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"Happiness is Outdoors, Good Food, Good Friends and Little Wolf Stove"
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The Original Clean Burning Wood Stove-BBQ

Never Runs Out of Fuel and Charges your iPad

Silver Wolf Model DXL-12B

Burns sustainable, carbon neutral fuel: wood pellets, chips and sticks and charges your iPad.

304 Stainless Steel, 10 lb. - 16"h X 11" dia. top.

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Silver Wolf Stove vs. Traditional Propane Stoves

Engineering a New Dimension of Performance

Problems with camping Propane:
  • Expensive
  • Problem of canister disposal, millions in landfills every year.
  • Runs out of fuel quickly: typically 25,000 BTU per canister.
  • Stove will not work if propane runs out.
  • Propane not available in all stores.
  • Propane is not carbon neutral: adds carbon to the atmosphere.
  • Disaster preparedness value: poor.
  • Environmentally friendly cost effective alternative is available.
Solution to these deficiencies:
  • Wood is free and wood pellets cost 1/10 of propane.
  • Wood can burn clean in Little Wolf Stoves.
  • Wood is carbon neutral, within the carbon cycle.
  • No container to dispose of.
  • Efficient small stoves save forests; use only handfuls of fuel.
  • Disaster preparedness value: excellent.
  • Impossible to run out of fuel in most cases.
Why get involved:
  • Emerging technology: translates to opportunity if on ground floor.
  • Becoming part of "the green revolution."
  • Investment opportunity
  • Opportunity to get involved at all levels.
  • Basic concept can be expanded to diverse applications.
  • Cost effective technology uses forest waste products.
  • 17.5 million m3 wood wasted per five years in BC alone.
  • Propane becoming less popular
  • Opportunity to help prevent deforestation around the world and waste at home.
It makes sense from a practical and environmental point of view to have a versatile, dependable renewable energy stove that works without propane, burns clean and never runs out of fuel. We have been switched from wood that is free, to propane that is not, and when you run out, you have to build a wood fire anyway. Propane as a camping fuel has served its purpose as new green technologies are being developed in all sectors. The best green fuel today is biomass: wood is everywhere and it is free. Where is the future of camping stoves? You will probably see propane stoves for a long time, but wood is clearly a viable choice. From what we've experienced, wood burning is in big time and we invite you to join the growing crowd enjoying wood fires to sit around. And, it is fun starting a wood fire from the top!
little wolf stove Propane stoves may end up who knows, in museums as new green carbon neutral efficient and clean burning wood stoves take center stage.

[Store 12volt solar power then charge cell phones and tablets.]

Little Wolf offers the best portable wood stoves that cook and barbecue with wood. It is a major source of frustration to always be running out of fuel and you end up buying the stove over and over again from the cost of the fuel. It's like your printer, where it is cheaper than a color lazer but you end up paying just as much if you use it a lot. You will use this type of stove more. I will guarantee that you will use a wood/wood pellet stove twice as much at least, and enjoy it ten times more than some propane unit. In your back yard, on the porch, on car trips to the beach, everywhere you go you will want to take it with you, along with a little pail of pellets that are so cheap you wonder how they can sell it and make money. Add sticks at any time and keep the fire burning. Never dispose of a wasteful propane canister again; burn clean, try Little Wolf, it will surprise you.

[Barbecue with the charcoal you created in your stove]

The technology is very simple. The claim of "smokeless" barbecueshould be addressed first, and it is quite amazing to see. How can this be when everyone knows that burning wood causes smoke? What causes smoke is not just "inefficiency" but the wrong concept. The point of good stove design is to not burn the solid fuel as such, but that fire should be for only one reason: pyrolysis to produce a special gas that your stove burns cleanly. Hard to believe? Pyrolysis is an extraordinary, highly studied and documented chemical reaction of the products of combustion with charcoal, the catalyst. Our top down burn is perfect. High energy hydrogen is created when water vapor splits to O and 2H under high temperature in the presence of charcoal, which then recombine to H2O releasing heat. When commercial charcoal is made, all that gas is wasted, you just get the charcoal. Little Wolf's two-phase system uses it for cooking, then for a real charcoal barbecue, with great tasting food as the result. No more fake charcoal!

Can you get by with a portable propane stove? Of course. They are great if you only need a stove for a couple of days a year. Some people like to have a fire going when friends come over just to sit around and socialize and maybe grill something like kebabs, hotdogs, or even bigger items. In recognition of changing values, we are offering an alternative to propane for environmentally aware people who want traditional fuels. So we developed a stove that is environmentally sound, and it can do more than one thing, which is a principle of nature. Most parts of humans and animals can do more than one thing, so it is natural for our stove too to have that kind of universal complements of form and functions. Deciding on which stove is for you must take this into consideration. If you want a stove for reliability where you are independent of propane, then this might be for you. What good is saving a few bucks and not being able to use it for lack of fuel, or if you are stuck somewhere and your cell phone runs out of juice, like iPhones do all the time? Do you need a stove that charges your cell phone? Maybe not at this moment, but you might think it is a nice amenity to have when your phone dies and you are stuck somewhere not nice, nor comfortable. You probably could do without the barbecue feature too. Doing without need not be an option; you can have it all. Although you may not need a wood stove such as this we bet you will want one even if it means paying more, because each dollar you spend above the propane stove price is well compensated for by what our stove can do for you in sheer enjoyment of cooking and barbecuing on a small smokeless portable campfire. Someone called it a "campfire in a can" and that is a pretty accurate description. Well, it's a pretty big can, but perfect for its intended purpose, which is for shorter type hikes and car/boat trips.

The flames actually burn hotter than propane because of the Hydrogen. The flame is so hot that most particulates are incinerated, except a small amount that escapes, and this is not visible nor a problem. Smoke occures only briefly if all the flames go out such as being smothered by too much fuel at once, but relighting with a lit ball of paper will immediately relight the stove and consume the smoke.

It is easy to forget that you are burning wood. You still have to remember it is a wood fire desite looking somewhat like a gas fire, and all the same rules apply, so you don't go putting out the fire it is simple as that. When a normal fire goes out and you throw wood on it, you get smoke, but relighting fixes that. Could the dual purpose compromise both? No; they are naturally complementary processes; wood gives off its gas and in so doing turns into charcoal, providing more than enough heat in both phases. So there you go, it is not smoke and mirrors, but solid science, and we have mastered this technology. I have not received a single stove back, and only one small mechanical malfunction of a shorted jack, where you plug in your solar panel or iPad. These jacks, like all the other parts, are off the shelf costing about one dollar or less. All parts are open platform and you can find them anywhere you go, Internet or order them from me, free for the first two years while under warranty.

Electricity is stored in the 8 AA rechargeable batteries internally, and you can take them out to power walkie-talkies or radios etc. or charge phones via a standard USB adapter. An inexpensive solar charger will do the job of charging and the next generation will charge itself by its on heat.

You begin by removing the two grates. You can put whatever fuel you like (I use pellets mainly) into the burner unit and light it from the top using whatever method you choose. I use shredded wax milk cartons cut into 1/4" strips, but birch bark strips and even cotton balls soaked in vegetable oil will work. You should only use strips as large objects interfere with the uniform formation of gas. You can keep them dry in ziplock bags. The cooking grate is put in place. In a few minutes the top of the pellets or wood will be on fire. As the heat increases, the main fire switches to the secondary air holes pointing inward just under the cooking grate, leaving only a small primary combustion fire on the fuel. Each air hole, there are almost one hundred of them, will have its own flame and the stove is ready for cooking. This lasts about 1/2 hour or more per pound of fuel. The flames will gradually die. The main heat source switches down to the fuel which has turned into charcoal. At this time you have a choice: continue cooking or remove the cooking grate and install the barbecue grate in place. Just before or after the flames die, you may add some wood chips of your choice slowly if you plan to barbecue. You can buy them often at half price after August. Here are a few suggestions for wood chips or blocks that you can use to barbecue or smoke. Soake them first for 1/2 hour if you want smoke:

Beef and Lamb: Oak and Hickory
Pork: Pecan, Cherry or Apple
chicken: Apple, Pecan
Fish: Mesquite, Alder
Vegetables: Rosemary sprigs

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Jim the prospector's stove1
Jim the prospector's stove2

Economics of Pellets vs. Propane Camping Fuel

pellets Fuel

Where to buy pellets: Rona, pet stores, hardware stores.

Wood: The Alternative Fuel for The Future
The Little Wolf Wood Stove provides the alternative solution to fossil fuels. Why pay for fuel? Wood is free; pellets are cheap.

Finnish pulp mills produce 1/3 of Finland's electricity

carbon cycle

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Coffee Table Fire Pit by Tony Costa: tcosta (at)
The stove fits into the table.

stove bag with strap
The cooking grate is inverted into the burner for storage. The barbecue grate is placed on top, and everything fits snug into the bag. The carrying bag is a high quality nylon OutboundTM compression bag that can carry your stove and still has room for bags of pellets and anything else you wish to put in there. Other bags are also available.

BTU rating: Fuel dependent. Pellets=8,000 BTU per pound.
3 pounds=24,000 BTU total heat, gives you 10,000 - 15,000 BTU at medium. With wood, the BTU rating can be reduced significantly by excess moisture.
The stove holds maximum 3-4 pounds pellets but only a little over 2 pounds of kindling, and burns for at least 30 minutes per pound, plus the same amount in the charcoal phase - still giving plenty of heat. You will seldom use more than one or two pounds of pellets to cook an average meal, so a $5 bag of pellets will give you 20 - 40 burns, and if you add wood, it will last a long time. You will wonder why you didn't switch sooner. On cold evenings, Little Wolf can be a wonderful little stove to hang out around, a great focal point and conversation piece.

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Science of Hydrogen Production

Death of a forest

Locations in Canada:
  • Langley B.C. - R.E. MacDonald's Stoves & Stones
  • South Surrey B.C. - Mountain Magic Ltd.
  • Thunder Bay Ont. - Finca Enterprises Ltd.

  • Little Wolf Stove Instructions pdf file


    Wolf: Symbol of Balance in Nature

    What other animal better embodies the spirit of wilderness than the wolf? The wolf is in perfect balance with nature, and it's function is to help maintain this balance. When we return to nature, we too can be a balancing force by returning to burning wood straight from nature. A rule in living in balance with nature is never take away what you cannot give back, and never leave anything that you brought behind. Propane is carbon resurrected from deep within the earth which the ecosystem must deal with, meaning that it is more difficult because we are destroying forests that consume this new carbon. By burning wood , we are a link in the carbon chain, never adding to the atmospheric carbon from the underground storage vaults deep in the earth, but recycling what is already here. We can begin the journey of our ancestors and recapture the spirit of the natural human we were meant to be, but lost along the way. "Little wolf" is my family name in the ancient Karelian language, so we believe that it originates from ancient Northern European Nordic wolf clans.


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