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Ethics and Science

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  • Scientifically Speaking 
  • "Global Warming" has been proven to be a farce, scientifically!
  • Coast to Coast Radio Show
  • Opinion based on research
  • Evolution Origin of Life farce
  • Science links
  • Dead Microbiologists
  • Cold Fusion Research Blocked - a box the size of a bread box could power your house.
  • They're forcing you to eat genetically modified fruits and vegetables! e.g. India's agriculture - This craze is sweeping the world: no more normal food! It is all Monsanto's fault for trying to poison our food (GMO, pesticides and Acrylamide neurotoxin) and our air (Chemtrails).
  • I bet you have written cold fusion off as a hoax.  I almost wrote this topic off too. Now it is back with a vengence! Did you miss the boat with computers? Well, it's your lucky day, cold fusion is just getting started.
  • The world is slowly going mad. Genetically modified crops have farmers fuming. Giant Monsanto (which uses economic hit men) wants to sell them terminator and gm seeds coated with acrylamide, a neurotoxin which gets into the plant. Even fertilizers, hydroseeding and shotcrete (for stabilizing tunnel walls and highway slopes) contain this poison, (also from your garden shop - watch for the water droplet on the bag) which was brought to the world's attention because it is in French Fries and breads. So fast foods are worse than you thought.
  • Links on other scientific topics of interest - e.g. Area 51 film clip: back engineering UFO
  • Invention marketing company frauds
  • Persecution of scientists studying the secrets of the universe and life The high priests of science will have you thrown in prison for your different ideas.
  • Solar energy now cheaper than coal

      What is happening to Science?

      What is happening in medical science and many other scientific fields is a scandal. When money enters the picture, all bets are off. Often truth is the victim. Scientists are human, they want grants and tenure in universities. They are scrambling over each other for them. What about our energy crunch, whose fault is that? We like to blame the scientific community at large because they refuse to look at anything that is outside their little box built of their little physical Laws, that nobody, but nobody is allowed to break. This stifles progress, and that is why we can't afford to drive our cars anymore. What is worse than that is outright
      Another problem is the using of scientific laws as if they are absolute God's laws. The laws we have learned are not perfect - they can explain most phenomena, but not necessarily all. This is because, not all circumstances can possibly be taken into account by the makers of these laws. They may not therefore hold in every situation. Here you will find several examples of this.

      Is truth that important? Take for example a Nobel prize winning scientist who claims HIV is not the main cause of AIDS. (
      Duesberg's official site. Kary B. Mullis, and Professor Walter Gilbert - both Nobel prize winners support Prof. Duesberg's view.)
      Who is right is not the problem, it is the attitude of scientists receiving public funds, who ostracize others looking for truth in a different direction. Take for example Mr. Ward, who stumbled on something that rocked the world. It was a paint that is so heat resistant that I want a bottle of it right now. Ah, but this little guy mixing chemicals in his basement invented what the Phd's couldn't. Mr. Ward's miracle.

      What happens to scientists who go against the tide? This is important because it is these ones who often discover something the others missed. They are attacked and eaten by the other fish just because they swim differently, away from the school. But more sinister is the idea that the others may be intentionally blocking a discovery by having research money blocked. It's not just AIDS, its EVERYTHING including cold fusion. Some "expert" who hasn't made any discoveries makes a statement: "cold fusion is a hoax" and everyone believes him! Are humans so stupid that they couldn't find the cures to the diseases around today if an honest effort was made? You see, there is more money in keeping people sick but alive for a spell, than there is in curing them. So why would a drug company wish to put a stop to the flow of money? Why would Cancer Agencies want to find a cure when they keep getting hundreds of millions of your dollars, which would stop the minute a cure was found? It would be a career ending discovery for some, because they would not find another job doing what they love. The disease business is a multi billion dollar industry, legalized killing of innocent people for the god of money. Population control is the basis of a lot of government decisions; if you can reduce the population without a public backlash, it is in the interest of humanity, is the attitude taken by most governments today. In fact, you will find popular elitists stating that the world's population needs to be reduced by killing off the excess, up to 80%. Among them are the Duke of Edinburgh and Kissinger among thousands of others. You and I are their targets. My suggestion is that they volunteer to be the first to go.

      Carbon Dioxide and the Globalist Agenda
      Speaking of money, the tax grab for carbon dioxide is just that - full of hot air, but very lucrative for the Global Agenda. That is what it is all about - FINANCING GLOBALISM. Carbon Dioxide is just an excuse and Gore is the spokesman for the Globalist agenda, to raise funds. What a scam it is, and you should help to put a stop to this nonsense.

    Scientifically Speaking

    You are here because you are interested in science, or perhaps you are even a top research scientist. Whatever the case, we all have to obey the laws, or "truths" of nature. To me science is an extension of my love for nature, and truth. When I was a kid, I had to always see what made things tick. I was born in Finland, a country whose people are still in nature dispite their ultra-modern appearance. My parents taught me not to worship the eye, i.e. don't try to do things for people's eyes, and then change your value system later when you believe you can get away with it. In Ontario Canada I began to develop my love for the natural world, at our home on the lake. When I grew up, I studied biology at the University of Victoria, Canada. Science to me represents truth. Opinions are born and destroyed; concepts that are true, hopefully survive, while false ideas perish. Like math, you can't twist it to be something else, like politically correct for example. If you say life began by itself, then demonstrate it in the laboratory, now. After all, science refuses to accept any other type of proof. There is no such science where the outcome of an experiment is dependent on concensus or some other type of conclusion not consistent with the Scientific Method. We cannot take science and use it to further our own agendas. We must state that evolution is one theory, creation is another, and let's look at the pros and cons of both. Can either be proved? My professors said evolution has been "proven" and the case is closed. However, no life has ever been created though scientists have had all the means that they say, created life on earth. They couldn't figure out how to put together the proteins they created in their "primordial soup." Even if they could create a blob that looks like a cell, they still could not make it live - at least they haven't got a plan to install the spark of life into it. Yet, on they go, telling all the kids that God did not create life on earth; life came from non life, somehow, don't ask us how. This is the main reason our kids today feel lost - that their life has no purpose, and they may as well do drugs and have a ball. This is how several generations have been destroyed already, and its getting worse. This is destructive, or "evil." Of course science can be used for evil purposes. We know it can, and often is. Telling children that God did not create us is the most evil thing that teachers are doing, because it is THE big lie today. Here is proof. Engineer explains why Evolution is a lie. Darwin was mistaken Part 1 Darwin was mistaken Part 2 - Darwin did not know that genes are so complicated it boggles the imagination, and that science has shown that what Darwin thought was evolution, was just the flexibility designed into his Finches. You have to take another look at the possibility of Intelligent Design.

    Dr. Hayward spoke to his UVic Biology 100 class; he was promoting his biology courses like most faculties. "Why study biology?" he asked. "Philosophy of life," he said answering his own question. The freshmen sat there absorbing it all - in wonderment of how fortunate they were to get this new knowledge. The same year, a petition was going around the campus to legalize abortion. Yes indeed, a new philosopy of life was in the works alright.

    Carl Linnaeus - The Swedish father of taxonomy

    At the right you will see a video clip about nanobacteria. These bacteria are smaller than normal ones and their existence has been missed. The researcher believes they are morphed normal bacteria. They have been found inside the calcium in arteries and other calcified structures. These must be destroyed when doing Chelation Therapy or the plaque will return. Discovered by Finlander by the name Kajander.

    Hubble Telescope

    Did you know?

    Ozone: Deadly Poison or Medical Miracle?

    Ozone to most of us makes us think of the ozone layer, the ozone hole, or pollution. Most of us and even ozone scientists know nothing about medical ozone. What is it? Ozone is oxygen, with an extra atom. The pure form of Ozone is widely used in medicine with excellent results around the world, especially in Germany. Medically, the pure form is added in minute amounts in mostly pure oxygen. The impure form is a pollutant, the ozone fraction eventually purifying the rest. But there is no money in ozone, its almost free and cannot be patented. And because of this, drug companies will not even research it, calling it a dangerous substance (to their drug sales) and succeeding in scaring everyone away from an inexpensive, possibly miraculous, cure. So the EPA and drug companies agree on its "danger to humanity" and we never hear about its beneficial uses. Scientists and drug companies have helped mankind alot, but there is more they can do if they choose to if personal interests and greed are put aside for a moment.

    In their zeal to deal with the air pollution problem, the EPA approved MTBE for use in gasoline, a posion in gasoline now polluting the nations water supply due to leaking gasoline tanks.

    See Junk Science

    Cold Fusion?

    An interesting topic on Coast to Coast AM (the Art Bell show January 5, and November 21, 2000, Art's last show was December 31, 2002) was Cold Fusion. Apparently all this talk about yes it works, no it doesn't is just that under certain conditions it works, but make a slight alteration in the setup and it fails to go. Cold Fusion is joining two nuclei of two atoms to form a new compound plus energy, at relatively low temperatures and without radiation pollution. Sounds like alchemy? Yes it did to the scientists who thought they knew it all. So, the "experts" pronounced it a fraud and bingo, everyone stays away from it like the plague. Art discussed with his guest Dr. Mallove the fact that not much research is required to see the dream come true. But threats to pull research grants at universities has blocked research as usual. (Personal note: You know, I have a strong feeling that this phenomenon is real and you may find yourself waking up one morning to a new world, but as for you, you have missed the chance to get on board - just like the computer revolution.)
    Update: Dr. Eugene Mallove was murdered May 2004.
    He spoke out against interests that were blocking research into this inexpensive energy source. See Report.

    So what is doable in the near future according to the discussion? An energy device the size of a breadbox, that can power your entire house. Can you imagine the devastation it would cause in human society. Power stations would close, oil wells would grind to a halt, Middle Eastern economies would collapse. No more need to annex oil-rich countries...peace on earth. Even the Arab States sense this impending doom to their source of wealth. If it happened tomorrow, even Russia might collapse almost totally, becoming several dozen countries, which it should be anyway. The United States would be powerless to prop up all the chaos. When the smoke clears, however, the world will have entered a new age where greenhouse gasses would be a thing of the past, and our cars would be getting a hundred kilometers for $0.10, or perhaps they would even fly! Air transportation would be dirt cheap - like catching a bus. You could visit your relatives on the other side of the world on the weekend for a few bucks. A totally new and cheap energy source would revolutionize our lives even more than the computer.

    War against Cold Fusion - what could be behind it?

    Laura Lee Show - Cold Fusion

    Infinite Energy - Dr. Eugene Mallove

    Robert Cook's Fantastic Motor - Could this be the propulsion system of the future.

    Cold Fusion - and Other Paradigm Shifts. Why cold fusion makes sense in biology.


    Fire from Ice : Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor
    by Dr. Eugene Mallove
    Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.
    Paperback - 334 pages reissue edition (January 1991) Infinite Energy Pr;
    ISBN: 1892925028
    Amazon.com Sales Rank: 96,558 Avg. Customer Rating: Number of Reviews: 4

    Nunclear Transmutations The Reality of Cold Fusion

    Hardcover - 151 pages (December 1, 1998) Infinite Energy Press;

    ISBN: 1892925001 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.71 x 9.34 x 6.26

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: 143,592 Avg. Customer Rating: Number of Reviews: 1

    Excess Heat : Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed
    by Charles G. Beaudette, Arthur C. Clarke
    Hardcover (April 2000) Oak Grove Pr Llc; ISBN: 0967854806
    Other Editions: Paperback
    Avg. Customer Rating: Number of Reviews: 5
    Invention Marketing Frauds
    You know what, forget patenting every little idea that comes into your head. But especially stay away from the invention marketing companies. They will tell you your invention is the best thing since sliced bread. Then they will take your money and leave you wondering what happened. Stay away.
    If you have a good idea, disclose it to a manufacturer with an disclosure agreement whereby they can patent it if they choose to make and sell it. Try doing it under common law. Less than 5% of patented ideas ever see the light of day, but millions are made by patent lawyers and invention marketing companies from unsuspecting inventors.

    Evolution: Good science or just science-fiction?
    Evolution: leftist propaganda?

    The above at this domain

    Science and Reincarnation Theory
    Is reincarnation fact? Alright, perhaps there is such a thing as reincarnation, I mean so many people believe it and, maybe it's true, who knows. But there may also be physical explanations for the phenomenon of memory of events not experienced by the person during the present life. Some think they have the answer, but do they have the whole story? There may be more to it than just the spiritual side. What has science to say about that? Well, they took DNA from a rat that was trained to negotiate a maze, injected it into a naive rat, and presto, the naive rat knew how to run the maze. Learning and memory had been passed over from one rat to the other by genes. In like manner, memory is passed at the cellular level from a transplant doner to a recipient, who has memories of a "past" life.

    When people have "past life" experiences, the memories are most likely due to memory which is present in the genetic material in a way which has not been yet determined. This would explain why some people seem to "know" how to do some things, while others don't have a clue. Could Lamarck's theories of adaptive change have more validity than previously thought? Remember, he was the guy who said that giraffes got their long necks because they had to continually stretch them to obtain food. So behavior became encoded in genes from repetition, according to Lamarck's discredited theory.
    The evidence suggests that there is a bi-directional effect from genes to somatic cells whereby the genes direct the formation of the body part, and the body part feeds back on the genes in some marvelous way, tuning them up. Indeed it has been shown that cells develop differently when exposed to different environments. In this way, fine adjustments are made to the genes, information which is remembered and passed on.

    As I said, animals within a speci do adapt to different environments, just look at people. This would account for intraspecific changes which would take much longer through natural selection, therefore it would be advatageous. Since survival requires faster adaptation than could be obtained by natural selection alone, some mechanism for faster change would make sense. Therefore some memory of how previous generations did something would give a person an advantage, and this experience is what might be acquired within a lifetime and transferred through genes to progeny. You have this memory for certain behavior too.


    A "scientist" recently claimed that homosexuality is inherited. Biologically, traits appear which are adaptive, in other words they help the organism to survive in some way. Biological organisms are considered successful if they succeed in reproducing, and failures, if they do not. The successful ones pass their traits onto their children, and so they should. The unsuccessful ones do not pass their genes onto their children, and so they shouldn't. Therefore, from a biological perspective, homosexuality, which is not a trait that in any way helps the organism or its species to survive, is therefore maladaptive. It will gradually become more scarce if it is an inherited trait. The only way we can see an increase is through recruitment and if it is caused by some environmental problem in food, water or air, in which case some would be classified as diseases. Since we already know many plant estrogens and pesticides mimick human hormones, this may actually be a cause. Homosexuality in ducks has been pointed out as genetic. But that is false too because of imprinting, by which ducks acquire traits in their first few hours of life. If it is genetic as some "scientists" claim, the frequency of the gene would go down since the genes are not being passed to progeny. If it is not genetic, the observed increasing frequency may be from recruiting, or pre or post natal exposure to compounds mimicking male or female hormones such as pesticides.

    Prenatal causalities such as chemicals and foods must be considered. Carol Simontacchi claims that infant formulas, introduced after WWII, have caused serious changes in our youth. THA is a structural fat that is important for the development of the brain. No infant formula in North America has this fat. It cannot be produced by the child, it must be gotten from mother's milk where amino acids are correctly balanced. (Carol Simontacchi) You cannot get this balance from artificial food. Milk contains branch chain amino acids, which are fine for developing big muscles and small brains of cows, but humans need mother's milk, which develops the human brain. Since the baby's brain is growing for the first three years of life, the mother should breast-feed her child for this period. If the child does not get the essential fat THA, what happens is that there is not enough Tryptophan in the brain to produce Seratonin. That means the mother must stay at home for the first couple of years, as nature intended. The feminist doctrine wants to put kids in day care without the benefit of the mother's love and...milk. So why are so many kids acting out these days?

    Soya based formula is no better. Besides not having the correct balance of the above amino acids, it contains a substance called isoflavone, which is a plant estrogen. Your baby could get the equivalent of 5 to 10 birth control pills per day (Carol Simontacchi) if you feed soya based formulas. This dangerous substance could be removed for pennies, but it is not. Water is better if mother's milk is not available.

    The balance of estrogen and testosterone must be correct in the developing baby if the cognative processes are to be correctly gender specific. This could be a disaster for your child, who may have sexual identification problems as an adult. Since soya is in so many products, we may not be aware of the ultimate effects on our society. Chemicals and pesticides in our environment, which also have hormonal effects, must be removed forever from our environment. So, if we can prove that abnormal behavior is caused by environmental causes, including vaccines and other medicines, and we removed them, the world just might slowly become "sane" again.

    Exposing Evolutionary/Science Frauds:

    The Face That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution by Hank Hanegraaff
    Forbidden Archeology : The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo, Richard L.
    Evolution is a farce

    Linus Pauling
    Nobel Prize winner got nothing but abuse from the scientific community for his excellent research on molecular structures, especially Vitamin C.

    Scientific objectivity in dealing with science and scientists.

    Most scientists are honest to the laws of nature. There is no choice - you must obey while keeping an open mind. It is the scientists who are in a position to manipulate results for political or economic reasons that are the problem, and many of them are on the public payroll. Dishonesty in science knows no boundaries. Medicine is just one of the areas where people die because scientists allow themselves to be controlled by those who finance them, (perhaps by necessity) and do research looking for a certain politically correct result. I already mentioned one such area - ozone. Now scientists are working for the globalists who want to control food production. This is REALLY SCARY! It has to be stopped, now. They are genetically modifying plants to produce sterile seed, so farmers can't produce seed for themselves, they have to buy it from these creeps. Furthermore, methods of production include many dangers to humans. One such molecule is Acrylamide, which is used in fertilizers and even sanctioned by WHO. But this chemical is a neurotoxin! We must ban it. It shows up in most of the food you now consume: e.g. Fries, Bread etc. You may even be using it in your vegetable garden, check for the water droplet on the bag - it is used to absorb moisture.

    We cannot turn our minds over to the "experts," we have to always ask some questions, and if we don't like the answers we must get involved and complain to our representatives.

    Four attitudes of science we should all know:
    1) Parsimony - what is the simplest explanation for the phenomenon?
    2) Scientific manipulation - what if an independent variable is changed?  A ---> B
    3) Empiricism - "Show me" or I will not believe you; where is the data?
    4) Determinism - Everything has a cause, nothing just "happens." A fire for example, must have cause, it didn't just happen, and life does not simply appear from a soup.
    All or some of these attitudes are violated by reputable teachers and scientists, many of whom know better. For example, evolution is taught as fact, but there is no proof that life started by itself, which must be proven before evolution can be even considered.

    Book Features
    Visions : How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century by Michio Kaku List
    Dr. Kaku says that there are different levels of worlds in the universe, depending on their abiltity to harness energy. Space flight requires more energy than we can harness at the present time. However, most of the civilizations never go beyond their discovery of element 92, because they blow themselves up. We are a "0" level civilization, but we could become a level "1" if we find a way to live in peace. Interesting concept.
    By the way, the element 114 (I believe) is the element that scientists working on captured spacecraft say is the power source. Humans have not yet been able to synthesize this element in stable forms, the longest life being about one-half hour.
    FIVE STARS *****

    Biological Transmutations and their applications in: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ecology, Medicine, Nutrition, Agronomy, Geology by Louis C. Kervran
    Kervran's experiments offer convincing proof that atoms change from one to another at
    low temperatures, but only in biological systems.
    Tornado in a Junkyard: The Relentless Myth of Darwinism (Paperback) by James Perloff

    TWA Missile cover-up

    I heard witnesses talking about what they saw on the night the TWA flight 800 was shot down, on the Art Bell show. The investigator was being interviewed by Art Bell, and he said that the FBI had silenced the witnesses, and that the only news media that was helpful was Art Bell's show (last show was December 31, 2002). Nobody knows for sure who did it but one thing is certain: it was not an explosion inside the fuel tank. One person claims his friend's rocket brought it down. See TWA Missile cover-up


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