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Whether you are a boater or landlubber, this stove can make your day. Now you can enjoy wood or wood pellet fuel fire without the annoyance of smoke and produce the best garden soil using the Biochar you manufacture in this stove, which doubles or triples your harvest. Most of any visible smoke is turned into heat. Simply put, (but just a little technical) we create hydrogen fuel from wood by splitting the water component of wood combustion into oxygen and hydrogen, while the CO2 splits to CO and O, then both are recombined back to their original molecules with fresh preheated air. The result is a higher temperature than propane and a nice bed of charcoal to barbecue the catch of the day or your favorite. I'm not much of a meat eater but will eat fish and maybe lamb kebabs or veggies.

This stove is big! It will produce all the Biochar you can use in your garden. What is Biochar? It is the best thing you can do for your health if you grow vegetables. To buy it is expensive, but now you can make your own as I am doing with my (mainly) carrot peels and pulp from juicing and wood pellets or kindling to heat things up to high pyrolysis temperatures. You will get smoke if you just burn kitchen scraps that are low BTU so I layer pellets in and have a top layer pellets. This works great and no or very little puffs of smoke.

I am solar drying the waste from juicing on a section of stove pipe and a plastic bag. Then I burn in with or without wood, smokeless so your neighbors won't complain. Not only does it replenish your garden with minerals, but it holds moisture and supplies sites for manufacturing important molecules in the garden by the carbon nanotubes in Biochar. One gram of Biochar has a surface area of two tennis courts. These carbon tubes are so small that they will allow microbes to proliferate which manufacture molecules such as nitrogen compounds. The South and Central American Indians did remarkable things with Biochar, which is still producing the biggest oranges and vegetables imaginable. The oranges are like grapefruits. To produce Biochar you just dump out the coals in a bucket when the flames are out and cover to keep the air away. The burner lifts out of the shell very conveniently because the stove comes in two separate pieces.

You can put nutrients back with fertilizers, but you can also put back minerals and beneficial microbes by drying and burning some of your kitchen scraps and they last much longer, in fact they will outlast you. They aren't washed down with rain. Most of our diseases are caused by food grown in depleted soil that has lost most of its minerals and cannot keep up with the demand. You don't have to put up with a lifetime of pills just because your doctor doesn't know enough to tell you how to heal yourself. They aren't taught that, which is why millions are on hand-fulls of pills and no cure in site, which is good for them but bad for you. If more people did this, many doctors would have to find other lines of work, like selling cars. The bonus for them is they might live longer if they don't follow they drug protocols and take up nutritional health. Take charge of your health with things you can do and see if they work. General Practitioners' lifespan (for practicing GP's) is 58 years, and this is your health consultant? Give me a break! For emergencies - yes, we need them, but you can be your own physician most of the time, especially with the internet now available to most people. Biochar will definitely help. I'd rather trust a little wolf than a big doctor with a big title and a know it all attitude prescribing pills. Misdiagnosis and wrong administration of drugs are major killers. It is common now and we lost relatives and friends due to the dumb things doctors do gambling with our health. The doctor data was compiled by Dr. Joel Wallach, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize for finding the cure for many diseases, which are kept secret by the medical establishment. Minerals are one of the main nutrients he prescribes which you will get with this method. Biochar is part of the cure you have been denied and people are catching on to how industry works against them and for the mega national corporations. Do yourself a favor and put back minerals in your diet because the food growers don't. This Biochar is free, courtesy of Little Wolf, your best friend. Also, I plan to offer Vitamin and Mineral supplements in the future which Dr. Wallach uses so stay tuned, and definitely come back.

Put in your ordered today for this stove by emailing me. You don't pay a penny until you purchase it from this site, when the product is ready, and you aren't obligated if you change your mind. This is about you, how can I help? I do them in batches so I can inform you as to when you can expect yours. The price varies with my costs, but I can usually give you a firm quote. If you use the Biochar, it will pay for your stove in a couple of years by the increaed yield.

While others are composting and releasing CO2, you will be carbon negative with a quicker turnaround. You just leave your scraps in the sun, mix with pellets or wood as required to get a god hot flame and enjoy a fire while others have to wait months of composting. You can buy some more Vitamin-Mineral drinks here soon that will have you up and healed in no time, and I repeat, any problems you might have are nutritional in origin and this will solve more than half of it. Don't die young; live long and strong, and don't forget, listen to the little wolf not your doctor, unless it's an emergency.
You don't need propane. That's a bold statement but true. You can do everything with nature's renewable fuel, wood.

Clean Burning

The major difference with our stove and standard wood stoves is efficiency. The smoke is consumed and turned into heat, greatly reducing emissions and fuel requirements.



For pennies, you can entertain your guests around your stove for hours and feel the warmth and experience the wonderful difference when burning wood in this efficient and unique way. No natural gas, propane or anything else can match just plain old wood. We have a new stove for boats, tents, and cabins too for 2015. It is based on the same efficient system, virtually smokeless and probably one of the most efficient stoves of its kind in the world. In fact, we believe it is alone in its class. We strive for perfection and quality construction. It is not for the average camper right now (just the environmentally aware ones) as this quality comes at a price, but it is great for barbecuing and cooking on the deck of boats. It can be easily bolted onto any deck with the same two bolts that hold the base plate on with wing nuts. The bolts are accessed from in the stove by lifting the burner off. There is no danger of fire as the wood burns deep inside the stove and the flame is from the generated gas. We hope to have the stove designated as a fire safe wood-gas stove, thus allowing it to be used wherever propane stoves are allowed.

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