envy in the people they have taken into poverty, because that is how Socialism works. Obama didn't want prosperity because the poor are his voting base. He was in a conflict of interest. His 2% growth rate was a poverty government. He chased businesses out at the same time as he was bringing in more people who could not be employed. It's a gut feeling and I know it is right. Millions were shot in the back of the head in all Socialist countries and most of them even participated in their revolutions. It is a lie of the devil. Kids going to university are now being indoctrinated with politics: Socialism or "Marxism" because it was Karl Marx that tapped into the dark secret envy and hate within the human spirit to destroy those who they blamed for their problems. When they get into power, they usually set out to kill all opposition. It always leads to bad outcomes, and millions became victims of this envy and hate that the ideology unleashed all over the world. America was right in opposing the expansion of Communism but not by killing innocent civilians. That was wrong, but the Vietnam War was about greedy people using it for their own encrichment, which is exactly what the Clintons do. America has suffered enough from these incompetant greedy so-called "socialists." More like criminals. It's enough to learn from history so we will never repeat these mistakes but then look forward with a new hope for a better world where everyone's rights are respected and take the fights out of the courtrooms and solve them some other way, like how about respecting other people's point of view. Don't force a Christian to do anything that goes against his beliefs! Why single out Christians to attack? This has become a pandemic just recently Muslims killed 26 Christians on their way to an event. They are among the thousands of other Christians killed by Muslims. Take your cake order to someone who wants your business - that's the way it has always been and should be. We go where we are respected. We shouldn't sue anyone! If we don't agree with someone, we change our loyalty and go elsewhere. Instead, the liberal judges have persecuted Christians with huge fines, over $100,000 for "hurt feelings" that nobody can afford. It has become a tool of persecution amongst gays who have been decriminalized, and now their true nature comes out. At least those getting in the news are mean spirited and evil. That is wrong in a free country like United States is supposed to be. Fake Media should leave people to sort things out themselves. Let people follow their conscience and don't force them to do what goes against their beliefs. This is what has been going on under Obama who was destroying Christian rights and removing Christian symbols.

Socialists and Muslims have that in common: they both blame others for their problems. Socialists agree with Muslims that their problems are because of the west. Both refuse to accept responsibility for their problems. What we say and think determine what we do which creates our future. When a people are preoccupied with destroying Israel, or America or infidels etc. they can't have a great future. So they come to America, but their think is still the same. So they get nowhere and blame America and its laws, openness, whatever. Therefore they feel entitled to get free everything. Someone else is always to blame. This is what is being taught in the Middle East with Israel as the scapegoat. Everything is their fault. Israel was behind this and that, with no proof whatsoever, so they fabricate it. Envy is like a disease! Israelis have done miracles with a rock pile desert that Arabs were glad to sell to Jews who paid more than the land was worth. When they made it bloom, Arabs wanted it back. There would be no issue if it had remained a desert. No "Palestinians" - immigrants from all Arab countries - would want to live there. Everything was rock and dust. Jews and Muslims lived there. New settlers arrived there just as new settlers arrived from other Muslim countries because now the land was giving forth its riches. Israel became a nation in 1948 after it was created as a homeland to repatriate Jews. Some land was purchased and more was won when five Arab countries ganged up on them to drive them into the sea, and lost. Lost! So Israel grew. The Arab people were told to evacuate so only the Jews would be exterminated. It didn't work. Jews then occupied those areas known as the West Bank. Any nation or people that blames someone else for their poverty or misfortune is like socialism and therefore dangerous due to this envy and the hate it brings out of people. The solution is to teach children how to prosper, not by sowing hate into their souls.

"You can't keep a good man down", is a great motto. The same thing goes for a country or a people. They don't whine about their misfortune or throw rocks at the ones they blame. Instead, they roll up their sleeves and get to work. There are people who are culturally "lazy" (oh I forgot; we're all exactly the same like two pennies) and slow and others who are culturally industrious and smart, whatever the reason, who value education. Finland is number one in the world in education! Sorry, I was born there but educated in Canada but I think I'm as smart as they are. Everyone, with few exceptions, can be smart if they change their way of thinking, grow up and accept full responsibility for their future. Now people are coming from all over to take advantage of the "refugee" opportunity, people who are victims of this mentality. The socialist government feels that they owe these people something. It's the other way around. They owe us their hard work. But socialists just accept the blame! That is so stupid. Even the then socialist president of Finland in 9/11 stated that the west better be nicer to these people so they will stop their violence. She was blaming the victims. It is easy to blame those who prosper. "Because of you I'm poor." But Obama and Hillary are, because of their dealings, very rich. Envy is the cause of most killing and war, not religion. except for one that has it in its doctrine. Allowing mass immigration by the wrong crowd is just as bad as being conquered by an army if not worse. The left is facilitating it in Europe for their own selfish reasons. They believe it will help to bring a one world government which is supposed to be a paradise. The NATO leaders are socialists who never grew up, children that became strong. EU is becoming another Soviet Union on a grand scale.

Texas Cowboy Chad has a word for "snowflakes" at Notre Dame graduation ceremony that walked out on Vice President Pence.

Fake News is keeping the truth about the disastrous immigration from the people. Real news is critical to a county's future and security, which is our reason to exist. Most of the news serves the interests of the Globalists, which push Islam and Socialism, which work together against freedom, secure borders and jobs. Truth is denied the people through fake news, such as the crime rates by "refugees" and they label anyone who opposes their views as racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, Nazis, bigots etc. to force their concept of a new America on everyone else. It works fairly well too, having formed most opinions according to their biased views until social media and alternative news started to challenge their monopoly on information. A Trump victory was the result of people against fake news, rejection of higher health care premiums, higher taxes, more socialism, collapse of American foreign policy, not Trump collusion with Putin. That is a fake accusation that Hillary threw out in despair. I remember it well and I was taken aback because I knew, I had that gut feeling it was fake. And I am right! Our enemy within is our own people as it was in Russia, Finland and many other countries. Finland, by the grace of God, managed to stay free since 1918! This was an amazing thing because most other countries have been occupied or taken over into the Soviet sphere. That is called "Devine Intervention." Now America is experiencing it too! The cause of all the grief is disgraced, failed socialist doctrine, Marxism. See Karl Marx in Hell.

Fox News states that Trump does not hate Islam and we should make a distinction between "Radical Islam" and Islam. I realize that we should not antagonize Muslims, but the fact remains: Radical Islam gets its inspiration and doctrine from the Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah - which are the foundations of Islam. Blaming Islam itself is in the final analysis, inescapable. Trump will not state this truth and that's the way it should be. It's enough to blame radical Islam for now for diplomatic reasons. Trump states in his speech in Israel that he wants to eradicate the ideology behind "Radical Islam." It can't be done without eradicating Islam and it can't be reformed as long as there is a written history of what Muhammad actually did. It's fine to say they believe in the same things we do, and many do. But, they don't have any influence on those who don't want the same things, but demand to change us and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dream of a one world government (like socialists) under an Islamic Caliphate. You can't discern The nature of Islam from the majority peaceful Muslims, which is how it is being done. This is a mistake. You do it by 1) knowing what the Qur'an says about infidels, and 2) What Muhammad did. These are the sources of terrorism. The idea that each vicious act is by a deranged Muslim is absurd when you know these sources. Instead, we listen to fake news and world leaders who proclaim Islam to be a peaceful religion. These leaders are lying to you and you will never defeat terrorism until you acknowledge the root causes. It's like medicine: you have the cure when you know the cause. It's no good just treating the symptoms or blaming the wrong cause and treating that. That is medical malpractice.

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Fluoride On Tap. They're poisoning us.

    This is my analysis of the Russian-Trump Collusion hoax:

    What is this all about? That's simple. Here is what happened - I was following it as it happened. Hillary lost against all that Democrats thought was happening according to the fake news and fake polls. They thought it was a slam dunk. They were all in a state of shock when Hillary the crook and liar lost. There was therefore no "rationale" for Trump to win in their mind, so there must have been cheating from Trump camp too. But the Trump camp didn't cheat like Hillary with debate questions passed to Hillary and teleprompters hidden at her podium - all kinds of slimy stuff. She tried every trick in the book and the vast power of the mainstream media was with her as well. Conventional wisdom was that the media puts in presidents. There's "no way" she could lose with all these and more in place. They couldn't accept that America rejected the lying media and The Democratic Party, Globalism and Globalists, socialism, and accepted and even demanded to restore America back to what she is supposed to be according to the Founders' vision, the home of Liberty and real justice for all, under God almighty, not Allah the ancient Arab moon God.

    The media was on Hillary's side doing everything they possibly can to sink Donald Trump. Nothing was working for Hillary. nothing good was said about Trump by fake media and affiliates around the world. She was in a panic because she sensed an upset coming. Her thugs caused fights in Trump's rallies and the media blamed, who else - Trump's people. She was desperate; so many millions had been given to her by Americans and foreigners, hoping for a big return on their money. Now all was lost.

    Meanwhile Trump had some evidence of voter fraud. YouTube videos seemed to confirm at least some fraud in that voter machines where shown to be changing Trump votes to Hillary. The videos came from several locations. Trump brought that to the attention of his supporters. The turnout to Trump's rallies should have been witness to this phenomenon going on but the media faithfully never let the world se the massive crowds, so they could give their own lies about how small they were.

    Next, Obama went on national TV and made the statement: "the voting system is impossible to compromise." Oh really! So Hillary didn't have to worrying after all. By this he meant that Trump should not worry and he should accept the results of the vote. Trump was asked on TV if he would accept the voting results. He replied, "I'll tell you when the time comes." They didn't think that the same situation would land in Hillary's lap. That's when you really see how crooked the media is. Now Hillary didn't have to accept the results. You see, when you try to dig a hole for someone else, you will fall into it yourself. Against all odds, by the grace of God, Hillary lost. Devine retribution! Now it was Hillary's turn to say that the voting system had been somehow compromised. What hypocrits these Democrats. Did the media ask her if she would accept the results? Absolutely not!

    Trump had made the statement that, "wouldn't it be nice if we had a good relationship with Russia." Hillary had a brainwave: "right, I'll say (make the unfounded accusation) that Trump must have had Russian help. How else could he have won." That's how it happened.

    There is nothing in Hillary's accusation in my opinion. The accusation, and the knee jerk response, makes it, as Trump correctly said, similar to the 1692 Salem witch hunts. There too, all it took was an accusation for anyone to be charged and then the slightest "evidence" was "proof" of guilt. About 20 people were executed. Much later, it was proven that the trials were fraud. This is how hysteria spreads when there is an accusation especially when no other explanation is available, as in Trumps "illogical" win. So, in the Democrat mind, the Trump collusion with Russia "makes perfect sense." But it is BS like the Salem witch hunts that found everything was proof and innocent people lost their lives. Hillary must be laughing hysterically at how she initiated the biggest witch hunt in American history. She knows it's all baseless crap, but she is full of these kinds of things. That's how her corrupt mind works and she knows the low IQ supporters will follow her lead wherever it takes them.

Fake News: The Damage They Do To America And The World

Obama's legacy is United States without borders w/criminals flooding in and jobs flooding out - the puppeteers' plan in action. The biggest news item today is the mass refugee migration which has been planned for a long time. ISIS is the engine that drives the spread of Islam. It now resumes the interrupted expansion begun in the 7th Century, financed by unlimited surplus oil wealth of Arab Muslims that is not helping their people but instead working to place the world under Islamic rule. Muhammad stated that terrorism creates fear and makes it easier to conquer enemies of Islam. In Britain, they asked for their own laws, and were granted them. Now there are over one hundred Shariah courts, showing they have no intention of joining the British people. How do they say, "if you're not with us, you're against us? Yes, and no - some are; some aren't. They want their own country within a country and have no intention of being buddy buddy with us and the Qur'an forbids it unless it is for a reason, meaning working to spread Islam. They have their own law inside their own "no go" zone, and they are spreading, areas that have "fallen to the enemy." Police have no authority there, and don't even respond to calls there in many cases. Their lives are in danger there like ours. Now that is an enemy within if I every saw it. As they grow like a fungus, the country falls under Islam. Someone has to state it like it is, don't they? Or should we sit here waiting for the inevitable, our heads piled into a big pile? Muslims are encouraging Islamic culture that they escaped to enjoy what they can get from ours. It would be like for example Soviet Union. How would it be if they were allowed to leave that terrible prison and ideology but when they got here they wanted Communism? It makes no sense.

These people also believe they are fast tracked to heaven and will be in the presence of 72 virgins and everything they want, if the die killing us. Can you believe that a religion would have an incentive to do Jihad which includes suicide bombings as we see in Manchester England in the Qur'an. Leaders are not helping the situation by reiterating that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam and dispensing platitudes that won't help anybody or reduce "radicalization." You don't move forward with lies; that's a leftist ideology, meaning ignoring the truth is the best strategy. Only truth, in other words root causes, has the power to defeat evil or fix any issue whether it be terrorism or disease. Treating symptoms fixes nothing. Bringing in refugees at tremendous cost doesn't fix the problem. The correct procedure there is to secure a safe area for the people, defeat their enemy and finally bring the people back to their homes and help them rebuild their lives. But that doesn't spread Islam! It is a disincentive for Islamic countries that want to move their religion to rule over the earth, as the Qur'an commands. The experts talk meaningless garbage when discussing possible solutions to the terrorism problems. They speak of community involvement, but to do what? They don't say. What are they supposed to do to "educate" Muslims and non-Muslims without talking about the source of the problem: the Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah - which contain the doctrine and actions of Muhammad? The cause of local terrorism in Europe is unrestricted mass refugees and the doctrine they have been indoctrinated into. ISIS is a symptom of the problem. Defeating it will temporarily halt the wars in the Middle East but do nothing to stop people from reading Islamic seditious and murderous literature or listening to those who have. These are the sources of the problem that nobody wants to talk about for fear of offending Muslims. Fine, we're skunked! And Obama didn't even want to name the intermediate problem: Radical Islamic Terrorism. As long as this is the case, nothing will change. Only by Muslims themselves turning their backs on their "religion" can there be peace. Many have done just that and become Christians where they found hope and comfort, which Islam does not provide because it is a works based religion. No Muslim knows if they qualify for heaven, except those who die for Allah. It's like insurance. You must do certain things to win favor with Allah, and killing an infidel and dying doing it is the highest, the best thing they can do to please Allah. Thankfully most Muslims ignor it! Don't let the idea that "most Muslims are peaceful" give you a false sense of security because they are totally irrelevant. Peaceful people have never been able to change the disasters by the minority that overtook their countries in history.

Arab money is now controlling our news, which is owned and operated by a few men who put out exactly the same narrative making it appear to be true. But they are caught daily lying to the people substantively and by omission and will not state the truth about anything Trump does, most of which is amazing. So it is a puzzle to me why they want to commit Hari Kiri for Globalism. They must belong to the same fraternal organization. They will hopefully die a natural death and someone who wants to tell the truth will step up and take over, someone with deep pockets who can't be controlled. Imagine getting the real news about fake, money wasting cancer research, GMO foods, autism causing vaccines, etc. This would be a different world. You need the information I will be providing here about Donald Trump but also about everything Fake News is withholding due to their inherent conflict of interest. I have a few paying advertisers that have asked me to advertise their company and even an advertising agency, but my freedom of speech is more important than keeping a customer that doesn't agree with me. I believe that our chances of getting closest to the truth is through YouTube and Twitter. They allow us to bypass political and financial filters. For example Fake News will never report negatively for their pharmaceutical advertisers. They will never tell you of the many many researchers who have been dismissed for getting too close to a cure for cancer. Laetrile, or apricot seeds that kills cancer cells without damaging normal cells is a good example. Vaccines cause autism

If you aren't a traitor to your country you will not get a job in Fake Media that has the same narratives as The Young Turks, which is financed by Qatar, a rich Arab oil country. There's no collusion between Trump and Russia, but there is plenty between Fake Media and our other closer enemies, many of them our own people. The reason: money as usual. Congress is bought and paid for by those who fund their campaigns. You only get news that Fake News wants to give you. They are spoon feeding you their narratives like you are babies who don't know what to do with real food, or news. They are a crooked bunch, and if not then unemployed. I wonder if there are journalism courses that teach the ethics of reporting. They won't expose anyone for anything and even their own families suffer as a result. Their culture of silence and bias reporting is criminal. They are working to take away our voice which bypasses them who arrogantly believe they should have a monopoly on news and freedom of speech should be banned. This money financing Fake Media and bought Congress must be cut off by laws. A watchdog organization should be created to watch the watchdogs that aren't doing their job! That's how bad it is. Watching Democrats, who we rely on to keep government honest, in action I see basically not adults but children. A dangerous person is a child that never grew up, such as Stalin, Karl Marx, Hilter, James Comey, Clintons and Obama. These Democrats remind me of Spanky and the Gang, pretending they are important people doing an important job but actually making it a side show. One charges windmills on horseback, another makes great orations filled with ignorance, all believing they are doing something worthwhile for which they are paid an exorbitant wage they never earn. They should be fired and a real watch dog put in their place instead of people who let Obama shovel out money as fast as he can to the tune of over a Trillion dollars for every year he was there doing mischief, sending America's enemy Iran billions of dollars and working toward a Muslim America. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Only patriotic Americans should have control of our news, and Globalists are not. The news licenses should be controlled and reviewed for fake news which is putting out lies that protect their sources of funds,M which they call "free press." It should be a free press but not so free that they commit crimes, deals behind our backs to benefit corporate greed and themselves. We need truth about the cancer industry, Islam, vaccines, GMO food etc. A lie could be a punishable offense. They should be held accountable. It could be enforced in special courts. To honest journalists everywhere: do not prostitute yourself to outsiders who do not have the people's best interests at heart. We have taken over the news because mainstream media has corrupted itself by aligning itself politically and financially. News has become advertising and propaganda. As a result, the American people, most of them smarter than the fake, have voted against mainstream media while the left, who are intellectually challenged, continue to accept and act according to their propaganda.

Islam was meant to be excluded out of the American story at one time, but Arab oil money has changed that. Now Washington is awash with this money and Islam is here to stay and to eventually take over thanks to traitors in the government. Money now runs the country, one way or another, not the people and Trump has crippled their game which is why they want him out. According to mainstream media, Trump hasn't done anything worthwhile, which is one reason I am putting up this site, but also to give you the truth about our enemy Islam, which they say is wonderful and peaceful, but is anything but. They have a narrative and everything must fit neatly in it when reporting their news. Their understanding of the threat posed by Islam to America is terrible, but it wouldn't matter because they are allies. Lying and misrepresenting Trump is a key narrative. Right now they just want Trump, elected by the people, out. This shows you how much they value American Democracy and rule of law. They, not the people, according to their ideology have the right to install a president that allows them to continue the Globalist socialism they were building, which was taking the country down. Socialism doesn't work I can tell you right now, and even more so with masses of immigrants with no desire to work for what they want. It should be possible for anyone to find a job within a month if they really want to work and do anything. They are too proud to start at the bottom and work up. So they protest for more this and the other thing. These people remain on welfare for years! That's not the people we want here. Send them back to their homes when safe to do so. We have enough lazy bums already. They are out there protesting and destroying property, blaming everything on the system instead of themselves.

One thing is for certain: things are happening too fast to properly evaluate the consequences of this refugee phenomenon that is looking more like an invasion every day especially in Europe because of the hundreds of thousands of military aged belligerent men. The Fake News are, in all English speaking and European countries working for the Globalists to destroy us. Islam is a key component of the Globalist plan. President Donald J. Trump is ruining their global plan in America. Doesn't that make him our best ally?

    Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization and nationality for the United States.
    That Act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of aliens to the US and remains in effect today.
    Among the many issues it covers, one in particular found in Chapter 2, Section 212, is the prohibition of entry in to the US if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by force, violence or by other unconstitutional means.
    Islam is that "organization" which should not be called a "religion." Then the freedom of religion laws would steal away what this law was intended for - the protection of America. These lawmakers knew Islam but today they either don't or can't do anything because of their self imposed political correctness. This law by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States but it is being ignored by the left, the judges who put down Trump's travel ban. Someone should bring this law to his attention. The Nineth Circuit Court Judge went against American Law by throwing out Trump's temporary moratorium on immigration from 7 Muslim countries, as did the one in Hawaii! He was within his power to do it but some unelected man could prevent Trump from doing his main job - to protect the American people.

Brigitte Gabriel, An Expert On Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood Plan For America.
This master document is the plan to destroy America and every other western country.
So why is there any discussion at all about the threat of Islam. It's a slam dunk!
Many governors are accepting Islam and Shariah Law as harmless! And they
are implementing, inflicting their ignorance on the people.

This is why we are in trouble, and "refugees" are too because they think they have escaped the causes of their problems. They have just brought them as baggage to their new land, where it can blossom into the same thing they left. My family came from Finland, without baggage, like most other Europeans. We helped build our new country. These new immigrants land here and go out into the streets to protest. What's wrong with them?

The Democrats are angry at Trump for suggesting that illegal immigrants should be kept out and deported. What do you think about that? Is Trump right? See if you agree with what Bill Clinton and Obama say about it:

Bill Clinton and Obama On Illegal Immigrants

Italy deporting illegals

Clinton Human Trafficing Ship Caught In Baltimore
Democrats talk great but do the exact opposit. Didn't Bill
just tell the American people about how illegals should be...

Wow! Cher Just Turned on The Democ-rats!
Former anti-Trump lady did Trump a good thing...

About Hillary And James Comey : Some Interesting Evidence Against His Corruption
Ever heard him being questioned by Trey Gowdy? Excuses, excuses but no action.
He let Hillary get away with criminal activities and he knows it. The bum's gone.

Suprem Court Rules In Favor Of Trump
This saves our kids from religious brainwashing grades 5-12
Obama was converting our children into Islam in schools!
Where was the left's cry of, "separation of church and state?"
Oh yeh, that only applies to the American traditional Christianity!

Vaccine Rage: Drives People Insane
Also the cause of the high rate of Autism and other diseases.
Don't vaccinate your children with Mercury and Aluminum.
Fake News criminals won't protect your children, or your country!

Health Ranger Threatened By Fake (Disgusting) Media

Fake News is Fake Because They Don't Care About YOU!
They don't care if you live or die as long as they make money.
Boycott Companies That Promote GMO Poison For Money.
Here is the short list of companies NEVER to buy again. Ever!

Obama had been consciously working towards a different agenda than what his campaign speeches claimed, thereby deceiving the American people who voted for him. He was working with the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist front organization) to destroy America. I can only assume that because 1) Obama consulted them regularly on foreign and domestic policy, and 2) The Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America was found in a raid, and the video below with Brigitte Gabriel will reveal some of the details to you. Congress had to pass a Federal law recently prohibiting the exercise of foreign laws! Imagine that - American judges not honoring our laws, doing everything to facilitate maximum damage to America through the medium of Human Trafficking of Islam. Meanwhile NSA spies on all the American people, and Obama knew everything Trump was doing through his spies. There's no reason NSA wouldn't spy on him just because he is the enemy of Hillary in this contest. Still Hillary lost. Way to go United States. America, America, rise up against your oppressors. Don't let them lie to you, spy on you, make your lives miserable without a fight. The left want a replay of the Bolshevik Revolution, believing that despite all the failures and millions murdered in the name of Socialism, they can make it work. Theirs is a dangerous pipe dream by people who have no love for the truth, just like the Soviets. Nobody who has lived under "Socialism" would want more. Former slaves of the Communist States think the left are dangerous and very ignorant (crazy) and brainwashed and have forgotten history. They obviously aren't taught the evils of socialism and Islam in these leftist universities. Everyone wanted out, but if you tried, you were shot. Thousands were. People want freedom and deception will get them what they don't want. You might get some "free" stuff but someone has to pay for it, and after the money is gone nobody has anything and the whole thing collapses.

Arabia and Arabs have unlimited funds to destroy "our miserable house" as Islam calls it. It's in the Qur'an! By letting them live off us, they are free to take part in protests, gang up with already "radicalized" Muslims and plan who knows what against America, which they hate. There are "Muslims" that love America and Canada, but they are Muslims only by culture, what we call nominal Muslims. They could change any time if they associate with those who read the Qur'an and are persuaded to live and act by it. Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah are the sources of radicalization. "Radicalization" doesn't just appear out of dust, from nothing, so that people are willing to die for the cause of Allah. It comes from an ideology called Islam. Can I say these seditious documents should be banned? I'm a little ahead of my time but the day will come when we wish they were. We in the West have a major problem on our hands: ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. All that our enemies have to do is be patient and they can take over after a few generations. Islam wishes to continue where they left off to bring the world under Islam. Trump is trying to call the enemy by name, "Radical Islamic Terrorism." And what is the root cause of that? Islam! We need your help to stop them. Please share this with your friends.
Timeline of Islamic conquest

Back in Fall of 2016, I was watching Hillary give a speech. It was a time when Trump was trashing her in debates and her support across heartland of America was dropping. She made the statement that Trump was working with his buddy Putin to undermine her campaign. This was after Trump had said something like, "wouldn't it be nice if we had a better relationship with Russia?" That's a true statement by the way, but Mrs. Clinton seized the opportunity to make it appear as if there was something untoward going on between the Russians and Trump, maybe something worse than her ties to the Arabs, who donated millions to her campaign through the Clinton Foundation expecting favors in return. Or the time she sold Mr. Putin 20% of America's Uranium, for money. Her husband got a lucrative speaking deal out of it. That is illegal. I think that kind of dealing is wide-spread in the White House, but never by Trump. He isn't even taking a wage. He just wants to straighten out the destructive path Obama has set for the country and to "drain the swamp." I hope he does it. Fake News seized on Clinton's accusations about Russian collusion and have never let go. The purpose? Harassment, but they have convinced themselves that it is true. I could see by everyone's attitude and statements that a "mass hysteria" was spreading through the Democratic Party. Every little contact with any Russian is now "evidence" that their paranoia is fact. Unfortunately, anyone can see through it: there is no path from speaking to a Russian to a Trump win. They are making a mountain out of a mole hill just to try and give Trump a nervous breakdown. They are disgusting human I don't know what. Deplorables? Anyway I saw the similarity in this "witch hunt" and the Salem witch trials of 1692. Hillary Lost. Of course it wasn't exactly like in Salem where people were accusing others as the hysteria spread. But they took Hillary's accusation like the magistrates took the accusations of witchraft - as having merit, and had to be "investigated." That is where we are at present with the Russian hacking that supernaturally caused votes to magically go to Trump. They've been watching too much Harry Potter or involvement in magic.

During the election, I watched several videos of possible voting machine fraud. The videos showed a Trump vote going in and it being registered as a Hillary vote. Was it a fake video? I don't know, but I think that's when Trump stated that the elections were rigged. Obama came on national TV to state that, "it is impossible to compromise the election voting system because it is not connected to the Internet." Now they are accusing Trump of the same thing. Democrats, give it up. The elections were fair and Hillary lost because of herself, not the Russians or UFO's or anything else. Why doesn't Obama reiterate that now to benefit Trump and stop the nonsense that will not change the fact that Hillary lost.

Trump About The Dumb Witch Hunt

Elizabeth Warren Goes Off On "Loser" Trump

Donald Trump Bringing Back Jobs To America

Anything Hillary said was broadcast as true, while Trumps accusations of spying on him and his team was said to be "baseless." Then they wonder why the American people have had enough. Stay away form Fake News. They are trying to shut down all opposition to their narrative. Then it will be like living in Nazi Germany or USSR where only one opinion was allowed: that of the ruling elite. Most of the time their reports were fabricated by the Communist Party, the counterpart of our leftist Globalist movement of ignorance that can't stand any other opinions. They use words like, "Nazi" and "Islamophobe" to silence anyone who is against unrestricted immigration and open borders. It has worked quite well in Europe, which is under Muslim siege from hundreds of thousands of military aged men who were invited in by Angela Merkel, a leftist from Communist East Germany. This must not happen in America.

Hannity Interviews Brigitte Gabriel 5/12/17

The End State Of Socialism Is Collapse

What does the Qur'an really say about a Muslim woman's hijab?

Hannity: The Reason Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey

Trump Makes His Move Against John McCain

FBI Liar For Political Gain Gets What He Deservers
This is just the beginning of draining the swamp.

Why Did Fake News Let Hillary Clinton Break The Law?
Did she shower them with Clinton Foundation money?
No criminal is now safe with FBI Director Comey gone.

Your Health: Live Long And Strong

Seeds Of Death: Monsanto
GMO: 5 Digit Number beginning with 8xxxx

Monsanto GMO Corn Proven To Cause Cancer
Stop Monsanto from making us sick and our
health insurance costs will go down.

Massive Organic Food Fraud
Our health is determined by our food.

Massive Food Fraud
Product does not match label.
Cook meat to >160 deg. F = 71 deg. C

I am not a big fan of demographic change where that change creates enclaves composed of a people who don't want to mix, who do not assimilate and who enforce their own law in "their own territory." Islam is the worst. My vision for America is the same for every country. One law; one people; one America, United States, a sovereign country with secure borders. There will never be a united world ruled with an iron hand by a dictator in my vision. I was born in Finland and most of us have assimilated even if we can still speak our language. I am fluent in Finnish, though my family came to Canada when I was six years of age. We don't look for Finnish neighborhoods to live in, though we did live in one when we arrived in Ontario. That's because they were a support group at the time. Look at Deerborn Michigan, which is a Muslim city. Not many people want to go there and I don't blame them. It can be dangerous. How many of these cities do we want? None, because they limit our freedom of movement. Over time, these become separate countries that start to fight for independence. That's what happened in the Ukraine. This must be discouraged. America should be what it always has been: a melting pot. But Islam will not.


Founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova Announces OneCoin, About To Go Public
This may be as big or bigger than Facebook or Alibaba according to her.
OneCoin is at €9.85. But many powerful enemies.
See: OneCoin

Trump fired his Attorney General Sally Yates for disregarding his Executive Order to ban immigration from seven Muslim countries. And now he has fired the acting AG and FBI Director Comey as well. Why did Trump want this "Muslim" ban? He wanted to prevent the "disaster in Europe to come to the United States" is the quick and dirty answer. The real reason is complicated and requires in depth knowledge of Islam. I have a lot of this knowledge, (not all by any means) having studied it for many years after I heard a lecture by Dr. Robert Morey who warned America about Islam. That's when I got the "heads up" about this ideology. In fact he wrote the primer for the FBI who must deal with Muslims, which Obama snatched away. He doesn't want anyone to know the real Islam. You don't let your enemy know your plans, never. Obama told the world, and the enemies of the American people, many of which were Obama's friends, causing thousands of deaths. He tipped the enemy off by revealing the date he was leaving Iraq, and discussed military plans.

Know your enemy; call it by name: Islam, the source of inspiration of terrorists. You must know what Islam really is, as opposed to the information specially crafted for mass distribution. "Radical Islamic Terrorists" are merely the militant arm of the ideology but everyone does what they can, and that is called "Stealth Jihad" - working gradually from the inside to change us, by little things that add up to big changes. The turmoil after the Iraq pullout was facilitated and financed in part by Obama and Hillary. Even the mother pumping out babies is doing her bit for Allah. They are all Muslims. Most appear to be nice and that is their plan. Be nice until the time is right. You cannot start anything until there are enough people and that applies to anything. The worst then rise to the top and the majority peaceful people have no control and remain irrelevant. That's the pattern so don't let them tell you that most Muslims are peaceful therefor we have nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, as they grow amongst us, they are taught that our system is bad and must be replaced by Islam. Sally Yates does not know Islam and should never have interfered with the limited travel plan. Trump seems to have some knowledge of what is inside this ideology everyone calls a religion. Although superficially Islam is a religion, it is more useful to call it by what 90% of it is rather than the 10%. I don't know the exact ratio but you get the picture. This point is critical to our very survival. Do not ignore it. Trump is right, the people who voted for him based on his promise to ban refugees from certain countries, are right; the opposition is totally wrong, but politically so correct.

Obama at one point was defending Islam when he said, "No religion advocates the killing of innocent people." He is right, and that is my point, the Qur'an says we must be killed or pay them for not having our heads chopped off. It says they must persevere in that until the world's governments are overthrown and Islam rules. That is advocating murder and sedition. Unless you know Islam, you have no idea how that statement can be used to hide the danger inherent in Islam. It Basically tries to convince us that Islam, because it's a religion, can't possibly be violent. That's tricking us. But what if it isn't a religion? If it says kill us it can't qualify. You got it! In this doctrine, infidels are not innocent. That is what Obama was hiding. That is why it is permissible to kill infidels on sight. We are, "fighting Allah." If we are fighting Allah, then why can't Muslims "fight back?" You see the logic? Islam is Voodoo logic; it makes no sense, and when it crosses the line from religion to politics, any resemblance to a good peaceful religion disappears. This is one way good Muslims become terrorists. This is why judges must have a course on Islam from a non-Muslim. A Muslim is supposed to lie to protect and advance Islam. So don't listen to a Muslim about the virtues of Islam without an expert to refute their lies. This is what Sally Yates, the former Attorney General calls a (good) religion.

The American People Wanted The Refugee Ban

In the above CBN segment, a spokesperson for "fake news" denies they are fake. If that is true, why did they try to bring down Trump during the election and continue to do so? They take his words out of context and chop it up so it makes him look bad, which is part of their narrative. I have seen what is happening in the White House because Trump wants us to. Fake News' reports do not tell the whole story. They spin it to make it look the worst possible. If they showed some good faith and started to report properly, then Trump would respond and let everyone know. That's how he is. They want him out and it is plain to see, and that makes it fake news.

Christian values, like those of our Founding Fathers, should be dominant. Everywhere in the world, it's the Christian nations everyone wants to live in, because prosperity comes from the freedoms that are natural in these countries. They ensure freedom for all, even Muslims. But if they are in charge, there will be no freedoms. I would like for us Europeans to survive, to thrive and continue to be the innovators and bring new and amazing things for the world, just as we have always done. But we must not kill off our future generations, our inventors, like we have been - pushing 60 million in America and 800,000 in my native Finland. These are people that should be walking the streets today. Instead, that chance was taken away. Think of it as the new industry because there is big money in abortions, in self destruction. Now it will stop or be reduced drastically. There, I said it and I won't mention it again, but it is the truth and we all know it. The Bible says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge..." Hosea 4:6 The left have to a great extent rejected knowledge in favor of ideology. They created the "far" right by moving to the left so far that center became "far right." Trump isn't doing anything that the Founding Fathers wouldn't do, and they weren't far right. Trump is exactly where he needs to be to restore America to where by providence it should be.

My people in Finland don't run away like these traitors to their country, hundreds of thousands of military aged men leaving their women and old folk behind, rivers of humanity flowing into the heart of Europe to do damage, materially, economically and physically. These are not real refugees, they can't be. Nobody would leave their family behind to be slaughtered. These are cowards or they have been sent to destroy Europe. I was born in Helsinki and we were the real refugees after Stalin took our homes in Karelia but they were unable to advance more than a hundred Kilometers into Eastern Finland. Why? Because unlike these so-called refugees who arrived raping and pillaging Europe, my father and his buddies wouldn't let them. Go there when you have some time: The Winter War I am happy to say that I will resist in this way any intruder that has not been vetted properly into my adopted country, and Islam has failed my vetting process, which means - are even nominal Muslims totally safe?

Islam (classified as an ideology, not religion) is the only thing that can destroy America, as it has dozens of other countries by the same means. It is an ideology with a "cloaking device" - religion. It is not a religion! Hundreds of millions of Muslims actually act out the minor "religious" parts without knowing about the rest. Those who find out about the real Islam often leave. Nothing else can defeat America but deception. That's my job - to cripple their attack on you and your families, to show you that these people don't have America's best interests at heart. The left by themselves can't bring down democracy. Islam by itself can't. But with the left, Islam and criminal aliens they have a chance, but only because we have a huge number of ignorant people who have fallen for the Globalist lies. It is unbelievable! How can Americans (Canadians and British too) be so blind, so deceived. Fake News (CNN, NY Times...) is America's demise because they won't stop the damage being done. They have a duty to the people to tell them the truth, and they won't do it. It must go. What they call fake news is taking over, and the truth is getting out by social media too. That's all we want. Nobody wants to be filled with lies. Lies kill us, and we won't take it any longer. We don't have all the truth, but at least I tell the truth after a lot of study and listening to the people who know only too well, many from personal experience, what Islam is. It is information that fake news avoids because it utterly destroys their narrative.

Islam is anything but harmless and it tells the people how to overcome us and take over. It is a pagan religion incorporating the pre-Islamic culture, the pagan rituals of the Arab people, the looting, the piracy, the slavery, and harsh treatment of women. Muhammad, who called black people, "raisin heads" himself worshiped idols, doing exactly what Muslims do today except most of the idols were removed except for Muhammad's tribal idol, Allah the moon god. Muhammads was a white man who had black slaves. Islam is not the black man's religion as some believe.

There is nothing new about today's Muslim practices. They are a continuation of pagan worship. This page is a sincere project to educate the people before it's too late. We are taking in too many, making too many accommodations, turning too many blind eyes to things they do, creating a society without application of law equally and changes to the laws, and it's costing way too much for the people, to support people who don't appreciate anything and only despise those who help them. Why should we give them money when even our own people don't get enough, and we give them way more than our own hurting fellow Canadians and Americans! For God's sake stop the mass Human Trafficking business, that's exactly what it is, to destroy us. (there's big money in it) It's the same thing in Canada. I believe that many if not most will continue to be a burden and have no intention of participating or contributing to America. They have proven that to me. While American mothers and father's (both) work their fingers to the bone to give their kids something, these leeches demand that we support them, and in fact that is the long therm goal of Islam. Their women aren't allowed to work. Their job is to make children at home and brainwash them into Islam. Nominal Muslims are different and many women work, but the rest are engaged in making babies, their contribution to spreading Islam. We are supposed to support them! We tolerate and even encourage this behavior and it must stop. My definition of a religion is a non-violent belief system in God. Islam fails because Muhammad wants infidels killed or enslaved.

Fake News has been trying in vain to find the slightest thing to pin on Donald Trump. For example, he has been accused of working with Putin to beat Hillary. How can Putin influence a single American to cast a vote for Trump instead of Hillary? It's absurd, and plain crazy. But there's a thousand times more evidence to say that Hillary has been involved with the Russians with her husband prior to this election, but have you heard about it on Fake News? Has Donald Trump committed treason like Hillary and her husband? I don't think so. Just what kind of treason am I talking about? How about selling out American interests to Putin in the worst way possible? Yes. She gave Putin 20% of America's Uranium reserves for personal gain. This is the "freedom of the press" that keeps this from you? If that's the kind of freedom they are dispensing, then the people have the right to take that kind from them and get the job done by themselves! We don't need them anymore, we're free from their "news for hire" free press. Her husband sold out America's children to Islam, and America's military secrets to China. Now do you still want to talk about some hypothetical collusion between Trump and Putin to influence voting? Technically it is impossible anyway. Think about it. The accusation was just "thrown" out as an excuse for Hillary's loss. That's all. The media immediately grabbed onto it and won't let go. I have an idea: why don't they start an investigation into Hillary's dealings with Putin first, then Trump. While the left and right are at war against each other, Islam is moving forward, and if Trump fails to protect America, the Muslims will do what they have been working for (with Obama), take over America. We have nothing against Muslims who want to participate in America and Canada, but the more powerful and louder minority is what always wins progressively to change our ways to suit them, and there is no way to know who they are when they arrive here. They could be ISIS, and many are.

I believe that the narrative must change from left vs. right, black vs white - all the things that can be actually traced back to Obama's eight years of dividing America. The way to conquer an enemy is to divide it internally, and that's what Obama was doing. That is his greatest success. My narrative is just truth: you are for or against making America great again. Many Muslims only want to see Islam great again and are receiving help from the left, who have much in common. How can any person or country help others if they can't help themselves. It begins at home. Restore the country then fix the world, but not by throwing away money or interfering with regime change.

News Archives 2017

Trump, GOP Leaders Celebrate Health Care Win
My local fake news CKNW only reported, "15 million people
will lose their health insurance."

Obama: The Jihadist In The White House - by John Guandolo

Ex-Muslim Destroys Islam Defenders
Best Seller: People vs Muhammad

Listen To These Immigrants Who Know Islam
They are warning us to not fall into the deception trap!
One of them says that the left and Islam join forces to
force Islam on everyone. That is the sad story they tell.
Others say they escaped these bad people and now we
are bringing them here - and they are scared. The Canadian
Prime Minister wants to take freedom of speech away so nobody
can say anything, which makes Canada a de facto Islamic state.

Special Gun Rights For Muslims
No picture ID required, only for Muslims.

Islam is Not a Religion. And It is Not Peaceful
Islam is state, meaning law. They are one.
There is no separation. Red Flag!

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey Of Evil

Islam Is Paganism With A New Face

Barbary Pirates Following Muhammad's Laws
They have the right to enslave and extort money from us

103,000 Entitled Muslims in Michigan Get Nasty Surprise
Every new Muslim adds a voice to these, to change us.

Muslims Have the Right to Take your Wives and Daughters
That is their Shariah Law, and many states approved it. They must be stopped.

Planned Parenthood Isn't Interested In The Truth
They're interested in money. Too bad it's ending soon.
How can we justify by any rationale the killing of babies?
Babies are people too. Unborn lives matter!

10 Million Muslims Just Slapped With New Ban

Young Turks Financed by Qatar. So is ISIS
It is a propaganda machine for Islam.

Tom Select Has Had Enough of Rosie
Muslims fired over demands.

Islam's 10 Most Diabolical Evil Teachings in all Human History in Qur'an
When you watch this, compare what is true with what is being taught by Fake News.
I believe Fake News is guilty of crimes against humanity for hiding this information.

The Snake: read by Donald Trump
See who Trump says are the snakes today.

There Is No Ideology More Dangerous Than Islam (Except socialism)
It has a perfect cover: people think it's a religion and protect it.

Inside Canada-USA "refugee" Trafficing Ring
America's problem becoming Canada's problem.

Dishonest Obama Busted For Defrauding the American People.

Prophecy About Donald Trump

Most countries are falling to the deception of evil Islam. People protect it vigorously. They stand dumbfounded with big signs of welcome to refugees. These are not refugees except for a minority. You can't prove that they are! Nobody can. America is the only country standing between Globalism and Freedom at the moment, so that is why I chose to back Donald Trump. If America had gone the way Obama was leading, and Hillary was proposing, America would eventually lie in Islamic-Socialist ruins and chaos, most likely civil war and perhaps millions of deaths, not to mention opportunistic countries such as Iran and North Korea taking advantage of the situation. Did your patriotic Fake News tell you that the "refugees," mostly military aged men, have not been vetted, that they come into the country without papers, (i.e they are invaders sent by the Globalists) with horrible communicable diseases and when they arrive, they go on social security forever paid by you while working behind the scenes for an Islamic State in America, (idle hands are the devils workshop) and receive an American Passport? If that doesn't anger you, nothing will. Don't listen to the fake media anymore. Listen only to facts, that can be proven, that you can look up and verify on the Internet.

Globalism is treason: Obama the traitor

Official Risks Her Life To Expose Truth About Refugees
"Refugees" consisting of mostly unvetted, military age men are invaders.

We hear the term, "Islamophobia" flung at anyone who links the violence and rape going on in Europe by Muslims to the religion. What they mean is that the fears are irrational, with no evidence whatsoever. If you go by Fake News, there isn't the evidence because that would destroy their narrative of "peaceful" Islam. Muslims all know it isn't peaceful, or should know. It is the religion of the sword, which amongst themselves they know. They are supposed to lie to us as a religious duty. That too is in the Qur'an. But if you go to YouTube and see what is happening from the people themselves, you will not say it is "phobia" meaning totally irrational fear like the fear of heights, "acrophobia." But even there we know that heights can kill. In the case of Islam, we know that it can kill. Furthermore, we look into the Qur'an and it tells Muslims to kill us. So if you are ever called an "Islamophobe" don't let it bother you. Stay the course. Islam can and will kill us if we allow it to grow unchecked. That is a known historical fact. >BR>
Islam is not what we think of as a religion, containing killing anyone who does not believe in Muhammad and Allah (their god, not ours) and Shariah Law which includes slave status of women. It has very little to do with the Biblical narrative and what there is has been changed to favor Arab customs and morality such as permitted child marriages, (many of our judges don't mind this. I wonder why. It is promoting pedophilia.) forced sex with any woman that their "right hand possesses", switching roles of Isaac and Ishmael and denying the death and resurrection of Jesus, and their god which has totally different attributes. It is heavily sex oriented, all the way to "Heaven" where the reward for fighting and dying is sex and if you live, with the female slaves. That's exactly the carrot Muhammad used to recruit young men and why Sweden is the rape capital of Europe now. I don't think it will do any good to tell the mother about how peaceful Muslims are. She and her daughter will never the same. Every girl is now a potential rape victim from a Muslim man because of what Muhammad did and encouraged. That's certainly a far cry from our God. Never say "we worship the same God." It's what I call in the vernacular, BS. Don't tell me that Islam and Christianity are the same in any meaningful way. Don't tell me that Islam will make our country better in some way, "strength in diversity" garbage that is used on us by our deceivers. Tell that to the thousands of Swedish mothers who have had their daughters raped by "refugees", which has made Sweden the rape capital of the world. Meanwhile the Globalist government protects the rapists because they are Muslim. A Swedish rapist would have be thrown in jail for a long time. They have caught onto the dumb West and will use the system to destroy us if we allow them. Although I was born in Helsinki Finland, I used to live in Sweden for some time as a six year old boy and remember the life-style well, which is similar to our Finnish customs except our homes all have a sauna. It was a land of peace. Now it is a land of rape and violence. But Fake News won't tell you, which is why I am compelled by my inner voice to tell you. It is God in me that pushes me forward to get this out to you because he loves us and I hope that it contains way more truth than Fake News - information that the people desperately need. He wants to save us from ourselves, and he wants to use each of us, so join us and tell your friends, on Facebook, in discussions, at school or on the phone, emails...anywhere to tell the world that we are under attack from the inside, and that includes our own people. I pledge my loyalty to God and country: Canada, Finland and the United States of America, the country God lifted up as an example of what honoring God can achieve, what we in Finland called, "the free country." Obama, with his Muslim connections and devious mind, together with the totally corrupt Hillary and her husband, exposed the people to our enemies and aided them, working with them to destroy us, and in so doing benefitted themselves. It sounds like it couldn't possibly be true, but it is. Mr. Clinton sold our children to Islam and our military technology secrets and strategic positions (e.g. Panama Canal) to the Chinese. The truth is worse than anyone thought. Thank God we have Trump, literally.

Dick Proenneke's Alone In The Wilderness

Stand up against political correctness censorship!

I love America and Americans, having hitched hiked in this amazing land as a young man and marveling at the hospitality and kindness of the American people. Ain't nobody goin' to say anything bad about you around me! I was a weary and hungry traveler on my way to the Bahamas from Victoria BC. That is a long way. You took me home and fed me. You went in and fixed me the biggest sandwich I had ever seen walking by your restaurant on the street - you asked me if I was hungry. I needed money to fly over to Freeport. You gave me a week's work at the Palm Beach Holiday Inn. When I landed, you took me home, like you were waiting for me...Everything went like it was planned, or was being planned on the fly. You amazed me. How can I repay you for your kindness?

That doesn't mean we are free to do anything we want. Freedom has responsibility attached. It means that by following and honoring our creator, He will bless us, help us in battle, prosper and heal us - and our land. Freedom comes from that; slavery comes from ignoring it and listening to our adversary. That's the direction Obama and Hillary were taking us. Since when did America win a battle last? Think about it. Don't tell me that Islam is a good thing for America, that we should bring millions of Muslims here, regardless. Allah is not love, his foot soldiers don't love us, and he is described as the deceiver in the Qur'an. The Bible says that the devil is the deceiver. Not everything here is perfect but it is a far cry from the lies and strategic silence you get on Mainstream media.

Islam was set up to conquer us by first unifying the warring tribes under the banner of Islam and to enslave anyone who would not convert, which means Muslims won't have to work because we will be supporting them by paying a huge tax. It was a way to get rich and women for the enjoyment of the soldiers. They were allowed to do with them whatever they wanted. Those not willing to pay the tax will be killed. What a peaceful religion, right? That is the direction we are going and our leaders are helping them to do it. That's what Bush told us after 9/11: "Islam is a religion of peace." All the world leaders repeated that lie and the people thought it was true. Then I found out his Arab buddies phoned him and told him to make sure he makes that statement to the world. (Source: Dr. Robert Morey) When oil money is at stake, it makes people do weird things even against their own people. The rich oil Arabs don't have anything better to do with their immense wealth than go around finding people who would sell their own mothers for money, to destroy our children and our governments at all levels. Arabs never shy away from bribing leaders to advance world Islam. It has been more successful than world Communism because they use people instead of armies to do the footwork. There are millions right now in America working to undermine our way of life, our freedoms and preparing to seize power at the right time, and they are patient. We must not cooperate unknowingly in their work, especially in schools and universities. Kick them out and take their propaganda text books and put them in a big pile in Washington and gather the kids to watch, and set the sewage on fire. After the Muslim people have done their bit by deception, the armies come behind and finish the job. Convert or die. But it must be stopped in its tracks and most of the refugees should be sent back to a safe zone because Brigitte Gabriel will explain how fast they reproduce and by that means took over in their majority Christian country, Lebanon, because of their Christian charity. Kindness can be deadly - just listen to her story. Slavery for us and a life of leisure for them? Not a bad plan, but I am here to throw a monkey wrench into their plan. Ancient peoples taxed their neighbors to generate an income too, mainly for the leaders while conquering other tribes. Mafia still carries forward this custom. Islam is like that. London has a Muslim mayor. Next comes a Muslim Prime Minister, and he can do what is being done in Turkey right now - total power to their Muslim leader. Turkey has become an Iranian style dictatorship. All Muslim countries are religious dictatorships. Now Germany has started to act like a dictatorship against anyone who speaks against Angela Merkel's open border refugee policy. Like Sweden, the Germans themselves are their worst enemies by censoring decent.

The only way we will see change regarding the issue of Islam is to be frank and not shy away from dealing with it honestly. That is my position. What I am saying is verifiable and true; it's not about trying to make Islam look bad or offend anyone, if in fact it really is bad, based on correct information, you can come to your own conclusion. Unfortunately all we get from fake news is nonsense - it's really dumb: name calling, "racist, Islamophobe, bigot..." - and it's counterproductive and will not advance the cause of peace and knowledge. It is ruining Germany and Sweden by shutting up free speech and allowing the government to follow Globalists. We not only need to conquer ISIS but the ideology behind it - Islam as practiced today by many militant groups.

A much smarter man two thousand years ago said,"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other..." Obama and the Democrats (and many Republicans too) who are working for supposedly the people who trust them, but behind their back getting money to undermine their interests. They work with Big Pharma to prevent us from getting a cure for cancer and other diseases and Big Agra to hide from us the source of our food, which they allow to be genetically manipulated and unnatural, that makes animals and people die before their time. They are in on persecuting vitamins and healthy non-GMO foods, they favor Islam over Christianity even to indoctrinate our children, Congress must have only one master: the people. Only the people should be allowed to make campaign donations. ONLY one master!

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Stand up against political correctness censorship!

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brutalizing Europe, especially girls and children who are being raped. The debate has been won, beaten up by their own books that are telling their people to do what is happening hugely in Europe and America. Without the Qur'an and Hadith, there would be none of these evil people. They would be concentrating on their future careers rather than Islam dominating the world, which is a main tenant of Islam. As it is, they are wasting their lives on a lie, looking for someone to underwrite their evil activities of working against us. Obama was willing. I hate to trample on anyone's religion because we have "freedom of religion" that is being applied politically at the moment, very unfairly. More freedom for Islam, less for Christianity. If telling the truth about a religion is a crime, i.e. blaspheming, then we are in trouble, and that is happening all over the world with anti-blasphemy laws. Governments, composed of people who have no concept of Islam or have been bribed by Arab oil money are a major problem, voting away the key thing that makes us free: freedom of speech. Not only that but another law is being passed to permit Shariah Law, which is bad for women and bad for everyone because one of its tenants is killing unbelievers and anyone who wants to leave the religion. Freedom is not something given by governments so it is not for them to remove. It is our God-given right. Muslims have considerable political clout, through rich Arabs, and that is and has been a problem. They were able to get Islam into our schools through deception, because nobody knows if what they put in the school books is true - seven pages of Islamic propaganda - fed to children along with prayers and customs. It is not education but indoctrination, trying woo children into that religion. We must stand our ground. I will criticize a dangerous ideology (Islam) and fake media for their "need-to-know filters" and lies. Rich Arab countries have paid to block the truth about Islam you are getting here. Their money, hundreds of millions, has flowed into America to brainwash our school children, through "information" that is dangerous Islamic propaganda they, with Obama's permission and blessing, inserted into text books, and to set up Islamic centers in universities that push their lies on our children. If they told the truth about Islam I might approve some of it, but there are seven pages of propaganda about peaceful Muhammad and Islam and 1/2 page about Christianity. You can see that the government favors one religion over another right there, .which is forbidden. Also Muslims are given privileges that Christians are forbidden such are prayer in the schools and even classrooms to "teach" the children, but no Christian prayers are permitted. That is called Islamization of our children. That is Obama's legacy he is afraid of losing. Fake News avoids reporting something that might destroy their narratives such as socialist and Islamic propaganda, and therefore they are part of the problem that must be corrected. They don't have exclusive rights to any information so we the people must bypass their filters.

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