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Little Wolf Smokeless Wood Burning Camping & Patio Stove

    Q: How long will the stove burn?
    A: Twelve handfuls of pellets lasted 1.5 hour of heat including the charcoal phase. The last 15 minutes will keep your food or coffee hot, with diminishing heat. There is enough heat to cook and barbecue in that time, that's efficiency! The first 1.25 hours are for cooking and barbecue, about 50:50 depending on the weather. Cold weather can change this a bit but still you get more than you expected. You have to remember that pellets are compressed wood so they hold twice the heat of sticks you find, plus they take up more space in the stove. Always use dry wood for best results.

    Q: How long does it take to recharge the batteries?
    A: Running the fan at half speed, which is normal, you use about 150 mA per hour of the battery life, which should be 2000 mAh Alkaline Rechargeables. An hour of use drops the battery life to 1850 mAh. The solar charger puts out a maximum of say, 125 mAh. Therefore you will top off the batteries with about 1.5 hours of charging. You should stop charging after maximum 2 hours, but after about four or five uses you can plug the solar panel in for a morning or afternoon, and that should top them up. The voltage should be right up there between 12 and 13 volts, sometimes more because Alkalines are 1.5 - 1.7 volts.

    The 200mA wall charger complies with the C/10 rule, which means it should not destroy your battery if you forget about it for a few hours, but to be safe, charge it in the car port on concrete and only when you are home. A rule of thumb is charge one hour for every hour of use, and if possible after every burn, to avoid deep discharge.

    Use the fan sparingly, and NEVER deep discharge your batteries. This means don't forget to turn it off. That is why there is a pilot light - to remind you. This reduces their life. Always bump up the charge after use for an hour or so, after about 4 burns for sure. The stove will continue without the fan but for best efficiency, the fan is a big plus. And don't forget, the electricity could one day save your life in the bush to keep your cellphone charged. If it saves your butt one time, it has more than paid for itself. So battery power is not a liability, even in Africa, where villagers don't know where to charge their newly acquired cell phones. It works great with iPads too.

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