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Russian Mass Murderer Joseph Stalin

Updated August 20, 2017

Stalin's Purges Part 1

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The Tyrant and those who killed for him - Google Book (take a look.)

The Leader of The Worker's Paradise

In order to stay in power, Stalin murdered everyone he suspected might threaten his absolute power even in the slightest, not just political enemies. From Karelia to Mongolia - death squads patrolled the countryside, and minorities were at the top of the hit list. Phony charges were laid, and executions followed swiftly. Lenin valued Stalin's ruthless vicious cruel streak, a quality his other colleagues came to dislike and which they took to be the dominant factor in his character. Some argue that Russia survived only because of Stalin, and that there simply were no leaders in Russia capable of leading Russia in time of war. Perhaps, but it is no thanks to Stalin, who killed all threats to his sole power. In Stalinist "democracy" you could vote one of your own to be shot, and millions were. This is the kind of democracy that American founding fathers warned against. No absolute laws controlled these "Advanced" Marxist Stalinists, for they are free to make their own, unfettered by old moral laws.

Impilahden Kirkko (Stalinin uusi teatteri Karjalassa) - the Lutheran Church at Impilahti - my father's picture from our family album. Stalin turned the captured Finnish churches into theaters.

But is it advanced to lower yourself to the level of an animal fighting other animals tooth and claw for supremacy, trying to exterminate your opposition wherever and whenever possible? Human Rights Watch.

Picture (translated) captured in Viipuri by the advancing Finns 1941. This photo (and more to come - check Antti's Photo Gallery) is an original - in the family collection. All rights reserved.

While slavery was abolished in England in 1833 and in America in 1865, it was introduced into the Soviet Union in 1928 - by Stalin. Labor shortages were no problem for Stalin who arrested people and sent them to work camps and mixed in with them criminal elements that preyed on them day and night. Even a Dayton criminal defense lawyer would agree that such a policy would only lead to more death and violence. The state was infinitely more cruel to slaves than any private slave owner, without compensating benefits to society. The whole Soviet system suffered because of this - there was no net gain - which begs the question: why was it established? There was no benefit to the state using unpaid slaves as opposed to letting the slaves go and hiring them back under private contractors. How efficient is it to use sledge hammers to break rock as opposed to jaw and cone crushers? It makes no sense unless they were extermination camps, which means that Stalin murdered many more people than we think. Slavery just grew and grew until in 1941, 25% of Soviet economy was dependent on this (inefficient and cruel) slavery system. Islam permits slavery still since Muhammad and his raiders were allowed to keep slaves as booty, a great incentive to join his army. United States executive order No. 11,000 (+11,002) allows the government to organize people into work forces, or slave labour gangs.

Putin wants to be the next Stalin. In fact his nick name is Stalin lite. He has already gotten rid of journalists who wrote against him, and he is concentrating more power in himself daily. As a former KGB agent, he can be a ruthless murderer.

Finns and Karelians Murdered by Stalin
1937 - 38

From the first page of the linked document that follows, the author begins to reveal the list of Karelians and Finns who were murdered by Stalin between 1937 - 1938 and were buried secretly at Sandormohi which was described in a previous article (Carelia 1/1998). My friend Sonja's father was murdered in Karelia during these years. Many mass-murderers are very intelligent, and Stalin was no exception. The fact that the Russian people could admire such a murderer is a clue to why Russia cannot join the the civilized world of the second millennium yet. The list has been compiled by the Memorial Club member Juri Dmitrijev, who has spent many hours in the Karelian Defense Committee archives studying records from Stalin's purges.

Preliminary information reveals that in Sandormohi, there were over 7000 people shot, of which we have 6432 names already and the list is growing. The blood of the victims cry out from the ground, and it is up to us to do these people justice by telling the world what evil Bolsheviks did in secret. The list contains 766 Karelian and 930 Finnish names. The names given in the following order: family name, first name and father's name, birth date and place, profession, last place of work and domicile, and the date shot. ("ammuttu")

They Took My Father: Finnish Americans in Stalin's Russia First edition Edition - Book By Mayme Sevander. - Uralica presents an exclusive interview in Finnish with Mayme months before her death. See: Pirkko Interview of Mayme Sevander

As a final humiliation to the Karlians and Finns, their names would be recorded as Russian names. The Finnish first, father's and family names and place-names contain many errors, which is the result of the Russian written language, and the NKVD's (KGB) record keepers' lack of knowledge of the place of work or domicile - sometimes they are missing totally. Some Finnish names were changed to Russian for "ease of pronounciation." In such cases it is impossible to determine the person's correct name. The name Ivan could have actually been Johannes, Juhani, Jussi, Jukka, Juha, Juhana, Janne, Hannes, Hannu etc. A few examples:
Pjotr Petrovits - Pekka Pekanpoika (Peter Peter's son)
Emil - Eemeli, Eemil
Matvei - Matti
Martyn - Martti
Nikolai - Niilo
Karl - Kaarlo, Kalle, Kaarle
Genrih - Henrikki, Heikki, Henri
Jakov - Jaakko, Jaakob, Jaakoppi
Andrei - Antti, Antero
Iosif - Jooseppi, Juuso
Gustav - Kustaa, Kyösti, Kustavi etc.

For Yrjö, the Russians had 3 choices: Jegor, Georgi or Juri. In brackets are the changes from the Finnish first, father's and family and place names. Some names have been corrected. The list has been compiled by Eila Argutin and Mayme Sevanderi.

Many people will probably find a relative or friend who has disappeared in this list, and come to know what happened and where they are buried. Juri Dmitrijev continues his search. Sandormohi does not appear to be the only place where Stalin's victims are buried in Karelia.


Listen to interview (Finnish) with Mayme Sevander, a Finn whose family went to Karelia from the United States in the 30's; her father was shot. 23 minutes into program.

Finns, Karelians and others murdered and buried secretly between 1937 - 1938

The List of Finns and Karelians (may they rest in peace) shot by Stalin - Note that the Russian web page has been deleted. The names are no longer of interest to the Russian people - now Stalin is known just as an "effective leader." The list is from the Internet Archives. You see nothing disappears from the net, even Stalin's inhumanity to man. See pictures of the Karhumäki graveyard in Karelia.

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