Car Parts are Only Part of the Safe Driving Equation

Car Parts are Only Part of the Safe Driving Equation

Cars are one of the most versatile tools available today. They can carry a family to work, to vacation, or for a scenic trip through the outskirts of a busy city. However, even the best car with the most reliable parts can fall prey to a roadside accident. New brakes and fresh oil won't protect a vehicle against harsh road conditions, careless motorists, or a workplace accident. Before climbing into a car, it's a good idea to take a few minutes and become familiar with all aspects of the safe driving equation.

Rogue Weather Plus Cheap Car Parts: Online Links to Avoiding Road Worries

Driving in the rain or snow can be tricky enough without also having to worry about a brake belt. Carson Valley Weather has all the links you need to know about the weather in advance as well as how to safely drive through it.

Weathering a Hurricane with Discount Auto Parts

Hurricanes make for poor driving conditions, but if you've got to head out on the road, do it with some knowledge of how to navigate high winds and slick streets. Make sure your car is in good repair and check out these resources from Hurricane City to learn more about the storm.

Ride Out the Storm

No matter where you are in the world, bad weather can quickly make a day of driving more complicated. Stormchaser has a great page that will help you learn how to spot storms, how to drive through them, and how to more reliably keep an eye on your local weather.

Discount Auto Parts Versus a Furious Earth: Be Prepared

The occasional light rainstorm may not cause much worry, but severe storms can shove a car around on the road. Check out this driving safety guide and learn how to prepare your home and vehicle against the weather of a furious earth.

Weather Preparation for Cheap: Car Parts Online and Storm Resources

Benjamin Franklin once warned that an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. Do the same with your car, and learn how to safely drive through bad weather before it ever arrives.

Mobile Preparation for Winter Emergencies

Many people like to travel during the winter, whether to get home for a holiday or to enjoy winter sports on vacation. However, preparing for a snowy trek isn't as easy as throwing on a fresh set of snow tires. This website has a guide to preparing your own winter emergency kit as well as a dictionary of winter weather and what to do if you get stranded in your vehicle.

Is There a Winter Discount? Auto Parts and Driving Tips for Snow

Good snow tires can mean the difference between an uneventful drive and an expensive tow. This page has more information on buying the right kind of snow tires and navigating unfamiliar roads.

It's Not the Cheap Car, Parts, Online Navigation, or Roads: It's the Driver

Safe driving starts first and foremost with the driver. Before you head out on the road, read these tips for safer driving.

Advanced Free for All: Stories From the Workplace

The bad news is that a car can easily be damaged at a place of work through carelessness or a simple accident. The good news is that there are unions, organizations, and individuals with similar stories to help wade through the red tape of car repairs.

No Labor Discount: Auto Parts and Workers' Compensation

If a car is broken while on the job, is it entitled to a free repair? Many labor unions and safety associations have specific rules for accident and injury accommodation.

Workers' Comp for Cheap Car Parts: Online Resources and Information

The safest employee may still find their vehicle in need of a new part or a quick fix. Check out this page to learn more about whether or not an employer's insurance will cover the damages.

Driving a Jetta: Where to Find Cheap Car Parts Online

Foreign cars can be loads of fun to drive, but they can also be a hassle when it comes to locating replacement parts. Fortunately, search lists like this one help pare down the time before you can hop on the road again.

Wouldn't You Really Rather Have a Buick?

No matter which car company is most highly favored, many car aficionados find it hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship and lines of other vehicles. This page has a wonderful assortment of pictures of antique Buicks as well as a quick history of the brand.

Where Do I Go for Discount Auto Parts? A List of Online Suppliers

Finding a car part for a reasonable price can seem like an impossible task if one doesn't know where to start. This list of online suppliers can help point consumers in the right direction.

Professional Repair or DIY: Why Not Check First?

Cars need regular maintenance, but not all of it requires a trip to the local mechanic. Some problems can be easy home fixes, like the one detailed in this article.

Tips to Childproof Your Car

Much like childproofing a house, the family car will require a few alterations for a young family member. This guide will walk new parents through some basic car changes like car seat installation and safety rules for children.

The Story of the Comet

The Comet is one of Lincoln-Mercury's most iconic vehicles, but did you know it was originally designed for an entirely different company? Find out more about the history behind the Comet on this page.

What Is an Auto Parts Specialist?

Someone studying to become an auto parts specialist will go through a program that familiarizes them with all aspects of car maintenance. This page has a brief overview of what educational topics are included in a typical course.

Automotive Technology

With the introduction of hybrid and electric cars, mechanics need to have current knowledge of automotive technology in order to diagnose and repair whatever vehicle a customer may bring in. However, with a promising annual salary and new job openings, the world of automotive technology is an attractive one to explore.

Auto Body Collision Technology

Car crashes are an unpleasant but ever-present aspect of driving. Fortunately, car technicians are well-trained in the art of car repair.

3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

Owners of vintage or discontinued cars may struggle to find replacement parts. The new technology of 3D printing can drastically shorten the search, as demonstrated in this article from Ohio State University.

Automotive Parts Specialist Course

Have you ever wondered what the training for an automotive parts specialist is like? This quick course description offers a peek into the training program.

The Changing Structure of the U.S. Automotive Parts Industry (PDF)

Changing car styles and advances in technology mean a change in how the automotive parts industry operates. This paper goes over some of the changes that have been made over the past several decades and what the industry can expect for the future.

Overview of Auto Collision Repair Technology

Students of an Auto Collision Repair Technology course have a lot of different areas to learn about, from paint finishes to safety restraint systems. Southeast Community College has a full program overview as well as job prospects and certification requirements.

Degree or Certificate? The Difference for Automotive Service Technologies

Enrolling in an automotive program can result in a degree or a certificate, but which one is better to have? This article explains the difference between a typical degree and certificate program and the benefits that accompany each of them.

Wage Estimates for Automotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire Stores

There are a lot of jobs to be found in the automotive repair world, from mechanics and technicians to retail managers and advertising agents. Take a look at what an average year of work might bring for someone in the automotive industry with this handy chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Automotive Technology: Specializations and Goals

Some car manufacturers, such as Ford, offer specialized certificate programs in the care and maintenance of their vehicles. These programs may not be mandatory for a career in automotive technology, but they can certainly lend a hand in an increasingly competitive market.

Why Go Into Automotive Collision Repair?

Students don't have to come from a mechanical background to pursue automotive collision repair. An interest in art and design can be just as helpful, and this video explains why.

Take a Look Under the Hood: ASE Test Series

In the United States, mechanics must pass an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exam to earn a certificate in a specific area of car repair. This page has detailed information on all of the tests and the requirements needed to pass each one.

Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing Technician

A collision repair specialist is expected to do more than just hammer out a dent or replace a bumper. They may need to repair and refinish metal panels, realign the structure of the vehicle, or match, mix, and reapply a coat of paint. Madison Area Technical College has a page that explains the many skills of a repair and refinishing technician and offers a look at post-graduation employment opportunities.

Fixed-Prices Conspiracy

A world with healthy competition provides a consumer with a variety of choice parts at different prices. Every once in a while, though, a manufacturer may try to price-fix a specific car part, as this report from the FBI demonstrates.

The Flip Side: Automotive Technology Sales Consultant

A degree in automotive repair can be made more valuable with a good marketing plan. This program, offered by South Plains College, specializes in the marketing and sales of automotive parts and service.