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Multiculturalism: Goddbye Western Civilization

Last Updated: August 8, 2013

Extra precautions must be taken in wartime regarding immigration. An estimated 25% of Muslims are radical. There is no way to filter them out when they immigrate to our country. The West is at war with Islamic militants and many Muslims are either sympathetic to the goals of the movement or are involved secretly in fund raising. What is going on in the Mosques is a scandal. Money is making its way to the Militants causing our soldiers to lose their lives from roadside bombs. Opposition to Islamic immigration has two aspects: the current war and the potential for Islamization of the Western World. How is that possible? It is not the "few immigrants" of Tarja Halonen that is the problem; it is the high birth rate which spells certain destruction of our system as it stands today. Furthermore, there is a problem with the concept that is held to be true: that Multiculturalism will produce world peace, an any immigration builds unity and strength. This has not proven true in practise, as we can clearly see from published crime statistics. Islam has not proven to be the peaceful religion that has been propagandized in the media. Islam is not "peace" - far from it. That is true only as the Muslims put it, "when the world is all Islam, peace will reign." This is a lie because we know that Islam brings to a country, from the Western perspective, slavery and misery. Jihad, or Holy War, is fought with and without weapons. Stealth Jihad works by small incremental changes done persistently over time. In 2008, this resulted in acceptance of Shariah Law into Britain. Tom Wallace, an American living in Britain for many years, could not believe it. Check out his site. Today he is warning Americans not to make the same mistakes. More...

Every non-Muslim is a slave in a Muslim society, having to pay a huge tax for being allowed to have a certain amount of freedom. If we want to avoid Islamization of the world, we need to control immigration better. Certainly we have a labor shortage in some areas, but we don't have to make the same mistakes France made and have a largely uncontrollable Muslim population. This labor shortage is in the form of aborted babies, which, if allowed to live would negate the need to import Muslims to wreck our peaceful European and American cultures. This has nothing to do with racism, Islam is not a race, but we love all "races" and we cannot afford to have the threat of losing our civilization to an inferior system. As a biologist, this writer is looking ahead to what is probable in the light of reproductive statistics. Racism is totally different, it is Fascism. This is "protectionism."

The beautiful theories espoused by professors in Universities about Multiculturalism throughout Scandinavia has turned out to be false. For it to be true, the people would have to be happy with the situation. They are not. The hard reality is that it is a theory and philosophy and we know that Utopian ideas don't work. It is a total failure, and diversity has driven the economy and quality of life down, not up. We love people from every country, but does that mean we have to import them to our country, especially if doing so will change our way of life?

Not all immigrants will change our way of life. I would like to propose an idea that does not come from hate of any group, but is founded on the solid principle that we should be careful who we admit into our countries. In times of war (which is now) we should be even more careful. Since we are at war with mostly Muslim men, we should limit Muslim immigration. Why? Because it is a violent ideology pregnant with negative possibilities. It is a sleeper religion, sometimes wakening and expanding, when it is possible, and sometimes withdrawing into dormancy. During war, immigration should be stopped from Muslim countries. Didn't we stop immigration from Germany and Japan during WWII? So what is the difference?

It is the people themselves that are the judges of what is better, not some academics. And they don't like Multiculturalism as practiced at the moment so, it should be abandoned. Criminals and their families should be sent back home. See Crime in Sweden. There is no data to support the claims of a better life for everyone under diversity as practiced in Sweden. So let's use Sweden and Canada (the same thing is happening in Canada) as examples of what governments should avoid - Islamic immigration. I welcome email from people for and against Islamic immigration to Scandinavia, and I will report the results.

The idea is that we should share the wealth with the world. The reality is we are ruining country after country. This has put a huge financial burden on many countries, that yell "come and get it" causing many social programs to collapse. Is it a form of insanity, or what? This stealth attack on Finland is being done, as in other European countries and America, by the leaders, while the people "sleep." Now it is time to wake up and do something about it or risk loosing everything that has been fought for so hard. Sweden (with a Utopian socialist philosophy) is headed for an Islamic State at which point the Swedes would have no say anymore, in their own country - all the decisions would be made by Islamic leaders. They slept while the Muslims population was exploding. Since we have had a glimpse into the future, why not learn from it?

Today terrorism threatens the peace in every country. Unfortunately, Finns don't have a saying for terrorists, who are mostly (unfortunately but true) Muslim. The problem is that it is not polite to state the facts. At this time, as in hundreds, thousands of years past, we Finns must come to the defense of our nation, which is under stealth attack and prevented from action. I do so with humility and determination. In December 2009, there was an international movement toward religious profiling following the botched attempt to down an airliner. Before that, I never heard anyone mention we should do religious profiling. Since only Muslims blow up planes, this would make sense. Why spend millions of dollars strip searching little Irish nuns, when you know who to search, but are tied by government stupidity? Remember, this is war time, and you have to take special precautions that might not be appropriate in peace time. Having said that, many will jump to the defense of all the peaceful Muslims they know. And it is true, most Muslims are peaceful, but it is also true that most terrorists are Muslims, hoping to die and get out of their miserable existence in their culture in which they feel trapped, as they perceive it, with no way out. The biggest mistake made by world leaders is misleading the people into thinking that they, the victims, are to blame. Their religion plainly states that they are to wage war against infidels and the peaceful statements we are shown were actually abrogated, or replaced. No other religion revised itself as needed, depending on the fortunes of war or whatever. But keeping the peaceful parts serve to confuse the enemy, and it has worked.

Muslims have flooded into Finland, as they have into most Scandinavian countries, and the people have stated their concerns due to being forced to alter their own lives to accommodate these newcomers, who many perceive as not participating fully in their democracy but taking advantage of it. This is not the place to expand on the "why" and "what have they done wrong" - suffice it to say that the word is traveling by word of mouth about activities/crimes and the lack of action by authorities, and proper reporting by the media. You may find articles elsewhere on these subjects.

Multiculturalism and the Ideal Society

Immigration is a fact of life. But there are certain kinds of immigration that can literally ruin a country. I am talking about the recent explosion of immigration from Muslim countries. I'm not against a small amount of immigration to any country, but this has not been the case lately, the influx is massive. It becomes dangerous when a significant number of the immigrants do not melt into the culture, but form their own ghettos, districts, municipalities, or other enclaves. This is the case with most Middle Eastern and South Asian immigrants. When they start forming political movements that help their separate society within a society to grow, that is when I say, "enough." Whoever immigrates to a country should join them, not a little clique that is pushing its own interests, which are often not the interests of the people whose country it is. We are seeing this everywhere now, because governments have opened the flood gates to the Middle East, Aftrica and Asia. The question is, why and whose interests are being promoted, certainly not the local people's.

Multiculturalism sounds good (promotes peace etc.) but I'm not convinced that multiculturism as practised today by most countries trying it out, is the way to go - for several reasons. Most countries in Europe are having second thoughts about it due to the high increase in crime it has brought to the country. The whole idea was that a more mixed society would be better for society. The question is what constitues "better" and who sets the criteria for determining what is better or worse. It certainly is not the people, for they are against the type and amount of immigration. It has not panned out! Take for example the European experience. People used to feel secure in their societies, but now they are afraid to step out of their homes, so says the reports coming from for example Denmark. Further, the surge of Islam in Europe is opposed by most of the people, but governments have gone over their heads to ruin their countries. Only Switzerland has had the guts to oppose the spread of Mosques.

Getting Rid of Immigrant Criminals (Report from Finland)

In recent years we have read alarming news of the European ethnic crime. We cannot close our eyes in the name of Multicultural Ideology from the truth any more. This applies in particular to bogus refugee claimants, i.e. those who are actually criminals in their own countries, who have left for greener pastures where they usurp the hospitality of their host countries and help create a worse society rather than the ideologically planned Utopia. There is no Utopia that can be created by social planners, no matter what their ideology - their plans usually backfire. Here is the proof as it applies to European countries.

Below are a few facts from random European failed experiences, which show that there is a backlash - people are against more of the same:
  • Danish police report that in 2003 80 % of robberies and 64 % of violent crimes were committed by immigrants who the Danes were hoping would help to create a better society. Instead their society became more fearful.
  • German Immigration chief Angela Merkel has proven that the German experiment with Multiculturism has failed since a segment of the newcommers would not adopt their new culture, but rather they are retaining their own. (The idea of Multiculturism is that the newcomers melt into the fabric of society rather than becoming a society within a society, separated from the rest.)
  • Dutch ethnic unrest has destroyed the feeling of security enjoyed previously by the population.
  • Norwegian police report that 65 % of all rapes are by immigrants.
  • Stockholm police Chief has officially warned of the bomb which has exploded in their hands, referring to their immigrant crime.
  • In Finland, immigrants are over represented in criminal situations as well. The phenomenon is at least in Helsinki and Turku, is not just a few isolated cases. And in Rovaniemi, the people who came to Finland to seek asylm, because the Finns are very friendly: a full 50% are criminals. These problems are attributed to the Liberal Finnish government's policies which are at the moment different from the rest of Scandinavia. Finns want these idiots sent back to their own countries without regard for citizenship that they may have succeeded in obtaining from the good hearted Finnish people. They do not want any more criminals that rape, steal, and attack the Finnish people, and other criminals, they have enough to deal with their own. But prison is like a hotel in Finland, so why not do some crime and check in. No, these guys have to go.

    Some Finns feel that the United Nations bleeding hearts and elitists are behind this nonsense, that everyone must take care of these poor souls no matter what. Is it a plan to destroy these cultures, to prevent people from going out at night to enjoy an evening? It seems so. But why?


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    The above was written by some concerned Finns who refuse to see their country go to ruin because of the failed policies, which are hard to reverse, of their negligent Liberal minded government. It is also a warning to Canada and the United States of what could happen when Multiculturism fails. Many Canadians are resigned to what is going on: the destruction of their society, and the birth of a new one, soon to be dominated by South Asian values. They fear that it is too late already to reverse the damage, and perhaps they are right. No melting pot in Canada, just Punjabi/Pakistani and related areas, Chinese areas - mainly these two. They do not want to be served by English speakers, they want to use their own language exclusively, in many cases. This produces a checkerboard society, not a Utopia, so what was the intent here?

    What are the expectations from host countries toward immigrants and what do immigrants expect from their hosts? Sometimes the misunderstanding causes problems that should be solved. If a person is from another religion and our laws are not in line with their beliefs, what should be done? Today more than ever before in the history of mankind, people can move from one part of the world to another swiftly and easily. This process is not without its effects on those host countries. We are told that immigration is good for our country. But, from the ordinary worker's point of view (and I've interviewed many) this massive influx into urban areas just means their kids will not be able to afford a house. So the question is, who is benefitting and who is suffering due to rapid expansion of cities? Definitely the ones who are willing to have both parents working 10 hours a day are benefitting, I suppose, because they can buy a house for $500,000 but the common people have been squeezed out. All those people who sold their houses to the Asian immigrants for a huge profit are moving into the suburbs or into other towns, which causes huge demographic upheavals. What can we do about this situation?

    As a member of the minority Finnish community I have seen many changes over the years in our now mulitcultural society, some of them good and some need to be improved. My point is this: all minorities do not enjoy the same access to media for example, which is a direct result of massive demographic changes. I am referring to the Canadian society, in for example Vancouver BC, but it is also happening in most countries in the world. It is population increase for profit, without regard to the future environmental consequences. The people that are coming to Canada are from overpopulated countries. So now, the spillover will be overpopulating the rest of the world, unless we stop it. I like people of other countries. But, why should we too become overpopulated? I am told that Canada can absorb millions more people, but our environment has suffered from even the people we have. In my opinion, we need some growth, but very much more controlled. One reason: we have thousands of years to go, and the only land we have is what we have.

    Also, I believe that in our rush to be more inclusive of some cultures, we have left the smaller minority groups out. Today the major minority groups have several radio and TV stations, while small groups such as the Finns for example, have been marginalized, not being able to compete for air time. My point is, how do we make the system work for everybody, not just a few groups who happen to be enjoying a boom in immigration. Of course the group I am referring to is our Asian friends, who we love very much. I would like to explore how we can have all nationalities represented on TV programs of their own. Is this too much to ask? Why not organize an all nationality group to study the problem of media exposure for example. I can recall when the Finns had their own TV show, but I was told that the demand for air time had gone up and therefore the prices. The Finns could no longer compete on the open market. So this is one problem that should be solved, but multiculturism has other problems too that should be studied and addressed.

    Concurrently to the watering down of our culture by immigration, which was based on Christian values, is the disappearance of those values. We see lawlessness accepted as normal now. Police don't even bother with drug dealing any more. In White Rock BC, Canada, drug dealers are everywhere, doing deals right in front of patrons. Mall security has been seen to be sitting with those very dealers after work! Something is wrong with such a societ and of course you can't blame everything on immigration. Drug dealing, and lack of will to do anything about it, is a symptom of spiritual bancruptcy in a society which is ready to self-destruct. We cannot measure that kind of health in terms of money. Some of the richest families have some of the worst violators of societal laws. Kids go for the drugs instead of God. If there is no God, then why worry, let's have fun today, and forget about tomorrow... To be continued: Should countries engineer their ethnic makeup, and what groups do we admit and keep out?
    Freedom of speech is gone.

    Colonizing radio waves - Europeans, weekends only.


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