Säkkijärven mies pyysi yösijaa kulkiessaan Keski-Suomessa. Isäntä kyseli miehen kotipaikkaa ja sen kuultuaan sanoi:
-No, en tiedä, olen kuulut että kolmesta säkkijärveläisestä on kaksi soittajaa ja yksi varas.
-älkää sitä pelätkä isäntä hyvä, mie oon toine niist soittajist, vakuutti säkkijärveläinen - ja sai yösijan.
A man from Säkkijärvi, a displaced Karelian travelling in central Finland, stopped to ask for lodging for the night. The man of the house asked where his home village is, and upon hearing that said: -Well, I don't know, I've heard that every third person in Säkkijärvi is a thief, the other two are musicians.
-Oh, you don't have to worry about that, I'm one of the musicians, said the Säkkijärvian - and got the lodging.
The Evacuation of Karelia
The evacuation of Karelia was a great crime against humanity sponsored by Churchill and Roosevelt, who could have prevented it. Where was Churchill the defender of justice? Roosevelt, the defender of freedom? This resulted in not only the sanctioned displacement of the Karelian people for no valid reason except Stalin wanted Karelia, but the destruction of a rare and rich culture as well - by UN defenition: genocide. United States and Britain had an opportunity to save a whole culture, but chose to let it die. The United States and Britain owes it to the Karelian people to help secure the return of stolen land, cities, homes, farms , businesses etc. because much of it was done with the huge amount of Lend-Lease aid. Other countries have similar complaints, such as Mongolia. Russia is still a colonial power in an era when most countries, like England, have given up their colonies. Aid to Russia should be tied to its willingness to give back lands. It costs billions of dollars to keep Russia together. And the United States is helping, again. There is always some political crisis that works in the Russian's favor. Assistance for the Russians to resettle elsewhere is a must. Russia is a large country, they can afford to give back what they took illegally. In fact their unworkable system would work better that way and relations with Europe would improve. If they can't treat people right, (the brutal system continues) let the enslaved people go. That is the writer's opinion.

The writer's family is from Karelia.

Kunnianosoitus evakoille
Karelian League - Karjalan Liitto*
Evakko Instituutti, Evakko. (Fin.)
Karelia - Finland's Hot Potato*
Antti's Photo Gallery
A Rich Karelian offered to buy back Karelia for US$500 Million. There was no response.
*Organizations/people involved in peaceful repatriation of Karelia back to Karelians.

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