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Updated September 10, 2012

Contents: Log Home Books, Wilderness Survival and more coming. Time to get out of Dodge and get back to nature.

The log home as constructed by the Finns over thousands of years is a comfortable structure that allowed the people to live and thrive in the North. The Finns brought their technology to North America early in the history of Canada and United States.

The Finnish Log Cabin:
The construction of a new home was a familiar task to the Finn. At first he built a crude shelter (kota), by placing poles of a few inches in thickness together in a circle about twelve feet in diameter, much in the fashion of the Indian wigwam. Soon after, he began work upon a log cabin (pirtti). The Finns were the first to introduce this type of structure in America, its use spreading to the English colonies after the middle of the seventeenth century. For the Finns the log cabin served both as a home and as a bath house (sauna) until he found time to build a more pretentious dwelling. Then the old building was used only for the latter purpose. Numerous other structures were made to serve as storehouses and granaries. A peculiarity in their form is found in the fact that an air space of two feet was provided under the floor to avoid dampness. this is still a characteristic of Finnish buildings in rural districts." George Einar Ray (Rambo is originally a Finnish Name, changed from Ramppanen and dates from this early period of American history) In fact, the first treaty between the Natives and Europeans was done in a Finnish Log Cabin. This site brings you a resource guide to those who are planning to build a log home.

Finns love their cabins in the country, especially by a lake. Package log cabins like this, and even all types of homes, are available from Finnish manufacturers. This one, by Puutalo is fairly typical. It has three different configurations including a living area: 1) with a sauna and dressing room, 2) with a sauna and a shower/washroom, or 3) with two bedrooms.

My home away from home one summer on the Cassiar Hwy No.37, 3 hours north of Kitwan'ga BC, Canada, at the Swiss owned Bell II Heliskiing Resort. Each room had a Tulikivi Finnish soapstone wood stove (expensive, but the best there is) and the main lodge had floor to ceiling soapstone fireplaces. Books and Supplies

Wind Generators
Solar Resources

Testaments in Wood : Finnish Log Structures at Embarrass, Minnesota by Wayne Gudmunson, Suzanne Winckler, Michael Koop, Eric Paddock (Introduction)

You can read part of this book on line:
Logs, Wind and Sun: Handcraft Your Own Log Home ... Then Power It with Nature (Paperback) by Rex A. Ewing, Lavonne Ewing
"Nobody packs up, heads for woods and builds a log home, far away from the nearest power line, on a whim..." A sustainable triad for a world with diminishing resources.

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How to Build Your Dream Cabin in the Woods: The Ultimate Guide to Building and Maintaining a Backcountry Getaway (Hardcover) - by J. Wayne Fears br>

Log Homes Made Easy : Contracting and Building Your Own Log Home
Jim Cooper

American Log Homes
Arthur Thiede 

The Complete Guide to Log and Cedar Homes : All About Buying, Building, Decorating, and Furnishing Log, Cedar, and Post & Beam Homes
Gary D. Branson

How to Afford Your Own Log Home : Save 25% Without Lifting a Log
Carl Heldmann

Building With Logs
B. Allan MacKie

Log House Plans
B. Allan MacKie

Picture Book of Log Homes
B. Allan MacKie 
Building and Restoring the Hewn Log House
Charles McRaven

Building a Log Home from Scratch or Kit
Dan Ramsey 
The American Dream
Brad Simmons (Photographer), et al, 997

Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Home
Paperback / Published 1985

The Log Home Book : Design, Past and Present
Cindy Teipner Thiede, et al / Paperback / Published 1995

Build Your Own Log Home from Scratch
Published 1988

The Builder's Experience : 32 Steps to a Complete Log Home
Gerald Felch / Published 1988

Building the Alaska Log Home
Tom Walker / Published 1984

Hand-Hewn : The Art of Building Your Own Log Home
William C. Leitch / Published 1982

How to Build Your Cabin or Modern Vacation Home
Harry Walton / Published 1987

The Log Home Book : Design, Past & Present
Cindy Teipner-Thiede, et al / Published 1993

Log-Cabin Home (Adventures in Frontier America Series)
Catherine E. Chambers / Published 1984

Log-Cabin Home : Pioneers in the Wilderness
Catherine E. Chambers / Published 1984

Cabins and Vacation Houses
Sunset Editors / Published 1975

How to Build Your Cabin or Modern Vacation Home
Harry Walton / Published 1987 
The Log Cabin : Homes of the American Wilderness
Alex W. Bealer / Published 1978 
The Log Cabin : Homes of the North American Wilderness
Alex W. Bealer / Published 1978 
Successful log homes : planning & building, renovating & repairing
James D. Ritchie

Build Your Own Low-Cost Home : Complete Working Drawings and Specifications for Eleven Homes Suitable for Year-Round and Vacation Use, With Step-By-S
Leroy Oscar Anderson / Paperback / Published 1975

Cabin Fever : Sheds and Shelters, Huts and Hideaways
Marie-France Boyer / Hardcover / Published 1993

How to Build and Furnish a Log Cabin : The Easy, Natural Way Using Only Hand Tools and the Woods Around You
W. Ben Hunt / Paperback / Published 1996

How to Build Your Own Log Home for Less Than $15,000
Robert L. Williams / Paperback / Published 1996

Log Cabins and Cottages : How to Build and Furnish Them
William S. Wicks / Paperback / Published 1994
Log Cabin Living by Daniel MacK

Rustic Retreats : A Build-It-Yourself Guide by David R. Stiles, Jeanie Trusty Stiles

Log building tools & how to make them by Raymond D Arcand Stiles

A Country Club in the Canadian Rockies


If you want a stove/fireplace that will keep giving you heat 12 to 24 hours after the fire has gone out, your only choice is naturally, soapstone. My own 2003 experience with soapstone stoves is the Tulikivi line from Finland. I had the good fortune to have spent a month in an exclusive Bell II Heliskiing Resort (all beautifully built log cabins) in the Canadian mountains, north of Smithers BC. In the summer, it must be close to the mosquito capital of the world. The heating stove in the room was different; I had never seen anything like it. A basket of wood stood beside it, with small blocks about 8 inches long. I immediately started a fire in this stove that has the pipe exiting near the floor. An hour went by, and I felt the outside of the stove. Hardly warm! I added wood once or twice to keep the fire going and to see if I could warm up the surface. It got a little warmer but not like a steel stove. The next day I got up to a wonderfully warm stove. I looked into the firebox and there wasn't even an ember glowing; the stove wasn't hot but it was awfully warm! The Lodge booklet filled me in. It was a Tulikivi stove from Finland. Every room in the Lodge had a Tulikivi stove or fireplace. Tulikivi is not your ordinary stove, so there was easily several hundred thousand dollars worth of fireplaces and stoves in the Lodge. It is one of the most efficient stove systems ever designed, which releases only a minimal amount of pollutants.

A stove that captures heat is far better than one that smolders and creosotes your chimney. One of the drawbacks of modern stoves is that they burn the wood efficiently but too quickly. Soapstone solves that problem. If you can afford it, buy one. You can find Tulikivi Finnish soapstone stoves in your area or order through one of their products below.

Make your own pellets.
A word on solar power. Recent advances in technology have made all solar panels on the market obsolete. The new generation of solar panels of 2008/9 (some say longer) are supposedly 5 times more efficient and cost a lot less. This we have to see. See Nanosolar
Finnish Log Craft Association - Learn from the ones who have built log homes for several thousand years.

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