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A truth revolution, more powerful than deceit and lies.
Clinton-Obama era Islamic indoctrination of students. Obama Hussein: the master criminal managed 8 years in the White House.
Trump is doing a good job correcting Obama goofs. The left is throwing stones at him.
Who killed Muhammad? If you know, then you can argue with what I say. If not
you should pay attention very carefully to what is said about Islam and the threat
to America, and then you will understand Trump's position on refugee immigration.
Congress made Christianity American. See what they said.

Immigration: do we really need more millions? How do we know? - Immigration mp3
Obama's legacy is United States without borders w/criminals flooding in and jobs flooding out.

The Biggest Concern Today: Islam Resumes Invasion of West

You might be wondering who I am and what is my background and why you should believe anything on this page. Like who is this guy who thinks a cowboy lifestyle symbolizes the freedoms we enjoy and want to preserve, and singing to our sweetheart after a hard day's work by the glow of a campfire is a great way to relax. Yes I play the guitar, harmonica (at the same time) and a few other instruments and love the western life-style so I am a cowboy at heart. A singing cowboy? Maybe. I am in a band "Nordic Boys" (Pohjolan Pojat) entertaining the Vancouver BC Finnish community at events.

I am a scientist, (biology and engineering) civil engineer (with a mechanical engineering technical school background) and most of all practical minded. My work has been with the BC Ministry of Transportation building and upgrading infrastructure all over Brithish Columbia as a construction engineer, surveyor, and inspector of all phases of construction. We are decended from the "Royal Engineers" who pioneered and constructed the roads and rail lines for Canadian Pacific Railway to the West Coast like the US counterparts as seen in the movie, "Kansas Pacific." Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot's song "Canadian Railroad Trilogy " is about building Canada's railroad from the east coast to Vancouver BC. The 2010 Whistler Olympics required 7 miles of new road constructed from a rough logging road in the Callaghan Valley. I was the field engineer on that project that required three new bridges in rough mountainous terrain. It cost one blaster's life. It's a great tradition and work and I'm quite comfortable in even the most remote places. My heritage is from a forest people of the north anyway.

Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot

Everything must be based on scientific fact and evidence, not naive opinion or political correctness, which should be thrown in the garbage where it belongs. To be accepted I must sign off on quality based on data I have obtained through ASTM, SAE or other standard tests, and I applied my strict criteria to "Islam as a religion" i.e. it must be religion and not be a mostly political document - and it failed. I would have to send it back for revisions, to remove the politics in order to pass as a religion. The standard I used was Common Law which is the foundation of our legal system. It is partly based on judgements made in court from the 14th Century. Now with two different views, on the "left" and "right" the judgements are in opposition to each other, and many judges are using Shariah Law, a foreign law, in their courts in cases involving Muslims whose religion forbids any other. Obama has been consciously working towards a different agenda than what his campaign speeches claimed, thereby deceiving the American people who voted for him. He was working with the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist front organization) to destroy America. I can only assume that because 1) Obama consulted them regularly on foreign and domestic policy, and 2) The Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America was found in a raid, and the video below with Brigitte Gabriel will reveal some of the details to you. Congress had to pass a Federal law recently prohibiting the exercise of foreign laws! Imagine that - American judges not honoring our laws. What will that do to our laws? It's not good. It's the same thing in Canada. Also used as basis of our legal system is the Ten Commandments.

Islam is not what we think of as a religion, containing killing anyone who does not believe in Muhammad and Allah (their god, not ours) and Shariah Law which includes slave status of women. It has very little to do with the Biblical narrative and what there is has been changed to favor Arab customs and morality such as permitted child marriages, (many of our judges don't mind this. I wonder why. It is promoting pedophilia.) forced sex with any woman that their "right hand possesses", switching roles of Isaac and Ishmael and denying the death and resurrection of Jesus, and their god which has totally different attributes. It is heavily sex oriented, all the way to "Heaven" where the reward for fighting and dying is sex and if you live, with the female slaves. That's exactly the carrot Muhammad used to recruit young men and why Sweden is the rape capital of Europe now. I don't think it will do any good to tell the mother about how peaceful Muslims are. She and her daughter will never the same. Every girl is now a potential rape victim from a Muslim man because of what Muhammad did and encouraged. That's certainly a far cry from our God. Never say "we worship the same God." It's what I call in the vernacular, BS. Don't tell me that Islam and Christianity are the same in any meaningful way. Don't tell me that Islam will make our country better in some way, "strength in diversity" garbage that is used on us by our deceivers. Tell that to the thousands of Swedish mothers who have had their daughters raped, which has made Sweden the rape capital of the world. Although I was born in Helsinki Finland, I used to live in Sweden for some time as a six year old boy and remember the life-style well, which is similar to our Finnish customs except our homes all have a sauna. It was a land of peace. Now it is a land of rape and violence. But Fake News won't tell you, which is why I am compelled by my inner voice to tell you. It is God in me that pushes me forward to get this out to you because he loves us and I hope that it contains way more truth than Fake News - information that the people desperately need. He wants to save us from ourselves, and he wants to use each of us, so join us and tell your friends, on Facebook, in discussions, at school or on the phone, emails...anywhere to tell the world that we are under attack from the inside, and that includes our own people. I pledge my loyalty to God and country: Canada, Finland and the United States of America, the country God lifted up as an example of what honoring God can achieve, what we in Finland called, "the free country."

I love America and Americans, having hitched hiked in this amazing land as a young man and marveling at the hospitality and kindness of the American people. Ain't nobody goin' to say anything bad about you around me! I was a weary and hungry traveler on my way to the Bahamas from Victoria BC. That is a long way. You took me home and fed me. You went in and fixed me the biggest sandwich I had ever seen walking by your restaurant on the street - you asked me if I was hungry. I needed money to fly over to Freeport. You gave me a week's work at the Palm Beach Holiday Inn. When I landed, you took me home, like you were waiting for me...Everything went like it was planned, or was being planned on the fly. You amazed me. How can I repay you for your kindness?

That doesn't mean we are free to do anything we want. Freedom has responsibility attached. It means that by following and honoring our creator, He will bless us, help us in battle, prosper and heal us - and our land. Freedom comes from that; slavery comes from ignoring it and listening to our adversary. That's the direction Obama and Hillary were taking us. Since when did America win a battle last? Think about it. Don't tell me that Islam is a good thing for America, that we should bring millions of Muslims here, regardless. Allah is not love, his foot soldiers don't love us, and he is described as the deceiver in the Qur'an. The Bible says that the devil is the deceiver. Not everything here is perfect but it is a far cry from the lies and strategic silence you get on Mainstream media.

Islam was set up to conquer us by first unifying the warring tribes under the banner of Islam and to enslave anyone who would not convert, which means Muslims won't have to work because we will be supporting them by paying a huge tax. It was a way to get rich and women for the enjoyment of the soldiers. They were allowed to do with them whatever they wanted. Those not willing to pay the tax will be killed. What a peaceful religion, right? That is the direction we are going and our leaders are helping them to do it. That's what Bush told us after 9/11: "Islam is a religion of peace." All the world leaders repeated that lie and the people thought it was true. Then I found out his Arab buddies phoned him and told him to make sure he makes that statement to the world. (Source: Dr. Robert Morey) When oil money is at stake, it makes people do weird things even against their own people. The rich oil Arabs don't have anything better to do with their immense wealth than go around finding people who would sell their own mothers for money, to destroy our children and our governments at all levels. Arabs never shy away from bribing leaders to advance world Islam. It has been more successful than world Communism because they use people instead of armies to do the footwork. There are millions right now in America working to undermine our way of life, our freedoms and preparing to seize power at the right time, and they are patient. We must not cooperate unknowingly in their work, especially in schools and universities. Kick them out and take their propaganda text books and put them in a big pile in Washington and gather the kids to watch, and set the sewage on fire. After the Muslim people have done their bit by deception, the armies come behind and finish the job. Convert or die. But it must be stopped in its tracks and most of the refugees should be sent back to a safe zone because Brigitte Gabriel will explain how fast they reproduce and by that means took over in their majority Christian country, Lebanon, because of their Christian charity. Kindness can be deadly - just listen to her story. Slavery for us and a life of leisure for them? Not a bad plan, but I am here to throw a monkey wrench into their plan. Ancient peoples taxed their neighbors to generate an income too, mainly for the leaders while conquering other tribes. Mafia still carries forward this custom. Islam is like that. London has a Muslim mayor. Next comes a Muslim Prime Minister, and he can do what is being done in Turkey right now - total power to their Muslim leader. Turkey has become an Iranian style dictatorship. All Muslim countries are religious dictatorships. Now Germany has started to act like a dictatorship against anyone who speaks against Angela Merkel's open border refugee policy. Like Sweden, the Germans themselves are their worst enemies by censoring decent.

The only way we will see change regarding the issue of Islam is to be frank and not shy away from dealing with it honestly. That is my position. What I am saying is verifiable and true; it's not about trying to make Islam look bad or offend anyone, if in fact it really is bad, based on correct information, you can come to your own conclusion. Unfortunately all we get from fake news is nonsense - it's really dumb: name calling, "racist, Islamophobe, bigot..." - and it's counterproductive and will not advance the cause of peace and knowledge. It is ruining Germany and Sweden by shutting up free speech and allowing the government to follow Globalists. We not only need to conquer ISIS but the ideology behind it - Islam as practiced today by many militant groups.

A much smarter man two thousand years ago said,"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other..." Obama and the Democrats (and many Republicans too) who are working for supposedly the people who trust them, but behind their back getting money to undermine their interests. They work with Big Pharma to prevent us from getting a cure for cancer and other diseases and Big Agra to hide from us the source of our food, which they allow to be genetically manipulated and unnatural, that makes animals and people die before their time. They are in on persecuting vitamins and healthy non-GMO foods, they favor Islam over Christianity even to indoctrinate our children, Congress must have only one master: the people. Only the people should be allowed to make campaign donations. ONLY one master!

Brigitte Gabriel, An Expert On Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood Plan For America.
This master document is the plan to destroy America and every other western country.
So why is there any discussion at all about the threat of Islam. It's a slam dunk!
Many governors are accepting Islam and Shariah Law as harmless! And they
are implementing, inflicting their ignorance on the people.

Germany Heading Towards Fascist Dictatorship
Spying on the enemies of party policies now @12:38
Stand up against political correctness censorship!

Brigitte Gabriel: Islam The Undeniable Truth. A Quick History Of Islam
How not to repeat the mistakes made by others.

Brigitte Gabriel: Because They Hate, The Title of Her Book.
About Islam and how she knows what she is talking about.

Is Islam a Religion of Peace? People vs Muhammad

Brutally Honest Man Speaks Out
Muslims unable to listen to it. Sometimes
there is no "nice" way to state some facts.

Wafa Sultan Speaks Out Against Islam And Muhammad
She is waking up the Muslim community to leave Islam.

Uncovered - Democrats working With Foreign Muslims Against Trump.
Islamic indoctrination of children will stop.

The Silence Is Broken! Loretta Lynch Declares Race War
Obama's black supremisists itching for civil war.

Is Islam a religion of peace? This question has been greatly debated and, while this is going on the evil refugees are brutalizing Europe, especially girls and children who are being raped. The debate has been won, beaten up by their own books that are telling their people to do what is happening hugely in Europe and America. Without the Qur'an and Hadith, there would be none of these evil people. They would be concentrating on their future careers rather than Islam dominating the world, which is a main tenant of Islam. As it is, they are wasting their lives on a lie, looking for someone to underwrite their evil activities of working against us. Obama was willing. I hate to trample on anyone's religion because we have "freedom of religion" that is being applied politically at the moment, very unfairly. More freedom for Islam, less for Christianity. If telling the truth about a religion is a crime, i.e. blaspheming, then we are in trouble, and that is happening all over the world with anti-blasphemy laws. Governments, composed of people who have no concept of Islam or have been bribed by Arab oil money are a major problem, voting away the key thing that makes us free: freedom of speech. Not only that but another law is being passed to permit Shariah Law, which is bad for women and bad for everyone because one of its tenants is killing unbelievers and anyone who wants to leave the religion. Freedom is not something given by governments so it is not for them to remove. It is our God-given right. Muslims have considerable political clout, through rich Arabs, and that is and has been a problem. They were able to get Islam into our schools through deception, because nobody knows if what they put in the school books is true - seven pages of Islamic propaganda - fed to children along with prayers and customs. It is not education but indoctrination, trying woo children into that religion. We must stand our ground. I will criticize a dangerous ideology (Islam) and fake media for their "need-to-know filters" and lies. Rich Arab countries have paid to block the truth about Islam you are getting here. Their money, hundreds of millions, has flowed into America to brainwash our school children, through "information" that is dangerous Islamic propaganda they, with Obama's permission and blessing, inserted into text books, and to set up Islamic centers in universities that push their lies on our children. If they told the truth about Islam I might approve some of it, but there are seven pages of propaganda about peaceful Muhammad and Islam and 1/2 page about Christianity. You can see that the government favors one religion over another right there, .which is forbidden. Also Muslims are given privileges that Christians are forbidden such are prayer in the schools and even classrooms to "teach" the children, but no Christian prayers are permitted. That is called Islamization of our children. That is Obama's legacy he is afraid of losing. Fake News avoids reporting something that might destroy their narratives such as socialist and Islamic propaganda, and therefore they are part of the problem that must be corrected. They don't have exclusive rights to any information so we the people must bypass their filters.

Obama Didn't Know Anything About IRS Spying On Conservative Groups
He didn't know anything about Hillary's "Pay For Play" Racket. Then what did
Then what did this guy know? Nothing apparently. Both cases emails were destroyed.
The buck must stop at Obama! Congress investigating his crimes. Better run man!
Back to Kenya. If we allow these swamp people to do it then it will never stop.

Jason Chaffetz Exposes Obama And IRS Crimes.
If Obama and his IRS spied of Conservative groups
then he spied on Trump. The proof has been found.

Clinton-China Spy Ring Arrests. The Clintons Should Be Put Under House Arrest
Proceeds from Hillary's Illegal Pay-for-play business and stolen Haiti relief Money should
be returned. All real estate and items purchased with proceeds of crime must be confiscated.

For example, fake media will not blow the whistle on Monsanto and the cancer industry that hurt and kill people because of their profit imperative. For example Monsanto claims their GMO (75% of produce) food with spliced genes from other organisms is safe, yet they have not tested it scientifically by a reliable independent testing service. People just assume if it is being sold someone is making sure it is safe. That is a bad assumption. They also want a monopoly on seed sales, yet they hurt growers and consumers with their monster food and bad cotton. Monopolies are bad for the people. Independent tests on GMO (at least 26) show adverse effects on animals. I avoid it like the plague. Some people can't eat the stuff. This is what Americans and Canadians eat every day! This is why cancer and other diseases are at record levels. What are scientists doing about finding the sudden increase in all diseases? The first place to look is what are we doing differently. We eat GMO and other cancer and other diseases causing foods, pump up our children with vaccines, and have one of the sickest nations in the world. Yet our news tells us that because of medical advances, we are living longer. But we are barely living and only with the help of hand full of pills. We must get back to eating right and ban the food so hat kill and injure people, like fructose and diet drinks. Trump should investigate GMO as he is the fraud in vaccines to make his health care work.

Is there a really honest mainstream news we can go to that doesn't have an agenda or a narrative they push for profit or political reasons? I would argue that there is none. Does that make their news fake? In a way it does. That became clear during the last election which destroyed the credibility of major news as they tried to destroy Trump and promote Hillary. If the major news media cannot put their candidate into the White House then they are finished. Having decended to new lows in journalism they lost whatever credibility they still may have had. This further opened the door for alternative news. "Honesty is the best policy" was an American standard at one time. It is the responsibility of anyone who dispenses information to do so honestly and without ulterior motives not withholding important information from the people because it might wreck their. Narrative. Hillary could do no wrong, while behind the scenes she was the personification of corruption, trying to hide her private pay for play business dealings by setting up her own server and deleting it all when being investigated. The mainstream media didn't even try to do honest journalism during the United States 2016 election, but instead flooded the world with their fake narrative. You might say in their defense that they must make a profit and can't step on certain toes, especially their rich Globalist support, Big Pharma and Agra. They protect Muslims but persecute Christians etc. trump's accusations are always "unsubstantiated" while Hillary's accusations are "being investigated" like the one about Russian meddling in the election which she says cost her the election. No, she did it all by herself! On the so-called "left-right" continuum they are mostly left except for FOX which is much less biased in reporting. If a news service has so may sacred cows and political bias, how can they be trusted to tell the truth about anything? This is why the Trump win came as a shock and many were scared that this "Nazi Xenophobe woman hater" was now the president. The problem with all these accusations about him is that each was based on isolated instances whether true or not do not define a person's character. However, with Hillary Clinton, her deficiencies seemed to follow a pattern of deception Thinking that she could continue to fool people forever. All those doing fake news and anyone carrying it forward, even CBC, are being punished by many of those they misled.

America has had enough. Trump's victory says it all: Americans will not be led down the garden path by lies of the mass media any longer. The media was ignored by millions of Americans who had been waking up about what was happening to their country no thanks to the mass fake media. Fake News like CNN cost the American people $10 Trillion over eight years and a house full of illegal immigrants and criminals with special safe houses in "Sanctuary Cities" for people who should never have been allowed in. That's what borders and border guards are for. If you couldn't take many of them home, why allow them into your country? Now California wants to become a "Sanctuary State." What's their game? And then there are the "refugees" - a mixed bag of fake refugees, real refugees and those exploiting the situation: Radical Islamic Terrorists. Make America great by fixing what is wrong and don't give up until it's done.

John Podesta Chairman of Hillary's 2016 Campaign
Failed to Declare 75,000 Shares From Russian Company
And he has the nerve to accuse Trump of ties with Russia

Is Genetically Modified Food Safe?
Cancer rates are hitting new heights. Is there a connection?

You're Fired!

Trump News

What I will be explaining is that we will never win this world war against Islam and Marxism until we identify and name the enemy correctly. Some say it is "radical Islamic terrorism." What does that mean really? It means all those people who are willing to do the evil work of the Qur'an and Muhammad. Boiling it down to its core we find that it is actually Islam itself we are fighting, just as we are fighting the radical left which is the same old Soviet Marxism that has cost hundreds of millions of lives. But people don't understand that it's Islam because they believe it is a religion. Well they pray don't they and make a big show of it, making sure we see its religious side, but hiding 99% which is a Fascist style ideology.

The young and ignorant don't have the benefit of living during the Soviet era, or Pol Pot and many more radical left times. Now we must deprogram them from the brainwashing, the damage they have received regarding Islam, liberalism and Marxism from grade school to university by the radical left. They must understand the dangers inherent in these ideologies. It is a real problem that must be addressed. My father fought to save Finland from Communism and I am fighting it here under the banner of "liberalism." Of course Communism will not make headway as such so it masquerades and uses liberalism as a way to deceive. And Islam, a totalitarian ideology, masquerades as a religion. Both are deception on a grand scale and can only achieve their goals through deception. Nobody wants either totalitarian system unless they appear to be something different. Finland was saved from being ecorporated into the Soviet Union and saved from mass executions which is always the result of the radical elements in liberal Marxist politics. The young and the ignorant don't have a clue!

American Education System Is Broken: During Bill Clinton-Obama Era.
Socialist Muslim /Anti-Israeli Activists wearing black & white Palestinian keffiyeh
It Is time to go back to education and dump religious and political indoctrination.
Usher in freedom and prosperity Trump era, great education and love of God and country.

It's so simple and clearly stated in the Qur'an, which the enemy is trying to lie to us that it really doesn't mean what it says. All that matters is that terrorists believe it, thus making the Qur'an and Islam the enemy. Why hasn't this become common knowledge? Fear. Nobody wants to have anything to do with criticizing what people believe is a good religion for fear of being called a "racist" or "Islamophobes." That is why Europe is being conquered. Let's not let it happen here in North America. They may need our help in the future. They would rather be conquered and made to serve this Ideology I can only describe as closer to Nazism than a religion as we understand it. Under Islam, (very close now in France and Britain) you would be killed if you don't become a Muslim or if they can use you, they will allow you to live if you pay them a 50% tax on your income. That is slavery! You need this information. The Socialists plan to enslave the people beginning with socialized health care which would be expanded to everything. Not any longer!

Obamacare: Path To Communist Muslim America
Obama is a Muslim and Marxist. His plans have been destroyed.

Republicans have their agenda and Democrats have theirs of course and they both put out news for our consumption. CNN has been the main creator of fake news, especially false anti-Trump narratives, which were distributed world wide creating an atmosphere of fear in many, especially Snowflakes who can't stand reality and real honest news. They want and demand "baby food." They believe everything fake news puts out without question and became fearful of what might happen. Maybe their free money might end and they will have to work. Ouch! Party time is over. I think most Democrats believe that the end justifies the means and lies must be spread. Why would we think that the mainstream media which is run by Globalists like CNN would tell us the truth about their opposition - people who actually believe in God, secure borders and upholding the Constitution? The last election made it crystal clear that the mainstream media is not to be trusted even more than we suspected. The news was always against Trump and praised Hillary the liar, murderer and traitor to her country. The flag burners and Constitution haters loved her. America had dodged a bullet! The media and the violence by Hillary supporters actually drove voters to Trump by their obvious bias and hatred. And the media has been derelict in their duties of exposing real threats to the people in many ways.

American children were being indoctrinated into Islam, but the mainstream media was silent. Hillary was running a play for pay scheme even accepting money from foreigners such as Arabs and getting wealthy doing it, stealing relief money from Haitians and nothing was said about it. That is unacceptable. When some juicy bits about Trump came up they didn't hesitate to put it out there as truth and as the fake stories were destroyed one by one by witnesses coming forth, their credibility kept crashing lower and lower. And they want us to think only their news is truth? They want a war against competing narratives to shut us up. I refuse to listen to these fake news traitors. .

Obama's Islamization Of America. Where Was the Opposition?
Where was the Fake Media's report on Islamization of children?

Obama's Islamization Textbooks.
Did you see this on your local fake news?

Somewhere along the line, something went wrong already before Clinton but especially during and after his presidency. That's when the Muslim indoctrination and extreme leftist-Globalist indoctrination began in schools and universities. Did you hear about it in the mainstream news? Absolutely not. Was it something you needed to know? Absolutely. Withholding such information is a crime against the people. Arabian money flowed freely to any university willing to receive it for establishing Islamic Departments on campus to get more converts and spread Islam. No objections from from Fake News, revealing another bias. Most universities accepted. School children are being taught about how peaceful Islam is (a lie) and how they can become a Muslim by reciting a simple prayer. (Not allowed by the Constitution) yet there was silence from the fakes. Who knows how many children have been converted in the American school system, and even working for ISIS. If a child should recite that prayer as told to do so by the teacher they are technically Muslims! They must now be deprogramed. The bottom line is this: Islam is evil to the core and it will hurt you or kill you, and if not you then your children or grand children and cause the total collapse of our culture that has taken a thousand years to achieve this amount of freedom and prosperity. Like Marxism, Shariah Law is sedition. It wants to topple very government on earth. It is also a culture of serial inbreeding, pedophilia, rape and hatred of females, where girls endure many sick traditions such as genital mutilation, beatings and humiliation as part of the Islamic culture. All this to squeeze women into one tiny mold: baby machines stripped of all humanity. There are few if any redeeming qualities in Islam that might add something positive to our way of life. Instead, it is a culture dedicated to obliterating competing cultures, genocide, which we see in the animal world all the time when outside species are introduced for a reason without considering the consequences. And this is what the left desperately wants for us in America through massive immigration. You may be wondering as many do: why haven't we been told? That is the question of the century. Watch this and other videos and decide for yourself. Here's a clue: who stands to gain or profit from this deception? They are playing a high stakes game seeing how long they can deceive us, so let's stop them now. Please share this so we can make a difference and save America and Canada. I want at least 100 hits per day here for starters. We're in this together. We win or lose to Islam together. Let's win and make both these bastions of democracy great again.

Islamic Sexuality: A survey Of Evil

Islam Is Winning But Now Canadian Parents Have Had Enough!
America, take heed, we don't have much time. Things are happening fast.

House Passes Bill: No Application of Shariah Law
Victory of freedom over tyrrany. Shariah is demonic.

Review Of Islamic Invasion Of Europe.
The need for America to regulate refugee immigration.


Some Fancy Cowboy Dancing

Some Country Easy Listening Music

Old, Really Old Folk Song

Why do you think Marxism and Islam are being thrust on us now? The forces of evil have never stopped trying to destroy Liberty and America is the biggest prize. Russian people who backed the socialist revolution were promised the world but got slavery and poverty. Millions were executed there and in other Marxist revolutions. Marxism is a destroyer not a builder but our kids are being taught it is the best system in the universe and the young and ignorant listen to it because of the promises which never come true. Where would the money come to fulfill these promises? They aren't told that several hundred million people have died because of this ideology and Islam. Yet these ideologies of destruction are being taugh all over America in schools and universities as the gold standard of ideology and that it can be achieved by violence i.e. Revolution.

Megyn Kelly Special Report on Radical Leftist Teaching
This is happening in public schools right now.

Promoting Islam In Schools - stop them now!

Obama started to run the American economy into the ground the minute he became president, I imagine because that is what you need to bring in his Socialist/Communist system. (that would destroy America) Other than health care the government should step aside and let the people do business, watching out that corporations look after the people's interests and not just their bottom line. Congress gets it backwards.

Giving money away to people who don't qualify, who want free money, who cheat the system, mostly illegal foreigners, was part of the destructive plan by those who were elected by the people but working for another boss. I call it sabotage. I know how these people think - it's really a warped thought process, screwing the people to advance their clandestine cause, who become very rich in the process of selling out "their" country to the Elite. These include bankers, CIA, FBI and Military-Industrial complex which are in control. Even circuit court judges are now controlling things such as immigration while misinterpreting the Constitution to suit their political beliefs. They don't even think it is their country; it belongs to the world so 'cmon in. Now this last socialist traitor president has trained millions of people to live off the hard work of Americans. The Elite are behind the "refugee crisis" for the purpose of destroying Christianity and the prosperity that it has delivered, our very way of life, but we apparently won't believe it until it's too late. We are so focused on "helping those poor unfortunate people," that we can't see what is really going on behind the scenes.

I am publishing this to show you how much important information is being withheld from you by Fake Media who doesn't give a damn about you, and I'll prove it. So much suffering in this world could be avoided if only they would tell us the truth about Islam, medicine, food, water, and air etc. I'm just going to scratch the surface and get you thinking along the right lines. Trump is a law and order guy; Obama was a lawless, chaos, disorganized guy, which is what Globalists want. Islam damages the humanity in people and when these people get dropped into this civilized culture, bad things happen. I don't think these people can be rehabilitated in a reasonable time if ever. Meanwhile should Americans put up with their barabarism? Just remember: what the Globalists don't want you to know they call "fake news." We want secure borders not Globalism, and go from there.

Trump Will Build The Wall This Year.
The Judges can't stop the work LOL.

Muslims Allowed To Rape With Impunity.
Hitting and raping women part of their law.

Canadian Ex-Defense Minister Speaks To America
How Americans have been tricked and controlled by the Elite.
Islam is the tool they are using to achieve total control.
This is the real reason for the created mass refugee crisis.

No Brain Damaging Vaccines Necessary
Drain the Crooked CDC Swamp too!
Trump raided CDC: Crimes against humanity.

Exposing The Truth About Vaccines
Too risky to expose kids to brain damage.

Just a comment on this speech by the Canadian ex-Defense Minister. Firstly, what he says has a lot of truth, but unless you know Islam it is forgivable to call Allah our God too just because Islam is thought to be an "Abrahimic Religion." I wish reconciliation were that simple. Ishmael, through which that religion would have gone to Arabs, failed to carry forward that tradition. There is no continuity. Ishmael was banished by Abraham into the desert as a boy with his mother Hagar in 2064 BC for being an instigator and would not leave Isaac alone, just exactly how the Muslims treat Jews today and in Muhammad's time 570-632 AD. I think Ishmael would have killed Isaac if he had stayed. So how did this "Abrahimic" tradition suddenly appear among the Arabs if there were no Arabs worshipping Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which would be in the Abrahimic traditions? Muhammad claims to have gotten the Qur'an from an entity who claimed to be Angel Gabriel but which was definitely not. Angel Gabriel ALWAYS brought news by first saying, "fear not." Angel Gabriel was concerned about the fear he might provoke. Muhammad was so frightened that he thought he was possessed until his wife did a little "test" and convinced Muhammad that indeed the messenger was from Allah. The test was all BS, just made up to settle him down. An Abrahimic religion with no Jehova is not an Abrahimic religion. I know about valid tests as an engineer, and this wasn't. Everything has a test in engineering. Nothing gets built until the specs are right, of materials and of the finished product. Muhammad got these " revelations" as required to do what he wanted. Making it a religion ensured that his decrees would be followed in perpetuity. Thus began his "revelations" supposedly from this "Angel" which could have been Satan and there it is probable that what happened was Satan's answer to what Jesus did as explained in John 3:16. When you put Islam under a microscope that suspicion proves to be accurate. Here is some evidence. America is in danger as long as the people continue to believe the lies about this political ideology they insist is a religion and must be protected. I disagree.


The Truth About Solar

Building a Solar Panel

First Muhammad was peaceful but after a few years when he was getting nowhere fast with his religion, he suddenly got the verses to kill all opposition and spread it by deception and violence. That's the only thing that worked. His religion began to grow. This has nothing to do with the Christian God, trust me. When you reach what is in the Qur'an and you have some idea of what is in the Bible and the nature of God, you must come to the conclusion that Allah is about as far from the Christian God as you could get. They are "polar opposites" which is like good and evil. Our Canadian friend has good intentions; we all want peace, but it can't come by incorrectly assessing Islam and giving into their demands, for example with their Shariah Law. That is capitulation, not mutual understanding. Many Ex-Muslims believe that Islam will self destruct because it is not a religion of peace, which is what most people want, but which does not fit into the Elites' plans who want perpetual war and destruction of our Western civilization to better and more completely control us. If we found a way to break this Elite cartel, we might have a chance for peace. What is being pushed on us now, these refugee invasions, will not bring peace. America has the advantage now of learning from Europe's mistakes, but that means defeating leftist opposition one way or another. We really must think of refugees as part of an invasion plan. First it will frighten you what is going on, but then it will strengthen your resolve to stop the insanity with this stupid idea we must take in and support all the "refugees" indefinitely until we go bankrupt and they outnumber (they have the means to do it) us and take over.

Islamic Invasion: Europe First, Then America.

Socialism is a naive attempt to create "equality" out of what nature and God created unequal for reasons we don't know but which serve God's greater purpose. Everything in the Cosmos and on earth has a unique and well defined position and purpose. We can't all be doctors, or CEO's or anything else. Birds can't all be Eagles. Animals can't all be lions. The moon can't be the sun. Men can't be women and vise versa. Trying to make everyone the same or change their natural state goes against nature and destroys the natural balance. It doesn't mean we must have many poor people, but they can bring a lot of good out in us when we help them. We must look after those we have and if there is money left over others as well. But it does mean we must do it intelligently, not by "no-strings-attached" handouts that perpetuate poverty, encourage laziness, cheating and drain resources. Money must always go to creating self sufficiency with demonstrated reduction in dependency, unless there are very good reasons. The goal must be to end dependency. Technical assistance should be provided where applicable. We should be teaching everyone to fish instead of giving away fish. Proper accounting and follow-up must verify that the funds were used as stated, like grants are administered.

Our own people at home, whether in Canada or US, get less assistance than immigrants, which is totally scandalous and should be stopped immediately. There is no excuse for encouraging able bodied immigrants to stay home and not to bother looking for work. I have personal experience with immigration because I am one and a refugee to boot. My father arrived from Finland in 1951 because Russians came and took our homes in Eastern Finland after Finns beat them in many battles. Suffering massive losses to Finns they only managed to grab the Eastern 10% of Finland, the province of Karelia and only because they outnumbered the Finns in some places 40:1. What kind of immigrants will make America great; think about it. Should we take money from the hard working coal miner in Verginia and take it over to a refugee who doesn't want to work, who thinks we should take care of them, and has 7 children and 2 or more wives? Every Finn I know is too proud to accept charity and most went to work the same week(s) they arrived and language barrier wasn't an issue. If you really want to work, there is work. I was never out of work, accepting what was available, working my way through University or whatever.

The Fake News Thinks They Are Being Smart Not Covering Murder Of Christians
It would spoil their narrative that only Muslims are victims. But one day they will be next.
That's how it works when reporters hide the truth, which can be worse than lying.
One day the chickens will come home to roost and who will report their execution?

There always has been work for those willing to work and not be a dead weight on the rest of us. It is a shame to be unemployed and not looking for work. Now everything is an issue, an excuse not to work, and leftist governments attract these kinds of people because their friends pass the word and all the lazy bums arrive with their hands out. It's the same thing in Socialist Europe. Instead of going next door to rich Arabia or Turkey the Syrians, mostly military aged men, hundreds of thousands of them as seen in many videos, headed for free money in Europe, even arriving in Finland. When the word gets around it becomes a gold rush for them and a liability for the people. The whole thing smells to high heaven because it is actually an invasion task force. If they were really in danger don't you think the women would have come with them? In Finland most of the refugees were women, children and old folk. The men were fighting for their country. But not these "refugees" - I highly doubt they are except maybe those with whole families. The rest are suspect, ISIS and/or Soros gifts to Europe, and should be held immediately, and probably sent back to fight for their families.

It is disgraceful what has happened, and one reason EU is breaking up. It's their own fault. Hundreds of Africans with little or no work ethic were just dropped off in little villages, who then loiter around and attack the local girls and nobody wants to hire them because of their attitude. They have no manners and they are scary. I would not let my young girls out with them nearby. Eventually if the Finnish men have had enough, they could take the law into their own hands. Authorities don't prosecute them so they are free to make themselves a nuisance, posing a real danger to children and Finnish girls who are being raped while Finnish Fake News protects them with their news blackouts. But I believe it will change, because it can't go on like that. Something major will happen. They must go back except for those who want to assimilate, and work hard. No freeloaders. People are afraid of them, many of which are criminals. The safety net was for hard working people from hard working people. It was never meant to be abused like the current leftist governments are doing unsustainably both side of the Atlantic and Pacific. Year after year on the dole or being subsidized by the people for supplying cheap labor, but the majority are unemployed and not looking. Now there are few good paying jobs because of the over supply of subsidized cheap labor. I don't have any respect for people who will not work, and governments that encourage more cheap labor to flow in from impoverished Middle East, Africa and Mexico along with criminal elements and radical Muslims who are never satisfied with our culture and many want to change it to theirs. Obviously many people who are not in danger from war are also taking advantage of the situation, such as Mexicans and Pakistanis. Don't get me wrong, these people are nice people, but they must not jump the que, as millions of people want to come to America but it has to be done right, not through anarchy. If they want my respect they must earn it and many are working and trying hard.

Immigration Scandal: Big Money To Stay At Home.
Illegals get more money than Americans and Canadians.

Illegals Start Flowing Into Canada: Arrested At Border.

I love it that Trump is an infrastructure guy who will upgrade all the public owned buildings, airports, bridges, and roads. I have a nose for fake things and it came in handy building roads, evaluating fake ineffective, deadly designer medicine, not to heal but to keep us alive, (I have a biology degree), climate change, fake religion, fake people, and now fake government. Socialism is a fake ideology that can quickly morph into a monster. That's the short list. Anyway, I caught a wiff of the stench that came from Democrats, and in particular Obama and Hillary. Trump was an unknown quantity but it didn't take me long to see him clearly. Here was a man that actually loves his country! The America haters had grown in eight years like a blob and many morphed into crying snowflakes and obnoxious people. He was going to win, of that I was sure already in the first debates. For one thing I was sure that there were more America lovers than haters. The smart people should be able to see right through Fake News. I had that gut feeling, and since then I have had many more. Not only was I right but this was a movement to save America with Trump at the helm. I know what Trump is thinking when he wants to find ways of limiting Islam in America. The left call it Islamophobia, bigotry, Nazi...any number of dumb names to describe anyone that has the nerve to step on their favorite religion: Islam. So I am prioritizing by telling you that you have been lied to about how peaceful and lovely this so-called religion is. That is the mother of all deception, the one capable of doing the greatest harm to any country luckless enough to welcome it. We cannot have two laws in America. We cannot have three classes of people in America, or anywhere else for that matter. Shariah law creates a class of people that are not ruled by our law, but by a 7th Century law that removes human rights from women. All women in America must have the protection of our (US and Canadian) Constitution, therefore for that reason and hundreds more, Shariah Law, which is the full practice of Islm, must be made illegal. For this reason Islam is not compatible with freedom, which is guaranteed to every American. For one reason, Muslim women cannot be free under Islam. Freedom defeats their religion. Americans have been endowed with freedom by God, not by any government, but the adversary is trying to take it away, which is why we need this information badly. Britain gave in and now they regret it. If your state approves Shariah, more Muslims will all come there, just so you know. You don't want terrorism to infect your state, which is part of Islam. It lies dormant like a virus, manifesting itself when you least expect it. Demanding Shariah is Stealth Jihad, working from the inside to destroy our system, bit by bit, no matter how long it takes. The problem is that with Muslim refugees we also get Shariah Law. Islam and Shariah are inseparable. Without Shariah Islam cannot exist, only as a watered down version - nominalistic Islam. So don't be surprised if the demands start coming fast and furious, to have two sets of laws, and I will show you why we can't accept it. What happens in the United States has a direct impact on us all, even Canadians and my cousins in Finland. I decided to roll up my sleeves and expose the mess, the Globalist agenda, as your faithful Canadian neighbor and "stake holder" with family in United States. I think "United States" is better than just "America" though it is easier to say "Americans." It's the word "United" that makes it great, and that is what we should work towards.

Islam: Why Many Leave When They Read The Qur'an

Satan's Disciples Obama and Hillary Were Islamizing America
That is the surest way to destroy our way of life, everything all at once.
You can see that the Muslim Plan is everywhere now, in this case Canada.
This video will prove that Islam is NOT a religion. Stop calling it what it isn't.

Muslim Deceivers At Work, Saying Shariah Law (Islam)
Is like the Constitution and Christians and Muslims have the same God.
Their expression reveals they know they are lying. Their claims are false.
Islam listens to and worships the destroyer and greatest deceiver, Allah.
Anyone speaking against Islam in any way or trying to leave Islam is to be killed.

GMO: American People Are Monsanto's Guinnea Pigs
Why do you think Health care costs are unsustainable?
The Beatles sang, "what you eat you are." Sickness by design.

GMO: Dangerous Food. Do Not Eat.

Donald Trump Investigating CDC Crimes
Yes, Vaccines cause autism and many other diseases.

Vaccine Pioneer Put Cancer Causing Virus In Vaccine
Don't let them kill our children with vaccines.

The Internet is full of both for and against GMO. But seriously, do you want someone to tamper with your food's genetics that God put in place because we are supposed to know better than God? I don't think so. I have a degree in biology, which just means I have been researching this topic for years to get at the answers to a simple question: are GMO foods safe to eat? The answer is no. Putting animal genes in plants and vise versa goes against nature, against God, not to mention your body. Fake news about GMOs abound, but if they are safe, why do they resist labeling their products as GMO, genetically modified with who knows what, maybe even human genes? Russia doesn't want them nor do a growing number of countries. Why do we have them anyway? Profits for a few companies that want a monopoly on seeds, so you don't have a choice but to buy from them because they are "terminator seeds" organisms that will not produce seeds, so you must buy them from Monsanto. Or they promise bigger and more production and profit. No! I say no way! No trading profit for safety. There isn't one valid test that proves they are safe, but dozens that point to serious health problems. Also, we must have seed freedom. Europe is smarter than America. They don't want to take a chance on GMO just because are no studies that prove they are safe, but certain diseases like cancer rates have jumped since GMOs were forced on the people without their consent. Please err on the safe side especially since they can't prove they are safe, but we can prove they aren't. Congress is bribed to vote laws that protect Monsanto and others so don't expect any help from the government. Plus, the government has shares in GMO so they won't help. Monsanto is up to no good in countries that naively accepted Monsanto's proposals to increase profits. A case in point is India where at last count five years ago over one hundred Indian cotton farmers have committed suicide after growing GMO cotton. Fake news hides this information from you. See more...

Women in Islam are not free to do as they wish. Every Muslim woman is under the control of a man. These women are following orders of a man. If they refuse to obey, the men who "own" (like slaves) these women (In Islam every woman is under the thumb of a man if he is a true Muslim.) beat them up, like a pimp. That is a fact. The God they follow is more like Satan. No woman in their right mind will accept the tenants of Islam=Shariah Law that makes them slaves of men. They must always obey. If the men want sex, they can't say no or they can be beaten, and walk around with their black and blue faces covered up. The woman can't leave the man or she will lose her children, so she must endure the beatings her whole life long and there is no help from authorities. None. She has nowhere to turn. This is not our loving God I can assure you. They know what they are doing, the face cover up is there for a reason, but they often want to think they are pleasing Allah by such acts which they call "modesty." If these women should suddenly complain on camera, they would suffer the consequences. Islam wants to replace Christianity, not join in brotherhood as these women are suggesting. That is forbidden, only to gain some advantage from it to advance Islam. Islam is full of deceit! To Islam, Christians are idolaters, polytheists, to be killed. Don't be fooled. They want their own Shariah Law and eventually, when they outnumber us, which they plan to do by making more children than us, to impose it on us or we will be killed. They need us to do work for them, so many will be spared but required to pay a heavy tax. The Czars of Russia did the same thing for a thousand years to tribes they conquered: join the Russian Orthodox Church or pay the tax. This is a dangerous 7th Century cultural and political religion. Stop them wherever you see them trying to push their way into our culture, or they will win and our great country will be dead. Make laws forbidding Shariah Law in ANY form. Obey our laws or go back. The left, or any other uninformed group, are the biggest enemies of America and freedom.

Marty McFly and Doc 30 Years Into The Future, 2015
Why no hover-boards and flying cars? The answer is
Clintons, Bushes, and Obama brought in a Biff era on America.
Let's see what a Trump era will bring - the excitement grows.

We have to admit that despite the advances in technology, we could have done better. Since Clinton our manufacturing and trade secrets have been shared with those who don't have our best interests in mind. Clinton started the draining our secret technology to China, who also was given access to our land and resources. We lost control of Panama Canal to China because of this man's deals with China. Isn't that foreign interference in American elections when they finance him? Just like his wife was getting millions from Arabs, (to push Islam on us) through their clever little foundation scheme. Huma Abedin, her assistant, is an Arabian who lived there for sixteen years and has links to terrorist organizations. These people aren't your friends. They are silver tongued Devils who speak smoothly but are totally fake. They know what they are supposed to say, but they themselves don't believe half of it. Their god is money. And if they have to betray their country, it's just the cost of doing business. Technology and industry began to move out and with it jobs, with a growing trade deficit, because of him. He traded food stamps for jobs. The future looks brighter now with Trump bringing back jobs and making America an industry friendly place again, but will he reneg on his promise to drain the swamp, to put the criminals and traitors behind bars? In previous times these people would have been lined up against a wall and shot. I hope not. Who knows what the optimism and excitement will produce? Think about it: who have been the innovators of the world? America and her allies, Canada and Britain, with America being the leader. What have we got from China, Japan, Middle East..? They have become clients, receiving what we have invented. There are exceptions of course, but generally speaking this is the situation. However, our cultures are on the downslope while most of the others are growing in numbers. There is less innovation now. We probably should have "hover boards" and "flying cars." We should be a lot further ahead than we are in every field. Trillions of dollars have been spent by the people to find a cure for cancer. But industry is happy with things the way they are, just keep the money flowing in and the millions of high paid professionals employed. What a scam. We are "marking time," standing still. What has happened? Fake News isn't exposing anything they profit from themselves, at our expense and suffering. We needed a shake-up and wake up. Enter Donald J. Trump. Go Donald, but drain that swamp and let blind justice prevail.

The fake news that is reaching all the way to Vancouver BC fake news CBC, (National gavermnment news service) CKNW (Global News) and even CKWX news stations people listen to driving to work, were pumping out the same narrative as their American sources, as I doubt they have reporters on site. Still today they are continuing the left narrative, much of which has already become old news or discredited, but which attack Trump. As a result, the Vancouver Trump Tower recently opened has had many leftist demonstrations, already before it was even opened, based on fake news. Just today (April) they continue daily talking about "Russian meddling in the voting." How is that even possible? Even president Obama stated that the voting system is tamper proof! Hillary disagreed because she needed an excuse for what was happening to her. She couldn't face it: she is her problem. Her crimes. Her unfaithfulness to her country, stupidity. She talks a good talk but doesn't believe in anything. She says one thing and the next thing you know she is stating the exact opposite. It's all caught on video. FBI last week reported that there is no proof, and this was started by Hillary during a rally in the Fall of 2016, embarrassed and panicking about Trump's success. Fake news in the mean time was covering up her dealings with Putin, specifically her giving away to Russia 20 % of America's uranium production for personal profit. Where was the "freedom of the press" when she did that? That should end it. It doesn't. But when Trump talks about something, like Obama's spying on him during and after his win its always prefixed with "alleged" or "unproven." Never is anything coming against him reported that way and so far they have been wrong most of the time just as during Trump's campaign and surprise win. There should never have been such a surprise if they had reported the news as they should. But they give themselves away by doing "slight of tongue" where a word added or dropped make all the difference, like we are too stupid to catch it, so now I have doubts about all their news.

Congress now wants a "strategy" to fight ISIS. With Muslim spies there, how can Trump come up with a plan and tell the world about it like Obama did? Someone will leak the news to the fake news and put American lives at risk. You don't go up against an enemy and send an email to them outlining your plan! Trump is right; Obama was wrong. He announced the date of his withdrawal from Itaq - a dumb thing to do unless he was planning on helping ISIS, which I personally believe was the case. The Finns beat the crap out of the Russian army when they attacked in 1939, winning the battles but losing the war. A mouse took on an elephant and a miracle happened. My father participated in the "Winter War." Do you think they announced their plans to the world? I don't think so. Do you think Roosevelt announced the date and time of D-Day? Some things must be secret to keep the enemy guessing. The Americans were good at it, and using deception.

Before I get into the dangers of Globalism, there is one thing I wish to correct, that the Globalists have included in their narrative is that anyone who disagrees with them is "far right." By this they want you to conjure up in your mind images of Nazis, Auswitz and every horror that comes with "National Socialism" which is shortened to "Nazi." They spread a false fear through the nation hoping to overthrow the government elected by the people. So basically it's all a slap in the face of America itself. They want you to associate Trump with violence and police state, with Gestapo tactics and there are millions who aren't smart enough to discern truth from fiction. So anyone who still clings to a national identity is a "Nazi" in their warped imagination. Nothing could be further from the truth. Donald Trump is a man who understands the threats we face. His supporters are exceptionally peaceful, but the left is turning out to be the real "Nazis" with "Brown Shirts" always ready to start trouble, even during Trump's campaign. For one thing, Nazism is a form of Socialism, which is a nice way of saying discredited Marxism-Communism, bringing the world under one powerful dictatorship. This system cuts off the source of wealth and evenly distributes the resulting misery amongst the people, while the elite continue to thrive. That was Obama and Hillary's objective, and it is still the Globalist's objective - Communist style total control - by all those trying to subvert Trump's fact based decisions, either because they don't know any better or worse, they know. Trump is trying to save America from itself, destruction by ignorant people who don't understand or care about anything but their own self interest, who want to rob those who create the jobs. So what we call the "left" is related to "Nazi-ism" and that is Obama and you can see that his tactics are exactly what Nazis and Communists used where surveillance and paranoia of opposition rule. Ultimately they kill all opposition, historically hundreds of millions. Stay away from Democrats; join Trump's movement and a prosperous and free America with every able bodied person working instead of partying. It is a doctrine of lies because the truth is not in them who follow the father of lies, Satan.

Obama, the Pirate President of USA

Fake News is responsible for much of the trouble the world is in now because if the people don't have the knowledge then no action can be taken to correct anything. The result is that those being protected by news blackouts can do what they want without retribution, and Congress is useless as a watchdog for the people. Obama was one of them and he is a Muslim working for our adversary but fake news would not show him admitting it in various interviews in the Muslim world, and slips during interviews at home. He is one big phoney married to a man, which makes them both phoney and they should not get a penny from the people for a pension and none of the perks either, especially if and when some of his crimes can be proven in court. He was the pirate president of USA, robbing the people and enriching himself, spending money like there was no tomorrow, on themselves, lots of free time and vacations, our foreign enemies, such as ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood, and illegals, and threw open the borders thus giving up his first duty to the people, protecting them from enemies foreign and domestic. He sent money to our enemies during the Benghazi attack on the American Embassy, when everyone was busy with that incident. His presidency was an eight year vacation. I don't think he was qualified for the position with two years as senator. You need common sense, which he does not have. You need patriotism, which he does not have. You need honesty, which he certainly does not have, as he reversed most of his campaign promises. By contrast, Trump has had short breaks in his Florida vacation home and other than that he has worked his butt off and half of that energy must have gone against Congress and unelected judges who were blocking his every move - on purpose. The contrast between integrity of Trump and slimy Obama couldn't be more stark. To me that means all those lefties are slimy too, made of the same cloth. I think the problem is that Trump has ruined their scam - how they raked in millions on the side. It's about money, and they are pissed. If Trump gave away money like Obama they would love him, but he is here to do his duty to the working people who have had enough of wasting their money. Obama's pension will be $600,000/year plus perks, but Trump is withholding it until he is 65! Plus he is sending him a bill for his vacation scams. What a pirate. Way to go Trump. Obama should be tried for his crimes right beside Hillary for treason and perhaps murder. Hillary will be tried eventually if she doesn't pass away first. I want you to understand what Islam really is compared to Obama's narrative that Islam is harmless. It is not. It's worse than you can imagine. Not even I knew how bad it really is and I've been getting all the information I can on the subject for more tha 15 years, even from the man who taught the FBI about this religion before Obama. This may come as a shock to you. Watch the video below.

Regarding Muslim immigration, watch the video and see if that "religion" of hate, sex and murder is good for your country, if you would love to welcome this death-rape cult, then you will understand my concern which is much the same as Trump's and of everyone who wants to be in the light of truth. The Muslim leaders are working 24/7 to try and make spreading this information illegal, although I know it is impossible because all you have to do is get a copy of the Qur'an and Hadith and see for yourself. Secret cameras in Mosques tell a different story from the mainstream news. Most people don't read the Qur'an but they have a cell phone or computer. It's all there on YouTube still so take a look. Trump wanted to stop the threat of not just ISIS but Islam itself, and the ignorant want to block him, especially the socialist judges who are so ignorant it's scary. Trump has a good memory and they will pay one way or another. The forces of destruction are fighting the forces of truth that are trying to get the truth out about this terrible ideology they call a religion. By our western standards, it is merely a dangerous cult and should not be called a religion because as soon as you put it in that realm it gets undeserved protection. It must be defeated and thrown back to Arabia where they can freely exercise their Pedophilia, rape and woman bashing. All this focus on Trump's alleged woman hating and here we have a so-called religion that makes women second class citizens with half the brain of a man (it's in the Qur'an) who can mercilessly abuse women and she has no protection from anywhere, zero under Shariah Law, which is why the men want it in our country and some judges are allowing it. America has women who are being abused and it's OK with the left. All those Hollywood bozos don't mind women being punched in Islam but if Trump allegedly even touches a woman and she complains of harassment, all hell breaks loose. Is there a different standard for Muslims and illegals in the US of A? Yes! Everyone must obey the law, but them. They can go to sanctuary city, get $200 and bypass jail. They probably get much more than that though. The left has this theory that our culture has caused these people to become criminal so they must be helped. I say they must go to jail. Obama's criminal illegals are repeat offenders. He released hundreds back into society. Why do we have a government if judges can make laws on the fly? Why not just appoint judges and say, "go to it, make us some more laws?" If that is stupid, then so is the idea that precedent law trumps Constitutional law. That is wrong. Their treatment of women should disgust you by itself, never mind all the rest of it, some of which is in the video. If Islam does not disgust you, if what Obama has done doesn't disgust you, there is something wrong with you. Get your head examined.

It's the same old battle that has been going on between good and evil - Globalism, Communism, Fascism, Satanism...; nothing changes, only the nature of the threat, but they are all from the same source: Satan. Deception is the way these evil systems are are being shoved on the people if they don't resist. The fake media are teaching us that this Christianity stuff is bigoted, yet they will promote Islam which has nothing to do, or very little with God, but sex, rape, Pedophilia, and killing innocent infidels to advance their horrible ideology. No, there is no excuse. Their violence is rooted in the religion, not what we have done to them. We have done worse to for example Japan and Germany, but they don't go around killing innocent people right along with themselves. Kamikaze tactics are always religiously motivated, and sure enough they always yell, "Allah Akbar" meaning Allah is greater. Greater than what? Than the other 360 gods, from many tribes that used to be in the Kaaba (cube) until Muhammad went back on his word and told the people that only one was allowed, and that was Muhammad's tribal God, Allah, which was also the ancient moon god. It is a false religion and the adversary is their god. The idea that everyone worships the same god is false, evidenced by their disparate qualities. For example God of the Bible is truth and love. The god of Islam is described as "the greatest deceiver." That is Satan! Allah asks every Muslim to shed their blood, while Jesus shed His blood for us, meaning we don't have to and neither do we have to sacrifice animals. The killing ended with Christ, the sacrifice for us all. It started again when Christianity was hijacked and became Catholic (more paganism and less to do with the Christian message) under Emporer Constantine, a terrible phase, and was supposed to end when Martin Luther exposed the crimes. Christianity went through this dark period but that was the hand of evil men and nothing to do with Jesus or the New Testament. Jesus was truly peaceful as proven when the Jews came for him in the Garden of Gethsemane and Peter cut off one of the guard's ears. Jesus immediately healed it. No violence! He also rode a donkey while Muhammad the war lord rode a horse. Jesus told Peter, and us, to put away our sword, except when someone threatens us and our families directly with violence. The problem in Islam is that every campaign Muhammad went on was "self defense." That is a lie, but they still use it on us, trying to make us the aggressor when they kill innocent people. The truth is they are following Muhammad's orders. Their violence is never aggression, but all of ours is. That's opposite of Islam which commands the death of infidels even if they don't pose a physical threat. Christianity poses a threat to Islam because they are spiritual polar opposites. Christian violence goes against Jesus so they are not his, but on their own. Not so with Islam. The violence we see today, the terrorism has everything to do with Islam and Muhammad. If you don't agree, you haven't read the Qur'an and Hadith, so find someone other than a Muslim who has. e.g. Robert Morey

Hardly anyone had a Bible in those days so they were at the mercy of the clergy, who often fed the people a different narrative, until the printing press. Sadly, Muhammad made killing infidels obligatory, at least that is a common interpretation because it is pretty plain and impossible to misinterpret. Many Muslims try to explain it away, that Islam means peace. It means "submission." While Christianity has undergone the Reformation, no such turning away from ignorance and violence has ever happened to Islam, though many have tried.

This is huge because that is part of their narrative, why we need to be killed. The left quickly adopt their false narrative because they use Islam like a club to destroy Christianity. Now that is bigoted, yet there is silence. It's a sex-pedophile death cult which is why the elite love it - they're pedophiles. They are being rounded up by Trump and they are livid. They love it that many Americans want to protect Islam (means "submission") because it is a "religion." How deceived they are! Watch the video below please. Then I would like you to explain to me why mainstream media will not warn our people, why they perpetuate the lie that Islam is peace and love. They must know it's a lie if they are the ones who are supposed to inform us. This video below on Islam is proof that the media, our supposed watchdogs, are not watching our backs so we must take over the function of informing you, the victims of fake news. If a dog allows an intruder to come into your house without warning you, get rid of that dog. The same thing applies to all of us including mayors, Congressmen, and judges. If you're not protecting the people you are attacking them. Thanks fake news, for nothing.

There is a Weasel in The Hen House!
James Comey. But Maybe He is a Rat.

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Islam has wanted to dominate the whole world for 1400 years and got as far as Spain and the gates of Vienna in Europe and China in the East. They eventually were kicked out of Spain, and defeated with help from the Polish Army at the gates of Vienna Austria in 1683. They were digging a tunnel into The city when a baker heard the faint noise in the middle of the night and reported it to the army. For his service to the people the baker just wanted to have a monopoly on baking croissants, a pastry he made in the shape of a crescent moon. The Moon is god to ancient Arabs. Some historians claim Allah was the ancient Arab moon God. Wouldn't that be a surprise to every Muslim: they've been worshipping the moon all along and will never get to heaven no matter how many infidels they kill. The killing is supposed to fast track them to heaven while everyone else must be evaluated, never knowing if they made it. Now once again they are trying to take us over. This time by deception (it's in their doctrine) and winning the war by making babies right in our own countries at our expense. Women are primarily baby producers and they have been told that men are twice as smart as they so they aren't allowed to be in positions of responsibility and even hell has way more women in it. Now that is a bigoted religion don't you think? Then how come Trump is more bigoted and woman hater than Islam? Because the mainstream news is fake news.

Unfortunately London has fallen, and many other cities will soon follow. The British are so welcoming and considerate, and we are too, and that may be our doom. Being nice can be dangerous to your health, is an understatement. Some basic math tells me they will be the majority and we will all have to become Muslims, no exception, or they will just cut off our heads. There is no political will to resist. They are baby factories and receive government assistance. Some have many wives and can have dozens of children and have huge monthly cheques in the mail worth thousands of dollars, enough to buy a house and car, and never having to work. How's that for conquering us and having fun doing it? What can we do? Stop all Muslim immigration is the only way. But I doubt that will happen, so the best we can do is make it hard to get in, but even that might not be possible. We just haven't got a clue what's happening thanks to fake news whose job it is to keep us informed. That's why they get so much freedom, and then abuse it. So we have no choice, report it ourselves. The truth may hurt now, but it will hurt worse if we don't do something. Why work if the people will finance their own destruction?

I'd like to add my comment onto this Russian witch hunt. I heard the speech during the campaign where Hillary made that accusation about Trump receiving help from Putin. After she lost, Democrats seized on this to explain how it could have happened. It doesn't matter if it is true or not, something must be the scapegoat, and that is Vladimir Putin. I don't support Putin although some things he has said are true and insightful. The problem is the monster Russia itself that grew large at the expense of hundreds of ethnic groups, including my own Finnish Karelian people. Russia will always pose a threat to Finland because it has never owned up to illegally annexing Karelia, 1/10 od Finland in 1944 during their land grab operations against border states. Russia had signed an agreement not to do so along with 40 or so other countries in exchange for military aid from the allies. The agreement was called the Atlantic Charter. Everything else the desperate Democrats have accused Trump of have been mostly proven false, here is one that is like the UFO question. It will never be "proven," which is fine with them because they just want a cloud of suspicion over him and feed the hatred of their young Communist agitators against the President. The Democrats are not democratic; what a misnomer! If they were, they would accept the will of the people. They can't believe that their queen was beaten by an honest, hard working man of his word business man and patriot, Donald J Trump - to them the devil himself.

People need an identity. It is very important to our well-being. It doesn't mean we are tribal and want to fight other identities as long as we stay away from collectives like Globalism. That's when people are murdered because the Globalists will always believe that the end justifies the means. Kill all who don't agree. Obama was headed in that direction and so was Hillary, yet that is what they projected falsely on Trump, scaring people, especially the snowflakes in California. They think they are fighting against evil when they are actually protecting it, like the Bolesheviks that enslaved Russian for 70 years. Countries have lived in peace for hundreds of years with good national identities, like Scandinavia. I am a Finn, with loyalties to Finland, my home in Canada and America, but also all countries wishing to live in peace. Defending our borders has nothing to do with left or right. It is apolitical. When Finland was attacked in 1939, my father had just joined the army in the summer. There were some leftists still around though they were soundly beaten in 1918, saving Finland from Globalism - Communism. Although Soviet Union was socialist, all Finns (regardless of politics) came together to defend our country, our borders, (like Trump) from Globalists. At that time Communism and Nazism were the Global threats. They wanted the one world government. We can see from the OWG laboratory of EU that it doesn't work. Brussels is in control, like Moscow was in the USSR. Nobody likes this experiment and only stay because of fear of not being included in the economy. It just keeps rearing its ugly head doesn't it? Mostly it's the deceived who believe all the crap they spew, just like the Bolsheviks of Russia who aggressively enslaved themselves for seventy years. The theme is "world peace" of course, and most people don't mind that, but the price is too high and EU is headed for civil war with Muslims. Europe was defenseless against these "refugees" that could easily have been sheltered in rich Arabia or Turkey. No, they want more, not just safety, and rich Europe was willing to give it to them, free money forever. The Gold rush was on, the news is out, like the masses we saw going to the Alaska gold fields. The million refugee accommodation in Arabia stays empty but nobody wants to go there, and the Arabs were happy to see the spread of Islam, this horrible sect, all over the world. The refugee business makes money for the traffickers.

Millions have been shot for Communism, a couple of hundred million around the world, for this leftist ideology. Now it has come to America. Together with the Muslims, they were planning to overthrow the existing system, and then the killing would start. First it would be the "right" and when they are gone the "left" and Muslims would fight it out. Who wins would be in total control. These snowflake leftists have no idea what they are supporting.

Now anyone who had to live under socialism want no part of it! The kids should be taught the truth rather than Marxist ideology. Therefore I am neither left or right; I am defending the sovereignty of Finland, where I was born, Canada, where I now live on the West Coast, and America my neighbor and friend only five minutes from my house in White Rock. The view from down at the beach is the Semiahmoo Bay that Canada and United States share. I drive down there all the time. We are in this together yet separately. We are fighting for our collective freedom from someone who wants to hurt us, to enslave us using every means at their disposal. Right now it is using "refugee" immigration, though many aren't refugees and many are criminals fleeing something, like prosecution. Many are violent, hateful and this is born out as fact in Europe, all over. Instead of condemning this, the left calls anyone who objects to bringing more problems to our peaceful western countries, Nazis. What a joke. They are the Nazis. Some are legit but thousands are taking advantage of the situation. How can anyone tell who is and isn't a refugee; who is and isn't an ISIS or who want to hurt our way of life, like the Muslims calling for Jihad, open slaughter of infidels. They want us gone because they want to take over and make the world bow down to Islam. I say no. The nonsense stops here. There's no way to know, so extra care must be taken and that is Trump's job as president. The media is hiding the truth so that is our job, to try and get it out to you. They won't report the crime that these refugees are doing, so they are part of the problem.

Globalism means slavery, don't be fooled. I am carrying forward in my adopted country what my father did in 1939 saving Finland from becoming part of the expanding Socialist Global empire, except we ended up losing our home to the part Russia was barely able to get with great losses of over one million men and women. They were never able to advance further than a few hundred kilometers at most, despite massive overwhelming numbers and equipment. In 1944 they concentrated heavy guns every 100 meters (300feet) to the Finns one every kilometer, and still couldn't get past where they were in 1939. Now that is what happens when you have favor with God, when a country honors their creator. He was wounded and in later years lost both legs below the knees from the damage done by freezing cold water in Lake Ladoga, where he was deployed. No problem he got retraining and became a well-known physiotherapist with a wide clientele. That's guts man! No wheelchair for this soldier. He walked from Victoria BC to Vancouver to support MS research with those legs. This is so the sacrifices of all our warriors will never be forgotten, what they did to save us from Globalism. We did not turn our backs to these men like Obama - what a disgrace to the black folk. Finally a black man is president and he blows it! He was a devil in the White House. Do you think the "left" snowflakes can be good soldiers and defend America? Do they even want to? Thank you for coming by and tell others about this effort to save our freedoms.

Donald Trump said we must have the courage to name the enemy, which he says is Radical Islam. When we peel off the "radical" and take a peek inside, you find plain old Islam. There aren't two Islams. We are still arguing about whether Islam is a religion of peace or war. Why? They state plainly what they are for anyone that can read! You don't bring a poisonous snake home if you find it half dead. The story goes that a woman did just that and to thank her, the snake bit her. When she asked why, the snake replied, "you knew what I was before you brought me home!" The west is doing exactly that and they are regretting it as I write, in England, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland...shall I go on? The people are afraid to say anything for fear of losing their job! Whatever the fear, it works against us and for the enemy. Apparently many people don't read. That's too bad because these people protest for the enemy! It's crazy, but a little homework could fix it. There's no excuse now with the Internet. It is the most deceptive religion on the planet, but perfect as a tool for Globalization which requires destruction of the existing democracies. The confusion results from things written into the Qur'an about killing us infidels. I'll explain.

Now, you might jump to conclusions that I hate people for being a different race or something like that. This is the "knee jerk" reaction that is killing Europe. It is, with some exceptions of course, BS. I was discriminated against as a boy immigrant from Finland and I learned my lesson about hating people who are different and made it my rule never to do that to anyone because they are different in any way. But when it comes to bad, dangerous ideology masquerading as a peaceful religion that's not hating people, but a natural defensive response, to protect my family and my fellow countrymen because of what I know and what they don't. Color is not the issue; neither true religion, but content of character, ingrained by cradle to grave by brainwashing of the worst kind, is. I am like an early warning system for all of you having vetted, listened to experts on Islam (Dr. Robert Morey and others) who was advising FBI before Obama, who then removed it all. He is the enemy in disguise and he had terrorists visiting him in the White House all the time, Muslim Brotherhood, who he financed. He did a good job of deception or then the people were not too bright, maybe a little of both. He treated Americans as though they were stupid. I parsed Islam for 16 years, knowing that 90% of people never bother to ascertain threats, especially from something calling itself a religion, (not) recognizing them as enemy only if they wear an army uniform and attack in the normal way. Islam doesn't do it that way. It doesn't work anymore due to our technology. They must use other means; it's called stealth Jihad. Deception works; by working on the inside, but don't give yourself away. And if you're found out, it's only a religion, what's there rro worry about? Lots. That's where I come in. Obviously many Muslims believe in these verses of hate and violence or there would be no terrorism such as we are seeing every day. So what do I mean confusion?

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The Qur'an plainly states to kill the idolator, the unbeliever. We are told Muhammad didn't really mean it and are shown some very nice passages, though he ABROGATED (negated) all those peaceful verses of his early days, with which they now deceive us. The editors left it in to deceive us. Muhammad had nothing to do with editing the document. He was illiterate and couldn't read it even if he was alive when it was written. Nobody knows how much of it is Muhammad and. How much is someone else. It's impossible to know. So the editors could have put in their own verses, and why wouldn't they? What's there to stop them? He apparently decided to raise armies and started to have success, becoming wealthy raiding poor unbelievers who just wanted to be left alone. No more Mr. nice guy, you join or off with your head. That left only the verses of the sword after whoever abrogated the early verses put it their own. We don't know that for sure but I can imagine them compiling the thing and deciding what slant they want to stick in. There were many copies of the Qur'an, and none of them were identical so they destroyed the others. Peace is over, war rules. In other words they are free to kill us any time anywhere and turn our governments into Islamic power over us. They are waiting for that opportunity as it gets closer right now in Europe.

We will be a spent power. Back to the Stone Age. We (western civilization) are the inventors who made the modern world as we know it. Every day there are fewer of us and more of them. Use your imagination as to where that will lead. If you don't like us, give up your cell phone, car, computer, airplane, train...and use only what Muslims have invented. You won't get far very fast with their technology. This makes their document one of sedition. The editors of the Qur'ran, who wrote the book a generation after Muhammad was murdered by his Jewish wife taken in battle, did not simply remove the peaceful verses that no longer apply, and now they use them to throw us off, to prove Islam is peace. It is not. They try to explain it away but actions speak louder than words, and there is plenty, everywhere but fake news, the mouthpieces for the rich perverted elite, the enemies of the people, will not report it. We the people stick our necks out to tell you, so there is no reason to lie. They will also say it only means they are allowed to defend themselves. That's obvious, but it also means aggression. Kill means kill, not defend. They don't want us here. Their Allah (Satan) doesn't want us here. He will deal with his people later, taking them down with him to where nobody wants to go, but he will take us too if we let him. If indeed there are two interpretations, if one-half believes peace, it still leaves the problem no matter how they try to claim otherwise. The doctrine of war often claim aggression as "defensive." For example, Russia was just defending itself against Finland, but after the war they kept 1/10 of the country, Karelia, which they claim was "liberated" from Fascism. The Finns were not Fascists, almost Communists, but the bad guys lost their revolt. Now the Americans have the same problem. You have Communist states such as California, (too much Fantasyland) with a generation of snowflakes and illegals who would fight to stay. See how crooked this game is and Islam is very good at it. My advice: don't you be deceived.

The World elite were caught off guard by what they now call "fake news" and have begun a campaign to discredit any sources other than...yes, theirs! Like Hitler and Stalin. Trump is allowing full press coverage, but they still report lies. Listen to Spicer and see for yourself. We the people scored a major victory against the Global Elite and their evil agenda with Trump. Let's help him. This is real drama in real time folks and you are living it. Have a look what David Icke says about it before we dive into our honest reporting, bypassing the traditional gate keepers of what is true and what are their lies. It's a bit long so you might have to come back. Watch what you want but always come back now, ya' hear? Tell someone, Facebook, whatever; we need to get the word out.

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Islam is actually, despite what they claim, (they call it the religion of the sword) a violent ideology and a repudiation of the Christian message and foundations of our civilization, which it once again is trying to steal, kill and destroy. The never ending violence and beheading Christians and others from Islam is a daily event everywhere now. Fake News will not cover it all but we will. That, my friend, is "free press" American style. Just report what furthers your narrative. Too bad. It doesn't just affect our politics; it affects your health and security - everything because they will only report if it is in their interests, money, edeology, religion, medicine, food...you name it. It is in all our interests to have proper freedom of the press - freedom from narrow agendas. Nobody's interests should be trampled to further another's agenda, but let truth, not lies, speak for itself. Fake News is a huge network and they repeat that without a second thought, just assuming that because it comes from "somewhere, who knows where" and it is consistent with the going narrative, it must be true.

FBI crook James Comey And Trey Gowdy: Hillarygate and Obamagate.

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Now Trump has a lot of work to do in undoing the damage by a crook in the White House by the name of Obama. How can an imposter make it to the level of the most powerful man on the planet? Only if the people permit it, which they did. This is a man working for the enemy. Islam offers barbarism to replace our civilized system and Obama was preoccupied in destroying it on the one hand while turning America into a third world socialist country. The more have-nots, the more votes. So where is the incentive to help anyone? NOWHERE man! Socialism is the destruction of America by robbing from them to give it back to whoever votes for them. Islam is the destruction of America as proven by events in Europe. The only way America can be defeated is from the inside, and it was how the Roman Empire fell by internal corruption and incompetance, and now America had Obama.

Muslim values are the reverse of ours, and Obama was tearing down the Christian framework, what was left of it. He hates Christianity because it stands for everything he hates, but that is what made America great. If America were to adopt all of Obama's warped ideas, America would not be a safe place for normal Christian people to live, like for example the Pilgrims who were escaping the same type of persecution that Obama brought to America from Kenya and his evil little deceiving brain. The left loves it, which is why they are a spent force and must never rise again. When we really understand Islam we see in stark contract what Fake News tells us about Islam and Muslims. What do we do with this knowlege? Start something? Absolutely not. We pass on the information and make sure we stand fast on our culture which we know they dispise if they are real Muslims, meaning most are nominal and many of those don't know that Muhammad was not a nice man by our standards. Even dogs hated him and that is a good reference in my books. If you chop people's heads off, I don't know about you but I call that bad - even a dog knows that! When Khomeni became the leader of Iran, he killed all the dogs! He ripped the out of their owners arms.

Like Communism (the "left") is to Karl Marx, Islam is to Muhammad. Both are evil ideologies, but one we call a religion. Why do we do that I ask, because they say it is? It's an ideology with a religious facade. Muslims do stupid things for Muhammad, like killing infidels, because they are imitating him. If you tell your followers to kill for your religion, or smack around and blacken the eyes of women, I call that bad. But it's dangerous to say these things. The courts will defend the sanctity of this "religion." Note that I do not hate Muslims, but they are willful (or not, as the case may be) slaves to this ideology because every Muslim knows that to leave is death, and these are part of their belief system that includes mostly how to act towards each other and especially us infidels, and I for one protest. I want to keep my head thank you and I will not promote Muslim immigration under any circumstance because we will be executed or become slaves to them. Even now they feel entitled to our resources to support them. We don't see them pounding the pavement for a job. We see them loitering with their pals googling at girls and some of them do more than that! Girls are afraid of them any many are gang raped. That too they feel entitled to because our girls are "asking for it." Just because they dress differently form their culture. That is reverse discrimination, racism, whatever you want to call it. Why do Democrats want more refugees? Is it really because they have so much sympathy for suffering people? Absolutely not. Are they angry that how they treat women, beating them if they don't obey? The women have nobody to protect them in the west because police back off when they say it's their religion to beat their women. The women are no better off for moving to the west. I haven't seen them mention it. They haven't done much for anyone but themselves, and refugees are votes. They want to turn America into a Marxist State like the failed USSR was and EU has become. They don't work! No matter how many times they try! When you take money from someone who has worked hard to a lazy person, he stops working hard. The money stops flowing and everyone is poor, hungry and destitute. We must resist it and re-educate our children. What kind of religion has a prophet like that, who does all those bad things to people? We've been brainwashed - Islam is mostly ideology, not a religion, and Muhammad was a general! Get the picture? I rest my case, for now.

Our children and their children will not appreciate what the left have done to their country I can guarantee it. I am a child of Finnish refugees from Karelia, stolen from us by...Socialist Russia, twice, once in 1939 and again in 1944. My parents had to leave twice and the last time was forever. Don't talk to me and hundreds of millions of people around the world who were sacrificed to Socialism about its benefits. I don't think the Socialist professors and teachers want to tell the kids because they think Socialism is great. They have forgotten the lessons of history, and when we teach our kids to forget, we run the risk of repeating all the mistakes made by others. Talk to anyone who has had to live under Socialism. Thousands were killed trying escape Russia. The people were brainwashed to start a revolution instead of taking the peaceful path to social improvement. Just look at the leftist kids and what they did after Trump won! Millions cried and the rest had a fit destroying property. They certainly are the result of their socialist culture of Hollywood, University, Fake News and that was the result, plus they almost voted in a pervert and criminal for a president.

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Socialists ask us to turn over our mind and body to the state in exchange for them "looking after you" which is a farce. They don't. What they do after they have control over the people, and have taken their guns is this: they decide who lives and dies, where you live, what and how much food you get, what you do - and that is how Muslim countries are run too in many respects except everyone must be a Muslim. The kids today are poorly informed about everything but filled with Socialism and Globalism, lies about Islam and Israel, and to hate Christianity, which is why they want more Muslims, as many as possible! Their values have been inverted by those who control what they see, hear and learn at school, all sources of evil Marxist ideology.

We need to be smarter than our enemy, Islam, and so far it doesn't look good because most people don't know what it is. They believe it's a religion. Ronald McDonald is not what he appears to be. He is just a man. Islam is not just a religion, but an ideology like Fascism or Communism, and that is what we need to focus on, not the simplistic notion of piety and peace. When a "religion," Ideology, philosophy, or anything else teaches destruction of our governments, that they must be brought down by violence and deception, (as in Communist insurrection, Revolution) and should be relplace by their system, that is a doctrine of sedition. Islam is such a doctrine and you can find it in the Qur'an for your verification and in the Hadith and Sunnah as to how Muhammad put these ideologies to practice. His 200 or so family "converts" did not grow until he got a "revelation" - which we call a brainwave, that he should use violence, deception, and terror. It worked. Has the west been duped into letting Islam take over and destroy what took us hundreds of years to accomplish?

    Dupe: to deceive someone, usually by making that person do something that they did not intend to do: "The girls were duped by drug smugglers into carrying heroin for them." The European people didn't intend to turn their countries into Islamic states. They were only trying to help the poor Muslims whose people have turned their countries into living hells, thanks to their faith in a false God, Allah. ISIS is the other face of Islam, the one that is normally hidden.

    Perhaps one half of the American people (or more) have been duped into accepting, even helping, a dangerous ideology into their country brought in by "refugees" many of which want to destroy them. This is a known fact yet the Fake Media, in keeping with their Liberal failed ideology, fails to report what Islam is and its threat. There is a war going on between these two groups and who wins will determine America's fate for a thousand years. Islam is a cloaked ideology that passes as a religion, which is why there is little opposition. You've heard of cloaking devices from Star Trek. Even viruses use it to avoid being destroyed by our army of defending cells. Cancer uses it to avoid being destroyed by these cells. The result is death. How about our country? Christ is the answer, not Islam.

Power of Prayer Caught on Camera:
Proof God Answers Prayers

Ancient History Fake News vs. Real History

He began raiding caravans and conquering tribes. His men were paid by the booty, women, slaves and whatever else there was. Muhammad had hit on the "right" formula and we see it working even today, as they seed every country and pump out the babies by the hundreds of thousands, a way to overwhelm the enemy using their own resources!

When Donald Trump wanted to reduce Muslim immigration, I believe he had this doctrine in mind and merely wanted to protect his country from those wishing to carry out these orders. I believe his intentions are honorable in light of what Islam is trying to do. Islam is not just a religion, which is actually just a small part of it. It is a bad ideology wrapped in a religious shell - bad for them and bad for us. It is a devise of the devil to destroy us all - them and us. The Mainstream News doesn't agree, and if they were in power America would be Muslim in a few years. Anyone who doesn't agree with these Globalist-Marxists is a "Nazi" including anyone wishing to protect America from foreigners who don't love America nor Americans. Most of the Muslim world has grown up being brainwashed how bad America, "the great Satan" is, so we don't have any illusions about what many of these "refugees" could turn out to be. If they are trashing Europe, as plainly the alternative news shows then imagine what they could do to "the great Satan." Trump is right; the unelected judges who want to make laws are wrong. They have made democracy into rule by unelected judges. This was not the Internet of the Founding Fathers. Plus, foreigners have no Constitutional rights whatsoever. Read the document. We can choose to be under God's protection or out of it. The Liberals want us out. Trump wants us in. The Liberals are trying to take us out of God's providential blessing which has lasted over 240 years, making America the envy of the world, which is why they want to live there, not because they love the people, but to take advantage of what honoring the true God has provided. We should not tamper with our belief system that has served Americans well, even unbelievers who enjoyed the results, in fact we should bring back what Obama the Muslim removed. He removed God's protection and exposed Americans to the willing agents of the enemy, (~25% of Muslims) and we must not allow it. Trump is patching up America's relationship with God and that is why America will be great again if the left doesn't thwart it. This is not just a physical battle. It is equally or more so, a spiritual one.

Here's a thought: the left is jumping up and down about how Trump supposedly treats women. However, when the women who have worked with him are interviewed, they have only good things to say. But, here's the hypocracy. Islam treats women a thousand times worse, making them into almost imbeciles who need a man every minute to tell her what to do and what not to do. This is part of the religion and Shariah Law. I highly doubt that Trump has ever hit a woman. Islam says you should beat women who don't obey a man, who is supposed to have complete domination. Where is the outrage? That just goes to show how fake the media pushing this narration about Trump really is. When will they expose Islam? When hell freezes over.

News Break: Latest News, Re: London massacre and Islam.

Islam was beaten back in Spain and Austria hundreds of years ago. The attacks were by Radical Muslims, much like the ISIS of today. The Industrial Revolution might never have happened and we could be living in the 7th Century forever. It is Christianity and free thinking that made it possible, not total submission to a false god. Now they are being invited to destroy us, this time it is by deception, a powerful tool of the devil. He tells his followers, or anyone he can deceive, that anti-Islam is racism, bigotry or Islamophobia. Don't believe it. Everyone including the radicals, which is about 25% or more of the population have been allowed in. It is estimated that 10% are ready to violently seize control when the opportunity comes, maybe led by their leader, Obama Hussein, or whoever he is. His whole 8 year stint was one big deception. Contrary to leftist ideology, the minority rules when it comes to Islam. The rest are irrelevant. They call the shots for the majority. That is how it always is, and how Islam spread - by the sword. Don't tell me about those bad crusaders who travelled to the Holy Land to protect Christians who were being slaughtered. I say, what's new! That is their talking point, but it's very weak. Crusades were a response to Islam, just as Trump's campaign will be in Syria where he will crush them until there is nothing left but a land that all those refugees can resettle and continue their lives, unless Socialism is subsidizing them forever at the expense of their hosts, you and me. They won't want to lose that free money, but they must go back because we refuse to support them. We saved their lives and now they owe their country the hard work it will take to rebuild. We will not allow what is happening in Europe to come to America.

The Truth About Sweden: What The Left Fakers Deny.
This is spreading around the world because stupid people are permitting it!

Democrats' Shame: Blocking Trump's Wall For No Reason

This poses an immediate problem to our very existance as free and prosperous people because they want us under their law, and they hate ours. They will NEVER accept our laws because they know they aren't supposed to and our laws break theirs. How do you reconcile two opposites? They will tolerate it for awhile but as their numbers grow, the radicals incite the others to join them in changing our land, as in Britain, and they begin to rally against our country, as in Britain today, where Sharia is the Law. This was allowed by the leftist governments who have no love of country, who practice self loathing, believing that they deserve what they get. Angela Merke of Germany has the same psychological Socialist illness and many other countries. But it all falls under the heading of satan's deception for the purpose of destroying Christians and their culture. These deceived leaders don't mind becoming Muslim, since they believe it is something that it isn't, and that is a threat to every Briton's freedom and security. They wish to live in peace but there will be no peace for a people who do not appreciate their own country, who think nothing of being a traitor. The authorities there are dumbfounded; they don't know what to do. So they do nothing and the threat just keeps growing. Ask any Muslim, and they will tell you that they are only required to obey their own laws, Sharia Law, by their religion. The men definitely want it because they have total power over women and inherit twice as much as women and in a divorce, the men keep the kids! They own their women like a car or camel. The women's testimony is ignored like in rape cases and as witnesses in court, Shariah requires two women's testimony against a man's because they are mentally deficient; these and much more, and not a peep from those holier than thou feminists. Is this what we want in our country?

Do we want to roll back all our gains, "civilization" over the centuries, and destroy the only faith that works to preserve our freedoms, a firewall against corrupt destructive forces, without which they disappear one by one as perversion and barbarism take over from morality, and we hardly notice it because we are so desensitized? Shall we inflict, abandon their (and later our) women to 7th Century laws? Our freedom is at stake here. That's what they want! Therefore, I repeat, we have a problem, a BIG problem. They want their law! They want to remove ours and replace them with Shariah. Our leftists will comply eventually, bit by bit. They want us to shut up about their "religion" but I will keep you informed if that's OK. We are under siege by them and our own people who don't know any better, like those American judges who are so stupid. I think they love Islam! That makes them what, traitors? If that's the case, 99% of the Democrats are traitors by default because they don't understand Islam. This is serious because a nation divided against itself cannot stand. Just what Satan planned. Join Act For America and Tom Wallace to spread the news.

Crash Course in Islam: Please Watch: Brigitte Gabriel, Act For America
Eight years of "freedom of the press" and they failed the people. Why should Trump trust them?

Socialism Is a Curse, Which Joins With Islam To Destroy America
The two, Globalists-Socialists and Islam, work together against you.

Muhammad's Religion Became a Dangerous Ideology
And it can take us all down with it. Islam = War on unbelievers.
This will accelerate the destruction of Islam.

Qur'an is an instruction book of how to destroy our civilization by deceit, by enlisting our own people to help in that process. And guess what? It's working for them thanks to the uninformed - at least half to 80%+ of the American people. This information makes you one of the few that know. These refugees are looking for a people willing to support them, which is why they flocked to socialist Europe. When my people emigrated to Canada, we were looking for a better life through work. My father arrived from Finland looking for a job not hand outs, and he got none. But he started shovelling snow in Cape Breton Island the same day! He worked for sixteen hours until someone asked him why he is still working. He trapped rabbits and finally found a job in Sudbury Ontario underground. Two years later we were on the beautiful west coast of Canada. We didn't need help. We were not mentally or physically crippled. These new arrivals are crippled by their religion! It tells them that infidels should serve them. We are their willing slaves. It's right there for you to read so don't blame me. Whoever wrote that book of theirs and its companion books was a genius. Oh, Muhammad did not write any of it. He was illiterate and couldn't even proof read it to make sure it was accurate. Even if he could, there was nothing to read. The Quran was written more than a generation after his death - poisoning by his Jewish wife, after he beheaded her husband. The message: if you kill a man and take his wife, don't expect to live very long.

Can you get some idea of the false narrative fed to you about Islam by the Fake Media? They are accomplices in your destruction so I don't know why you would even turn on your TV to load up with their Globalist total crap. My local radio station says they are not fake, but I have now clued in to their game because of my knowledge of Trump and how he operates. You can't keep giving only the negative news, and for sure there will be some I don't care who it is. The only place you can get balanced news is on the Internet, like CBN, but also often straight from the source, not second had where it undergoes a political metamorphosis, like processed food that has its nutrition stripped away. Processed food can kill you, and so can Fake News, or it will give you a totally screwed view of reality.

Does "Not Reporting Critical Information" Mean It Never Happened?
That is a typical Socialist strategy to information. Soviets used it to keep the
people ignorant of living standards in the west. In a just society, all news must be reported.
Muslims are calling speaking truth about their religion "blasphemy" and "Islamophobia."

Wiretapping Trump Tower: Common Knowledge

There is a truth revolution in the air. Americans are getting tired of the Fake News, identifiable by their similarity. That's because they are paid by the same people, to advance their Global agenda. Real news is not so consistent, using the same lines such as Trump's accusations, which they attack, only later to be proved wrong. In most cases where the media attacks Trump, they are proven wrong because they don't know much. They only know the narratives they have been given. That is not "free press." There should be many different points of view. There is not. For this reason, the people are turning to Social media and a few Christian based News such as CBN News, or directly to Donald Trump's tweets, and other alternative news that is honest enough to report the truth because they don't accept bribes. In news, like anything else, "follow the money." Who stands to gain...Trump's tweets and honest news are making the mainstream news redundant. Who needs news that is just someone's opinion, completely fabricated or a false narrative? CNN news is just acting. They have good actors but not good enough. The same people or known actors, musicians are seen being interviewed as representative of the crowd. Just be aware that Socialism (Marxism) has no set morals. To them truth means nothing unless it can be used to advance their narrative. If it can't, lies will do. This page is part of the truth (called hate speech by the left) revolution. To them, there is no such thing as truth; it is what they say it is. That is just like the Soviet Union - exactly. Stay away from Socialism, it can destroy you and America as it has Europe. It is really bad over there. Come back and I will show some videos about what Socialism has done over there. George Orwell said, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." Join the truth revolution. Throw out the narratives you have learned in school and university unless there is scientific proof, not scientific opinion. There is a difference. Scientists said, "it is impossible for man to fly." So nobody tried, except some "fools" that everyone laughed at. Science is good, but not if it is used the wrong way, like to make money at the expense of human suffering. The cancer industry is an example. When man did fly, people said, "if it's true the news papers would be full of it." Since the media did not report it, people thought the reports were fake. The Wright Brothers had to go to France before the news picked it up. Lying by omission is common in Fake News, especially concerning Islam, immigration, associated crime and medical research. People can die but media will not investigate vaccines, the cancer research/fund raising industry, and thousands of other things that affect our lives. See how people follow the news instead of their own brains?

FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Warrants For Trump Wiretapping
This is like Watergate, electronic breaking and entering and spying on Trump.

Know Your Enemy: Islam Before it's Too Late.
Fake News lies about this ideology with a religious front.

Treason Obamacoup. Obama sabotaged America's Security Before Leaving
Obama is walking on thin ice and one day he will fall through.

George Clooney's Muslim Wife Stuns Hollywood, UN.
The left is more concerned with Trump's activities than the horrors of ISIS.
Why aren't they protesting the genocide and murder of Christians by Islam.
ISIS is acting out Muhammad's activities as a general of armies, like beheading.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in trouble.
ISIS is Islam. Message to Obama (and Hillary) from former Muslim.
Trump is right to regulate Muslim immigration.


Monsanto: Hillary HRC and her Bush buddies'

Evil Monsanto, Bush and Hillary HRC