Cold Fusion Energy
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    Is Cold Fusion (e.g. H+H = He + energy) Real?
    Do elements transmute naturally? Investigation of the mysteries of natural changes from one element to another.

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    Cold Fusion Controversy Biological Transmutations Recent Italian Commercialization Progress!
    What you thought was a fraud may turn out to be true! Find out here.

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    If you are like most people, I bet you have written "cold fusion energy" off as a hoax. It was supposed to have died under "scientific scrutiny." I almost wrote this topic off too. Now it is back with a vengeance! The Japanese call it "new hydrogen energy" and I don't blame them. Now they must step up the development of this radiation free fusion to avoid future disasters! We are closer today than ever in realizing this dream.
    Cold Fusion Alternative Energy has carried a stigma, thanks to American scientists, but others saw an opportunity. The attitude of protecting established business has backfired. Nothing in my University training in biology prepared me for this, in fact it is scientific heresy.

    When this Croatian (ethnic Serb) immigrant Nikola Tesla got too close to achieving "free" energy, his funding was pulled by J.P. Morgan who supported his research and his apparatus was destroyed. It is one thing to give the world alternating current and transmission; it is big business. But if you are, in the same breath, showing them that we are surrounded by free energy that we can tap for the benefit of mankind - well, this must be stopped. He almost saved the world over one hundred years ago, but the greedy stopped him. Recent experiments have proven Tesla's theories and there has been some progress in obtaining "free" energy from the Cosmos, which has plenty. Also, there has been progress to commercialize "cold fusion" by Italian researchers that we will tell you about.

    Cold fusion scientist Dr. Eugene Mallove was murdered in May 2004. Dr. Mallove was a guest on Coast to Coast radio broadcast explaining how efforts to bring inexpensive energy to the world is being blocked by various interests. Listen to interview See report, Remembering Cold Fusion's Slain Champion. Recent threats to experimenters

    Those with conflicting interests do everything in their power to stop new promising inventions. Even Edison tried to stop Nikola Tesla's alternating current and most investors, for the exception of Westinghouse, voted for Edison with his direct current. Edison even electrocuted a dog to "prove" that alternating current was "dangerous." Edison investors lost their money; his direct current production and transmission became one of his biggest failures. The lesson to be learned: don't let experts be the last word on anything scientific because there is so much that we simply do not understand yet. Tesla's current traveled enormous distances and Edison's went about as far as you could fire an arrow. Tesla's "infinite energy" tower was destroyed by his competitors. Advanced ideas that are promising, are almost always destroyed or discredited if they threaten the greedy. It happened with cancer cures as well, remember Laetril? Same type of thing, it was supposed to cure some cancer; then we heard it was all a mistake. But now we know different. What amazing invention lies just around the corner, a timely one that will save mankind from himself? Perhaps an over-unity machine that uses unknown properties of matter? But you must remember that each atom in the universe is in perpetual motion. Where does the energy to keep them going come from? If this is a natural phenomenon, could it be put to work? Some have tried, and fail to get patents, and who knows, some may have even worked. (See CBS Report on Cold Fusion) Caution: do not use this information for homework assignments. Teachers are still stuck in the old paradigms.

    Cold Fusion and Biological Transmutations

    Cold Fusion and other Paradigm Shifts email Osmo Joronen,

    You will soon be hearing much more news about Cold Fusion in the media, a topic you thought had been successfully killed and buried. What does Cold Fusion really mean to the average person? It means a totally new world; I mean completely new. Instead of building dams, crews will be dismantling old ones, restoring habitats, reclaiming lands, building on them; dismantling power lines, redesigning automobiles, and every other means of transportation; personal power supplies to run your home for a fraction of your current power costs; blackouts will be a thing of the past; global warming stops completely, and the ozone hole stops growing, so humanity may be saved; greed for oil and gas will be gone; space travel will become a reality etc.

    Well, a lot of scientists and even a president and vice-president (Clinton/Gore) thought they would never hear of it again. A January 2003 TV presentation of "Phenomenon," which investigates scientific fraud, stated that cold fusion is a fact and the scientific community is guilty of a smear and cover-up.

    Who can dismiss the paradigm shift that I am about to reveal to you without further investigation regarding its truth?

    If Cold Fusion is a fact, wouldn't we see some evidence of it in nature? A valid question. Why not cast aside for a moment all rigid thought and allow for new ideas and see how good it feels.

    So what is the evidence for Cold Fusion in nature? Well, what we must prove is this: basic elements of the periodic table are not fixed, but change within living organisms as required. If we can prove that, Cold Fusion (low temperature nuclear reactions) exists.

    What is the evidence for such phenomenon? I ask you to consider the experiments of Louis C. Kervran, member of the New York Academy of Science.

    Biological Transmutations

    Louis Kervran proved beyond reasonable doubt that elements change readily from one to another in living organisms. This may shock you who have, like myself, been indoctrinated with the old paradigm that says nothing changes under ordinary chemical means. They mean that it must be some kind of nuclear reaction then, high radiation, heat, and radioactive waste. Otherwise the elements we have today are essentially what was here many millions of years ago.

    Goethe said: "One perceives the fundamental essence of life in the living, not the inanimate, in that which is changing, not what is finished."

    Lavoisier was a great scholar of the 18th Century. He is the father of modern chemistry. He considered the atom to be the smallest particle of matter and constant in nature, and it was assumed that no element could be created. The atom could not disappear. If it should separate from a molecule of two or more atoms, it could be found unchanged in another molecule.

    This paradigm allowed science to develop chemistry to the level it exists today. But are we stuck at this level or are there other newer paradigms? According to the new science of Biological Transmutations, and Cold Fusion, the answer is "yes."

    Biological Transmutations and their applications in: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ecology, Medicine, Nutrition, Agronomy, Geology by Louis C. Kervran

    In the 20th Century we saw the first contradiction: radioactive radium was finally transformed into lead. But it was thought that non-radioactive elements could not be transformed unless it is by some high heat nuclear reaction.

    What is a Biological Transmutation? How is it connected with Cold Fusion?

    The Limits of Chemistry

    The serious error of scientists consists in their saying that reactions occurring in living matter are solely chemical reactions, that chemistry can and must explain life.

    Life has a property not previously considered - which is neither chemistry nor nuclear physics. Chemists and biochemists want to apply their laws at all costs, even if they are not applicable always. (This applies to nuclear physics too, which wants to use their model to explain changes in atoms, in Cold Fusion).

    This error translates into the scientific belief that what goes into an organism is exactly what comes out - a null balance sheet is expected using chemistry theory. But the balance sheet is never null. Today's scientists explain this away by saying something escaped them during the experiment - a confession of incompetence.

    Living Organisms can do What Scientists Can't

    What processes occur in living organisms that most scientists don't know about? Well, let's begin with chemical reactions such as combining Nitrogen and Oxygen to demonstrate. Scientists can combine them, but they must have very high temperatures and pressure in vitro .

    Proteins are hydrolyzed in the stomach at 37 deg. C in an acid medium, but this same reaction requires a 120 deg. C temperature and a highly concentrated acid medium to be realized in vitro.

    This does not represent a rejection of Lavoisier's Law, just the attitude that too many chemists have i.e. the application of chemistry in every domain.

    Cold Fusion nuclear reactions at low temperatures take place in living organisms also.

    Get rid of your useless rigid pattern of thought and open up to endless possibilities. Don't be like the infamous person in the late 1800's who stated that the U.S. patent office should be closed down because everything had already been invented; or the early IBM statement that the world market for computers was 5, or pull out your physics or chemistry "law" book and say that the book says it can't be done. We wouldn't want to break any laws would we? Be a possibility thinker, which is what made America great!

    "The essential is to get rid of deeply rooted prejudices which we often repeat without examining them." Einstein

    The prejudices we are talking about here are those that all scientists learn to take as gospel. We carry out experiments to confirm that these laws always work, at least in our little test tubes. Biology is outside the realm of standard chemistry as was previously proven by the example. Although the example was just a chemical reaction, we can take this one step further to the atomic level. There too, reactions occur at much lower temperatures than would be expected in current physics and for similar reasons. Herein lies the challenge for Cold Fusion: to create low temperature transformations in vitro.

    If we can learn to control the reactions as organisms do, (perhaps there is a clue here) we will have infinite energy. The Wright Brothers learned to fly by observing birds. Nature can teach us too, about energy conversions. Basically Cold Fusion focuses on just one reaction: fusing two heavy hydrogen atoms (deuterium) to form helium. Incidentally, these deuterium reactions do not occur, or are extremely rare in biological transmutations. (L. Kervran) Hundreds of tests have proven that the reactions do occur, and excess energy has been obtained, but nobody has been able to put one in Wal Mart yet. But perhaps it is about to make its debut soon, as these researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy have found a way to make it work. United States loses out on the chance to lead the world because of the attitude of its scientific community. The chickens are coming home to roost. Cold Fusion Patent Application

    When compared to Hot Fusion, which has taken billions of American dollars, and given back nothing, Cold Fusion really looks promising. There is little opposition against Hot Fusion because it does not pose a threat. Physicists who get paid to do Hot Fusion, among others, are behind the attacks on Cold Fusion. In fact, as of 2007, real progress has been made to actually have a heating unit for electric cars. If it can heat a car, it can heat an RV, or boat, and ultimately the sky is the limit, literally. Recently, the government of George W. Bush shut down a promising Cold Fusion research project and threw one of the researchers into prison using entrapment methods. Clearly, the motive was to get him out of the way. I will not reveal names here as you can well appreciate, as there are principalities at work against anyone who has their heart in saving mankind from itself. The Bush family is part of the principalities against clean, cheap energy because of their involvement in dirty, expensive energy. top

    Aberrant Observations in Biological Transmutations

    Have you ever wondered where chickens got all that calcium for their eggs? When the writer read Kervran's experiments, it was immediately clear that this man had a point. There was no way that chickens could get calcium out of their bones or food to supply the quantity required. He observed that chickens ate silica-rich mica on the ground. Sand went in too, but when the gizzard is opened, only sand is found. Where did the mica go? Into the stomach? Why was this mineral swallowed by the chicken?

    This is the point where Louis Kervran's theory really began, as a boy on the farm. Later, as a scientist, when he analyzed the calcium intake by the chicken against what was excreted, he realized that much more came out than went in. Read the book, which contains his scientific experiments that you can replicate.

    In Cold Fusion we are talking about the transmutation of two hydrogen atoms to form helium. In Biological Transmutations we are talking about the transmutation of light elements by the addition and subtraction of mainly hydrogen and oxygen. We may be able to learn from biology what we need to perfect Cold Fusion.


    All laws of classical physics have been deduced from experiments made on dead matter. Physicists were among the first to recognize biological transmutations as if that was the natural direction their field should go next. Gyorgyi, the Nobel Prize winner stated that molecular biochemistry is not enough to understand living matter, we must go to the subatomic level which produces the unknown. Otherwise physics becomes a "science of probabilities, and biology the science of the improbable."

    Reduction/Oxidation Biotransmutation Equations:
    Ca - H = K
    Na + O = K
    Ca atomic number = 40
    H atomic number = 1
    K atomic number = 39
    This is one small example of a process that is going on in living organisms constantly. From our knowledge of biological transmutations we can state the following:

    1) It appears that organic chemistry is only the final stage of molecular rearrangement.
    2) The nucleus of the atom in light elements is quite different from what nuclear physics regards as the average type, the latter having value only for the heavy elements.
    3) Nature moves particles from one nucleus to another - particles such as hydrogen and oxygen nuclei being added or subtracted and, in some cases, the nuclei of carbon and lithium. This is how transmutations occur.
    4) Biological transmutation is a phenomenon completely different from the atomic fissions or fusions of physics, it reveals a property of matter not yet seen prior to this work by Louis Kervran.

    Potassium: the biological regulator. Potassium (K) can be produced endogenously (in cells) from sodium (Na) and requires one-millionth of the energy of a reaction of nuclear physics in vitro. (in glass)
    K + H = Ca
    If there is too much K in the presence of H it will give calcium (Ca). The presence of H (hydrogen) is linked to acidity (low pH). An excess of H ions signifies and acidity that might become dangerous for the cell. However in that case K can join an H nucleus to produce Ca thereby establishing alkalinity and an optimum Ca/K ratio. The agent of equilibrium is thus K. Note that the blood must remain at the normal pH of 7.4. A slight increase in acidity to even 7.2 results in death. Therefore some means must be available for the body to buffer the blood without resorting to mere chemistry.

    K and Ca are found in the same proportion in sea water.

    I will jump ahead a little just to show you the results of Kervran's experiment on germinating lentils. Remember, that if one experiment contradicts a theory, that theory has a flaw. These experiments were conducted in triple distilled water. Phosphorus (P) Total (mg):
    June 23.....112
    June 27.....111
    June 30.....110
    July 4 .......105

    There was a 6.25% decrease in phosphorus (in light). The conclusion is that beyond any dispute, there is a certain disappearance of phosphorus, varying with the species of seed. So, what the nuclear scientists are saying about cold fusion, namely that you can't have these kinds of reactions without the attendant high radiation and temperature, is totally wrong. And since it is, there is no reason why scientists cannot find the methods of running these reactions for the benefit of mankind - to produce cheap, clean electricity.

    An article published by Reader's Digest (June, 2001) states that Arthur C. Clarke predicted that the first commercial devices for producing clean, safe power by low-temperature nuclear reactions will go on the market early in the new millennium, heralding end of the fossil fuel age. The following year the motor industry will replace all fuel-burning engines with this new energy device. A bit optimistic? Perhaps. But that is what drives invention, not pessimism.

    The Wright Brothers did not go to peer review with their invention, they brought newspaper photographers to their experiment. There's nothing wrong with that. But even so, most media discounted it as a hoax - even Scientific American! Pons and Fleischman reported their findings, perhaps prematurely, but they did not deserve the kind of response they got from the scientific community. We should be more tolerant of scientists who have the kind of courage these men have; give tax incentives or grants and stop crucifying our inventors.

    There are researchers out there working on low-cost energy devices who are afraid to come forward and reveal to the world what they have, for good reasons. The power company harnesses the potential energy in water held back by giant dams. We can't all have generators in our home powered by water, but there is something else all around us according to Tesla. The world wants and needs desperately these inventions, but those supplying us with power do not. Those with interests in the power sector have approached some of these workers to discourage them from letting the world have the devices for the time being. Well, this is a little better, not much, than burning down their laboratories. These are the "economic hit men" who work for the big companies, and most of them have them. Companies like Monsanto employ men who go around advising people, domestically and internationally, that they should stop what they are doing, sometimes offering a bribe but strongly implying they could be in danger. Stanley Meyer invented a car that runs on water. He was poisoned. But he left patents and they have passed into the public domain. Now you can convert your car. Buy a kit from

    HHO Kits

    Passage from Calcium to Potassium

    Here is another case in point regarding transformations of one mineral to another. This is just one example; there are many others. This one is cited by G. Choubert, and is a part of the Calcium - Potassium connection. Limestone of the second Pre-Cambrian Age can give potassic adinolites containing up to 12% K2O. "The limestone is first transformed into marble. Then suddenly, without undergoing any transition, it changes into adinolite. What process other than some mysterious one could explain a transformation from limestone to silico-potassic rock at the contact of a calco-magnesian magma?" (These calco-magnesian rocks are the dolerites, gabbros, and pyroxenolites)

    A study of certain adinolites has shown the latter to have been formed from a contact with dykes and dolerites incapable producing such quantities of potassium.
    (To be continued)
    Updated frequently - bookmark this page and welcome back. There are books in that you can get on this subject. Here are a few that the writer located:

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