Islamic Terror Threat to Freedom: From Finland to America

"Islamic Invasions"

Finland's War on Freedom of Speech

To Comply With 56 Muslim Countries' Demands

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." Benjamin Franklin

"The truth will set you free, but first it might make you angry."

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America, give Trump a chance - he will amaze you. The politically correct, unpatriotic crowd is ruining America.
Obama: Islamic Socialist traitor in America
Turkey Leader in bed with ISIS' oil - financing terror and emigration of Muslims into Europe.


Hate speech and Hate speech laws - Are we going backwards?

by Osmo Joronen

The truth about Islam and Israel is explored daily.

"If the Muslim Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel."

November 17 Program
Turkey helping ISIS
Warning: Islamic extortion coming
Obama's Treason against the people of United States - promoting gun control instead of pinpointing causes of terror truthfully. The left is scum. They lie and misquote, like about Trump's speech, and call people Nazis and worse for speaking the truth. A true Muslim, like Obama, can't uphold the American Constitution. Obama and Hillary hate the Constitution because it is opposite of their corrupt core beliefs, and they do everything in their power to undermine and destroy it, and with it America which is predicated on its tenants.
America! Get rid of the scum bags: "Stand Down" Obama and his dumb dishonest partner Hillary and the rest of the criminals in the White House that are Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist front organization) members or just don't understand Islam or anything else, who do whatever they please and don't care about the American Constitution and freedom. Hillary, the pathological liar, should be behind bars with her husband the crook and Obama the Muslim who pretended to be a Christian. Career criminal

To the ruling elite of Finland.  To the people: this is freedom in case you have forgotten - speaking only the truth and throwing political correctness into the trash where it belongs! We the people don't need political correctness - that is government propaganda against the interests of the people, complying with some other outside orders and interests, to destroy the existing order and to create a (what the ruling elite call "New World Order") to benefit a few elite at the expense of the cultural and economic integrity of the people.

This page is for everyone, but not everyone is open to receiving truth, preferring to cling to some fantasy that was created for them by those with interests other than yours. Europe has a problem with illegal immigration, defined as any immigration that the people of the country don't want, (as the people commissioned their civil servants to do their will) mainly single males who ran away from protecting their families and are possibly the enemy itself, and which spike crime rates, and attacks on our girls. We see on the news that most of the refugees are single men, fit to fight the enemy of their country, who left their families behind for reasons only they know. They should have gone and joined the army like my father in 1939, who fought the Russians and did not run. Trump will throw political correctness into he garbage and bring in an era of truth.

Why is a Finn so concerned about America? Because it is the only thing that has stood between chaos and peace up to WWII and has shown what values work and which don't. The present values don't. After that it has been a slow decline to what is there now - which must be reversed. This will impact every country in a positive way because they will follow if they see it works. Plus Trump will make friends with our enemies without giving everything away. Trump is the only man for the job. What I describe here applies to Finland too, because the same spirit is at work everywhere now. The world is coming to the final battle between Good and Evil and I want you to be on the right side and to know where you are going. Sounds OK?

Obama is all about taking guns away from innocent people so they would be defenseless against his Islamic buddies, who want to take over in America. You see, if there are no guns in the family, they are at the mercy of anyone who wants to kill or enslave them. This was a major concern for the Founding Fathers who knew the dangers Americans face in the future. Obama is one such danger.

Does it make sense that since some nuts go around killing people, that the peaceful people should give up their guns? It isn't them that are the criminals and the bad guys will always get guns. No, Americans need their personal protection especially against an evil government such as the Obama administration. So then only criminals would be allowed to have guns. It doesn't make sense.

Nobody of the 150 or so people in highly gun controlled France could protect themselves from terrorists but Obama doesn't want unauthorized, by his definition, people to have guns. Where those killed in France unauthorized by his definition? He is buying up all the ammunition for his guns! Billions of dollars worth and for what? To take over and become a Muslim dictator? You can check this out on the Internet. All they needed were a couple of people with guns and it would have saved lives. If all guns were removed in the US, it would become a shooting gallery. So without guns they must run rather than fight, and they would also be easily controlled by bad governments with evil intentions, like Obama. The right of self defense IS the American Way but Obama is not an American! He can't prove it and never will. When the Syrian people saw it coming, they should have armed themselves or join the army like my father did in Finland along with a few hundred thousand others and saved their country. A little country like Finland stayed to fight our "ISIS." They didn't abandon their families by the thousands. All I'm saying is that there is something about Islam that destabilizes countries that don't have unity. It's perpetual civil war, and I'm afraid it is being exported now.

Syrians had several years to organize a resistance. If these Arabs had been Jews, they would have stayed to fight one way or another and obtained weapons from somewhere. They are surrounded by rich Arab countries that will not help, will not accept any of them, because they know the Europeans will pay for it in many ways. They know it will bring Europe down in the future.

The mass movement of people to me is suspicious in that it seems to be organized. They started their mass exodus as if by an order from someone.

Before the Israelis came to reoccupy the country that Moses brought them to thousands of years ago, that land was desolate. Nothing grew there. The brilliant Jewish scientists made it blossom. Arabs were the people who couldn't make Israel what it is today and they are fools for not joining Israelis for mutual benefit instead of trying to kill them. How easily biased news can change world opinion, which just proves that the media feel like they are in power; they determine the direction of history. Well, there has to be alternative sources of information. The area became prosperous only when Jews arrived. The place was a disaster before the Jewish immigration. Much of Israel was "useless land" which was bought from Arabs, who had no use for the dry wasteland, and the clever and resourceful Jews, the people everyone loves to hate, made it blossom, after which the Arabs wanted it back.

There is a huge difference between Arabs and Jews, and we in Finland are getting the Arabs, and the Jews, who are innovators extraordinaire, are leaving everywhere there are Arabs because of the hate. This will cause the economy of the country to go down just as it did in Spain. Arabs have a "couple" (a handful) of Nobel prizes, (they're on the shortlist) while Jews have a longer list than almost any other larger country. They are a powerhouse that any country should be proud to have, and in fact Spain has apologized for kicking them out and wants them back after their financial breakdown. A big contrast to Arabs who become a liability. That's not racism; that's just how it is and always has been. We ignore it at our peril. They have just as much right to emigrate as anyone else, but just keep that in mind and watch the economies of the countries in question and see if I'm right. You need to know what is happening in other European countries, and try to get it from alternative news sources, as the normal news will not report the truth. Just investigate Sweden, Britain and France for starters and see how they are doing with their new dependents, and see how many babies they are making compared to the locals. We should organize the able bodied men into an Army and send them back to fight! We can predict what this will mean for the economy of Finland!

In America, Obama can't be trusted. He wants to disarm the people and become a dictator with the help of his private army, hoping the people would be powerless to stop him. That is why the Constitution guarantees the right of self defense to preserve freedom. The Founding Fathers knew there are evil men with evil intentions down the road - like Obama. By my definition Finland is full of illegal single males authorities know little or nothing about, no doubt many ISIS plants, and are permitted to stay by the government at the people's expense.

So do you think Trump was out of line stating that Muslim immigration should be stopped until the cause of the observed spikes in terrorism in the United States initiated in 2001 is understood and the attacks have stopped? Are you willing to put Americans (or Finns) at risk? About 1000 and growing suspected ISIS related incidents under investigation have been recorded in the United States and much of it originating from outside of the United States. Can you say you understand what the causes of these attacks are and that they are under control? If not, let Trump do his thing and get to the bottom of it. Obama refuses to connect the dots. He is just hiding the causes because he is a Muslim himself, having been indoctrinated into the religion in Indonesia as a child and carried identification as a Muslim, and therefore is sympathetic to the cause of world Islam. He consorts with terrorists at the White House, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, and I believe he is one of them. They have been positively identified in Britain as terrorists! Why isn't he was impeached already? He is also changing all the texts in schools (kids taught how to become a Muslim) and FBI manuals to remove anything that might shed a negative light on Islam as the source of any violence. The FBI manual was written by Robert Morey who warned the FBI about dangers to their lives when entering Muslim areas and how to protect themselves. These warning were removed.

Did your news cut Trump's statement so you think he said "Ban Muslims forever?

Finns need the attitude of Donald Trump. The Left is ruining Finland like Obama is ruining America.

Left Wing governments use immigration to stay in power, in fact the Swedish government has made a law against saying anything against immigration. These leftists are in fact traitors to their country. The fact is that Europe is self destructing and one of the main reasons is fear. People are afraid that if they object to government immigration policies they might be called "racist." Perhaps they need to march on the Parliament to get their point across. But if they don't object, they will have a problem that can't be fixed on their hands despite 80% of Muslims wanting nothing to do with Jihad because they are Nominal Muslims. But it is impossible to unscramble an egg, and once they are in your country you can't get rid of them. The more there are, the greater the security risk, which is clearly the situation in France. Paris Friday November 13 is just the beginning and we need to wake up, as they are now everywhere, probably close to where you live. Around 900 ISIS attacks have been recorded in America. Scandinavia is becoming a base of operations for terrorists. Almost every city in Finland now has a large, LARGE, black or Middle East presence, unemployed and restless, and it is making everyone nervous. They don't like it, and most would like them to be sent away. The Paris attack was masterminded by a Norwegian Mullah: Paris. Perhaps that's the reason some of the migrants want to be registered in Norway. Ladies and gentlemen, our survival is at stake.

The Paris Jihadists just prayed for sixty years by fighting for Allah. The Hadith says that one hour in battle for Allah is worth 60 years of prayer. By shedding their blood they also can intercede for 70 of their relatives to get them into heaven. They also get 72 virgins to have sex with forever. What young man would not want to die that way? Muhammad knew what he was doing to motivate young men to fight with him. By contrast, Jesus shed his blood for us, so we don't have to. This religion is the driving force behind the violence. We should all know what drives these criminals of Islam. The Hadith disagrees with the statement, "Islam is a religion of peace." Who is right, our leaders who propagate this myth or the Hadith? This stuff and more is mostly in the Hadith, and is about what Muhammad said and did, which most Muslims don't know about so don't bother asking them. But ISIS knows! They are wolves in sheep's clothing and they are near you making converts right now and many more are on their way. They want to be like him and follow his commands. Would you be happier if you didn't know these things? Apparently the government thinks so. And I have heard them tell the people that the violence is retaliation for how we treat them, thus making it our fault. This is a false idea and if you know Islam you will know that it is unprovoked attack with anything being used as an excuse. Islam can't take any criticism because it is not logical and is full of errors especially about the Bible narration.

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Obama made this statement just recently: "ISIS does not represent Islam. It is not representative in any way to the attitudes of the overwhelming majority of Muslims," he said. "To the degree that anyone would equate the terrible acts in Paris to the views of Islam, those kinds of stereotypes are counterproductive, they're wrong." I am glad they don't represent the majority of Muslims, but even the minority is significant, according Brigitte Gabriel of "Act for America." We already know that 80% of Muslims don't think this way, but the teachings of Islam are fairly close to the ideology of most of the Jihadists fighting us today. Of course no government wants to admit it for political reasons. But we the people should know. I am glad they don't. But that still leaves 20% of 1.5 Billion which is 300 Million people. Although most Muslims don't practice Jihad, a significant number are sympathizers because they want to please Allah as per the Qur'an and Hadith. If they don't like Jihad, they can be our watchdogs in their Mosques and report terrorists or any such teachings, because that is where a lot of it originates. We need to increase security. In my opinion every Muslim must choose sides now and let their decision be known and do something to protect the peace of the country. Considering the facts about Islam, can we really claim that ISIS and similar bands of bandits in no way represent Islam?

This is your wake up call to explain the source of what you should already be aware of if you don't live under a rock. You need to know the real Islam and I have given you some videos and sound clips to quickly fill you in and erase the fairy tale you have been told. We try not to offend Muslims but it is not I who is doing it; I am only the messenger. It is the message, the truth, that offends because it is offensive. The government says they don't know what ideology is behind the violence as displayed in Islamic terrorism and ISIS but they are sure it isn't Islam because American presidents had said "no religion condones violence." This has sown a false sense of security by not putting the blame where it belongs: in the ideology of Islam. It is mostly ideology; it never should be called a religion, because there are laws against criticizing a religion, but we can criticize an ideology. Unless a person has studied both the Qur'an and Hadith as a minimum, they are not qualified to make any statement about Islam either way. After 9/11, it seemed every head of state was an expert, all claiming Islam to be a peaceful religion. I give you at least two non-Muslims and many exMuslims who have studied Islam, who will tell you the truth that you can't get from most Muslim sources. Unfortunately, Finland has allowed Muslims to tell the people, via YLE, the national news agency run by the government, how wonderful it is, naturally avoiding what my witnesses will tell you. " Well, let's see who's right here and if Islam can be called a religion as we know it.

Objecting to this is called "racist."

There's only one reason I am writing this. Ignorance will kill us. We need to know everything about Islam that can destroy our coveted culture and system, then disallow any attempt to alter or otherwise tamper with what we know works for us. Islam is a powder keg, waiting for a spark, and it doesn't take much to set it off. What you need to know is that the threat loci is not in any particular organization with a name. It is in the ideology that any Muslim can read (Qur'an and Hadith mainly) and decide if they wish to act out what they read or not. An ideology that can't be criticized has no place in a democracy. It is time to face reality, and leave the fairy-tale image of Islam in the junk heap of all the rest of the lies told by the government to control the masses with the help of the media. This information is in the public domain, nothing new, and therefore can be freely distributed though it contradicts the government position to censor it and I know that will make them mad. I say "too bad" this is for the people and they need to know it. It is not meant to offend, but if it does there is something wrong with it. Furthermore, opposition to immigration may be the result of many things including increase in crime, security concerns, massive unemployment causing a drain on the economy and increase in national debt, or even racism in some cases. However, the left, which is pushing for unrestricted immigration, calls anyone opposed as "racist" because it damages reputations and benefits their position. Fear of being labeled racist is the single most important reason more people don't state their opposition, but that is changing after the last wave of "refugees" of which only one in five can be considered to have some degree of valid claim. If someone is in dire need, they must be helped of course, but we must send most of them back when things improve. Stop thinking of opposition to immigration as racist! Europe has a problem and it must be solved. Most of the "refugees" that include opportunists from diverse places are just looking for an access to Europe and an easy way to tap into billions of dollars in aid and a comfortable life in Europe. Evidence points to these people bringing down the country from being a drain on the system for decades if not forever.

Designer societies are the problem, trying to engineer some utopia based on a collective Marxist ideology leads to disaster. The Communists tried it; the Nazis tried it, and now the Muslims want to try and get the world to follow their plan. In all these cases, violence, massive loss of human life was the result. Socialism today is Communism with a new face, and it is leading Europe and any nation foolish enough to follow the ideology, straight to their disaster. That is being made worse with the socialist dream of an international society composed of Muslims, which will result in civil war, after which they can reconstruct the world into their ideology. By contrast, America was initially populated by Christians escaping tyranny. The immediate success was a marvel and envy of the world. Until socialism crept in gradually, promising as usual the world but delivering misery, high unemployment, underemployment and destruction of the middle class.

The Finnish leadership has adopted the policy of Muslim countries in the UN that don't want the contents of their religion spread out for everyone to see, because it spells our doom. UN has become a platform to push Islamic agendas around the world, which is not what it was set up for. That agenda can only lead to conflict, Shariah Law compliance, increased crime and lower living standards for everyone, as if they weren't low enough. There can't possibly be a better life with Islam a major player, and that has already been proven in America, France, Britain, Germany, and Sweden to name a few. The best place for a Muslim is a Muslim country, but they won't take them! Not even one "Palestinian." Why doesn't UN do something about that? Because 57 Muslim countries would vote against it. Then that would solve the problem and no Muslimcountry wants to do it. They want Israelis out of the previously wasteland that Muslims did nothing with and even sold willingly to Jews, thinking they just sold a piece of worthless desert to a Jew. you see! they have been willing to forsake the land for generations because it was useless. Now that the innovative Israelis made the desert bloom, they want it back. What makes this land so desirable now? Israelis. Who do they want to leave and never come back? Israelis. That is irrational. If they want to prosper, the help of Israelis is. Imperative, after all the Palestinians have shown that they were incapable of doing anything with that desert wasteland. They hate the Jews and don't want to live in peace with them. Why don't they find a piece of wasteland and make it bloom like the Israelis and stop teaching their children hate.

What would Finns have done in Syria? For one thing, they would not have run away. My father never ran away when his country was attacked by Russia. This is a good example of why Americans need guns, and why Obama is trying to take them away. He has an evil plan that he has cooked up with his Muslim Brotherhood pals. What do you think they will do if Finland was attacked, and we know that it is a possibility as some of Putin's closest men have said that Finland "belongs" to Russia. Sweden had Finland first and for the longest time and Finns are very independent, never assuming a serf type role as the peasants in Russia. Finns were meant to be free. The sole reason for Finland's army has been to defend the country against a Russian attack. Would a Muslim be patriotic to Finland or Islam? Would they run away in a fight as some of the refugees? The true believer will choose Islam.

The people in Europe are worried about the massive migration of Muslims but can't change anything because of the Socialist (Communist lite) ideology that wants to prove that they are not racists. Socialism destructive power is also seen with Obama and his 11 Trillion dollar increase in the national debt over 7 years, which is now 19 Trillion dollars. As long as he keeps spending, he thinks the economy will be fine. It may have the appearance of a healthy economy but it is sick. He thinks he can spend his way to prosperity, apparently, but we suspect the money is not being used for infrastructure or the people, but a lot is funneled to further the globalist agenda and his Muslim buddies. Obama the globalist Marionette. The trouble with the West is that we are ruled by smooth talking, slick scum that is controlled by the NWO. The Muslim agenda is being used by them to deconstruct the present world order. The Finnish government seems to be cooperating.

Socialist policies are not sustainable and the immigration policy is an example. For another, somebody has to produce goods to create wealth first before you can start giving it away. The Finnish economy cannot withstand the present influx of freeloaders mixed with a few honest refugees. You can't pay for social programs by printing money, as Obama is doing. And that money is just figures taken from thin air by the Federal Reserve, which then charges interest on it! Imagine if you did that - you would be arrested! So my point is that socialism, as practiced, is the problem in Finland and to save the country, we need to return to common sense government. If we follow Obama's lead, we will not survive.

Listen to Dr. Morey in the clip below and see the difference in it and what you may believe to be true. Now, either the Finnish government is stupid or has bad intentions. I don't believe they have bad intentions, so they must be stupid. I never ascribe to malice what can be explained by ignorance until proven otherwise. The problem is socialist doctrine taken past its useful limits, and now, particularly in Sweden it has gone into absurdity whereby it seems impossibly caught in a vortex of believing that opposing any and all immigration is "racist" despite the real objection being that of importing a dangerous ideology which has nothing to do with ethnicity. Immigration has made Sweden the rape capital of Europe and can't support the growing nonproductive, rapidly reproducing population any longer. It reminds me of the Salem witch hunts, except the witches are not murdered, instead "racism" is exposed by media and them that dare to speak out are fired from their jobs and their lives ruined. When people are afraid to speak their minds, that society has a problem that must be fixed because it can lead to loss of everything that has been achieved in several hundred years.

The media is the culprit in much mischief today, wielding enormous power irresponsibly, with a socialist mentality and under the control of the globalists of the New World Order (that benefits only the super rich elite), and that is why I recommend alternative media here.

After 9/11 I heard an interview of Dr. Robert Morey, (more...) who had written an Islam primer for the FBI and CIA, for the purpose of educating the members about the real Islam, as opposed to the one for general consumption. They could not deal with a real threat with fairy-tale information that is fed to the public. Obama got rid of these books. I was stunned by the discrepancy. I was onto something. Then I had to endure the false statements made on the news and finally by many of the leaders, the first one being President Bush in 2001. I had to find out if it was really true what Dr. Morey claimed and for the most part I found the statements to be true. The versions for general consumption are now the only ones we are getting, and in fact the versions that Dr. Morey espoused, are becoming illegal in our Western world, including Finland, and Muslim countries are doing everything they can to permanently block the information we desperately need regarding the ideology being imported along with "refugees." What I state here is the truth, and you better receive it while you can because it is about to be closed by the UN Muslim Fascists. Dr. Shorrosh Interview - Palestinian speaks about Islam, tells us about "General Muhammad."

Like the mythical Hydra with many heads, the Muslim Brotherhood is one of them that Obama consults for policy! ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban are all part of the same ideology and all are just copying what Muhammad did, though arguably worse. They all have one thing in common: the Qur'an. As of November 4, 2015, US Congress has finally moved to label Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization! It's about time. Here's the problem: they have been actively advising the White House on Middle East and local policy regarding Islamic issues. They are the ones that pushed through the text book changes to Islamize our children, painting Islam in a false light of peace and love of all religions and cultures. Radicalization is by the Qur'an. There are ISIS cells in every state of the Union and Obama wants to disarm America! He is one big train wreck.

The United Nations has become a police force aimed at preventing you from getting the truth about Islam. If you need the truth, it is only because there is something you must know. We aren't just slandering Islam because we hate the people or all other religions but our own. No. It must be exposed for what it is. We are only allowed to know what it itsn't. Don't be fooled like 90% of the population that have listened to the lies. There is a new UN police force aimed at controlling "violent extremism." The definition of that is the Christian "right" (as opposed to socialist "wrong"), not terrorists. Why? Because the UN is controlled by 56 Muslim countries 57 if Palestinians are included, a huge voting block for Islamization. They agreed to vote together. Their agenda is to crush opposition to Islamizing the world. Don't just accept the UN decrees. Oppose them and retain our freedom of expression, that even the Finnish government has now started to oppress. All for the New World Order run by Muslims in the UN.

Obama is pushing that on the children of America, while persecuting Christians. The result is home grown terrorists, and the cause is the doctrine. In the United States there is a full-blow attack on Christian freedoms and homosexual rights are being used to destroy it. Obama was against the gay agenda until he saw that he can get around the Constitution and destroy Christianity which he hates and banished from wherever he encounters it and he does it also through the Supreme Court, not by the will of the people. In short, he is a Supreme Court dictator.

See Honest Reporting

Cyberspace media, one of the only free sources of information.

Censorship free News: CBN

Obama armed ISIS

Jihadists follow Muhammad's example

Compulsion in Islam

A person like Brigitte Gabriel who spends her time educating the world about dangers of a growing Muslim presence, based on her experience in her Lebanon homeland, would not be welcome in Finland, and in fact would be arrested for violating the "sanctity" of a religion. This is just complying with the UN attack on our freedom of expression sponsored and pushed on Europe by Obama and his 56 or 57 Muslim UN buddies.

Lebanon was a free and prosperous Christian country until the more rapidly multiplying Muslims overthrew the government and began their murderous rampage against non-Muslims, forcing Brigitte's family to hide in a bombed out building for two years until they escaped, first by a Lebanese ambulance at her cost and then by an Israeli ambulance free of charge. This is long before ISIS. The problem is that the violence is not being linked where it belongs, to Fascist Islam. Until Finland acknowledges truth, the threat will continue to get worse daily.

Canadians have had it with complying with the barrage of demands. (Fin.) (English) Muslims will continue to demand Islamic Law and dismantle our system brick by brick until it is gone if allowed to do so. They are very well organized and connected around the world and we are no match for them unless we make laws against changing anything based on pressure from Islamists, or those who are fanatically Muslims. The first brick must never go. We must resist now as Canadians are doing. Shariah is what destroyed their homeland and they must not be allowed to export it. Otherwise we can expect the same thing here, the constant fighting, rock throwing, terrorism etc. Summary convictions and deportation is a must for such activity, not years and years of waiting for court appearances. Certainly there are always true "racists" that hate anyone different, but that doesn't apply to ideologies. If a "religion" has a significant ideological base that incites violence and overthrow of governments, and for example hating democracy and considering women inferior, then it should be called that and censored. By this I mean anyone who advocates Shariah Law and the displays any violence (such as what is advocated in the Qur'an) must be arrested and deported.

Brigitte spent months in an Israeli hospital where they did not care if she was a Muslim, Jew, or Christian - they are all people to them. In fact they treated a Muslim while an Israeli soldier had to wait. She says if it had been a Muslim hospital she would have been killed. That opened her eyes to the vicious anti-Israeli campaign being waged and the lies that drive it. Of course neither side is blameless, but the media puts all the blame on Israel, unfairly in my opinion and anyone interested in the truth, to the best of our knowledge, can find it but probably not on the secular media which is obliged to give the biased version. What happened in Lebanon eventually happens in every country that has a Muslim population which normally outproduces the others. The same type of people are the ones who usually take over wherever Muslims grow in numbers and slowly become more hostile toward others and attract many converts. Sweden is a good example, where the Muslims wish there were more of them so they can take over. Then there will be war. The Scandinavian social system is perfect for making children and they are good at that. The threat of violent Jihad and Stealth Jihad increase geometrically with the numbers. Stealth Jihad being the war to infiltrate the country at all levels, pushing hard for change, especially to force Shariah Law and indoctrinating of children at all grades and Universities.

I am going to speak the truth here, and I know it will hurt, but it often does. It is simply biology, and I happen to have a degree in biology, so I am not just speaking nonsense. The malaise in Europe is rooted in the destruction of indigenous populations by wars and the barbaric practice of destroying its future generation in the womb. It is now more moral to destroy ourselves and replace what is lost with outsiders, than to preserve our people. Laws protect reproductive rights of the dwindling population while removing the rights of the unborn. We have sealed our fate in blood. The population of Finns should be around 8 million instead of the current 5 million. Instead of dealing with the causes, the confused leaders have resorted to importing Muslims to replace citizens that didn't make it. This is a recipe for disaster. Finland is perfectly capable of sustaining its population without the necessity of immigration, and the population returned to normal equilibrium. It just takes commitment.

The main job of a government as I see it is protection of the people. This has been, due to runaway idiocy of socialist thought, a total failure. Since Sweden started building Muslim ghettos, rape is approaching 2000 per year, an increase of well over 1000 and more are on their way. Many Imams condemn the freedoms that our women have in dress and behavior and encourage the young men to do what they want to teach these girls a lesson in correct and acceptable dress. Their society does not encourage young men to control their urges in the same way as our does, and its roots are in Islam just as ours is in Christianity. The Quran allows rape of girls that their "right hand possesses." This applies to girls captured in battle, which these men believe they are in because they are supposed to be Jihadists to convert the world, which in their minds justifies their actions. The authorities turn a blind eye to it and believe that if they control the media and don't let anyone know, everything is fine. Only when people become aware of social problems, they believe, is it a real problem. Keeping people in the dark doesn't work in the long run, just as it doesn't if a doctor finds cancer and fails to inform the patient. This ideology is also in Finland but a few years behind. But Finland is catching up fast.

Demonstration in Helsinki in support of Israel. Genesis 12:3

Breaking News September 31 Finland

Apparently These Finns have had enough
Most don't want to get involved.
Sign reads: "That's Enough! Close The Borders"
"Veterans Work Was For Nothing"
Hungary stopping Migration

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel started the current migrant stampede!
And she is such a smart lady, and now she disappoints me.
Obama responsible for Oregon mass murders?
Don't trust our leaders!

September 19 Helsinki Muslim Immigration Protests

Sweden: Rape Capital of the World, by Muslims

Brits Want Muslims Out

Brigitte's experience with Israel saving her life made her an advocate for Israel to counter the negative propaganda that originates from those that want to exterminate them. She sees the same pattern now in America and Europe and has dedicated her life to warning all of us, disregarding her own safety. That is how much she values the freedom she enjoys under the protection of the United States Constitution that Obama is consistently thumbing his nose at and wants it made irrelevant, and is actively imposing Islam and Muslim immigrants in communities as seeds of Islam and allowing militant Muslims to train on American soil. He is public enemy No. 1 and needs to go ASAP. Thanks for giving my point of view an opportunity while we still have the ability to do so. Let your friends know what is happening.

Muslim Brotherhood

Obama's father was a Muslim and his "Christian" beliefs have been exposed as anti-white, colonialism hate preaching, for twenty years, and had a close relationship (gay?) relationship with the pastor, which he distanced himself from for political reasons. He's no Christian, but he is a liar for Islam. He is filled with hate for the American way. He has gone back to his father's religion in his mind. The Muslim Brotherhood set up close to the White House and are regular visitors and advisers to Obama on how to change America into a Muslim nation. They changed the children's school books to turn them into Muslims and to hate democracy and freedom, and Judeo-Christian values. Just watch what Obama does and says and you can see how carefully he crafts his sentences so he doesn't make a mistake and expose who he is working with and for. He pulled the troops out to allow ISIS to move in and never condemns any slaughter of Christians which is epidemic. He is subtly just as evil as ISIS and imagines being the leader of an Islamic world order. Get up to date information on what's happening at: Islam1 and CBN

Obama lied to be elected
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Anti-Semitic Islamic Norway
Finland's leftist government's hatred of Israel That policy is bringing God's curse on the Finnish people. I believe that Islam is part of it. Genesis 12:3
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Shariah Law - A devout practicing Muslim President would uphold Shariah Law. Obama doesn't like the Constitution, so he ignores it. He likes Shariah. Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

The Threat

The biggest mistake made by common people since acceptance of Nazism by the Germans and Communism by the Russian people is the acceptance of Islam by the West. They don't understand that by protecting and endorsing Islam they are actually protecting the 99% ideology which is a dangerous anti democracy, anti freedom system that is being cunningly imposed on the unsuspecting world. And as for the debate about Islam being a religion of peace, well I would ask them to please see what is going on in the world today, in our streets, rapes in Sweden up over 1000, Africa, Syria, all through the Middle East there is violence and Christians and Jews are being massacred. And while this is going on, we are having these debates where Muslims are claiming Islam is a religion of peace and any violence on their part is merely self defense. And Muhammad's 66 military campaigns were "self defense," where he conquered tribe after tribe murdering and raping as he went, gaining wealth and slaves for himself and his army at the expense of the vanquished. I'd say he did pretty well fro someone defending himself. That's the excuse Russia used in 1939 when Finland was attacked. It was self defense. But Islam is a religion of peace. Can you distinguish between discussion of an ideology from hating Muslims? Many people believe it is the same and if you attack their ideology, you must hate them. That doesn't compute. It's nonsense. You must have heard of the Salem witch trials. Well, we have the same type of hysteria today. The new witches are "Nazis" who oppose immigration especially of Muslims.

History is about to be repeated amongs the Finnish tribes. New arrivals who were reproducing at a much higher rate simply overran the Finnish tribes in the North between the Urals and Norway. At first they welcomed the newcomers, but then they realized their mistake, but it was too late. They were either killed or they joined the enemy. That is why only a few areas have a viable Finnish population today. The rest are slowly dying. Finland is in a similar situation today with immigrants. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with immigration, nor the people for that matter, but there is something wrong with the type of ideology coming in with certain immigrants, that cannot integrate and become "Finnish."

Muslims are brainwashed, and it is our job to straighten them out not to enable them to continue reestablishing what they just escaped. To do that we need the freedom to speak and not fear being arrested which is being done now. This is about the 99% ideology, and I can accept the 1% religion. But I ask, and quite rightly, should our nation be driven by the 1% of religion (or at least a very small part) and allow the violent, totalitarian ideology to infiltrate our nation by imposing fines for anyone that dares to expose the dangers of the political and cultural ideology That can't possibly fit into a free nation In the form it is now in France, Sweden and Britain? In Sweden there are over 1000 extra rappers of Swedish women that are by young Muslim men and that is just the beginning. It's worse than that and the Swedes have convinced themselves that nothing is wrong and if anyone dares to complain, they will have a criminal record! Can we excuse and welcome wife beating, child abuse, and other terrible practices that are part of Shariah Law just because we must learn to understand other cultures and to prevent being labelled a Nazi? We used to say when we were kids "...names will never hurt me." Now everyone is deathly afraid of that label kind of like tag - if they tag you your're out. But only if everyone imposes that on us. We must educate the people about what Islam is because they don't have a clue and that is dangerous. Maybe we should be called "sissy" for fearing name calling. We must speak up. And we must resist the enemy within, the leftist ideology that has fooled the people to the point where they almost welcome their own destruction. They are the ones who spread fear of being labelled "Nazi" which is really stupid because we are resisting a Nazi style ideology that includes genocide! This page will explain why Islam resembles Fascism and how the left is leading us to a terrible end and removing the protection of God from our nation.

I would like to put out a challenge to anyone that doesn't believe that Islam is a big threat, with their over abundance of wrong ideology, especially the Finnish government and media that refuse to report the true situation.

A view of Islam the western media WON'T show you... Muslim "refugees" (colonizers) RIOT in Stockholm, Sweden. Why import crime and misery to a country with virtually no crime or misery?

Posted by WND on Thursday, October 8, 2015

More forbidden knowledge about immigrant violence, breaking the news blackout.

Prove you believe mass Muslim immigration is not harmful to a country. Visit some countries with a budding Muslim problem, like Sweden, Britain or France. See what is happening there and if you would like that for Finland or whatever country you are in. Would you raise a family there? Buy a house or rent an apartment there and raise your kids to live at peace with the Muslims right where they live. Will your daughters be safe dressing normally? Don't go around preaching your ideology if you aren't prepared to live it. Go and take a walk through the Muslim zones in Sweden, London and France if you dare. Ask yourself if you felt safe, especially if you are a woman. You will have to comply with Shariah Law there and women must observe their dress code. Unemployed youth form gangs and go around beating up those who strayed into their "no go" zones. You will not believe that it is the same country, and in fact, helping migrants is not all we are asked to do. We are asked to give up territory, freedom of speech, safety, especially of our women, our social, political, religious, and legal structures - the whole thing is in danger. As in warfare, wherever Muslims live, they claim the ground for Islam from which to expand outward and eventually the whole thing if that is possible. It really is an invasion if you see it in that way. In Europe, the government is evicting people to house refugees, trampling on individual rights.

Compare that to any other migrant, for example the Finns in North America. Finnish migrants to Canada and the United States lived in generally the same areas in many cases but you would be welcome and safe there. They minded their own business. Finns did not ask anything from anyone, but forged a life and contributed in many ways to the country's prosperity as excellent workers. People of the world are the same and not the same - at one time. Indo-Canadians are a good example. Millions of Canadians live in apartments and many are below the poverty line. Most Indians live in large beautiful houses and drive expensive cars and buy up every gas station, take over the taxi and trucking sectors and banking. This is one reason they have been evicted from Kenya and Fiji. I'm not saying I agree with it but it illustrates the impact of immigration on small vulnerable countries. We don't hate anyone for being successful, but many of these immigrants come with money and have an advantage over young Canadians just starting out, who can't afford a house because supply and demand has taken that away. They must move away from large urban areas to the smaller communities. There definitely is resentment and the feeling that the locals are losing their country. They say as muchto each other but you won't see it anywhere in print or media. Muslims too are different in their "no go zones." Middle East, South Asian and Asian communities tend to form zones. The idea of a homogeneous society is not possible. That is how countries form, and eventually break away. Ukraine is an example, where a high population of Russians want independence.

What I am describing is the science of Sociology of Islamic Immigrants and it should be seen that way. You can check this out for yourself and you will find it accurate. If you did a comparative study, you would find Muslims much different from all other immigrants. They are cautioned not to make friends with infidels, for they are a lower form of life, and they are a superior type of human. Does that sound familiar? Exactly! The Nazis. Yet those speaking against this evil master religion ideology is called what? A Nazi! Or they can be lumped in with the "far right" whatever that means, (Christians, believers in tradition, truth, life, liberty, peace and love) but it is meant to bring images of Hitler and the Nazi party, so that the status quo will not be upset. Speaking the truth, correcting error is thus framed as evil. They have it backwards and their resisting correct information is just foolish and dangerous. Muslim Zones are effectively no longer part of that country, now in Britain, France and Sweden to name just the most prominent. Canada is building these areas too, for example subsidized housing in Toronto that refuses non-Muslims, people who have been waiting for years to get into such housing. That is what is happening today with a people who resist integration into society because of discrimination against "inferior" non-Muslims.

The Multiculturalism experiment is dead - a proven failure as many people are now realizing and even Angela Merkel of Germany But she keeps promoting it. If it were successful, then countries would be looking for more immigrants and competing for them. Such is not the case. Some countries call it successful without any data to prove the assertion, just a political ideology because immigrants are potential voters who will keep them in power forever as long as they keep throwing money at them. It has died a natural death and we must bury it and move forward. It only works in theory, just as Marxism before it. But that is reversible in time. One key thing I would like to get through to the people is that yes, you can object to this kind of immigration; you don't have to be a racist or skinhead to do so anymore. Anyone can do it, you have my permission and I respect all nationalities and have a long history of friendship with every color in the rainbow. I used to hang out with international students when I was in technical school and university and I appreciate every single culture, even Russian in those days. Know your enemy, which is Russia, and always has been, but I believe in friendship on an individual basis. Yes, I even joined the balalaika orchestra in my university and a Slavonics professor was one of my best friends. His family had escaped Russia after the war via China. The idea that objecting to Muslim immigration is somehow a racist thing or bigoted is absurd, and if you listen to what I and others have to say, you'll know why. The left doesn't want to know because they know they are wrong, and only use accusations of racism and the like because people fear it and it seems to work. Now everyone is beginning to see the problem and concur we must do something or we are toast. The place to begin is this: when the government says they are taking your God given liberty for some ideology, the people must not say OK go ahead and take it. That happened to Finns without protest when they were asked to comply with Arab demands not to criticize Islam, a religion that says they are superior to everyone else and we should do as we're told. I suppose it was done because "we should respect" the culture of other countries and if that means crushing our own, so be it. No, that is the dumbest reason to incrementally give up our free and prosperous culture and trade that for something inferior. This is happening in the United States and Europe and it is part of leftist ideology we must abandon or die. Swedes are attempting to spread truth but are prevented by Muslims.

We must respect Muslims because they have been brainwashed for 1400 years and don't know any better, but we should and we can't fall into the the same hole they're in. We must teach them that it is not OK to try and change our culture, that they must adapt to ours lest the failed systems are transplanted. In changing conditions, mankind has always changed their behavior to adapt. Finns have found what works living in the North, and the migrants behaved as they did where they came from but they won't work elsewhere. We can't now accept changes to our culture as they are doing successfully in Britain for example. I want to make Finland the place where this kind of capitulation is made illegal. Adapt or go back - that is my message. I want Finland to survive as Finland, not Arabia, but it can only do that if the people follow a common sense method based on elementary biology and population dynamics. Firstly, they must stop all Muslim immigration until it is stabilized, and send back anyone convicted of crimes or agitation. Then the people must take charge of procreation as their numbers are declining fast, with a dismal 1.4 per family! It may be too late already, but we must try. This is certain death to Finns who need 2.11 just to barely survive. No more trivial pregnancy terminations of convenience. Each family of Finns that has four or more children will have better tax advantages. Finnish women choosing adoption over termination will be rewarded. This or a variation of it is the only formula that can save our culture and many others from extinction. Are individual reproductive rights more important than the national reproductive imperative? Critical times require smart decisions, not political correctness, which is just, well...dumb. I don't believe that a Socialist government such as most of Europe has can do it. They are on the side of the Muslims and immigration, not the people. They don't care about who takes over the country as long as they can be in power. They are self serving Quislings. Immigrants keep them there and they don't have to deal with the real problem - until it finally bites us all where it hurts. Just look at the measures China had to implement to avoid their disaster, so this is a reversal of their one child policy. Can you handle the truth?

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The Destruction of Our Civilization by Arabian Oil Wealth

The leftist transmittable disease is ruining Europe fast. It has spread throughout Europe and is responsible for the inability to discern danger from security, lying from truth, refugees from ISIS and terrorists, and on and on...Europe is being invaded and has been for at least thirty years. I knew this already years ago, right after 9/11, but few were willing to see it from outside their condition. Pressured by his Saudi oil buddies, Bush's declaration that "Islam is a religion of peace" set the world on the wrong path. Now the "Emperor has no cloths" - the people believe something that their senses tell them is false. Muslim carnage is universal, especially against Christians and Jews, yet people are believing the lie that Muslims are the ones being persecuted. Has your news media reported on the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East? Probably not nearly enough. Thousands have been killed and not one peep out of the White Hose! Obama is against the Christian Faith because he is a Muslim. Now with this migrant process hitting a peak, perhaps they can be cured but I wouldn't hold my breath. They are still saying we should help these poor unfortunate migrants, most of which are not refugees of the war but using the opportunity to get into Europe. Many of them are doing unimaginably horrible things in their mad rush to living off someone else and dictating terms to their hosts, bringing with them the seeds of horror they escaped, in the form of their brainwashing. They have no intention of letting infidels tell them what to do, and in fact they are already in control in France, Britain and Germany. They smell fear and use it to their advantage. My opinion is that Finns should learn from others' mistakes rather than their own, but those guys in power don't want any part of it. In 1939, the one thing Finns did right was to learn from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, when the Russians came to knock on our door. The Baltic states cooperated and were swallowed up. The leadership saw what was happening and refused the Russian demands for land. Finns must now look at Germany, France and Britain and act accordingly rather than spouting some of their leftist ideology about the world living in harmony together forever. It ain't going to happen, because of human nature and their demonstrated stupidity and refusal to see things the way they are and act accordingly rather than the way they feel they should be. It would be nice if Muslims and the rest of the world could coexist in peace, but it won't happen as long as they can't even live in peace among themselves. ISIS is slaughtering even Muslims because they don't believe in the Wahhabi (Saudi) extreme religion they do. Saudi Arabia by the way is responsible for funding this extremism and they have recently spent $78 Million dollars promoting it according to RT News. The Muslim Brotherhood is the front organization behind a lot of terrorism and indoctrination and propaganda. You can see it on both sides of the Atlantic.Muslims are pretty much getting their own way. ISIS has said they plan to use this crisis to get their soldiers into Germany and many have already arrived. Stealing cars, pulling the occupants out, throwing excrement...these are mostly animals, about 90%, not refugees! The forests are littered with identification which they have shed, and they know exactly what to say in their story line - denying everything and not knowing anything.

The Invasion Intensifies

In the 30's the world saw a dangerous ideology, a "Master Race" under the Nazi Party growing in power then being expressed in genocide and destruction. About the same time, another supremacist ideology was reviving from relative dormancy, a "Master Religion" which has been working ceaselessly toward world domination. This dangerous ideology is woven into the fabric of a religion and is being protected by the Finnish Government right along with the "religious" part. The Islamic Brotherhood would be roughly equivalent to the Nazi Party, and both are remarkably similar in many respects including hatred of Jews. Now is the time to wake up and resist this world wide movement both violent and stealthy, and realize that ISIS was formed from Muslims from diverse places from your community with the blessings or noninterference of the Mosques. They don't pass any information on people to authorities. These Mosques are the enemy within since they are sympathetic to the cause unless proven otherwise. They want the same thing ISIS is fighting for: a world-wide Islamic Caliphate. Where else would these fighters come from if not our Mosques? They are flooding into Europe right now. Crossing through Macedonia into Greece, these "refugees" are doing the ISIS salute "I" - holding up one finger. Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America says that the best information from all security sources says that only a minority of Muslims are radical thinking. The majority want what we have, to be peaceful and prosperous. It is estimated that 800,000 refugees will be received by Germany alone over the next few months. Using an average of 15-25% as per Brigitte's information, that makes 160,000 new people streaming into Germany who are ready to shout "Allah Akbar" and kill innocent people. Have you heard about it? If not what is your news service doing?

So ignorance is supposed to be bliss and let's all stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best. No, we have to do something now and that means the people must act on whatever real truth that they might have or can get as opposed to the sugar coated political correctness that is sending Europe to their doom. Finland will not be able to support all the immigrants that are coming in because the big companies see what is happening and are leaving. Arabia Ceramics and Nokia, two of the biggest employers are moving out. Who will employ all those who are still unemployed after many years while more are coming? Who will accept the responsibility for the huge increase in crime and rapes of our women by young Muslim men which is going on right now? 70% of rapes in Scandinavia are by young Muslim men. I understand we aren't supposed to pin anything on any one group of people, but if we just turn our heads the other way, it will continue and increase. We are pretending that these crimes are just part of the normal crime statistics. They are not. So we have to state who is doing what in order to stop it. That may mean educating young Muslim men - whatever. But unless we identify the problem and its source we can't fix it. It's simple as that. Do you think the people are happy about what is going on? Absolutely not, and neither apparently are the businesses that have to pay the high taxes to support to the masses of humanity, thousands of new uneducated Muslims, that will never probably find a career in Finland, and can get just as much money doing nothing as sweeping floors.

My point concerning Finland is that the Finnish authorities have caved into the demands of 56 Muslim countries voting in the UN for censoring discussion of Islam by criminalizing it. Of course the wording is about offending the "sanctity of a religion" but any discussion about Islam will fall under that unless it is about something totally neutral or peaceful as for example some of Muhammad's early sayings that were abrogated, or cancelled. Islam will not spread if everyone knows what it is, how dangerous it is to democracy and our way, which is why the Muslim countries are using the UN to prevent the general public's knowledge about the intentions and horrors in the religion itself. I would say rape, wife beating and child brides, to name a few, is horrible, though the government obviously doesn't care.

Did you know that Muslims will lie to you using cancelled peaceful verses? That's right, when Muhammad's army began to win battles, he told his followers that Allah had given him new instructions to chop off heads of anyone who doesn't believe, canceling his previous conciliatory statements. This is the religion being taught in American schools right now! The kids are being fed a pack of lies, all approved by Obama and funded by the Arabs. Now there are prosecutions in Finland for just stating facts about this religion, which is so far from our concept of religion that it appears as an ideology of how to treat infidels and take over countries for Islam. Finland should not put restrictions on discussing Islam with this disturbing the "sanctity of a religion" Law. Finns should know everything about it and why it is so dangerous. Recent prosecutions under this law includes a Lutheran Minister who was fired for stating a truth about Islam and Jussi Halla-Aho who was fined almost $2000 for stating that Islam is a religion of Pedophilia because Muhammad married and had sex with a 9 year-old girl playing with dolls. This is protecting sex with minors, that is a crime in Finland, but not in Islam.

The so-called "refugees" mostly men, are demanding being allowed transit through Europe to the country of their choice. This is against all international laws and they are being allowed to go. Many are ISIS or their sympathizers. We have the image of a little boy or girl in our minds and disregard the threat. Where are the families? Did these fathers abandon them or are they warriors involved in an invasion? Freedom of speech is dead in Europe and the people are their own worst enemies, not allowing the truth to be spoken among themselves. They are responsible for the lack of freedom of speech just as much as the government. They must wake up, and to do that they need the correct information, which begins here. Obama is my enemy and yours. He has capitulated already. Don't believe anything he says. Watch the real news that is available at CBN.

Arabia and other oil-rich countries nearby are funding the spread of Islam through funding Islamic centers in most universities in America, brainwashing our kids about how bad democracy and freedom is, and that only Islam has the solution to the world's problems. Not only that but kids in school are being brainwashed into Islam. Brigitte Gabriel proved that at her "show and tell." Where are the mothers and fathers when they don't care what is being taught to their kids? This is all the fault of the Democrats, and it was started by Clinton and intensified under Obama. Dump the Democrats or else you will lose your children to Islam. At the time of this writing at least 75 home grown terrorists have been arrested in the United States since these Islamic centers were set up and the school curriculum introduced Islam as a mandatory course to young children. Whether Islam is a religion of peace or war is of no practical concern since most Muslims follow the example of Muhammad who went on at least 66 military campaigns. This tells them that if they want to follow the right path, they should be militant and hopefully die while fighting for Islam and go straight to paradise. BTW, dying for the cause of Islam is the only assurance of paradise for a Muslim. Even Muhammad wasn't sure if he was going to paradise so how can any Muslim be sure unless they are killed fighting for Allah? This explains why some Muslims believe that suicide bombing will get them to paradise. Since Islam is so restrictive and there is no way out, they see this as an attractive option to get out of here. The family or another Muslim will kill any member that leaves Islam. They are diligent in perusing their goal of burying us and we are just too messed up in our thinking, our leftist ideology sickness, to see it. When we turn away from the truth willfully and consciously, we can't discern truth any more - we begin to see things upside down, and inside out. It is not a physical sickness, but goes deeper. It is a spiritual malady that has infected most of Europe. That is what has happened. What are we being diligent in? Helping them by silencing information about Islam and tipping the demographic balance in their favor. How dumb is that?


    Questions BEING ASKED Behind the Scenes in Europe:
    1.) Why would Syrian refugees make the dangerous and extremely long journey to European nations and U.S. (who hold damnable doctrine and life-styles according to the Quran) rather than the Arab nations (who are Islamic oriented) around them?
    2.) Why has it taken 5 full years (length of civil war in certain parts of Syria) for Syrians in the particular regions to leave?
    3.) Why are refugees tossing out good water and food given to them by western governments on their arrival?
    4.) Why are many of the refugees young men?
    5.) Why are the 5 wealthiest Gulf Nations refusing to take even one refugee? What do they know that we don't?
    6.) Could it be this refugee crisis is not really a crisis at all but a Trojan Horse?
    7.) Could it be that we could be looking at the most massive Infiltration of Muslims and the religion of Islam the West has EVER seen in History?
    8.) Could it be this "refugee crisis" is a planned takeover by the United Nations, U.S. and EU sensitive to the Caliphate of Islamic Teachings?

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"If the government fears the people, you can have a good government, but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny. The federal government is our servant, not our master!" (Thomas Jefferson)


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