Little Wolf Stove

Wood Burning Camping Stove


  • "In the beginning I was skeptical but after witnessing many burns, I'm a total believer in this stove's ability to deliver precisely what it claims. The science of the gasification is brilliant. This stove has so many uses too, and it uses nature's fuel." Kris C. Surrey BC, Canada

  • "I grilled a steak, and it boils water really fast. Amazing" Brett B. Chilliwack BC,

  • Hey, it's J. from (), just cooked lunch in the stove, (for six people) worked really well, got one person who is very interested in getting one. (Scout Leader sending email from large Scout meeting, first day) J.M. Surrey B.C.

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Toll Free: 877-631- 9689   9 - 5 PM Pacific Time

Limited Quantities, Some available in black powder coat.
DXL-12B Complete Set
Little Wolf Stove: includes everything,
shipping and our money back guarantee
Ships to North America only.
little wolf stove
Solar charger: to restore battery
charge after using the stove.
little wolf stove
Power Adapter power adapter
12 volts out: for all your electronics
such as charging iPads.
little wolf stove
Wall Charger for the stove.
Use to recharge internal batteries.
Included in set:
Hand Carrying Bag: Best for car trips.
hand carrying bag
Outbound Carrying bag
Best for carrying more than a kilometer.
carrying bag
Outbound XL Compression Bag $20 + $5 Shipping
Shoulder Strap $10 + $5 Shipping

Customer service: reseller inquiries welcome.
Toll Free Number 8AM - 10PM Pacific Time - 877-631-9689 Cell: 778-554-7012

You can get a stove at these locations in Canada:
  • Langley B.C. - R.E. MacDonald's Stoves & Stones
  • South Surrey B.C. - Mountain Magic Ltd. - (604)-535-5182
  • Thunder Bay Ont. - Finca Enterprises Ltd. - (807) 767-0676

  • Little Wolf Stove Instructions pdf file

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    If you want a little stove that weighs only 2 lb. that burns wood and charges your cell phone, the Biolite is the answer. What's the difference between the Little Wolf stove and the Biolite? The Biolite (below) is 1/5 the size of our big 10 lb. stove that is meant for regular portable every day use. It is more solidly built and has a much more powerful fan, which is required for optimum efficiency. The Biolite must be lit to recharge the batteries, while the Little Wolf stove can be recharged with an inexpensive car battery solar maintainer. No need to lite the stove. Plus, you get to watch a nice friendly fire while you eat because of the vastly greater fuel capacity lasting 1 - 2 hours on medium, and more on low. This is a must; small stoves just give you enough fuel to cook your food, or else you have to keep adding fuel frequently. You can convert the Little Wolf to a tent heater by adding a stove pipe kit which will be soon available as an accessory. Finally, the Little Wolf stove is a two phase stove: the first phase is for cooking and the second uses the charcoal produced for barbecue. If you enjoy barbecued or smoke food, this is a great option. And, I believe the Little Wolf stove is arguably the more attractive unit, but I might be a little biased. The decision is yours, but I would go with Little Wolf for yard or trips. It might cost a bit more but in the end you get a lot more style, quality, versatility and fun! But whatever you get, have a good time.