Islamic Terror Threat to Freedom: From Finland to America

"Islamic Invasions"

Finland's War on Freedom of Speech

To Comply With 56 Muslim Countries' Demands

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." Benjamin Franklin

"The truth will set you free, but first it might make you angry."

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Who is really your enemy? Want to find out?

by Osmo Joronen

The truth about Islam and Israel is explored daily.

"If the Muslim Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel."


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Obama's treason against the people of United States: he is letting ISIS into the country while trying to disarm the people. The "left" lie and misquote, like about Trump's speech. He wants temporary halt to Muslim immigration because Obama has not screened any of them and US is under ISIS attack. It is not about hating Muslims like the misinforming left is claiming. Obama's buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated terrorist organizations, and ISIS are the enemy. Does America need more? Obama thinks so. We know that Obama and Hillary are on the same team, and Hillary, a criminal who also gave the order to attack in Waco where 18 children under the age of 8 were brutally murdered, would bring more of the same thing and that would be the last nail in America's coffin. Why do Americans vote for criminals without a second thought? Why do Finns vote for governments that destroy their country? They are all criminals in some ways if they destroy what is good and bring in things that destroy what has been fought for and built over hundreds of years. Americans have been voting for candidates based on sex and race. Isn't it time to vote for candidates that will actually be good for America, who love freedom and the American Constitution. By knowing what is happening in America, we can be more effective in dealing with the problems in Finland, which has many parallel scenarios.

I hate to accuse anyone of lying but I have caught Obama and Hillary lying, many times, which makes anything they say suspect. Obama promised to uphold the Constitution. He lied. He said he was a Christian. He lied; he is a registered (Indonesia) Muslim, and admitted it in the Muslim world saying he was one of them. He and Hillary just lie like it was second nature to them, so people think they are being honest. Don't Americans value honesty anymore? I think leaders should tell the people the truth, and not try to hide their activity from the people, and that should guide who we vote for, not how smooth talkers they are. Trump is not a smooth talker and con man like Obama, if he is a liar nobody would do business with him. He ruffles a lot of feathers of political correct people. But he gets things done, on time and below budget, which America needs now in the worst way. Obama throws the peopl e's money away. He is apparently trying to destroy America any way he can and the $20 Trillion debt pretty much proves it. There is no regard for its consequences. Islam serves the Global Elite's purpose unfortunately and Obama and Hillary are serving that agenda.

Trump is no saint, and he spills his soul for everyone to see, but he is being honest and is not in this Globalist game at least in the same way or extent and that makes him dangerous to the Elite's agenda. Hillary and Obama are serpents that craft their sentences with lies and half truths. The people have been told that to stop Muslim immigration temporarily in time of war, some of which don't have good intentions, is racist. Hillary uses the fear of racism against anyone that is for America at the expense of outsiders such as Mexicans and Muslims foreigners who are let in easily and set free, no questions asked, while Christian refugees are incarcerated. Obama hates Christians, and never forget, 7 years ago he swore he was one. To put it simply: this is about lies vs. truth, the old battle between good and evil. Which will win? The Stop Trump campaign is just beginning. I am not on the side of the left or the right, but whichever is willing to give us the information truthfully and is not being controlled. What the liberal left calls the "right" should be in charge in times like this. Why? Because the "left" can't go against their ideology of "imagined truths" (lies) - their fantasy land inspired by principalities of the air - and that will ruin us if we let it.

Who are the "left?" They are the destroyers in my opinion. Not that the "right" is innocent either, but of the two, for survival, it can't be the left. Truth will make us free, but political correctness will in the end enslave us, because it is based on bad ideology, full of lies, and appears on the surface to be the good while the so called right is bad. The Bible says that in the end times people will think good is bad and that is exactly what is happening. The deceived left was busy trying to make Finns vassals of Russia in 1917-18 and were put down by the patriots, adherents to truth, but now they are actually in government and they believe in control of the information (truth) dispensed to the masses and in most cases are protecting evil by disallowing criticism of it. Like the left, Islam is also a bad ideology full of hatred and violence against "non-Muslims" and it will bring down our system if allowed to do so. There are good Muslims but only if they disregard the teachings that ISIS follows. Muslims are just innocent but brainwashed people so they must be taught truth about their religion and given the alternative that will free them. Refugees are innocent pawns in a movement to Islamize the world. They are being forced to flee to Europe and colonize it for Islam. They deserve to be protected, but over in Syria. I actually belong to an organization (700 Club) that is supplying aid, through "operation blessing" setting up camps and providing food to the families in need that land in Greece. We help everyone regardless of race or religion regarding any need and we have the doctors, and other professionals and means to do it, mostly from American and Canadian people but also memberships in all nations. This is demonstrating God's love, and compare that to what rich Muslim countries are doing for them - not much. Are they giving them refuge? Absolutely not! This is a big organization and we are everywhere, but we know what Islam is and wish to let you know. But in Finland it is illegal because it violates the "sanctity" of a religion. You can't go around telling people about what Muhammad did or about its many irrational and violent ideas, such as wife beating and pedophilia, that come in with these mostly nice, innocent people. Therein lies the problem: we love the people but not the religion. Can they be separated?

This is not about the Muslim people; it is about a dangerous ideology called Islam which is being hidden from those who need to know, with laws and terms like "racism" and "Nazi" in an attempt to silence this information - and it has worked thus far, but it is changing. I am telling you this because the left is accusing anyone opposed to their ideology of being all kinds of things, which is not true. This is strictly about an evil ideology that we want to keep from changing our free country to conform to Islam, its laws and customs contrary to a free society, that have no place in Finland. America didn't just take in English, French, Belgian, Dutch etc. immigrants from Europe; they went over there and beat up on the Germans and destroyed them to where they could no longer function. That's what is needed now. We need to fix the problem by crushing ISIS forever and showing anyone else that might try it what happens.

This is very evident in America under Obama, who is certainly a Muslim, there is no more doubt. That means trouble, because he wants to push the people into fighting in the streets so he can impose martial law and thereby take over the reigns of government, and that will be the end of America as we know it.

The clergy on both sides of the Atlantic are relatively silent, just as they were in the 30's and they did nothing to lead the people into opposing Hitler. If not the clergy, who then? The Polish people can thank the Pope of all people for their freedom from Communist oppression. He supplied the necessary leadership at the right time. The Finnish clergy is of no use in the matter (clamping down on freedom of speech) as most of them are paid by the government. They would have to all take a stand for what is best for the Finnish people, whose interests have been forgotten. The left never went away, they just repackaged, disguised themselves and deceived the people. Now they apparently want to bring down the present system and Muslims will help because they will cause enough trouble so that the government can step in with their New World Order. That is the formula everywhere. These 5th Column soldiers must go from America, (and arguably Finland too) before it's too late in my opinion. The people must be free to resist government policy if it isn't in their best interest, if it doesn't support the Republic and its Constitution, whatever the issue. Now, because we have not learned from history, it is about to repeat it. The masses are only able to have correct opinions based on correct knowledge and the government wants it based on their spin based on white-washed information. If you disagree, you're a Nazi. An editorial in Canada mentioned that Trump was tapping into America racism in his outrageous comment about stopping immigration until these people can be verified properly and the causes of the attacks on Americans can be understood. Security issues are now racism in the view of these liberals. We should not be concerned about it at a time when ISIS has stated that they are sending their people mixed in with the refugees! But we are to disregard that. That is foolish since ISIS is presently attacking everywhere in the US and authorities are powerless to stop it because Obama is letting them in.

But that is changing; people now see through that and are willing to accept other opinions and information. Well, now there's more, a broader source of correct data for making opinions, and this is one of them. Frankly, I was amazed at Trump's knowledge oft Islam, and even more so about his fearless attitude, with only the welfare of his country on his mind. He is brilliantly keeping it under his hat except for a slip now and then, which you heard recently about banning Muslims for a time. The idiot news dropped the last part, making it sound like it was permanent. I finally had enough of Finland putting the ideology of Islam into protective custody and giving us a false notion of the ideology, they are handling with kid gloves, that is coming in with the new immigrants. You probably think this is crazy; Islam is a religion. Well, I think you need a lesson in Islam. It is much more than a religion and what is in there isn't pretty, and they are trying to keep you from getting it. We aren't going to let them. You have to know what is driving ISIS and terror. That is absolutely imperative. The final battle between good and evil is coming; don't be left on the wrong side, please..

I am a Finn of the Old School. I don't tolerate lies, half truths and omissions. What I see today tells me that we need to go backwards to move forwards. This might sound extreme, but if you know what is behind what is happening, you won't think it's extreme enough. I have to say that only the left has been dumb enough to fall into the trap of the Globalists, European Union being part of it, and do and say everything they and the UN want them to. The media, their mouthpiece to the people, has enculturated the people to believe according to what they want, and disbelieve anything contrary. Anything else is supposedly Islamophobia, racism, Nazism...whatever the people would swallow without a second thought. Only people like you, dear reader, will know the truth in time to do something, like myself, because you are taking the time to find the truth. And by the way, please come back to this spot in a few days, I will put a prophecy here that will shake the foundations of America and Finland, as everything that has been prophesized is happening and fast. All the others will have to live in a world spun by the spinners of a dream world meant for the consumption of the majority that have an attention span of about 15 - 30 seconds, the time it takes to assimilate only propaganda, that the government and news is only too happy to provide. That is why the country is going into the hole that is opening up in front of our future - if you want to know the truth. We, the only ones who are willing to dig deeper, have the responsibility to warn the others, if that is possible. Don't fall for the knee-jerk reaction that any mention of the possibility of Islam actually destroying our culture is racism. It isn't true. It is happening in Britain and France, where Finland will be in a few years too! Not only that but war is coming. All the countries are preparing for it now, except United States and other countries that have a socialist form of government. Russia and China are ready. America is not. Thanks to Obama who is deceiving America and the run of bad leaders, including the corrupt Congress, America has had leaders that have run the country into the ground and have consistently worked with corrupt industry such as Monsanto and Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood (like Mafia family) against the people. For example he arranged with the Brotherhood to indoctrinate children into Islam by altering school books and curricula. More... Finland is on the same track, like these socialists are all marching to the same tune. They must go, and sooner than later. America has been bought by Arab oil money, I am certain. That is why nobody lifts a finger to correct any of this. Follow the money.

A true Muslim, like Obama, can't uphold the American Constitution.
America! Get rid of the scum bags: "Stand Down" weak and corrupt Muslim Obama and his dumb dishonest partner sneaky Hillary and the rest of the criminals in the White House that are Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist front organization) members or just don't understand Islam or anything else, who do whatever they please and don't care about the American Constitution and freedom. When I heard that the Brotherhood had set up near the White House and were coming and going freely, advising Obama about policy, I was disgusted. I knew who they were but the American people did not because the media was not doing their job! I shouldn't have to do their job for them. What is the matter with them?

The media is culpable in the America's destruction as far as I'm concerned. I was also disgusted when I found out that Arabs control many of the news agencies and only tell you what they want you to know, which is against the interests of the American people. I see the Finnish news picking up on this news feed and thereby pollute the Finnish people with their anti-Israeli pro-Arab lies. Hillary, the pathological liar, should be behind bars with her husband the crook and Obama the Muslim who pretended to be a Christian. Career criminal

In this page, I ask some tough questions that nobody else wants to ask, but needs to be such as: what is the future of a country that has a growing population that hates freedom and democracy and declining population that wants freedom, and I presume some form of "democracy" though they are misguided in believing that socialism is the ideal form of that. I will explain, but first just look at Syria. The reason it can't resist the first determined enemy is because they aren't united, because of their many interpretations of Islam and blood feuds. In Muslim countries there are groups that have been fighting forever, tribe against tribe, belief against belief. Islam can never be a democracy because its political teaching is totalitarian and need for revenge, hate and Jihad keep fueling violence. Britain is now fractured along religious lines. There are now countries within a country, even having their own laws. United we stand, divided we fall like the Syrians who had to run away.

To the ruling elite of Finland.  To the people: this is freedom in case you have forgotten. Brigitte Gabriel teaches us to speak only the truth and throw political correctness into the trash where it belongs! And why not? What's the point of information if it's tainted with politics, putting the government spin on raw data? But when someone wants to actually deal with tough issues, the left sing the same old chorus: Nazi, racist, bigot... That is just stupid, complying with the New World Order gang whose aim is to dumb down the population under their control, and finally demolish the present system.

Trump wants to protect America until the ISIS attacks on America have been solved and everyone, Canadian PM included call him racist and threaten all kinds of action. Can't we protect ourselves anymore without people shouting Nazi? If a candidate doesn't say anything that isn't politically correct, watch out, he is a phony. Trump just says what needs to be said and that's it. That is my kind of guy, and surprise, it resonates with people. That is what we need in Finland. Except when our guys start talking, they end up in court with a €2000 fine. That is disgraceful. Anyone that can't take a little criticism and is offended from the slightest thing, doesn't deserve to live in a free country, neither does anyone that backs this kind of censorship. They need to move to China. Everyone is scared to say or do anything that might make them look bad while ISIS freely enters wherever they want. Nobody knows who these people are who are coming. We have to take their word for it, and Obama doesn't care. Meanwhile ISIS is attacking all over the country and planning the next Big Bang. Security doesn't seem to be a priority anymore, which is part of the Plan. What we need is government that is working for the ones that elected them, and Trump, being self financed is the only one who doesn't need anybody's money, so he will do what is right not what someone tells him to. Finnish leaders don't find out what the people want and act accordingly. They look to the UN for directives on how to deal with the people, and that is control their speech. Trump will do the thing United States needs, not what's politically correct. Everyone else will be busy paying back with favors, or following someone's agenda, and the Arabs are the worst, buying our leaders with oil money, much of which comes from the American people.

But who will work for the people of Finland? Nobody I know of. Check out the Tavistock Institute's Bilderbergers' conspiracy for behavioral modification of the people. In Finland, like elsewhere, we see the results in the government's actions against the people who are unaware that they have been manipulated to act against their own interests.

When we go seeking information we want data, facts, not some ideology. Only free speech can guarantee a bright future for Finland, which has been under some form of Socialism far too long, the results of which are evident in a steady decline in GDP. If Trump was in control, things would turn around, but not with these leftists and their Utopian unrealistic dreams - like their Communist predecessors in 1918 defeated after a bitter war. The solution? Bury Socialism, restore freedom of speech and move forward. Keep it and endure decades of misery and hardship with a declining Finnish population trying to support a growing unproductive population. They must go, just as Obama and his $20 Trillion deficit must go, or there will be a total collapse of the system. Only Trump has the energy and smarts to reverse it. I think the Finns can learn from him and demand leaders with realistic goals. Finland on the other hand, has decided to put itself into a tailspin by importing tens of thousands of unemployed, many of them ISIS, to live off what's left of the economy, which isn't much in the post-Nokia Finland.

We the people don't need political correctness - that is government propaganda against the interests of the people, complying with some other outside orders and interests, to destroy the existing order and to create a (what the ruling elite call "New World Order") to benefit a few elite at the expense of the cultural and economic integrity of the people.

This page is for everyone, but not everyone is open to receiving truth, preferring to cling to some fantasy that was created for them by those with interests other than ours. Europe has a problem with illegal immigration, defined as any immigration that the people of the country don't want, (as the people commissioned their civil servants to do their will) mainly single males who ran away from protecting their families and are possibly the enemy itself, and which spike crime rates. You see, if there are no guns in the family, they are at the mercy of anyone who wants to kill them. So they must run rather than fight. When they saw it coming, they should have armed themselves. They had several years to do it and organize a resistance. In America, Obama can't be trusted. He wants to disarm the people and become a dictator with the help of his private army, hoping the people would be powerless to stop him. That is why the Constitution guarantees the right of self defense to preserve freedom. The Founding Fathers knew there are evil men with evil intentions down the road - like Obama. By my definition Finland is full of illegal single males authorities know little or nothing about, no doubt many ISIS plants, and are permitted to stay by the government at the people's expense.

The Finnish people are, from a biological point of view, a failed ethnic group, unable to sustain its population due to years of destroying its future generations. Since 1952, that amounts to over 800,000 Finns that never made it. They would have made it unnecessary to import any work force. The same applies to Germany and other European countries. The only viable solution to the extinction of the Finnish people is reversal of this destruction. Immigration is just trying to fix the symptoms of a systemic problem, which is just "changing of the guard" and does nothing to save Finns from the same destruction that happened to their many tribal cousins in Russia. This is just a repeat of what happened to them in the 13th Century, when they were outnumbered and overrun by "Slavs.". Would the Slavic invasion conform to my biological "invasive species" idea? Did Slavs crowd out the indigenous "species?" Absolutely; Russian reproduction was greater, and food supply was better in the southern regions where they lived. Biological success or failure determines the future of all life on earth. It doesn't help biologically in the long term to substitute other people for indigenous just to maintain the population of Finland. In fact it will just destroy one and replace it with another if the population graphs cross, which is the case at present.

This is just a biological analogy but it can be valid. Here is a definition of the biological term: "An alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health." Did the Russian invaders of the Finno-Ugric people present harm to human health of the Finnish tribes? Of course; it was genocide. Can that same kind of thing happen at any time in history, especially now? I believe it doesn't matter what period in history, it can happen. Due to reproductive failure, whereby there is s deficit of one child per family to maintain homeostasis, the Finnish people could fade into history only to be read about in books if they are allowed. It must be reversed at all cost, even if we must endure some major changes. This is not hating Muslims, just as we don't hate any particular animal or plant species, but we must look at it scientifically, not through the tinted glass of political correctness. I apologize if science offends.

That happens to be the truth though it is terribly politically incorrect to state it openly. But someone has to and I guess that is me, because I don't care what people think of what is only the truth, which can be received or rejected. I take my responsibility to serve the Finnish people very seriously, to point out the obvious, but which is not politically correct. This is my sworn duty when I received my Biology degree, and Finland has a biology problem. It is similar to saving any species, a population dynamics issue that can be studied and recommendations made to reverse a trend. In my view, too many "invasive species" can damage any population, whether animal or human. That is science, not opinion. I cannot be politically correct and remain true to myself and the people. I have some ideas how this can be implemented without forcing anyone to do anything, thus preserving freedom, which is my greatest desire. This is completely opposite of Socialism that believes that people must be forced to do their will by more and more laws until the nation is in a legal straight jacket.

So do you think Trump was out of line stating that Muslim immigration should be stopped until the cause of the observed spikes in terrorism in the United States initiated in 2001 is understood and the attacks have stopped? Are you willing to put Americans (or Finns) at risk? About 1000 and growing suspected ISIS related incidents under investigation have been recorded in the United States and much of it originating from outside of the United States. Can you say you understand what the causes of these attacks are and that they are under control? If not, let Trump do his thing and get to the bottom of it. Obama refuses to connect the dots. He is just hiding the causes because he is a Muslim himself, having been indoctrinated into the religion in Indonesia as a child and carried identification as a Muslim, and therefore is sympathetic to the cause of world Islam. He consorts with terrorists at the White House, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, and I believe he is one of them. They have been positively identified in Britain as terrorists! Why isn't he impeached already? He is also changing all the texts in schools (kids taught how to become a Muslim) and FBI manuals to remove anything that might shed a negative light on Islam as the source of any violence - making Islam appear peaceful when in fact it is far from it. The FBI manual was written by Robert Morey who warned the FBI about dangers to their lives when entering Muslim areas, how it is the religion which causes the security issues, and how to protect themselves. These warning were removed.

Did your news cut Trump's statement so you think he said "Ban Muslims forever?

Finns need the attitude of Donald Trump. The Left is ruining Finland like Obama is ruining America.

It is not my intention to offend anyone. I am always sensitive to others' feelings, but if something must be said, then so be it. And by the way, I don't hate anyone for ethnicity or religion. This is about ideology that is in about 20%+ (Brigitte Gabriel, Act! for America) of immigrants that are coming out of Muslim countries. This represents a threat. When I checked into the ideology called Islam I realized why and that is what this is about and what we can do about it to protect ourselves. You might call it a religion, but that is incorrect. It is mostly ideology, like a political part with a platform. That is where the problem begins and spreads out to infect minds. I'm the most easy-going guy you'll ever know. I am not about hating people. I love people and volunteer at times and wish only the best for the besieged people in some Muslim countries. But bringing them all to our European countries is not the way to do it. We must fix the problem at its source - all the European countries including America and our other allies. Yes, it is a world war, possibly even the beginning of the big one, but we can't hide from evil. It must be faced and crushed, driven into the ground and its ideological leaders must be held accountable. We aren't just facing ISIS. We are facing our own people too, who don't want to defeat ISIS, but want to fill all the countries with the refugees, for their own agenda. My hatred is focused solely on ideology that can bring us down and is doing so as I write..

The offended should suck it up - they have to learn to adapt to our ways rather than the other way around, which the left are pushing for very hard. According to the politically correct, we must change our culture to suit the newcomers. No immigrant to America or Canada ever historically demanded their new country change to suite themselves.That is not a reasonable request. But it is a tactic by Muslim extremists mixed in with the others, and it is working, and the results can be seen magnified by time in Britain with the parallel Shariah law now in effect. My position is: one country, one law for all. "United we stand, divided we fall." The Elite are trying to block dissemination of information about the true nature and danger of an ideology that they call a religion, meaning - "leave it alone" - but "Christians" (as opposed to Muslims) are called "bigots" for trying to warn people of things that will directly affect them negatively very soon as it has elsewhere in Europe. Despite news blackouts about the truth, a few independent news channels such as CBN.com are succeeding in telling the people without retribution, at least for now.

After extensive research into Islamic teachings, I was shocked at what I found there, and now propose that there is a minimum you must know, and I am disappointed at the extent of the ignorance right from the government down, and the laws prevent the spread of that information in compliance with Muslim countries that don't want their plans, nor Muhammad's life made public. It is not pretty information but neither is it hatred of Muslims, but rather a system they are essentially prisoners of, unable to escape under penalty of death. Islam is essentially the repudiation of John 3:16 which says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." Muhammad said, "no way" this Jesus came from God to save the world. He changed the entire Bible by himself, that was written over thousands of years by many prophets. That can't happen, and his "new and improved" gospel is a fraud.

My "hate speech" is about hating the lies spoken by those who know nothing about the subject they pretend to be experts of: Islam. My hate speech is also about hating gag laws about not speaking the truth for fear of offending someone, thereby putting us all in danger. They want only lies. It is OK for them to offend us with lies but we can't offend anyone with the truth! I was brought up telling the truth by a Christian mother long before truth went out of style. And finally, my hate speech is not about hating anyone, including Muslims. So I hate to disappoint them but there is no long term utility in lies, or "fairy-tales" though they might make people feel good at the moment, so let's get at it.

There is definitely blurring in the boundaries between religion and ideology. Islam is treated as a religion but is mostly ideology that 57 Muslim countries wants to hide from public view for strategic reasons. That means their goals are more easily achieved if the information is either not revealed or if it is altered for western consumption. That goal is the Islamization of the world. They believe that anything spreading Islam is good and we see it happening before our eyes and we have been powerless to stop it because the left control the news and government.. The war by ISIS is obviously seeding many areas of Europe and North America. There is no reason to stop it from their perspective. It is what they've always wanted, and they are using their own people as pw s in that game. But Islam, the ideology, has a dark side not spoken about in the news which I would like to introduce here.

If I had to sum up what Islam stands for in a few sentences, the most important thing is Islam's inherent anti-freedom ideology, which is catching, as we can see with the laws against "disturbing the sanctity" of a religion, meaning they can believe what they want and we can't criticize it. That prohibition is in Shariah Law, and now it is being enforced in Finland. Nothing in a free country is beyond criticism, which makes Finland less than a free country wth every new law protecting some aspect of Islam or immigration. That leads to a closed state and we don't want it. Because the Finnish government is going down the road of silencing the people, I choose to go against the law and disturb that "sanctity" by telling you what Islam really stands for, and let you decide what to do about the immigration policy pursued by Finland based on knowledge rather than socialist propaganda.

We must learn from others' experience rather than repeating their mistakes. For example British Muslims demanded their own parallel legal system because the British system, based originally on the tenants of Christianity, went against their religion based on Islam. One of the main things I object to in Islam, and so should you, is treating women like children, incapable of anything but making and looking after children and needing a male guardian. Her witness is worth very little because her brain is supposedly not very good, about one-half that of a man according to Muhammad. Shariah law wants the witness of two women against the witness of one man. It is a retrograde system that needs another 1400 years to purge it of all the injustice they call a perfect system for the world, and they intend to force it on us bit by bit. The prudent, wise, intelligent, good thing to do in anything that we don't know much about is first learn what the experience of others further ahead has been, while listening to the links on this page about facts about Islam that most Muslims don't even know, or lie about if they do. The dumb thing to do is write it off as Islamophobia, Nazism, hate speech, racism or a combination, which the left supports in order to silence dissent. Let's get real friends. Don't be afraid to be called a Nazi, because consider the source. You know you aren't and if you cave in, you are part of the problem! Your decision MUST be based on fact, like Trump who is one of the only politicians that understands Islam that I know. The rest repeat propaganda or what some politician said because of fear where truth is seen as some sort of evil. How he made his money is knowledge, which is power. The rest are in la-la land whose theories are so far from reality that they are ruining whatever country is unlucky enough to host them. The universities are fueling that fantasy. What is nice is Trump is not a puppet of anybody because he finances himself. That's what America needs, not these idiots that owe everything to someone else! They sit in Congress, pockets bulging with bribes from lobbyist. Trump doesn't need any of it. They have other agendas, among them is complying with UN dictator Muslim states, about 57 in all, which outvote everyone else to press forward their agenda of dominating the world with their ideology. To follow them is stupid and foolish. It is time to look after number one: the people's long term interests.

Well, the British socialists, true to their pinky colors, decided to allow just one Shariah Law court. By ~2010 there were 85 such courts. You might say, so what. That is creating two countries, one inside the other like Russian dolls, and that is not unifying but divisive! United we stand; divided we fall, and that is what the Bilderbergers, the ruling Elite want. And we are falling right into their laps. The lessons learned? Give them an inch and they will take a mile, and somebody wants to destroy our happy democratic system developed and fought for by our fathers for hundreds of years, and take our freedoms. We are told that this is not a clash of civilizations and we can live happily together. Sure, if we give them everything they want lest they have a hissy fit and kill somebody. That's not my opinion; it is happening. For this reason we must know Islam and what is happening in other countries. I want you to understand that not all Muslims want Shariah, but it only takes a few vocal Muslims to make socialism cave in and impose something that is not even welcomed by many in their own community because they left their homes in other countries to escape Shariah and the repressive society it creates.

What we have in Finland is nothing more or less than the same people (Socialist/Communists) who started the Finnish Vapaussota, "freedom war" in which Finland won the right to not be influenced or dominated by any other force or power. But these guys were trying to make Finland a vassal state of Russia until the right wing straightened them out. Now these people are back and undoing the results of that struggle and we may become vassals of something even worse.


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Why most people think Islam is a religion of peace
Is Islam a system of government, like Fascism or Communism?

This page reveals my analysis of Islam as it relates to importing large numbers of adherents to this religion, and potential impact on society, culture, religion and everything we consider part of being "Finnish." I believe it to be worth preserving and resisting any foreign ideology that might threaten it. Islam has two parts: a relatively small amount of religion mixed in with a major part of ideology, much of it consisting of how to conquer the world and exercising strict controls of the people with draconian laws that threaten beheading and cutting off arms and legs. If you've ever watched "Pinky and the Brain," Pinky asks the brain, what they should do tomorrow. The answer is, try to take over the world. That is how Islam is. There are set ways that it is accomplished. It appears to be random, but it is following a tested formula that has worked for 1400 years, and we are totally unaware of it. Why? We should be aware of what that is. Moving populations is a big part of it, so is terrorism and the appearance of being a peaceful religion, with just a few "misguided" folks doing un-Islamic things. It works. We don't hate Muslims because most of them are not aware of what is taught inside the religion, in the Qur'an and Hadith. Many of them are taught that their religion is a religion of peace, and I have no problem with that because those people are peaceful. So how does a Muslim or anyone else get radicalized? They start reading those books, that's how. Has anyone ever asked a radicalized Muslim how he because radicalized? They are afraid to interview such people because then they would say they got it from those aforementioned books. That is the truth and don't let political correctness tell you otherwise. When looking for terrorists you don't search little old Irish nuns carrying toenail clippers, but that is what political correctness is doing, while a young Muslim man walks right in. It has happened. They should look for terrorists from the most likely individuals based on correct data as they do in Israel. If this is not done, that is a security breech and it is happening in the US and nothing is being done. Instead the people are expecting Obama's army to attack before the next election, based on what he is doing. That is one reason political correctness is costing a trillion dollars with nothing to show for it. No terrorists apprehended.

This web page can't be politically correct because it has to be based on fact, not fairy tales to make people feel safe and that their government has everything under control. They don't have everything under control and crime statistics, which have not been reported properly (ethnic breakdown of crime) for about fifteen years by the Ministry of the Interior of Finland, would reveal something scary regarding immigrant crime. The reporting of it was stopped because it would create problems for the government. That is how Socialist systems work: keep information from the people. These groups are doing most of the crime, over half of it despite being only a few percent in number. There is a security problem in the immigration department. As I said most Muslims and immigrants are good people, but crime statistics reveal a problem In the system.

The alarming rise of anti-intellectual, anti-questioning sentiments begins right from the place where questioning is supposed to be taught, the universities. Now if you question a socialist agenda, you are worse than a Nazi and should be thrown in jail. That is tolerance socialist style. This is what is being taught to our children who should be taught to question everything. Now anyone opposing an agenda deserves to be ruined forever. Sweden is locked tight in such a hysteria, whereby questioning immigration policy makes you a Nazi and ruins you forever. They have created their own hell on earth, with Socialism, as crime statistics have gone through the roof and nobody can do a thing about it for fear of being ruined. Socialism as practiced in Sweden is the ideal system Obama idolizes, and he has taken every opportunity to implement it in America, including the mass import of Muslims into remote towns and villages, against the wishes of the people, assuming this is good for society.

If you have made up your mind about Islam, then there is nothing I can tell you to change your mind. This is for people who have an open mind and sincerely are searching for the truth about a religion that seems to be contrary to what all the leaders and news is saying about the subject. And above all, I want to raise a red flag about accepting Islam based on what you have heard in the street or off the tv news. This will shatter those preconceptions of this subject and get you to reconsider what you hold to be true.

"No religion condones killing innocent people." President Clinton made that statement after 9/11. Based on that truism, we can state that if a "religion" should council anyone to kill an innocent person who doesn't believe, then that part of the belief would be politics and outside the scope of "religion." Criticizing it would not be blasphemy or disturbing the "sanctity of a religion" in my opinion, unless we can say that ideology is a religion too. This would mean that no ideology, including politics could be criticized because that would disturb the sanctity of an ideology. If that sounds absurd, then consider Islam and the laws against criticizing it. Most of Islam is political, yet laws are in place to protect it! In Islam, any criticism or repeating any verse for the purpose of exposing it, is blasphemy. Jihad is supposedly part of a religion, but since it involves killing innocent people, by our definition, it is not part of religion. The Qur'an allows killing of anyone who doesn't accept Islam, or someone who wants to leave Islam, and people stay even if they don't believe. They are supposed to give anyone the opportunity to convert but in practice it does not happen especially in wartime, which is now. Trump is right for exercising caution until the war is over, as every country did in the WWII. Can you imagine if political correctness happened in those days and you couldn't blaspheme Nazism or after the war Communism, which is a form of Socialism. Therefore criticizing Islam would not be disturbing the "sanctity of a religion" (Finnish Law) in my mind. Islam is so convoluted with politics that to claim it all as religion is just plain stupid and a security concern. There is something in Islam for everyone, whatever the agenda and they know it. We don't. A lot of it is how to deal with infidels. It is like having Mein Kampf, which spells out the Nazi agenda, as part of a religion and free from criticism.

This is exactly the ideology of every repressive, stalled system from Nazism and Islam (as in Iran) to Communism and everything between. It is all about silencing opposition with more and more laws. They are full of theories about Social engineering which are not based on scientific evidence while blocking all opposition by labeling and laws. Their ideology says no religion or culture is any different from any other, yet crime statistics in Europe prove them wrong. But they ignor the truth and stick with their ideology and tens of thousands more arrive in buses through Sweden. According to them Christians kidnap, rape, and kill for their religion just as much as Muslims and Islam couldn't be the cause of the observed hi incidence of killing and rape among Muslims. They need to face reality before any solution is possible. If you don't think there is a problem you have been listening to the wrong news feed and should go to the alternative news on this site. The Socialists today believe that they are free to do anything, and to avoid opposition, just make a new law. In America, it is the Supreme Court that is creating new laws, against the Constitution. The definition of theory is "an assumption based on ignorance of the subject under discussion." The result of repressed free speech is NO PROGRESS. Any society that accepts this will not progress, and most Muslim countries fall into that category. Then they put the blame on us! We're not innocent but see how Germany and Japan bounced back and compare that with any Muslim country and you can see that theirs is not progressive. The cause is in the ideology. Just compare Jewish and Muslim contributions to progress based on Nobel prizes. Spain discovered that after they kicked out the Jews from their country, the economy never really recovered. Where there are Muslims, Jews leave because they are beaten or killed. They are leaving France. Money is leaving that country. Just watch what will happen. The effect of large numbers of Muslims on the economy is therefore to retard development if the tenants of Islam are closely followed and the evidence is clear to anyone that will receive it. Their religion prevents discussion and questioning of their own religion, in fact Muhammad started it. That breeds closed mindedness, and in fact Islam means "submission" meaning accept it and shut up. He didn't want questioning that what he says has flaws or why he wants infidels killed if they don't accept his religion or oppose him in any way etc. He got red faced and angry when confronted with questions and when he did answer, in many cases he was wrong. For example, he said the sun sets in a "muddy pond," and drinking camel urine was good for you. ISIS should stop drinking camel urine and sober up.

I want Finland to progress and break out of this self-imposed prison that they have been taught in universities and media, as in America. Don't stop questioning, even if they call you names or throw you in jail! Don't allow the government or anyone else to persecute you for contrary opinions and trying to get at truth. Fight this "no questions allowed" stupidity where we are to comply with the prevailing agenda of the elite. Finland has started down this slippery slope by fining heavily people who state uncomfortable facts about Islam, that do not fit with their ideology. This is totally wrong and halts progress of understanding this so-called religion of Islam. We need to know more about what concerns you, and there is plenty there. I'm not saying Trump was right for saying what he did about barring Muslims from America, but now they are talking about ruining him financially because his opinion is different from theirs. This mentality is zooming around the world. Ruin anyone who opposes the prevailing ideology! That is Socialism, and in its full blown state, progress screeches to a halt because people will be afraid to say what they think.

Trump has a better understanding of Islam than the rest of the country, and he is on the right track, though a little on the extreme side. This is wartime, and rules are different in time of war, and political correctness will be the end of any country that prefers that to real data. The data says that ISIS is coming into America, and there is no way to stop it. He probably should have kept his mouth shut because the people don't know what he does, that the United States is presently under attack from ISIS that have infiltrated into the country and are attacking now. The news doesn't tell us but alternate news does, such as RT and CBN. Trump's statement is what you do in wartime when security is increased, but most people don't "feel" like it's war time because of media blackouts on information. I'm not saying it was the right thing but America moved Japanese inland from the coast in WW2 because of security concerns, something you wouldn't do at any other time. Now you couldn't do that. Now you can't do anything to stop ISIS in America except react to incidents. That's not making America more secure. They must be stopped from entering, but with Obama as president, it won't happen.

We love immigrants and want to help but security must be the top criteria for government immigration policy. We must drive out the evil at the source, in Syria. This immigration fix is just a bandage, but it does nothing about the disease. The question should be, "what is the best way to help the Syrian people and defeat that evil that will surely spread to our door," rather than if we should or shouldn't take them all into Europe. We should base our policies on knowledge of social consequences of our decisions, not political correctness. It is irresponsible to do anything without considering the outcomes for the country, it's culture, yourself and your family and their progeny. I am raising a red flag of caution, to state that we must exercise more prudence and study social consequences in more advanced situations as in France, England, and Sweden. Until you are an authority on Islam, you don't have an informed opinion! What do you know about what's happening in these countries and the rapid growth of Islam (which means "submission") and terror there? If not much then be careful about listening to political theories on this particular kind of immigration. I'm There must not be any threat to our present way of life, laws, and culture and we must look to our neighbors who are ahead of us to ask what are the pros and cons (as they are several years ahead of us) and then determine our own path based on facts. It is fine to believe in the good points of immigration, but we must not close our eyes and refuse to look at anything that might shatter our beliefs..

Relax, this is not about Muslims or "religion," but about the ideology that drives thousands of Muslims to fight for Allah, and the impossible task of telling who is potentially dangerous to committing crimes such as rape (a big problem especially in Sweden) and terror - and forcing change in our legal system to comply with their own laws. The irrelevant peaceful Muslims aren't the problem, but knowing who they are is. We won't know until it's too late and the peaceful Muslims will not stop what will happen next, as we have seen in Paris and Syria for example. There is a news blackout about the exploits of Muslims who have arrived in Scandinavia. The government has told the people that these people are no threat to the people, yet rapes have skyrocketed in Sweden. No threat? We need to know this information and not dismiss it because some politician proclaimed Islam a "religion of peace." If this were true, there would be no kidnappings, ISIS or any such crime. And there would not be Mosques telling Muslims to fight the infidel. France closed 3 Mosques after the massacre in Paris. Christians are being slaughtered around the world, even in refugee camps. Assassins are everywhere waiting for the time. Everybody in the west are "Christians" to ISIS. Donald Trump is now calling for a ban on Muslim immigration due to the threat they pose. Finland can't see the threat. Well, they will soon enough. We need to admit what is happening instead of explaining it away. Islam is a threat and it is coming after us and immigration is the army arriving at your door even if most are peaceful. Here's the proposition: if Islamic terror is just from a few misguided individuals as claimed, we will be able to stamp it out. However, if it is Islamic, then if you stamp out one, another will pop up, and that is what we are seeing. The problem therefore is in the religion itself, actually the ideology in it that has nothing to do with religion as we know it, and you and I must know definitively what that is so we can educate others and especially the government. The worst thing we can do is go into government sponsored denial about the true source of the violence.

What Muhammad started has cursed all nations where Islam has made its home, and now Finland thanks to the political left, as in America. Obama will not say any of the Islamic terror is connected with Islam, which it is. He also thinks it can be controlled by taking guns away from the people or other "peaceful" methods. How will he disarm ISIS with ideology, with peaceful methods? His heart isn't into resisting ISIS in any serious way. Without guns American people would be sitting ducks for those with illegal guns and Obama's Muslim buddies he is bringing in who want to destroy America like himself. A few bad apples that can spoil the entire barrel, but there are 10's fo thousands of them in America and attacks are growing. I say this based on what he does not what he says. He fools most people. Keep your guns and buy more ammo and protect your family from Obama's friends and any UN army that might come to take you away. We must not trust Obama's intentions, and a similar threat from terrorist infiltration could soon be in Europe.

Let's examine this thing rationally and maybe we can learn why 57 Muslim countries, led by Barrack Obama who is a Muslim and lied about it, don't want you to know what drives violence in Islam. They have joined together to block detailed information about their religion, a great quantity of which is very negative toward us, and you are about to find out why. You are now in an era of mass deception..

One of the biggest reasons the USSR collapsed is that it was in charge of truth, wrong or right, and if anyone disagreed, they were "enemies of the state." So political "truth" is whatever direction the wind happens to be blowing and there is no absolute truth. But scientists know that the universe is a lawful place and there are laws that must be obeyed in all realms. You can't make up laws to suit yourself; you must obey laws that already exist. These laws exist in our daily lives as well that most of the west no longer observes due to politics and a sort of brainwashing by media and the educational system. Universities teach a new value system now, that has little value for our cultural survival (cultural relativism, situational ethics, atheism, etc.) and why the west is in trouble. Now nothing is known for sure, anything can be true or false, and this is why the government is teaching kids that Islam is just as valid as Christianity, which is false.  ipad and the onus is on me to prove it. I don't want the people to get this knowledge the hard way like the Swedes have done and only too visible in Malmö where crime is exploding, especially rapes of the beautiful Swedish girls. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe. That is what Islam has done to the overly kind-hearted Swedes - their payment for just trying to help. The government has let the people down majorly. How did this happen in this Socialist experiment gone terribly wrong? And how can it be fixed, by building more prisons?

The educational system, which is controlled by leftist, liberal ideology, restricts critical thinking in favor of politically approved indoctrination in my opinion. It is brainwashing, and the people are unable to repair or fix the damage because they would have to indergo deprogramming. So the damage continues to get worse until the whole thing collapses in on itself. This no different than USSR, where discussion based on evidence was forbidden, even often in science such as how the universe and life started. If anyone disagreed with their a priori Socialistic and often stupid arguments, they are superstitious and unscientific and many were sent to mental institutions. That is the direction Socialism naturally develops. Let's think critically now, systematically defend our position, not what is approved politically or accept it just because it has been made law. Laws can be rescinded when political correctness is dumped in favor of truth.

This is NOT about Muslims; most are good people, but about an ideology that is in estimated 20% of them from Islam, but all have been deceived into believing a lie. Dr. Anis Shorrosh claims that Allah is Satan, and explains that the way Muhammad got his "revelation" does not square with the Bible's account of the "Angel Gabriel" who scared the daylights out of Muhammad and made him believe he was possessed until his wife convinced him by some silly test, that it was indeed the messenger of God. It was Satan posing as Angel Gabriel, is the opinion of most Western scholars of Islam that know all about the real Angel Gabriel and how he always approaches people with a message: "don't be afraid." Evil always comes in disguise, so don't be fooled. Anyone that does not listen to this logic and factual advise is being very foolish. Are we letting the devil in our house, in the ideology called a religion? What would leading politicians say today if they weren't constrained by political correctness? The truth. See what Winston Churchill, a Christian, said about Islam.

Let's be honest. Christianity and Islam have a couple of things in common but are completely different in the details. Both believe in a god, heaven and hell. But that is where any similarity ends, beginning with the nature of God. Because they are so different, we can't say we believe the same things. Christian God is Love. He loves the world. Muslim god is "merciful" - to Muslims only. The Christian God has a son. Muslim god is all alone. Christian God sent his son to take care of the problem of sin by taking it on Himself and dying so we can live, and anyone who believes in what Jesus did gets to go to heaven. Not so with the Muslim god. He weighs your "good" and bad deeds and you will never know where you stand. Furthermore, you can work your way there. This was a clever strategy, but which causes all the war and violence we see today. To move Islam forward, Muhammad taught that anyone can be fast tracked to heaven. You can enter the "Nexus" lane and drive right in, bypassing all those struggling to pray five times a day and following every single thing, which is an impossible task. Even the Jews found it impossible because if you do one thing wrong, you've violated them all. So here's how a Muslim drives right in. He joins Allah's army and dies fighting. Result: do not go to jail, go straight to paradise, collect 72 virgins to have sex with forever, and a couch, (desert tribes thought highly of this) and be served hand and foot... Doesn't he sound like a politician selling Utopia, promising what he can't deliver if they will just join him and they will be paid in slaves, girls, and stolen goods? Muhammad went on 66 "defensive" campaigns and became a wealthy man. So why hang around here? Can you see what the hope of an ISIS fighter really is? Why not get shot in battle and check out of this rat hole? It is straight from Islam as interpreted by them. That's what is wrong with Islam, (but not limited to) and always has been - a 1400 year unbroken battle. It offers nothing in this life to possibly improve the level of prosperity and happiness except battle. Who interprets Islam in the end is who wins the wars, just like who writes the history. Obama is trying to rewrite American history that he hates. He is anti American just like his Middle Eastern buddies, but is so charming and intelligent like a snake and has millions fooled. Obama is giving ISIS a token amount of attention, but in reality he sees how it is capable of spreading Islam, so don't expect anything from him. He needs to go now. That is why ISIS must be crushed immediately by the world ganging up on them now. But we can't hurt anyone's feelings so let's arrest anyone that is telling the truth, is the leftist mantra. Everything is under control if everything is controlled by a law is their plan. This is wartime. Such talk has no place in the present world situation if at any time. Finnish rulers must live in reality, not fantasyland, but I believe they are listening to the wrong piper.

    "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them" - Quran9:5  Explanation
    Christ: "love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you."
    Muhammad: "kill the infidel wherever you find him."
    We treat Muslims as we want to be treated under our Christian upbringing. Muslims are taught that they are superior and they don't have to treat us as they want to be treated. Many ignore that teaching but many don't. Our first priority is our own safety, then families. Most are single men that we don't know anything about, and many have bad intentions. If we don't know who is coming in, we should not take them. Our leaders' No. 1 job is to protect us. They aren't doing it in Finland nor in the United States. I believe Obama wants to destroy the United States with Islamists to Islamize the country. The Bible says we must not let these people in, as told to the Jews. They were told that these people (idolaters, but Islam fits the bill) will destroy them - already known thousands of years ago. Evil is coming in posing as good and we must stop them.

This is how other Utopian socialists ruined Russia, by taking something false and building on it, because they thought they could just create truth as required. We must build our country on the same truths that built Finland over hundreds of years, not Utopian ideology. I am asking the question: is our kindness killing us? At the very least, we can go into receiving Muslim immigrants with eyes wide open, knowing what we are getting ourselves into, and having that knowledge, if we still feel benevolent enough to sacrifice our country to what we see beginning in e.g. Sweden, England and France, then we will know what to expect. Islam

    Polish author B. Yasensky, who perished in Stalinist incarceration wrote:
    "Fear not your foes, the worst they can do is kill you."
    "Fear not your friends, the worst they can do is betray you."
    "Fear the indifferent, because at their silent consent, treachery and death flourish!"

The UN declaration against "blasphemy" of religion means that we cannot discuss any religion, which is absurd. Who are they to tell us what we can and can't discuss? The problem is that what it is actually meant for is Islam, because there is so much there that they don't want us to know because it's concerns us. If it concerns us, then we definitely should have this information and ignor these laws against the "sanctity" of religion, which is how Finns prosecute and block our discussion. Islam is actually ideology, a plan to take over the world, with a religious face to fool the people. It is a matter of security, and when going into the forest, we need to know what is poisonous and what to look out for and stay healthy. If someone said you can't spread that information or you will go to jail, I would go to jail. The government has made decisions about Islam that are not warranted by the facts and are building on what their ideology says is true, and blocking open discussion of immigration and in particular of the Muslim variety. It is the biggest threat and it can make Finland a closed Muslim country in a few generations, or create Muslim countries with Shariah Law within our country as it is in England now.

It is, and has always been, about freedom. Our freedoms are directly in danger of being lost because of the liberal mindset that we must not offend Muslims or anyone else except those bigoted, intolerant Christians. Everyone that disagrees with their ideology is a bigot or full of hate, which is not true. Disagreement builds strong healthy societies and blocking it with accusations of racism, hate, bigotry etc. stunts development of a healthy society. In my mind, liberalism is socialism and that path leads to what we saw in the USSR, the eventual collapse of society. Some things they try to put on us is just stupid, and speaking of intolerance, they are the worst. If the bridge is out would you tolerate it or warn motorists? It would not be bigotry or hate, but love to warn of danger. It is this truth that sets us free, and falsehood that enslaves us.

Our freedoms are at stake here. In a Muslim dominated society there will be no public nudity during our sauna rituals, no Christianity or even a cross on our flag, Jews would have fled for their lives as in France, Sweden, and Britain, women would have to cover their heads and wear long dresses - desert clothes, and everyone would be under Shariah Law where every woman must belong to a man who has complete control. We don't need it, and the further we stay away from it the better. The people must stop the government trend of importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims or they will see the destruction of their country. The Finnish people would be supporting them from their own pockets because there are jobs only for a few of them after every Finn is employed in a country with high unemployment due to industry leaving the high cost of production. This is a socialist insane ideology at work. Tax industry and people to death to support an ideology. At the very least, they must not grant citizenships even if they have work permits. Everything will disappear that is dear to us, but which we take for granted.

I believe that unless the people have the facts, we can't tell the politicians what to do for us, because they have been hired by us to do a job, the main one being protecting us. We are in charge of our future, not the government, or the cultural relativists teaching in universities and yes, it involves not accepting everything governments want to do to us, and teachers, whose job is to teach us how to think, instead telling us what to think. Kids entering universities with good principles, come out not knowing right from wrong and have lost their faith in the God and love of their country. Students in American universities are being taught to hate America and especially the flag. Obama can't even bring himself to put his hand on his heart when the Anthem is played! He's a Muslim Socialist, a traitor to his adopted country, and is ruining America. Polls in the US show that people don't trust the government to protect their freedoms. Gallup Poll

We want the facts, uncensored news, and come against laws that are designed to prevent us from getting it - like the law that prevents us from teaching our fellow citizens the facts about Islam, a dangerous ideology that is manifesting in death to non-Muslims and Muslims too around the world. This is not politically correct, but we aren't interested in fairy tales. These are not isolated nuts who are not connected to Islam - they guys are all yelling, "Allah Akbar." They are practicing Islam as they see it. We can say that isn't Islam but, what do we know about Islam? In most cases nothing or what we "know" is from some politician who doesn't know, who doesn't want the murdering connected with Islam. But murder and rape are part of Islam. We have been lied to by our leaders. They have convinced the people that Islam is peaceful, that it is just another Abrahamic religion like Christianity. However, this is not true because Islam is the Bible turned upside down, and Allah is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Allah is the god of Ishmael only, the son of Abraham and maid servant Hagar that he banished for being violent. Muhammad rewrote the Bible so that Abraham was in Mecca, which is false. His successors and those they indoctrinated, if they follow the teachings to the letter are still violent and we better realize it. Fortunately most Muslims don't do as they are told by Muhammad, but 20%+ are potentially dangerous, many of which are in Syria right now. They don't have to be violent, but as long as they cling to the tenants of Islam, they will have those tendencies. Both terrorists and peaceful Muslims claim they are practicing Islam. Which one is right, and can we prove it? We can prove it, and I will do that here. There are people going around saying they are Muslims but they aren't terrorists. Most "Muslims" are not, but is that because they are nominal Muslims or have they studied all the right texts and rejected its tenants of violence, while the terrorists have adopted them? Peaceful people of any movement in the past, e.g. Communism, Fascism etc. have been irrelevant. They will not stop the terrorists as we can see from them running away in Syria and many other countries.

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"If the government fears the people, you can have a good government, but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny. The federal government is our servant, not our master!" (Thomas Jefferson)


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