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      Finland and Finnish People's History, Culture and Future

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      Uralic People

      The Uralic Family of languages is comprised of two branches: 1) Finno-Ugric, and 2) Samoyedic. The Baltic Finnish/Karelian and Estonian (Finnic), Hungarian (Ugric) and Saami ("saw-me") people belong to this distinct group of linguistically related people. Uralic people are by definition indigenous people of the northern regions between the Urals and Norway. Finns are not some people who just wandered into Finland a thousand years ago from somewhere around Mongolia, as some historians want us to believe. Of course there have been waves of migration from the South and East over millennia. Finns are just as indigenous as Saami ("Lapps"). Ancient Finno-Ugric people even hunted in Central Europe at least during periods of glaciation. If this is the case, assimilation of these northern tribes has been going on for over ten thousand years. The process has been so gradual that their language has been preserved though genetically Finns are to a great extent European. These are fundamentally shy people, who have started to break out. Eastern Finns, the Karelians, my ancestry, are more fun-loving in the sense that they are a little less inhibited socially. Many of their homes are in wilderness all the way east to Lake Onega and North to the White Sea. The people have borne the brunt of Russian attacks through the ages and have become very good woodsmen, especially highly skilled in hunting and fishing, and familiarity with the terrain. The Finno-Ugric language in Europe has died out thousands of years ago, and thus there are no pockets of the language south of Norway and Sweden. The evidence for their European domicile during the last glaciation comes from Mitochondrial DNA.

      The Finns are indeed indigenous people not only of Northern Europe but vast areas from central Europe to the Ob river in the east. This is the story of a people who have adapted to a difficult life in the north, with periods of plenty punctuated by periods of famine and hardships. The result is a noble, gracious, tenacious people with a desire to be forever free, not bowing down to anyone and building a culture from a rich heritage of mythology, skilled craftsmanship, heroic actions against invaders - finally resulting in nationhood. Finns are stubbornly independent and cannot be subjugated. The Czars knew that and left them alone, not totally swallowing them into mother Russia when Sweden (1150-1809) lost control of Finland to Russian forces in 1809. They became a valued associate, called a Grand Duchy, rather than a slave.

      Crazy ideas about the origin of Finns have existed for hundreds of years. Some believe that until a thousand years ago, Finland was occupied only by Saami and that Finns migrated from the east and settled there, even as late as the first millennium. This theory has been disproven and now we know that ancestors of Finns have been there and also over a large area much longer, as the agreement between DNA, archeology and linguistic theory has shown. Two Theories Their traditional lands include everything between Lake Onega and Norway. The Russian government begs to differ; they want their people to believe this all was old Russian lands, justifying their annexation. Two criminals, Hitler and Stalin started WWII, dividing Europe between themselves. Both were hoping to acquire long coveted lands for their own expansion. Both had visions of controlling the world: one with Communism, the other Fascism. Unfortunately, like common criminals, one turned on the other, and the rest is history. After the war, Stalin got to share in dividing Europe, and Karelia became a victim, as did Poland and the Baltic States along with all of Eastern Europe. United States and Britain turned over to Stalin's executioners all Soviet citizens residing in the west, who had hoped to escape that beast. Finland too was obliged to turn over its Soviet prisoners. All people turned over to Stalin after the war had the same fate: execution or prison camps in Siberia, which amounted to the same thing.

      My parents had to leave Viipuri on November 30, 1939 like over 500,000 other Karelians in the path of the advancing Russians. My 17 year old mother was fortunate in catching a train out of the city with her family, transferring to a narrow gauge railway and finally arriving in Lahti. My father was still single and had joined the army in June of that year and fought in the Winter War.

      At this time Russia was a Fascist country, since they started the war with Germany. Finland had made peace with Russia in 1940 after destroying much of the Russian army but in the end losing Karelia. When Germany attacked Russia, and Finland was forced to fight again, now the Russians called Finland Fascist, and justified annexation as liberation from Fascism. Image that, when they were allied with Germany they weren't Fascist but now Finland was Fascist for ending up fighting a common enemy. Finland never was a Fascist nation, though it did cooperate with Hitler in fighting Russia, to try and take back Karelia. Finland did take it back until 1944 when Russia took it back again with all the American and Canadian weapons that were bought on credit, but never repaid. My father Antti found Heinz ketchup and other American food in the Russians backpacks.

      Russian people took over most of the eastern province of Karelia in 1944, thanks to Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, who divided Europe amongst themselves, forgetting all about why they joined the war in the first place: to guarantee the sovereignty of Poland, which along with the Baltic States were abandoned. The cost of beating Hitler was much of Eastern Europe to the Third Agressor of WWII. Britain declared war on Germany, although the Soviets were also in on the attack on Poland from the east; we must remember this because Stalin was to get away with "murder" throughout the war, then demanded land for taking the brunt of Hitler's army. They quickly forgot all about these other countries when Stalin joined forces to beat Hitler, allowing Stalin a free hand with his neighbors. America and Britain, however, did not annex anything like the Soviets. Of course they must return these lands to their owners if they are to comply with agreements that were signed, such as the Atlantic Charter, we know that, but they don't want to know. Many Finns today believe that Karelia, the 1/10 of Finland that was annexed, must be returned, but how to achieve that has been problematic, and most politicians, except for a few descendants of Karelians, rather stay away from the subject. While they want Karelia returned, Finns want to be in good terms with Russians, showing that they are extremely patient. Today Russians are doing everything they can to justify their claim of "liberating" Karelia from "Fascism" including fabricating information.

      It has been suggested that Finns deserve what they got for cooperating with Hitler. While Finns cooperated with Hitler for a time, so did Stalin - which cancels out this argument. While Finns did it out of selfish reasons, to save their country, so did the Russians, to try and divide Europe with Hitler, a task in which they succeeded. However, the deception of the "Fascist" Finns is still alive and well. The Finns are in origin Finno-Ugric, not Germanic, so they cannot join in Hitler's plan for racial purity, nor do they have any interest in killing Jews or anyone else including Russians for Hitler's conquest. To be a Fascist country, Finland would need a dictator and of course there was none, because Finland was a free democratic country wishing only to protect itself from the neighbor, who had expansionist ambitions.

      Still today, the Soviet view permeates the world's history books about how Finland joined Hitler and how bad Finland was in resisting Stalin's expansion into Finland. This is absurd. Every Finn knows that Finland was succeeding in defending itself and this made the allies angry not because it was right or wrong, but because Stalin was their ally, which clouded their vision. The new residents of Karelia, Great Russians, have regular meetings to celebrate the theft (liberation) of Karelia from the "Fascist" Finns. The propaganda of the Soviet era is alive and well in Russia in the second millennium. This celebration of victory is done with the theme "the Fascist Finns must pay." That is the only justification for annexing Karelia the Russians can come up with. The guilt by association does not work in this case, as the Finns were attacked first and only wanted back what is theirs. Apparently Churchill did not like that and demanded Finland cease fighting in 1944. Finland did not capitulate but signed a treaty to end the war anyway, as Stalin was in a hurry to get to Berlin ahead of Americans.

      Finns are indigenous to Finland - it is their country that they have defended for over a thousand years. The term "indigenous" has come to mean a minority group within a larger group, but this may not be accurate in some cases. If that group should grow in numbers (due to agriculture for example) compared to another group, or mixing with Swedes, could it cease to be "indigenous", like the Finns for example? Some people believe that because they aren't living in tents. Who should we include as indigenous, and should we redefine the term? Is the term politicized to exclude certain groups because of statistical numbers, skin color or culture? Here is one definition of the term: "Indigenous peoples are people, communities, and nations who claim a historical continuity and cultural affinity with societies endemic to their original territories that developed prior to exposure to the larger connected civilization associated with Western culture." This definition is in relation to "Western Culture." When some people claim that Finns are fairly recent settlers, (around 1000 ce) they mean that Finns are not indigenous. Obviously this definition does not fit every situation either. If everyone came from somewhere at some time, when do we call someone "indigenous?" How long must they reside in the area? The Jews immigrated to Canaan "Israel" at the time of Abraham, around 2000 BC. It was given to Abraham and his tribe by God at that time. It was not given to his half brother, Ishmael, who was banished into the desert, and became associated with Arab nations. Israel was the little corner of the globe that belonged to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This included Jerusalem. Arabs beg to differ, but on what basis? We ask these questions to start the process of considering the subject of who is entitled morally to occupy and benefit from any piece of land on the earth. Should the basis for land ownership be based on ancestral, indigenous rights? Does anyone have the right to take it away and must it be returned? If Israel has to give up land, so does Russia?

      Based on these facts, are Jews indigenous to Israel? Which group has rightful claim to Israel because they are indigenous? Are Arabs entitled to claim all the land in the area, and if so on what grounds? These are questions that need to be answered if the issue of land entitlement is to be solved. Americans, Canadians, Australians and Russians will have a hard time defending any position regarding who owns "stolen" land; they walked into other people's land and killed as many as they could, at took the land. If the Jews and Arabs are joined together by a mutual ancestor, why do they fight each other for land? What has this got to do with Finns? Finns have been fighting over land that belongs to them as well, and we believe we are entitled to all of Karelia, St. Petersburg area all the way to Lake Onega. That is our ancestral land. Finns will never stop trying to get it back one way or another. Perhaps this government doesn't want to touch the subject, but one day these liberal rulers will be history and another more patriotic leader will emerge and the subject will be reborn as it was in 1941. Patriotic Finnish rulers have become extinct, but we are still hoping. Independence is no longer a priority. We are hoping that if it is right for Palestinians to get "their" land back so they can work toward destroying Israel properly, then why not the Karelians who had their land taken twice: 1939 and 1944? This includes the Poles, Japanese, and anyone else that lost land to the Soviets by 1945.

      Although Saami consider themselves distinct from the majority culture, in fact the Finns and Saami have coexisted in and around present Finland since the last glaciation, although agriculture and the resulting fences have pushed Saami ever further north. Of course the majority Finnish population has seen genetic drift from neighbors but so have the Saami. So, we can consider the Finnish majority as not only indigenous to Finland but to Europe as well. Like Finns, the Saami are indigenous to large territories of Northern Europe and today's Northwestern Russia, both having inhabited the area ever since the last ice age, ending approximately 11,000 years ago, but perhaps already long before that as well as recent archeology has shown.

      The Canadian Indians are called "First Nations" so perhaps who got there first can claim the territory on historical grounds. Reclaiming it though can be difficult or impossible, but it can be done. Imagine if the UN approved the return of much of Russia to their former owners. The Eastern Slavs would have few places to go. We believe that some of the land taken and its resources should be restored to the owners so that these people (displaced Baltic Finns in Ingria, Karelia and Eastward to the bend in the Volga), can move forward in prosperity and culturally like the Slavic majority and perhaps even further. The only people that should be granted separate treatment within a nation are indigenous people, not Muslims or any other group as is being done today.

      If Russia began a process of firstly listening to the grievances of these people, they would certainly receive a positive review from the international community. But what if the native Indians of North America were not the first to arrive? Could we still call them "First Nations?" It seems that Finns or someone closely related to them, may have arrived first. This confirms my own theory that Finns traveled in an East-West direction, following fish and game, during the last glaciation, even ending up in America. When the ancestors of present day Indians arrived in North America, these Europeans disappeared. Were they killed off, or absorbed, or a little of both? The native Americans are preventing proper analysis of archeology finds claiming all bones older than 5000 years as their dead ancestors. But the scientists protested that these skeletons were not their relatives.

      The Russian government's position is that they are just as entitled to the land as the Finns, but actually they are squatters on Finnish land rather than the other way around. Russians claim the land on historical grounds, but their history goes back hundreds, while the Finno-Ugric history goes back thousands of years. That is why Russian historians don't want to recognize that Finns have lived in Finland and Karelia for thousands of years, preferring the theory that they arrived there at the same time as themselves, sometime around the 12th-13th Century. International precedents have been set, as in Canada, whereby it is acknowledged that indigenous people are entitled to their land and the resources on it, that they can develop and benefit from as they see fit. Russian governments in the past have simply raped the resources and left the people with nothing but a destroyed environment, while practicing genocide on the people. The goal was since around 1000 AD to reduce the indigenous population and increase the Russian, while confiscating their trading posts at various rivers throughout the North. In more recent times, in the last several hundred years, this was done by killing them or banishing the people to distant places and leaving them there to fend for themselves, sometimes in the middle of winter. Stalin practiced genocide on a grand scale, but also banishing people to distant camps only to die of hunger and over work.
      Nuclear testing in northern Russia has spread radioactive debris all through the north, and much of it has reached Finland and the rest of Scandinavia as well. The result has been a lot of birth defects especially in the northern populations. Canadians (the author's present domicile) are beginning to become more civilized with respect to the native population, at least on paper, but the follow-through has been slow and often default has been the outcome. However, on APTN, the native TV channel in Canada, we can see that the people have made great strides in many areas including restoring their native languages. This must happen in Russia too to the Finno-Ugric languages.

      It has been suggested that Finns are not European, but Asian. Anyone who watches hockey on TV will not agree. Finns have a distinct European, "Nordic" stamp, but with genetic links to the original people dating back to the Ice Ages. The writer's own theory of Finno-Ugric occupation of the North has solid research backing which opens the door to even greater possibilities in the quest for ancient origins of Finns. Certainly the Finnish population will have certain inclusions of Asian genetic influence - it would not be rational to conclude otherwise. The Huns occupied much of Europe at one time too, so Finland is not the only country to have eastern influence. However, to place the Finns as "Asians" or "Mongolians" (as some, such as H.G. Wells, like to do) has no basis in present scientific evidence. Mongolian influence, or genetic drift, has been active westward for millennia, all over Europe and Russia. H.G. Wells writes in his book "The Outline of History" that "To the Northwest the Finns, a Mongolian people, had long been established as far west as the Baltic." He probably never even met a Finn. This incorrect view has been propagated by earlier writers and repeated by many other historians. Some even placed the Finns incorrectly in the Ugric branch. There is no way that northern people of the world can not have any eastern elements, since genes flowed east and west along the ancient ice melt, but to say they are a "Mongolian people" is incorrect. New evidence under the North Sea

      Certain physical and Mitochondrial characteristics attributed to Finns and Saami (formerly called Lapps) were probably already present in the aboriginal Europeans, which we now believe included the Finns and Saami. (Origins of Saami in left column)

      Why did the prehistoric Finns have to travel, and how did they do it? The estimated resource area per person is between 0.1 - 0.5 sq. km. to survive in the north, and this meant travel in the vast Boreal Forests. Boat People Theory To traverse the huge numbers of lakes in the north during the long winters, early Finns invented ice skates. Later, when agriculture reached Finland, famines were fairly common as crops failed. The latest big one was in the latter half of the 17th Century, when Europe's weather took a deadly turn for the worse. In Finland, families even gave their children to the nomadic Saami to save them from starvation. Many ended up all the way up to the coast of Norway, as these nomads followed the migratory routes of their reindeer to the higher summer pastures in the mountains. Unlike the caribou of the Northwest Territories, that migrated from the treeline to the Barren Grounds in Canada, the migratory paths of these reindeer was east-west. The Saami were taxed by the Finns, but they also benefited from Finns. The Finns got furs and in return, the Saami got steel items that sometimes were traded all the way from the Middle East via the Volga River to Bjarmland.

      There are many related groups in the former Soviet Union, most of which are quickly being assimilated into the dominant Russian language and culture. This has lately begun to be reversed, but it is a gigantic task. Just as the western Finns have had Germanic influence, the eastern Finnish cultures have developed with many Turkic/Indo-Iranian and Slavic cultural, religious and linguistic influences. The eastern Finnish languages cannot be understood by Finns today as contacts to the east have been more or less cut for eight hundred years of Russian history. At times, glaciers also separated the Eastern Finno-Ugric people from their relatives that once extended from the Netherlands to the shores of the Black Sea in the South. So of course Finns would have some "Eastern" genes since their hunting and trading range to the East may have reached Siberia.

      Place-names which stretch all the way to the Ural mountains are ancient Finnish related in origin which can be seen in the map section. Many place names have similar prefixes although they might be several thousand kilometers apart. Finno-Ugric place names based on the root "sum" and "sam" testify to the large area Finns once called their land. "Suursuomi" movement or the idea of rebuilding a larger Finland that Slavs conquered, gained strength in 1941 when the Finns set out to take back land Russia annexed the year before. Stalin had grossly underestimated Finnish ingenuity, determination and stamina.

      Many Finns and Estonians have a keen interest in their relatives to the east with whom many still feel some kinship ties. Recently, due to events in Russia against Finno-Ugric people by Moscow, there has been increased interest in this topic from many countries.

      Finnish culture is very Scandinavian in style, but Finno-Ugric origins make the people distinct in many ways.

      Who are the Uralic people? Where did they come from? Where do they live? What is their language and culture like? This web page explores these and many other questions relating to Uralic people: their past, present and future. We cannot do anything about the past, and the present is now, but we have the power to affect the future of the Finno-Ugric people, and the Finnish people are no exception.

      Finland and the Finnish People

      One cannot understand Finnish language, history and culture without some knowledge of related people. Finnish history and culture are presented against a background of the other Finno-Ugric people, the original Europeans(Fin.) Finnish written history is only from the second millennium, but fortunately the Finns have a strong oral tradition going back to the ice ages. Finns, and Karelian tribes in particular, had a strong oral tradition of rune singing their history of their ancient shamanistic beliefs, myth, magic, love and war. These traditions survived in Karelia probably because of the relative isolation from the early Finnish church. These stories were collected in the 19th Century and compiled into one story, composed of a masterful collection of epic poems that reveal the daily life of the people over millennia. Karelia, the land of the writer's ancestors, has a long history going back over eight thousand years. Today, Finns love their Kalevala which is read and enjoyed as a rich historical and mythological legacy of their ancestors. One reason for this is that Finns know that they have a glorious past that has been buried by official versions of history propagated during the time Finland was a part of Sweden and continued today in schools. The true oral tradition of the Finns survived in the backwoods of Karelia. We view the whole history of the Finnish people as open to revision by scientific multidisciplinary investigation.

      As for the reliability of the information contained here, of course there may be some outdated material as some sources are very old. One of the greatest values in historical study is that the further back we look, the further forward we are able to see. The more cultures and religions we understand, the better we can manage our own cultures and religions, or what we believe to be true. Too little knowledge about important subjects is a dangerous thing, and here I try to open up your desire to know more about certain subjects that are timely and urgent so you can decide for yourself, while at the same time giving my own honest opinion. At the same time, we hope to discard some of the old assumptions we cling to passionately, which may be false.

      The Finnish tribes ruled the North since the last Ice Age. A thousand years ago, Eastern Slavs began intercepting Karelian trade with the Norwegians and Volga traders. The map section shows the areas they used in their wilderness trips. When the population exploding slavs came and took over the key trading posts to the East, they forced the inhabitants to move West. Timing is everything; the Slavs were two hundred years too late. By the time Slavs arrived, the Perm ivory trade was in decline as new sources became available in Africa. Trading posts in the Northwest Finno-Ugrian Nation that were established by Finns were reestablished by Russians (e.g. Ustjug). Most of them were taken from their original owners by force after they made several friendly visits. Finns joined the Swedish Army to prevent Russians from occupying all of Finnish lands. Though the Russian Chronicles state that they were fighting Swedes, the truth is that they were fighting Finns trying to keep what is theirs: their lands. You see Swedes never tried to turn Finns into Swedes, but Russians have been Russifying Finns from the time they entered their lands back in the 11th Century. It was providential that the Western Finns were "protected" by Sweden for 700 years, which gave this nation the opportunity to become what it is today rather than suffer genocide and absorption - which was the intention of mother Russia. Both Sweden and Russia fought for control of the land between Lake Onega and the Baltic, but the real owners of this land are Baltic Finns themselves, mainly Tavastians, Karelians (Eastern and Western), Veps, (Southeastern Karelians) and Ingrians who live between Estonia and Karelia.

      Since the last war, misinformation flooded the world's knowledge base and many false teachings have been spread about the Finns, Karelians, their rightful heritage in the north. These must be set straight. Viipuri (Vyborg) for example, which is not far from St. Petersburg, on the Gulf of Finland, was established by Finns and built by Finns - not Russians. Russian pamphlets and a plaque on a wall near the Viipuri fortress state that the natural harbor city of Viipuri is an old Russian city (when Finland was for a time a Russian Grand Duchy with an autonomous government, and for a time long ago when Finnish Viipuri was part of the Novgorod trade group where Finnish goods were traded with the Slavs to the east, before Russia even existed). It was part of a trading block, similar to the German Hanseatic League and now it is "back with the rightful owners." Finland "belonged" to Sweden a lot longer than it did Russia, including Viipuri, in fact about 700 years. The fact is that Viipuri and indeed all of Karelia (to the shores of Onega), Ingria (the area where St. Petersburg is today) and Finland belong to the Finnish people. Finns were deported from these areas when the Russians moved west to the Baltic, especially during and after Peter the Great established St. Petersburg in 1703. After the WWII, Russia settled newly occupied areas of Karelia vacated by Finns, who were escaping Marxism and Stalin, with people from all over Russia. Gradually all buildings suffered neglect and Karelia began to look like rundown Russian town. A Finnish site has documented all the lies told to the Russian people about the Second World War. As always, the Finns are the "Fascist" aggressors.

      Many countries have claims against Russia, land that has been taken when the opportunity presented during WWII. Who took the land? The Allies, specifically Russia. Karelia was taken by force in 1944 and it should be returned by the Allies (Britain, US, and Canada) since Russia could not have done it without American and Canadian material aid. When Russia blames Finland, it usually points to Finland's association with Germany and that Russia was fighting Fascism. However, if Russians are honest with themselves they will admit that they too were allied with Russia and they are the ones who started WWII with Germany. Having started WWII, Russia then blames Finland for attacking first. How absurd can you get.

      Karelia falls into Russian hands at the end of WWII

      The history of Finns in Karelia goes back to the ice age, when Slavs were still down in the warm south. I believe that this land was given to the Finns and they should have control over it. The Slavs are occupying it at the moment, but who knows what the future will bring. The writer's father always believed that he would have his home back, which was taken by Russians in 1944, along with the demand for over $500 Million dollars worth of war indemnity. The Russians undervalued everything so the number is much higher. To the Russian's surprise the Finns paid it off in a few years and became a manufacturing powerhouse. There was a clause that Russians would get more land if the Finns defaulted. Apparently they still had not learned their lesson: they weren't dealing with an ordinary people here. These were Finns.

      Shouldn't everyone get their land back? Of course the Slavs would have nowhere to go then. We Finns did not sell our land, it was taken by force. As far as the owners are concerned, they still own it and it is under occupation, as is the land in United States by this definition. That land was taken, not once but twice between 1939 and 1944.

      Is there a comparison between Finns and Jews? In some ways. The brilliant Israeli scientists made the desert bloom, and now the ones who sold them land want it back! Then, when attacked by neighbors, they expanded. Only Jews have to leave land they have purchased or settled because it is called "occupation." The area has been the home of Jews for thousands of years, and there is no reason to believe they do not belong there, like the Finns belong in their ancestral lands. Like the Israelis, the Finns almost always end up victorious against their main enemy through history - Russia. They are both blessed with knowledge of warfare tactics that offset the uneven numbers. Traditionally Russians just took and killed everyone or sent them off to Siberia as slaves - then Russifies the population. This is genocide. They also turned the Eastern Finns to the Orthodox Religion, to drive them away from their brothers and into the Russian fold. It seemed to work. Russians want desperately to join the world economic system, or they cannot move forward. First they should make good and give back the land, not just to the Finns but all the small defenseless countries they preyed upon especially at a time when everyone was in crisis. To justify these annexations, the Russians now resort to changing history, or omitting it altogether. Russia's land grabs. The Arabs never forgive the Israelis, and they never really move forward either. Finns know how to forgive the Russians, and therefore they have moved forward and became one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The Bible teaches forgiveness; the Koran teaches the opposite as we have seen with the various Muhammad artists and the resulting killings and riots. We have here two polar opposite philosophies trying to coexist. Then Russians must restore their integrity and trust, which takes a long time to establish. After that, they must prove themselves trustworthy.


    You will also find famous Finnish products, CD's, Videos, books and other links provided for your convenience and enjoyment at the Uralic City Center. Check out Pirkko Kiansten's Internet radio show Saturday mornings 9:30 - 11:00 AM Pacific time. Uralica is happy to offer some of Pirkko's finest shows from archived files, over 50 hours to date. If you are interested in listening to Finnish/Karelian language radio stations around the world, you will find a link to some programs from Russian Karelia to the Pacific shores of Canada.

    Listen to Finnish music now Finnish music has reached a peak in the last 50 years. The quality and quantity of music ranging from classical to chamber choir music has no rivals in the world today, even from larger countries. .If you are interested in war history, may I recommend Antti's exclusive WW2 Continuation War Photo Gallery. There are dozens of photos taken in 1941-42 on Lake Laatokka (Ladoga), scanned from our family album. Some of the material you will find very controversial, but I have stated everything truthfully to the best of my knowledge and experience. I hope you enjoy your stay and that you will come back often to see what's new. Please bookmark it now for future reference.
    The Return of Karelia

    Finland was attacked by Soviet Union, without cause November 30, 1939. Karelians are waiting for their land to be returned. A new book (2012) in Finland says that the Finns are in the process of bringing the question of Finland's guilt or innocence in the accusation that Finland is responsible for the war with Soviet Union, to the highest court in Finland, which still clings to the Soviet imposed line that the government was committing a crime in fighting the Soviets. What is meant by that is, that Finland should have just laid down their weapons and let the Soviets occupy Finland. This is absurd, but that is the logical scenario if Finland should do what those backing the Soviet view, says they should have. The men "responsible" were imprisoned: Risto Ryti and his ministers. Most Finns want this corrected, and the government is not willing to go there.

    Karelia should never have been taken in the first place - it was Stalin's doing - and we know how bad he was to even his own people. The Americans and British caved in to Stalin's desires for expansion at the expense of Finland. There is quite a large organized movement in Finland to repatriate Karelia back to its rightful owners. The only thing that those in Russia who want to keep this booty have to defend their ill gotten gains is that they were "liberating" Karelia from "Fascists." Even a school boy knows that Hitler and Mussolini were Fascists, but not Finland. May I remind anyone who wants to take the Russian point of view, that Russia fought along side of Hitler, and together they started WWII. So, those Russians pointing at Finland, better point at themselves. Furthermore, Russia signed the (Atlantic Charter, 1942) which means they promised not to engage in land grabbing in exchange for foreign aid. Now that Karelia is occupied by Russia, Putin has embarked upon a restructuring of historical facts to consolidate these gains as legitimate.

    In researching sources such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica be aware that it may contain Soviet era disinformation regarding areas they "liberated." The elite have always had their way, employing writers to write or invent history. They are very clever at it, and you can easily miss the lie or omission if you don't have enough background information to spot it. For example, when Finland was attacked by Russia, fancy weapons were scarce, so they invented the Molotov Cocktail, a solution of flammable liquid that destroyed tanks. Now they are claiming it was

    Finland and The Finnish People

      Finland (Suomi), a northern European country of 5.3 million people, is a land where peasants have always been free. Historically, Finns are stubbornly independent and hard-working.

      Since 1155, Finland had been in the Swedish realm. Finland, became the borderline between the Orthodox east and Western Christianity. I'd like to put religion into perspective here. Most Finns are Lutheran Christians. Simply put, the Bible is the highest authority, and the worship of Mary, icons, saints and special intercession and interpretive powers for priests was discarded by Martin Luther, and rejected by Jesus. According to Him, the priest's duties were transferred to all people.

      In 1808, Finland became a Russian autonomous Grand Duchy, a special status giving the Finns great control of their internal government. After the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Finland became an independent republic with a social democratic government. The Finnish Independence Day is December 6.


      At 337,000 sq. km. (130,128.01 sq. mi.), with 60,000 lakes, Finland is about the size of New England, New Jersey, and New York combined, or 4/10 the size of British Columbia, Canada. Finland's southern shores are at the approximate latitude of Yukon/Northwest Territories/British Columbia border. Finland can boast a little bit when confronted with one-up-manship of neighbors. Finland's education system is rated (2002, 2003) third best in the world, and in 2006 ranked the highest.

        Finland's Education System Tops
        Rated number one in the world makes Finns among the smartest people in the earth, way ahead of the Swedes. We shall see if the Finns use their intelligence to save themselves from "excessive immigration" of Muslims that are causing trouble in other European countries. Finland ranked number one on the UN's 2003 technology achievement index. Forbes, 2004
        Freedom of Press: which country is tops? You guessed it. These values and identity that built and sustained Finland should be preserved.

        Finland, Cultural Lone Wolf   Living in Finland

    Sixty Minutes TV show reported that Finns are the shyest people on earth. I know this to be accurate to some extent having been born there, but they are making good progress.

    I took a trip to the country where I was born before going to University, as a sort of "Rite of Passage." There I met the Finns themselves, my people, who were not that shy once you got to know them. Shyness is a national character and does not necessarily mean they are depressed or antisocial. You must realize that Finns are originally a forest/river/lake people and as such are comfortable being alone in the vast wilderness of the north; living with crowds is alien to the Finnish spirit - the exception being (e.g. Tango) dance halls.

    European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) is addressing the needs of people who were displaced in wartime. Central issue is the return of assets taken, especially real estate. Russians for some reason have always thought that Karelia was theirs, and Sweden had no rights there. How is it that they should have the right to take the land away from the Finns, then force the Finns to pay for their campaign of terror after they took Karelia, the best part of Finland along with a large lake Finland shared with Russia? In the final analysis it amounts to ">
    Did the Finnish tribes change the Russian place names to Finnish, or did the invading Russians change the Finnish names to Russian? Who named the geographical areas are the owners. Check the map section and see how far East from the present border the Finnish names for every stream, lake, and other topography, went. You see, the argument between the Finns and Russians was over land. The Swedes backed the Finns and the Russians tried divide and conquer to get the Eastern Finnic people to fight their relatives to the West.Their goal was to reach the Baltic, which was already occupied by Finns, Estonians, Livonians, Latvians and Lithuanians. The Swedes did not turn the Finns into Swedes over the 700 years they controlled the territory, but the Russians did everything they could to prevent the Eastern Karelians from joining their brothers to the West. Religion played a big role there. Russia's genocide and annexation continued up to 1944.

    It will be interesting to see how willing Putin et al is in returning booty USSR took illegally. (Russia signed the Atlantic Charter meaning no country was to grab land) Since Karelia was a part of USSR which no longer exists, Russia has actually annexed Karelia after the fall of Communism. Karelia should have gone back to Finland at that time.

    Finland (like many other European States, e.g. Poland and Baltic States) failed to obtain assistance from United States and Britain in the WWII. The "Third Aggressor of WWII" received assistance "to beat Hitler" but this aid was used to annex millions of square Kilometers of land to the Soviet Union.

    It may sound silly but, nowadays Russia still actually claims that tiny Finland attacked the giant Soviet Union and that they were fighting Fascism. Even Churchill pointed to Finland's "Fascist" leanings, though all Finland wanted was Karelia back where it belongs. Perhaps by the same logic, England had Communist leanings since they were friends of Stalin. A mouse does not normally attack an elephant, but that Finnish mouse did roar when attacked. Finland was never, and never will be Fascist - it is against the Finnish nature which accepts everyone, while one of the main goals of Fascism is to cull away all undesirables of the face of the earth. Finland was, in fact, fighting its age-old war: trying to prevent Russians from annexing/occupying/absorbing, Russifying and finally enslaving the people.
    From the Baltic to the Pacific, the land is claimed by "Russians" as theirs since time began, but in reality, they conquered the peaceful tribes and put them under their harsh yoke. Yet, they claim old Finnish cities such as Viipuri as "Old Russian" city they liberated from the Finnish thieves. Russian history books are great fiction, but when repeated in the West, their "history" becomes a serious thing the Finns have been trying to correct.

    Accusing the other side of aggression is merely a normal war formality. The Finns did not have a death wish. The old sport of "the Russians crossing the Finnish Line" (where they often got Finnished) goes back hundreds of years, but Churchill and Roosevelt chose to ignore that fact in 1941-44, an about face from 1939, when Russia tried to annex little Finland. That the war was not just is refuted or accepted by Russian leadership depending on who is in power. The present administration claims Finland attacked, which was the Soviet position. Russia downplays the first 1939-40 Winter War (which is easily seen as Russian aggression) but emphasizes Finland's 1941 offensive to take back the lost territory with German aid. Hence Soviets claim that the land they took in 1944 was liberated from the fascists, (therefore morally right) though Finland is and has always been, a Social Democratic country - and fiercely independent. The counter culture of 1970's called stealing "liberating" - which is what the Russians still call it today. The indigity done not just to the Finns, but the other Baltic countries as well, by the Soviets - and picked up by and repeated by the Western press - is that anyone fighting with the Nazis against Soviets, were Nazis themselves. This lie cast a shadow over the Finns and helped the Soviets annex Karelia in front of the noses of Churchill and Roosevelt, and with their blessings. Both nations abstained from recognizing Finnish independence in 1918, and here they again approved Finland's reunion with Russia. They hoped that by giving Stalin what he wanted, he would cooperate with them later. But fighting with the Nazis, or being occupied by them was of little consequence, for the results would be the same: annexation, enslavement and forced deportation and/or death. The use of the word "Nazi" by the Russian people, even today often extends to anyone opposed to Russian influence. Russian propaganda only focuses on the millions of people the Nazis murdered, but seldom do they recall for the people the millions of people Stalin, one of their own, murdered.

    The world has a right to be concerned today about the direction Russia is headed under Putin et al. The minute Putin became the leader of Russia, I warned that he is big trouble. I was right. Russia has become a corrupt tyranny of the majority, with much Nazi-like behavior like German brown shirts of the 30's, and even the news is under government control. Putin stages rallies to stay in power and in 2014 he made his move to rebuild the Soviet Union according to his evil, corrupt mind. Perhaps there is more Fascism and Communism still in the world than we would like to admit, both sides of the Atlantic. Which one is worse is anyone's guess as both want total control over the people's wishes. Putin is still in charge and he is corrupt, and now he wants Tao rebuild the Soviet Union.

    Putin has also reinstated the alliance between the Russian Orthodox Church and Government - as in the days of the Czars. The Church supported Putin and in return, Putin agreed to begin persecution of all other religions, as in the old times. How can the Russian Orthodox Church be the true church if it is supporting persecution of other Christians? One religion, one party, what's next? The door has all but closed for evangelism, and gathering in homes to exercise religious liberty is now a crime. What makes the west so strong and free, is their willingness to accept various religious beliefs, allowing them to freely exercise worship. Alexandr Solzhnitsyn believed that the problems of the world were spiritual, not political. He believed that what Russia needed to do more than anything else was to repent for the suffering she had caused. In 1983, when he was awarded the prestigious Templeton Prize, in his acceptance speech, he said that if he had to sum up the World's problems in a few words he would say "Men have forgotten God."

    Glasnost lifted restrictions in Russia for outside Christian ministries. Hannu Haukka (a family friend from Vancouver BC) meets a Finnish girl in Russian Karelia, marries her and they start the largest ministry ever in Russia. 1990 IRR/TV received 1,000,000 letters in response to Superbook a children's Bible cartoon series aired on Soviet State TV Channel One. The Moscow post office is swamped. Great Commission - Christian broadcasting to Russia, by Hannu Haukka CEO, from Vancouver BC.


    Finnish Society underwent a profound transition in the last part of the second millennium, and continues in the new one. On the 1st of January 1995, Finland joined the European Union (EU, former EEC or EC), losing a lot of her autonomy in the process. Twenty years later, Finland had only 20% of her former self left, and if she stays, all Finnishness will be erased. Even the language has a distinct English accent especially in Helsinki. Serious questions have raised as to the value of belonging to a union that takes away everything and gives back nothing worth anything but trade and even that is too controlled. Discontent is rising in all the EU countries. Finland is participating in the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU); the currency (markka, abbr. mk or FIM) is now replaced by Euro (with a ratio of 5.94571 FIM = 1 euro). (There are so many songs in Finland with Markka in it. Will they have to change the words? "Ei ole mulla Euroja taskussa..." = I don't have any Markkas in my pocket..)

    Finland supports Turkey's bid to join EU, and has not recognized the Armenian Genocide by Turkey. This is just political correctness played with over a million innocent Christians massacred by Turks. Turkey is outwardly a "democratic" free country but inwardly a repressive typical Islamic regime, though somewhat less than other countries in the region.

    Turkey wants to project an image satisfactory to the people of EU, but it is (in the opinion of the writer) a dishonest image. Their Constitution guarantees "Freedom of Religion," but in practice it represses all religions but Islam. In 2012, reports by 700 Club have reported that Turkey has moved further towards Islamic Fundamentalism. Murders of Christians go unpunished and soon there will be no Christians in Turkey. Is this the country Europe wants to join? This criminal organization? The Ottomans destroyed Christianity in Turkey and now the administration is finishing the job.

    Atom Egoyan's film Ararat is about the Armenian Genocide by Turkey. (see DVD in left column) In 2007, United States Senate has proclaimed the killing of at least one million Armenian Christians in Turkey as genocide, a charge they deny. Turkey was the country that was trying to take over Europe in the Middle Ages. Now are Europeans thinking of inviting them to take over? A Muslim country will never be a truly open, or free, society although each one claims to be just that. Turkey has one of the highest number of journalists in prison, surpassing China and Iran. (BBC 2011)

    No country in EU represses religion, but this will change if Turkey joins. Christians who preach in Turkey are typically arrested and jailed for two years and released just before the trial. That's not all, Turkey is increasingly being ruled by the Muslim leaders, as in Iran and Iraq. Most Christians have left. How is this country able to fit into a European "free" society? It is impossible. It would be a disaster, with even more Muslims in Europe, adding to the present disasterous numbers. Former Finnish president Halonen would have welcomed Turkey into EU, despite gross human rights violations, showing that Liberal minded thinkers are willing to accept anything, even if it is not in the interest of the country. If you are a Christian living in Europe and you want to start a church in Turkey, you will be jailed. Nothing in Islam guarantees freedom of worship, in fact it encourages its members to wipe out any other religion. It is crazy thinking to adopt such a country, but crazy thinking regarding the Islamic threat has ruled in Finland since Kekkonen.

    Which path has Finland chosen to set for itself? The new millennium has brought many potential traps to which unwary nations could easily become prey. By joining EU, it has set its path with the collective, which means much less control of ones own destiny. The folly of EU becomes the folly of Finland. The successes of EU become the successes of Finland, at least in theory. More and more countries are having second thoughts due to almost total control of internal affairs. Is this not what Finland has fought in three wars to avoid?

    Many Finns are just beginning to find out exactly what it means to be in this union, and some are having second thoughts about losing their hard fought for and won, independence. Once again, Finland and the Finnish language is in a minority position in a larger union. The Finns are generally very enthusiastic about this relationship, but not all news is positive about the EU affects on the Finnish people, especially farmers. There is also a lesson from the past. In the late 1600's when Finnish troops were fighting Sweden's battles, far away from their land, Finland was attacked by Russians, which ended up being a massive setback for all Baltic Finns. Could this be repeated if war breaks out and Finnish troops have to go defend Central Europe, leaving Finland vulnerable?

    The future of Finnish culture and language is daily becoming increasingly fragile. Not only is Finland engulfed in EU, a massive surrender of sovereignty, but the people embrace western culture to a great extent, and in their enthusiasm to do so, have suffered linguistic and cultural decrement recently to powerful, magnetic Americanism that is readily available through all media sources. There are many ways Finns could suffer greatly in this union and immigration is now the biggest one. Nothing against immigrants, but we must use our brains and see what has happened in other European countries and learn.

    Finnish language is unique, musical and beautiful and should always be appreciated or it may, in the near future, be lost. The Finnish vocabulary, being agglutinative, is self-defining, and offers unlimited combinations to form meanings. "Keuhkoputkentulehdus" is formed from three words: keuhko, (lung) putki, (tube) and tulehdus (inflammation). The definition is contained in the word itself. English words, by contrast, can only achieve a few forms and meanings, and you have to remember the definition. But Finnish has already been radically adultrated by English words, and that's a "fakta" - and they listen to their favorite music "biisi" or piece. The Finnish "kappale" and "pala" no longer work to describe music.

    The internet has brought the world closer together alright, The average Finn spends 3 hours per day watching television, and now there's the internet with Facebook and the rest of the social media. No wonder they are picking up these words so quickly. Listening to Finnish programs on TV or the Internet vividly shows the radical changes as every few words are English with a Finnish ending. I am used to that being an immigrant to Canada, but now it is happening in Finland. Not only that but the speech is sounding more flat, devoid of the colorful sounds and rhythm that are usually heard from various provinces. We who have immigrated many years ago still speak the same way we did when we got here, and Pirkko Kiansten's radio show from the University of Victoria is a perfect example. We have received comments about how beautiful here speech sounds compared to the degraded speech heard on the evening news in Finland. [Pirkko] Perhaps there are some changes to be made... The January 2003 programming for TV2: 9 American films, 4 Finnish films and 3 other. Finland faces West, even past its EU brothers.

    Most Finns are Lutherans on paper, but not in practice. Finland has become secularized, a country of pagans with one foot in their traditional religion just to be safe. Maybe, they hope, God will be kind to them dispute their ignoring Him. This has happened pretty much at the same time as secularization in all Western countries. Only about three percent of Finns attend church regularly. You might say Finland is spiritually impoverished. As a result of this spiritual vacuum, Islam is beginning to make gains as it has in Sweden and the rest of Europe. This is a bad sign for the future in my opinion, as Islam in a country is worse than not having any beliefs, as it is a totalitarian ideology that is seeking world domination at the moment.

    This is Finland

    Finland: A Rising Nationality, by Peter Kropotkin - 1885 observations about Finland and Finnish people. "Never having been a personal serf, he is not servile; he always maintains his personal dignity and speaks with the same grave intonation and self-respect to a Russian Tsar as to his neighbour. A lymphatic temperament, slowness of movement and of thought, and sullen indifference have often been imputed to him.

    Finland has not scrapped its fleet of steam locomotives. There are 140 of them all ready to go, all over Finland. Little Finland will not be paralyzed by Russia cutting of the oil.

    Alexis Kivi was a very important writer at a time when Finland was beginning to assert its own nationhood after seven hundred years in the Swedish realm and a hundred years associated with Russia. His most famous book is Seven Brothers. Story From Seven Brothers (in a sauna) by Alexis Kivi

    All nationalities have their specialties. The Finns make the best, and the most varieties of rye bread.

    Rye bread plus">

    Historical background on Finnish Bread.

    And you've got to try the Karelian Pie.

    Red Sky in The Morning

    What is the future of Finland based on how its policies are shaping the country today? To answer this in context of what is happening in neighboring countries, Europe and the world in general is extremely complex. I had to toss political correctness into the garbage can where it belongs, for it wars against truth continually. So far, political correctness has the upper hand, but it is doomed to fall. The big question mark is Islam, and the problem is bad data which is filtered information at best and disinformation at worst. By the way this has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia or fear of people who are different, as religion is not a race and besides this discussion is not about religion but any violent ideology including Fascism and Islam, which on the surface has the appearance of peace but scratch through to the inside and you find violence at its core. It is hidden from site, but it is there. It is a stealth ideology that works slowly so we don't notice it. I completely reject and challenge the current politically correct notion of the character of Islam. Right away I will get accusations from all kinds of idealistic individuals just going by hearsay from people in authority or "trusted" news sources. Most of them are wrong and scared of even thinking that what they see with their senses might be wrong, that Islam must be a peaceful religion. There are peaceful Muslims but there are parts of the Quran and their other reference books that reveal the true nature of this misunderstood religion. Once you have seen it with your own eyes, your opinion will never be the same, and you will be angry at being deceived. That is Allah's deception for us and so far it is working. This page works to destroy the works of Allah.
    Islamic deception propaganda
    Media bias against Isael.

    Threats to our freedom do not always come from the East; it can now come from the south. Just look at France and Britain. They are under a full-blown attack and can do nothing about it now. It is too late. Basically, all I'm doing is asking us to wake up and see what is happening in other countries and project that forward, extrapolate to our future situation. Can we prevent the same fate? I don't know, but not talking about it will not help. Pretending everything is fine will not help; I think most people will agree. Talk, discuss, argue, and the truth will slowly emerge - this is true freedom. Silence and "sacred cows" are the enemy. Islam is a works religion meaning your good deeds and bad deeds are weighed, and it just so happens that killing unbelievers is a good deed. That is exactly why Christians are being hunted down by ISIS in Iraq and elsewhere today, not just because they are bad people. Islam made them bad. I know that is not politically correct but truth never is. ISIS is subhuman, barbaric in their actions. I would like to know at what point did Satan enter their team? I have my theory, so you can have yours.

    So why are there so many peaceful Muslims? That is a good question: it is because they willfully disobey their own religion, or they are not taught that in their Mosque, which happens. A lot of Muslims leave their religion once they know the truth, but many do not, and these could be dangerous because in it they see permission to kill and get back at all those they have been told are responsible for all their woes. The Bolshevik revolution was because their book said if they get rid of their masters, they will have a paradise on earth. So millions of people who were the smartest people were killed, leaving the dumb ones and much fewer smart ones. Islam theory is that they convert or kill or enslave everyone that is not Muslim. The Soviets enslaved millions in Siberia, where most of them died. If Muslims get the upper hand there will be a bloodbath worse than in the Soviet Union, and it will include those who were actually helping the enemy, just as the Soviets did. Nobody is safe from fanatic Muslim conquerors.

    Just research it yourself and you will have to change your mind if you go along with Obama's refrain that "no religion is a religion of violence." You might have to actually put in some effort to learn what Islam really is. This is serious. You might say I'm trying to scare you. Would you rather be scared or dead?

    Christianity is a grace and forgiveness based religion; Islam wants revenge, which perpetuates a cycle of violence. ISIS is doing exactly what Muhammad did; they are not an aberration of the religion. Arab culture has always been a culture of war. There has never been a time when Arabs were not fighting each other. Tit-for-tat raids were normal and the fearless warrior was glorified. Muhammad believed that the Arab custom was good and he went on about 66 raids himself. It supplied slaves, women and booty, and it still does. The young men were eager to join in the fun, and when Muhammad told them if they were killed they would go straight to heaven and get 72 virgins, that sealed the deal. So it was easy for Muhammad to use that for his own end, and it continues today. We don't want that transplanted to our peace loving realm. ISIS is Alibaba with an Islamic ideology. Islam is a culture of death and we have to face it. They willingly go to their deaths and send their children to die for their god. It is time to help the Christians being beheaded in the Middle East and forget Muslims for awhile. They have been ignored too long. Let's do the right thing for once and report what is going on and put the blame where it belongs.

    A free society is classless, and enjoys freedom of speech where all may not agree but they agree to disagree without retribution. That is not where Finland is going with its gag laws and self censorship. Islam, like Communism, has two classes. In Communism it was all those who belong to the party, who enjoy various perks. In Islam it is master and slave or infidel, if you are fortunate in not being executed. The slave must pay a tax to the Muslim in a truly Islamic society, since that is Muhammad's command. ISIS robbed all the Christians of their belongings and executed thousands. This is what Muhammad did so they are not doing anything wrong from their point of view and the point of view of an ever increasing number of discontent Muslims around the world, even next door.

    I came to the conclusion that in Finland, as in other countries, the Media is partly to blame by spreading a false image of Islam to the people and that is speeding up Finland's fate, whatever it may be. Next, the question that came to mind was what is in it for these media to put out false information? What is stopping them from putting on air both sides of the argument and give the people an informed opinion rather than the party line. They seem to know what they should say rather than reporting fact regarding Islam and related subjects. A balanced view is impossible due to government liberal policies. You can kill an economy with liberal policies run amuck, and that is what happened to dying American cities such as Detroit. I believe free speech for all including the media is imperative in a free society, but laws now forbid telling the truth because the truth is stranger than fiction, and you shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. Who can stand criticism nowadays? It is now called "bigotry." The problem is nobody wants to get involved and self censorship is everywhere. The Christian churches in the West just rolled over and played dead: they dropped the ball and allowed Islam to push out Christianity and bring in Islam in many parts of Europe and America. They too were crippled by political correctness, having tossed out truth by changing church beliefs. The worst instance was when hundreds of Christian leaders signed a document accepting that Allah was the same as the God of Christians and Jews. That is fundamentally incorrect; the two are diametrically opposed. That is doing violence to their own religion; an abominable act. No Muslims would say that their Quran and the Bible are the same. The Bible says "my people perish for lack of knowledge, and that is a good example. Listen, we all want peace between our two groups, but they have not intention of stopping their push to obey their founder, i.e. to make Islam the only world religion. Finland has become too much like a police state, in regards to suppressing free speech, and it was said by Thomas Jefferson that if the government fears the people you have good government, but if the people fear the government you have tyranny. But it is worse now; truth loving people have to fear their own people who feel that we should accept everything without exception. After all, we must be "inclusive." This just plain ignorant.; not everything is good for our country.

    Credibility is paramount in a content site. Do I exist to tickle the ears of my readers, or am I here to speak the truth? I just want to say that as an interested person I have studied this subject for longer than any Finn that I know of. Take or reject it, it is the truth. However, if I put down here everything I know about this subject I could be arrested and they would call it hate speech, or inciting violence against minorities or some silly excuse, as in all socialist countries. Telling the truth is no longer allowed in Finland nor almost anywhere else, if it concerns religion, never mind that Islam is 80% politics. The Saudis are partly to blame. We are told that Islam is just another religion like Christianity or Buddhism. I am sorry to say it is not. No other religion preaches hatred of other religions, which are supposed to be destroyed, or forced conversion. The concern for the peace of Finland is also that any identifiable group that is accidentally or on purpose offended, that has a habit of rioting, is not an element that can be a healthy addition to Finland in large numbers. This reaction is not limited to Muslims but any group that separates itself from the rest by race or religion. We love them all, but resisting integration and insisting on breaking the laws of the land as we see in Britain and France, have crossed the line. We should not condone rebellion from immigrants for whom we have bent over backwards to help. They should be sent back if found guilty.

    Islam is not an Abrahamic religion as claimed for one thing, because it denies everything Abraham stands for. Even if only one-half of what I claim is true, it is still more than what you will see and hear on the media. Lying is also done by omission; truth has nothing to hide. Lying for Allah is part of Islam; truth is the exclusive domain of the Bible. We have (most western nations) become truth deniers. The result: Finland is at a crossroads to its own history, and it has to make a decision to do the right thing or go down the drain of history. We are doing bad things and we should know it in our hearts, but we are willfully blocking this out. This includes the destruction of our next generation and inviting a demonic, deceptive religion to set up shop in our country. We choose to disregard the truth. The biggest objection I find is that the Muslims they know are all nice people. Russians, Japanese and Germans are nice people too, but they tried to kill and control us in WWII. It has nothing whatsoever to do with how nice people are. This is wartime whether we like it or not. more.... We need to spread the word; please send this page to your social media.

      There is a tide in the affairs of men.
      Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
      Omitted, all the voyage of their life
      Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
      On such a full sea are we now afloat,
      And we must take the current when it serves,
      Or lose our ventures.

      Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218-224

    The above quote refers to a time sensitive situation in a civil war where a decision is needed immediately as one side has an advantage numerically while the other side is rapidly growing in numbers. We see this situation rapidly developing in Europe today, most advanced in France and England. We are slowly being outnumbered by those who have sworn to rule over us. We can bury our heads in the sand or take decisive action now.

    The left-wing government decided to put a stop to criticism of Islam with gag laws. This is typical of socialist society: fix problems by removing a freedom rather than determining the root causes and dealing with it properly - until none is left. This is prevented from happening because of the philosophy of political correctness that is a cornerstone of our society now. Taken to its logical conclusion we have a closed society like all the others. People that value security more than freedom deserve neither. You might say that we should not allow people to run down other peoples' religion. I agree, but what if politics is part of that religion and the religion is protecting an evil political agenda just below the surface? Would it be permissible to criticize the politics, or would that be criticizing the religion? What political party is protected from criticism? Islam! All the wars, kidnappings, murders are now mostly from Muslims or from other Fascist-like ideologies. We are doing everything in our politically correct power to avoid the inevitable conclusion: the problem is with Islam itself and it cannot be reformed without ripping out pages from the Quran. We have an enemy that wants to die (it is their greatest desire) and who wants to destroy us, and we don't know how many are in our country already. Their secret is in their brainwashed minds. The problem is not the people, but the ideology as it is with Fascism or Communism or any other system that is anti-freedom. We don't blame the German people, or the Russian people; we blame their ideology that is carried forward in a relatively small minority that affects the rest. So we saw the carnage in purges and two World Wars as a result of deception of the people, and we still see the same thing today. Violence is the means to an end as taught by Muhammad, a warrior chief who invented a religion that could take over the world by violence under the banner of religion. He went on at least 66 campaigns taking slaves, booty and converting or killing the enemy, which is defined as all unbelievers. That is you and me. Do we hear about these things in school or on TV? Absolutely not; that would be hate speech, which is what truth has become. Hamas, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood are all the same. They are indistinguishable from their beliefs. A large percentage of immigrant Muslims carry this ideology with them and can infect the rest at any time, and even force other Muslims to join them. The result is a ticking time bomb in Europe. We have two mutually exclusive ideologies: freedom and slavery. Don't take my word for it; check it out yourself. Muslims know it; we don't because the President of the United States has said "Islam is a religion of peace" and it has been repeated world wide. Muslim leaders murmur to each other that it is amazing, they are lying to their people! How lucky can they be, and how unlucky for us. Check the Internet, and especially fortressoffaith.org. Whenever there is an attack on American soldiers by their Muslim allies, it is assumed that it was because of some personal grievance. Never is Islam itself implicated, though the Quran specifically grants the permission to kill any infidel. We must at least give that option a look before ascribing it to some grievance. This attitude extends to all Muslims, since we assume that all the killing is our fault based on historical events, and they dig up example such as colonialism and the Crusades. They just take the focus off the real cause: the dictates of Islam itself and the longer we deny that the more people will be put at risk. We must wake up and reject the silly political correctness path we, along with most of the free world, have chosen. Finland needs immigrants until the issue of destroying our next generation has been solved, if ever. Women should be offered adoption before any other option as the baby is innocent and Finland needs every one of them. We should do the right thing. As the Muslims' rampage ratchets up to new levels in the Middle East daily, Christians are being forced to convert or die. They are fleeing by the thousands. If we need people, let's help them first, then the ones who are doing it. This would solve our supposed need for workers and help the persecuted Christians too.

    Gaza hospital terror centers

    What Islam does to people who come under its influence.

    Freedom of speech is an inalienable right of all people, but not of Muslims according to their law. If we respect their laws, that means our freedom of speech will conform to their laws. They should conform to ours in my opinion or we will loose our freedoms. When emigrating, it is understood that the other country's laws must be obeyed. This is serious stuff we ignor at our peril. Nobody can take away debate on any issue in a free society. If we do not want a free society, then we can support censorship, which can strangle our ability to advance as a people or even destroy us due to decisions made with false information. People of the world are all different: colors, religions, customs and so forth. None of these are the problem. Political ideology is the problem, not religion, and that has been proven in the last century with wars that cost millions of lives. Fascism and Communism have been discredited. No problem for the forces of evil that brought us the previous batch. They just brought forward a new batch and it is ravaging thousands at this very moment under the disguise of being a religion of peace.

    We humans are hard headed; we hear something on TV said by someone in high position and we accept that as truth because of who that person is. By doing so, we often reject the real truth. As a result, I believe the media pick up this "truth" spoken by someone who knows nothing of the complex subject, but rather saying what they feel they must politically, and therefore they are giving the people false information - what they want to hear regarding this whole Islam issue. Most of them are afraid to report the truth, and that is coward ism. There is also too much willful ignorance in the world today. They fail to report what they should, but instead say nice things about a bad ideology and even some bad people trying to administer it. They lie that Islam and Christianity are the same and fail to state the truth that Islam rejects even the crucifixion of Jesus and the Biblical story of Abraham while claiming to be an Abrahamic religion. There is only one Abrahamic religion, and the second one supposedly coming down through Ishmael, a child that Abraham disowned and banished for being a violent brat, contradicts the first, so the first one is the correct one. Socialist ideology rejects Christianity but accepts and protects Islam as a valid alternative for some reason, probably hatred of the former, and this is a threat to Finnish people. These ignorant elite want Islam to counter Christianity within our culture, and that is playing with fire. I say these things knowing that there is personal risk, but someone has to counter the accepted inaccurate information (dare I say lies) put out by the media. Shame on the media for not reporting the truth. Part of the reason is that many of the networks are now owned by Muslims advancing their cause and others repeat their lies. Finland that would be Finnish News Agency (STT), YLE, Aamulehti, Helsingin Sanomat...
    Newspapers Top News Waking up to the danger of Islam What's happening in Islam - can happen here.

    So of course it will anger some who still cling to the fairy tale versions where the heroes are Obama, terrorist organizations such as Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian freedom fighters, Isis and Hamas etc; Multiculturalism, socialism, and even Islam. Why does the world always have to go down the wrong path and end up in a war just to start it all over again? Anyway, in this version of fantasy, Allah and Jehovah, Islam and Christianity are the same. The villains in Fantasyland are Christians, truth, Israel, patriotism, democracy, pro-life, Jesus Christ and their affiliates. They are living in a comic strip version of reality. Now the truth, if you can handle it - I hope you can. If not, just skip this because it will make you mad. Don't shoot the messenger. I think Tom Cruz said it best and it applies to many situations: "you can't handle the truth" - or can you? Give it a try.

    In defense of our Christian heritage, I should point out that it still is the best model for morality and freedom in any society whether you believe in God or not. Islam on the other hand creates discontent by its very nature. Everyone on Islam is trapped there, not being allowed to criticize it nor to leave. The young men believe that their problems are caused by Jews or Christians etc. because that is what they have been taught. They never realize it is their own religion, their own minds and what is in there. Christianity is freedom, as Jesus came to set the captives, including Muslims, free. How can Christianity be true if Evolution is true? They both can't be: this is true. I have years of biology and anthropology and I always knew there was something wrong with the theory I was being taught as I was working toward my degree, but it fit politically. Science, to the interpretation of it, now is used to justify policy. Why should we keep the faith that our fathers passed to us? Here's why Evolution as taught in schools is false. 1/2

    Evolution is false. 2/2

    As you know, the demographic changes in the last half of the 20th Century were profound and unprecedented in Europe. Some call it an Islamic invasion. That description might be more accurate than we can perceive right now. This demographic shift can be used by those who have evil intentions. In fact there exists a master plan to infiltrate countries and work from the inside using the country's own resources and support, that was found in a raid on Islamic Brotherhood (Obama's friends) affiliates in United States. With a president like Obama, who needs enemies. The documents found support this theory, revealing a complex plan to take over countries by stealth working from the inside. Building kindred like-minded populations is key to this plan and so is indoctrinating children to believing Allah is the one and only god. These children then become judges and government that will work for the enemy, most having already turned their backs on their traditional beliefs. The enemy has strong beliefs; we, as a nation, have none or it is weak. We all know that Finns can fight an enemy on their own turf if that enemy attacks from the front door, but what if it doesn't, instead masterfully using cunning deception.

    My father, like every Finnish 20 year old male, was in the Finnish Army when Russia attacked in November 30 1939, having joined in June, and we should know what happened to the attackers. We are almost invincible if fighting an army of equal strength or even twice as strong, especially if we ask the creator for His help as we did then. Speaking of relatively strong beliefs, every field unit prayed before battle, and every man participated. That gave strength to our soldiers that they would not otherwise have. There are no atheists in fox-holes and besides a little insurance was worth having. I have however, noticed that we do not have any defenses for an attack if the enemy tries to come in through the back door, by stealth. That is their winning strategy that we have been slow to catch on to. Muslims are nice people don't get me wrong, and I like them one-on-one, but their ideology, with a religious facade, has a big, big problem. The reason is that Islam and Christianity are not the same and because we believe a lie, we allow and even welcome Islam, which is Satan's tool to bring down nations under a deity called Allah. No, it is not the same as Jehovah God in case you are interested. I am not going into the details but it is a growing problem in Europe, one we dare not ignore. I'll let Tom Wallace explain the difference, (link below) and the threat in detail. France and England have Muslim problems now, and it has spread northward. You must understand, Islam does not worship the traditional God of Finns. I know that is what they claim, but it does not stand up to scrutiny. All you have to do is compare what the two Gods' attributes and it becomes clear: most are opposites. But they are both Abrahamic religions! Not really. Abraham's son Isaac is; but Ishmael is not. In fact, because of the differences, Abraham sent Ishmael, the father of Arab people, into the desert with his mother. He was a trouble maker, and we see that his decedents are too. It has never ended with the Arabs. Rockets rain down on Israel non-stop, but Israel is doing everything to try and stop it and they get the blame. There are some similarities and they are paraded as representative of the religion. Don't be fooled.

    Evil systems have never entered any country as evil; they would not be allowed in. Most were welcomed in under false pretenses, such as Fascism and Communism which actually came to steal, kill and destroy. The Trojans tricked the Athenians as well and Athens fell. We believe we are immune to being fooled because of our own pride that believes we are too smart to fall for deception. Isn't it strange how history keeps repeating itself.

    The United States became the model of freedom under Christian principles, not Muslim or any other. There is no evidence that greater freedom and prosperity comes from any other set of beliefs than the one adopted by the founding fathers of the greatest nation the world has ever seen, but which our last two generations mostly abandoned. Sadly, these principles have been tossed into the garbage, and cracks in the system are appearing and the country is also turning away from Israel in favor of her enemies. The Bible says that God will curse those who curse Israel. A two country solution for Israel? When Israel gave up Gaza for peace, the result was a hail of rockets. When Israel retaliated it was not the attackers (Arabs) who were blamed but the defenders. Why is this almost universal now? Imagine what would happen if Israel gave up strategic land to their enemies as most of the West, under pressure from oil rich Muslim countries, now demands? Israel would be no more. The rockets are from civilian areas, schools etc. When Israel retaliates, the world's reaction is horror and Israel is the villain - because of the media bias. The founding fathers had it right, but it is now wrong. The first Chief Justice of the United States, John Jay They knew that only a nation with Christian values can remain free and prosperous. In 1965 Ted Kennedy (supposedly Christian) changed the future of America forever by pushing for more Asian, African and Middle East Muslim and less European immigration into America. Now Muslim values are being considered as valid for America by a Muslim president who makes jokes about Christian values. How dumb is that? Look what these values are doing right now in the countries of origin. That is just getting off the track established by Christian values which was working and American prosperity is the proof. Let's get back to the path that works and turn America and Europe around by doing the right thing. If America does the right thing, the rest of the world will follow.

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    Brigitte Gabriel grew up in Christian Lebanon and was there when
    Muslims took over and slaughtered all non Muslims. She is determined not to let that happen in America. We need the same spirit in Finland.

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