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Its about time we looked into who are the real racists and what is "racism."
Should anyone call another person "racist" - a hate word - regardless of color? Let's stop it here.
UN 1948 Declaration of freedom of speech
A truth revolution, more powerful than deceit and lies.
Trump Facebook
President Trump's Tweets
Obama's massive half trillion dollar fraud: Ben Carson audit of HUD
The Global warming hoax
EU threatens Poland and other Eastern European countries. Take migrant immigrants or get out.
Want to know who Obama and Hillary studied? Neo-Marxist Alinsky
Marxism is a proven failed, genocidal religion. Hillary and Obama worshipped Alinsky
My researched solution to problems with affordable medical: Crazy Medicine.
Distilled Water The Shocking Truth
Trump's tax cuts will raise wages.
Will appeasement stop Muslims from hating and killing non-Muslims?
Strong (as in Founding Fathers) family values makes a strong country.
Human Rights violations by left wing (Communists). The left have no place in a strong and free America.
The left (Communists/Socialists) have been growing stronger, ANTIFA. It's time to stop this nonsense.
Democratic (socialist) party is not democratic, it's closer to being Communist Marxist-Islamic, both of which are totalitarian and dangerous.
Senator McCain, no war hero, was in Vietnam opposing, fighting Globalism (Communism), but he is one.
Muhammad had slaves.
Jesus came to set the captives free.
Don't bother with chemo and radiation; they will kill you. Selenium.
Federal Reserve: private company criminal organization
President Trump's legislative powers.
Mr. Earth In The Balance Al Gore Global Warming Fraud.
Islamic Invasion: they are winning - "No Go Zones" are conquered territory.
Norway kicking out criminals
Where does Islam come from? Sources of Islam
Trump was right: 5.7 million Illegal votes.
Breaking News: Fox News, one of the best news.
Two Biggest Fake News Destroy Trump Conspirators: CNN chief Jeff Zucker and NBC Andy Lack.
Fake News protects people and companies doing you harm, Including food and medicine.
Vaccines may, and often do, contain Thimerosal, a Mercury neurotoxin, autism, brain damage.
Mixed News Archive and interesting videos
What is illegal immigration historically? American colonies.
We don't need any more immigrants for a long time. Listen
Terrorism is part of Islam. Anyone figure that out already? Muslim's testimony
Vaccine Rage: driving people insane.
Alzheimer's Disease - Mad Cow (CJD) Disease Connection
Chemotherapy does not work for 97% - here's what will.
The real causes of terrorism: Islam the ideology.
Poland: the only country in Europe that is free of terrorism. Dobshe Polski
Winning The War Against Radical Islam - Book by Dr. Robert Morey
What were congressmen doing while terrorists were busy indoctrinating our school kids?
Trump-Russia collusion rumor is nonsense. My Analysis
Clinton-Obama era Islamic indoctrination of students.
Barrack Hussein Obama: Satan's master criminal the people installed in the White House.
Trump is doing a good job correcting Obama's mistakes.
Since FDR, (Communist) the Elite have long wanted Communism in America. General George S. Patton
Who killed Muhammad? If you know, then you can argue with what I say about Islam. If not
you should pay attention very carefully to what is said about this ideology and the threat
to America it brings with it, and then you will understand Trump's position on refugee immigration.
"Poverty is a state of mind." Correct it and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson
Congress on Christianity: See what they said.
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Reconstruction Of America

Most people now know that the mainstream media is a fraud. They put in just enough truth to deceive the audience. Lately the appearance of truth hasn't been working as their ratings have hit all time lows. They are losing the American people (those who voted for president Trump) who demand only truth in reporting now, which a sham. Light and darkness are fighting tooth and nail for supremacy. Darkness wants to steal truth from you. Darkness gains supremacy in people when they constantly go against what they know is right and true but choose to do the opposite. That is where Fake News people are at. If we listen to them darkness gains supremacy over us, and eventually the whole nation. This is why a major correction must happen now because the vultures are circling. That leaves independent web sites to do the job that darkness is shutting out, to bring you to the light of truth. We don't claim to be infallible or to have all the news exactly right but I do claim to do the best I can and never to deceive. What I say about Islam, though throughly not politically correct, is the truth. Some of it is so outrageous that it sounds absurd but I assure you I have done my research over the last 16 years since 9/11 and would like to pass on what I know because the level of knowledge about Islam is alarmingly nearly nonexistent. Obama was doing everything right - for the destruction of America. If Ben Carson wanted to destroy America he says he would do all those things that Obama was doing, and gives us the short list of his destructive policies. He has it exactly right. Obama is a traitor and is still working to undermine Trump, and the America deep down he hates.

Ben Carson's Recipe For The Destruction Of America
Coincidentally? Exactly what Obama was doing. In politics
there is nothing coincidental. It is planned and Congress is culpable.

Greed: The Essence Of Corruption
Envy: The Essence Of Marxism

Fake News deals in deception from the forces of darkness.There is lots of money in it but to get it one has to be a traitor to the country. The picture they paint of Trump's presidency is one of complete failure. That can be called sedition, meaning overthrowing the duly elected government by overt acts against it such as intentionally misrepresenting the president and what he is doing for America in order to bring him down. Yet he is doing better than Obama did with his focus on all his ulterior unconstitutional motives, for which he had no mandate, and his disregard for what Americans want most: jobs, not illegal immigration. He does not care about America or Americans, even while millions care about him. He only cares about his Muslim religion and advancing his Marxist Globalist ideology. He thinks he can fool them because they are stupid, and has made such comments. You can only catch his true motives from YouTube if you look hard enough. He is cold hearted and controlled be the Globalist satanic forces. He only cares about his benefactors, to do their will. In other words he is the biggest traitor next to Hillary and Bill that Washington has ever had the misfortune to host. Bill gave away the shop to China in the form of military technology, control of Panama Canal, unfavorable trade deals, Islam in schools and more. His wife gave Russia 20 % of American Uranium for personal gain and Russia will then supply Iran and anyone who wants to buy it. Obama was focused on spreading Islam, giving away money to various terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, illegal immigration, playing golf, and a life of leisure, so he had lots of time to make up jokes about Trump. But unfortunately he is the joke, a bad one. They are all expert remorseless liars with little use for morality, the common leftist trait all over the world.

Donald Trump has made it redundantly obvious that he cares deeply for the well-being of every American and that emotion is written all over him as a genuine passion. Not just the rich, or white. Every American. The emphasis is on American because they have been ignored too long, allowed to drop down a notch, or notches, which is the desire of Globalists. Obama acted as if every dollar in the American pocket was out of the pockets of all the poor on earth, a typical Marxist ideology. This has been stopped and the jobs, which were chased away, have been welcomed back with open arms with honey - tax cuts - if Congress doesn't block it. But mainstream media doesn't think he has done well because they want to see him fail, and with him the chance for America to be greater than ever because the socialist vultures will come. This is why the media are a redundant news anachronism, a service that is no longer serving the requirements of the people to know the truth about everything without the sugar-coating. It is a pay-for-play business catering to their wealthy clients. Only by hitting them where it hurts will they try even a little to do professional journalism. Their reporters, or rather stooges, go to press conferences as a show and scramble the message received. They don't have to go to the meetings to write that crap. They aren't interested in what Sarah Huckabee Sanders is saying because they have no intention of reporting it, but rather having something to twist into a negative story, in most cases. The questions they ask reveal their ignorant minds. The narrative theme to be synchronized with: Trump is failing in everything. Congress and media colluded to stop Trump during the election and they now continue to try and dump him. Why? Because he wants to do the will of the people rather than be a good boy and play the peoples' representatives' corrupt game, one in which the American people are losers and they the winners. The people are getting sick of their tantrums, like children whose candy has been taken away.

In analyzing the psychology of the left, it becomes apparent that their narratives trump common sense, knowledge, and the evidence of the senses. For example, their narrative of Islam. It is a "peaceful religion" and all the violence is retaliation for what we have done to them, so we should leave them alone. In other words we deserve it. Knowledge says that they have been at war with all infidels since Muhammad and Islam contains within its "scriptures" the seeds of terrorism. Their ancestors were warrior desert tribes that raided each other non-stop tit-for-tat until Muhammad united them by creating a religion for them. Then they took their agression out on "infidels." These people have been turned into barbarians by taking their religion seriously, doing what is commanded as they understand it, and it can't be misunderstood unless you have help to do it. He was a clever but cruel man to those who refused his new religion and terrorism was designed to take the fight out of the enemy, in other words have them capitulate with minimal losses to his own army. It worked and it is still working. Saddam Hussein kept them down by his own style terrorism - and it worked. When it was removed by the Bushes, all hell broke loose and the result is ISIS.

You can't screen terrorists on the basis of an interview either because Muslims are taught to lie about their beliefs - by Muhammad himself. They aren't supposed to be friends with us or accept our ways - except if it will provide and advantage over us. This is a conniving, dangerous ideology if practiced, which most (70-80%) do not. But what about the other 25%? It is a false narrative to say that Muslims love our ways so much that they want to come here become one of us. Many do of course, but many do not. Many come to live a better life and work hard. But the flip side is a lot that come to use our system to collect free money and make lots of babies. Whatever the situation, it is changing our culture. We no longer board flights without being searched and Canadians can't enter US without a passport. But illegals can enter Canada without a passport from US and have been pouring in by the thousands after Trump became president. The mass migration can be traced to Obama's exit from Iraq without leaving enough there for security, making it possible for ISIS to seize American supplied equipment without resistance.

They are not the persecuted as they love to claim. They cover up their women and keep to themselves so how can they integrate in that lifestyle? Children fear a person covering their faces, and so do many adults. It's a natural response to the unknown. Who is this person hiding from me? Jews and Christians are not only persecuted but killed all over the world, by Muslims. They are the persecutors because it's their religion. If you understood Islam as you perhaps believe you do, then you would know that they are at war with unbelievers. The evidence of knowledge, the senses and common sense is overwhelming the false narratives. This is so important information that I make it as priority right along with the corrupt and ineffective Congress protecting their own selfish interests rather than the people's. They are "on strike" and will not do their job. Should they be fired? Fake News keeps pounding on irrelevant stories, bashing Trump, lying directly or by omission and miss on purpose the news we need to know.

Project Veritas Exposes NYT As The American Pravda,
the Communist News Bureau of the Soviet Union, dishonest and biased.

Breaking News Hannity 11/16/17

Fox News Hannity 11/16/17
Bill Clinton: rapist in the White House
enabled by Fake News and Hillary Clinton

Jeff Sessions Will Investigate Hillary Clinton Crimes 11/14/17

Fox News Hannity 11/14/17

Sarah Sanders News Conference

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Press Conference
Amazing lady working for the President, knows how to handle
Fake News journalists.

Brigitte Gabriel Tells The Truth About Islam

Corruption Tough To Get Rid Of When The People Are Corrupt

John McCain: The Traitor In Washington. The Damage He Has Done.

Schumer's Folly: The Left's Corrupt Policies - Measured In Lives Lost.

Anti-Islam Or Pro-Islam? Choose Now, You Can't Be Both
Pro-Islamization or anti-Islamization: you must choose but do
it wisely, knowing both the good and bad consequences.
This page will give you the basic knowledge to decide.

Their motivation is personal greed and a form of insanity which they display to the world daily by blocking the "democratic" process and unwillingness to accept the election outcome which they were happy to force Trump to do and made a big thing about it. "Will you accept the outcome of the vote?" He answered, "we'll see." There were reports of voter fraud and of course the fake news denials. In fact everything Trump said was twisted to mean something else that made no sense - thus portraying him as an utter buffoon - while his words resonated with the American people. Donald Trump must accept the results was the narrative near the end, and see how it all backfired on them and how they look like fools. Some of the American people may be fooled sometimes but not all the time. This time because their lies were so obvious, Trump won. Will they accept the results?.

There's money in Globalism from the elite and the Middle East to those willing to go along with whatever they want. There's money in Islam, from the rich Arabs who fill your gas tank, who want Islam to head the global One World Government, whose "religion" says Islam should reign exclusively over the earth. They are working with the left to achieve common goals. Uma Abedin, the assistant to Hillary Clinton, is an Arab who spent much of her life in Arabia, and whose brother has connections to terrorism. Hillary Clinton received tens of millions in "donations" from Arabia, ($25 million during the election) with strings attached of course - spread Islam, and Muslims, throughout America. The idea is to bring in as many as possible to offset the Christian voters and ignore the social consequences. There are cities that are not safe for infidels who don't abide by Shariah Law, and this is what the elite want for the rest of America, because they are being paid to accomplish many things against the best interests of the people. It has been going on for a long time, all the way back to the 60's when Ted Kennedy opened the doors and favored non-European immigration. Every Muslim will tell you they worship the same God as Christians and Jews. I checked it out in depth as you should and the only way to compare them is by their attributes. Well right off the bat they are as night and day. Allah allows lying for the purpose of spreading Islam, and says he is the greatest of deceivers. Well then, how can CNN and other fake media interview Muslims and take their word for what Islam is. It's always "peaceful." Further, Qur'an says women are mentally difficient...it goes on and on - I just don't want to list it all or it would take this whole web site and still it would not be enough. Imagine if Islam is taught in our schools and your daughter comes home and asks, "mom, how come girls aren't as smart as boys?" It's criminal to teach Islam to children. I'll leave it at that and you should check for yourself instead of taking someone's word for it.

A good sample of Fake News is Washington Post which prefers Satanism over Christianity. WP Church Of Satan. In 2013 the paper was sold to Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos for $250 million. Why are so many smart and talented people in one field so dumb in their politics and beliefs that undermine the freedom and prosperity of the land. Stay away from most mass news today that call good evil and evil good, which was prophesied two thousand years ago. Fake News defends Islam, the religion of "death to infidels." These goofy leftists are ready to convert to Islam to save their lives.

So, Fake News, you report what is happening and let us draw the conclusions. We don't. need news that is just someone's conclusions based on a fantasy narrative. The New York mass killing is an example of imported Islamic terror and that Trump is right to clamp down on Islam even as the left call him a racist for doing so. Islam is not a race, so that makes them racist. Yes Islam is the source, the root causes of terrorism - the ideology embedded in a religious facade. No other religion tells its people to kill. That's tough to digest I know but that's the truth. People fleeing ISIS will never be free from the ideology until they abandon Islam itself. You can't run away from yourself. Everyone is making statements about Islam nowadays without even the basic knowledge of what it really is. We can only change things if we allow free discussion and resist the temptation to silence criticism (which Trudeau has done) of what is thought to be a good and peaceful religion. Muslim clerics say lovely things, but behind it is treachery. Hate the ideology, not the deceived, brainwashed person. They need our help to get free from this thing. The sooner we learn to accept it the safer we will be.

Feds Raided Muslims' House In Virginia
Uncovered the Muslim Brotherhood 30 Year plan to take over America.
These people were advising Obama on foreign and domestic matters regarding
stealth destruction of America and replacing our culture and religion with theirs.
The screaming, obnoxious left are to blame for this crime that must be corrected.
President Trump is the only person that understands the threat and who has the guts to face it.
Most of the rest are cowards and afraid of being called names, like "Nazi" or "racist."
That's a small price to pay for saving your country.

As Melania Trump Wows The Chinese People, Trumps Grand Daughter Sings For Them
In Mandarin! Sin ti how!

700 Club Trump News And Life Stories 11/9/17

The Truth About Your Food w/ Food Inc.
Congress not doing what they are paid for. Jason Chaffetz says "nothing changes."
The people should rise up against Congress and force them to do their job.

Judicial Watch Exposing The Deep State

America prefers Trump

See What Muslims Are Doing To Your Food With Costco And Other Big Chains

She Didn't Think Prince Harry Would Recognize Her
Schools still indoctrinating Islam. Law suit will change that.

Amal Clooney: Smarter Than Her Husband George Of Fantasyland Hollywood..
She is fighting on Trump's side against ISIS. Asking why no convictions for war crimes.

Trump News 11/2/17

News On The 700 Club 10/30/17
See full show below: Duck Dynasty etc. 1 hour show.

CBN The 700 Club Full Show With Pat Robertson Christian perspectives. 10/30/17

CBN The 700 Club Christian Persecution Idaho, Ebola etc. 10/20/17

CBN Life Of Israel's Iron Lady Golda Meyer

What Christians Believe About Trump

700 Club News 10/25/17

700 Club News 10/19/17
Trump, Democracy, Good stuff.

Fox News Live Stream

Key West After Irma

Machu Picchu And Huayna Picchu Peru

Machu Picchu Decoded
As a Civil/Mecanical Engineer, I am impressed with the level of technique.
Earthquake and erosion mitigation, running water fountains...amazing.

Top 10 Things About Finland, Land Of My Birth!

Lebanese Brigitte Gabriel Survivor Of Islamic Terror Warns America
She is CEO of Act For America, a true patriot. Answers the question:
"Is Islam a threat to America or any welcoming nation?"

How Donald Trump Won The Election
Hint: The people were fed up with Wshington.

Obama Was "probably" Born In America
Not good enough for Trump

Ladies And Gentlemen
Laura Ingraham at the Republican National Convention.
She eloquently outlines the problems, and Trump's solutions.

Fox News Newest Member: Jason Chaffetz

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Press Conference Immigration, North Korea

Ben Carson exposes the problem: Obama
A classic exposé of the root causes of America's woes.

Of Mice And Men

Money feeds corruption and these people, fake news included, were receiving some of it and everyone was "happy." It's all about money mixed with radical politics, defined as the tendency to replace the Constitutional Republican form of government - following closely the prescription for Democracy: the American Constitution. The elite don't like the Constitution. It cramps their style, control of the masses by controlling Congress and Senate with an endless supply of dollars. Yes, the thing the elite crave is power and the path to it is through Washington. So where does this leave the people who are supposed to get the benefit of this government? I believe they get government decisions heavily influenced through this corruption. They believe the Republicans too are doing clandestine dealings - with Russia. Just a thought, but no evidence. It is a hypothesis that is being tested at the moment and it doesn't look good. Poor Democrats, they lost and now they are mad. Too bad, they should all get together in California and have a Cry-In. Berkley University will be the venue as it is the epicenter of cry-babies in America. They can't stand democracy because they believe they should be in absolute power, like Obama. He could do no wrong. The bill was going higher and higher, but nobody cared, after all this was Obama, the first black president, and he tells good jokes, smiles and speaks so sweetly, tickling ears, promising everyone a paradise on earth under Socialism and apparently Islam, his religion. Too bad he was incompetent and the paradise was just a mirage. The real crime of Fake News is allowing corruption to continue, in fact protecting it and their narrative. To them truth is fake news and their narrative is "the truth." My question to you today is: "Can you handle the truth?" Truth is our only hope.

The Famous Quote

The money flowing in reinforced the behavior. Do this, and you get a reward, just like trained mice. It's elementary B.F. Skinner "Operant Conditioning." They get addicted to performing the wishes of those who provide the rewards, which destroys the country from the inside. All fake media around the world are responsible for allowing governments to self destruct their countries. They are a key part of keeping governments on the straight and narrow by informing the people about any and all corruption. In this American media have let the people down. Something must be done about "fund raising." Canadians are considering making corporate donations illegal, and capping private donations at some modest amount. When I see how Big Pharma and Big Agra have controlled the law makers this makes sense. When dangerous food and drugs are allowed to be sold we need change. Chemo and Radiation kill more people than they save, which is only 3%. Yet because doctors get kick-backs they promote them! That is wasted resources. No universal medical system can work when there are people who support these businesses that are making people sick and the nation sicker every year. Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and Autism are just a few of the ever growing diseases that are killing Americans, and Congress permits it. You don't get these exploding statistics without at least crappy food as a bare minimum. It's genetically manipulated without any safety testing, just an assumption by "scientists" that it is "substantially equivalent." Hundreds of thousands of farmers in India have been ruined by GMO seeds, and there is a epidemic of farmer suicide because of American companies peddling these seeds. The senile, rich, old boys and girls club must be replaced by replaceable people who know what they are doing. The money is good, but most of it comes from bribes, I mean donations. The first place to look when searching for causes of disease is food, air and water - and medicine and in particular vaccines! The revolving door system between industry and government kills people. Trump is right about the five year ban on lobbying for these companies after they leave office. They can start with GMOs and force these genocidal maniacs to prove their food and medicine are not responsible for these and other diseases that were rare until Congress colluded with industry to bring you to where we are now, an unsustainable medical crisis in America that no plan can fix because it can't fix the causes of diseases. When foreign governments and special interests, such as Monsanto, Bayer and and all the drug companies have more influence on laws than the people, something is wrong. The government, the president, was not doing their prime job of protecting the people. This is why there HAS to be a shake-up of the system and Congress and Media are both putting on the brakes.

When Trump arrived, it jeopardized everyone's stream of wealth. Not only that but he was planning to undo everything Obama had "achieved." These achievements were measured in part by how much of American tradition, Constitution and rule of law he was able to unravel, most of which he had zero mandate to do. The mandate he did have, he didn't do. Trump was planning to correct what Obama messed up including doubling the deficit by an amount that was more than the government debt over 200 years. Fake news hid most of the bad things he did and if Trump had done them I can imagine that they would call for his impeachment.

Then there is the Trump-woman issue. Before WW2 women were housewives looking after the home and children. Now nobody is looking after the home and children and the victims are the children, even the unborn. Be that as it may, women are in the previously male domain now and have demanded to be treated differently. I am of the old school so they like that, but in the real world business jungle it can be different when Hollywod mud slingers don't mind using every weapon in their arsenal against Trump. So what do you expect him to do? You have to watch what you say now about more and more things. We have created "sacred cows."

Women insist on being treated the same as men and having equal representation in the work force. So if there are say one hundred good paying jobs, half should go to women even if some families get left out. So much for free enterprise. If we keep this up, we have to also take into consideration minorities. It can get crazy. But when Trump talks about a woman's looks, they yell, "foul." What's that all about? They want equal treatment, but only if you say nice things about every woman on the planet. We have created these sacred uncriticizable classes, for example gays, trans-sexuals, women and Islam. You can say anything you want about Christians, Jews and...men especially white men. Trump says bad things about men too: "little Marco" and "lyin' Ted." It was not a taboo though it may have crossed the etiquette line now and then. Did you watch the debates? Maybe I wouldn't have the nerve to say those things but Trump was in it to win and it was a form of street fighting. Neither Hillary nor Trump spared any opponent so it was all fair ball. Media helped Hillary and in the past it always worked, which is why everyone was shocked beyond belief - he won! He does treat everyone the same, blacks, whites... He loves them. He loves America and Americans and says so everywhere he goes. But you won't hear that from fake media. Their narrative is a "broken record." Fake News is all leftist disgusting propaganda. They have no real proof of what they claim. Most of it was exposed as lies, I watched the rebuttals, or they were blown out of proportion, the worst spin they could muster. That was dirty pool so the left can't pretend to be holier than thou. They call Trump every name in the book but if Trump says anything sideways about any woman, they use it to literally crucify him. It appears that the left has a problem with logic. Their whole point of view is a narrative, a story of how the universe works, and they want to impose that on everyone. But it has been stopped by Mr. Trump and they are screaming mad.
BR> Women are special, whey they are in the role of womanhood, the essence of what a woman is in any society. Outside that role they are like everyone else, to be treated equally, and most smart woman accept it. Their first responsibility is biologically, the perpetuation of the "species." When they decide to step outside their biological role they must adapt. Instead, many want others, particularly men, to adapt to them. Trump treats woman like he does men. He can't talk about women like that? Give me a break. How many sexual harassment suits have all these supposedly harassed women made against Trump? Have they won any that you know of? Where is the evidence? I don't go by accusations. Give me the evidence. They tried and lied during the election, but Trump and witnesses (one came all the way from England about the groping lies) exposed every one as lies save a few embarrassing statements he made like we all do at times. Fake news reported mere accusations as FACT. Have you ever said or done embarrassing things? I asked a Hillary supporter. He said "no." Such liars. "All have sinned and come short of..." When you want to be "equal," you have to show that you can take it a man style criticism like a man in a man's world and give it back, stand up against anyone who puts you down, and shut them up instead of whining about it. A real strong smart woman can stand against anyone without making a federal case about it and without accusations of "woman hater." Trump gives them equal opportunity and...treatment. So I heard this morning on my radio that it was a given (not in so many words but in the connotation) that Trump mistreated his women in his organization. So I decided to check it out, which most people do not. Here is a little information that I found. Women in Trump Organization.

Obama was practicing an already proven failure: Socialism, which is nothing more than the government running the people with unworkable, dangerous to freedom, life and limb, ideology as opposed to the people running themselves with the Constitution as guide. He wanted to regulate everything because, "the government knows best and the people must step out of its way." He believes that Christianity must be destroyed and Islam should replace it. I want to tell you why this must never happen and why the resistance must begin now and not when it's too late. The unholy alliance between Islam and the left is a major danger to America and its time to make the people aware of what is going on and that fake news is their mouthpiece. This community organizer Obama made a mess like all Communists who do not live in reality but a world where everything that makes their lives miserable is someone else's fault. Hillary is the same. She lost because it was, not her fault but everyone else's. There is one president who should have been impeached and it isn't Trump. The two main evils that threaten freedom and security are represented by corresponding rogue governments: North Korea and Iran. Now the people have rejected the fake news that has not served them and we are seeing the true nature of the crooked collective known as Congress. They were always there doing the same old swamp people things to fulfill the wishes of their corporate and elite donors but it took Trump to bring it to our attention. The Democrats and the Republican "hybrids" and their leftist collaborators are thoroughly evil because they want unrestricted Muslim immigration. This is a barbaric woman hating, head, arm, leg chopping religion that should be either reformed or destroyed. Congress, which was the people's representative went along with unconstitutional reforms of Obama, for example his Islamic indoctrination programs in schools. If Bible reading and morning prayers are forbidden, then why did Congress permit Islam? Follow the money. Obama was indoctrinating our children - in my opinion a huge crime against the American people that is ignored by the media and the left infested Congress. Many parents think it is good to "understand" Islam, but this crosses the line and prevents equali time for other religions, especially our traditional Christianity so kids can get a more balanced view of religion in general. Let the Muslims worship their false moon god and dream of one day ruling the world but we must severely limit future immigration to further their plans here in North America now that they have unlimited funds to buy our leaders to do their bidding - which has been going on since the Clinton administration and before. We must go back to the faith of our fathers, which is a firewall against the expansion of Islam. Here's why:

This is what Obama wants to replace American Christian heritage.
Have we lost our minds? Only if we are completely ignorant of Islam.
The left call this "Islamophobia" - irrational fear of Islam, which is "nothing to fear."
Obama thinks that with Socialism and Islam America will be better than ever!

The Ten Commandments: Better Than Shariah Law, Foundation Of Islamic States
The Foundation Of Western Civilization.

One Who Stands For Everything The Left Hates:
Jesus Of Nazareth

Alternative news is better than mainstream because most of it does not have a leftist political narrative which has nothing to do with truth but pushes an ideology that has been proven by at least two generations all over the world to be false and not in the best interests of the people. You can see what it has done to America in the short eight years and just imagine if it were to continue. There would be a collapse of America, exactly what they wanted. Trying to do what has been proven to be false over and over again (Socialism/Marxism) and unworkable is the definition of insanity. Yet the children are taught it is the future of America, a very desirable form of central planning so everyone becomes "the same" - unemployed, poor and destitute. China is not a Marxist country. It is economically a super capitalist country with a totalitarian government. Production is in private companies, not owned by the government as in the USSR, one of many reasons they collapsed. There is no universal health care there; if you are poor, too bad. Christian organization such as CBN take care of the poor. The promised prosperity never shows up under socialism, but what does show up is the worst side of human nature with envy and greed the driving factors. Fake news, the propaganda machine for the left is outdoing themselves daily with their stupidity. Trump has done wonders to restore America despite blocking and zero help from the people's representatives and consternation of the left. I believe political correctness is a tool of the left to achieve their Globalist Socialist goals and we must discard it completely. We must state the truth instead, which makes the left so mad, and violent. But let them call us Nazis or anything they want. It doesn't hurt me. What hurts me is seeing what political correctness is doing to America and my friends the American people. Marxism is taught in universities and it must stop, or one day It will cost millions of American lives as it has all around the world and the blood will be on seditious Obama's hands for instigating revolution. See body count Communism is not friendly to its people or neighbors. Stalin took my parents home in Karelia in an attempt to annex Finland as he did many other neighbors. He failed, though he managed to get 1/10 - the Karelian province. Finland was never occupied in WW2. China brutally took and destroyed Tibet and its people. Both were Communist countries. What was it we learned when we were kids? "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will NEVER hurt me."

What Chinese Marxism Communism Did To Tibet Undercover in Tibet

Soviet attempt to annex Finland, and took a part of Karelia.

Dinesh D'Souza Gave An Amazing Speech
Contrasts Democrats and Republicans (generally of course)
The left are the real Nazis (National Socialists), Fascists and Racists, what they accuse Trump.
You can see the truth of this in how they behave. They are intolerant, violent and just dumb.

When Socialism takes over, and this has been proven, millions of people are killed who are in the way of the revolution. Usually they are taken away at night and disappear, which why they don't want you to have the right to defend yourself. Russian Marxists and Nazis were good at it and the left will be too if given the opportunity. ANTIFA ("Anti-Fascists" - a joke because they are the fascists) are Fascist, Communist Bolsheviks, the same sh--, different package. Hitler loved Stalin's solutions to opposition, extermination in far away work camps and prisons in particular. Because of Stalin's fake news, Pravda and Izvestia, the people had no idea what was going on like today in America, which is why I hate fake news. It is basically a hodge-podge form of Socialism that is sold as the ideal form of society. It is slavery. They call anyone who disagrees with them Fascists, but they are describing themselves. It is a violent "overthrow" ideology and Trump is "Fascist" analog of infidel in Islam. Both cannot stand criticism and will kill anyone who disagrees, not now but when the time comes. Legitimate ideologies welcome criticism. They hate freedom unless it's freedom to think like they do. Usually they shout down opposition but it often becomes violent. Parents, keep your children away from universities such as Berkley and any others that prevents free speech by political opponents and exchange of ideas. Socialism means among other things, censorship of freedom of speech, preventing the exchange of ideas, which leads eventually to its collapse. It took Russia 70 years to admit it is unworkable. Venezuala found out a lot faster.

Dinesh D'Souza On How The Left Has Crushed Christianity

A Karl Marx Hell Invades The West: Red Flag

A Generation Of Idiots Unable To Think For Themselves?
This is a real danger for America, the legacy of Four Bad Presidents.
We must get back to education and throw out indoctrination...and political correctness.

Shocking! Dutch Educational System Gone Wild.
This the situation, more or less all over Europe!
This can only end up in disaster for any country dumb
enough to fall for political correctness as a part of the culture. Why?
Because political correctness is not based on any facts. It is ideology.

Israelis Or Palestinians: Who's The Bad Guy

I've heard all the arguments about the Palestinian-Israeli issue on both sides. The UN is spending an inordinate amount of resources and time on making Israel the villain ahead of dealing with many more pressing problems in the world, which is their mandate to do. For example dealing with Islamic International terrorism. Just remember one thing: Israel was attacked by her neighbors to push them into the sea beginning in 1948, when the UN gave the land to the Jews, and "Palestinians." There's no such people; they are, except for the original inhabitants who shared the land with Jews, Arab immigrants. Those days Arabs sold land to anyone who had money. It was a desolate place but Jews bought it. Nothing grew, but it was land! Instead of being annihilated, Israel won against all odds! They did well with what little they had. They were smarter. Now they are the villain. You say, "give land for peace?" Great idea! Israel pulled out of Gaza Strip as a deal whereby it was agreed that there would be peace, which is all Israel ever wanted. They left businesses, houses, thousands of greenhouses and expected their economy to thrive. Instead Gaza was turned into an armed camp with tunnels, rockets and constant warfare from Gaza. Do you think Israelis learned their lesson about land for peace? Do you ever hear about Arabs attacking Israelis on the fake news? I don't think so. Do you ever hear about how Israelis are killing innocent "Palestinians" children? Yes, every day. Do you hear about Hamas using children as human shields from fake news? Never. In conclusion. You must get both sides of the story so here is the other side.

Are There Any "Good Guys" In This Fight?

Who Is The "Bad Guy" In This Fight? Hannity And Charles Krauthammer

I want to make one thing clear. Islam has two parts: religion and ideology. They are interwoven. Here's the problem: when taking action to profile or prevent radicalized Muslims from entering, the left will say that is meddling in a religion, and "that's not right." But...it is NOT the religion that is being criticized or monitored, therefore cannot be associated with what the left calls "hate speech" which is just code words for we disagree and want to shut you up. It is the ideology. And that is fair game. Don't forget that. Two parts to Islam: a political platform that is the removal of all non-Muslim governments, replaced by a Muslim totalitarian government - meaning the race is lost and we all become slaves of a Muslim state. Slavery is alive and well, in Islam. That's why the left, (Democratic party) which was the party of slavery, gets along with Islam. They understand each other. The plan is to get us when we are young so Obama began Islamic indoctrinating in the K12 violating the new rule that keeps the Bible out of classrooms. Only Islam is permitted by the left. When the Bible was in the classroom children honored God and country. Now many honor neither, nor the life of unborn children whose rights they took away, in keeping with their Fascist ideology begun already before WW2. Socialists foolishly believe they can deal with the situation and defeat Islam after, so they are allies now, like Hitler and Stalin when together they started WW2. Then Hitler turned on Stalin in Barbarossa. Only one will remain; Islam will not share power with infidels. But most Muslims are peaceful, and we love them like all peaceful people. So were most Russians, Germans and Japanese but they are always totally irrelevant. Remember that. Every Muslim that immigrates makes Islam more likely to become the ruling force from the inside, bit by bit. It is the duty of every Muslim, and this is the truth, not Islamophobia, "an irrational fear of Islam." This must not be allowed and it begins by recognizing that Islam has two parts. It is schizophrenic if you will, and that's why millions are converting to Christianity, especially in Iran of all places. There is one God, but unfortunately His name is not Allah. Just look at the Muslim countries. Are they happy and prosperous? They should be if Allah is God. But they are miserable and they want to move to a country that is Christianity based, meaning the laws are based on the Ten Commandments originally. Of course most of these countries are secularized now but just fairly recently and by the leftist lies in schools, universities and fake media. They all use "science" to prove God doesn't exist but it is full of lies. So we must always ask "whose science" when dealing with evolution vs creationism or Global Warming. The left have their science full of lies about Creationism and Christians have theirs, with facts. The Fascist left are determined to crush Christianity but they will be crushed instead.

Breaking: President Trump Urgent Speech On His Iran Strategy

News, Views And Entertainment

Trump In Oval Office With School Kids, With Big Announcement

NFL Financial Fallout For Disrespecting The Flag
I wish Americans had boycotted Obama for the same offense.

Ladies And Gentlemen
Wildwood Flower

Swamp Creature Former FBI Director James Comey Under FBI And Trey Gowdy Investigation

Little Boy In Elementary School Refuses To Kneel For Flag 9/29/17
Sick teacher takes matters In her own hands. Thanks Obama. This is his doing.

Obama's Disrespect For Anthem And Flag Has Spread.

Scientific Heresy and Controversy

What kind of education system shuts down scientific inquiry if it goes against the scientific narrative of the left? An education system that hates the truth. Does that bother you, that progress is being halted by the leftist ideology?

So Christians Are Anti-Science. They Believe In unprovable Garbage?
Alright, let's see if that statement is true. Whose science is real science?
Science of the left is a lot of narrative, non-science! The left narrative is
that Christian belief is war against science. Just because its called,
"science" doesn't make it fact. Real science does not hide data; fake science does.
Berkley debate is below..

Christian Wins Creation Debate. At Berkley!

Fake Science: Is Pseudo Science That Cannot Stand Criticism.
Here are both sides of the argument. You decide. It represents a key ingredient
of our western culture, that was imposed on the population by IMO bad science.

Mr. Earth In The Balance Is A Fraud. No Global Warming.
He is just pushing the Globalist narrative to confiscate our money.

Huge! Global Warming Is A Political Narrative Dr. Easterbrook
The fact is that the earth has been cooling since 1998

Bill Gates And Ted Turner Are Part Of The Elite's Army To Kill Most Of Us
I believe they are using Muslim Immigration to help reduce the population.
We will fight and kill each other off. GMO and vaccines are part of it. Sick minds.

The Great Global Warming Swindle. CO2 Is Good.
It is plant food, every school kid knows that.
The byproduct is oxygen and other things necessary for
human life on earth. It's the carbon cycle. Do you love science?
Then don't just follow bad science blindly, check it out for yourself.

Black Lives Do Matter. But Every Life Matters, Even Unborn.
Life is sacred and we must value ALL life, or be a hypocrit.

What Is The Problem With Saying Unborn Lives Matter?
Why take civil rights away from the unborn children? They have just as much
right to life as anyone else. They just want a chance to show what hey can do.
I think we should allow them to contribute to our science, medicine...
Steve Jobs gave me this iPad. His parents adopted him out and see what happened!
The father was a Syrian; the mother a French lady. Both were students. Save our children!

My interest in the subject of creation vs evolution is from my science background in Biology and Engineering. I get asked how come such a combination? I grew up on the shores of Victoria BC and became acquainted with inter-tidal sea life at the young age of 9 and fished off the breakwater almost every day. I took most of my courses in Biology, (also Anthropology and Psychology) for my degree at UVic. My oceanography professor had been commissioned to do a report on the Victoria seashore regarding raw sewage outfall. Victoria, arguably the most beautiful city in Canada,,. still dumps raw sewage into the beautiful Victoria shoreline. (See also my page about British Columbia) The university should be spearheading the drive for water treatment instead of accepting government policy. That lying professor said there's no problem. I knew better, having seen the human waste myself. Disgusting science in my opinion. Then, at a time when there were few jobs in the field and my summer job as an engineering aid with the Ministry of Transportation, I changed my field and my career became construction engineering. I actually love the work because I can drive around and see my work. I also realized that the Theories taught about the origin of life and evolution were a narrative, a philosophy. I could see that life was much too complex to start as an accident, and if you could assemble the first life against the Law of Entropy, (things always seek a more disorganized state) it would decompose, seek a disorganized state, before it could be kick started by a jolt of electricity or something to bring it to a living organism which they claimed, but never proven, existing only in someone's imagination. Yet if you disagree they say you are anti-science. Just think, if your blood pH shifts more than a percent or two, you die! This is not the result of some weird chance idea but design, and things don't improve by themselves; they tend to get worse - fall apart. The university was lying about the most important thing in a person's life: where we came from and what we are. And how you see yourself, origins and future if any, has everything to do with how you behave. And our behavior has gotten worse, disrespect of God and country, disobedience to parents and authority figures and that is dangerous. I had found my calling. See debate at Berkley, won by Christian.

What we want to do is prevent a bad ideology (Socialism and Islam) filling the vacuum left when Christianity was sidelined by the people who were seduced by the influence of fake media, music, Hollywood and Atheist Socialist ideology. It's no accident that most of the hate Trump news comes from Hollywood. If they stick their dumb necks out and expose their stupidity, they will get their reward, like the NFL "atheletes." A real athelete honors his or her country, flag and anthem or disgrace themselves, like Obama who started it all. Fake science has run its course. It is finished. They brought us fake science of for example abortion, evolution, CO2 causing global warming, (not supported by evidence) and have allowed unsustainable fake medicine to rob the people while they die from chemo and radiation, and thousands of ineffective and dangerous drugs, and untested GMO genetically tampered with food, all in the name of "science" and profit. Just because they say it's science doen't necessarily make it so. Science is what the university says it is, in other words it may be their narrative, and I will show you how it works. We must allow for the criticism of all ideologies, the free exchange of ideas that produce progress, whether embedded in a "religion" or not. Fake science opposes opposition (heresy) by those who have real competing solutions, but which don't make anyone rich or destroys a long standing narrative. And be sure to keep your kids away from Obama's Socialist and Islamic indoctrination in schools and universities such as Berkley.

We all have thoughts coming in and going out of our minds. Which ones we listen to determine our very futures and in the case of what happened in Vegas, the future of hundreds or thousands of people. We pray for the injured and dead and their families. Gun control would not have prevented the tragedy. Criminals can always get guns, and having them run around without some personal protection for ourselves is not warranted by the facts. Besides Americans need their guns with all the criminals Obama released and admitted into the country, and the insurrection promised by ANTIFA, who want a revolution and civil war. Obama was spying illegally on Americans, (and therefore especially Trump) and I believe he would confiscate guns only from Republicans. One of the things Marixists do is compile lists of people who must be eliminated. I know form what happened in Finland after WW2 when the left once more tried to cause a revolution. Authorities found lists of "intelligentsia" - the highly educated professionals of Finland who would have been rounded up and executed. That is the end state of Socialism. So Obama's friends, ANTIFA (Anti-Fascists) want to start his revolution, but I have no fear of that because I know Obama is basically incompetant and would rather spend his time on the golf course or doing nothing.

The way to get rid of terrorism is getting down to the root causes and acknowledging it rather than being politically correct about it. A narrative cannot solve the growing terrorism in our midst. So what can? Listening to both sides of the problem of Islam itself. Why is it that only Muslims are doing 99% of terrorism? Answer that and you have the solution. I will try to do that here, and give you a much better idea of a solution than fake news, which has none because they can't name the root causes and will never do so. It isn't just "radical Islamic Terrorism." We must find the causes of that. Do I know what it is? Absolutely.

President Trump Powerful Speech to the National Association of Manufacturers 9/29/17

President Trump On John McCain's Trechery

CBN Newswatch 9/26/17

How Fake News Was Born - Worse Than Before

Spotlight on America The Beautiful
Clearwater Florida

56 Years Of 700 Club Force For Good
Helping anyone in need, anywhere in the world.

Traditional Method Of Building Finnish Log Home
This is how my people built homes that last hundreds of years.
And then there's our precious Sauna

Breaking NASCAR Owners Say They Will Fire Anyone Who Protests The Anthem
America represents the freedom they enjoy to protest - there's a time and place for everything.
A family show is not the place to drag in and display hatred of your wonderful country.
Fake News is pushing the racist card. They pull that one whenever a black person is involved.
People don't hate them for their color. They hate them for their disrespect for their country
that gave them the opportunity to be where they are. They won't change anything by this display.
They are in fact protesting the anthem which represents the people who are their audience.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Has Had Enough - Issues A Warning ...

Professor Exposes What's Holding Minorities Back

White Privilege...A message to young black (and white) thugs.
There are solid principles to prosperity. Here are the key principles.

Fake News not only reported a false narrative about Obama but now they are reporting a false narrative about Trump. Fake news is the propaganda arm of Socialists who want to crush the Capitalist system and replace it with Socialism, meaning turning America into a repressive Communist failed state. Businesses run from Socialism so who is there left to pay taxes for the money they want to give away, to buy more votes? Europe is being ruined just because the left want more voters. They hide the tragedy unfolding in their countries, the violence, rapes, crime - that are just exploding. Nothing is done; it's all hushed up. Trump mentioned the horror show in Sweden and their president shot back about Trump's "lies." But we know because of the people themselves, not their fake media which is an epidemic around the world except for a few Slavic countries that want to keep their culture and religion safe from the Muslim horde.

Fake News is on about the "Muslim Ban" again. Trump says it's about keeping America safe. They insist it's bashing a religion. Well, since most of the people in the banned countries of Africa and Asia are Muslims, it is in effect a ban on certain Muslims - yes. What's wrong with that? Nothing. These Muslims want to hurt America and change it to their religion. They must be stopped. It is, in the final analysis about ideology we don't want, an ideology they call a "religion." We would all agree that we reject some ideologies, right? Absolutely! We reject Fascism, totalitarian systems and so forth, right? Well then why can't we reject the ideology of Islam? Oh, because it's a religion? An ideology hiding behind a religion! Amazing. So it's worthy of scrutiny and possible rejections like Fascism? I think you're getting close to the real heart of the problem now. This is about ideology. Fake News are incapable of serving the information needs of the American people. When politics enters, real information exists and a narrative fills the vacuum. Consider what they did during the Obama administration. I can compare them with Pravda, the Soviet news agency where the people got fed the party line daily. Fake news is the party line. The people never knew anything about the purges where millions were killed just because they were too smart for their own good, murdered because they didn't believe in their garbage Marxism. Trump supporters are equivalent of all those unbelievers, infidels who would be killed by those murderers. Did you know that 43% of young people under thirty believe in Socialism? It has never worked except in very diluted form, which America already has as evidenced by the free money everyone is getting. That is scary and completely attributable to the socialism in schools and universities. socialism and Islam are out to destroy America as we know it and Obama is both of these ideologically.

See Root Causes of Radicalization

Jeremiah Wright's racist church

News has become the "Ministry of Propaganda" of far left politics, which wants Americans to think according to their weird narrative that bares no resemblance to the truth, and this has been easily verified daily. They keep expounding on it in total disregard to what Trump is doing and achieving with little help from Congress which opposes his every move most of the time. The people of America permit "freedom of the press" and it is the solemn duty of News to provide accurate unbiased information. The left love to be fed on hatred of Trump and fake news and comedians such as Steve Colbert willingly give them what they want. At the recent Emmies, Steve Colbert stated that Trump was a racist, which is utter nonsense but that is the left's narrative and they loved it. Truth isn't important in the left hemisphere, but making fun of the president and clinging to false narratives is their sustenance. Commentary is separate from information, but fake news is mostly commentary, a narrative based on political belief or money. For example, there are two views of Global Warming. You need to know both. I'll bet they haven't told you that since about 1998 the earth has been on a cooling trend, but it takes time for the effects to be felt. Hence the extreme weather events. They just talk about "global warming" and ignore any contrary evidence. This is typical of their false reporting. See video: Dr Don Easterbrook (Continued...)

Geoenginering Global Warming And More

Liberal Democratic Leader Resigns 9/19/2017

Barack Obama Has Not Finished Destroying America
He wants to act like he is still in charge. Crazy Communist man!
He wanted United States to suffer the same fate as Europe. Sheer craziness.

Trump Destroying Agenda 21, Globalist/Leftist Plan To Destroy America
This is the real reason the Left and fake media hate Trump. No destroy America! Thank God for Trump.

Europe Is Ahead Of America For Destruction. Trump Intervened For America
Europe is doomed. There may be no turning back without mass deportations - now!
America must stop or severely limit Islamic immigration to avoid irreversible damage.

Four Star Admiral Tells American People About Obama And Congress
working together to destroy America. He gives insight into what Trump
is up against in Congress and the huge job to clean up Obama mess.
Fake News was obviously covering up Obama's ravaging America.
They will pay the price now: their own destruction.

Mike Ditka On Why He Supports Trump
Looking back to move forward

1941 J3 Cub By Piper: Amazing Classic Design
To fly one is faster than getting your full pilot's license.

Carbon Cub To The Rescue

The View Guest Leaves Joy Behar Speechless 9/11/17
She tried in vain to to defend all the Obama lies. This is good.
The guest reports in her book everything censored by fake news.

"I'm SICK of You" - Ben Carson Destroys Joy Behar And Dems Are Finished After Hearing This!
Ben Carson says his focus is on America, not something Donald Trump has said.

CBN News ANTIFA Communist Revolution Now In America 9/7/17
Under the banner of anti-fascism, code word for Christianity.
They have joined Islamic Jihadists to destroy democracy. (Islam is anti-democracy)
Both want the same thing: the destruction of democracy/Constitution/law. Fake News ally.
I know what their ideology is and it is a cancer in a society that must be destroyed.

Let me state it as plainly as I can. We are being attacked by the Globalists using Islam as a weapon to bring down every western country under their subordination. Our good will is used as a weapon to destroy us. The left is inoculating our society with a cancer, which is more than apparent. In Europe. We have seen the future and it isn't pretty. Can we avoid their folly? They have full blown cancer of the incurable form that metastasizes and kills the patient. The Congress needs another oversight committee can you believe it? The only clout they posess is the vote. All the interrogation leads nowhere and nobody gets jail time. Those who Trump fires come back and lie about him...such as James Comey Former FBI director, working with congress to impeach him. The place stinks of lies and corruption. I would have dunce hats made for the ones opposing Trump without a good reason and have them face the wall for an hour every morning until they smarten up. Recall comes to mind when I think about it.

George W Bush Breaks Silence About President Trump

Putin Warning; Germany At It Again!
Globalists found someone to do their dirty work.

Globalist Agenda Explained
The idea that removing all borders will
make the world a better place is a lie.
This is what the left are fighting for, the
destruction of identity, borders, and freedom.
A national identity is not the same as Nazism.
The love of one's country is a good thing and
it preserves individual freedoms and democracy.

President Trump And Other News. Archive

Trump Speech West Virginia
God, family, country, Constitution.

Obama Stole Taxpayer Money To Fund Anti-Trump Movement.
He is behind the push to destroy Trump's presidency. That is illegal. Sedition
I know what Hillary would do. The body count is growing. She's under investigation.
But Trump is not fool and Obama may slip up and he'll get what he deserves.

Islamic terror In Turku in SW Finland. This Nonsense Must Be Stopped
However, EU membership prevents it. Finland is not free any more.
This is sad. Finland survived two attacks by Russia, but now it can't
protect its own people because they are not allowed to. I have been to
Turku many times and I was born in Helsinki. Finland must do what is right.
The only way to mitigate this is by stopping the flow of refugees and deportation
of unvetted migrants that don't qualify. EU says Finland must take in any and all migrants.

Huma Abedin Traitor Working With Traitor: Hillary Clinton
She is hiding and knows she has committed crimes against the people.

Fake News is using the Virginia White Supremist violence to bash Trump.
Violence is not permissible from either side, and the left has done its share of it too.
Trump condemns racist violence by anyone, against blacks, whites or anyone else, period.
A great America is the America with a only peace loving people. No Jihadists. No Shariah.

Before He Left DHS General Kelly Sent Barack Obama A Message 8/14/17

Breaking DOJ Names Prosecutor To Take Down Lynch And Comey.

Retired Navy Commander Suing Mueller For Treason 8/9/17

Retired FBI Special Agent Blows the Whistle on the Real Robert Mueller,
The head witch of the "Witch Hunt" to find something to impeach Trump.

Mixed News And Interesting Items

Distilled Water Secrets UN Doesn't Want You To Know

Distilled Water The Shocking Truth

Billy Burke On Divine Healing And God
Either there is a God or you have no future.
If there is a God then there is hope.

Billy Burke's Amazing Testimony
The Atheist left don't know what they're missing.
They have fallen for the big lie that there is no God.

My Gasification Stove In A Table
It burns wood so well there is no smoke
The stove was then constructed from Stainless Steel.
I am developing it for small houses. Available soon.

My Stove Design - Jim Getting Ready To Cook
This is the basis of my indoor wood stove for small homes.
When the flames die, replace with barbecue grate, and barbecue.

Barbecuing With Wood Stove

Origins Of Medical Industry Corruption
Fake News is one the side of corruption.

Poverty Inc. Shows Some Causes Of Poverty.
But be careful, the solution is not in big government.
The right attitude can make all the difference. Welfare bums are mostly
people who want things given to them. The economy is a problem and the solution
is partly in correcting the mistakes made by our presidents, not more handouts.
Poverty is a state of mind. Correct the mentality and wipe out poverty. - Ben Carson

Putin Is Right: Pope Francis Is Not A Man Of God
He is a Globalist, Socialist And-Communist working for Satan.

Shadow Government: Agenda 2030 Surveillance

Shadow Government: Who Rules America?

CBN 700 Club. Some Interesting Points
Congress and Senate Arranged 72% Discount On Their Health Plan
They hate Obama Care, but they forced it on the people.

Where Will You Go When You Die. Proof Is Here

The Beatles: How It All Began

Good Old Swing Dancing

How To Eat Apricot Kernels. Miracle Cancer Cure Vit B17

Chemotherapy Causes Tumors To Grow Spreading Cancer

Beware Of Those Who Call Evil Good And Good Evil
Islam brings the barbarism of the 7th Century to our day.

ExMuslim Sandra Solomon On How Justin Trudeau Betrayed Canadians

Ben Carson Schools Obama About stupidity Of Socialist Victimhood Mentality
Obama's mentality is "keep 'em poor and ignorant" so they vote socialist.

Fake News, Fake Congress, Fake President Living A Scripted Life...What Next.
Can America find its way back to reality, and make America great again?
Glen Beck parses Obama's script

Latest Documents: Obama's Treason Against America July 24, 2017

Obama Was Born In Kenya To A Muslim Family
He isn't a heterosexual, nor a Christian as he claimed
He is the "Great Pretender."

Obama wins the Pinocchio prize of the century.
He had the greatest nation in the world fooled. This
song is dedicated to "The Great Pretender."

Understanding Trump - by Newt Gingrich

AG Classified Information Leaks Press Conference 8/4/17
White House is filled with Obama spies.

Islamophobia Motion Passes In Canada

Justin Trudeau Back Stabs Canadians: ExMuslim Woman Yells "Traitor"

Freedom Of Speech Gone In Canada. Journalist Arrested.
The Multiculuralism Jihad of Justin Trudeau

Adopt Our Values Or Get Out
Islamic values are hateful toward all unbelievers, so the left are in for a surprise

Clinton Investigator Found Dead

Jerusalem Dateline PA Hikes Pay For Terror 7/28/17

Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump Press Briefing
Talks about the hatred coming from CNN among other things.
The left can't just forget that they lost! They are out for blood.

Donald Trump At His Best: Talking Straight To The People
They need to hear it from him directly, not through propaganda filters.

Disgusting Smooth Talking Con-man Former President
gets told off by a fearless soldier.

Sweden Sending Christian Refugees Back To Their Death

"Communist" Sweden: Socialism Is Their God Now.
And that is why they are becoming a third world country.
Sweden was a happy Christian country. Now they live in fear.
I spent 6-8 months in Sweden as a boy, refugees from Russian annexation of Karelia.

The Left's Immigration Policy In Sweden Is Disaster
Don't let the left destroy our country. Trump is absolutely right.

To You Health

The Truth About Cancer Ep.1

Amazing! The Cure For Cancer Hidden In Plain Sight

The Beautiful Truth
Alaska Boy's Research Project

If There's A God He Could Heal Anything
He breaks all natural laws concerning his Creation.
Good point. Here's one that Allah could never do.
Amazing healings from God.

The Science Behind Selenium

Chemo And Radiation Kill The Patient
Selenium for prevention and cure.
Crazy medicine kills and makes health care unaffordable.

The Answer To High Cost Of Health Care
Cut out vaccines and stop following doctor's advice?
Just eat what your body needs to stay healthy!

Should You Buy Gluten-Free Foods?
They are loaded with Monsanto's Roundup

Should You Drink Fluoridated Water?
Fluoride On Tap. They're poisoning us.

Supreme Court Decision July 24, 2017

Books on understanding TrumpUnderstanding Trump

Carson Is Back: Speaks Out On Mueller Investigation July 24, 2017

Donald Trump: Obama Is Hiding Documents July 22, 2017

CBN News July 17, 2017

Democrats set up Trump Jr. "Collusion."
The true identity of the Russian lawyer.

Weather Modification Killing The Ecosystem
Stop the insane Al Gore disciples before it's too late.

Hillary's Criminal Prosecution Would Expose The Whole Swamp
It's one big criminal organization. Trump was right: drain the swamp.

Obama legacy, Disappointed Black And White

This Is why we must limit Muslim Immigration.

President Trump Speech In Poland July 6, 2017

Don't drink The Garbage

Chemo Does Not Work. Instrument Of Genocide Will Kill You.
It is barbaric and doctors live off dying bodies!
Millions of people have died because fake news hides the truth.
Crazy Medicine That Can Kill You

The Plan To Reduce Earth's Population.

Disgustingest Ice Cream On The Planet, Isn't Ice Cream

Liberalism is deception. It Is The Path To Communism.
Ronald Reagan's speech warns of creeping Communism.
I would add that by adding Islam to the mix it is even more dangerous.

Bill Gates Says Trump Is Right About Migrants
Anyone who isn't brainwashed can tell you that.

White House Press Secretary Talks To Reporters
about how journalism has degenerated in America. It is Fake News.

Bill Clinton and Obama On Illegal Immigrants
What made them change their minds? Follow the money.


The Left Is Trying To Destroy America With Immigration
Don't let them do it. Support Trump and save America.

China's Ruthless Crackdown On Muslim Population

Czech Republic Declares Open Season On Terrorists
Backlash to Merkel's friends: kill them on sight.

Bizarre Foods: Finland, My Home Country
I was born in Helsinki and my people are from Karelia.
They had to fight the left twice (they love violence), once in 1918 and again in 1939.
In America they are fighting the elected government to destroy it, because that's what they are.

Germany Is Nearly Dead: Thanks Angela Merkel Communist Traitor

Europeans are in the worst case of denial I've ever seen. Psychology of denial

BC Wildfires: Mass Evacuations

Even In Jamaica, It Was Left, "Communists" vs the right, "Fascists."
Bob Marley's message: cool it man. Take a deep breath (of air I mean).

10 Things You Didn't Know About Finland

Israel: Story Of A Desert Made To Bloom Through Innovation

BC Ferry Collision With Island
Male distracted by woman on bridge.

EU Threatens Poland And Other East European Coutries
Take migrants or leave! Commit Hara Kiri or leave? That's an easy decision!

Ignorance of Islam Illustrated. Wake Up.
You sow bad seed and you get bad results.

Syrian Refugees Clash With Canadian Students
Trudeau is sowing bad seed in Canada.

Congress Outlaws Obama Interference
This guy should be charged for impersonating an American citizen.

Islamic Invasion: Why They Are Winning

Islam is winning their invasion of the west. The will of the people to resist has been almost broken. We see it everywhere. We must take what is left and nurture it, grow it and save ourselves. Like in the film, "High Noon" the song goes "...I must must face the man who hates me, or lie a coward, a craven coward in my grave." It's high noon folks. Make up your mind if you will join in the fight against an evil ideology that hates us. Actually it's a two pronged enemy: Islam and Socialism. I ask for your open minds to see this from a different perspective please. Muslim refugees are attacking innocent people and carrying on in the streets yelling threats and nothing is done about it. They are permitted to carry on their rapes and violent attacks on our children and women mainly. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe and the government and news are silent. It is now everywhere. There must be an explanation and a cure for this or we are all goners. We bring them in by the thousands and out of our pockets the government is supporting them. They are not required to work at all, ever. I'll tell you what the Bible commands us to do. "If a man will not work, he shall not eat." 2 Thesselonians 3:10 What I like about the Bible is that it is absolute justice, not destructive political correctness, liberalism which is a nice word for Communism. Why should society nurture people who don't want to support themselves or their families? It's sink or swim unless a person is disabled or temporarily unemployed. We must have a heart but not be stupid about it. Hunger usually cures a lazy bum. Social assistance keeps him or her sick. Now compare that with Socialism and how it is applied to Muslims and illegal immigrants in the Obama years. Check it out and you will see how many of them are living with their hands out instead of with their hands busy building, contributing to a better world for us all. I respect hard work and hate people who come here just to use our system that is designed as a safety net for us. When it is abused, the safety net disappears.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but in the fruits of sweat and hard work. God's rules were design to make our society sustainable to give us the best chance of a good life despite our constant thinking up ways to make our lives miserable. Mans thinking is constantly evil. When my father came to Canada he was working the next day. Oh but there's no work for them today. Then they must go back and many of them can go back because there are many cities considered safe. We don't want that kind here. That's where they belong who aren't working the next day. OK, I'm fair; I'll give them a month. Go do anything legal - but I guarantee most just want to stay home and make lots of babies,while our women are destroying many of theirs. That's why we are a dying people ready to pass what we created to those who will let it run down. Obama was good at destruction not construction, with a record of over $10Trillion in eight years - more debt than the combined debt over 200 years and nothing to show for it. No new bridges, upgrades to roads or airports - nothing. Just a bunch of freeloaders. And the left love this gift giver. Now Trump came and ruined their party. The party is over! I can identify a lot with Trump because he says what must be said. He is not a coward like most politicians. Not just cowards either, but traitors to the people who voted for them. But the fake media is so unfair to Trump just because he is a patriot and not a traitor like they are and he is doing such a great job! The left is not at war with just Trump, but America and so is Islam because they are flowing into a country and system they have been taught to hate from childhood. Canada has taken in the illegals from United States and now they are fighting with Canadians. There is a Muslim problem and its cause is Islam.

Islam is nothing to fool with or shrug off as just nothing to worry about. It is a danger far greater than any military adversary America has ever faced. The main reason is that we have failed to recognize or name the enemy. We call the enemy a "religion" when we should be calling it what it is: a dangerous ideology. You have been lied to by those who want Islam for our destruction, like bringing into a house poisonous snakes and calling them "pets." I like Trump's snake poem where a woman rescues a snake and it ends up biting her and she dies. Europe is at the "snake bite" stage now.

Trump's Snake Poem: Metaphore For Islam, The Greatest "Trojan Horse" In History.
Like the unsuspecting Trojans, we are welcoming in a new effective kind of Trojan Horse.
It's a pandemic and we need to wake up.

Fox And Friends 11/7/17

Top Russian Writer Explains Who s Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis.

Hillary Disturbed the "Hornet Nest" And Caused Mass Migrations
And half the American people wanted her as president! Unbelievable.

Criminals Who Had Top Jobs In America

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