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Silver WolfTM Wood Gas Stove

My Gas Stove Burns Wood

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Simply put, we create hydrogen fuel from wood by splitting the water component of wood combustion into oxygen and hydrogen, while the CO2 splits to CO and O, then both are recombined back to their original molecules with fresh preheated air. The result is a higher temperature than propane.

Free yourself of your propane dependency today and never again be a party to the humongous pile of propane canisters abandoned in nature or just creating a disposal problem. More...

Clean Burning

The major difference with our stove and standard wood stoves is efficiency. The smoke is consumed and turned into heat, greatly reducing emissions and fuel requirements.



You can burn our stove ten time longer than a propane stove for the same cost if you decide to use pellets. This means that for pennies, you can entertain your guests around your stove for hours and feel the warmth and experience the wonderful difference when burning wood in this way. No natural gas, propane or anything else can match just plain old wood.

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Gasification Technology explained at article base.