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Wood Stove-Barbecue

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A good quality portable wood stove is great because it is the traditional way of heating and cooking. The difference is that this stove is just about smokeless. All the smoke is used. The efficiency is phenomenal. Imagine sitting in those cool evenings around a comforting wood fire using whatever wood you have or convenient pure wood pellets. Make a real campfire pot of coffee and you'll love what happens next: a real charcoal barbecue. Not the fake kind. Little WolfTM (my name in the Karelian-Finnish dialect) has the first portable stove barbecue of its kind.

This stove produces all the Biochar you can use in your home garden. What is Biochar? It is the best thing you can do for your health if you grow vegetables because of it's amazing mineral and carbon content. To buy it is expensive, but now you can make your own as I am doing with my (mainly) carrot peels and pulp from juicing and wood pellets or kindling to heat things up to high pyrolysis temperatures. You will get some smoke if you just burn kitchen scraps that are low BTU so I layer pellets in and have a top layer pellets. This works great and no or very little puffs of smoke.

I am solar drying the waste from juicing on a section of stove pipe and a plastic bag. Then I burn it - smokeless so your neighbors won't complain. Not only does it replenish your garden with minerals, but it holds moisture and supplies sites for manufacturing important molecules in the garden by the carbon nanotubes in Biochar. This is important in the dry belt. One gram of Biochar has a surface area of two tennis courts. These carbon tubules are so small that they will allow microbes to proliferate which manufacture molecules such as nitrogen compounds. The South and Central American Indians did remarkable things with Biochar, which is still producing the biggest oranges and vegetables imaginable. Mayan vegetable gardens show layers of biochar. The oranges are like grapefruits. We don't need GMO; we need knowledge. All farm waste should be converted to biochar. You can prove it with this type of stove, and this is the best there is but a good investment. You spend more than that on an iPhone so there is no excuse. To produce Biochar you just dump out the coals in a bucket when the flames are out and cover to keep the air away. The burner lifts out of the shell very conveniently because the stove comes in two separate pieces.

You can put nutrients back with fertilizers, but you can also put back minerals and beneficial microbes by drying and burning some of your kitchen scraps and they last much longer, in fact they will outlast you. Biochar isn't washed down with rain and Central American soils are proof that the people knew it benefits. Now our farmers use chemicals that put a few nutrients in and use Genetically Modified Seeds that Monsanto is irresponsibly producing, without any testing, and the nation is sick and malnourished. Yes, you can eat well and still not have what your body needs to stay healthy. Most of our diseases are caused by food grown in depleted soil that has lost most of its minerals and cannot keep up with the demand. One of the minerals missing out of cancer patients is Selinium, which Dr. Joel Wallach has proven with his work on animals and humans. You simply mix it with compost or manure/urine - which reduces odor by the way - and mix it into your soil. You can do a test patch first and see how it acts with your particular soil. It is great for absorbing water and reduces your water requirements considerably.

Clean Burning

The major difference with our stove and standard wood stoves is efficiency. The smoke is consumed and turned into heat, greatly reducing emissions and fuel requirements.



For pennies, you can entertain your guests around your stove for hours and feel the warmth and experience the wonderful difference when burning wood in this efficient and unique way. No natural gas, propane or anything else can match just plain old wood. We have a new stove for boats, tents, and cabins too for 2018. It is based on the same efficient system, virtually smokeless and probably the most efficient stove of its kind in the world. In fact, we believe it is alone in its class because this doesn't just have "secondary" air added but a carefully adjusted and configured secondary burn like a gas stove. Plus it has a window so you can see the fire. We strive for perfection and solid quality construction.

The portable is great for small-sale barbecuing and cooking on the deck of a boat or home. And it is the King of camping stoves and good investment that lasts a life-time or more. It can be easily bolted onto any boat deck with the same two bolts that hold the base plate on with wing nuts. The bolts are accessed from in the stove by lifting the burner off. There is no danger of fire as the wood burns deep inside the stove and the flame is from the generated gas. We hope to have the stove designated as a fire safe wood-gas stove, thus allowing it to be used wherever propane stoves are allowed.

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