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    Infant formula - a critical period in nutrition.
    Dehydration is the cause of many illnesses.

    In this page I would like to begin with behavioral problems, which is recently getting a lot of press coverage and examine the causes and cures offered by today's medical establishment for behavioral problems, and offer some suggestions for prevention and/or cure. Carol Simonatacchi claims that much of the behavioral problems we see today are the result of most of us eating nonfood, or pseudofood.

    Artificial Foods Affect the Brain and Behavior

    Carol Simontacchi says that we are going nuts because we would rather eat nonfood than real food. The combination of infant formulas, both milk and soya based, plus environmental chemicals/pesticides, are a major problem for humanity.

    After WW II women entered the work force in droves. Someone had to feed the kids, the women no longer had the time. The food manufacturers siezed the opportunity and created baby formula. The doctors even said it was just as good or better than breast milk!

    From that point on it was all down hill for nutrition. Margarine and instant mashed potatoes were just a few of the new "better" foods available. Marketers soon convinced us that artificial food was better than natural food. It was "better life through chemistry," and "better living through science." Science was better, more modern than nature.

    But this was not food. Food comes from the forests, fields, lakes, streams, and oceans - not out of a box. We used to eat locally, what was available, now we are told that we should eat exotic, synthetic foods, which come from a box, can or other packages. We think that if it tastes like food, it must be good.
    However, packaged food does not support the healthy development of the growing brain, nor the functioning of a mature one. Because of this we have all the child behavior problems. Infant autism has increased 900% from what parents put in babies bodies, and this includes vaccines containing mercury as a preservative. Millions of kids are now on prozac or some other antidepressant drug. So would the drug companies support healthy food, or pseudofood? The bottom line dictates that they feed you food that will make you sick. Many drug companies are also in the food business. It is criminal.

    So, we know that the pseudofoods are devoid of nutrition, and this causes developmental problems in children but is that all that's wrong with them? Nutrition is just the beginning of the problem, some of the worst effects are chemical in origin. Many chemicals and pesticides mimic hormones such as estrogen, which affects the endocrine system, which directs the functioning of the whole body. How would you like to give your baby 5 to 10 birth control pills per day? Well that is exactly what you are doing with many of these soya-based formulas. Are these foods the real cause of the increase of feminine thought in males and masculine thoughts in females? They profoundly affect the developing brain, the first 2 - 3 years of which are critical. So some behaviors you thought were natural, are really abnormal behavior, which have been made "normal" politically.

    Infant Formula

    THA is a structural fat that is important for the development of the brain. No infant formula in North America has this fat. It cannot be produced by the child, the child must get it from mother's milk. Amino Acids are balanced in mother's milk. You cannot get this balance from artificial food. Milk contains branch chain amino acids, which are fine for developing big muscles and small brains of cows, but humans need mother's milk, which develops the human brain. Since the baby's brain is growing for the first three years of life, the mother should breast-feed her child for this period. That means she must stay at home. Sorry, but that is a fact.

    If the child does not get the essential fat THA, what happens is, that there is not enough Tryptophan in the brain to produce seratonin, and the child's brain and behavior suffers accordingly.

    Soya based formula is no better. It contains a substance called isoflavone, which is a plant estrogen. Your baby could get the equivalent of 5 to 10 birth control pills per day if you feed soya based formulas. This dangerous substance could be removed for pennies, but it is not. Water is better, if mother's milk is not available.

    The balance of estrogen and testosterone must be correct in the developing baby if the cognative processes are to be correctly gender specific. This could be a disaster for your child, who may have sexual identification problems as an adult. Since soya is in so many products, we may not be aware of the ultimate effects on our society. Chemicals and pesticides in our environment, which also have hormonal effects, must be removed forever from our environment.


    An old Finnish saying: vesi vanhin voitehista, means "water, oldest of medications," and that the ancient Finns were very aware of the medical value in water.

    Since the advent of drugs, the old wisdom of the ages has been cast aside. It is time to resurrect the past, a time when anecdotal medicine was the only medicine. Water mother, water nymph, baptism by water - water has played a big role in our past. Earth, air, fire and water were thought to be the basics of our reality, the elements. Now we will prove to you that the value of water is even bigger than you had ever thought; in fact it is a life-saver.

    The Water Cure

    The theory is that increasing the amount of water we drink can keep us healthy or cure our dry parched bodies. We may think we consume enough water through all kinds of drinks, but the fact is that most of those drinks are diuretics, forcing you to excrete more water than you take in. Yes, most of the popular drinks fall into this category including coffee and pop. Both have caffein, which is a diuretic. Alcohol is a diuretic that also blocks water from getting into the cells by reducing vascular tension and water uptake of cells through reverse osmosis, and the result is a headache, or hang-over.

    If water is so good for us, why don't the doctors recommend it then? If a doctor were to espouse some of the things you are reading on this page, he would be in trouble because that is not the protocol he is supposed to use. Some brave doctors take a risk in prescribing water, and cautioning against many harmful drugs, but these are in the minority. The big problem is that WATER IS FREE. Nobody can make a dime off your suffering! When it comes to money, good people become bad, good scientists become bad scientist, and good doctors become bad doctors.

    The cause of disease is more often than not, dehydration. Cancer, Parkingson's Disease, MS, Asthma, and many other diseases are the result of insufficient water in our cells and between the cells. Oxygen must travel through some medium to get from the blood to the cells. If there is not enough water in our bodies, and if the fluids are acidic, nutrition and oxygen cannot feed the cells. The result is disease.

    You don't need cows milk. Don't drink milk. A relative who drank milk had acne and could not get rid of it by regular means. Stopping milk had immediate positive effects. Calcium decalcifies the bones, so why drink it?

    At this point I would like to mention that we need about 4 quarts or Liters of water per day. We can get 2 from our food, but the other two must come from the water we drink. You drink this water slowly during the day. It is NOT a huge amount, but just two or so glasses more than the eight recommended. So don't send me email about how I am recommending you to OD on water. Water Cure
    Water Cure

    To prevent the water from just passing through, we must take about 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt per gallon of water, so that we can retain enough water to begin the healing process. Here again we aren't saying to fill yourself up with salt, but do not go against your doctor's orders either. Most doctors try to tell you to go on a low salt diet, but what do they give you when you are in the hospital? Very expensive saline IV. This salt we are talking about is almost free. Once in a while it doesn't hurt to put in two teaspoons of salt in a gallon of water when you get up on your days off. Don't eat anything before the cleansing regimen, and stay home for at least three or four hours until your colon is clean. Drink the two gallons of water with a half teaspoon of sea salt in any case. If you do this every day for two weeks, whatever ails you will be gone. Please let me know how you do. So say the water experts, and so say I because it is just common sense. But this is not a substitute for medical attention, so do not stop whatever you are on, as it can be dangerous, and consult your physician first in any case. Water will definitely help you off of most medications eventually, whether you have asthma, cancer, insulin independent diabetes (where your pancreas still produces some insulin), or any other disease that is caused by drought. To find out more, read the book.

    The Crazy Makers : How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children by Carol Simontacchi
    Your Body's Many Cries for Water : You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty
    by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (Preface)
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